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The Kansas State CouiGiAN 

IXat fort«i to fst ft 
hftt ft am ■ome K-<llA 


Swing Into Third Frosh Week Today 

K'State Sororities 



Only E^t Of The Sororities 
Announce New Members Pledged 
During Three-Diiy Kuth Week 

Get Your Collegian 

AU Prestimen will receive to- 
tey'i tuue of tiw OoUtgiMi m 
they leave MteMl HWU M l l Ua 
Ktter enroling. 

Stud en te in organized house*, 
includlns vui ztto iMll. wtU Und 
pkpen delinTKl to DM 

CUoiaxlng a hectic three-day rush week preceding 
man enrolment, eight Borortttes yesterday announced tfie 
aledRltiK of 98 8*rl«. »n Increase of «lx over the number 
Jledged during a similar period »Mt 3War. The rush period 
ended yesterday morning with tl« fomwl Uddtnc of the 

Two aoiOTlUea, Ctovto, and Zeto 
•nn Alfdw, m not mmmm HaH 

■me new iiled»B« 

AMte Stlta n-41orence Bartlio- 

Kay UenhanH. ibrguet 
Ann ucOtynoiidi. luifuet New 
comb, WUma 
Sc)i«nlc, Oe-T 
Virginia YftpP- ' 

Alt»i« XI Delta— PRtrtel* Bell, 
Edtth Dawley. Dorothy Dert "VUfto- 
l» Holmea, RoKlelee Korimn. mut 
Vimoi-H Wpber. • 

Begin Frat 
Rush Saturday 

not In 
win nwtrc their tint few 
en the sbelvee oMnUt tlM 
poetoffloe in BMMthm 
center uatS ttM nsBlag lists 
have been ebeclMd. 
Altar the m» tarn btm oom- 
|M flu 

Dancers Lose 
Big Ballroom 
To Triple A 

Wareham Bwlding 
To Be Conv^ted 
Into Office Space 


AgrlculUtral Adjust 

week aanotmeed 
move Its offices 

present quarters 

It would 
from tbe 
at Four- 

noon far 

M end fftaH^ 


Bpy. Rut^ 
Mack LKttlnure, 
Lotimcyjr, Margsnl 
McKee, Eleanor HSf. 
Mowery. Betty Paine. DMOttar 
lirf, Jane BlddeU, 
an1 Nancy Wllllama. 

Kappa Delta— Ellse Eahelman, 
Marjorle Oould, Betty McLeod, 
Buth Rcmlck, and Bctti eirrldge. 

Kappa Kappa Oam ma— Martha 
Baird. Marv Jane Boyd, BaitMtra 
Anil Butler. Mary H, DilUn, Marlon 
Elmer, Judith F>ehr, Mliiy Lou Oen^ 
uns, Betty Jr^ntcins, Shirley Kum, 
Faye Llllie. Virginia Ntchola, Phyllis 
Patrick. Poggy Ann Ptennlng, Mary 
Ellen Rictnor, Mary Lou Bobinaon, 
Ruth Schermerhom, and Joan 

Phi Onieta PI— LouiM Brockel- 


Pt Beta PiA-tuxr Msrgant Ar- 

f^^ji^ , jquuM AbIwI, VstH SUBUd, 
iMile Beyuw, Tttttma BliIlM, Vs- 
tiMi Oeltanl, Aodity Mm Snr- 
taad. Betty Ann Pkubian, UUkUot 

nshar, BUth Stenna. Ann Jwtec n , 
C3M«te« Laming, Obmlotto Lander, 
Kiy Lovett, Franoea liaglU, laa- 
belle Phelan, Bet^ Reed. Jean 
ehane. Shirley Shaver, Nancy Marie 
Snyder, Carol Stevenson. Htleri 
J^ Stewart, aod Ruth Welgand. 

Tmm DatM FMrible 

wlU iwlng 
a oonoentrated ttane 
at fettlnv aoqualnted 
At 10 o^dock 

Sarold nowe to fwto* 

carry out piellmlnailea. 

•tbt rush week, ahortoned this 
year to three days from last year's 
five-day period, will provide for 
only two datee between each or- 
tlon and their ruataeea Last 
number wa* three. "It will 
t dragilng" wm the 
ic«d far the shorter 
OMd DeadltaM Bandar 

fix tauemeBt office In tbe 
"^abn Adviser Howe and 

wm dliMt aethrMMi of tlie 
fimntr wianlMtloM. AU ovde 
Smfc at that oHIm not Mm 
tbui f oiUMk Bandar. Ridts Mt 
sknUar to ttWM In use lait jmt. 

MetteukMs care has tan vmA to 
deviK nub data if^aMm m that 
Interference with ften hman VMk, 
the program of ths vsctoui dior- 
ches. and enrotment wSl bo leapt to 
the minimum. The datea tomor- 
row night wlU be tbe only onet to 
conflict with Freshman week ac- 
tivities Vacant pertodi «« Mt to 
rush schedule Sunday mornim and 
early Sunday evenlnK for church 

CTonoladea Monday 

Rudilnc aottvlUea wlU begin with 
the datea tomorrow ooon and will 
continue tomorrow with others at 
B:4S and 1:19. Sunday wUl see four 
perkMta. one oomlnc from 2:30 to 
4:ai. Aatlvltiea wUl be concluded 
ICoolay with two perloda, one at 
wdaaotborat l:lS, Ftodglng 
etn take piMe anytime after the 
iwhM haa kept one date with all 
■chadOled organl&tloDa, 

Vtttamitlaa found guilty of vio- 
latint tbe pmeffbtd ndaa wm be 
fined a bbd of W 

Three iiIimiiIiIii ytnlim 


Wedneaday aMRdng tor 



whm Vemt «S1 late Or. 



KStm, haad nt the Oepartm 


attend tht ttll nMwting 


lAknerioaa Obemleal soaM 


throt mn So. X B. Hw 

E, B. 

H. Barbim, and W. J. PM 

teenth and Anderson streets 
to the Wareham ballroom 
building at 417 Humboldt 

Loss of the Wareham 
building is a blow to Kansas 
State atudsits as it houses Btate'a 
danaa floor and aoaoa of 

PUot Training 
Still Uno^tain 

K-State Grant Held 
Up By Authority 

No word has yet beeti received 
from the dvU Aeronautics Auth- 
tattf gnwttng elvUtan pUota traln- 
Ing at Kanm Btett eoOaga, hut 

college officials expressed the belief 
that the college wlU eventually get 

Astignments will be made Friday, 
Monday and Tuesday as If nothing 
bad happaned which is true untj| 
now. Ttaan If ttaa Federal training 
]« granted, tboae picked for it will 
be assigned. Around 50 stu- 
wlU be ehoaen lor tbe project 

& wm 

aMy be waq mm i ii dia ttat only up- 
ba dttBda Tbe two 

an trlgo- 
tn eollaie und paaahig of 

ISU Reception 
To Be Tonight 

Present Varied Profram 
For Non-Grpek Students 

Kanus State's Independent Stu- 
dent union win oipeD tcnlght for a 
reception of freabmen student* 
tta hotiae at UH n«mgnt a^t at 
t:IO. A aaoond freahman nee^foD. 
wffl follnr m Saturday night, with 
open houae for all 
c*tad In totnUig Ow 

two eligible 

wUl figure largUy In the ebotoa. 

In tbe last letter from tbe OAA it 
was Intimated that nottaa of tbeii 
action would be aent by SeptoolMr 
lA. Oround achool tr^nlng ifUeh 
would IM taught by tba ocU^ must 
be started by October l to get it 
In this semester conveniently. The 
students can make use of the muni- 
cipal airport and would be certified 
there for instruction and training. 
In choosing colleges for pilot train- 
ing, the CAA bases its choice 
largely on number of male studente. 
Ax Kansas State ranks high in that 
respect and being a land grant coi- 
lege, this institution has the odds in 
iu favor, states Prof, C. B. Peatce, 
of the m a ch l na design department 


P. Vkn zne, tiM lost win «all ier a 

very drastic readjustment of the 
State social program. "It takes cut 
0| circulation one of the rooms we 
depended on very largely for par- 
ties," she said yesterday. "As yet," 
fhs continued, "there is no possi- 
bUi^ of opeotng up a week night 
tor social avanta to take cat* of the 
many paitlai dMlnf ttm aioM sea- 

"There li a dnoM we may use 
the Sika ban, wliWh Is vtijr mall. 
It is Inrvltabla ttiat wt vm have 
to use Nichols gymnasium, the Ava- 
Ion and RecrMitlon eeolar rooie. 
and have more pKTtllS at the 
houses," ^he said. 

Commenting on varsity dances, 
she said probably fewer would be 
possible. . . 

ABsttor POMiMIUy 

Anotber posstbUlty is the 
hattan edimtir club, but 
daom wa ba bald tiwra kiv to 
the club directors, she said. 

AAA headquarters is morlng out 
of Its praaent location on Andersen 
streets because of over-crowded 
conditions. The Wareham building 
If the only structure in Manhattan' 
of the right aizz and adagMUItty 
for housing the offices. 

Oanoe manager Ketmy Ocnwell 
eouki not iw rseehed m 
on tbe 


Prom the department of military 
solance ecmes this warning: All 
freahmen be sure to check out mUl- 
tary uniforms at room », M: 
gym, Saturday, September 9. 
am must fcctPi tbatr faa 

Prof. W. C. Janes, who was In 
Lincoln, Neb,, tbe past year, haa re- 
turned to Manhattan. Janes studied 
at Nebraska university last year and 
he will t«ach matheaaatioa at 
State this fslL 


ta wehwning you indents to 
Hate ooOaga I wish to 
you of a fnv eanunon- 
ptace but pertinent facta. 

The first Is that the college 
cannot educate you. The college 
offera you opportunities to edu- 
cate yourselves. It provides facili- 
ties, such as libraries and latrara- 
torles, for your use in the pro- 
r^.sses of self-eduCBtiim. It pro- 
vides a wide variety of oppor- 
tunities, for work and for play, by 
which you may Improve your- 
selves Intellectually, spiritually, 
physically, socially. Whether you 
make effective use of what the 
college offers depends upon you. 

A sewmd fact is that while you 
tn in college you pa>' for educa- 
tion whether you get It or not. 
You Invest a moderate sum of 
money for fees and books and you 
also invest some of the best years 
of your life. Whether the invest- 
metA is profitable or not. to you 
and to society, depends tipon you. 

A third fact is that while you 
an In college you are reprcsenta- 
Uvaa of your parents, your homes 
and your home communities. The 
^fleers and faculty of the col- 
lege confidently expect that most 
Of you win reflect credit upon the 
persons and places thai you repre- 
sent, ThLi, too. depends upon you. 

A fourth fact is that In the col- 
lated TS years your student prede- 
ceaaors have established here high 
standards and fine traditions of 
scbolarshtp, democracy, industry, 
toyatty and spmU.mfin.'ihlp. We 
all h(ve that you will maintain 
these standards and traditions 
and contribute something toward 
making them even better 

Vou may be sure that the offi- 
cers and faculty of the college will 
do everything in their power to 
encourage and aid you In your 
endeavors to make the best pos- 
sible use of tba opportOttttM ttiat 
an aow open to ymi. 

•Mneaieiy yours, 

All Indications 
Point Toward 
Big Enrolment 

Predictieiu Based 
On Transcripts And 
Inquiriei Received 

B7 VUNar triiBnlHli ir. 

Indications are an all- 
time high in enrolment will 
be reached at Kansas State 
this fall as freshmen begin 
registering today. These pre- 
dictions are based on an in- 
creued number of tran- 
scripts received In tile Hgljt- 
trar's Office and the Iwrge 
number of proepectlTt stu- 
dents on the campus making 

"Although no definite flgure.s can 
be given." said Miss Jessie Mc- 
Dowell Machir, registrar, "the indi- 
cations are for a good enrolment 
thU fall, with a probable Increase 
ever last year," 

New Students 
Reign Campus 


"It amiaais tbo Muelment wlU be 
increased over that of last year," 
aald Df . a A Noek, vtoo-pvealdent 
of the eeOcsa. Ba baasd Us predlc- 
Uoo on tba bwrwitwl number of 
college boUettna recently Issued 
from his otfloe and the Inqotrlia 
that have conUnnad throMh tbe 
summer montha 

■ma momaae In ennrtmant for tbe 
past fair yeua appista to ba eon 
tlnutag and last ysafs taU swaawter 
total of UQS fndunen Is Ufcely to 
be exceeded, as la the record total 
enrolmant of 3JM a year ago. Dean 
Van Zlle's office has kept a staff 
occupied the past month as in- 
quiries and jui'.ition.i continued to 
flow In faster than in any previous 
time m the history of Kansas State. 
Mmy hours of time have been de- 
voted by the office workers in tbe 
matter of supplying prospeotlve stu- 
cictus with information relating to 
Job.; end rooming accommodations. 
Many Leon Beqniata 

"A continued Increaiie In requests 
for student loans, comparing favor- 
ably with recent Kws." comes from 
Kcnncy L. Ford, alumni secretary, 
who receives applica.tlons from up- 
per classmen for loans from the 
Alumni loan fund. "Most of these 
applications have been for Just 
enough to cover enrolment 

K-sute studoits wiU have 
to mcreased olaas 
tba raoent MMplailtoa of ttw 
cal aoienee imH and tba NHtwlilIng 
of tbe two olMnii^ amiaxoa, to 
the ineraasa antobBan t wUl not bi- 
terfan with tba •tfwil'h tfflotaiey. 

Enrolmmt Begins Speekl Da^m For 
Freshman Induction — Lectures, 
Tours, Parlies, Exams Mwk Week 

B) Harry Phillips Bouck 
With more than 12O0 prospective freshmen expected 
to start through the enrolment mill this morning, Kansas 
State's third annual induction period gets undw wi^. It 
consists of a five-day program Intended to orient students 
to their first year of college. 

The program will begin this morning at 7:30 with a 

general meeting in CoUego 
auditorium. Following 
throughout the day is m^l- 
culatton In Nichols gymna- 
sium — the ttms of snrolmeal 
according to the student's 
initial group — physical eX' 
anilnatlons for men and 
women, and tours ol the 
campus. inctndtllC VSbaXf 

Additional toun of tba oampua 
mflitaty Isaiia to men. and pbyrieal 
eaamlnatloDa will eontlnua flattir* 
day and Monttar for m 

Rooms For All, 
Say Officials 

Increased NiunbsCt 
Can All Be Housed 

Room and board accommodatkms 
are plentiful for Kansas State's an- 
ticipated all-time record enrolment. 
Early reservations were made for 
moat of those near the campus but 
late students have plenty of accom- 
modations farther from the cam- 


Men students are obtaining room 
and board about the same prlce.i as 
In former years, according to Dr. A. 
A. Holtss. men's adviser. Rents on 
boys' rooms range from M up to 
$16 and for girls' rooms from llfl up 
to $22 for double rooms. Board and 
room cast.s from $22,50 to about 135 
for boys, and from about $23 to 130 

Palronlit OoUaglan AdveiUaan 


Dr. W. H, Mrtaga 
favor of woO*, la the aumor of a 
reeant Atrtattocal Up e ihoei i t 
BlMtaa bnllattn, -imngen and Or- 
gante Carbon of Sods as Infhieoced 
by OvoMlar eyatems «ad BoU 
Traatneota'' Tba bttUe^ daila 
with tbe oU |^ it tta 

experiment ataUon. 

Model T Ford Cheap. Ph 3964. 

Patroniae collegian Adveitlma 

L. C. Surks, "SS, visited In tba 
mechanical enghteerlng dapartaent 
reoenUy. He la amploiyed by tba 



Harold E. Oray, North 
ion. Conn., Junior in agricultural 
ent[lneering, represented the Kan- 
sas State chapter of the Theu Xi 
fralanlty at the diamond jubilee 
odetemUon held at the Benselaer 
Potytaehnlc InsUtute. Troy, N. Y. 
August ao through September 9. Tba 
tim chapter at tbe ftateml^ was 
orgwitoid the Bwuelier sebool In 

The R&ver Boys In 

Fashion Flashes 

roominf houses 

beds fw itudewta HSSr bdMSa al- 
ready have provided tbam. ha aald 

Tlw TMOA otfloe li recdvtag an 
Inereased number of requeata for 
ItMllvldual rooma. ODoatdMblo dlf- 
flTuI^ Is behig «)countered in sup- 
plying these demands. 

The college health authorities are 
inspecting basement roams, and ac- 
cording to Doctor Hdttc these are 
not receiving oertlllcates of approv- 
al unless full partitions have been 

Women'B Rmhm FOIlBg 

Dean Mary P, Van Zlle pointed 
out tbe fact more than half of tbe 
listed in her office as being 
by the collate baaUb da- 
pMtaunt for atudMita 
have npMted rented. 

RoooUnf faeOlUes for 
dents were reduoad 
year with tbe dosing of one 
man cottage. Van ZUe haO, 
dormitory, wm booaa its fuU qnota 
of t» tbia tan. AU teonw tat this 
fan warn Marvad br HHqr 1, and 
there U a long waltteg list. The 
UOdq^Mltieq^red tor laaervbig a 
room was received trota iO members 
of tbe waiting Uat. In the event any 
el flw US wtttadrew their reaerva- 
tbe daaa of woa«i aqriaioed. 


dent organizations with ahnilar 

A mass meeting decided beyond 
doubt that the i»^opoaed ISO at 
State woukl not Isck support. At 
the meeting 300 students signed 
statements glvlni approval to tbt 

Ifava Ta Larger (twiera 
Ito tlist house was opened on 
T after tbe selection of a 
•t tie Uanhattan stiaet and 
Of ebapatonea and aocur 
mg of fumlatatnga 

Tbe imt year saw the IStJ In 
larger onarters at lllS Bluemont, 
and In August, 
tlcn moved to 
■t ISM Remofit. 

to tUa yaat^ organiu- 
M Vae^ pnaMent: Paul 

la Rushee Mode 

(M Gmgwy Gents 


Htghllgbttait early 
evening Is a freahman get^tofaibar 

in the ccrflege audltortum at ' 
football movies will be 
part of the program, 

Sunday's actlvltlea wiU be la 
charge of Manhattan obtmbea 

Freshmen will meat at B O^olocfe 
Monday morning In Uie OoSega 
auditorium to Ulce aptitude teata 
under the direction of Dr. J. O. 
Peterson of the department of 
peychology. These tests. Doctor 
Peterson says, determine the stu- 
dent's percentile rank in hts class 
and so It Is' important that the 
student do his best in writing the 

Monday at 1:30, college men will 
meet again in the college audi- 
torium to hear Dr. A. A. Holts, 
men's adviser. The college women 
will meet in liecreation center In 
Anderson hail to hear Maiy W, VbR 
Zlle, dean of women. 
OenenU B i e s tu n Taeaday 

A general orientation session In 
the auditorium at e o'clock wUI 
start Tueaday^ actlvltlee, wUb a 
personality test, and anoHwr for 
mathematic ability. 

At 1:30 second meetings with the 
men's advisor and the dean of 
women wfU be held. The men WlU 
bear a speakv on state loyalty and 
spttlt, and K«oney !>. Ford, alunml 
saetetary will exi^aln the scholar- 
ahlp and loan funds. 

TTic first meeting of the fresh- 
man class as a college group wilt 
oooiir at 3:tB in the Ocrilege audi- 
torium whMi Russell Leeper. prasl- 
dMt Of the student ooonoU, wUl ea- 
pUtn the part of tbe dasa to ata. 
diot suvniusent. 

Br James Cooper ati4 

You see, we are sitUnf tn the Pal- 
ace, peacefully 
In cranes a oovajr of 

so we doot par BHidi attention to 
the gala, betaga as tbar dont look 
much out of the oTOnaiy. Tlien 
pretty soon we look 19 and find tbe 
plaee f » a rp B tns Itte a oori 
full of blackMrds. Every gtrl 
in bUck. 

"Looks like a funeral," we mur- 

"No funeral," says the waiter. 
Cholcey Chlckee 

Then we wonder how come all 
rushees ate dressed ta Nack. Then 
one thing laeds to another and we 
wonder how come a lot of things 
about rusbees' clothes. Then when 
one lltUe chlckee, especially cholcey, 
passes by, we decide to tlad out bow 
come all these things we are won- 
dering about. BesMea. we grin. It 
a goad diaaee te sat tti 

ef tba iNBt «r tiN iiiia«f aM 
the girls. 

80 we grab pencil, paper, and 
stuff and comer this especially 
choirey little chlckee. snd tn no 
^Ime at all we find her name is 
Ruth Wdggaad from Topeks. She 
was dreasad, of course— in a dress, 
with a thing arouitd the neck and 
a eoqile other little diggets hang- 
ing down with a piece of some- 
r enur In vit ndddla 

"How come what?" she Mys. 
A Keaininc f^ereneny 

We put it different, "How 
all tbe heavy black dothes wben it 
is so hot, even tOg In the ahadeT" 

Indignant, she answers. "BUck is 
dressier than any other color for 
sonrtty teas, and baaidas glria look 

We add ibat some of tbea leefc a 
vrtiola lot better tai tte dao*. la fact 

ttufc ^ ttTttaa. tn falSf meat of 
them are in tbe dark an tiie Ume. 
Rutble Bdlea toleranUy, and 

back to her ...... _ _ 

Next day, «e are alWeg In tbe 
Palace sipping cokes again, when 
the whole crowd troops in. Again we 
grab pencils and stuff, and "wlsened 
up" by a day's eiqiierlenoe we sally 

Now A Uand 

ODinea farOt a blood. Maildn 
Pater* we find, from op KD way. 
"How oomat" we say. 

whatf " riw aaya 
ah tbe sffiy looking 
sweaMs ttiet bnlE lib vaadpak 
MsUiCf imdanioHr. "Ibat atetna of 
Uberty grey. «ttb bnttoas down tbe 
front doesnX get tt, we think. How 
come all the girls wear tticm? 

Marlon, who comes from Illinois 
V where fashions in style arc 
started, says, "They dont know why 
tbey wear them Western women 
fdlow styles set by Eastern women " 
-We think," we say, 'that girls 
would be SMARTER to wear tboae 
tight Titting, sUp-over smatMi 
which show more figure " 
Marion giggles at this and tells 

YmtAt to tatj oa tliat gtila who are smart enougb 

te wear sweeten et that type are 
too saart to ba tai eidlaie anyway. 
And Then Again 

That night, wo aft bl the Vttace 
and In oonit llie whole ttoefc In 

Gad ! What oolora, we tunfc. Jfft 
think we might have D.T.'a Oboiee 
odors, we tbiak, an be(#-boUle 
brown, golf graan and Beam Street 


So we grata pMNil, paper and 
stuff, and corner aaelhar BMa 

"How comeT" we aay. 

"How come what?" she aays 

"How come the bustle on your 
formal T" 

"Sirs." Indignantly tbe aays, "That 
Is no bustle. That Is me. " 

Retreating on tliat one. we 
circle and attaok InBB 

We ask thl.^ tittle queen what 
limlutions she fellows wltei deckl- 
ing on the ab|ici|gillMi eC bar for- 

She says. "Yoa SSS toO abSBt 
girls by their foaaya** 
we ask bir far a date. 

—The Rover Boys. 

an pattlas lor : 
kknua for man at 
night In 

coll _ 

8:1S tl^ » 

K-Sli^ Recehres 
Natiood Poritkn 

Owen Rolne, senior in industrial 
Joumallsm, has been elected natlmi- 
al editor of the National American 
Country Life Association publica- 
tion for the coming yesr. Miss Ro- 
mine, wlio is president of her so- 
cial sorority, Clovia. was named to 
the editorsilsip at the association's 
convention at atate colletie, 1 enn- 
sylvanis, August 30 to September 2 
Three collegiate club memlwrs. In- 
cluding Miss Romme. attended the 
meeting with M. H. Coe, sute 4-H 
club leader. The members were 
Alice Ruth Oulick, Wade Brant, and 
Olenn Kruse. Dorothy 
al dub member fi 
also in the group 
..Tha y«dh ewi^mrnt urfsyeerma 
133 memben from 20 states. Ken 
ssa had the largest delegatlmi, out- 
side of the hostess state, boaating 3T 
delegates from over tbe atata. 
sute was boat to tbe eOBfWKon in 
1S37. Next yearn mmitlin wffi be 


WeigM. bead of tbe 

of Ma 

tng oo n vo oa Hea la 
torlum at 11 e^^loefc. 
Dr. B. 


flea ttselC 
11 yea 

men. "yea bt nadr 
your eolleg* esreer en ttx 
of the semtstar. It yen ablifc yoi* 
reBponslbUlty, yoa WfU bOfhl youg 

later success in 
largrtr on fesr eooperaUon 
the firadHBMi iBduetlon period, iHr 
f ouowtnt Ibi program, yoa «f| 
leam more Smtt tbe oe n e p 
your proper w to t to n e h i p to 

Prof. A. D. Weber, of tbe 


toft" for 

WM Lafayitta, 
batkwl leave* ha wfll take 

dasson tlsfeata lor tba leer ba^S 
taoMS of tbe Ksaane Mate Wm 
oata wBl ge MB asle ftr the Ml 
llaM Uanday maaOm, at die 

Churches WiU 
Give Students 
Big Welcome 

Every Denominatiim 
Ha* Outliii«d A 
^MCial Pfocnun 

M&nhattma churchM are 
welcoming K-StaU tludants 
tUs weekend with a pTOsratti 
oi varied actiritlea. Each 

church extends a cordial in- 
vitation to new students to 
ptniefpate in ttane Ktlvltles la 
oMer to become better acq^ualnted 
In Uanhattan. 

The Methodtet church U giving k 
piaty tor freshrnen oo prtday 
night at 8 o'clock at the Temple, 
llili will be u mixer to help itu- 
dtnts become icqualnted and wilt 
uM the Idea o( a circus for a them^f 
nom 4:30 tUl T o!eloe^ m GMiir- 
day. uppanlMma Ifll VWt tMW 

MethodM ReoapUMt 

■On Sunday, a apeclal religious 
^urch school will be held at 9.40 
M 3 and 4 o'clock on Sunday af- 
ternoon, there will be a reception 
■t Wesley ball at which Blappa ^bS. 
college women's group, and Pht 
T^U Theta, college men's group will 
bi host and hostess. Wesley league 
iftU mf«t at 6:30 Sunday cmning 
at the church when Rev. B. A. 
apgns, studatK mitag, wUl 

for old and n*w Methodist .st, 
at the "Rmple at 8 o'clock 

At the Chrbtkaa church. Btbl) 
•cbool will be at »:M Sqntlay 
intntiiig with chureh at 10:40^ aaB> 
4ay evening, at 5:30 a feUowahlp 
bottr irill be h^ tor coUege itu- 
dents and at 8:45 Evening ve»p!r8 
are given. 

tfedal SeniMn For CMigM 

Tut Cotifregatlonal church of- 
fer* a Sunday school claas for col- 
lege students at 9:45 and at 11 
o'clock there will b; a special •«■• 
mon, "Conquering the Pixymiead 
Land." On Uonday alfbt at 7:10 
(here wUl be « THiilMlin aNMV el 
the church. 

Dr. A. A. BolU of the BaptUt 
church announces a 5 o'clock lel- 
lowshlp hour and a 6:30 Young 
People's meeting on Sundajr even- 


At the United Fmbyterian 
church, the young oeople'i meeting 

la at 6:30 Sunday evening. 

Officers of the Wise club. Eplaco- 
pallan young people'* organization, 
will meet at 4: 30 Sunday evening 
after which, at S:M, the first meet- 
ing of the Wise club will be held. 
This will be a dinner meeting. Sun- 
dar morning at 8 o'clock will be 
Celebration of Holy Communion 
and at 11 o'clock tbtre wfU be a 
choral celebration with a aenaco by 
the rector. 

BtecUng For CathoJlea 

At the Catholic church 
evening at a o'clock wLU be a 
log for fteahatan itaHltnti^ 

Oamma Delta, organisation of 
Lutheran students, announces a 
hike for aU aur ttndents aftiUstwt 
with the LuUieraa emrob, <xt Bm- 
•t 4 tmnk. Vm 
Of Che 

IHne but No Dance 

Caf^ena C<Mip Plw 

Will Draw 250 Students 

visor, irtio li tti* 
deoti work tsgHlMr fn ihe eooptratlvt 
and washing disbee. and doing gen- 
«aUr fmy type or imk which 
Mttfet fDHBd t» 4e la ibt ««Mttte. 

Afoordmg to thta pte the stu- 
denu work thm feokrs » week foe 
a toui'week period and pay $11.00 a 

month. II the student work« the 
whole semester the rata u 1 10.00. 
being reduced a dollar. Ttwy cat 
UM;lr meaU here wtiJch consists or 
wholesome food, from w^^planned, 
nutriltDus menus. 

The coUeje student dieticians 
plan the meals whlcti are checked 
by the ooop sttpwnMr for nutri- 
tional beieaM. 

melting pet o( &Mktm as those 

in the oogpermtive plan at 
and DOD>flmtemlty s*u- 

Pmy Staters 
Relf On Loans 

gym. All studtnts are invited to 
the Biorolng warship service at 
10:W at u» Luttenn chuscb. 

who work are from the lilghest 
fchola^tic groups, the social groups, 
M ««U as those who an lea* imna- 


The coop students make their life 
a spicy one as thsy t>elleve that "all 
work and 00 play m^kes Jack a 
dull boy"; so they have numerous 
pertie;,. dances, and otfow activities 
during the year, giimiMt it^j the 
toutine of "hA3h-.i!inging." 

ThsM ua 9M paid. v» ttti nem- 
be» lb the ' 

mm in 

Uwia flhNl thia 

made tlnoatfi tte 1 


Two large c<mtributlons to funds 
available for worthy end needy 
State students were made last 
atunmer. 0?n. James G. Harbord. 
Vtm York City, set up a $5,000 stu- 
dant kwn fund in memoi? of his 
mother: whU» the will of Harry P. 
Wkrrtiam, promln^t Manhattan 
citizen who died July 13, provided 
that the ooHege was to receive the 
residence at 1123 Anderson avenue, 
the money derived tlurefrom to ht 
U3;d solely for student loans, 

"One out U me; foor studaeta 
who graduate iMNt MtiM wlu have 

some aid throvgfi ttie /" 
ban fand." Pord seld. Be" 
that approxinstsly $60.- 
aqn wouV be loaned to students 
derfeig the comlnc Khoel year. 

Ford said Uie a&socUtlon was 
handling about the same number of 
ajVUcations for students as usual, 
tnit that many applicants would 
not secure approval of their loam 
betauw tbey would not be ready to 
be atttd on before enrolment, even 
though the committee will meet 
again twfore enrolment. Pud sug- 
gests that any student witting a 
looa should make »iT""Mnn «t 
least two weitf Mm iwaeMi the 


Prof. Htllier Krleghbaum of the 
department of Journalism and AJ 
Uakins. president of Sigma Delu 
Ohi, have been attending the ua- 
tlooal a§pu Delta Chi oonvenUon 
in Sui 

With Manhattans municipal air* 
pwt WW "BMpend tor 
olty (Kfldata aef that anjr 
atuin* «he «Mbe$ t» % IMe Ml 
wm be elle 4fr «» le-M he tea e 

plane. % 

We Welcome You 


Come in and Me ut alter liiow - 

or Varsity, you'll firtd our menus 




.■~> 'r 

Patrorjze OsllegUiu Advertiserii 

Welcome StudentsI 



I ^ T Hf iTI« 

Mickey Roooey 
Judy Garlaad 

toedi till 

Don't Cry" 7 P.M. 

You The niniial nrtnna 

25c no T P Jl— Then SSc 

= " THE STORY OF .4 


Rapt mo HI... 
adwntaie ta 
the tropin! 



First to OUCKWALL'S 

HeadqnirtiM lor Sc^mI ^miiilhi and 
Evanrdur MMdi. Hen Ara a r«w 

af Owr 

Student Lamps 

Oooaaneck styte, «ieb with 


Daylight Bine Light Bulbs 
etw or l«Ow only 3«e 

Laundry Cases 

For mailing laundry bade 

Cloth IST!!*'" 

_ _ „„ Fiber Case 
Com- 1.00 Qmm^m ma 

pMa 1 fMe1.>9 

Brief Cases 

Just the thing for carrying 
your boGto KBd papers. 

59c a»d LOO 


Alarm Oodu 

Big assortment from 
which to select yours. 

Oai^ KOO 

Zipper Binder 

^ Pprffolicw . 

Black color, 4«o and three 
ring blnilifi, k VHtk bar- 

oi>ir KOO 

Fun nuddoaei 

3-4 and 7 thread hosiery. 
For every need and only 

59c pall 

Note Paper, SO sheets 5c 
lyMwiner, 40 sheete — Sc 
IMe BIkden ..lOe to SSe 
Fountain Pms tSe to 1.00 

MUtado PeneUe Sc 

Skrip Ink 15c 

Speed BaU Pea Patnta lOe 

ptns, u Hi. hoot 25e 

Tin BfuCflB Pans lOe 

Small Chamois lOc 
Deek Blettm, 3 lor 25c 
Metal BsahBaf- 

1^. aOe 

Downtown Visit Our Modern Store 
witll Faumtain-tunclieooette I>epartinent 
Complete ~ 


K liwuai (Nnad Stere for Kansas Paagle 



llie newest clothing styles are here — smart new 
suits, to ms^e a smartly dress«k Fall! There 
are sports s^laa . . . pexfect for coU^ wear. 


All Styles 

S^Xk PbIIciiiis 


Your Aeiw la tMe geowt la pgac- 
tlcaUr Umaiaul TIiIi pmip la 
wwaiKXied ol tine 4uaUtr bfoatl- 
elottia and madiaa. tlMjrll stand 
rapaeaMl mdilais and itiU come 
out a* frail voA geotf lookitu as 


Whr limit jrou tlv in end. look 
thia gnmp et dUrtf over , . . and 
stock up. Toull like the wearing 
qualMwfll Umm iaSaim^vA the 
pee'Stunak. ef 



aiaart new sMvet 
I Non-wrlnM* sak 
he peat to 

tbet yoa 

Brand N^Ws Simrt 1940 



"Glenehb^" "Thrifty" "IBtykeraft" 


PATTBaNS IselMde tkje new pin, claaler, nat. eaUs^ atiania- 
tint itnd chrU striyn. new dlnconab, dliMla laMh laS eMep 

biuatlons! All patteniit in alt colunu 

(iTYLiiS are sUmwu In the regular shifrlr ni'il double beeaaled 
itjrle!!. ALia are the new three bultuu jackvl mid roll fal|Ml 
doable breasted models. .Al! 

FASaiCS Include the new roach Mid smootli Hnltb 
aaS rteetaisk labMilaa^ twllk, o«*«rt», tweeda eel 
IbBjr «r thSM fatolas have smaiet self pattsen. 




$a.9S $3.95 

!• WWW vHh s 

>wcat«r. We uffrr extra vaiu* la 
slacks for wear «n any ecoaato*. 
Wen tailand and smartir styM 
ec M« wmgm t» 

New FflU Oxfords 
$2.95 $3s95 

if yva Nally 
walked ow air, 
<iho«s would be 
Lens LmpurtMt, 
but wftlkinc sn 
bard p a V c ^ 
meats, dajr in 
and isf mt. 
laaS ftet n- 
qnlva te*t 


Men's Hose 


Smart brlflit colored 
patterns and alrlpt-N, In 
qaaUt; hoae. 




■1 . 

Friday, SepUmbw 8, 193S 


Amencan Wa^ 

State Offers Education At 
A Prke All Can Afford 

ttudtnts cnrolUnc 1» Am* Itott tN oflntd an edueatton wi m 
U gn» inwltH «■ • mMM tl» V. 1^ d« 
liMi». Ito iHHHb Ili^lMt Ik Ml i» « IIW IHb if 

oMHtic « "duap" •dtiefttkm. 

ttct, the lurv^r nvnls Uuit « 
fnihman, forfaltlns tome «( tba 

auto «t « cMt of tut. Sut the 




Report to LEON'S SHOE STORE for your 

Leather or 
Ruliber Sotoi 

$2- $5 


Men's Sport Shoes 

Crepe or Leather Soles 

$2 $5 

» We Wantedito Bring Ton Oie Beal ao 

Leon's Shoe Store 

adt-antage of Ute c^tpontmi- 
ttM offend by Uw MllMI t» W 
put of hte war. 

In comparison with othfr school* 
of the co-educational type. Umm 
figures are much below tbc tMng* 
fresh in an expense. The ottiat «f 
education ol the U. 8. department o* 
Interior estimates that the avcng^ 
minimum cost for frosh In «imlUr 
ln»UtuUona Is 1377 and the tj-plcal 
Kverase ti33. 

U a atudsnt deatrea to join o« of 
the SO social frftternltttt Utd lonrl* 
tka at Kansas State, the IjjABtl 
ccst wUl augmented by appMMd' 
matelr tso to $iOO. dep«ndiiit npett 
the due« charglA tff ttl 
HMlth Fee Beniflele&t 

The enrolnierr. tees at Kansas 
atate ar; divided into four parts. A 
matriculation fee of »10 Is paid only 
once when the freshman student 
first enrolls. The incidental fee of 
t2S is paid each semester as is the 
student healili fee of $5. This 
smcunt porvldes for medical at 
tentlon while the student is folng to 
school and also for free hospltallM- 
turn for thres days. Each enroUee 
pa.f» a ttudant actlvi^ fee e«ch i»- 
mester of 9T40, which includes ad 
mlsdon to all school activities and 
suIiicrt]}tlona to general publics 

On thi averase. M Is cbftrged 
each samester lor labontofy fees 
tlw UMHint dqwDdiEV npon the 
oMnt tlM tta^nt ptoMi. 9cf the 
I Ont UB iwte f tmis eott for 
textbooki It WH ftmwnr, * nvliiK 
may be nuule \nf iMidiwing 

OnM ft itud«t has iKiMliai«d the 
baste iMMlB and tuiOsaiuA nteded 
lor his cQom, tb» sott for tlw re- 
mainins tetnesten wtll M flttntider- 

ably Ims. 

Bneovncv fsfekeiten 

atodento ef Umlted means an en> 
coiinted and aUM In every posdble 
way by the «oUeie authorttlaB. Tlier 
employ student labor to the citeot 
ol about 96.000 a mimtli, at tilaa 
VBiyin^ from 25 to M cmte an hour. 
Much of this labor is on the college 
farm, In the orchards and Budens, 
In the shops In the utllc^s of the 
la"ulty. In the printing office and 
In the service of the Janitor, 

There are also opportunities for 
stuctents to secure employment In 
Hat'.hftttan either in exchange for 
board and room or for a salary. 

Kaniias State offers opportunities 
for those who have a moderate fi- 
nancial statu.s. More than half of 
tiie students «'ovk Many of 
are fraternity and aororltj numbers 
a^ wt'll as IndapMdntllii'KiiMMt li- 
fers ouch. 

Apptme Sixty 
For Vet Course 

Limit Enndment 
To Four Year Coiurae 

Sixty Kansas SUte collete tta* 
denu have bean approved for aA- 
mfsstm to tilt Bnt ot tbe four pto- 
fatslMal laatt et tiw catMcUlnn in 
vol<|rtnanr n t dBlBft Meortlng to 
Dr. R. a. liyWn, dMto «i m A* 
TiiioQ of wttrinaiy aaidlelnt. 

BttolBMU in the dlTislon It 
Unlttad tath ymx to aww ttnagfly 
ttvly MV flIldMli to ba ailiHWt" 
to tbt fmt of fgtir i«art ol tbe pn>- 
ftMonat euHkadnm. Stfwa stu- 

dabtt at* tfHOflt tbtr tam have 

ill .Iff -* - * *. ■- 
coinpwceo mpi 

one year gf 

naiy wot; 

Stan waUMHaon a&d Jack Oard- 
ner spoke on atUetlc prospects 
before the junior otuunbtr of com- 
merce dlnner-meeUnR Wedt>*day 







Uadir.pur New Rates for Cab Service, You Mi^ Sav« 
br Ride Booln. 

20 Rides - 12c each 

We eleo wpOi to u 

Uanitm CnBegw • AgfUvUle - 0«wBio«m 

20 Ridet - 33t each 

Dial 4407 

Selsetlaa It ondtr tbe toiMnldoo 
of a 

mlttct on 

which Dean mttltfa It 

and is 


According to the head of the 
veterinary school, each year the 
committee Is compelled to deny ad- 
mission CO several hundred qualified 
students because the ca tt iit 4Mt 
not have room for them. 

The students who have been ap- 
proved for admission this fall, are: 

Robert Atkins, Arsons; Oeorge 
Atkltison, Hutchinson; Neil Beck- 
enbaucr, Delavan; Henry Binder, 
CoWeyvlUe; Clifford Beyer, Harper; 
Hoyt Brown, Ifanhattan; William 
Burger, Kansas City; Lester Burk- 
ert. Valley Palls; Burson Busset, 
Manhattan; Clark Campbell, Em- 
poria; Albert Coetcs. Jr„ Kansas 
City ; LeRoy Dietrich. Wichita ; 
Dennis Donahue, Bonner Springs; 
Robert Ertckson, Orland, CnUf.; 
Howard Foster, Cedar City, Utah; 
Peter Oory, Hoislmton; Clayton 
Oriffiths, Jr.. Sacramento, Caltf.; 
Gerald curss, BurUngame; William 
Ouy, Kansas City; Robert Henttler. 
Topeka; James Bervey, Belle 
Plahie; dtnnoe Rostetler, Harper; 
Bomni Jotaoaon, Hanbattan; Kta- 

er, Raraona; Balpli Kaeche, Ad- 
rian, JMk tMiaal^ Man- 


Holan Ludwlg, Parsons; Don- 
ald Lunt. Woodland. CaUr ; Ralph 
Messtr, Lawrence; Clarence Might, 
Hutchinson: Carroll Mills. Barrett; 
Earl UontBomerr. Parsons: On-en 
Moore, Liberal: Bernard Movrery, 
Wils»y; BUI Myers. White Church; 
Cheater Offenbach, Berkeley. Calif.; 
Rotoern Richardson, Fort Scott; 
Mchard RoBstds, Arkansas City; 
L>orrain Set»ree, Kansas City; Max 
Sboehey, Belle Plaln°; Oeorge 
Short, Concordia; William Semlc, 
Oak. Neb.; Richard Smith, Sallna; 
Ralldi Spencer. Leavsnwonh; Ed- 
ward Stoddard, Manhattan; Melvin 
Swenaon, Concordia; Jay Symns, 
Hutchinson; John Tennery, B?lle 
Walne; Roy Thomaa. Parsons; 
Monte Ittanble, Kansas Cltjf; Rogr 

Upham. Junction City; Lowell 
Webb, Beverly; Chailea Venpe, 
i^iift imutenan. oar- 
Buford Winters, Parsoa; 
Worthmao. Uneola, MAr. 

Stresmliiie Lib 
For Poods Oitts 

A new streamllaa lltaiatQry for 
Foods I has sprung Xlj^ over the 
summer In Calvin hall where form- ' 
erly the nursery- school children! 
held forth. The 20 coeds who drmw 
this lab wlU have the latest models 
of sas and electric ranges for their 
cookery, built-in sinks with toe mw j 
Ulaek oomposlUoR, mlcaru, lori 
wtrkiag mirfsMt and italnleu swat' 

trim. Th^re will also be one kero- 
sene and Qoa gasoline range. 
Whereas, the girls In older latiara- 

tories must perch on stools to take 
their notes, tho.<^e in the new >me 
may sit in comfortal^le clialrs at 
f;nir-person table.-i. The new labora- 
tory win relieve congastk» in other 
rooms and give the dletetk^ stu- 
dents a more convenient place to 
prepan thefr meal dlttarita. 

After setting ne« Ametleaai and 
national Inter«olleglatt 
noordt latt «tln|, 
enq^land tqr i 
pany and be bat ^tia itMe iMttvy 
work duitng tbt 
wbUa avatUBs tbt 

ar.d wom- 

Dr. C. W. UcCampbell returned ; 
Sunday night rrwn Northern Pin* 
Lodgt. Patfe Rapiids. Minn., whart 
he spnt tbe month of August. Doe< j 
Mr mOaiiliall it btad «< 

ens glee clubs wHl begin Septeanber- 
le. according to Prof. William Und- 
qulst, head of the department of 
mi'ilc Freshmen as well upper- 
may make apiiolntmenta 

W ARCHArtI I Dickinson 

•^Mmw Place Of liubattoa" B M-^AVHUigWJIl 

NOW— Endg Saturday 



'Hotel For Women' 



'The GM And 
The Gambler" 

• PLCS • 

'Range War" 

A gawuTioN m 




Badielor MoAer' 





tOMMT thraTUmAT 


K. S Students 

yfb have a new location. 
Ocnne in and see our 
snappy fall clothes. 

MB Poynis 




A Cooperative Imtitution For Men And Wometf 

1123 Movo 


We Rnnoiinee a tenH^tve mteof- 

$10 and $1250 

for Buenb per echool liionfcli ol four weeks, 
eubiecl to dmnpe wiii £ood-«tuff prioek 

M Ubor 0(m to our etadant pAMo^ 

give work in proportion^ to the amount of butiiMee. 


Due' to demand lor woik womoi atu- 
dente, we are continuing our laundiy 
•erviee. W« ^ eupport ta their 




RATB FOR UBOR - 18g, 20c, 25c Por Hour 
If We Have 200 Boarders We Ptan To Raise To 2Sc And 30c Per Hour 


Friday, September 8.; 

The Kansas State GoUegian 

PultUibed by tbtt itudeoti of the 
OoUet* o( Agriculture snd AppUwl 
Tttjidty MMt rnday ol ttit whool year. 

~ §( Kcood -class Rieller at Uw 
Manhattan, KAHsaa. 

Editorial Staff 

Edltor-ln-ChW — lUW U. Ftoher 

Ounpui Editor CJarl Roehat 

.„„Jl8f Bwafford 

....,„„., ^JHOM Kendall 

a^qrte Blttor TWsler 

AMtetaat BpoUt aUUr JMMrt SoDtnger 

Society Editor . „,,,Muitt liule Madsen 

Antsttttit Society BCUtor llitjr Jean Orentner 

Photographer — Ollbert Carl 

James P. Cooper 

Marley Thompeon 

and Richard Cech 
a J. iledlin 

1 ..■ 

To Wea r Or 
Not To Wmr 

dmmr for Its IwUUt instesd of the un- 
tiosr top of « flnl fssr man. 

Of course thsmnnu psddlf bflSide will 
b« called into lorTtesttsn SMS fcll«,»>ttttf 

a sensible system of enforcement 1« csmed 
out the paddles will never be needed. 
In the fraternity houses themselves 
esn lie found the most powerful means 
of Miforelng this tradition thatliaa 
proved to keep the qplilt of etass eon* 
sclentlousnesB alive In the past If the 
K club, the student conttcU, sad the 
Wampus Cats get cooperation iwm in- 
dividual Iratemitles the question of 
freshman caps will never be bother- 

We Have An 
Introduction To Make 

Mr. and Miss Fnslunan, may we present 
YOUR newspaper. The Kanau Sti^ Col- 
legian? YOUR opinion helps detMnntne its 

poIlcieB, YOUR actions help raalte Its pages 
Interesting, YOUR money helps keep its 
presaeB rolling. YOUE deHlrW W« ^ dt- 
slres of YOUR newspaper. 

From a small comer In Kedsle halt 
YOUR newspaper will come each Tuesday 
and each Friday to YOU. It will bring you 
news assembled from the far corners of 
Uif campus, of the state, of the nation — of 
wlwrevsr events are tsktog ptaes that have 
a direct effect upon .TOV, « student at 
Kansas State college. It will bring it to yoti 
as completely, as fairly, and as interesting- 
ly as It can possibly make it. That Is a 

It is a promise that It has etvny In- 
tention of keeping— keeping as It has 
kept other promises tiie 46 years that 
The Collegian has ))een State's official 

It is not with apniogy tliat It refers to its 
past. It Is proud of ILh past — of the even 
bigger past of Kansas State college. It will 
refer to the past again this year. It Is not 
one to break lightly with ^uOMttOi—^ta It 
is a tradition itself. 

But even though, it will not lose 
Bight of the future. Ub very style 
shrieks loudly against Its being Judged 
an "old phogey." A tradition Is good 
loaly as long as there is nothing better 
with which to replace It TOoR Col- 
legian will never hesitate to uige a 
change if YOU bdJien tlie change is 

Well, we have Introduced YOUR n«w»- 

paper to you. We would like an opportunity 
to introduce you to it. The best way that 
might be acconipliabed is by your taking 
the Initiative. Write us, phone us,, come In 
and see us. T«U us wh^ Is right sad wliat 

Is wrong. We'll pcbt jNHBr IdMS tf HWlt 
them printed. 

The K club has promised more attractive 
caps this year at a decreased prtcs. M<w» 
power to them. And more power to ths 
freshmen who blossom forth next week 
wtib tttsir dlnkles. 

• • • * 

Third Frmh Week 

Por the third Ume nresiuiuui Induction 

week is being carried oot at Kansas State. 
Those who were here four years ago will 
remember the campaign the students car- 
ried through to have these days set aside 
especially for the freshmen. 

Etech year has shown Freshman week 
a wise Investment And "In^stment" is Just 
the proper word to use;. Ths college Invests 
money for its operation these extra days. 
The students invest their time as well. 
Now few investments are the kind 
tibat mature properly without attention 
~-«t least Freshman week Is not one of 
them. Only if the fiumlty, th« students, 
and the various campus organizations 
cooperate can this investment pay divi- 

That doesn't mean upper classmen 
gtvtng freshmen the erroneous advice that 
"Oh, this lecture Isn't important" It Is Im- 
portant. The entire program has been de- 
vised by experts in the field of student ori- 
entation. Freshman week was not some- 
thing thought up to fill spare time between 
rush wsisk and classes. A person slighting 

Freshman week is a slighted peeeea. 

• • • • 

*cotwMimMJbV ,THa 

•HHIO.MS. eoMUt, 


siwvraMtou, . you 
tcMow-vm vMittvv 

•MMr se vmt mv, 



Wimh, Beware 
Of Dabbling 

Goodby Ballroom 

Dancers' Loss Of Wareham 
Brings Longing For Union 

with the news that State students will lose their best ballroom to the 
AAA thl5 year the long light for a Student Union building that ended In 
riufltratlon Is remembered again. The Union would have provided for a 
really adequatt^ ballroom on the campus. 
It was four years ago when far 

Purple Editor 
Gets Award 

Name To Be Engraved 
On Silver Plaque 

Dolores Iteter, joumalUm gradu- 
ate last spring, has been rroogm?.' d 
lot superior attainments m Indus- j 
trial Journalism during the lasu 
school year by being named winner 
ol the 1939 Capper award. Her 
name wlU be engrave on a sliver 
plaque presented to the department 
by Sen. Arthur Capper to stimu- 
late Interest In Journalism. 

While in school. Miss Foster, or 
"Dods" afi she was more common- 
ly known, was quit* prominent In 
filuditn publicatioiv; work, having 
been society editor of the Collegian, 
and editor ol the 1939 Royal 
Purple. She wa.s a member of 
Dynamls, Phi Kappa Phi, and 
Mortar Board, all national honor- 
arles; Chi Omega, social Eororl^; 
and was DtddJclCdr tUraitar of the 
studMt mmneSL 

Tlse OqvBT ftiraid* mt* flnt 
Klvwi la tsis to ttinokta tatcrist 
tn wletAural joimwllna. tUtm 
original maqus, omtatnisg ten 
namt platM, ms tSUeA In 11181, and 
a anr vliqiw, liontalnins tm Mbh- 
tlonal pUtes, was preaented to tbt 
JooroaUim dq»utinflOt Itg Smator 
Capiwr this ■gmx. The awaidi, Iw- 
gtnntng ttata year. w» for aupnto 
attai BBHnte in lodtntelat Jmanal- 
L^m, ntber than in the •lt«te ftald 
of f rto ittnrsi joumalimi. 

Waring, Whiteman 
On Rtdio h^ofnuu 

Two nattonaDr famous orchutrts 
-mm be preMotMl Xyj the Ufsatt and 

Myers Wbusm tamgua «« ntta 
prrgraats tbronsbottt tan and Win- 
ter radio iiwiiwi 

Fred Waring and Paul Whlteman 
^kill appear on shows during the 
I a 11 New York theatrical year, 
broadcasting from their own play- 
hou£C& in Radio City. Waring will 
appear on the "pleasure time" over 
the National Broadcasting company 
five nights a week wliile Whlteman 
wlU present a halt hour abow «veiy 

atMW, to 




Pratt, was awuM tiw i 

far this school year. 

»ch county In the state was al- 
lowed to enter a candidate. Ifce 
selections were based on scholMAlC 
records. Personality, iMdenlilPi 
and aottfUv in t^emoA 

Patnmlse CoUegtan AdvwtlMm 

sighted students Ijegan the long 
campaign that came so close to 
succeeding, and yet so far These 
students found an earnest and de- 
voted friend to the cause In Preal- 
dent P. D. Parrell, who obliged by 
appointing a Student Union com- 
mittee to foster the growth of the 

Almost as sure a sign of the beginning of 
fichoo) as the enrolment itself is tiie annual 
dither about freshman caps and when and 
Where they should be voro. This year 
promises to be an exception. 

Already the student council, the K dub, 
the Wampus Cats, and the Senior Men's 
Panhellenic are considering definite steps 
to be taken In case the blossoioy dinky 
should be Inclined to find • 

The clusters of shiny lieys dangling from 
the impressive watch chains of upperclass- 
men and denoting membership In some or- 
ganisation or some outotandlng activity 
will doubtless Inspire many freshmen and 
cause them to consider just whlcA of the 
many extracurricular activities otCsfed by 
the college they will enter into. 

At the very moment the freshmen en- 
counters one of thse "succssful" campus 
oldsters the height of his ambition may seem 
to be the acquiring of a number of these 
recognized laurels for himself. Well and 
good. Let not these words discourage that 
ambition; rather let them serve as words of 

A large number of dubs, organlsaUons, 
and activities flourish around the campus 

of the College. These offer the student a 
chance for him to put forth his best efforts 
in their behalf and to divert some of his 
unused energies in extracurricular chan- 
nels. But the freshman will find that the 
benefits to be derived from ^em will come 
to him only In direct ratio -with the energy 
he puts out for them. 

Consequently, freshmen, choose your 
extracurricular activities wisely and 
well. Investigate to the best your 
abiUty each one which InlferaKbi yon 
and consider what It has to offer you. 
Hesitate to pledge your support and ef- 
forts just because an uppefclass friend 
believes that through some particular 
Individual or group within the activity 
you would be aided In your advance- 
ment. Avoid entering into too many 
activities. Bear in mind that your 
schedule is planned to occupy a greater 
part of your time and class work is 
ever demanding if the student does it 
thoroughly and well. 

Don't be a 'idabbler"— one who dips only 
lightly Into the surface of noutny activities 
and hasn't time for any of them. Plunge 
deeply into one or two worthy ones and 
feel the glow of satisfaction when you have 
done the job well by initiative and hard 

mt wmmWtoff bad two Jota 
ahnsd of It: nnt to ccoylnee the 
■todaat tady that a UUtan imUdlBg 
was a neidad addttioti to this cam- 
pus; ieeend, to t/mitim* the legist 
lature of the same thing. 

The first Job they did— end did 
well. Delegates were sent to the 
annual conventions ol American 
Student Unions. These delegates 
reported what they learned. They 
tcfld how union buildings at other 
schools served as the "parlor" of 
the campus; how students met 
their friends there; wihlled away 
extra minutes between classes In 
luxurious lounges; filled In the 
evenings or vacant periods through- 
out the day wtUi games In the ex- 
tensive game rooms that were a 
part of every union; how organisa- 
tions met In the union; how fut 
nrtendstalpe were made In the Jel^ 
ban sf thaw places; how the gUt- 

Patronlae OoUeglan Adtortiaen 

Fifteen Get Sears 
Scholarship Awards 

Fifteen KansM high adiool boya. 
each a wHanr in Ids zeq wotm 
fiountT of a |U0 Bean SortHi^ 
agrteultund fonudaiiiiii adiOiaTahlp. 
Iiafe b«att anrwttneod fManti; 
tiutmgH tlw oOlM «! DMn U 1:. 
(Ml, or dlflaloa itf asHnOtiiic. 

Th« neetatful oandktatw for the 

Wftlter Wtilfe, Dal* Wooiaar. Wamu 
Lowell Vma. Jaefc 

liUvtn MmaoB. jpatd Bdlqr. Oat- 

ndasai. and 
John DeFord. 

Jn addition to the 19 



terlng ballrooms were the scenes of 
the schools equally glittering par- 

Tbe AiHwer "Yaa" 

So thoroughly were the students 
sold on tbe idea that when tt was 
pniiaaad to tax themselves 15 a 
aaawatfT for the Immediate con- 
struction of the building they came 
to the iwlia in reoord numbers to 
anaeer iHtii a voclferoue "ym" The 
flm Job vas done. Now nmaiaed 
coir legMatlve anirovai for Im- 
mediate construcUoi^HBv as tbe 
committee thought. 

The board of regents, who govern 
Xansas'a educational institutions' 
considered the matter before re- 
commending it to the legLslature. 
Here was where President Parrell 
piclced up the cause carried thu-s far 
by the committee. As a result, the 
board approved. Jubilance reigned 
on the Kansas State campus. 

•nie ilaal bill was drafted for 
pnaoitattOQ to ttM legldatuie. The 
ftodento went Into action to do 
tfaalr part la oonvlnaiiig tbe law- 
makem o( the bUla daabaUlUy. 
Bfteythini was bright and lorely 
tintn up Irani no wbne wggui. ftu; 
^ deateatltoL oif toe 'atato at- 
ttwt ^ UU itottfal 

would; because the student body is 
determined that It shall. And the 
atndcnt bottr not to detded. 

Ton may have 
tint nndlv laat nlgbt 
that yon did— |eu daneod to the 

music of erne of toe better erilege 
musical outdls. Last year "Pappy 
Zeke" Betton and his lads went to 
town— and all the Jitterbugs 
seemed to like it a lot. Betton 's 
orche.-itra has only one fault — It 
sometimes plays Ulie it #as tiylng 

to II Bill nwaoa In nin armiinl 

a track. 

A Ddar-Not Defeat 

Why? Because an obscure article 
In tbe Kansas constitution pre- 
vented any state Institution from 
carrying indebtedness of any forth 
over from one legislative year to 
another. In desperation State 
authorities searched for a loop 
hole in the clause. As they search- 
ed the time for Introduction ol 
bills passed rapidly awsy. Hope 
for legislative O. K. passed with it. 

But the fight is far from finish- 
ed. Someway, somehow, someday. 
Kansas State will have a tower- 
ing union building that will be the 
heart of campus life. Why? Be- 
cause the student body has said it 

Ajid Thm Again 

Maybe I'm Wrong But- 

% MmMm 

You 4S net kaoir anvDiie on the 
campus. Ym actually read the 
bulletin boards. You think every- 
one else looks much older thsn 
yourself. You look up at the build- 
ings. You carefully read the cata- 
log. You get your dlrectloiis mixed 
up. You are afraid of dglng some- 
thing wrong. You look bewil<t«^. 
You may go to bed early. You are 
homesick a little. Your new 
clothes look a bit shabby already. 
Why. you may even read every 
wonl written In this Issue of tbe 
You— my friend— are a 

look — jon won't see anything else 
■Ike 11 on the entire cam pas. Tbe 
state legislature doesnt believe 
in providing Kansas State stu- 
dents with decent classrooms or 
recreational quarters— it took a 
fire and a miniature revolution to 
obuin Wtllard hall. The legisla- 
ture, en the other hand, thinks a 
lot of cows. YOM ought to aee the 
tmn bam ttMT 


Drop In ene of thew hot 
afternoons and Uste tor yourself. 

You male frosh would do well to 
be very caret ul when taking your 
physical examinations. Upon one 
such occasion, a gawky, gangling 
freshman wandered into the 
wrong hallway In a very nlkkld 
condition. Luckily a physical edu- 
cation Instructor spotted him and 
got him out of sight before cir- 
cumstances became embarrasstof. 
80 enter to« rIgU door, faflom 

CLASS o£ '43 

College isn't so tear- 
som« as it seems fho 
frit day. You'll be get- 
ting a lot of advice on 
whai to do end «4iat not 
to dot. When it comet to 
shirtt, tiai, shorfi, hand- 
horchiefi and coHari , . . 
you'll do well to heed 
advice about buying 
Arrow. Two out of three 
collage nntn wear Arrow 
ttiirfs. Ttiey're iopt 4a 
•vary eant^ut beeauiA 
they fit bettar, waar 
longer and look smertar. 

See the local dealar 
today and ftoek up for 
ffio aaiviaftor. 




• Use m yoiap car or 
in your hooM 

• Special aerial 


See Our Complete 
Showing of Shoes 
for R. O, T, C. 

Yeager Dairy Lunch 

Just East of the Campus 


• mAIW »ri0fEB OLD 



407 PoyntE 


See our windows 

for other styles for 
sport and dress 

402 Poyntz 

Dial 4313 


Dra. Balding and Gleason, 
M. D. 

Eye, Ear, Nose, and Thitwt 
Qlaaaes Pitted 

Office 3333 HOt» S4n 

J. W. Evans, M. D. 
Specialist In treatment and surgery 
of Sye, Ear, Noae, and Throat. Byes 

teMed and ilaaaeB flttod aoocedtog 
to .lataat wwttioila 

Office In ftrat National Banlt nd|. 

Barrett A. Nelson, M. D. 

Surgery Ohstptriis 

O. BL ilciberg. M. D. 
Xetoftial MiwHwe 
Ul a Potifth at. 
Office 3131 Res. aill<4m 

W. M. Bcitsel. M. D. 
OenetBl Praottoa X-Bar 



looking graad! \ 

We've timed 7<oar arrival oa campas 
with ererfthiiig that's new ta shirts. 
Stripes and diecti jnuPrc new gags 
before — colon that are quiet — dcw 
coUat models — all tailored with the 
Agtow mdl — all itreamlincd 
Mitoga fit sod Sanforized 
Shrunk, Auction off your 
die-bard AttOM lad gH • 
iMd of saag. UB $B.SO 

Dr. G. Robert Allinfhftm 

Ovw Oolleg« ^eeit Mom 

O. C. Anderaon 

Dr. Lowell Creifhton 
Clwiiiiil rfiiillni 4l TTetU l atrr 
OffiaH KNM aWf; ' 
190 a «li Bt Ul II 

Dr. a H. Fanbloii 




Or. jp. Wi 


Rooms 30<31 Ulrlch Bldg. Pb. 

Union National Ban 
Phone 360S 


nr. Vieter H. faMky 

X-Ray Servloa • i 
313 8. 4tta 


Dw mi 

Dr. B. L. IMM 

Sen' Ice Nuna to 
Uflca 419 Poyato 


Ok I. S. 


''.^f^.i- ^^j^Uj^**^^ ••'■'.t't*^ 

Grid Squad Will Strut Before Camera Tomorrow 


First Workout I 
For 52 Candidates 
Scheduled Monday; 

Fry Has 16 Rctumiiig Lettameal 

And Many Promising Sophomores 
To Shape For Ft Hays Tilt 

Coaeli Wea FYy and his staff wilt have their Initial pre- 
view of the 1939 Wildcat grid prospects tomorraw after- 
noon at 1:30 ill Memorial stadium when pictures will be 
taken of the »quad. li^arly IndicationB show a list of 62 men 
scheduled to repe«t for the opentaff pttiittee 
day afternoon. 

Heading the Uat will be 16 
lettermen and a promltlng 
group of sophomores to be- 
gin preparation for the ntne- 
gamc (iciiedule which opens 

I ttxainBt Fort IlayKi in Me- 

fjnorial stadium here Seplem- 

Practice will get under way next 
week with « review of lundamen- 
tel« which are covered In Spring 
prBctlce, stress on blocklns, paMlnj 
and punting, and a series of full 
speed running plays. Coach Pry 
plans to clFvelop a lirst class paislng 

attMk to alternate with K-8tate's 
ground-gaining ofteuse. Early at- 
tention wit) be given to passing and 
punting with a number of boys 
trying out. Elnier Hackney, b11<^ 
aix fullback, Meivln Seelye and 
BUner Nleman are scbedided to b« 
on Uw tbrowing wmI of the 
attack with Don Orumlwk 
Munaer, Otola I«ii|fiudt laMl Krla 
HoOutelwt vnlmm deltit tbe n- 

Kansas State College 
Football Schedule 


ScpL 30— Fort Hays Utate at 
Oct. e— Marquetta at Milwaukee 
Oct. 14-CoUMi# I* MialMltan 

(Parenta Day) 
Oct. 21— Missouri at Columbia 
OcL za.— Nebraaka at ManhalUn 
Nov. 3— Kanaaa at Lawrence 
Nov. ll-^OUahoina at 
tan I Band and Sooat Day) 
Nov. IS— Iowa State at Amea 
Nov. as-sattm amiatt at B 

\ End 

Ibe It tottensen. 18 SQuadmen 
fnxn iMt yev, and 3S wfitmam 
expected to repdrt M«idfe> tnelude: 
Ends fttnk Suahaidt, Don 
Cri imba fc w , 'Ofaria Langvanlt, *E1- 
«ia UoOukitim, •Ooo Hututr. Ilkdi. 
Patera, WaUaoe awanaon. 
TseUea— *Joe DcBord, *Ralph 
Hufftnan, Henry Ullard, Fred Llnd- 
mf, Kiniieth Makalou^, AJ Nlemol- 
ler, Ri^rmond Roemer, "Bernard 
Wrlner, Norman Whltehalr. 
Ouerda— 'BlU Beeiley. *Ci)arle« 

FUmuui, I^rla MUeanrlek, CUffotd 
nuudng, Bdwaid HnO, WUUam 

Spear, Leon Werta, 
Dtck Wolgift. 

Center— Logue Amos, Kenneth 
Hamlin, John Hancock, •Paul Han- 

Quarterbaclu— Kent .Duwe, Eu- 
gene mr, Joe JeUnek, Eugene 
Newie, *MelTtn BtefiB, Marvin 

Prwrki Jobn Jwtkacn, *Art Ktt, 
BU Lane, *WmfT Kiaman, Bay 
Rokey, lAwmoe CtatanC Mui 
Ttatunona, Lnrts Tmm, Hail* 

mgheeto— T ad O arrrtt, 'Bncr 
Ba^OMf , l9lt Wttkbii, Harold WU- 

• Denotes tettermea 

Mlaalng from the Uat ate such 
stars as Staler Fttts, guard and 
last year's bemvef oa|»Mii; Ken* 
netB^llbKUttein, eenter! Bob 
Brlggs, fUniMMdc and punting sUr 
of lart yean taan; and atUrley 
Dai^ an BH fll 

The backfleld will be built around 
Hackney, who will do a big part of 
the blocking and beU-lugglng. 
Melvtn Seeyle will be In the quar- 
terback position with 0«ne Fair, a 
Junior; and Kent Ouwe and Joe 




R. H. Brown Music Co. 



College Cafeteria 

Service at Reasonable Prices 


Meals Served Daily Eauqit Svoiday 
Breakfast 7:15—8:15 
Ltmctieoii 11:30—1:00 

Dinner in the Tea Room 5:1 5 — 6:30 


being the 
leading undtntwHes for the signal 
calling Joli. 13mer "Butch" Nle- 
man, a Junior, Is alated tor the, 
right halfback jioeltlon with two' 
sophomores, Ray Rokey and L,aw- 
rence Stoland also working for Uve 
backlleld spot. Jim Brock Is the 
only lettertnan returning at the 
blocking back pcslUon. BUI Lane 
and M»x Tlmmons are proml&lng 
understudies. Other backlleld pros- 
pects include Art Klttt l#lt 
1ns, and Ted Garrett. 

The 1039 Wildcat forwald 
piamises to be one of the twavleit 
In yean as Une Coach stan Wll- 
Uamson has lettermen returning tor 
all line positions. The group of 
ends reporting include Crumbaker, 
Munaer, Langvardt and McCutchen, 
who are all lettermen. Dick Peters, 
Wallace Swanson, and Prank Bam- 
hard t are other wing men reporting. 

Heading the list of tackles wUl 
be Welner, Hoffman and DeBocd; 
WhUe Beezley, f^lrman aad fllMff 
top the guard prospects. 

Paul Hannah and Ken Hamlin 
are battling for the center poet In 
an effort to replace Ken 
Uat year'a pivot man. 

State's New JBasketboU Mentor 
Is A Mm Witt A Rimid 

ball dnttailM at 
Not only doea Stated 

MVlor In dragging the Wildcats out 
the cellar mire but he possesses 
a record, to put It mUdly, that is 
definitely — ttn^mi to satisfy 
those who doat bmne ta loeka. 



Ing the pait fNT JMMi Ui 
bsU imam wm ttw mvOOM state 
champloublp the last three times 
and loat tat tee fit tbeto patt M 
coatetenM titta. A nlM dOBlica' 
ST Wild- 

of nomdlnff ttw fBtort 
Jiack Oardner. 

addttta look the part to jriay 

Fry Predicts 
Sooner Eleven 
To Repeat 

Conference lille 
Theirs Only After 
'Rough, Bumpy Ride' 

"Ok la homa 's Sooners torepeatbut 
without a rough and bumpy ride 
over the Big Six football highway," 
predicts Coach Wes Try as he pie- 
paiea to Ret his squad orgaidaed 

Wtr loeka for ttie Ul» title winner 
to have tfttiar a fie or a leoi on 

tough ttana away from boow— Hs- 
biaaka, lOMNirt tad Kaans Btete. 
X lot* for the Soomn to lit or drop 
one ot tMw eoatarta," ho 
'Tlw ^tutTiffnif Uffn f vUt W 

The young dark-baUed Call- 
fomlon Is already mapping out 
jplana for hia first campaign under 
th? State bannen. Tentative ord- 
ers ai?e to call the froah e*rly In Oc- 
tober and the varsity soon after. 
This early call U necessary, he be- 
lieves, since he will Inaugurate an 
pntlrely new style of play. His 
system will make every man of the 
starting quintet a definite ^orlnj 
menace and not rely entirely on the 
forwards and center. 

Jack has quite a reputation as a 
player himself. During his senior 
year at the University of Southern 
Calirornia in 1932 he captioned the 
Trojan basketball team and gleaned 
his court knowledg* from bis fa- 
mous coach, Sam Barry. 

In 1933, while comidetlng a year 
of graduate study at Southern Cali- 
fornia, he served as assistant bas- 
ketball head to Barry and durlnc 
the .same year coached the Los An- 
geles Athletic club cagers to the 
Southern Paolfta SL V. ilMm,- 

(ITifanaka Mr nted definttelBr 
atronger than a year ago by the 

K-St«te mentor who places Okla- 
homa in front with the Huskers 
nearly equal to the Sooners on the 
basis of sheer strength of numbers 
and experienced playm.** 
Count In K- State 

"Kansas State'a football tteam 
should not be placed among ttw 
favorites to win th" conference, but 
must definitely be considered a 
potential contender," Try warned, 
"We shoold be definitely stronger 
thw laat year." 

Fty expects Nebraaka to have one 
of the biggest backfletds tn the 
confeienoe with aeveial foo4 
Mjpbomores boisterlng'a fine aoppiy 
of veferana. Oklahoma moat de- 
pend on one ot two ineaperlspcad 
mw in the baekfMd, he beUevea. 

'Vanaaa university should have 
one of the most venatUe backflelds 
In the emtferenoe," believes vtyl 
"Tlielr backs have slae, weight and 
can punt and pass. But Kansas 
State doesn't oonMde anybody a 
thing on at least one baekhetd 

I-Statc Looks Weaker 

ny Siets Iowa State as the only 
team in the conference which, on 
paper, can be rated weaker than a 
y<ear ago. "No team can lose such 
players as Bock, Heil?manii and 
Ktscher along with several others 
of only slightly less ability and not 
be considerably weaker." he said. 

How to stop E3Uner Hackney will 
be a greater problem to Kansas 
State college football opponents 
than ever if the tatg fulback Uvea 
up to MpoMilionih t—iHHln to 

The K-State nantse sees ■ great 
season ahead for his aOS-pouod 
tlowerh^use from Oberito, 
'"Mth ^bonUmied Improvement as 
Shown last spring. Hackney sRould 
he (me ot the grea*Mt fuUbacks 
rve ever seen," said Fry. "With- 
out reservation, 1 regaid HaSkney 
alU Amert e an fooUiaU material. He 
Iwa a stngng dianie to be a lood 
this year, and gives deflntU 
91 brine a pest 
wiD a* a fnat ben omMr,* 

As a further step toward recog- 
nition, Oatdner, during the sum- 
mer mcQths of ISM, cooducted 
eoaohlng schools for players and 
coached in Japan at the Invitation 
of the Japanese basketball federa- 
tion He went to Japan ililn In 
the siMlng of IMS wttll » eoilege 
all-sUr football playeis to Intro* 
duce the sport there. At Modeste 
Junior ooUsge Chudnsr also «ualV 
fled as hudbna and • foottaU Hhe 
coaeh and taoght dasMa ta ptiysi- 
cal attaeattao. faygleBe and ftost 

raiowlnf Us tmadon ot Japan, 
Oardt»er found his bands fan as 
head baSIMball ^lil gnU aaf aa- 
sistant football and trsdt ooa«li.,at 
Albantbca, Oaaf„ hi^ adwoL In 
im and im. na UM bsMaU 
teem mi ranasr-np ta tte fleoth- 
em Catlftmte tfHoipiaMUp tour. 

Coadi Clinic 
Here Saturday 

Fry, WUlianuon Will 
Take Charge 

The ttrtt annaal Kansas High 

San Df(0» State college 
conference title winner. 
Also a Scholar 

"Handsonte" Jack wtU receive a 
master's degree In physical educa- 
tion from SouOiem California upon 
completion ol a book on basketball 
he now la writing. While a student, 
be competed In basketball and track 
a&d sorted as tnlnn fw ^ U. & 
c. football team. 

' Oardner will teacb physical edu- 
atliMi dsaies In addtttoo to his cage 
duties tbls semester. 

By the way g1rl»— he's happily 


fSlnis «m be Md 
ing aider liM west 
ial stadhim beglnDttig at 

o'clock wlUi the Kansas State col- 
lege staff and football squad in 

charge of activities. The school will 
be conducted by Coach Wes Fry 
v/ith the aid of line coach Stan Wil- 
liamson and chief scout "Chill" 

Flags wtn be stressed from a 
team standpoint fai the mcmtng and 
infocnatton oHeted at tbs recent 
Kansaa ooacbtBg sdiool In Tcqieka 
will be discussed. 

Team offences against various de- 
ten'jes wJU be demonstrated by the 
K-State squad on Ahearn field with 
emphasis on team play. Some time 
wui be devoted to iwUvktual fun- 

Stan WflUamaon will discuss team 
Une iilty and "CMtt" Ooidirane, 
chief sooat for K-8tate atUetle tal- 
ent, win talk on sooattng- 
K. A. Thomas, Xopdca 
of the 

Hla Modeato, CaUf.. potttkn loi- 
Bd laat season. Oaidner's 
c^tod all of several lar^ge 
foiir.pear tnitttatlonf appsarlng 6a 
the Hbdeito schedule, including the 
CUttemla Aifta. last years Far 
WMem ceotttanee etumpKms and 

Invisible Half Soling 
Dyeing & Shining 
Everything In Aeoessories 


NB^je ri g lB sl sad I 
Mclaatve IdMsia nodal building. . . 
jtdsis ttal have aiads postiM* tba 

onMancUiig model aliplsoM ol todayl 

rasa CUS {Slinn tbor*) I«n lo build 
mi tr«iuport. FrtflttMUw ^taefcu^wwil. 
M»ow'> haUow.ania Igiiliiji U^t, 
SciJa ipioad itnli Md mm. Dm »r 

K4b. molH. 1131 


1h« sfiout att^AcUva 
941 modalj «m d*. 
ngntd. 4S-tA. wtaq. 
•pan. R*ady4a]v«d 
prop*ll*r. H***! 
part^ dW-cuL U**a 
a.T H-ia. 


lulflk. building 

MatlVH'a Lcidlma 
IdM. SbMoUMd 
lulibar wkaala. i 



OABCT SIrailv lo 
CQRinaQdar, but 
imallat. SI U 

tads BodaiiL BoaOr 
nHk oajvW kalli, 


■HVHVHa a a aliV 




AcUvitiM a«.soclation will preside at 
the rules meeting. Charlet and 
Frank Cramer of Oardner, Kan., 
wiU dlaeuae atUstIo tnjurtea. 
The febeddle; 

•:M a. ak «» It a. ab-«os Wn 

mu a. ai, to U:« a n^x. 
■YlblU" Oodmaa, drisf aeeal at K- 

as, Topeka commlsslaner of the 
High BetexA Activities Aa- 

»-M a. n. ta um a. 


um a M. to 11 
aai Bar atemm. 

1p.m. to l;M 1^ 
Charles Oramar at 

I'M p, m. to 3 pv 
U leotban ndas ted by a. Tliom- 

Boxing Conclave 
WiU Draw Ahearn 

♦ >t f » »» » f ee e e t e 

The welcome on 
this mat is ommw 
than ^un de^. 



Bomy Oomliiuui 

Kay Kyser 
Baymoxui Scott 
MEk^ MSlnfffli 

Harry Jshms 

Jack Tea^rden 
TefUy Wllaon 
Oene Krupa 


R. H. Brown Music Co. 


Tbere^ a new w e lto mi mat 
on R^nla Aveaua ItH be- 
ing qpread for the men 
who don't believe bi signs 
. , , lor the chaps Who say, 
'm, Yes . , . Oiey want to 
ne Into spending 

Thaft not &m tm tn this 
case. MUster. WetS tWt try- 
ing to ^cll anyttll&g else 
than a try Ml. 

We figure that If you try 
on a few Fall suits to-day, 
It will be a long time be- 
fore you forget them . . . 
specially at our prices 
which should be Just as 
welcome to you as your 

FaU Suits 
$20 to $35 

Patronise OcU^lan AdvertlaeFs 

Prof. Slim Welcomes You Stildents — 

NEW and OLD 

Headquarters for ;Tobacco, Ggarettes, Cigazs» a 
full line of Pipes and Smoldng Supplies. Fanuvus for 
Ground Steak Sandwiches and. Good Beer. 


Pirn's Shamrock Tavern 

tit M. wk 


Before iThe Grind Begun* — 
ibijoy A I^Miml At . 

The Stagg Hill Golf Course 

—A Sporty 18-Hole Coune. 
2 Miles West on Highway 40 

— Green Fees 35c Except Saturday, 
SuQckiy, and Holidays— then 50c 

•—^aecidi Studmt Membership 
At $5.00(peir Sesoeifeer 

Qubs for Rent — Golf Supplies — 
Refreshments at the Club House 

Enjoy A Round Today! 


S« O* A.* 


OflRda^il $1.00 Tax Included 

9-12 p. m. 


At The 





Friday, Sep tetlwr iW» 

Noyes Scholarships 
Go To Nineteen 

Hu «miU4l awards presented by 
Uh LftVemt Noyes achalanhlp 
fUnd wiu so to IB KaiMM BUtc 

of WmM Vte ^eteimnt Mdi are to 

receive t2S a semester. , 
Those who will receive the ichol- 
oj-ihips hie Mildred Arth. Leiand' 
•tudmu this year, aooordlag toj JUloar, Wilbur Blaclt, SUaabeUii 


Lienharctt. AvU Moore, Latt? 
row, Charles Neeee. DnuiUa Ncrby, 
eamuel Rocera. KamUa .SiUarlertI 
Jack Thotnaason. Oertrude Wheel- 1 
er. aiKl Helen Woodard. 
"THIS ytvr, becauM of tbe iMXW^^ 


RCholanliips are awarded for a 

period of one year but may re- 
newed at the «iid of that time if 

Establish New 
Fellowships Here 

nuce addlthmal induttrlal re- 1 

at KMIMt State, accord* 
toe to Dean R. A. Beaton of the 
dlvUloa ol cnglntH-rlng. itiis makes 
(Ive rellowshlpB s^t u!) for this year. 

Tlie fkelda to b» studied in the 
three new i>roject» are 1 1 * the 
manufacture of calloidal fuel from 



dlKtlOD of 

Irish and nraet 
Kansas cropt. 

The first two frllowships will be 
administered by the colleie's engi- 
neering experiment staUoa wtafle 

«oftl, (2) new tourew orl tbe third wlU be a coopenttvt fto> 




^ ^ ^ MUA ffaMt |o OMt^ MiM 



to gat them. 

Supplies for M hA/aoMm 



•■ Benson, crop Produiitlan l|0 

Wature it Propertlea^ jto Ba 

mo ixraRiimTAnoM 

iBBIBirra Of ANIMAL HUSBANDRY— Wui^ fjfpm 

& Market Class of Livestock 3.00 

SHEEP PRODUCT ION -Coffey, Productive She«p BBMMUStfrr 3.00 

MEATS— Tomhavc. Meat <St Meat '*>Toduct£ ...... 3.00 

MEATS. HOME ECONOMICS— Bell & Helser. Ewentlals in Selectltffl Af MM 2.00 

BREED 8TUDIFS— Vaughn, Breeds ol Livestcck In America 3.75 

ADVANCED l-EF:DtNG- Maynurd, Animal Nutrition 4.00 

ANIMAL BliEEDINO — Rice. Breeding <te liiiprovcmeiit ol Farm Animal* ... 4.0b 


ELEMENTS OP DAIRVING— Olson. Elemenu cI Dolrylnii 3J0 

ELEMENTS OF HORTICULTURE— Gardner, Bradford & Hooker. OrchanUOK - 3,00 
FARM FORESTRY- No tfxt used 

SIL VICU LTU RE— T ounu-y 6c Korstlan, Foundations of ailvlculture 4^ 

FOIU8T mnaflBBT PRACnce— Toumey Se Korstlan. Seeding Planting SM 

IiANOaOAPB OAHOENINO I— Raouey, lAndscapln« of the Jlome Orounds 2,00 

PLAHT UATBRIAIS S-Hottes. A UtUe Book of Amuala i jo 

RotteB. A mat Book of nmndsto 1 iM 

LANBBOAPB OARmsmNO 11— Bottomiy, Detign of Small PlOlMrUM uo 

SYSTEMATIC POMOLOOY— Bedrlck, SjntMaatk Potnokwy - 4S0 

ADVANCED POMOLOGY— Oardner, Btmdfotd & R., Punda. of Fruit PnidticUaii MO 

FLORAL ARRAWOEMKNT— White, Floral AliWWBBient - tjM 

dOIIIMlBIOfclItt ftORICULTURE I A n— Laurie As Poesch, Commer. Wlemm 

KtUUMO niACfnCB l— Komln. Flour Milling - 


FARM POULTRY PRODUCTION— Jull. Poultry Husbandly 

JPOOLTRY JUDOINO— American Standard of Perfection , , 



FARM STR UCTURES -Wooley. Farm Buildings LIS 

FARM MAO HUIB IHf-^Xivldawi. Agricultural Machinery MO 

HELD ft POWiR XiAOBINllRY— Smith, Farm Machinery dc Equlpnent MM 

OAS ■NOINXS * ntAOTQttB— flam Ow Awtaaa * TMrtcn — V» 

ratAiNAOB; BtontON ccarmot. * mtmA^wm~*^fim m 

Scoatea, Land Dntanta 

DEPABmnrr op appxiIbd usoHAitioB 

R T R P IOT'M OP UATERtALS S lir,^BaapA. 'Btnegtb of UaterWa .. 1.^ 

A I S C. Steel Oonstmetlaii BmuUnn* IJO 

Tumeaure ft Uaurer. Prtn. Rebi. Oasstnictlon 4.00 

STRENGTH OF MATERIAI;S 3 hr.— Boyd, Strength of Materials 1.76 

A I.S.C. Steel Construction Handbook - ....... I.SO 

OHAPHIC STATICS— Hudson & Squire, Elements of Graphic Stattu 1.25 

HYDRAULICS— Russell. Textbook on Hydi^uUcs 455 

SOIL MECHANICS— Plum mer. Soil Mechanics ft PoundattoOB 2.00 

AFPLIED MECHANICS for Archttoetc)— Lei^ ft MongoUL Prae. 

Mecl). it Str MafU . 2.76 


HISTORY OP ARCHITECTURE I -Kim ball & Edgell, History ol Archlteoftlltw 3.76 

PENCIL RENDERING A- KKETCHING—Guplill, SketchlnB & BenderinB in PHMU . 5,0) 

ELEMENTS OP ARCHITECTURE— Pickering, Architectural Design 6J0 

anrrOBY op PAINTINO St mm^njRX-^0»tiaer, Art Through the Ages 

BOILmNa UATISUALB ft OOmrnHJCTTON— Hitntliiston, Building Conatmctlop «JIO 

Kidder ft nufew. Ambllaeta Handlwc* IM 

woRKiNa DHAw moBft apsomcATioim-SftiBtqr ft a., at. omme Btuite^ «m 

TaB ORY OP ilRDCmmXB H-BM, naoim aaS concrete Cowtnietion. VOL 1 

VSR ft IRR DRAWIHO t— OupUn, Dmving WBH ttn ft Ink . 


RKIHWAY ENGINEERING I— Bateman, Highway Engtowering 4.00 

flllRVEYING. I, II, III— Breed & Ho&mer, Elementary Surveying Vol i 4.0O 

Field Booit .76 

flORVEYINO IV— Searles & Ives. Field Engineering Text With Table.s 4.00 

Spiral Notebook 8"x7 ' quadrulled 

POP NDATIONS— Jacoby dk Davis. Foundations for Bridges Si BuUdlogi 0.00 

8 TRB BBE8 IK FRAMED STRUCTURES— Sutherland ft Bowman, Btmrtona T1w6ry 3.60 

Ag TBOWOMY ft GEODESY- Roamor, Geodesy _ 4.50 

WATER aUFPIiY— Babbitt ft Polan d. Water Supply Englnecriag 9.00 

OmOR OP FRAMED STRtlOTDREB— Sutherland 6c, Bowman, Stnietmal DHlpi 4^ 

nEWniAQR— BudriMTg, Sewagi ft iM«t» IVmtanent ... 

SRffiVAY RPOK O M l C a - a rum, HitfiMar DMtgn ft Constructton 

EUonuOAI. firOnOEBRntO M-I * M-a-Loew, Dtnct ft Altmt^iiv CAinwitt *M 

wt mrm ussi. machinery « ooHRmvomm-NktiaMi aaetrie oade ... m 

mBOTRtOAL BNGIHEER3RO O— Cttok, Elementa of Ettetrieil ttiglneering . 4jw 

ALTERNATING CURRENT CIRCUITS— Kerchner ft c, AltemaUng Current ClrctUta 4.18 

WIRE COMMUNICATION I— Kloeffler, Telephone OommimlcaUon SystMns 4.M 

PUBLIC ULTILITY MANAOEMSNT— Harding A C , Buslnea; Admin, for Aiginecn S.OO 
DIRECT CUHBENT MACHINERY 1— Kloeffler, B & K, Direct Current UaOiiimn 4.40 

ELECTRICAL MACHINE DESIGN— Still, Elements of Electrical Design &M 

ELECTRICAL MEASUREMENTS— Smith. Electrical Meas. in Theory & fMollot 3*0 

A C. MACHINES— Puchstcln 6i Uoyd, AJternntlng Current Macblneiy 6,00 

INDUSTRIAL ELECTRON ICS— Pink . Engineering Electronics 3 Jo 

RADIO COMMUNICATION I— Tcrman, Radio Engineering . Sjg 

ILLUMINATDia BNOINEERtNG— Barrows, Light. Photometry & BL Kt^jtamdag ClOl 


PATCfre ft uiVKNTKMia Barta ft Decamp. Inventions (4^ UHlr Umtmmt 

RfiqiRRBUNO I»AWIHO— n«will, Rogineerlng Drawing 3.00 

Bete WMin, Lettering Prtctioe Uvmtti Part n 

MAORIMR Otki^mXQ I ft Tt—tttocSb, Baclnmrtng DnwUig ajoo 

Schumtn. Lettering Praetlw Woato Pirt n 

ntscJUPTivi: GEOMKTRY-ftntiti ft CMngrleli, Desertptlve OMMMtry 3jo 

DESCRIPTIVE GEOMETRY A— Bmutz A Ginffrlcb. DoscrlptHa OeoQietrT 2M 

MECHANISM— Pearce. Principles of Mechanism - . .1.1 3J0 

MAOraNE DESIGN I— Falrea, Design of Machine Elements 

jaROOnWMICS— Jones, Ele, of Practical Aerodynamics ___ El 


PETROLFUM PRODUCTION I-Uren. Petroleum Produrdoti EngUMtrtng . 500 

HEAT POWER ENGINEERING— Oaf fert. Steam Power SUUoiu ... 4J0 


Steam Power ft L C. Engines 4^ 

REH tKBPtA TTOW-llcnr ft Frtta. RefHgMttOB "" 5m 

IM MWTOOPRRATPOWMUWIw ft O, ttt. flf fltoHll ft CMs Power Etag. .... 2.75 

STEAM A OAS BHO. O-Allen ft BursI^, Beat Bnginea ... . too 

AIR coNDmcMtifo-^«m&igi ft umS». Air Oondmonfnc, Prta. ft Pnwtloe 


Eng. Thermodj-namlci .............. ....... .. aaa 

ENGINEERING THERMODTNAMIOS-Young A Young. Sto; ThillllVflVlTiiiiiiii tM 

Keenftn * Keys, Thermo. Properties of Steam fM 

HEAT TRANSFER ft PLUTO PLOW-McAdams. Heat TMnsmbtkB bm 


WOODWORK FOR GRAMMAR ORADGS— Douglas & R mita Car WtMtfvka Jm 
WDODTPRMtNQ -Klen ke. The Art of Woodtumlng J^TT am 

FA»I BLACKSMITHINO I A H— Bacon. Pbrge Shop Practice ! 7m 

^^i^^^^lT^^^.y*^^*^'^ Engineers' Handbook 7 00 

to™* WO« R X-Smltli, Advanced Machine Work .....^ ^ 300 

PACnWY imiMnUlU Alford, cm ft Productlim Handbook 

ft UeO. 




wnmm ok obnsral sciBm 


GENERAL MICROBlOLOOY-Tanner. Bacterk4osy 
HYOIENIC BACTERIOLOOY-Zlnaier, B. ft jTrtet i' 
*DVANOS> aaROU»Y-atnM. KMtaM* 

mnamaoxT op botamy 

OnVUUi ROrAMT t— Heloiui ft Rebbttu. Itat. o< Otneml BMatiy 

HAirr fumouxiy i-umm. mm ramiim 

lOmOAL BOTANY Mmmrtur. PpR eOQua Plants of the U. s. .... 

TATOROinO ■OTAMY OP ftiSWaBMO PLMrtB -Poot, Flowers ft Flow. PIgbtg 

CHEMISTRY t ft n Rec.— UcMierson ft H.. Oourse In Orni. Chemistry ........... MO 

CHEMISTRY I LAB— McPhenon, R. ft tvans, Lab. Manual of Oen. Chao. IJO 

CHEMISTRY 11 LAB— Walton ft Scrum. Intro, to QuallUtlve AQglytls IJK) 

CHEMISTRY t ft II for IND. CHEM. ft CHEM. ENG -Demlng, Qm. fSHmSmgf .... S.KO 

nsTRY E-I ft E-ll— Denlng. Owieral Cbemistr; . ... SM 

ISTRY E-Ii LAB-McAl^ ft SBute, POBdK. of qmlUAttm Analysis 

lab note book S"k7" 

ORMBRAL CHEMISTRY— Holmes. Intro. College Chemistry tM 

Holmes, Lab. Manual of Gen. Chemi£try L9Q 

ommtUiL ORGANIC OHEH — HlU ft Kelly, Organic Cbcmlstry . iM 

Oolver, Lab. Man. fer Organic Ot»m. Cmy cover ..... — 4B 

0IU2ANIC CRBUISTRY (AGOtt-Blll ft X^. OWUtle OlmaMtf . MO 

imauao ORXUWmY I ft U-Lueas, Organle Ohonlrtrr .-(-...^ S-IS 

OolW, t^. litn. Organte COiem. BMnm earn .... .n 

OROARlO ORmaSTRY-Rorrls, Organic COumlstry 3.00 

Oolver Lab. Man. for Organic Ohma. Orey cover ........... .OS 

a 'xT' notebook ruled 

INORGANIC PREPARATIONS— Henderson A P., Inorganic Preparations 3,50 

INOROANIC TECHNOLOGY- Rlegel. Industrial Chemistry 5.75 

PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY 1 Rec. ft Lab.— Getman & D., Theoretical Chemistry 3,7S 

Mack A France. Lab. Man, of Phys Cheni, . . 2.35 

QDALITATIVE ORGANIC ANALYSIS— Shriner A F., Iden. of Organic Compounds 3,35 
FBTSIOLOOICAL CHEM. R. .C. ft LAB,'^ftKlan^, Intro, to Plqmlologlcal Ctaem. 4M 

Koch, Prac, M«th. Biochemistry 335 

QUANITATIVS ANALYSIS— Piaroa ft Haenlsh. QuantlUtive AnaUvts — 3M 

QDANTTTATIVE ANALYSIS A ft B— Pkroe ft Haenlih, Qoantttattve Analysia MM 

FmB ABSAYINO-^iigbee. Pk« Amylng $M 

OAS ANALTEOS— Biwelader, Oas, OH ft WmA AMlyris MM 


Badger ft McC.. Ele Chem. Engineering _ 5.00 

ORGANIC UNIT PROCESSES— GroggUu, Unit Processes In Org, Synthesia 8.00 

PETROLEUM REPINING ENG. 1— Nelson, Chem. Eng. in Petroleum mmtat — - ««> 

CHEM ENG. CALCULATIONS— HouKhen A Watson, Ind. Chem. Calcu. _ 4.50 

PRINCIPLES OP ANIMAL NUTRITION-Maynard. Animal Nutritlcn . - 4,00 

INDUSTRIAL STOIOHICMCETRY- Lewis ft Radasch, Industrial Stolcblometry UO 

I ItiTRIttiTa r*>tgtiiwi. fThrm nt ' 

(RdodciqiIv BflcCIOllI 

BOONOiaOS t— FalichlM, Pumisa, BmM, BnMiitaiy Eoonomlca Vol 1 UO 

BOOHOiaos n— Bye ft Hawett. AppUKl ReoiMiBka J-W 

MOranr * BAmORa Rtlhama ft WBottinrtti. Viin^at ttmm ft BMaktag 330 

BUB1NBB8 UMUaniBNT-Clerstnibmi,. Prtn. of Budnest 3.35 

ROOH OMtC BY8TEU8— Loucks ft Hoot, Comparative Eoononlc Systems _ 3 JO 

ftlBUC FINANCE— Shultz, American Public Finance - - 4.00 

BtrSINESS ORGANIZATION A FINANCE— Gferstenberg, Finaa. Of«. ft Hanigement 

LABOR ECONOMICS— MacDonald, Labor Problems ft the Atn. Sccns 3 50 

PROPERTY INSURANCE— Huebner, Property Insurance 3.00 

MARKETING— Converse, Elements of Marketing 4.00 

ECONOMIC ANALYSIS & INTERPRETATION— Mills, Statls. MettlOde Appl. to Eco. 3.75 

(Sociology Section) 

SOCIOLOGY— Kimball Young, Introductory Sociology — 3.TB 

SOCIAL DISORGANIZATION— Elliott ft MerrlU. Social DIsorganlMtloo ISM .... 3J0 

POPULATION ft mniUM BCCUiOOY-^Jteuter, P^pulatkHl ProUeins ^ iM. 

RSBTORY OP BOOIAI. TBOOORT rUMgd. HI|tory «t Boolal PblfaMWlv . MO 

mrRAX. aO0XOLoaY--8linei, BittMDta'tf Sociology %M 

AOCODKTIKO I ft n— Johnsen, Prin. of Aocotaitlng 4M 

PRDKnPLBS OP ACOOmmiKl— Porter ft Plriw. Principles of Aeeounttng Ml» 

VALUATION ACOOONTmo— Plnney. tW». of Aoootmting Vol 1 wlVb teats 400 

COST ACCOUNTDtO— Neuner, Cost Ae«OUntlag, Principles ft Pmcttee 4M 

^|n^^||nggU^^^|inHCh-«Mqr. latw. to Oovtm. Aeeoiaitlias tM 

EDUCATIONAL SOCIOLOGY- Riohmond, Personality. It.^ Development A Hygiene 2.00 
EDUCATIONAL ADMINISTRATION— Goodie r A Mlllf J , .-Vtlminis of Village SchooU 3,00 

EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOOY— Oommlns, Prin. of Educa. Psychology 3.00 

tfETROOS OP TEACHmO AGRICULTURE- -Cook. Handbook on Toacb. Voc. Agrl. 8.00 
MBraOOB OP TEACmHO—Yoakum ft Stmpeao, An Ittteo. To THadi. ft Ijettntas S.18 
KXTRAOURRIOULAR A OnVrtlBS -JWiwll. Bxtraeun1«ular Aet. to $m. SAooli MO 
VOCATIONAL OUIDAMOE— Ook ft Duff, Outdance by the Classroom TbaObar .... 3.00 
PRIMOlPUt OP BkOONIMRY BDCCATIOK-4iodam fleoondary Rtaea. DOitfas, 3.00 

HISTORY OP EDUCATION^-Oubberiy. PubUe Bducatimi in ttie U. S. 

GENERAL PSYCHOLOOY— Uun>by, Briefer Oeneral flQ^lriOgr ........ 


OonklUi, Prin. of Adolee P^daol, . . '. M6 

Brooks, Child i^ychology 900 

PSYCHOLOGY OP EXCEPTIONAL CHILDREN— Lou Utt. Clinical Psychology .... 3.50 
ANIMAL P8Y0HC»i0OY-«Hater ft Bchnelrla. Prin. of Animal Psychology 4.00 

vtmmoutait * pbiswrrl itAHAOwnn^-^nad, Bomaa vmm « wmsi. mo 


OOtunn KOSTXmo I— ■manaa.HandiMUr ft S., OompotiMon O. Students .. 3M 

Grant. Braclier, ft D., OoRwIons ft Precision in Writ, _ -. .85 

Webster, Collegiate Mcttonaty - 3 » 

CMJLEGE RHETORIC II— Thomas, IX. ft toott. Composition for College Studanta .. 2.00 

Pound, etc , Ideas ft Modali - MO 

Webster, Collegiate Dictionary - Ml 

COMMERCIAL CORRESPONDENCE— Naether. The Bus^lness Lett«r ^ — .■ Mi 

WRITTEN A ORAL SALESMANSHIP-Pernflld. Salesmanship ,*-. 3j90 

SnSINESS ENGLISH ft SALESMANSHIP - Haas, Btaott Qomm In Baliatnillllilp ■ - l.TB 

Butterfield, Prac. Bus. Letter Problems - 1,60 

SHORT STORY— Cross. Book of the Short Story . . - - 3 J6 

ADVANCED GRAMMAR— Blount A Northup. Encllsh Grammar 1.28 

Moffet ft L,. Prac. Leaves in Essentials cf English 

ENOUSH LITERATUHE— Lleder, L. ft Root. British Poetry ft 
AUCRICAH LITERATURE— Poerster, American Poetry ft Vnm 

BI» 1 0K » OP ENGLiaH UT— Oigood. Voice of Aigland MO 

Uete, L * Root, Brttidi Poattr ft 
m ii iiu . & ft BMHttk Uapiook «r tBgM 

ENOUSH BtBLX— Moultoo. Hodm Raadm Sflde 

HoArthur, SQilleel Utoratan ft lU Badtgrmmd . til 

SHAKESPEAREAN XSAKA-Craig, Shakespeare *m 

Baker. DerekMBMBk of Shakesoeare As Dramatic Artist RW 

WORDSWORTH. SHraifY. ft KBATB I^tleal Works of WocdciNrtli — 

Poetical Works of Shelley — — 1* 

Poetical Works of Byron lAO 

Poetical Works of Keate 160 

WORLD CLASSICS I— Showerman A Cunliff. Cen. Read Anc Class, ft Mod. Eur, Lit. 5.00 

Richardson A Owen, Uteratura of the World — - - 2J0 

OONTUIPORARY PlCTIOtr- Manly ft Rickert. Contemporary British Uteratun .. UO 

Manly <fe Rick ert, Contemporary American Literature - 1.W 

OOMtnCPOnARY poetry— Untemeyer, Mod Am. ft Mod. Brit. Poetry Conih .. Mt 


GENERAL E3m>MOLOaT— MetcaU ft FUnt Funda of Insect Ufe .„ 4,00 

OENERAL ECONOMIC BNTOMOLOOY— Fernald Aptilled Entomolocy 3iH) 

MEDICAL ENTOMCHOGY— Henns. Medical ft Vet, l^tomcMosy SJO 


GENERAL APICULTURE— PhUJlps, Beekeeplr« - — .. 4.00 


OENiaiAL GEOLOGY— Longwell, Knopf A Flint, Tent of Gecdogy Psrt I ... 3.78 

ENOINEERINO GBOIoaY— Bias ft Watson, fitglneering Geology .- ..... SiW 

PHYSIOGRAPHIC OEOLOOY— Loomis, PhiTslo<jraphy of the U. S 3.1* 

msrOltlCAL OE OLOO T— Moore . HlstortcaJ CrtoJogy 4JI0 

CBYBTAIiMXIRA Wnr ft MIIfERALOGY- Kraus. Hunt ft R .. Mineralogy ........ 9M 

osnnxwHT of histobt ft government 

AaoMot Worid MM 

ft A. Mbopmb flWory JUIaa IM 

IM. Rfst. or People of TJ. 8 t.<n 

MODERN EUHOn T llillin Pollt, A Social Hl^t of M^,^ Fnr^ipf Vo! 1 ? 

Breattd. RMll ft R. European History Atlai . 1.:;. 


t oo 



1 20 



SPAMISR IV— Ar}otta ft PIshtine, Cuentos 
apuam WmL-vma, uara y Mi>rta_;---™---™.-.;-^ 


anrORY'A Hlst<«7 of aigland 

BOROPB n— Schaplro, Mod, ft Oontemp, BtBOpWB HHIBr „ 

Brested. Huth. ft H . European History Atlas r'^iZ^l^Zl^^iZi'" ajM 


HISTORY OP REUQIONS— Archer. Palttos Men Live By - — . 

TWENTIETH CENTURY EUROPE— Benns, Europe Since 1B14 .. 
AlidOUCAN GOVEHNMEHT— Anderson, American Oovrrnmilrt .... rf...****" 

World Almanac - — - 

Mathews ft Berdahl. Documents ft Read, la Am. Oott. 
or RanklB, Roadiiigt tn American OaiM'nBunt 

BXraiHESS LAW 1 ft n-Ayer ft Ashley. Cases In BnHDaM l*w '-g 

Yigjfu tAW In BtMtMca fMUnia •-•o*'^*''*'"*^**""'' 
lAW FOR nfaiMBEi»-itei»on ft^tiran. iftv ttw wogamn * amMM 
nUUf liAW-aio taxt requb^. „„»»mM 
DVARnnvrr of industrial journalism a primtiho 

ELEMENTARY JOURNALISM-- Mac Dougall. Inteipreiative Reporting , - 

AGRICULTURAL JOURNAU8M- Rogers 3: Crawford. Agricultural JournalLsm 
INDUSTRIAL WRITINO—Bush, Ne*spnpei- Reporting of Public "V-j-.-,pfT? 
INDUSTRIAL FEATURE WRITING— Char iile>' A Converse, Magazine WrttUig « mam. w 


RURAL PRESS— Safely, Country Newspaper <Si lis Operation "jj* 

COPY REAdNO— Bastlan ft Case, Editing the Days News I'—r* 

ump tmir n cnoos in journalism— Bieytr. BCain Ourraatam Mat. »m, tmm. »«» 


UBRARY lOriHOOS-Btttolitoa. J. ft W.. Guide ToTH haDiajrf LIhearisa 130 

PUlHS TOMOROiiRTRY-aHrttOB ft DouiAurty, Plant THiBOOlBate? -.-j^.---. IJ« 

Rodgman, Matb Wblea 

SOLID CttMIRTRY— Palmer, Taylor & P., Solid Oecmetiy -- J-^ 

OCHUBOE ALOEBRA S Hours— RictK A Crathome, Oollasa Algmra 

COLLEGE ALGEBRA S Hours— Hart. Collpge Algebra a^ 

GENERAL ALGEBRA 5 hours— Hart . CdIIc-.u' Algebra :L~''r'.' ""*'*" £5 

PLANE ANALYTICAL GEOMETTRY-- Mason A Hazard, Brief Analytic CSadM. 

CALCULUS I A II— Love, Differential Integral Calculus.- 

ELEMENTS OF STATISTICS— Davis A Yoder, Business Statistics f2 
DIPPERENTIAL EQUATIONS— Conk wrlftht. First Course In DtfimnlWl » gm« W O . SOT 

HIGH SCHOOL GEOMETRY- Wells A Hart. Progressive Oeometry — — — -» 

INFANTRY, n. Ill, IV— H. O, T. C. Infantry Uanualt Vola. I & 0.....— 
INFANTRY V. VI, VII, VIII— R. O. T, C. Infantry EH ft IV..,^^ 
ARTILLERY I, H, III, IV— R. O. T. O. Manual. Coast ArtlUery ma 
ARTILLERY V, VI. VIl. VIH— R. O. T. O. Muaud, Coast J^^V 
OIRKAR X ft n— Hagboldt and Kanrmana, Brief Oourse lo 
'ft Saadbach, First German Oonne for So. ~* 

, f3«niwn Graded Readers Nos. I to ▼ 
.Rastner. Emil und die 
' OKtMAN— Wild, An Intro, to 

VaU. Scientific German — . — ....... 

:iA II— Cochran, Eddy at Redliflti. Ba.sie Frenda_«.. — - 

PRSMCH III— Havens ft Moore, F*sv French Readings .............. . 

FRENCH IV— Buff um. Pretich Short Stories __ — 

FRENCH DRAMA II— Gi-ani, Chlel French Plays 

SPANISH I A 11— Hais, Ford ft Rlvoa, MM spanUh OiaaiBiar fir oeneiaa.. 
SPANISH m— Valdes. Jose - *• 



PERSWAL HYGIENE— Lanuton ft Isamlnger. Practice of Peraonat Hygiene 100 

FHY8IOLOOY OF EXERCISE— Oould A DyiJ, Exercise ft lu Physiology 3.00 

PHYSICAL DIAGNOSIS— Morrison A Clienowlth, Normal & Ele, Phys. Diagnosis., 4.00 

TTEACHINO PARTICIPATION IN PHYS, ED.- Sharman, Phys, Ed. Work Bo(A 1.00 

ORGANIZATION A ADMIN of PHYS. ED —Williams Brownell. Admin, of Health.. 3.00 


FUNDAMENTAL RHYTHMS— l>n Salle. Rhythms A Dances for Elementary Sebocris. 3.00 

Ashton. Charaeteri.ttlr Rliytditi.s tor Children-, M 

QENERAL TECHNIC VI— Official Athletic Guides for Women M 

HEALTH EXAMINATION— Monrtson ft OtaeoGWith. NonMa ft Wm, tmtnMB Ml 


CRPARnmrr op Rpmos 

GENERAL PHYSICS I ft II— Blackwood, intra. CoUeie Ptoyslcs — , . — . MO 

RHGaMESRINO PBYSICB I ft n— Wold KimbaU^ Obllata Miyrioa 4.00 

HOOMROLD PHYSICS-Avery. Household Phydei JJO 

uereOROLOOY—Albrlgbt^hyBlcBl Meteorology .... ......^ ...... 4,00 

DESCRIPnVE PHYSICS— Lemon. From Gullieo tO Oolinle Bayi.^.. — < • 340 


ATOMIC PHYSICS— Oiowther. Ion, Electroc ft lonWync R l Wat i llli a 

LIGHT— Robertson. Intro, to Physical Optics 

ELEMENTS OP PHONETICS— Rnrrowus. an Introduction to tiM Phonetifl AlptlSbSt 


OSNKRAL ZOOLOGY— Hegner. College Zoology 1.11 

ramouiaY-aotMiout, Trat. pt niyrioiogy ... uo 

■URRY<MiOOY. Ranaoo, Text, of Bmbrytflogy 4 A 

PARASXTOt^XlY— Uenalg, Teterltiary Rebntoithology ft Bntomoloir 9M 

Aotet. Lab. Manual of Pinsltology ............. 1.00 

BRMAir AlMSreUY— Edwards. Anatomy for Physical Education ....... MO 



HISTORIC TFXTILE DESIGN- Lewis, Romane of Textiles ^ 4.00 

ELEMENTARY DESIGN T A II— nold.steln. Art In Every Day life 3.25 

IHTfKIOR DECORATION I -Rutt. Hrme Fumishlnit - 3,50 


PERSONAL HEALTH -Van Basklrk, Prin of Healthful Uving 2.3& 

Re/erencp. Montan Kr^p'nit a Sound Mind — ,. 341 

CHILD GUIDANCE I— Jii<!ti;i A Snyder, Child Development IJI 

IBB mMTfiT ffait A Hnrt. Pmonatlty and the Fuiflr 

mcnrnm tor the moivrDUAi^Latake ft ouinian, 

TUTILBS Rae.— asta, TtottUe Piben and Tttb Use 

TVEnUBIjL&B.— Hem ft Broner. graggg aa te TtaMMl 

FOOTO I— K. S C. Practical Oookenr ...... ................................. IM 

Justin, Ru,<!t ft Vail. Foods: In tr o du e t ei|f OoBaia Ctome 2.40 

POODS n— K. S C Practical Cor-kery IM 

Lowe, Exnerlmental Cookerv . .... UO 

HUMAN NUTRITION— Sherman, Chemistry of Pood ft Nutritkn MS 

APPLIEO NUTRrnON— Boeert, Nutrition ft Pllllleal lIlMaa -..^.»»-...»..... 3.00 

DIETETICS — Chanev A Ahlbom, Nutrition 3.00 

PILBD WORK IN NUTRITI ON- Roberts, Nutrition Work with Children 4.00 

EXPERIMENTAL COOKERY— Lowe. Kcperlmantal Oookaty ... .......... 4J0 

THE BOUSE— Atan, The House ♦..„>............._».. . 3.00 

FA MILY FIN ANCE— Blgelow, Family Finance 3.00 

OONStnm BUYING— Held, Consumers ft The UUkat 1.11 

r MKniLEMS OF THE FAMILY— Knfe. SoaBoBUe PreblaM of M» nifiik Mi 

UHU'JTUTRHIAL FOOD BUYHeO— Weat ft Wood, ftod 

f AL FDRmSBOKM ft mOIPiaMT-^WM * Wbed. 

in mstlttitlocs 


AZIi mESRMAN VET%— Stedman, MedleaJ TWflMifHTf ....... 750 

or Dorland. Medical Otetlonarr tM 

Or Oould. Medical Dictionary 7.90 

ANATOMY I. n, nl— SlflKMi. Anatomv of the DofneaUc Animals lUO 

COMPARATIVE PHYSIOLOGY I— Dukf."; Phvsiology of Domestic Animals ... 
OOHPARATIVB PHYSIOLOGY I Lab.- K. S. C. Labi Ex. in Companttrc Physiology 

PATBOLOOT I— Rmmtfls. Animal Pathirfogy _ 

PAmOLOGY H— Hutrya ft Uarek, Path, ft Hier. of tMseaasa of Dam. Animals ..... 

msTOLOGY I SaUey. Tsjrt. a Hktology gjg 

Psttofx, Bubryulogy of IRePig . . ^ — . , ........... 

■ I — - T 


College Book 

* 1 1.- 'I f ri^ii-<|pfc':i>iiii(i-|itoii(fiii>^^ 

8. xm 

f --' * 


YM And YW Plan Varied Activities For Frosh 

tend Program To Help 
Orient New Students 

Big idiaEaff Is 

Nmo YW Head OHm 
A Friendly Weieanm 

Tuesday Night 

Men Students Will , 
Be Introduced To 
KSC Coachins Staff { 

A fuU Drogiam of K&mu State' 
Oollege YMCA acilvltlM opened 
Mrly In AUftwt this year with ttie 
fwietlonmg of the room and tm- 

live * *" 
The "Y" wm have "Aik Me" nun 
on itie reiiistraUaB How tbli morn- 
isg to direct tr^itaatn ami to help 
tibem tbtoticb ttie enndtMnt nUL 
OM of Iba tint wUviUea «e tb* 
"Y" uua Mnawtar la a Tmnmt 
Kckoff TtiMdar tUgM for ftecti- 


R^t aehME ttw nan tmn me were 
thre* ftrlt — they're Psi Alohs, now. 
and all ndwd Into the bouse. And 
down the hall, the most noisy 
bunch of glrU I've ever heard Bt.-- 
llevt me, you could hear thvtn, 
too. far into the night. When Uiat 
awful buzzer rant \3ity still 
wouldn't Mttle down. Why! I'd 
juAt dMed olf and they'd walce rne 
up a^in. 

Some ol tlie iirU were pretty 
much disappointed. I think They 
wouldn't lay tnuch. but I wan afraid 
10 ask them if they'd pledged. One 
girt I tmow got homeatck Monday 
nlcht and left Tuesday. I felt as 
■orry for her. I tried Co call my 
folks 10 tell th?ro what I'd done, 
and the Uoe waa pieaty bxur. 
Kveryooe ate had the awne Idea. 

tboae |ta1i m aacoal who ttayed 
awtfet "Ul t tfolotk bad me worried. 

liyMarieal. I'mUk ma^ ode bad 
sent me a talignun, tbougb. <nat 
.DDearing on ihe program win b;' baw OMlt IW fe^ 

Big Sister 
Party Tuesday 

Past Prettdtnti 
Of Girl Reserves 
To Meet Monday 

A sena or BCtlvltles designed to 
ac()uaint freshmen girls with the 
worUngs of college TWCA and to 
help orl?m new students, baa bean 
plaaiud by Mlas Brma HtlRiy, mm 
YW ieemiry, and iimmlwtl 4f tha 
wsanliatton's ^f. 

A meeting of all put ou Be- 
aerves sre^dest* win bt^lKll Mqb- 
uay nlKbt tttm m. 9m tn 
Calvin lotmge. 

Tuesday evenlnf Uw Kg Slater 
party wUl be bald tn Uw im. Tto 
purpose 0t this par^ la to be^ Uw 
Bbito gat tcqiutnted wan 

' Hackney, 

Klmer "One Man Gang 
Intercollegiate atu>^;iut 
(tnd prospe^ifa 
ball star 

The program, to be hek) under 
llKhus in th" west half of Memorial 
atadlum starting at 7:30, wlU also 
Introduce membtrs of the coaching 
M,ult: Joe Robertson. YM president 
and Rus-sell Leeper, student coiuu 
ctJ preHld^nt. 
Sring K Books 

Dr. A. A. Holtz, secretary ol the 
"Y" says Kansas State tiongs and 
cheers will be stressed on the pro- 
gram, and asks rrerihmen to bring 
tbelr K -bocks 1j) order to have the 
songs available. Robert Wash- 
bum, h»ad cheerleader, and Irl Yeo 
will lead the group in the cheers 
and songs. 

The first of n series of well- 
linown "dime dunces wui V Sat- 
urday night, Sepu-mbcT 16. starUng 
nl 8:30. Thr- dances alwaya at- 
tract a bis crowd md are heW 
every other Saturday night. 

The first joint meeting at the 
YM and YW wUl ba fTiiiliintii 31 
in recreation enter. 
By an Ex-Raaha* 

I wasn't the only one in Van Zile 
who pledged a sorority 1 There 
wert 138 other glrla who went 
through thos- three beetle dayi of 
rush week. Oh yesf They 
baftic—doa't tblnK they vmat avenue 


VMa§ oat «f wirteeaaa, tool I 
hope 1 nam iw aaothw mi at 
tons as I Ute. We'd no aooser get 
baek to ttw donn tarn tantk&it 
than off to tn. I bated to pot «ii 
tbooe but dothea agatai. Wtay, aa 
soon as I eo M ee t a a and ttucbwn back 
in » aoUnae that It would be time 
for aiMthar ooa of tboat taai. 

AU I can aay is— I'm glad rush, 
and more nub wMk is met. Now 
I can rdWL IH oertainly >ym- 
patbte next year with these poor 
klda at Om 

glrb. Reie tber «SI meet ttietr Ug 
aiBteta, tbalr Mg aMar grow laaMr, 
and tbaJr towo mofbtr. 

Miss Kbir^ caMdally ^ai new 
atudenta to attaiid ttila party Tbes- 
day Bi^t. At tbat Una tbt jroars 
prognm -YW w«rk wID be sut^ 
Uned and tbt woridoga of tba Btg 
SMer Idtft win ba enpiateed, she 

ana ituny. K<Stiti*s hmt 
TW^Moetaiy. U didy tlttiated In 
tbe TV ufflce and sayt she it ready 
and walUng lor students to ecxne 
m ta aec Im. Hailing from Top^, 
mac MUmy Is a true Kansas and 
declares that if I dont Uke It here 
It will be no one's laiitt but mg own. 
Judging :ioM tiw psad wilaa«a i 

MiAs Murri>y reaSr ffitwatM 
:tieudUncss. When ir**Wi her 
warm smile atul sparkling brown 
eves lend empbaals to the welcome 
sbc olIer.» each visitor. 

Succeeding Mise Ruth Haines as 
secretary. Ml^ Murray comes to 

Slaia wltb tbe 
auamm «o^ li a mMbter «l ttw 
staff o( BMat Vwfc oqntimfie. At 
ter two ytacs study at Bmporla 
State teacbers college, she graduat- 
ed from Washburn in 1931. ror tbe 
past two years has taught kin- 
dergarten in Junction Clti'. 

Miss Murray believes her interest 
in YW work came thrmigh her as- 
sociation with sttidenti at Eates 
park s»d through bar work with 
ikelr religious and educational ac* 
tivltlas. She is Uitereated in youth, 
primarily and teaU that her work 
here In the YW ofllce win be el«e- 
ly tied up with that Interest. 

ipaf<miwt; Jolia 0.|#> 
Bell, supcrtntuident of the corn 
legume, and bay snows; W. O. Are< 
stein, superintendent of the horti- 
culture department, and J. J 
lev. .sup«TUilitlSMS af A 
btei iihow. 

In several divisions of the 4*11 ' 
club exhibits a new raUng systsm ol 
awards will be used, whereby the 
better exhibits will be placed by th^ i 
judges into blue ribbon, red ribbon, 
an-:* Willie ribbon classes— thus ' 
eUanlaaUog tbe dwlgnation of priass 

Obl«f p«- 

tion is the 
Son wub 
of ait 

Ml oowt. Dogs nnda up tbe 
lugaat aimiber of Om 
tmm, Ijm. and alio lie 
Ing punlr iurgleal treatment, 

Gwendolyn Beeler, Kansas City, 
who received a bachelor Of sclenc: 

Student Vets 
Observe Much 

afaitl! Bandies Many 
Cases In Past Year 

Kansas State college 'In 1938. has. Kansas State students of veterl- 
been appointed instructor of foods | nary medicine observed h wide 
and clothing at the Municipal unl-' variety of animal dLst«s-s last 
versity of Omaha, Omaha, Neb., ! J'^""' according to a report released 

according to word received recent- 
ly bv the office of Dean Margaret 
Jutitln of the dl vis loci of home eco- 

nimitcs. Miss Baiter marimd bar 
master's degree frsat OeilBttMa imt- 
veratty In Mg». 

Howard * 

raddenee ti 3ns Satt 

Vieb, ICB Is a 
tba Bridgaport Ua- 
st Vlddta. Hla 


Tuesday by Dean R. R. Dykstra. 

Cases handled by the veterinary 
medicine eUnlc during the flacal 
year totaled 6JBg. Of tbMe, 3,M1 
cases were In tbe nedlMl eilnle; 
1383 In the surgical warda; 3.101 In 
both centers; and SH m tbe obstet- 
rloal dlato^ 

^Sft.flllli.'Jgyln^jMw most atten 

Other patianto Iscbided fowl, alU- 
gaUwt, a aogpotoi moateys, a deer, 
sheep, rabblta, and tktmks (for de- 


Encephalomyelitis (al*eping sick- 
ness) fitiil held the lead as the di- 
sease claiming the highest number 
of the hoi'se medical patients, 136 
sufferers, whereas tbe year before 
had brought only 6t such cflses to 
the college veterinarians. Other 
horse aibnents ranged from corneal 
ulcer and food poisoning to partial 
paralysis and tetanus. There were 
also a hundred different ailments 
represented by the 1.166 caries. 

Among the catUe, 7« Individuals 
were glvan Immunlaathw against 
btaddeg, aompaved with but yaara 
3T i^vaa tba larum txaatm^t. 
Among the cairina mtiHral 
were two of arttirttli. ftfa at 
mla, nine of tayatesia. four of 
obesity, as well as aunanm* cases 
of much more sertoua aatap*^ IB 
the canine obetettkal attblB Uww 
wcra 10 


tbgg H 
bt tta 

•tjm I 

W tba aUteg aatmat 


tt is not the Initial ciu>t cf mraienta acd dry goodi Hut 
costs bat the up ke«ph Wc strive to give ;our l^kundry 
■tare atteuUeo and llDCr cleaming fer ressonable rate^. 




Phone !333 

dlseaae; vaootaiated more than 300 
agataut Uadtlag; and gaw OS tbt 
for btmmsm 
itndiid bf 
vetntnatlBOa eama ttom. aU 
th; abrte aid MpnaRitad m dlt> 
feiaut towOB and dtiea. Outi^t- 
state patitnts «aaw IHn S dU* 
ferant utaoea In ..11 atetw— ftom 
CaUSsnla to ilatjtlaad, and from 

GUa mad* up a large mnete of 
S|» coaUng taito tbe madlml. 

vsn np aa mt a tlw a, 

The hospital staff and yaw 
ternes handle not only tba 

Many K-State Men 
To Fair Offices 

Karusns Siatf rollege extension 
.speclalbts will have m^ important 
pare In the 4-H ctub division of the 
Kansas free fair at Topeka next 
week. M. H. Ooe, state 4-M club 
leader, and his .staff of assistants 
and extension agents will supervise 
the placing of exhibits, the dmuo- 
rt rati on and Judging teams, and re- 
tslve the decision of tte }lld|M In 
the 'matter of awards. 

Those who will bead respacttfe 
agricultural department, induda, 
Leatla O. OUnure. stlperlntendent of 
tb| dal9 fiattla ds^rtmant; M. A. 
SmIpq, aviijidgaSatt at Uw booIp 
tr^ da pari im a t; Jbaws W. Xina, 
of the dairy herd 

Caraway CycU 

t bis SSe • 1 Ittk lie 

3Sc per hr. 

60c per hr. 
35c per Vit hr. 
AccteriBa^tb A 

I Meal Tickets $3.50 for $3.00 
I Sttadbint Otib Plan 114 ptr monl^ 

— btudent Labor Used — 

Fines Cafe 

2903 um 

Vhsm 4US 


1 ' • Mg Ssrr^BUmK 

PfttronlBs Cirileglsn Advihlsen 




jdomf WAX 


Aggie Hardware 6f Electric Co. 

1205 Moro 

rhime 2»»S 

We Serve 


$9- $10.50 -$12,50- $15 


Alaa— SlaCle Meals 35c 
Evei7tNi4); Wdeoma — Vbm Vmam IMMi 
Tie North ManlMittBn 

School Supplies 



wide Vsriety 

Scand 10c 



Good Qaallty 


Book Ends 

Black Enameled 



FUler Paper 
110 Sheeto 10c 

NOTK aeaft 

Scnrtccable and Staidly 

Inaia af 


and Pennaocnl 

5e * lOc ■ ISc 

. ^ . I... 

Cleaning Prices 

That Compare With Wheat Prices 

We Have Lowered Our Prices to Meet Competition But 
We IHd Not Unrar Ovr Soiicg Staotenl 

Our Cleaning Service Incluiles Cleaning,^ 

At These Prices 

Suits, C&P .50 

PanU, C & P 30 

Ladies Suiu, C & P .50 

SkirU, C & P „ .30 

Wool Dresses, CAP 50 

Dl«M8S,C&P M 




ISie Mora C. K. (9tmfy} 


We Atk Yott To Follow The Guiding Arrows 0( 

Kansas State Students 




Cress Variety Store 





If not, you are going to miss a lot of fun dwrlaf 
this coming school year - - and all through 
your college years - • aoA afterward - - Drop in 
any time and let us trikyou about our classes 
and ivlvate lessons - - At reasonable rates we 
give you the Ixst instructions (both fuiMte- 
mental and advanced - - also ballroom ett- 
qti^te). iMStf and gsatlsfmin tnstmelafs vlt 
teach you correctly on a r^ ballroan floor to 
,lat«it reooided tunes by famous . or> 



Mason School ot Dancing i 

OM MM IttiA 


• e 


Which Point Toward TheSe "Prices to Fit the Poctet" 


Cleaned & 


C3eaned & 


led & 



Come In and See Me 

Let's Be Friend^ 



Unst Acroas from the Campus" 

Dfaf 3282 

B-xiMift nam opujKKiii 


Final Dinners Climax Gala Rush Weekr 

Um ICS waity batdi tte llat itf 

get-to-ftttun ao fu stageiL 

verant tbera ■ buneb ol khb twck 

. . .dtd rou SM how protidlr the 
iiew plenties were wearing their 
gleaming ribbons. . suid all the blue 
ribbons go to matt lor the Improve- 
ineot so evident among hLs swing - 
stera. . .all congrats. matt, and a 
successful year. . . .serlouKly. tho, I 
can truthluUy say, It wa.s a grand 
b-'ginnlng. .jusL Incidentally, who 
wiui the couple so minutely engrr^- 
sed In each nther daticini? in the 
corner by the orchestra . looked 
like ■Itic ttiinR". ajitl it would 
take moic (insers than you have to 
count tiie runrnnew 
the fiummor. 

What AboBt The 
no longer here. . .twttt brajtoian, pi 
pM get-t-roum, m/dHy talki or m,u. 
wtMre itae pUuis Jo enroll Uils fall 
. . . jcieo aealey, vlvmcknu trt-d Jit- 
leitwg, imvet wWa. turn tn ber e;es 
for ItuhAiiiMHi. . Muteg mdden. 
Uv InWlaetiMl rauutie/rqiarto a 
Job on the baltlmore son while the 
iHWPU lose ft sv«U girl. . J^vnees 
hall, peraonality chl o, leans a large 
gteap of Menda. . . jOIi, |>es, the 
aiucaUne aide. . «harte etafford. 
Mpt, has chosen tulsa university for 
tt» eomlng year. . .bemle owens, 
SM ainoothle, everrone will miss. 
I might add. however, btU rosUne. 
spe, will be with u.s. | 
Hew About Rush Week 
Of course <rv.T-,' sorority got Just 
wnom they want^^d find are perfect- 
ly happy, but off the rword. the 
knppfi.s used a cever Idea at their 
preferential dinner Wednesday even- 
ing, dry ice placed In a bowl of 
asters i)rodiic:'d bubbles and a 
iitcamini! picture of prettlncv?; for 
the eeiilerpiccr.s on their tables. . . 
"over a coke" I heard the chl o'.-, 
arranged their house to resemble 
ttie palace and for tbetr panbel- 
lenlr tea omdlHtld • "fHa" Jitn 

A Word Te The Wise: 
betty boehm eays the rmbtm thla 
year seemed to he ot ft dUteeot 
type and mtrtam Ttgimin aoMMy 
■dmlti fber wm ao anMntiaiially 
Urn group. . .I'm mui it^ ttnani- 
nous unotig the Mttfet ttut '■boo- 
mf, aaotlier rush waft flnUwdl" 
trnWar ILm Hews Itawt 
mwybdle smth. dtfta delta delta, 
uid stem^ ndncr, sigma phi epei- 
Jon. mn nanM sept 3 at the 
m dttt boose. . . . 4«nie solt, chi 
0. tm j. e. nwupto are boneymoon- 
m to eaUfomia. . Jiask farrar, 
phi epsUon, and lois darby, 
' delta pi, are at home in mor- 
ganvlUe wtaUe ruth scholer. kappa 
k'Ppa gamma, and howard lleben- 
Rood, Sigma phi epsllon, have falth- 
lully pledget! to love honor and obry 
• • •engagements? oh, ye.<;, , the tri- 
deltas came through with the first 
chocolate p(L««tng of the term . ft 
all happened tuesday evening when 
gwen small revealed the diamond 
given her by the "one". . .his name 
is veugh wlimot and his home «I- 
tooHH. . .marge higglns. kkg, says 
the man Is paul matthaias, . an- 
other kappa, betty jean clapp. says 
'sorry boy.s but it's btabw hranden- 
burg, d tau d . congmtulations 
arc also In order for martha p«yn« 
and Joe groody wlio ve decided "this 
time It's real". , . .and aOi ttiafa 
that. , . 4ove that Ubaaa la to 
V Inla . . . JOS, art. 

Pref erentials Are 
Entirely Formal 

Many Different Themes Portray 
yfe ami GiQrety As Sfmittes 
Make One Last Fling For Rushees 

With sorority actives trying to look and act their best at 
the final dinner, pref erentials at the varioua woxmAtf 
houses climaxed rush week (or anotlier yMV. 

Thr While Carnation 

of chl Omega wajs the theme of 
l.'ielr prefpnential dinner. Places 
were marked with >lnln white 
cards and the table.s were .set In 
the shape of a horseshoe. They 
were cent"r*d with green ferns and 
white candles. 
Complete In White 
was the Delta Delta dining room 
for their annual pearl dinner. 
White flowens and whit? candles 
wrapped with strings of pearls and 
tied In white cellophane decorated 
the taUea, Ciesent-ahaped oake 
and Ic3 «Najiit aa « tneld irare 

Bvb Week AcUvfUe* 

at the Pi Beta Phi house were con- 
cluded with the Oolden Arrow din- 
ner. The centerpiece was an arrow 
cake at the head table while th| 
other tables were deoonled with 
large gold?n arrowa and tMM, 
Preferential dinner 
at ttie Kappa Kappa Gamma house 
featured a aympbony In blue. A 
bubble Of dry toe floated In a 
bowl of blue water; aataeg, Wa 
candles and Uoe etOnstrnm com- 
pleted the rftect. 
Oay Pane 

Invaded the dining room of the 
Zeta Tau Alttba house. Wednesday 
night with the preferential dinn^ 
coQAieted tn a AuMaa atmos- 
phere. Haoe «ardi woe ndntatuM 
Wrench hat bcnces and orepe paper 
hata. Serpentine, MIeeni, and 
moeb advertlsemenfai CecaMd the 

night. On ttw tMm, a dltnood 
shaped mtRor mmmOtA br vbite 
a.tter.s to repreamt pattla and wrttta 
a claap^ hand on the 
ed the centerpteee. Indlvtduai 
dlammid Shaped mA euM and biaeli 
diamond place cards furtber car 
ried out the moUff d tbe Black 

written In Hawaiian 
ler planned this event. 
A Seal Taylaiid 

weicomed guests Wednesday mom- 
irg at breal^aat at the Kappa Del- 
ta house. Toys ocattered at>out and 
placed tn corners carried out this 
theme m exceUent fashion. On the 
table was a oenterpleoe of colored 
baUmts. Hot biscuits, scrambled 
•gtk Ud sausages were served to 
bumry guests, fit obaifo 9! ar- 
— Stewart. 

duuna fnmUMd the entertain 
for Kappa Kappa 

Red Osh net 

ia bopMal 

Breakfast Is 

rto MeOtaiB imn Hm KMfim »- 
sponslhle for tbta 
It Baifwid In 
and alio at the TH Oeit house al 
ttadr Wednesday breakfast which 
was colorfully Mexican. Serapes 
recorated the doorway and Mexican 
pictures and novelty decorations 
were In all the rooms. Bright col- 
ored fiesta ware was u.^d on the 
tables and even the houseboys look- 
ed festive with their vtvtd .sashes. 
Betty Hlgrion and Cheryl Poppen 
vere in cliarge ot this entertain- 
ment \ 

College Calendar 


& O. A. Vaiiltr-^vKlati-a:00>-tl:OII, 

OS FTaiarimj nemanta mm imh 
99T — Vt-ll o^dodc. 

MOMiMT, mmam u— 

TWGA Reshman Oonunlssion Reception— Calvln, Room CM 

—1-10 o'clock. 

as mouis ezpmised the theme of 
tbe Fentagosi dinner at the Phi 
Onxca Pi house. Decorations were 
in bliM and white with oelloirtiane 

furnished tbe tlienie for the lUf^ 
Delta preferential dinner. A large 
wlilte crepe paper ros^ occupied 
the center of attention as a white 
gowned girl rose out of Its center, 
Guests were given Individual white 
roses. Chicken In tlmbles, mashejj 
potatoes, fresh peas, Ice cream 
shaped like roses and cakes were 

At the RoKc Dinner 
of Alpha Xi Delta the tables were 
nmrked with plac? cards of pink 
rases while the .same flower formed 
the centernlecra. This is their an- 
nual dinner and is nlwan fMBed 
around the rose theme. 
A Replica of the Sorortly Badge 
at each table cMnprlsed the main 
at tba Al«iia fiilfea Ft 


Proves Popular 

with the excepUon ot the 
entlal dinnn Wednesday evening, 
tbe bcaakftat WadnaidBr morning 
at Ow vtrtam aotertty bouoes 
marked tbaidosUif tunttta poosiaile 
for niah woeli: oaeaivMnllr the 
breakfasts were the Wg affatn. 

A Jelly Joint 

was the scene of the Alptia Delta 
PI breakfbst Wednesday momlng. A 
collegiate atmoapbere was created 
bf tbe use ol K-8tate sUckera and 
peonwits and tbe Kunsas State 
wltdoat vrtiiob mipeuad In one ear- 
ner of ttw nan. mdMdual pen- 
nasto wm* it mA tiata. Deoora- 
Ucaa for tbla wm 
by Mary Sennodr. 

Rootin' Tootln' Cvwtoys 
furnished the insplnttal for break- 
fast at the Chl Onwfa house 
Around the walls oowtay bab lent 
atmosphere to tbe oooatloo. Red 
biWlKia baWlkatditoft were used 
far Moridu; naana wen ta the 
of oowtor liats and place 
were beott. Hiba Itt fbe 
hreaUut wen eaittad Oit W M»xy 
Oriswold and Jo Lam. 

tbe bounding msit> want the 
Zeta Tatt Alphas and their nMfaees 
at tbeir "maid the wVH^ bnak- 
Ttu aaOof ram paw the ap- 
^ a hn^ vttb tts palm 
taula nr si 

tteee. anlnalt for i«we cards and 
mlniatan VfUm tni* and buts for 
oenterptecea. Belb llMtIa Binned 

tbe breakfast. 
Old MacDensId 

was undoubtedly present at the Pi 
Phi farm breakfast. Red and white 
nnpklns and candy corn decorated 
the tables. Sausage.', and cornbread 
composed a typical farm breakfast 
and the houseboys in fanners' 
clothes added much to the rural at- 
mosphere. Martha Lou Alexander 
was tbe n Fbi in cbfuge of tbis af- 

Clovias Initiate 
Rush To-night^ 

Glovla begins Its rush week this 
evening with a progreesiye games 
party bnUt around tbe mvaptUite 
and tbneiy t hem e oi wb ee L 
gamw wiU rqteiettfe different eot 
1«ie courses, amh "Anthors" 


with a IntWbeon Saturday planned 
by Maria Pendergratt and Roberta 
Vawter, and a dinner Sunday under 
the mai^cement of Ode Alice Tay- 
lor and wnim Nagd. The Glovias 
wfll eondade ttmtt nisMng Uooday 
evMUng with a pretsrentlal dtamir 
at tbe Ofltatt BOtd. In tim» 
thla will bo^ 

tbe ft aetlea i ooofeety until im. 
Records since that time show that | 
appiwlmately 35.50O copies of the 
beA bave been sold. Basing calcu- 
latlons on the extremely low esU- 
mate that orUj; one-half of the 
number of books sold tnm tm to 
tm were sold In tbe fhvt year of 
Its publication. It la aafe to say that 
weU over SO.0M eopttt oC O." 
bave found ttaatr wr Into bemas hi 
nearly every state is the Union and 
In several forelgB eoun tries. 
Hm book la ttaad as a laboratory 

text at the University of Honolulu 
and the University of Alaska and 
coptes were sent .recently to Rio de 
Janeiro. Practical Cookery ilso 
has traveled to Japan, China, and 
India, with former Kansas State 
college faculty meifltan 1010 Bow 
hold foreign poata. 

jetai Crisis 
Affects KSC Prof 

Among tbe thousands ot Amerl- 
eaas left stranded tn Europe be- 
cause of tbe mr la a memba- of 
the Kansas Mate eellege faculty, 
Prof. H. L. ItaMn, department of 
luiimal husbanitoy. With Profes- 
sor Ibsen is Dr. U. M. Rboadas, son 
of Mrs. mna Bboades, howsemether 
at Vui Zile baO. Both men, ae- 
ouaipMiied by llMir wims, wet* «t- 
tgndUng the Intents tlonal Qaneties 
uuiigraai and at pment an torotd 
to stay in Mbdmitfi, Seotland. 

Wban war btoae out* many of 
tbe representatlm to tbe eongress 
were moved to a donnitoiy of the 

|Tntverslty of 
wire entanglements 
university. However 
is more of an 
than commercial* tt ll 
to be bombed. 

Professor Ibsen had 
saU 00 the Brltalnnla but 

eacpeoted to 

Helen Mcllrath, HE '13 i.s teach- 
home economics and related sub* 
jeoto at Reltr Prairie this talL 

Patronize Collegian AdvertlMi 

W&rMly Wives 

Seek Cookery 
Tips In 'Bible ' 

With the printing of Its eigh- 
teenth edition in Septemt>er, Prac- 
tical Cookery, "bible" to thousatuls 
of housewives throughout the 
world, reaches its thirty- first year 
of publication by the dii^sion of 
home eccQMta at *^»ttH Mate 

Practical cookery, affectionately 
dubbed -p C," by Its many users 
had it£ beginning in 1908 when 
recipes contributed by members of 
tbe department of foods— then tbe 
department of domestic science— 
wwe puUlshed In loose leaf form. 
TMs type Ot book was not satisfae- 
tory from the standpoint of perish- 
ability, so In igio tbe first "P. C", 
in true book form, appeared. 

Itils first edition was oompUed 
and edited by Dean Mary Pleree 
Van Zile. tben bead ot bonu eeo- 
no«k» and now dean of mtaea at 

of tbe faMHr 

at ttw 

kipt OB •*!«• 4tf 




Prank Medico 
Dr. Grabow 


Royal Stuart 

Our 12 Hnur Sirvloe Is a SpcdaUy 


• • • 

AsnMB tbe Sfnct on AMDBR8(m 
from the South Gate of CAMPUS 

Ward Keller Store 

saoa DSPABnoNT 



Got A Date To A Fomial? 
ir«u^ Want Your Feet To 
TwInUe At The Bottom of 
Your New. Gown. They'll 
Simply Scintillate in These 
Gorgeous Sandals. Low, 
Cuban and Hi-Heels. 

Ward KeUer Store 

FnrniPrly The Spot 

Matt Swings Apin 
4t State's Dttices 

DNpltr of newtr-aeqtdied pledge 
qUMos nmrfeed the nnrt Varsity of 
TMT last night at the Avalon 
BaUroQm tn Agglevllle. Known 8.<; 
tbe "libfton-Varalty," the dance wa,s 
* occ asitop for n ew sorority 

scored at tbe Alpha XI Ddta brsak- 
fait. Tkble daeocattais eenriited of 
fish net talda ekttte. 
cones, and HMdls. Mm 
In the fmn of Awattan giili, and 
Hawaiian wosie was played during 
the naaL Itoos tar tUs evmt were 
directed tiy SOrlam Wagaman. 

On The Resell At WslklU 
WRA the setung for Ute breakfast 
given by the Phi Omega Pi's. Nut 
cups were grass shacks under ptfn 
trees aiul Hawaiian doQa «fie at 
eacb 1^. A nofd fMtort «r «e 
bftal^wH ttie me 

aUtt Betton brought bock la.-t 
yearls favorltea for Kansa.s Stater.-; 
W«« his new arrangements and 
tne latest song hits. He wiU also 
provide musie Igr tiM 
ni«ht Vatsltjr. 

I appreciate those stu- 
dents who helped make it 
po«i&le ,]te Die to eroct 
one of the itoeet eleanli^ 
plants in Kansas. We ate 
equipped to do tlie finest 
and best cleazUng Job in 
the state, bar none. 


1126 Moro Ph. 2433 

Wdcomie Kansas State Students 

Sportmg GckmIs 
Ele^leal AppBaaeet 
HmmkM SuppUet and Tools 

Waters Hardware Store 

"The Store That Appreciates Your Business" 
318 Poynts Dial 4337 

NuStyle Ebauty Shop 

"Wl^e Neir S^rtes^Sliyrt*' 

DUftonuy SGHiins 'jvoon 


MM. K. wmM 




C Worth of Meal 

Plus Tax ... If Paid in Advance 
Aak Caahier About This PUgk 

Open 6 A. M. to 11 P. M. 


1221 Mora 


A Budget Laundry 
— Service — 


Everything; washed, mended and missing buttons 
replaced. Underwear, pajamas, towels and wash 
dotlis fhiCfed dried and folded. Socks ere djuned, 
handhewMsii and lace towda iiwied and the 
shirts are professiowi&r flaM**J- A 
service that meets a itnaent's 

Laundry & Cleaners 


Hereli four finortle, a 
dteai, <h»e tn tbe popular tuo-^^eoe 
Idea with a blouse In ^leda, and 
gored, skirt In the solid color to match 
the background check. The fabric, a 
soft all wool that drapes and tailors 
peiiaiBtly. A leather bdt goes thiongh 
loapi in m tam. IISJB 

College Gills 

L»g-Slz«f PROM US 

Belle-Shanneer itockii^ 
ta fit amy l eg 
iw f f ec l i y in width 
lot weU u leogtb. 

ptetdet 1^1 
Atk for your leg 1 
■rev for toudls, 
MedMe §Bt n4^ifWm§ ^ 
Dvdwsa for till*, 
dawk for plumps. 
Here exclusively. 

•1 »1" U 




r- ■ ■ >■ 

Holes Are Left In K-State Faculty As Underpaid Profs Move On . . . 

Butt U Vm taktaf It m the chin. 
Dnrtag Um gammer u Itafi of fkculty restgiistlfms were 
released aa Increasing number of recognised leaders ap- 
peared on tbem. Numerous professors — who have helped 
build up their respective departments, who have become 
n^looAllr known In their work — liave found better pajrlng 
poittloiit Iftna tlioM which Kmumm State oon^ ena nftnr 

What Is tbe cause and what will be tbe erentual result 
of losing eo many outstanding teachers? 

That question la on the mind of everyone who hae Kan- 
sas State's welfare at heart. The tragedy la not the fault of 
college officials. They regret to see the departtng proteaaora 
leave. Tbe main cause Is to be found in the i^ivt^riMloa 
for tble college made by ititt l^^datnrt. 
Iieglslatare Uses Ax 

VThen the Senate passed the bill, the appropriation was 
945,000 less than the figure recommended by President F. 
D. Parrell. It did include a salary increase over last year 
of tU.O00. but such an Increase loses Its paafib wbea It It 
~ over as large a fiMnltT aa la reqaftrta for aa laftitii- 

tion like Kansas State. To top off the appropriation 
datton handed K-State was the refusal to place tbe twMlty 

membere on a more secure tenure and instigating a retire- 
ment policy. The aum total of such action can be nothing 
but unattractive to professors. 

Of course, many excellent teachers remain at Kansas 
State. Bot State muat stop the flosr of advuiced mentors 
away from the ooU^ f aeiitty or it may find itself in a poal- 
tlott where it will be unable to senre tbe public in the Ten- 
able way that It' has In the paat. 
Poaltrj Hit Hard 

Two valuable faculty members of the department of dairy 
husbandry were lost late in the spring. They were Dr. W. 
H. Ridden, iriio left to head the departinent of dairy hua- 
bandry nt the Unlvwraity of Ariaona, and Prof. H. W. Cave, 
who will head the elmilar department at the Oklahoma A 
and M college at Stillwater. A third big loss to thi^ depart- 
ment was Dwlght M. Seath, assUtant professor. 

Also resigning toward the end of school last year was an 
authority on history, writer of textbooks, and a Pulltsar 
j^ise wtnaw. Prof. F. A, Shaoaen. depar^n^ of Itfrtory 

and goTemment, resigned effective May 31 and will teaeh | 
at the tTnlverslty of Illinois in the department of economic I 
history. ' 

On August 1 the announcement of the resignation of 
Klngsley W. Given, associate professor of public speaking, 
was made. His valne waa sonuned up by Dr. H. T. Hill, bead 
of the department when he said, "Kingsley Oiven's resig- 
nation Is a real loaa to ilM aapntm a ai t, o^iBe» and the 

A SMr.Siudded Lint 

Latest blow received in the above manner was tbe loss of 
tbe head of the department of industrial Journalism, Prof. 
C. E. Rogers this Deewnber. Pnrfassor Rogrn Joined the 
faculty here in 19l9 and beeanM head of the dei«rtment in 
192S. Since that time Profeasor Rogers developed the de- 
partment to a high point of efficiency and resulting in It at- 
taining nation-wide attraction. 

And so on down the list. The changes this year do not 
fastly outnumber those of other yeara, but that they Include 
too many autborltlM of reaeandk and adoettlon. la na- 

The present situation was expected for many 
predicted it last spring, including presidMit FarrelL 
Hmm Ine Hof» 

Among the following partial list of resignations will be 
found potential leadership which may be lost from ^^^'fit 
State forever. 

Besides the persona mentioned above Umktr neaahnra 
who reatgaed dnrfasig the smnmer ue Catherine ICttehell. 

asalBtant in animal husbandry; M. L. Flerke, Instructor In 
bacteriology; Miss Florence Young, instructor in physical 
education; Dr. C- C. Morrill, associate professor in path- 
ology; LaMotte Grover, assistant professor in applied me- 
chanics; Miss Martha Swoyer, assistant in department ot 
education; Miss Ruth Dales, instructor, child weUara anC 
euthenlcs; Miss Vemetta Falrbalm, division of extanalon;] 
F. p. Root, physical ediiaitliM,.«iid Dr. K. j. Otaaaoa, ato- 
dent health service. 

The Collegian will carry a list of remaining resignatfOMk 
appointments, and promoU<ma In otlier tesues and will kMO 
Ita readers iafonud e( othar rsdgnatloaa and (diaateaT^ 

Aa Uie 1.031 trethmen who enroled 
rVM«r alt hj, s mmoh larfcr irottp 
of none too iinp>tlent npperclaai- 


The Kansas State Collegian 

FIAr-rive rrld hopsMto Mriat tnto 
acUon todkr In Ihs Oral wwkMt 
prepknU«t7 to liinlHi the NMM 
aapt. IS la • iHW «llh rt. Wbv 

state CMIiga of 

1,031 Freshmen 


Through Mill 

Frosh Week 
Activities To 
Fourth Day 

Aptitude Teats Will 
Fill Mominf Hoan — 
To Class Wednesday 

Cheer Leaders 

Aspiring cheer leaders wUI 
meet Friday aft«moon at 4 
o'clock in the K. room Ln NIctiots 
gjfm to try out (or the coveted 
pocltlaRA. It was announced Sat- 
urday by Russell Leeper, presi- 
dent of tbe atudent oouncU. Very 
essenlM to ooUcfle lUe are tluxe 
choMn few wlw WMT the purple 
and itilto mitanm, cany huge 

record freshman 

continues Its induction 
,ra after a weekend of 
college acqualn- 
of social events and 
rtish veek aetlvi- 

Aptttode testa will claim 
the scene tbe first thing this 
morning In College auditori- 
um. The four-hour grind un- 
der the direction of Dr. J. C. 
Peterson, of the department 

of educ»U9«. l» 'o*" *^*»« P"'- 
ot tJlete^tHing the ttn- 

dent's percentile rank in his 
class and to hla teach- 
ers !an idea a# to the eonrae 
of study for iNlileH he Is best 


Dr. A, A Holti, men's adviser, 
and Mary P. Van ZUe. dean ot 
wtymcn. will address cotlefte men 
Hnd wnmon nl 1 :30 Monday m sep- 
nrnlp mrclinijs In College auditor- 
ium and Recreation center. Their 
talk,s are designed to five the stu- 
dents information r>r Holtz will 
advlae freshmen how to keep out of 
troutile by giving them general in- 
formation in regard to the college 
rules and regulations, and Dean 
Van ZUa wOl ftdvlse women «tu- 
dentB on tbe proMenu which wlU 
(tasir wrly eoBege 

im SMknt is dWUa to en- 
ter tti eompetttlae, and five or 
lix wju be cboMCi from the oon- 
tettiala, In cStaqe of Judains 
whim jM mdBMat ei w te M n of 

A general orlentaaon Maolon tn 
College auditorium at 9 o'clock will 
start tomorrow's actl\fltles, with a 
teat on .student's perisonallty and 
another on mathentaUMl «UUty~a 
part of the aptttsd* tiit Wtoirtna 
•t 10 o'elook. 
Seoood meettngs with tbe men's 
mrt will be held 
St t:ae. Dr. O. V. wmianu, 
of the depsrtment ol adUMUan, wlU 
addrats the men on Sfste kqwl^ 
and tnuUtlofls, ant Kmnyunwd 
director of Alumni loutt, win ex- 
plain how Uw lAslpMMl^ mA loan 
111 rids work. 

One of the moie limiliiiiil meet- 
ings is held in Odttft audttarluni 
at 3:4S Mid tspisitis ttw Mudent's 
pUM la AMa atndMtt ivmanent. 
The atodant Oovenilnt —o sim on 
at whleh all ooUage skodenta are 
to fsmatate t pf»* 
on whtt the majwlty 
of atndentt want, snd wUl have 
RusscI] Leeper, pnddent ot the 
student councU, explain it^ pur 
poses and Idea twhind It. 
ClasM Begin Wedacaday 

Winding up the Inducuon pro- 
gram ate parties on Tuesday night 
~a YMCA football klekoff at 7:3C 
for the men under h$hu in tbe 
ani a tOittt M 
by OM IWOa tn 
Mtboli pmntitwiB at atli> 

Clataw WlU iMgia 
mornlar with tbe • e^lodc whtoUe, 
and the opening convocation wtU 
be In College auditorium at 11 

College Sister 
Party Tuesday 

win Take Place ^ ' ' 
III Ntefaals Qtym . 

While filing thrw<h Hbt Mmdng' 
ly endless regtstntta) procedure 
Friday, each freshman girl received 
a name ol an upperc lawman who 
wui be bsr TtfOA. m tbla 


At the College Sister party at 
8:15 Tuesday night In Nichols gym- 
naelutn these sisters will be much 
In evidence. Upperclass girls will 
call for their little sisters to take 
tbem to the par^, which Is held 
■o that tba freahmen wlQ have an 
opportimlty to meet "old" glrla and 
ocUege aiater motbeis, as well as 
other mraaben of their own fibM. 
Both the "tW and ttw "oeW win 
have a ehanoe to i 
Bf urrar. K-mum 

Oamet wffl bt el tbe 
iimtsi the iHdmlito of 

K-State Frats 
Finish Rushing 
This Evening 

Twenty Captains 
Expect To PUwU^e 
Mmy New Men 

At 11:45 Saturday morn- 
ing 20 Kansas State fraterni- 
ties started furious rashing 
aetiTitles wMeh dose this 
evening. Predictions from 
rush captains indicate a 
slightly higher number of 
pledReK than last year's l."!!. 

Hie fact that tiielr sister organi- 
sations pk'dged six more rushees 
this year than was responsible 
for the fra tern lues view point of a 
latyer list for the ms-- Ives Addi- 
tions to several ^oitsc:! will maite It 
Roaalble to house a larger number, 
Howe Starts ActlvUlea 

Faculty Adviser Harold Howe 
started the rush week activities off 
Saturday morning when h^ told 
representatives from each frat- 
ernity of the slight rule changes 
and warned them against any in- 
fractions. "Infraetiona," he said, 
"are pimlsbaUe by t fUty dollar 
fine and autpenalon of soi^ prlvt- 
legea for the semester." 
Only Two Pertodi Lsft 

A shorter niah period— three days 
Instead of last yesr^ five— makes 
fever dates pOMtibls. Onlr two 
dUto wOl |» iwnaimil witb saob 


on Page Pour) 

Collegiate 4-H Plans 

Picnic For Freshmen 

The CoUeEiate 4-H club Is giving 
« picnic Tuesday iiflcrnoon for aU 
Ireshtnen Interebted in that organi- 
^ai lun, particularly former Mi, Alub 

Former members and freshman 
will meet at 3:30 at the south door 
of Anderson hall, and then go to 
Sunset, for a wiener roast. Lewis 
Landsberg Ls In cltargc ol the pic- 
nic, while Betty Brown is 

Is Wednesday 

The opening eoovecttton of the 
school year wtU be at 11 tftioek 
WedneKtay momliis In tbe O&nefe 
audilottnm. Pnal^t F. D. Far- 
relt wU te bi Omm of tiw u- 

Upperdamfin saf 
wUI b« toggtbor In a ni 
the nm timo at a» 
hear HUMonMBMntend » 
ty anMwtf pMpeK' W.'T. 
ham. btate bosed ^ 
addie« tbe 






Dr. A. A. BoUi: finpnotptu ITo. ]. 
In P iftaMT bgr fMre played by 
Keith WaUiscMrd; 

i9 w. T. itottawm, bosiid or re- 
sents: addnH kr H» eM « B t F. o. 


New York City has nearly MO po- 
lice radio cars operating over ttie 
clty'5 317 square miles, which Is one 
patrol car for each two-tbirda of a 
aquue mile. 

Phi Alpha Mil 
Ranks First 
In Scholarship 

Pi Beta Phi And 
Fuin Houte Head . 
Sodal Hoiitea 

Seven campus organiza- 
tions have a scboUrabip 
above a 2 point or "B" aver- 
age for the second semester 
of the 1938-39 academic 
ypar, artordiiiK to an an- 
no tin rem ent niade by Miss 
J ess it; McDowsIl MmMr, 

Blgbest ranking on the list is 
Phi Alnha Mu, tionorary general 
Bciencf society with on average ol 
2 685 Others, in order, are Mortar 
Board, wnlor women's honorary; 
Omlcron Nu, honorary home eco- 
nomics orianlaatlon; Aloba. Zeta, 
honorary men's agriculture organ 1- 
aation. Dynamic, all-school honor- 
ary; Mu Phi EpsUon, honorary 
music tor women, and Theta Sigma 
Phi, honorary Journalism for wom- 

\ Among the social organizations 
on the camjHis. Pi Beta Phi soror- 
ity ranked first, and Farm Bouse 
iratsralty headaft HM Ult SC mm'B 

The list of organltfttkMiS sod 
their grade 

Fl Brta nil. 

<OooUnaed on Piea Four) 

AKO swdl 

Pleased Pledgettes . • . 

With noted architsct 

Keith Underwood, graduate in 
architecture in 1M7. recently left 
for Los Angeles where he will work 
with tlie noted Vlenneee architect 

a wMooadtif addnM by 
Dsan Mm P. Vlsn WBmwabtAort 
talks W De Tonnt, piesltent 
ot tbe rWOA, sodlvlBai Mkmray, 
Ann BtalniwIuMu win lead stoup 
idnfloi, aeootspalmd Ruth 
Jbtaotton. Bet^ Unt Is in tfhaite of 
the program arrangements 

RaneshDMnta, planned by a com- 
mittee beaded by Lorrayne Shep- 
ardaon. wlU be .%rved atter the pro- 
gram. Social dancing, with Hareine 
Scheurer at the piano, will end the 

AccordlnR to Miss Erma Murray, 
YW secretary, the purpose of a re- 
treat held Saturday afternoon was 
to discuss the program and plans 
for the year. The cabinet and mem- 
bers of the advisory board met at 
a:» at Long's park for the meeting. 
After the business discussion, those 
St the retreat went to Ot. j, D. 
oolt's fi m i a ai ai um esoniqr for 

a picnic. 

Freshmen girls ebb «m pnsl- 
denu ot their Girl Rastrte' ehibs in 
high school will have a social hour 
from 7:$a to 1:30 tonight In Cal- 
vin lounge. Jean Scott, freshman 
commission chairman of tbe TW, la 
■P<BM)rinf the meettaif ao Ibat the 
^ria may beeome aeqaahlM ud 
peeetUy to form a nualw fW tbe 
nreabmaa oomvlMloii. 

M'* ' a* <l TMpem, lefbieo from 
Oerauny and Aostila, wot be tbe 
speaker at the first YW-m 
meetliii <e piw j| M U |n 



— o 


for the "mTTiIng after prefereatlar 
cclebrati'^R Tharsdar I ve I. After 
that, onlr the tiresome, baC welcome, 
of mertng In liaserl) remained 
they settled dawn to 

Band Director 
Breaks Toe 

prof. Lyle Downey, director of 
the college tmnd and orchestra, is 
mixing plenty of syncopation with 
his music now. for everywhere he 
walks, he drags one foot along. 

It seems that he tried to act his 
age in the Manhattan city swim- 
ming pool atKMit a week ago, but 
the oniy result was a brtdten toe, 
which he has been wmUtt^ tta- 
derly ever since. 

'Y' Kickoff Is 
Tuesday Night 

Coaching Staff To Be 
Present^ To Students 

Everything Is in order for the 
YMCA football kiokoft Tuesday 
night accordmg to Dr. A. A. Holtz. 
A traditional function for fresh; 
man men, thla year's to-do promises 
special interest. 

A glimpe^ pi State's famous El- 
mer Hackney is one of the features 
the frosh can look forward to, along 
with meeting the coaching Itt0 flf 
the athletic department. 

Joe Roijertson, TM prexy, and 
Russell Leeper, president of the 
SOA will have charge of the cere- 
moolea. Leeper promises some- 
ttalBf new In the way of what he 
iKnns « "Capping ceremony" for 
freshmen. Juit what this is, the 
freshmen can guess for theot- 

Frosh Bring K-beeks 

Doctor Holts wishes to repeal the 
request made in the last issue of 
the Coll?glan that the frosh bring 
along their K-books. The stadium 
will be lighted and part ot the time 
Tuesday night will be spent learn- 
ing the college songs and yells. 
Bob Washburn, last year's cbe»- 
leadcr, will lead the dttmtat at 
the Kickoff Tuesday, 

Doctor Holts regrets that Docm 
tors H. H. King and H. T. Hill and 
Mike Aheam, head of athletics, -will 
all be out of town Tuesday, but he 
believes the freshmen will enjoy the 
meet even without these traditional 

Cabinet Meet Taefday 

The YMCA'S first cabinet mtvt- 
InB will be Tuesday afternoon ui 
4:30 In Doctor Holt!' office. The 
"Y" is Still filling Jobs for boys hs 
fast as they can find boys wivtv'^f 
experience or hours meet ih" re- j 
<iulrements of the requests tiiai' 
come to the office. Doctor Holtz 
says that requests for boys to work 
were stUl coming In and anyone 
who needed work should see him. 

The membership drive, under 
Kenny CaatnWt dbeeUon, wUl con- 
tinue through the upp^rdassmen's 
enrolment period with member- 
aop taUea ovMde tbe all ol Oe 

In^cates Possible 
Record Enrolment 

Fir^ Di^*8 RegistmHi 
Shows A Slight Increase 
Over Last Year's Figure 

Bj Katharine Chubb 
With their hands full of registration material and tbalr 
faces wearing somewhat bewildered lookB, 1,031 freshmeit 
emerged from the north doora of Nlctiola gymnarium WH' 
day alter r^tiatept]i«. 

Badly Injured 

Beth Lep Fn 
Her MauMf la 

lUsB KUen Batebelor, an instruc- 
tor and district home demcnstra- 
timi agent hi the extension division, 
wa-s injured critically and her moth- 
er. Mr.s H W. Batchelor, of Man- 
hatUn, killed. Saturdajr near Lin- 
coln, Nefar., when their iUttMnOblle 
collided with a tmn 

The accident ooetmed Saturday 
momhig when the «ut, driven by 
Miss Batchelor, oasbad tnto a Mis- 
souri Pacific tram. Bie had lelt 
Manhattan eatly that day fbr a 
vacatlim m Mtaoaeata. iteetuns or 
both ten a mwigM iMeaad aeaip 
injurtai WW MMMtA bf Miss 

The car stmdt flu last ear of 
the train. In aa eflbft to avoid the 
ccdllalan, Mbs Batchelor drove the 
car off the pavement. Ibe highway 
at the scene Ibe aMMHtt to aean 
a steep hOl. 

President P D Parrell of the 
ro liege received word Saturday that 
Mrs. Batchelor'a body vox taken to 
a tunernl home In Uoooln and that 
Mi.s.s Dat<?h>lor is ID Ibe XAlMln 
s;p|ipral hosplul, 

lAiss Oeorglana Smurthwaite, 
slHip home demonstration leader at 
thf coUpkp. Rftlrt Mtss Batchelor and 
her mother had planned to be gone 

Li 17K)lllh, 

Mis-s Batchelor started Rcrvicci at 
the college in IBIT and assumed her 
present position in IXil. She re- 
ceived her B. S. d^rae It l&ttaas 
State college in Ull. 

TIjia number is an In- 
crease of 28 over tlie first 
day'g freshman enrolment of 
1,003 last year. The number 
nf women was the same for 
bDth years — 322; however 
ti.e men numbered 28 more. 
Tilts year shows TOe men enrOlUiig. 
The enrolment Hits year la ittU not 
up to the IJW r^orted M» 

Sverr em of the atudenu enroll- 
ing Friday Is a first semester fresh- 
man who has never before been to 
college, says M\£S Jessie McDowell 
Machlr, college reglKtrar. Therefore, 
it is probable that the total fresh- 
men enrolment will eimiiBd toM 
year's number of 1,287. 
rotMlble Record Enrolment 

The semester enrolment la ex- 
pected to be more than 1,000, ex- 
ceeding last year's number of SilU, 
according to otiserveii. The 
al trend at the last four 
been an tnereaae of nearly IW \ 
dents eveir year, Tbe largt 
mm enrotmeat tndlmrtea a < 
aUon Hi thai toaad. 

Leading tbe » br dhMooe. as » 

^ ^^^n^amfm^rtdeoaf^ 

3M, and ttw dMstan of ^rtotOttire 
leimts U3> 
Cnry dMMon except thabtrfengl- 

McMlDen Writes Article 
For Physles Publication 

An arttote br Or. J. H. 
physics deparlaMB 
tron Scattering fn 
In ttw tetsit lem ot 



ttaa 10 f««n eC Ms 
la iMe tn vbkdi 

fiaetknt tt tM 

It la 

something of 

Tryouts for Qie 
which will probably boast 100 mem 
tiers, started last mday and will 
continue until all places have tieen 
filled. Director Lyle Downey urges 
sll nudents Interested to make an 
appointment for a tryout as aooa as 

Will Explain SGA 
To Freshman Class 

Freshmen will hold tttetr first 
class meeting Tuesday afternoon at 
2:45 in the college auditorium 
Btudent council officials will uice 
charge of the meeting and explain 
to the class the organization of the 
Student Oovernlng association. 

The entire financial set-up wiU 
be dlseuBsed Including the benefits 
of the student activity f'e system. 
The disciplinarian will outline bis 
ivtim and powers to tbe under- 
classmen and class organliatloo 
wUl be explained. The freibintn 
probably will not have anoth*r 
meeting until their class eleetlon 
wUob will be in approximately 
QnMe vMie. An «re urged to at- 


PoUtlaa taadefs ere (^tfaalstic 
about ibe Meoa« ot tUe ytmr* 
8, O. A: -TTe are eOBfMmt that 
the freahoMtt wtU take an mterest 
in camooi poUttes as tbefr college 
Ufe wffl be ralid bgr itudeat gorsfa- 

rear^ enMaMtt number. Although 
tbe engineers number 10 less, the 
dlvUton ot gtneral scieme has 
ejrened the score with an increase 
of the same nuiftber. bringing the 

total ot thai dhMoQ to IM> Ma and 

as women. 

The agi, with 19 more, show a 
larger than does any Other 
division. No women epIHIInn lla* 
dents are enrolled 
Nine Mart Home Eim 

The 2^8 home ^M^ormmlcs stu- 
(lent.'i denote that 'nf) men are tak- 
ing food*.." according to 
chir TliU dlvlsUai I 
than last y?-ar 

Preceding the registration 
enrolment which began at g o'e 
Prtr'ay morning and lasted 
out the day, was a haU-b 
■M?mbiy tirogrsm In the nature af aa 
orientation hesalon. rsiiipai 
library instniotlaa, ptiyi^ 
nations, end ml 
get-tog-tber aatuidar nigbt 
ed out the fti^ two diOB fli 
freshman tadtietkio 

Aim garttotpalliic bi 
lemd caanli aetMlMi 
the fpadtoMa wfH begin ttato 
tog with a feur-bour aputbde test 
This aftefaaon Or. A. A. HUta, ad- 
^rttut to aMn, wm talk to the 
at 1:10^ and Ifn. Marr P. Vim ] 
dean of wnaen, will feeture to 
women at tbe eaaie tine, 
program wlU be aiaflar. 

Plans for a huge erosion pr/iject 
In western North Carolina Included 
the planting of 2M0XKKI tteea oa 


,,1 n.- .. . 

The Kansas State Collegian 

PubtUhcd by the studente of the Karuas State 
College of Acrleulture mnd Applied Science eoch 
TucscUy and Friday of the school year. 

entered it Mcond-clau matter at the postofflce, 
Manhattan. Kaatfta. 

4ae MAOt«mi A«a. Mcw Y*aM, N. Y. 

Ounpua OfTlee— Kedxie Iwll JMal 1373 

Tmf >t the coUese tl-H 

fliu te ttx 

Y*M by nwJl . . .^.^-tMD 

sattor-in-Obkf Roy M, Raher 

oupput Uttar Carl Rochat 

AaalttMit KlBtor — —.Boy tmHord 

Nvws Bdltor , ,.Jtmm KendaU 

Sports Editor .......Adt TlUaler 

AMlaUnt Sports Editor HertKrt RoUlnger 

Society Editor Jennie Marie Madsen 

Aadstant Soctety Editor Mary Jean Aenttmr 

- - JOWmtOM 

Btuineaa HUff 

Bualiietis Manager J;iiin.'s F, Cooper 

Attvertising A«MiatanU Barley Thompson 

■m fUdtaRl Cech 
Oraduatt IfaJUflw ...... ..O. J, 


\ Rush Week 
] 'Hilarity' 

I Fraternity nuh week will eod tonight In 
■what has heen vxftmmA In nwet quarters 
«a8 one of the BHQtl nvpoMaited pertoii flt 

•recent years. 

" UuBli week officials, firHi of all, saw 

* fit to alter from three to two, the num- 
ber of dates a ruebM may hoU wltb a 

I fraternity. In that more Uie eoundl 

• get the stage for some heated ''frieadly 
£ rivalry" among the GreeJt brothers. 

I The move necesHltated that the Greelis 
i work a third faster In their barrage of 
,* rushing chatter ud offering leas Unw, eon- 
•seQuently, to mate the "proper" approaches 
jto get their man. 


III simple words— the fraternities 
must entertain, rush and approve a 
■ rusbee after the first of two dates and 
I ^hea azteitd a bid on the neort trip. 

iJt's^ resulted In an Increased amount of 
"hiding out" or simply keeping other frats 
{from putting rush dat«t on some prize 

Irushees. It's simply meant beating the oth- 
er boys to the count. 
, It's resulted la mum Icy start* M 
' -Ariteasstfoit "ttmniK akm tireek 'grailt. 
The boy« are staring heavy art I llMy In- 
stead of tilt' cualomary knives. 
, Biit one fact remains the 
I rusbee Is as bewildered as ever. 

i « • • • 

; State Needs 

i A Pep Progmm 

1 The little pmi^le and wiiit^ tilnldee that 
Jure becoming so popular on the State cam- 
;puB will make their of^ta] ixltnA tommom 
■ night with the "capping" mmm^ & the 
annual Football Klekoff. 
j The ceremonies will be a new experiment 
I for State and the results wUl be watched 
•carefully by those interested in keeping the 
[school spirit allTe. Aimed to (oeter a 
tstronger class conselouBiiese In a large 
jgroup of freshman assembled only last 
.week from the far corners of the state — 

yes, the irariAx-tlw iiii iliiiiM H m Hep hi 
the right direction. 

But dlnkles akme will not carry the ^1r- 
It that Kansas State boasts as its own 
through a football season or any other sea- 
son. Just as a nation finds it advisable to 
foster patriotism at every angle, a school 
should lose no opportunity to renlBd its 
Btodents that thl« is reaUy not mflb a bad 
place after' all. 

Wltb the selection of cheerleaders in file 
offing it might be advisable to suggest some 
definite steps to be tidiMi to make tlieir joli 
an easier one. 

Kansas State Is blessed with a repertoire 
of school Bongs that is far ahead of the 
average. The old "Ahna Mater** is well 
known and accepted by all, the "Wildcat 
Victory" has been a favorite for years, and 
more recently 'Roll On. KanKas State" has 
come Into its own. But there's yet another 
— and what many believe the bert— #tBt 
has been pretty muchly overlooked. It is 
"Shoulder to Shoulder/' which. It would be 
safe to estimate, is mdoMlKii to t«9-t^^ 
of the student body. 

With such a group of songs a school can't 
go wrong— if tbsy use them, Assemblies 
are as food a time u any tor ItafBing the 
new ones and getting better acquainted 
with the old ones. Why not tnelnde a couple 
of Kansas State's own sonfS in etiflb iS- 
sembly program this yearf 
• • • * 

Kansas State's 
Forg&ttm Mm 

People sometimes talk of forgotten men, 
but we have our own forgotten men here on 
the lUnsas state campus. One of the b«t 
examples of this is our own college band, 
we're crazy, you say — ^WdU ere we? 

-Of course, everyone sees the band per- 
form at the football games, marvels at 
their dexterity mi skill In auHMomv and 

musical ability. 

All true K-SUters are justly proud, 
and thrilled, when our band takes the 
field, for Director Lyle Downey has de- 
veloped one of the best organisations 

in the Big Six. if not in the entire 
Middle West. The band's color, flash, 
and pep at grid rallies and games does 
much to instill victory s^rit in the 
football teain. 

But th«i, when the football season Is 
mrer, most students forget, or ignore the 
fact, that Kansas State has a band just as 
It has' during the grid season. Maybe the 
students notice the presence of the band at 
basketball games, but most of them only 
notice the oceaetonal abeenM of the band 
with an Irritated impatience. , ^ 
This Is not as it should be, for the 
band Is as much an organization for 
the college as it is for the individual 
mewhers themselves. Nothing does 
more to boost the college, give it a 
good name and lots of valuable pub- 
lletty than s well tiwlned, effielMit 

Ooodwlll tours to neighboring towns are 
always big boosts to the college, and help 
influmce prospectlTe frosh to attend our 
school! but through the yeam tiiese ti|ps 
become fewer and fewer. 

At one time, the Kansas State band was 
one of the big* attractions at the Ameriesn 
wcth fall in Kansss CSty. hut that 
was years ai^. I haf» heard more than one 
Kansas Cltlan remark about looking for- 
ward, with pleasure, to the fbea uHwal 
visit of the K-State band. 

The band Is a powerful, goodwill 
agent under competent leadership— but 
II 1a«iks the ffnaaeial and moral sup- 
port that it desE>rve;;. 
We wli^ the band lots of good luck, and 
a Buccesflftil aeaaoa-^ivm^ «» know 

My Say 

by Eleanaw 

upon you. my child* 
ran, and fond blaulngs. As you 
mop your brows and mutter 
nasty cursea upon your assignor, 
the faculty and ihe educational 
system In seiKral, remember that 
regUtratlon comes but once b 
t«rm. Bo Jolly over to the Can- 
teen, order a coke and relax. 
(This adverttaonent to WMiiUeltsd 
and unpaid tm kf 
«J Joint.) 

Folrt of an, peoples, as a new 
columnist, I wants to tell you 
that I am an ardent angel of 
peace and the furtherance of 
human soclettes. I wilt be friend- 
ly to an trouse anlmaU — dumb 
ukl otherwise — and utterly un- 
avanaUe ea^ isomeone sets « 
aUUode toward me and 

LOVE . . V Vtm caU ft. . . 
< reaUy took S bMtlae tbli mm- 
I mer. . . what villi a wr juu e taU- 
taf in and eat of it moat of the 
time. TlWT Ho «ay that HaU 
(Ooodnan) Betton and tbc Ut^ 
wU4iU «M have deeded the 
tnnd nitMon has dlaa|>pe«iMI. 
■C. J. Throekmorton eaptvrad 
(Id tte Btml acase) a handaome 
Bale ffvir from Iowa wtto hap- 
pened to l>e ROTCMrtf at nrt 
RU-y. Speaklnc «f tad O's. . . 
is • dntato torn «o w om tt 
he a tftasde. . . wMli a 

to ttwt ttw idcn amrt to a 
fortune teller SBd 

the palm of 
star brother nid, . , "YottH be- 
come engaged to the third girl in 
your life, but shell back out." 

. Hmmmm. . . and thus spcca- 
latlon arlaes. Is this the third 
one. . , will she back out. . . or 
what abo«l u snyinvt 

way with the fact that she's for- 
saklns K.«t^ tbto fsU? 

Petite Jeanney 0nilerwood Is 
ftni giving us trouble. After 
nixing the KU Slg Alph pin, we 
find the fallow bouncing ba«k 
gamely and putting in long dis- 
tance caUa during nisb week. . . 
•smlng tip to «M Mr. 



her tlmat 
just jwwnaltoWc 



ooa to wonderlns tf • ««taln Trt 
Dilt wu bfing J«t itotttty dur- 
taie auouMr Hbool in spandinc 
her time with another's fiance. 

A certain daife>l»lKd PI mi 
la hav&DC one terrific ttmt niek- 
ine t9 har sMnd sboot a Mma 
M ftB. . . . tad WMtov It 

What Tn Delt prexy Is bolnlng 
because ahe dkint land UM «dl- 
tonhlp of KIOKAPOOf IB eon* 
neetlon with the 
they say that 
<kia-t jibB m Om kind of 
to he handM W 
Und that «ID MO imt 
«nd the kind thatk pnvtr want 
sell WUl we bava to 


PaUoDlae OeUeglan Advertlserst 


No mffercneie by 

btnovoMon Of K-Siafe 

Publk Ifealtli Cmem Frwm 
Popular With Students 

<Mlat* atadrnta eta mm net alito 

BSW bt SMmd 0t wiothn- chance to 
vaa twlatfte sad hadn't yet broken 
bavtaf serfSd its probationary 
pertod. It fasa been accepted into 
the Hlwdtde eo a par with such 
, ilMlorte, 


"Leaduig edusatm ham oome to 
teaUs; that health adnoatlon to «< 
fttal InqMrtuwa.'* ecnnmuited Dean 
R. W. Baboock tn whose divtolon 
the is scheduled. "We felt 
our stuiicnt.s should have a chance 
to acquire the information con- 
tainsd In thLs course. Experience 
with the course last year has proved 
Ita vf.lue as a part of th? instruc- 
tional work. 

"Whereas lart qurlns 40 was the 
maximum niinbnr ot students that 
could enrat in It, thto Mil the aai- 
uraUon point has been pl a e sd at fO 
and there i^ be two iMtlMia aMat> 
toe tt» HUoe luHir-eae stder 
tor EnMwnd. flu ottwr under Sr. 
Donald B. Ranee. It eanlac tvo 
eredtta. meets twiee weekly (fourth 
hour WednsMlar and Prtday) and 
to open to an fent fvediBua in emrjr 

ImaraBee Ajamag gtodentH 

"Wliat made u^ decide lo offer 
the course waa our dl^overy of the 
alarming ignorance of most of the 
students as to ordinary healtli prac- 
tices," explained Doctor Husband 
when interviewed In his office yes- 
terday "For instance when we gave 
a heplth kncwledg9 quiz to a thous- 
and of our students we found that 
more than 80 pw cent of them be- 
lieve that taking deep breathing ex- 
erci.'-cs in front of an open window 
has healllt value. We doctors know 
«tich exsadm sM icietiesar vortii- 

"TOO many dldnt knew that H 
in often danaerom to take a laxa- 
tive for in ftiWmfHit patB," he 
'A amprlitng 

the proper way of tMattng taenUa 
to to wasr a tnm. Mdst of them 
dldnt know bo* mneh mototure'to 
needed to, a room w aa to bam It a 
heaUhtU plaoe to ttudy in or how 
to treat k b6n when it starts, or 
wbei measles is sioet eoritngious, or 
how to treat habitual con.mipatlon 
Jonlor Vet Is IfiKh 

"There were 150 Que.stions in the 
health knowledge quiz we gave W 
month;, ago to KSC .students," he 
*ent on, ''and the highest grad« 
made was M— by a Junior veterlii. 
ary student. Seniors dldnt know 
much more about public health ctn- 
diUons 111 I he us and about healtti 
jractices than the freshmen did. 

"Senior grades in the dlviaicm of 
agrlculMu-e ranged from » to 71 
senior engineers got frop tl to 72. 
Senior general ictenoo atodflnto ran 
from 32 to 74; aealar ^-n s mmem 
IsU ran from « to 17; aad-flit aeni 
lor from « to n." 

- - <. v 

to t<t Inio Dr. K. W. HuAand t 
and Public Bealth hut spring may 

enrol In It La.^t spring the course 
Into the college catalog. This fall. I 

C. T. Hamlin. '37. waa visltlog In 
the mechanical engineering offk; 
this summer. Be to omr irith flio 
Tenneaase ^ 

Patronise Collegian Advertlserst 


know wfl) beeone faat 


Maay Davto 

WUl Initiate 

Elaborate Building Ready 

For Classes Next We<^ 

0ttKlents moving into WiUanl 
hall this fall for tiiemtotiy or 
phyAoa ciasaaa. wlU Had thoy 
have tbo miMt modarn egii^iiniant 
to weik wtth In one of tli» finest 
pl««mi aclenoe buildings tn the 
Middle West 

The new $700,000 Strttoture, to 
have been ready for liae tost qrlng, 
was not ready for use untD the last 
half of the sutumer school session, 
and this tali will be the first full 
semester the taidi baft IWW ^n 
for dasaes. 

able to cany <a Sto 


Complete Pheto Laba 

Doctor Cardwtil a«ld the depart- 
ment would be as well equipped now 
as it has ever been, with a com- 
plete photography laboratory on a 
par with the one destroyed in the] 
|>nison hall fire LstT this 
month, the department will install 
a "Class A" weather bureau statlbn. 

Itie 25 rooms on the first noor of 
the ht^ ball mdude office rooms, 
lecture roomi, and recttatton room*^ 
On the weond Omr are tbe 9T 
laboratorlts sod (Mttstton iwshi 
' ' ~ ' SM the 

include two aJoobd roama. 

eated in the attta. 


five refnientor 

devriopiag rooma. X«bontortos for 
the state board and reaeareh labcr- 
atoriee arv also in the basonent. 


Mcretaitoa receive 

Patnmtoi Oolleglan Adrwttowal 

E. R- Stensaas, a graduate oi the 
teeobanlcal englnesrtng depart- 
who la now teacblnc 


Named for Or. j. T. Wmard, hto- 
tcrlsn and fonnn' iriee-inaldent, 
tiw now structure will hottso the 
dqiarbneiiAi of ebemistry and 
pt^slea, headed retpeettfriy by Dr. 
a. H. King and Dr. A. B, OardweU. 
Atready, the cbemtotry laba are 
practleaUy fuUy equtiipad. and 
labocatoirlti p oMtis stiiib toto acien- 
Uf ic derbwi as a igmeiuantood ven- 
tilating «nt«n witiUti wUI heap the 
temperature iM^OW 70 defrCM at all 

The physics labs are only about 
80 per cent equipped according to 
Doctor Cardwell, but he expects 
the department to be operating ef- 
ficiently by the end of the semester. 
For the first lime .since Denison 
hall waa destroyed by fire several 
years afo, tbs dspMrtaitnl wUl 

We Welccmie You 

The Conoco Sopt 

We wtleome you toutaUss lb* best 
inU loMmr. 

Boyd's Craoco Statim 

601 n. 


Lars^ and Small 

Also — 
Almost 50 Used 
Radios - $5.00 up 


For Rent 



Have Your Clothes 

Cleaned and Pressed 




oilijEtt houl 

DIAL 35S6 

DIAL 3555 



a M. mxcTBic uoHT mjsm 




Aggie HwdiKwe & Electric Go. 

you 60 


,0 School- wfo*"- 

Sc^oaclfli^Uvifyl topwidililliiijwariHr. . . 

io Walk-6ttcd Boatoaians, ETcry curve of jrour feet 
wuttheA m feM^om ioMiwks . . , tntf sof 
• • ■ A 

Sit tbu nmplttt suthmtk lim-mf ff 



f tv ittfH* . . . fmmh lt#to« 

mommm at . 







)■• t. WAIN ^l. 




Drs. Balding and 
M. D. 

Kye, Ear, Nose, and Throat 
OlaaBSS ^od 
vmk warn nmrtti 

omee SSSS RoBte Mtt 

J. W. Evans, M. D. 

Specialist tn trfutnu'til mid siiruery 
of Eye, Ear, Note, and Throat. Kyeit 


Otfioo ta Mfst Nattonal Bank BblB. 

Barrett A. Nelson, M. D. 

Surgery Ob&tctrlci 

O. M. HcUwn, M. D. 
latortial M sd i aii ii 
lU S. Vmrtb St 
Office sin R«a. S3ll>41tl 

W. M. Reitsel, M. D. 
OenMal Pnotioe X'Ray 

Pii. ttu r ".'..1. f 

Ulrich Bidg. 


Dr. G. Robert AlUngtaam 

Ovir CoilllB Booil 


Ita-. D. C. AniUtiMI 

laot-A llMo 

Dr. Lowell Crelghton 
Oeoeral frwtlM of Oantlitey 

130 8. 4th St, 

Dr. C. R. Fiiuliton 

Dickinson Bide. 

Ph. MM 

Dr. C. W. JoOajr 

Omta! Surgeon 

Roonu 30-31 iririch Bldg. Ph. 

Dnion tfattanal Bank 

Phone 2M5 


Dr. Vkter K Salliy 

X-Ray Bervlet - Ollon Treatment 
313 8. Itti EMal mi 

Dr. B* Ir. FInlUA 
Complete X-Rar and 

Mrrieo Hune la 

O(floo41t ftgmta 

Pti. Mtt 

Or. I. S. JohnMn 





Plan Mkl*we#k 
Church Fetes 
Far Fr^hm^ 

To G«t Acqmiaitdl 
At Mixi^Af Picnitt 

A mid-week program of 

Jhurch activities for Kansfta 
Itate students gets off to* 
Alght to a rushing itart with 
«iJ|«n, jwrtleB, aod i«l-l0- 

Tli« Methodltt Clwfeh 

flans a mixer ton^t at 
:80 at the cburclt which 
will be a Worlds Pair Party 
with Betty Lou Maupin In 
charge. Starting Wednesday 
tbrot^ Saturday evenlngB 
from « to 8 o'eloek. a mtIh 

?( new studeot dlnaen will 
e it WMl«]r nm, lUl Fftlr- 
vt«w. All ii«w HMlMdM Hu- 
4entB will recetve ttiTitattona 
to cme of the dinners. 

A young ptopte's depuinwnt 
meeting wUl be WedHMday evening, 
and various committee and cabinet 
nu t Uiigt held during the week. The 
40Clal program will begin on Mon- 
$my evening, September 18. 

The Catholic church wm have a 
gtneral student mixer September IB. 

Small g' oup meetings in the bcxne 
ot Dr A. M. Reed, pastor of the 
United Presbyterian church will be 
on Monday, Tue.iday and Thursday 
•venings, with a mixer on Septem- 
ber 18 

Ttierr will l>o a chance (or Con- 
gregational prrlerence students to 
iKCome acquainted at a freshman 
mixer on Monday night at 7:30. The 
party will be In the church. 

A Baptist picnic and hike will be 
Wedneiiday evening and itudents 
wishing to attend wUl meet at DOC- 
tot HoltB'i bome «t 9 o'dodc. 

Kansas State horn Vm^ • • • 

tWy SUy U» or 

To a Manly Prayer 

A bunch of txs horns and fireside girls are sitting out in front of the 
Palace getting curb service for a coke so we won't have to go inside and | 
lit vm$mt lu)«w ttwt w» tort Mir aUun wIm 

tiaaOf hit oo ■ 

FlelHi* feff* Hp file MMo- 
•f UN KM imemij irito n- 
dariiif the satniBer 
umbUis. The irtnp reprceenb 
Bwnj ether vaUUndlng leaders 
wh* ira iMlTtac tor Mter pHl- 

lo«s of their initiative and In- 
■plratton wUl be felt by the cot- 
Itfe is KUwUir rceofnlMd by 


an iMt ted a 

taualc Weod tn tlmn. 
chaiKB to dhierfi s taw ttf the 

goodlr |T«tq> of stats tliat «l lata 
inhabit the walk in tmak af the 
Palace eome nightfall. 
HnMB gateaite 

We wonder back and forth tor 
awhile as to whether or not th»e 
male morsels are human and finally 
decide to find out. Taking advan- 
tage oi our Joumall^ttc training, we 
srab pencil and paper, open the 
car door and knock two of them Hat 
on their faces ih.'V have been 
sitting on our ruiuiing board un- 
known to us. We breezt over to a 
■roup of the Ufrtlc pBastw flowers 
who seem to ^ beNSi|-<tami Vm 

"Bow flonat" we a^. 

"Kmv com£ iihat?" oii^ of them 

ventures to gulp, blushing to thei 
top of his toupee | 
"'How com; those side-ljumsT" i 
"Oh, those." tie says modestly.' 
"Everyone wean sUrtnims in Po- 
dimk oeotar. TltiylM pcMttlKrily ttie 

•tawt diCret. TMs 

U» tsmttaa 
ftwoMlHit m 

m are aoniNdNil so wt wander 
(a to tm aMmitIf fluuela *>an lAo 
u ttilf time an liflns lOQd imita- 
'atifwii of ctgar stne r fn Uaf* 

' HMr come? 

"UibT" they 

"Bour em* that ml aittii ddit 
witb tfaa puEple pain traes and tba 

"tnii." tbv aan ewttadly. 

"We auppoK youll play lootbatl 
for dtar old KanMs State, ,vou great 
Ug stlent apMf " 

"Ufh." one of them bursts forth, 

eyes aglow. We •-(■■..iii' i!-;: -v ^ 



"BOW tmt ttMl vhmmw 


' Oh. those." he says disdainfully. 
"Uy mother was trlghtMwd bf a 


"Wlmt course you going to taka^ 
Jce? " we ask kindly. 

"Ifame alat Joe," he says bright- 
ly. "Alnt decided ylt. Ucbc agrl- 

"WeTa anta nl 

•^di, Joe, Hint 
about the wacf" 

• What »-arf'> lit mn waaaOy. 
with that va fat aa «ar Mtrtfa 
and ride awajr. 
They get worse fnnr SWII ,' 

Oe^iarado sttta ccttiit 
Vtok al 

o|nMd with how ' eouMaria^^MBg 

rAaitla of Ot^wa and 
jbe Stat* Baatd «f 
«aye an 


rUi Year's Demas 

aneaklnt all laoocds. Ota pWimer 
icfeool vi SMwaa ttata ««llaj»/|ra. 

« laaMcj' af 
it li^lfr «r 
Science defMea, Iwo. |l9al»r «f; 


Athletic riirectoT Hike T. 
has aees WBdcat attdttM j 

Patronto. Collesinr. A^!v(?rtiserel 

of oommeroe Issued the foUowini 

to the students enrolling in Kan- 
motCH- cart, riding bicycles, scootm 

Officials Urge Students 
To Ikive Witii Cire 

tli^ Mitity aondkl of tba 
Mlatln yaataidar, wtdsb la an 
Ha State to ina eauUao fa ditvbif 
and walking in the strNii flf agHl> 
hattan. The appeal: 

■Approximately 3500 students, 
many of them strangers to tTIe 
community and Its problems and 
laws, will have moved in on the 
city In th? next few hours. With 
them will come many motor cars. 
The drivers of these cars come 
from many different communities 
and have probably learned to ob- 
serve traffic rules that an tiAt en- 
tirely applicable to tiUa tflgr. 
Simple Traffle Laws 

"Uanhattan, fcrtnaatiljr a»i«h, 
does not have too many bivolved 
traffic laws. All that is required In 
tble clt; is that the driver (as well 
as the pedestrian) t^rve tba ordl-- 
aary rules oT the road. Reding on 
any street or under any condition 
Is taboo and violators win be rat)- 
Ject to arrest and psoalty. Speed- 
li« to Manhatun li unsati driving. 
tan drtver or a molar vu knows 
whether or not be Is ipaedftit. Stop 
•tola have been carefully ptaoad to 
protect tiattle. TlMsr nmt ba .<^ 
atnad. atop atcna mean J tut What 

of tha 

dMti, la that tkar wm fm to fbtir 
aan wUh th^ frtands and ride 
ftoders and mantnt boards. This 
ll a Ugh^ haaHdooi praotlaa and 
ti tmnad span hi liantattan. m 
tMt It ia » vMiatlon of law. 

di'iwa and 


Manhattan has ai 

fact aafcty neoM. OUIjr ana stu- 

"AttmtiQn u dttaHaii la tlia 
congestion In tba timnadlata ed 

lege area. Narrow streets, lined on 
stda wltb parked aaia. vm- 

and pedestrians. St&denttf ItioeH 
l>e especially careful m the Aggle- 
vUle buttneea district. The comer 
Just gft tba eamnus is particularly 
danferous one as bundiads at 
motor cars and thousands of pe- 
destrlana of neoawlty travel 
tbRNN^ tUa «MMet dalir. 

"Riding of hici^Us and scooters 
Is nefiUent excnlse and If aU rid- 
ers uae aatttlon and courtoay and 
aee ttiat tbeir equipment onmplkw 
Wltb tbe lawa, wtaleta naana UidtB, 
reflfctora, and brakes, and saar- 
cise care to ataytog to tba prapat 
podtko while riding on ttw streets, 
there wiU be llttte dtHMItr- pottUe 
riding is prtAilbited by iMr and tbe 
law will be enforced. 

"Enforcement of these laws mutt 
of necessity be rather stem so the 
council appeals to an to use can 
In tbis connection. 

tan's streets to many years and few 
have been seriously injured. There 
bava been only two fatalltlea tm tba 
any atiaeta to man than foui 
yeara. This raoord Manhattan Is 
«ctxerae]y proud M. It Indicates 
the^^^^llgrot can aganlMd tw 

oewaan SHHa on tba part at 
li n i B ll iH I » 

"M wUl ba mQ, 10^ t* 

that ivgraHniiMl MM 
ehlldren in tba alirt wHa 
win be on the atMili tit ef- 
fort mutt ba nMdo la ppflaet ttiam. 
T%era will be palpali «k tba wOuolt 
and wnmtog alina 


A Budget Laundry 
-r Service — 



Everything washed, mended and missing 
replflfced. Underwear, juiianias, tmr^ « 
cloths fluffed dHed and folded. Socks an 
bsndkspnliisfii wd fsM twwiili ironed 
■Idrii an pntmtmOIr llnUwd. A 
service tliirt ft •MmU'I 



Laundry & Cleaners 


through 'ilKlttter 
iriOl Qidag colon and 

Ted Warren, former Kansas 
State star halfback, has been nam- 
ed coach at Delphoa high school. 
Warren hsa assisted with tha back- 

at smm»mmv» 

J3r. W. A. Van Winlda nttunsd 
Saturday from a trip li WHlPin 

Patronise Collegian Advwtlsera! 


starts FMi^ 

25c TIU 7—' 

Then 35e 


Wltere The BIf Pictures PIsy 




Of Haahnttan" 


Where "OHiw-OiHii^ U 
Wida Mug ' 

TBUR8DAY thru Saturday 
Fiction's Viuarpassed 
Mystery TbrUlcrt 

"The AdventuTM 
Of Sherlock 






A muni 






'^Stanley and 

iSaOy VMasSiW 

Anytime 35c Every Day 


Dafir FranttM 

Anytime 9C- Excepting 
Every Day b9C Salurdays 

"ICoii(!R The 

Anytime ISc Everj Day 






Wednesday - Thimday 

15c till 7—250 After 


Studente and FAOtiltv 

The first time you're down town, be Sliic to 
»t(v in Mid t9» our insi^ niw fWl ly^Mi b 
snart fostwsMP. 

Campus Favoritps 

in Sport Shoes 

CMpt or leather solas. Tbu, 
baown or black, pair— 

Welcome Back Students 


far thtfyidl drBiet J 


Idtf, tlHsat<ir or pat- 


Men and Women 


Kansas State 

May we again offer you the TOPS in 

cleaning service. We are equipped to 

give you guAritnteed qiliUly 

At These Prices 


Cleaned & 



Cleaned & Prened 

Cleaned & Pressed 


Cleaned ft Pnawd' 

60c 30c 30c 

Come In And See Me 

Let Us Be Friends 

Department Stor^ 
Wli«re Y«u 9m tlw M^nmt flisti 





Moiidfcy. September 11. wm 

€i4 Privileges 
To Ninety-Five 
High Juniors 

Scholars Maintain 
'B* Average Lut 

of m Junlora ybo wlU 
ft ptvUefU" flirougliout 
bftft been an- 
St Kansas state 
who m*y 
^a«e are 
a "B" 

•n gmtad 


Ttioee who have earned cut prlvl- 
teges, by their divisions: 

Division of afrLculture— Merton 
B«denhop, Kensington, Paul 
Bn>wn, Sylvan Grove; Glenn Bus- 
Utt, lieBoy; George Cochran. To- 
peka; Richard Cope, HoUon; Cles. 
Km atnes. Kanorado: Dale Hope, 
Ptnry; Lloyd Jones, Prankrort; 
Ronoe Loos, Drezel, Mo.; Boy 
IfeOuiw, Stafford; Milton Manuel, 
Bavensvllle; Joseph Nimemaker, 
lAtisdon; Arden Helman. By en; 
Cbarlea Sanford, MUford; Paul 
aanford. MUIord; Henry Smtes, 
<X)urtlaiid; Paul Smith, Lebanon; 
Tenxn Smith, Bloomlngton; Llnd- 
toy Watton, Peek; CecU Wonk- 
Mam, aatehtMon; Wliuam win- 
Btr, Jobn Winter, Drea- 

dM; Albart YoinU, WoodMon; 
Ctaadlt Btnttk WifelCWd. 

OtaMMi €i eeglnMtliiff and ar- 
sUtMtan-^Mwn* satU. OnriMr 
city; Ttneant XUU, Fort Laaven* 

Many lostltiilioiis 
Adopt Avery Text 

"Household Physics, " a textbook 
for home economics students by 
IXlsa Bladalyn Avery of the physics 
department, has already been 
adopted for use by 3S Institutions, 
the ITnlverslUes of Iowa 
Mlniiesota. She takes funda- 

Scholarship — 

(Continued from Page One) 


Mstm Zata, im: 

Dynamii, 3JS0; 
Quill «h)b, ijffi: n 


Literary gnliHw 
lomaa, MU: 


~ Kappa Kappa Gamma, 

Alpha Delta PI, t,50S; 

DelU Delta Delta, l.nsi; 

Ptil Omega Pi. 1548; Cht Omega 
1^0; dovla, iJiM; Alpha XI Delta, | 
1.493; Kappa ma»» IMh MM Tfcu 
Alpha, 1.321 

Farm House. Ifi86; 

Phi aigma Kappa, 1.670; Alpha 
1.483: Acacia, 1.4798: Sigma Phi Ep- 
sllon, 1.4794; Alpha Kappa Lambda, 
1.423: Phi Kappa, 1.357; Phi Delte 
Theta. IJM; Tau Kappa SpeUon, 
1.263; Sigma Nu, 1 255; Theta XI, 
1.211; Delta Sigma Pht, 1.200; Kap- 
pa Sigma, 1.139 DelU Tau Delta, 
1.134; PI Kappa Alpha, 1.131; Alpha 
Tau Omega, IJOSt; Sl^na Aliiba 
EpiUon, 1JM7; Beta TlMla fl. iMti 
Beta Xafipa, AMt. 


LMt; Alalia 

Mta PL IMS; 

Phi Alpha HU. 
Mdrtar BMMI, M»; 


Llndaboit: AMipb Uwi 
tan; Dtnnli O^lMDi 
Orfwla Rabum, Manhattan; Jebn 
aaiumn, Oomewood; Joliti BfltniK, 
Batbaojr, Ho.; Ddoo Sectdar, HUt* 
umwD: Alkn smou, Wl^ta; 
CaroU Way, Wichita; John Wmrf, 
Junction atf, Thomaa Woods, 
Btirden: Oail Besse, day Center; 
Harold Harris. Oeuda Springs; 
Clarence Powers, Alta Vlata; 
Charles Webb, Jr., Hill City. 

Division of general science— Ray- 
mond Voiles Adams, Jr.. Manhat- 
tan; Mary Ann Balr, Wamego; An- 
nabelbi Bays, Onaga; Kathryn 
Blevlns. Manhattan; Joe Bryske, 
Hankato; Elinor Buennlng, Hope; 
Katherlne Chubb, Topeka; Lowell 
(Uatik, Bamea; Norma C o a 
M^oment; Robert Cotton, Man- 
hattan, Franklin Ftynn, Wamego; 
Kenneth Graham, nxmlngbaro, 
Mass.; Mary Kantz, Wichita; 
James Kendall, Dwight; Ruth 
Mln(|re<i Bonner Springs; Carl 
Lats^er. Mea^e; Nancy Madden, 
IHays; Ralph Perry. Oskatooea; 
tPrank Rickel, Manhattan; Pran- 
ces Ruhl, Hiawatha; Charles Schaf- 
er, VermllllOD; Val Gene Sherra«V 
Oreat Bend; Nancy WUklns, Wlch- 

' Division or home economics— 
Dorothy Axcell, Ghanute; Edith 
Bucshtrts, Olathe; Jessie Collhis, 
Dwlght; Florence Oosney. Mulvane; 
Dorottiy Oreen, Wichita; Florence 
Owln, Jumtlon City; Ruth Hefty, 
Vall^ I^Us; Laura Berr, Abilene; 
ttanoes Loomls. Jewell; Helen 
, Pttebert <Kldlqr; Vligliita aebmldt, 
I; CHwa UlhnaniMeu'i'i 
Baaoor IMMU, fffufiha*- 
Katberlne Wadiay, BOnr 


Dashlnr hats In fine felt*. New- 
est colors. All head-sea. 

BoUliiB Bmutop Hose 
Wareliain Hat Shop 

Waraham Theatre Bldg. 

ICU Phi EpsUon. SMS; 
Theta SlgnuT Phi, 

Klod and Kemd, 1J»M; 
Aoterlcan Inatttlte Of MllHriral 

engineers, 1.738; 

Block and Bridle, 1.661; Alpha 
Mu, 1.644; Phi Epallon Kappa. 
1.568: KSC DahT club, IJM; Am- 
erican Society of CtvU englnem. 
1.434; Alpha Kappa Psl, 1.360; K 
fraternity, 1.279; American Society 
of Mechanical engineers. 1.274: 
Scabbard and Blade, 1.207: Mortar 
and Ball. 1.187; American Society 
of Agricultural engineers, 1.158. 
All Organ bat iMis 

Pht Alpha Mu, 2Sa5; / 

Mortar Board, 2.430; 

Omicron Nu, 2.418; 

Alpha Zeta. 3.391; 

Dynamls, 3.290; 

Mu Pbl l^llon, 2.046; 

Tlwta atftna Pbl, 3,036; Athen- 
tau Uteranr aodetr, IMS; mm 
HHna, UiS; QnUl fihib. IMT; Vi 
flteppa IMtft, imt Bod Bad Ker. 
va, IJIO; Xoidan, IMV, BlRma 
Tma, 1.7IT; Ft Bria Vbi, VIMi Am- 
erlcan InsUtuta of BastrloKl «n- 
itoaen, vmi Fia agns fUppt, 

n, im; CM 

COofia. IJM: Atoba » 

Fiii Ktsm 1^ ijt»: 
lAm; mtm metoaa, um; 

Delta, 1.44B; niiiiiilwn 
elety of OMl englnaan, 14M; Al- 
pha Kappa Lambda, UOi; Alpta 
Phi Omega, IJM; Fbl Kappa, 1467; 
Alpha Kappa Psl, 14W; Zata Tmi 
Alpha, 1.324; HamfltOB Utmnr ao- 
clety, IJOO; Ptal D«tta tbm, UM; 
K fraternity, 1.319: American flo< 
clety of Mechanical engineers, LIT*; 
Tau Kappa EpelloD, 1.3S3; BIgiQa 
Nu. 1 255: TheU XI, Ull; Scabbard 
and Blade, 1.207; Delta Ogma Fbl. 
1.200; Mortar and Ball, 1.187; Am- 
erican Society of Agricultural en- 
gineers, 1 158; Kappa Sigma, 1.138; 
Delta Tau Delta. 1.134; PI Kappa 
Alpha, 1,131; Alpha Tau Omega, 
1 039; Sigma Alpha EpsU<m._1.03T; 
Bcla. TIMMI Ft, 

On Pro List 

With qualiricatieos Increasing in 
•trlctness, only twenty-one students 
In the curriculum of industrial 
Jo'imalisro remitln on the Journal- 
iam profeoslonal list for the fall se- 
meater of 1938. 

Selection for the professional list 
Is «i the basis of Intelligence- test 
ranking; schOlarBhlp average of at 
least IJl m all Journalism subjects 
with no low grades In other sub- 
jects; Interest and participation in 
votuntair JotBnaUam aeavlUe-s; sat- 
JataotofT Srade In a mattcmai test: 
collective ottmate of the Journalism 
faculty on penoaait^, temperameDt 
and genaal apUbtltty for journal- 
ism woi^; and •atUMtaqr tn^ng 
speed and auuiuaoy. 

Many stadeeta passing aU other 
qnal lf l o atl aw i gtitmbled on the typ- 
Int teit «Udi requires passing a 
teat of M mlnutea duration with a 
of IS words a minute. 
The flnt senmter ist included 61 

AU iiwpcr elans VWCA 
i;lr)s ure reiiuested tn call at 
the ixiHtoffire or the VW of- 
flee toda; to recsive pair- 
infTH aaa iastrutlons for 
meeting fr«ifeMaa iMi la 
preparation tor ttw Wf Sis- 
ter pwr ty toMMiwow rt ght* 

One-tenth of an ounce of alumi- 
num stretched from San Francisco 
to New York, and cme-slxteenth of 
an bwb of tbat tUamoat viU weigh 


To Afl Slnteto of K. S. C 

We are Hmm to Mm yon and to hdp yon nttke the 
nine nnaiflte jmt tpmilL In Mndiattoii ai tnlogHikte 


um amOk m st 

Mar. ibna qualllli^ tir 
tyjring teat durtng the 

students having professional 
ranking are the loUowing : Enid Alt- 
wegg, Jeanne Amos, Mary Ann Balr. 
Harry Bouck, Helen Chambers, 
Winona Chrlstopherson, Katharine 
Chubb. Betty June Doan, Roy Hec 
Ft her. Jeaa CWMh, Muf Jtaa 


Ivan Oriswold, Alice HumnMOi, 
James Kendall, Jennie Marie Mad- 
sen, Hurst Majors, Al Maklns, Lois 
Robinson, Carl Rochat, ftauM 
Ruhl and D. 8, Quenant 

Rush date schedules were such 
that few conflicts with other ac- 
tlvltlaa were notloed by freshmen 

cant periods wa« left In Sunday's 
schedule for church acuities and 
ennlraant pettoda todar wfll b« 


Frats Rush- 

(Continued from Page One) 

last year. The shorter period, how- 
ever, will prevent dragging that 
brought forth so many objections 
last year. 

Only two more periods remain In 
the schedule. One wUl be at S:46 
this afbernoon, the other at 6:15 
tonight. Other periods in the da| 
will be neutral with no rushing per- 

Attention Students! 

"The House of Personality" welcomes you 
and Invites your patroiuige during the 
eiaiiiii^aiitiOQl year. 

We always offer the most comtoons 
atnlea to all oior petrans. 


Wlunttam Tbaatee BU^ 
&et 178 Serve Tou 

"Yo sho' ouglita see Matt 
Betton's new Novadiorde 
He sho' gets it ovah wid 
dat Novah!" 


« — IS P. M. 


$IM (liselnAsa ta) 

u I 

laaa: lola BauMc oaba; Jiuait 
Hotter, ahelton, OptwUa 
Btaailh Oiwat Bmd; aUaabetb Tltai, 


OtvWon of vetartnary medldne— 
WUani aommutt, Otclahoma ottr, 
OUa.; Bsmard Baabir, mktfMd, 
MA.; taark Oamna. WM Fblnt, 
Nebr.; mmn DadrU:, KaoMui 
Gttar; (Monr Udid, BUaaa Olty, 
f Rstdt Ueb^ter, B Dofado; 
Herlweather, Chetopa; and 
Richard Swart. Manhattan. 



<i«* 25c 

Pints .15c 

May Pardiue 

Theatre Tickets 





lM«r Ow Now Kalw (or Cdb Service, You Msy 
far BvHiis Ri^ BoQln. 

20 RidM ^ 12c each 

Wo obo wish to oanoiinee two new CoOwCilir 
leeying CoOege - Agfiedlle •> Downtown ovfit 
nunutM. Buy a ride book — 

, 20 Rides - 5.5c each 

Dial 4407 

MfMemmsmmm ^» 



WtsT months, Vantfy-IWii i^rtifto have been on the Job . . . out 
combing the style fields. They've bagged a lot of fresh, new fash- 
ion features. At Palm Beach, at H^l^jrwood premiers, at leading 
universities, they got faditoil leads . . . ana mm tHAl funl <■ 
fashion Is here for you. 

yatst^-Tm is ahead Again with fabric alertoew Ibal Is definitely 

wm , .. Willi niOildstliatloQkloKwaid aft isssl^^t^^ 

lounge elotties. drape clothee, sport clothss . . . every isShknt Um 

worth showing . . . everything that's new and smart. 


INTO IBS 00MIWW2 MOID rniA .... 


The Store for Men and Women 

y, September 11, 193B 




1939 Wildcat Football Team Begins To Take Form 

Initial Workout 
Slated For 10:30 

Players To Enrql This Morning 
Work On Looming Up Ex^dM 
And Flmdsmentds TUs Aftonoon 

PIfty-flve e&ndldates tor the 1939 K-State grid machine 
will get their initial workout at 10:30 this morning when 
Coach WoB Fry and his aealstantB send the iquad through 
a limbering up aesalon. Enrolment tm Cite tflsm wtU 
cede the mld-iaorntng work out. 
The bagv wilt li*Te their ^= 

Golf Tourneys 
Draw Staters 

fint "teit" lA the afternoon 
when they will be mibjected 
to a phyeical examination. 
At 3 o'clock the Hquad will 
suit up and go through an- 
other loosening up period. 
During thi8 time, coaches 
Fry and Wmiamaon plan to 
%work on ttaaoes and tfnple 

A r«vipw of tM fnndtawntala 
employed In the OMchInt cUate Uat 
Saturday afternoon will round out 
the day's work. TbB Rymen went 
through m&ny form of llnlns up, 
ahlftlns and chMfbit at the cUnle, 
u they demonstrated any lorm 
wialMd bg uie vMtlsf eoMtiee. 
imntiiiatelr fifty eoMlue fran 
wtous parts of the state were en- 
roled in ttie coaching scttool, which 
reviewed many football 
tals and tablet. 

Actual pnetiee vin begin tMav' 
vittt UCbt BerlmiiMtM 
the latttt pan or the 
Ttie aqtiail wlU wmA Into ebmie 
npMly next week as the WUdcaU 
pnpate for the opentng eonfUet itf 
tlwlr nttte-iMM entmliile 

Otptember ». 

Ooach Try Is riptlmLstic as the 
1939 season ciper», and he declares 
KanftBA State must be couKldered 
a potential threat at all times. The 
Wildcat mentor aee.s Oklahoma as 
the team to beat for the title, but 
he rceU that ttMlr HMM Will nOt 
be tmmarred. 
Sfac Letter Baeks 

With six lettemten retuntint in 
the bwUmeld, the WUdcata ahouM 
pack a driving offense. A hoet ctf 
understudies [or these backs ilvee 
Kansas State a stronger backfleld 
than last year, and this may be the 
deciding factor as to a winning or 
Vlosini; football team, 
t Prospects of a good forward wall 
X'^ bright as Stan WUUamson looks 
over the returning lettermen. A fine 
group of wlngmpn, two good centers 
and a pair of guards make 
the Wildcat line look capable of 
E topping Big Six opposition. Only 
the tackle pa^ttlnnA are worrying the 
K-State line coach. Don Cnunbaker 
and Don Munzer top the end can- 
didates, and the pIVOt poet will go 
to either Paul Hannah or Ken 
Htvmiln. A pair of powerful guanla 
- Bcrcile Welner and BUI 
win fill the aeutkifll 

Abeam Captorea fiBs 

Fourth Straight Crown 

Oolf tournaments during the 
paat aummer Urew ^V(;ral Kaiuia.'i 
State atbletea aiKt faculty mem- 

MenilMn of latt jmtfM Wildcat 
tcdf team wbo o owii n i f od in the in- 
at the Uan- 
laat month 
Toffe. Watter Keith and 
Toflt a flnalist 
in the toumegr, finltttof In the 
runner-up tpot at be loit te Ger- 
ald toiib of iCaAhattaa, tv en so 
boiM. Todi and Belttt mn be the 
nutiuelan en Vm KnM . State 

er for next yMii 
peted m the taumay. Martian was 
the tesot^ Mt. awn laat year. 

IX O. waaebe, mpMn and Sto. l 
(Oifer of the im WUdeat team 
waa also wtarad in the title play. 
Ba ma laat yaai^ tttWuddar. 

Oanlal Mike Abeain, K-Stata-a 
■ott eoaeb, adfanoad to the aetttt- 
ftnaia at fbe fliat fUtfM baton go- 
ing oat. m added anotbar crown 
to his Uri aatliar thto summer 
when ha ami tbe Oountt? Club 
tottmear. It waa hli fifth vletory 
alnoe t9ia, and be hat been runnor- 
tq^ five times. Tbia ywr's vietocy 
made It four straight for the K- 
State athletic director. 

Other Kansas State faculty mem- 
bers who entered tournam''nt play 
during the summer Included H. H. 
•Doc" King and H, H. Haymaker, 
both of Whom are seen frequently 
on the fairways. 

Passes Galore From 
State's Trio Of Slingers 

WildcaU Led 75 
Schools In PaMing 

HeriMrt HoUlnger 
The curtain rises on the 1939 
Wildcat grid season today with 55 
athletes reporting for the first prac- 
tice. A list of le lettermen and a 
group of promising sophomore-s 
hope 10 cure any headaches 
Coaches Fry and Wllllanuson may 
acquire, by frequent additions to 
the win column. Here's hoping the 
end of the schedule finds the first 
place tr^y resting In the lair of 

Coach Fry's first task will be 
U> develop a pii^>ilng attack to 
work with the cround offense. 
EliMr Hackney heads the list of 
greond gainers, and Melvin 
Seelye tops the throweri. Fry 
believes Hackney is 3, good 
pasiilng prospect and plans to 
develop him into a no. 1 ball 
thrower to alternate 'with 
Scelye. Elmer "Bntch" NIeman, 
who threw one of the longeHt 
pantf n In the nation laat year, 
(In the WasUtam tame} Is an- 
other candMMa the Hw paailag 


A fine group of wlngmen headed 
by Don C rum baker and Don Mun- 
zer will be cn the receiving end of 
the aerial attack. With this 
throwltig and rec?ivlng combina- 
tion the K-8tate aerial attack may 
go nky lUlJl. 

tba itoaa ef 
ti aMttar ta*. Vba 

ol ttw Ccmhuskeia, bat thay iMA 
good on paper. 

The boys from the Kaw valley 
ondrr Coach Gwinn Henry can- 
not be considered "weak." 
Good backfield prospects and 
an Inexperienced line are seen, 
bat the Jayhawkers, who will 
■ae the raxsle-daiale form of 
play, may provide the iparide to 
another Big Six waaon. 
lowft State Is probably t^e only 
team of the conference that is 
counted out of the running, but 
Coach Jim Ycagtr has the boys in 
high spirits and promises the Cy- 
ck>neB will not ba in Ito lose 
column often. 

The Big Six was well repre- 
sented In the All Star game 
between the College All SUrs 
and the prafcMloMl New Verk 
Glanta In Oikaga 
39. On tboeellcte 
en by the faa^ waa 

toudidown tmiaa. have 
the above title, . . Vike Vruiett, 
brother of Sam, has reported for 
football practice under Biff Jones 
at mferaaka. if h? can do any- 
thing about It. the Comhuskers will 
be the cream of the valley. . . C*- 
lahonia boasts an All- American on 
their sqttad. Jack Jacobs Is the 
boy. "Ilie Indian triple-threat star 
is getting plenty of early publicity. 
. . Kansas State ran» name Hack- 
ney ai a sure-flrt! AU-American 
also . Ralph Miller. Kansas unl- 
versitic's versatile back, spent the 
summer in a Kansas City hospital 
along with K-Stat^'s John Hine- 
man Miller Is still bothered by 
hLs faulty knee and Is not ijure of 
breaking Into the .Jay hawk line-up 
until late season. Hineman, a 
guard, is .suffering from a .shoulder 
injury and will not .sw action this 
s-ason. . , Paul "Pete" Fairbanks, 
former K S. end ha.s accepted a 
pasiilon a.s end coach at Washburn, 
. - . The Missouri line-up this tall 
will have twins at the end po.sltions 
—Robert and Rohmd Ort. , . Wed- 
ding txlls chimed last week for 
Elm"r NIeman, tba 
paw halfback. 

sports editor and telegraph editor | 
of the Manhattan Mercury since i 
graduating In 19 W. 

N';wman XoA received recocniUoni 
for work on college publications and 
was .cporta editor of tba lilaQbat- 
tan Mereaiy iMllbll lMIW-aitalnt- 


also of course bp stcrlea and 
tures of campus-wide Interest 

Memb«rs of the two nonaraiy 
journallstk; organizations, Sigma 
Delta ClU and Theta Sigma Phi, 
will be In charge of a table at the 
exit from the gymnasium during 
enrolment to sell subscriptions to 
Ktciupoo For thase who have sub- 
serlpUons, the magazines will IM pttt 
In th?lr post office box 
monlBg of puMlcatton, 

Stan wmtameon 

. .Ilea VttHMk OMUh Wea Fky 
and hia A-l Una 

Frank Root, fomar Kaaiaa State 
baskatbafl ooatih who raalgtiM laat 
Jvpa^ ma taurt r^artad en a iM^. 
ti^ tiip at Mg 

Hafnium, a rare 
before known to extat In any min- 
erals in tUa flountiT. baa been ^ 
oovered In the idroon 
Oaohe, oua. 

' typaa Qt ams ara 
in tenotoc today~4ba M, dodlng 
Bword, aabn and fltMng, 

Phys £d Grads 
Secure Jobs 

.Foimer Athletes Now 
Hare Teaching PedtkuiK 

A Uat (tf ptayaloaraduntton gi»< 
duataa who Ime taachtnt paatUoat 
far tba eenbit year baa ban rdaas- 
«d tHm the tatfaaiisal entoe by 
Ife p. WaSbbum, Intnunural 

araattff Job 
«l OKgaiilatBt tt grig alal- 
wafda lnt» a smoath-werUtig faat- 
ball naeUne far the epeBhig UA- 
off Sept. SO wtth Um Fort Hays 
Titers. Fry wW begin kta fifth year 
as head 
the reins 
at Northwestern, 
starU bto fifUl 

Latt aameatM's gtaduataa who 
have b'»n leleeted and their aidioots 
ate: Mas Kiitman, Portia; Cliff 
Dunean, Hoxie; Walter Smb^ ttld- 
; W. O. "Bunt" Speer, 
Patd Brown, Ra- 
loii Br^ga. HaiqMfiUe. 
Ted Warren, (Miner K<4tate atar 
an a«iBtant baekfleld 
iiaaoii, baa aeoepted » 
at Oa^boa. Bd KUm-sk. 
cake alar in Ittt and tm, ta the 
new assistant coach at Dodge City. 
Owfie Kiainer, guanl on laat 

year's quintet, is a graduate aaatai 

tant In the Kansas State College 

chemistry department. 

Other K'Slate grads of years past 
who are coaching now Include: 
Leo Aycrs, Newton; Don Beeler, 
Claflin; Charles Socolofsky, Hia- 
watha; Riley Whearty. Ellis; Bar- 
ney Hays, Princeton, Mo ; and Oren 
eUKier, CoffeyvlUe Jtmlor OoUege;, 

On 0^ Big ats fnnta, the 
taana begin to ab^ tm and early 
I n d i eatk m a give Oklahoma, lUaapuri 
and Nsbtaaka an edge. Oklahomals 
eoa^ Tom BtWharn taa flee mui 
for mem line poMtkn and two 
doaen bada returning to 
their crown. 


K-State% oonMMhn waa Iie- 
land Shaffer iriie playod in the 
pre'* baeUtaU. Shaffer playtMl 
on the ebawwieB^p WiUoat 
sqoaA af ISM aadar Lynn 
WaMaaf and hi 1S» aad S»3 
under A. N. •W MiimihiB, 
Postaeripto: All aboard for the 
H. and C, Bqirtal Btaner Hack- 
ney and Don cmmbafcar, K-Stete's 

fharafi beadaehca at 
The aoe paiaer 
ef retaiiilBg 

a siren ger eBtlft, 

Nebraska may be the dark 
horse of the race. Little is known 

Seam Tickets 

Go On Sale 

Prank Myers, assistant to the 
director of athletics, has afinoimoed 
that season tickets tor the 4-sam^ 
home schedule wlU be on sale at his 
office. The tickets for the Fort 
Hays, Colorado, Nebraska and Ok- 
lahoma games can be bought tor 
IMO, a aavtog ot tm far tba homa 

Fgr Pnunpt and CTaieful 
Memeiiitr Snvicie 


We will call for and deliver aiiy- 
wheie la Manhattin ter lac per 

Newnma Tdies Oa 
Publicity Job 

Joe Kawman is the new iBrector 

of athletic publicity at Kansas State 
college. Newman, a gra/iuate with 
the class of '39, succeeds Uiui Part- 
ner, who has acc-ptcd a jxisition as 
sports writer for the Kansas City 
Star. The former Wildcat football 
player tiK>k his ns'w pasitlon will! 
the Star June 12, after working as 

Staff Wwktag 
On First Issue 

The first iaaue of 
sas States aO-ac^wel hwaer maga 

zine, will be on sale on the cam 
pus before the end of the month. 
It was annourtced Saturday by the 
editors. The staff has not Iwen 
eiitirs'ly .scl-cteri yet, but co-ed Itors 
□on Tbackrcy and Dick M.nll algng 
with business manager Ivan Gris- 
wold, hive already Started work on 
Ihe magaiUne. 

Grlswold. .senior journalism stu- 
dent from Manhattan, was recent- 
ly elected business manager follow- 
ing the re.slg nation of Margorli* 
Hlgglns whoee duties as editor of 
the Ag fitudiant were tresponslUe 
for her restgnaUon ftom the Klcka- 
poo atalt 

Tha edlton dlieloaMl today that 
the aim of Klckapoo this year would 

be to provide more and better pic- 
tures of college students and cam- 
pus activities. The first issue will 
Include a large section devoted en- 
tirely to snapshots of rush week, 
enrolment, and football. There will 


by ISm 

2,000 years. 



An Cwn OmmA Igr PiAille 

Red Star Messenger 



Dial 31:M 

1925 Yuma 


College Cafeteria 

.Service at Reasonable Pricet 


Meals $&cved Dafly ExGefrt Sunday 
Bi^akfost 7:15—8:15 
Luaehfioii 1 1 :30 — 1 :00 

Dinner in the Tea Room 5:15 — 6:30 


thb mat i» nrare 
than ihiim ikmp. 

There'a a new wUcoine mat 

on Poynta Avenue. It's be- 
Intt spread for the men 
who don't believe in signs 
. .'. tor the chaps who say, 
"Oh, Yea . . . they want to 
welcome me ifile apaodiag 
my money." 

Tliafs not the rase In this 
case, MLslor. We're not try- 
ing to sell anything else 
ttiea a tnr an. 

We figure that if you try 
on a few Pall suits to-day. 
it will tie a long time be- 
fore you forget them . . . 
eqfwctally at our prices 
wiiich should Ik Just aa 
welcome to you a» your 
visit Is to us. 

Fall SuiU 

The duests can be obtained by 

ettlm mittng to lb. Mjms or I9 
at lA efOi!* In 

Patnnin CoUegtan AdverUaers! 

Befiore The Grmd Begins — 
Enjoy A Round At 

The Stagg Hi'll Golf Course 

^ — A Sporty 1 8-Hole Course, 
2 Miles West on Highway 40 

— Green Fees 35c Except Saturday, 
Siindaty, and Holidays — then 50c 

Student Mambenl^ 
At $5.00\paF Semestef 

Hubs for Rent— Golf Sup|;4i 

Refreshments at the Club House 

Enjoy A Round Today! 





All the things lliat go towards 
the making of smoking pleasure 
at its best 

This is because Chesterfield 
blends the very finest of American 
and aromatic Turkish tobaccos in 
a combination that brings out the 
best qualities of each. When you try 
thesn we believe you will say . . . 

National ChampiMS 

The NetwtiM h^^oa Guerda are • 
aure-fire hit because of their ri^t 
combination of precision, snap and 
amart appearance . . and every 
[you soaokcis a 


Increase NYA 


ThrM hxmdrvd ftfty-thn* 
lUnMk State stad«nU will 

ffcure aid thpouffh th« K»- 
tlonal Totith administration, 
according to Dean R. A, Sea- 
ton, chairman of the NYA 
committee on the campus. 

This la an increaae at 45 itudenta 
Dver Ifisi year's allotment of 306. 
Dean Seaton stales that thia in- 
Is due priiKlpaUy to a. larger 
inroltnent in the college. La«t 
t»Ktt quota was bai«d on per 
ctni ot the enrolment of regular 
lUittaita, IS to 24 years of age. vbo 
wm ouTylng at ihrM-fmirtlu 
it a rtfulKr teiudule, on October 1, 
mv. «bl(|t Ja aa Ineraaie of 14J 

B4aot onr tbt JfYA aUeoatlons 

fftudmta who will tfoehn NTA 
aid ■]« ctioien pritnarny on their 
nerd of the money to attend col- 
lege. Major qua! iflcat loot are good 
character and Rood scholarship. 
Most of the binellcLarles are first 
aud i« year student.^, though a 
few upperclaABmei) are aided. Up- 
perc lawmen who neeti help, how- 
ever, are urged to secure loans 
through one of the loan funds at 
th" college ratlier than to apply for 
MVA Bid 

To AU Man SlifcDla 

"Hw tatmatd quota win onallte 
w to pnm» NTA aid for a con- 

CoUeg> Via Maib 

Umnm &udy Ib Poputor 
Method of Education 

•Mwt lart ywr." Daw easbn aaltf. 
"AcpUntteis ibould lit aent in int. 
MMdlati^ bsr t}MM who dndn aid 
duritis the first snueater. I expect 

■ m'i<~h !:i:'r;r'r ntunlier Ot ^Ifdica' 

Few oenoiu realize 
Of the 



gfmilng in October, ISID, wfth an 
enrolment of one, the department 
has grown until it now enrolls 
than m 

tremen' ^ college credit courses aod away 
Btatfi] trom the more elemeniary one* 


edlNtt one «ouim mmatM of agri- 
cuitmMb liBdair tbn d^trtmwi of- 
fera Tt iOfftrant mum M of 
wbiA IM appUad for aaUege 
etidtk Mm Ha 
from two to eight 

The correspondence method Of 
education Is not a novel affair. On 
the contrary, such inttttutlonj haw 
bee-n in eiietsnce during the last 

half -century, and at the present 
tlm? tarty-four universitleti and 
four colleges are recognised by the 
National University Extension as- 
sociation. One not) -accredited In- 
suiutlon claims to have enrolled 
more than 1,000,000 persoru> duilng 
the comoaratlvely few years of its 
eotLstence. Tile value ot sucti 
couraes has been recognized by men 
ot such i>[omlnence as Calvin 
CooUdge, Herbert Hoover, a nd 
Walter P. Chrysler, 

The trends of Uils department 
follow closely those of the college. 
The "rush" period occurs during 
the summer months when many 
students seek extra credits. The 
most pronounced trend In the de- 
pairbaant M Uw mntamt ia the 

"The correspondence metta«d la 
•spec la Hi* suited to those students 
who tiave already had some coUefe 
work.' stated Dr. O. A. OemmeU, 
head of tbe department. "Because 
Of their training, they are familiar 
with college requlremuitj." 

"to the future It may be possible 
for a person to finish nearly all his 
araduate work through correspon- 
dence," Professor Oemm°ll con- 
tinued. "It has made wonderful 
progress in Uie last 2ft years, but the 
next S5 yeiKft wW tv 
the fbrat. " 

And 80 this lofant 
eanttnoit ta pow. 

Bob Briggs, red -headed fullback 
on the 1938 K-Stau fOOtbaU team 
Is coacliliig at 
school tlil£ year. 

Kanaat Steto boaata one of the 

most eomplete and varied aOiletlc 

prnrrnms \v. ttv nntion 

Dress Up Old 

Chem Annexes 

Matti Qapnrtm^ 

Considerable remodeling wock has 
been done on both ^hemlatiy an- 
nexes during the paat summtf. 
Chemistry Amiex 1 haa been com- 
pletely renovated In th? interior, 
with e new floor bavtac been laid, 
and the ot^ labs remodeled Into 
eight elasaroonu and altM offlcea. 

Hie btdUlm wlU tato mn of all 
mathetnatiot eUsies, except per- 
haps an overflow class now and 
then, and the remodeled hall wUl be 
kaewn aa Mathematlca hall, ac- 
coKUtig to Pm#. W, T. etratton. 
head of th? d e part m ent, mit en- 
tlr9 atatf oe tte diMVtaMrt wm be 

Obemlatry Annex 9, hot further 
work will have to* be postpoood un> 
til more money is available, be uld. 
Bo far, part of one floor haa been 
torn up to mike room for itllla 
and othar experlmantal equlpmeot 
wUeh requ^aa amMrmtua two 
floors in height, and the B and R 
is alio revamjjtog a clasnoom and 
la tllt apais, wDMft bad 

by the club sponsor. Prof. 
C. S. Peaice of the dcpartmcot (if 

eUfe tut lUI «fll bt aaplHotaf u. 

OCflocta wJU be ^aetad mad 


m a. 
|f,oao haa teas 
ttif the 

or MalDten- 

he aaya, 

tions frotn neody and mKVbgt ata- 
denta titan am be pimlded tot even 
through our 

Attention Students! 

• Hm\ Tieketo $5.30 for $5.00 

• Student Club Plan $16 per month 

—fStueUsit Labor Uaed — 

Pines Cafe 

1203 Moro 

Phone 4116 

Look Your Best! 


A cleaning process that removes that invisible film 
of dirt, colors brighter, stays pressed longer, 
ft 811k Di-ensca. C ft-P^ fSe 
(Cash & Cari;> 



A low priced service which we ca nasMXe foa It as 
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. W«ol Suite, C & P 4le 

SUk Dnmh*, cap flOc 

(Cnm ft Cany) 


Try our bachelor bundle service. It will surprise you 
hem cheai^y do It 


wmd WASH 

1206 Moro 

Ph. 4340 

oaattmotad on thti 
lor ig ail i, w have 
had to eoMlmat poanr olaaarooms 
at a coiiildeniUr Utfwr ooat. 
campus. nraquBiifly,'' he 
Approximately 13,000 haa 

Huffman Announces 
Glkto dub Plans 

Plans a^ ifemdy beUig made by 
members tit the Kansas 6tate Col- 
lege Olider club so that alt mem- 
bers ma%' make actual flights at 
least once a month during the 
coming school year, according to 
Robert Huffman, one of the dub 
leaders. They hope to secure fly- 
ing faclllU°s at the new airport. 

A lecture program for regular 
meetings, held every Tuesday af- 
ternoon at 4 o'clock in Boflnfarlnf 
12B, have Iwen denli«i«d and ^ 

aa* of the most valuaUa 
pndtwad ia tbe atate, u 
la oertalB ama br la«k of 
agsrtgataa pa r ti cu la r stone, 
project imdertakea to find 

IMttonlae ^tfamum iMviRlaarat 

fit tkai 

atltletaB.take part In outdoor t§mu( ' 
Ootf. track, and tennis an 


•hau laodwMd and m¥t iMU.* 
m^^^ itf MiBrtntt dMw tta 
IHSilMv leaaM. 

KSC Faculty Aids 

Got Of five indoattlal nteareb 
feUowriilpa in the Sanaas tndus- 
WoU OmlepnfBit R'xeaich pro* 
Ject wtibtiihad ttUi year for im- 
provfng and eraating new Kansas 
induttefea one to find "New 
Soureaa of Oonerete Aivregates hi 
Kansas," This project Is financed 
by a 11,000 legislative grant, and Is 
under the lupervuion of Prof, B. 
H. Dawley, of the *S0hA Mfiiili^ 
Ics department. 

Harold Munffer, graduate re- 
aasMh avlstant. will seek to dis- 
cover peatlUe locations for new 
^ pavfl pUa lo 


VVelcoRie StuiJei^ 

We're extending you an Invitatkm to cttne where 
quality reigns and ftlrntfll mmm W 9t m 

enjoyable meal. 

We AaoTieiale stDdwtt Patranan 

GiUett Dining Room 


mm i» 0uatwAix*s 

TkMi Bade to School 

Headquarters for School Supplies and 

Everyday Needs. Here Are a Fow 
of Our Many Bargains ! 

Studttift Lamps 

Gooseneck styl^ eaojl Ulth 
handy tray. 


DarUcht mm Ught Bsfta 
W» ar IMv only Me 

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plete ■ tM» loPgr 

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fX. tOc 

When DswBtown VMt 
with Pountain-l 
Comntoto lAncheon 


Owned Store (or Kansas 

Downtown and Apg^eville 



314 PoynU 



The newest dotUng styles ars 

suits, to tosnse a 



All Styles 
All Patterns 

Plain Colors - Smart 
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your cbolee In tbla iroup ia prac- 
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• t , ■ • 



j^Cxclusive! I 

It's mi ttM,ri« it Nt? iMt 

biu DM twimd. . . iridftjr t Mt in 
Um (witMn Mtd. wm m ma. lOmt 
arc the tif <Mo' JtUyiai vltii 
the beiM, . .tlwn Iht <MU Wftlk bi 
wltfc tlM lie «vt aao, iMmfei* Mm 
iOOttt (tad I d» 
f ) • 

itnAiw Ms t» • 

r «oke. . . i doet tat tt. . Mm, at 
iMit, todw )• ttw laat dijr. 


Frat Rush Parties In Full Swing Now 

BMwn't wen so many rushees with 
food looking cRfs before^ they £€cm 
younger and peppUr. loo. . some- 
thing i-Lse. . .can't you Jusi (mature 
1 group of sorority girli literally ' 
locking a "prtie" in the houie to > 
gat har "in" with the girls before i 
nuh we?k start«7 that's fnternlty 

■vMlelr, thai WKtekfH fliaw 
wm the aU-aeeltic evidence of greek 
WIMMllimtlf at ttw 

day. . j«ailiiM m ot * 
staiulliv io eWT «arMr wHb titat 
bsiuittng atKN, na^ to put On 
ftwHin on at anr mcnwnt. . JOu 
iMir Unda had tl» bmu #0Rlad. 
tflo. . .Utey kH timn data t» tlia 
rmitf and tlits apent a fMr vor- 
ncRnenta wondattav tr tt» 
wamt ruahinc for a ooni- 
paUttra trat. . Jant tt Cba truth. . . 
•van yoin* beat friand mnt tall you 
and you can't tmat anyone during 
ruata mA. . . jnatt atranded auper, 
par tiBual, and the ataf Un» was 
terrific, if you get what I mean. . . 
Of Counee You've Heard 
lliut "butrh" nelmati, one of the 
bett(.'i batkrleld men and a mighty 
fine biL.scbiill [ilaver, Us through liv- 
ing alone and liking It that's 

right . he'ji married. . .bill thels, 
k-j.Uite' fni4ineer ed. of last year. Is 
al>'(> "liubby" now. . .not tO men- 
lion th.' ilt>-iip of anlta Pini and 
churl:'.s rnmfty. sac. . , 
GoodiiPNs, Thew Darta of Cvyldi^ 
the t-dells are looking for cboco- 
latent, Sunday, but t«o-to-one, It 
won't hatven. anyway It'a « good 
Uea. . .happened to aee looka ot ad- 
inlratlon on th? maacHline "can" 
JetUen at .three kappa fiMlgiB, aat. 
onomlng. .pretty tlna. . . 4m In 
doalng. , if ya' kimr MV teelety 
■saitp, don't be too aaoMtw. . .boc. 

Limit Dates To 


Two Per Rushee 

Fraternity Leaders Express 
Tlieir Honest Opinions And 
Views Regarding Rushees 

Hold Annual 
ISU Reception 

Preiihman iiudents were wel- 
Komed Friday night at a reception 
dtvcn by itie independoit StuCtont 
T^lon members, Between §M and 

10 a cluck about "ffi fteduien iMted 

1 he ISU ho'jse Where they were serv- 
Tiunch and cookies from a purine 
»\-Ki White refreshment taUe. A 
white football f (Mined ttia eantar* 
piece and purple and white atream- 
ers led to the Uble tiom the com* 
era of the room. In the bajeraant 
wa^i a cardboard fooUiall field bttUt 
on a table. Dean Van Zile. Mr, and 
Mrs. Wayne Muon, chaperonet of 
the houite, and Oaear Hflftir. adttnt 
vtce-presideni of the agfanlwtioit, 
1 ecelved the guests. 

LSU activities continued with a 
receptions Saturday night and Sun- 
day afternoon for freshmen, and 
open hou.sM tonight and tomorrow 
night for all .stu<l"nt.s. All members 
and those<^ In Joining will 
be liivlt«d to the annual IflU wat- 
ermelup feed Saturday at 5:30. This 
event is the of a series of ao- 
elKl acUviUes given tbrougbottt the 

at Katuaa Stale coUage haralded 
rud} w»A Saturday oiomtnr with 
thm datM aetwdulod for ti« day. 
All the rratarnl^ nA aaplalnt and 

panhellenle representatives have as 
their otficial otftee the basement in 
the palaoe at AMMviQe and f^m 
all evldewe the weather predictions 
In ttat particular locality were 
eOtdar with increasing cloudiness 
prataUy ending m a frigid atata by 
4hla evantng, fbufaeat waraaflowed 
to attnd four tumottont Mnday In- 
elMbng dinner at nom and evening 
with ftftamoon and after-dinner 
dale* clao aeeeptaUa and, rush 
wvek doaaa at l:U tbia evening af- 
tar two datea fix- today. Contrary to 
ttw Vtumi Idea and dsonvtlons pre- 
valUnf ait vartouis sormty rush par- 
ties the frats follow along more 
masculine lines with only meals und 
smoker.s portraying no set theme 
But How Dixis A RoAec 

a pledge T After keeping one date 
with each fraternity with which he 
lius da tea, he may then give out bia 
preference fprovidlng he bas a hidl) 
and sign the pledge sUp, llUa la the 
official all|» end attw aipitBg the 
rusbee can not break his preference 
undo- the penalty of waWnc one 
calendar year btCon plediiot an- 
other fraternity. After Kgntog tttls 
■Up, the pledie majr than teMk all 
otbar 4^Hm l» In 
Vie M Taw 

the varied and different opinions of 
several fraternity rush captains and 

AJ Mitchell. Big Ep. wiien asked 
about the rushees said. "I haven't 
seen anyl No fooling, we're com- 
pletely baffledl" 

Robert Joyce, Beta Kappa, said 
they were a much better group of 
men and rush week seems to be 
leas of a strain due to a shorter 
period of ntshlnc tlnii and only 
two datea ieatoad of ttttw with each 
mShee. - • 

-talph Robtfta. Thtta XI. atimed 
to think a truer PanbdIMAs *Jrlt 
prevailed but added, '^ewl HI be 
glad when m tSt overl" 

Bob Kaufuaa Mgna mi, aaU he 
abo badnt aeen many of 9w rwh- 
««s but djdr added that tWy aann- 
ed a ftafe bunch of treahman fMm 
what he bad notlead. H* added that 
he detlnltdy diiUked the idea of not 
wfieaUnt to your beat friend durinc 
ntdi widi and muOm that It was 
diaogimfMHnI to ttM Imt Fanhd- 
lanic iqiMt. 

Tom "itMikle, Pht aig, t^itilf the 
bova am b«tt« tmtemlty material. 
Be aald tliat he aitrdy waa opposed 
to tlM Wi;a of a Oimit ruah week 
with ontr.twft datea avaOaUe with 
aaeh boy ^Um It didtf t give either 
the niiboo of the actives a chance 

to really become well anou^ 
acquainted to make a decision. 

MarceUe Wheatiey. Kappa Sig, 
confessed it seemed like the same 
old rush week with the exception 
that there would be more rushing 
on first dates. 

JaeK Haymaker, Beta. :iald. "Beat 
looking bunch for two years. . .bad 
mistake of the two-date idea. Jte 
said he'd dellnttdy seen aome niah- 
eea. . .lim were M btqn at the 
Beta hoota VMday evenbif. 

Jobn V. Ummi, IMta'Tkn, mf 

"^ Dame Fashion Attracts 
Eye With Fancy Colors 

Alarays something nav,| 
tflfltreat. This yw tbo 
ft Obawinc «ftt Wilt 

At hrwht tlnA 

lt« the idH ot snefa abort dates and 
flnnlr bdlm«a that thU la the best- 
ba l a ne ad ftonp ot nulbMs to go 
throusb nail wmk. for a long time 
Oeone fltanwik, Bi$ Alph. defi- 
nitely doeant like the two-date idea i 
and oonflrma the mloion of this! 
taeUig an exgoUont nUhing group. { 
There you have the ideas of the | 
various fratmdty leaders. . . .who 
aa funr 


New Students 

Manha'4an churches welcomed 
K-State students last weekend with 
a Drogram of varied activities. Each 
church provided social activities for 
the new students, thus giving tbon 
opp(»tunltlee to l>eco>me bettor 
quainted In Manhattan. 

The Methodist church entertain- 
ed the freshmen on Friday night at 
8 o'clock In the temple. The pur- 
l>aM' of the mixer was to help stu- 
dents become acquainted and used 
the idea of a circus for a I lie me. 
From 4:30 til 7 o'clock on Saturday 
upperclassmen viMted new students. 
On Sunday, a special religloua 
church school conducted at 9:40. 
Between 3 o'clock and 4 o'clock on 
Sunday afternoon there was a re- 
ception at Wesley foundation at 
which KapiiB Phi, college won»cn'£ 
group, and Phi Tau Theta, college 
men's group were host and hostesa^ 
lat at 9m anndar 

For Beauty's Sake 


Co- Ed Shop 

Ph. 2020 


Tlie State board of regents, on 
July 35. raised the salary ot Presi- 
dent F. D. Parrell to tlO.SOO, the 

tme amount paid to the chancellor 
the tJnlveralty of Kansas. 
Dr J, H Burt. Dr. L. M. Roderick, 
Dr. E, J. Fl-lek, Dr. E, R. Frank, 
and th-. J. W. liumb attended a 
meeting of the Amertean Veterl- 
nary Medicine assoclattnia Itt 
phis. Tenn.. last week. 

Charles Moorman is 



It ,ik our aim to give 
the'bMl wUA nott 

both la mmaiaiMMft 
and rtpalrti^. 





4<ee«r«te« with Iir«l4 

"'tmnthwtt*' It's snappy at # A AC 
a top-kidt's or^l A tmart M Sal 

"tyai'front" pump with 
t(wo9 linl« rows of braid. 
A "Httf " yoiiil want tm 
ftlart wearing thit minirfaf 


Ward KeUer Shoe Dept. 

with a velvat b*w akd 

to a nsall ttmh, a 
Havpm^ Baaaart May be won 
at the nape ef Mm aosk far a 
aettentaig effiel er abam the 
bewv as a tap-kaai. 

evening at the church wlUi the Rev. 

B. A. Rogers, student iiastor. as 
speaker. Tonight a mixer will be 
held for old and n'?w Methodist 
studentA at the Temple at 8 o'clock. 

At the Christian chui-ch, Bible 
school was held at 9:4S Sunday 
morning with church at 10:43, Sunr 
day evening at 5:30 a fellowship 
hour planned for college students 
and at 6:45. evening vesper*. 

TJlie Congregational church of- 
fered a Sundsy school class for 
college students at 9 AS and at 11 
o'clock there was a special sermon 
"Conquering the Promised Land." 
Tonight at 7:30 there will be a 
freshman mixer at the church. 

"me Baptist church held a 5 
o'clock fellowship hour and a 6:30 
vouHK Peopled waatlnt on Bnn- 
day evening. 

Officers of ihe Wls<? club. Episco- 
palian young p?oplf 's organization, 
met at 4:30 Sut>day evening after 
which, at S:30, the first meeting of 
the Wise club was held. Sunday 
morning at B o'clock was the cele- 
bration of Kbty Communion arul at 
11 o'clock there was a choral oek- 
bration with a sermon by the rec- 

At the Catholic church Sunday 
evening at 8 o'clock there was a 
meeting for freshmen students. 

Oamma D^lta, organization of 
Lutheran students, entertained with 
a hike for all new students affiliat- 
ed with the Lutheran church on 
Sunday afternoon at 4 o'clock. 

U you dont belleM It, note ttw 
new long cardigan xweatata whUi 
are ataaost ftnsertlp lenffb. fliey^ 
tmart, fuelnating and aouething 
new ht ttaa Hae at awoalen. Hatnr- 
ally. Blip.o«Hi and tba plain eaidi- 
gan are stm foad. And have you 
aotloed bow tba aM^ters in general 
STHit quite so severe? Lots or them 
have a IHUe touch of angora or 
yarn to liven them up. 

If you're an individualist, you'll 
wear the new kii?e -length sox this 
fall and winter Discard the popular 
anklet loi ihts three-quarter fad 
which sliould prove practical as well 
as mogiah. They look etpeclally cute 
with full or pleated skirts along the 
aeotUah Une. 

Corduroy will be one ot ttw aia>- 
son's b^t materlala Oharyl Pecpsn 
at the Triple D houae has oiw of 
the Bmartest outftta in eotdtnof In 
a two-plcee dmss of beifo iuitel 
and a gny^rown OM. Tbo Ms lop 
U aoeaotnated wttb two rows of 
braaa buttou tnn" tfala year) ttv- 
m » doi«|o bnaslad aOiaBt. The 
rWwd OHdunr iddrt la fun. 

Patti Barnard, pledge at the Pifi 
house, sports a top fashioned dress 
with a hood which Is fur trimmed. 
Brown and tan are the colors of the 
dress. Pat Townley, jtist back from 
Switzerland where she attended a 
girl scout confertnee, plana to wear 

a awtatv 
buttons down the 
A new variation In the rktn stylaft 

wm bt tht kM wUb tiill^.tadi- 
•nd I* ttw Btant and HMt vttti a 
bow knot Har; AUeo Uotslwtte, 
lOGO. and «£afy Soberto at tbo DD- 
O ptoes haw thani. atitpi d blouses 
ar« worn with them. 

Now. no outfit is complete without 
a touch of an ornament or jewelry 
on It For sweat ?r.«i, the hea\'>' twist- 
ed teead-5 are smart. Chk to the nth 
degree sre these h?avy gold, brats 
and .-liver necklaces. Peggy Pfen- 
ning, nei*' KKG. ha.^ one of these 
celluloid disc necklam In many 
different colors. 

Really new and dlfierent Is the 
necklace or chain with safety pins 
and sealing wax, Jo BUwk batog the 
weamitf Om 

Most popoter hi tbo Una of spot 
dresses tui lt fall and winter wQl be 
the apart ahirt and b^tad sUrt ot 
Jeimr, wool or 
turbens are 
by Um Iqw. 

Tou cant 9 moog on the sport 
clothes this year, Tliey're .tmart. 
practical and verj' suggestive of col- 
lege fads, activities and desires 

Matt And Hie 

Boys Are Bttek A^iMn 
Ready and Rarin* To Go 

at^ aB tto be(i an hMk 
year we lost our InatrvmeBU, but this year we 
Matt announced upon arrival from a soMMr M 

Tills new instrument, wtii^h has been 
a little curiasiiy, ii> u Hammond 
Nova cliord It Is rumored thai one 
coed upon seeing the name of it 
blushed violently and said she 
tlwugbt a noraehoid was 
ctw itaMad ttoit bi 

Kansas state now offers major 
, work leading to the degree of doc- 
I tor of phUocK^hy In seven fields — 
! bacteriology, chemistry, entomology, 
genetics, milling industry, plant 
genrtiCB, and poultry geneUes. 

Iboro are only about ttw 

tbt mam 

aB o< 

im daaoe baiid to uoe one. 

It looks Uke an organ, but sounds 
Uke atnoit anythli^. It Is played 
tm a keytwaid ahnilar Io a piano 
and manipulated tqr a systeni of 
"gadgeu" as It wfll bmltate practi- 
cally any muakal bMniineet. liatt 
says he tMnka the beat tanttatlona 
are ot an otian, an oboe, a flute, 
and most ta the string ?d instru- 

bs No Strliigi 

"There's not a string in the en 
tire bistrument," soys Matt, "All 
of these various tones come from 

179 tybe-s that are Just 
tubes. " Wtten asked If he plaimsd 
to move It for other dances, be 
hisUated a tmie. "Y e. Tbat 
U we figure out JMt Iww to 
oaity tt «p and down tba 

sUt park In 
d«m ot a 
report of having 
rtoo rdi at both plaofOi 


in ttw band, A 
phons plB|Mr 90$ an 
eallst. Bar Stuwart. waa aAM to 


The Kansas State College OUder 
club's two «ngin»leiw ships will be 
rtady for use th!-> (till Both gild- 
ers were cracked up la^t spring, but 
have repaired 

The roving reporters cresd: put 
initiative Into a talispin and let 
bo i OB Mb od y «iaB% guMcl 



$10 (ur Two Daily Meals 
$12.50 fur Three DaUy Meals 
(On the Four Week Plan) 

— The Student Inn — 

Aix trmimff Mffiy vSKmsftn 

Mf N. Ifth Ph. M34 




We Thank You 

for helping us with our splendid record 
of last year. We invite you and your friends 
back again. Our bert wi^e* to you |)ifou|^ 
the new aelieol year. 

Last year. We received full payment of 
dS Heeounts. That's a real record. We only 
•aw one intoxicated student last year. That's 
a good record of anollinr kind. Weshalldooar 
\mft to support ev«y wor& wlule ttiuleiit 
a£Mty. We know tluft we^shaH tu^eed by 
helping each other. 

Thank You Again 


Stud^ Temperance Union 

for 60II1 Men and Woaipii 

Youll fool cdl^tlto^daati 

way* ia ' 

• « * Qo 
Amoricnn wift Cknr 
Gibaon . . , Zonal 

"Cenloel"— Two pfeoe 
foolbar flcamL IMal 
^oiiplfltte'' l^ii cM# > 
IM90 Brown. Earth 
BuaL Tuaran Gropo. 
■ritish Bhia. 9 to 17. 

Mla-Sharmear's new 
Ovar-Tlw-KaM Modcii^ 
In four own 

\f \n% sue. 

UMfUi gSIMt 

koops them up 
flaeiily. BeUe-Sharroecr's 
ImAvMmI lop-lo-toe 
siitnf keeps them 
parfocf-fitting, Atk foe 
Irav fot amsib, 
fertalts. , 

X a pair 


Costumes for Every Occasion 
in our New Ladies Sports- Wear Shop 
I Society Brand — Suits — H udder Coats 
I Cartwright P re sjB i F ormpJa 
Stetson Hall 

Field and Straem Sport<wear 
) Catalum.Swei^M* 
I Glove* and Purses 
) House Coats and Robes 

The Store for 

Id ttM 

Hi « 
It to « Mbit, 

fsttfnc hwM ud rtngung bm out 
M ttwt mml to tnmfle to tetti. 

•Hw ftf buUdlnc* and tte tmr 
phyikxl totenee buUdtos «m no 
bettn-. One 1 tmA nenr bMa In «nd 
the oUier I bad oersr reaUy seen. 
My mou^b ttood w wide open ttut 
the freshmen begin stertiiK In awe 
a I mf Instead of the varltuj.i sls(h!s 

Freshmen Have Equal Chance With 
U^erdassmai In Fiodint Classes 

Even a Kansas 

flOUege fresh ma 11 may have a chance at telling 
Idi dMses are cotuVHrtng Uu amonot at ebang- 

ttae nmlt 
of MOfftay tt» *hT''*T and jfiiyt- 
fm dipilttogHti tite maud hail. 
Wb*B Ikat was done, tlie biggest 

payroll In thf hL^ton' of fhe thw 

and beat and pow- 
er was employwl for \]\c ^-.unni-T 

o. a. 

<m Ac 

princ^Ml nvainptng 
la ttw W«t Ag 
BT WM «snnrtMl into i 
and tiad been uaed by tta 
pouitir dapartownt. Rooms 31, UB 
and 13>A wb^ wtte formerlir In 
tbe ptiyatea departaant wiU now be 
kgr ttie Mtrf department, 
m bM |M«B parUtloned off 
Into four cMleee tot tbe eeopomtei 


Ul, us. HI, 

IT and tl baa 
been dran am to Prof c. o. 
Swanson for reaeareb In mUllng. 
othr'i' room.'i vacated b7 tbe ptays- 


Tbe mathematlaa department li 
giving up room 13 for tbe mod«m 
language department. Att la ready 
lor use by the etiidant baaltti de- 
partment. A redUtUm roan bas 
been made ottt of A74 wbich was 
formerly used aa an office sev- 
tfal cbenilatry prefenofSt 

Miscellaneous projects which 
bave been completed and ready for 
uae are KMoia m m. an md SM 

of Knflneerlni MU Mr 
I"""*™' QogbwaAv, 
logma 3M and SOtA lEut mtea<*- 
han f or tbe acroumty dopartmenU 
and a putttton taten ont mmmk 
nmna n and H In tlw flbopa to 
make one Ug diMMMNn. 
partition was remorad in 
gym room 31 to InOMM 
for tbe ptayeleal ednoatlon depntt* 
ment. The bouaeboM 
department hts 
used by tbe eblld wtf&M mat 
tbenlcs departmnt vbkA htm : 
ed to 311 Nortb 

FMnniM Oo»e»ian Advcrtisfrs! 

These tw« 200-pannd linemen will make the (olng tough for foot- 
I Stale tbls scaxon. Bill Benley Ix a senior letter- 
ea blM one Fry's mMt 
. tt. M. Wkteer. wbe mmt tnm Hew JwMir (• stody tet- 
erlnary mrdirlnp played a ataa^ fMM In tbe WUeat forwatd wall 
lost season and is expected to he a W( thetor In the UM 

Senior Absorbs a Lot 
On a Freshman Tour 

The name of this story Is "An 
uppercla.'-sman leads a Irb-.-iliiiiiin 
tour and get.-, mi education. " And I 
do mean li. Since I was a sucker, 
or all eH^y miirk. or somctiiins!. ili 'V 
said to me. "Won't you help with 
the irc-sliiiipn tnur^?" I siutter and 
stammer and Llicy >.ay. "Vou woii l 
have to do anything. walk 
around with thnm and an.swcr 
qupsllnns " So I .'^uys. ^urc. I'll do it 
"WpII, vif stiirl and everytlilnt; t'- 
hunkcy dorfv till we get to CiUvIn 
hall. Now, J'm not a home stu- 
dent And thank goodness I never 
will be. But I didn't know l wa-s so 
dumb that I couldn't answer "What 
are they doing in there?" "What 
for?" and questions like that. Oh 
dear! I Just amlle sweetly and i»,y, 
ttw girl up tboe la « bfrnw «e ifto* 
Ant fen Mk hat- 

wbi A 

Itenee to VWrmUd and of an 
tUnai, Doetoa BtrtMOlb itots 
ViBitnc wUh huMM and it's aU I 
can do to keep fran aomunlng. An- 
cicr>'iii eonet nest. I think nn 

sale. I know alt about thia build- 
ing. But how <Ud I know that eome- 
one would want to know ftalt |oes 
on behind each door. 

Englnearliie halll Oh. how 1 
wished lo be a .simple lltUe Iresh- 
inan and be able to act dumb like 
Llie rest of them Well. I wasn't a [ 
freshman, but act dumb I did. First] 
of ait I admitted, that I'd never been ' 
In all tho.'se places; before and stuck ] 
I'lasc to the i$ulde so that I could at 
len tell them where wa wan. ' 
Who Said It's Hot j 

The steam tunnel was worst of all. 
I tried to Mall, but ttiey nld, "Ob,, 
you etn take It," •» X aald aura aiBd 
in I want leading the ntdb. "Jntt 
part ott the way," thejr aald, so I did 
you nay be sunt mt Mm X got all 
I could take of that m degrees or 
«» toiqpenturt I afeoppad ihd tried 
to w» back, bat I fotfot lAout » 
klda were SoOMring ma and they 
weren't all tnilda tba tmuua yet. 
And then X was In th* middle with 
no way to get oni 00 1 started yell- 
ing; iKirk. rnnd tbaak goodness, they 



Economy Cottage 

The Co-op Plan Is Utilized in Our Syttffiii 

Breakfart .6 A.lit— 7t4S A.M. 

LtnKsh 11:30 AJM.—ltQOPJI. 

Dinner ...SfSO PM.—7M PJM. 

(No Stmday liealgy 


13U humM Ph. MBS 



Tired Of 
Ordinary Cleaning? 

TTien Try Our Special Fall 


Han tarn •oata aan^ia prioati 

Suitt, daanad and prvwed .50c 

Trouaert, cleaned and pressed 30c 
Wool Draatet, dean'd & preM*d 50c 

SIdrts, cleaned and prawed 30c 

SSk Drataes^ dean'd & prau*d 80c 


714 N. 12th Free Delivery Dial 2118 

Individual Molds 
Ice Cream Cups 
Ice Cream Cakes 

lc# Cream Pies 


Ice Cream Bars 
Fudgicle on Stick 

Ice Cream Sandwiches 

. . . and at leading 

Drug Stores 



Chappell't Ice Cream is the "last word" in food per- 
fection. Our bulk ice cream indudat Vanilla^ Choco- 
lai% Strawbarrr, Aknand Toffaa, and Black Ratp- 
batfr* (OtlMr flams nada on aipodal ofder.>^ In 

Grape. Brickt indnde Ilie Vanffla; two-layvr of 

Vanilla and Black Raspberry; three-layer of VanUla, 
Orange Slwrba^ and Almond Toffee. 

Oar "oMcial otdbr" deparlmnit b lamous for Ht maar 
dmm txmllaam, Sii(di iiieldtm^ lloM,L%,Gri^ 
C^HiWf F i ht I IhiIIj AnrplttMi Ssnlft Oanti and Tniiiai^ 
luKva graead eoundeM RAmhattan taUat. Ice craam 

cups are particularly nice for larger teas and recep- 
tions. And really, you can't imagine the lovely ap- 
pearMice of our large, decorated ice cream cakei and 

Be mformal occasionally, "let your hair down" - 
do8dite«erited lea' craam bars (Big Chapa), butler- 
•eoldMOiiod onet (ScolliM>, Fwii^de^ or ^oMr 
made ke «eun sandmhet at your MSA pwlr Yon 
can saunter around with one of these In your fist and 
really enjoy life' 

We Pack and Deliver 
Any and All of the Above Items! 

Milk Chocolates Sodas Malts 
Banana Splits Sundaes Ala Modes 
Cones Bai^ Fudgicle on Stick 
Pints and Quarts to Take Home 

,< > 

>< ■ 

n • 

>1 > 

K > 

Chappeirs Better Ice Cream! 

The ideal food-dessert for all luncheons, dinners, parties, hikes, and tMcnws. 


RMBemlMrOa»TeMioneNimiber--.4441 4441 4441 4441 4441 4441 


Ttlt l UIHUIitHUIII II IIIimtnttfttTTTTT" '■ u siiia aaa I HIHHSM I U Il l 

Kansas State Collegian 

At iMt 

Ytimt SUtm ewi ka 

V t« CD op tn the air w 

Washington 0- K;s 
Aviation Program 
For Kansas State 

Official Word ReceiTed Yestarday 
Six Other Kansas Schoob Cbosen 

By Civil Aeronautics Authority 

CoU«c» ottloen lecetred official notification from the 
CiTll Aercmwitlct antborlty In WsaUncton jraaterday that 
Kansas State ooU^ vlll paftlctpita In titia dvUlMi ^ot 


PrevlouHly the aeronautics authority has announced pub- 
licly that Kansas State had been included In the program 
along with six other Kansas schoolH including the Untver- 
Blty of Kansas, Waidibura college, Unlvenltf of Wichiu, 
Kansas State ttediers college (PittslntrK), KansM City 
Junior college and Kansas 
State Teachers college, (Em- 

Prof. C. E. Pparce, litiKi! of 
the department of machine 
design, will be In complete 
charge of the program here. 
Profnaor Peafce has pre- 
pared a set of recommendB- 
tlons dealing with cdU^ 
courses needed for the tnUln- 
ing to be Hfiiit to the dean of 
engineering, the president of 
the college and the Ixnrd o( 
regents for approval. 

The Ilrat ttCtUin will be the elgn- 
liiK of tppUntlon blankA Tor the 
fUfhIt tnlnlliC by Interested ctu- 
dmto. Waoki »vftU«ble now %% 
TluiMini FMiee'B olfloc. 

A pwwqii rtte far ' the tralnlns 
wtQ bt Umm nquirenwnU— work in 
tl l t C PB BW tB r iOd MtWWtory {diy- 
riMl eoadfUen. OUuf twtulrments 
art ttiat appUeMits be at leut 18 
yvm and not older tbun M. An 
kppHiMuii mm In ak Itut B fMt, 4 
tosliw Ml and DM WW i fwt. e 

Health Exams 

ftudenU o{ the Ci^ege entering 
with advanced standing together 
with the Prwnmen who tailed to 
set their examinations during 
Freshman week will be conduct- 
ed on Monday, accordhis to Col- 
lege physician M. W, Buaband. 
Each studont taking the «xamln- 
atlD[i will be excused from his 
classes for a two hour period. 
There U one change In the orig- 
inal schedule as planned: thoee 
students who were given ap- 
pointment for 1 o'clock are to 
report at 3 O'clock Instead. The 
examlnatteiM u» to be bsld in 

Markham Sees 
Need Of Ideas 

Gives Vim At 




onktory foe 

tfomtm, tte BhjHteai «x- 

ko tte eOD^. 

Tte coranunait «10 mmft tte 
plaiMi and provids oootrteti to tte 
hwM IkMBMd Rirpcart niiiwiWi to 

initruet tte iladatiti. . 

The allotment of students to re- 
relvp I iijit ruction will not be until 
Tuesday or Wednesday but it is ex- 
pected thai not IcKs than 20 and 
not more than SO will be .wlOCted. 

Profpswr Poarcp and Dean Bea- 
imi. ot the (livLslon of engineering, 
will bP in charKC of selecting the 
etudenLs rrom the group of appli- 
cants. AlonK with the neceasary re- 
(julrenieut.s. .^cholarfihlp, class sen- 
iority and personality wiU b« con- 
sidered in the final .selection. 

The application for the train Insr 
specifies it must be under way by 
October 1 and flight in-iitruction 
must begin not Ukter than Noveaber 
1 or earlier than Odteiwi It^ 
Affects 11,000 

The progrBiu, iuithoriied by the 
last Congress, will provide for the 
tralntag of about 11,000 new civilian 
pilots In the coming school year, 
Robert H. Hinckley, cIvU aeronau- 
tics authority chairman, prcdloted 
that 300 universities and oollinoj 
will be affected, by the nx] of the 
> yc*r. ProfeMor Pearce beUafM the 
fl: procram wlU lut <t tout tin ytars. 
V According to Pearoe, ths training 
has no conneotton with tte VUtad 
States army but that tt wfil «tand 
br u an latarMtod ipMttlor «r ae^ 
mm U a *bHmaliai mOt.- 
Vtam beteiM ttet In tlw Mar fu- 
ton the tntntnc m»y nnet to the 
sm^uAte oiNnataooOitH aad 
ualTCnlHH sa a m ulwd eowrw 
•kaw wtth Infill and utlUerr. 

All ttaaHiii, ■MonttBK to Faaree. 
MD be flviB n teon of gmtnd 

nea » 


Three ifond In 

Many N«r Appoiiitiiients 
Help CTmnpleie Faculty 

Three more names appear on the 
ralgnatlon IM Of fieat^ members 
at Kansas State «te lift durinr the 
mmmtt. Tbty are Dr. E. RObort 
Hbmurte,' antitknt college idiysl- 
etea, who will bo iua awi M bf Dr. 
Hi«h u. •Mmr; flanid B. ttroth, 
Uutenefiar tn owhteeUt, moeoeded 
by BiiDMH Wanaaitn; and Miss 
Dorothy Manctaeter. laetnietor in 
clothlnt BRd tortita, ipSio !• «»• 
deeded by Hte Dora eil|Bl|M. 

As mmlaed in ■ tomnai IMie, the 
CoUeflui will continue Informing 
Ita readers on faculty changes. The 
following appolntment,s have been 
tnarti' and will make up for the 
ni&st iiart the loss of many profes- 
aors during the summer. The new 
fKulty members arc George H Lar- 
loa, graduate research assistant, ag- 
rleultural engineering; Leo Vaughn 
, BQW^IflBft. J'. graduate research ai- 
elnant, applied mechanics; Oeorge 
Kramn and John Sutherland, grad- 
mtm OMlatatiU, chemistry; Dr. Al- 
bert R. Hanek, iutniolar la obem« 
iitiy: hsroy ntutiman, gcsdaatw re- 
■eoRdi aattataat, dMslrtrr; Batald 
a. HnHer, giaduate raaeareh u- 
■iitaiit; Meriiii D. Oepee, gmdvate 
a»tBtant. machine dettpi. Rofua A. 
ICocrtlng, gradinti saMsalr. SHWll- 
ine design: 
Seooeeds Shannon 

Mra Mary Uyers ElUott, Inetrue 
tor In pubUc qiealdng Car tte 
demie lear uv-'io boeaaw of 
icilinatloii of Arot, 

Frate Pledge 
126 In Hectic 
Rush Week 

Number la Five 
Short Of Similar 
Period Last Year 

Some 126 Kansas Sate alu- 
dentB succumbed to the ter- 
rific three-day fraternity 
rush week that ended Mon- 
day evenlDg after a double 
round of parties and an in- 
tense heat wave had left 
them pantlnf for tewth. 

Tte dwrtw padod reniltad In 

"Men and women with ideas are 
worth more to the world today than 
ever before," W. T. Marfcham, 
chairman of the Kansas board of 
regents and ex -state superinten- 
dent of schools, told a packed as- 
sembly audience Wednesday morn- 
ing as he highlighted this year's 
flr,st convocation with an analysis 
of ttie opiMitunlties a college pre- 
sets to the earnest student. 

Ptrintlng out that all true educa- 
tion ts self-education and that each 
student must make hU own way In 
his eoUege career, Markham direct- 
ed the attention of freshman to a 
marked trend toward an Increased 
demand tor skilled workers of all 
typet, adding that the greatest 
career opportunities for college men 
in the near future were to be found 
In rmarth intrk and in the wious 

fa ttve 

short or last jmtt peiM 
teen ftatflnUtiw we tndiMM flB tits 
Ust annoandng pledges. 

No formal accusations have been 
made as yet In regard to any frater- 
nity violating the strict rufihlng 
rules laid down by the men's pan- 
hellenlc organization. Any Infrac- 
Uon carries with tt a ^ fine and 
.'iaspcrLsion of social privileges. Host 
observers Indicated acttvltei about 
on the ganalsMi as tteis ta 

_____ ^ 

-Tte lobe ol ttie fittnm aeeord- 
tnt to lUrttem, win be MIS by 
lite tew ttaliMd 
to (MPlWte on ideae and 
wigtnal nsasnb. and a ooOiw is 
of tte bert BlaeM to 

to (Awrve 

vDeathnai hene maktait; RDdtaic A. 

Anderson, graduate research assist- 
ant, agricultural economics; William 
P. Alhrecht. t<>mporary a-isLslant 
profe-ssor of EnglLsh: A. Doyle Reed. 
Instructor, economics and .sociology; 
H. J. Peppier, Instructor, bacteriol- 
ogy; lUss Mema Miller, assistant, 
edueatkm: Glenn w. Long, inatruc- 
tor, eeoaomlcs and sociology: Miss 
Nora Btie, tatnietor, 
Dr. i 


First C 
Meethg Tuesday 

Tte tes t 
nan TWOA 

held Tuesday, September ifl. In Rec- 
reaiion center. Anderson hsU. from 
7:30 to 8 30 Chairman Jean ScoCt 
announced that the first meeting 
would be devoted to becoming ac* 
qualnted with the functiont of the 
organization. Eliectlon of officers 
will take place October 3. 

Preshmsn commission Li a branch 
organiutlon of the YWCA de- 
signed to give attention to special 
Interest groups. All f recti man girls 
tirged to attend. 
The annual YWCA membership 
dflve is scheduled tor October *, ac- 
cording to President Jean De Young. 
Jants Oalney and Betty Jenkins will 
head the monbershlp drlre. 

succeeds Pnt. W. A. S te n non , mi- 
Itaer Prise winner. 

Robert RawjKHiser, Instructor, 
maiheiriBtl&t; Miss Marlon L. Box- 
en hard. Instructor, physlcat educa- 
tion: Dr, James 8. Allen, sssoclste 
proCouor, lAytlcs: lOsa VirgUda 

Markham's ad- 
& IWMlt pre- 
a few 
Ufa, ilrwslnf tte value of coopera- 
tion to ai 
be urged an 
campus parking rules 
regidatloas dastgnid to 
coUege Ui 

Opening vltb aa «rpn pndude 
puyed bf Mtai MscUmo, tte pn- 
gram mdudea a pttfonnanee bf 
Keith mauogford at Oabrlel 

Fauie's Impromptu No. 2 In F 
minor. I^. A. A. Holts gave th6 


roam mxaxb svbvst 
Rva 0Sb traa flMatjp 

Prof. TlMI Ii, 

fUdUMd a 

«l the 

ister. MMl Oonhr, Oorwtn 
Ftederie B. Waflnr, Ir. 

K. W. Davidijon, 
manager of WlUtam Allen 
White's EmporU Gaieltc, will 
teach a two-hour credit seminar 
coarse In newapMper manage- 
ment for advanced aud grad- 
■ate students at Kansas Stat* 
during the second semester. 
DavldBon will come to Manbat- 
ft mA for 

Records Smashed As 
4,037 Jam Enrolment 

Play Tryouts 
Begin Monday 

Everyone Eligible 
Including Froth; 


Cartar, Ittnrtn dark. 
Alpha Tku 

Oralg, Otestv VlaSm. lU^iaid 
Heaton. tUoliard MnOrew. James 

Paterson, Richard nwelL 

Beta Kappa— Jidin Atterton. Jo- 
seph Jarvls, Wallace Templeton. 

Beta Theta PI — John Bender, 
Rotiert Ftoerscb, Albert Hawklnson. 
James Hlller. Robert Keel, Jack 
Leonard. William Lynch, David 
Lupfer, Ed Morrlfon, Pat Bauble, 
Dean Porter. Claredon Slgtoy, Mm 
Sears, and Bob Schrelber. 

Delta Tau Delta— John Bowers, 
Ray Carr, LandMi Benny, Bill Holm, 
Lawrenc; Alden, Barney UUnes, 
Russ^ Sage, Jr., John Newman, 
aot>ert Smith. 

Faim Houfe--Clarenoe 
Tom Redding, Olenn Sbrlver 

Phi Deli 

Phi Delta 
Cedrlc Carter, Bugh B0|4. Thm 
Oiff, Don BaOnnn^r, DomU Kemp- 
l^onaid Phtnoey, Bemard nog- 
BUI ~ 

m Kappa^-fiaymotid Btduty, 
WnUan Bnrgir. Jhwo Doner, 
0«H«e Oerbar, Sobnt OuilToil. 
DonaU MeOor, AMt IMnar, Paul 

Band Stmts 

Pnoaies For Flnft 
FMrttaO Game 

Firm b.tnd rrliparsat, in prepara- 
tion for the Fort Hays' football 
game two weeks from tomorrow. Is 
scheduled tor i o^elocfc tbla evening, 
acoording to x^to tStmsm, dteetor 
Of tte band. 

Dvwaef Is fUUng podtfams in tte 
band as fast as suttaUe ^ipUoants 
come In. but u yet time aie stm 
openings in aD 8eetloiia. 'KipeoiaUy 
Is this true of the bass section and 
the drum section, which has only 
drummer returning from last 
'jCar'.s 110-plece organisation. 

the siae of the band depends 
ipSD tte baas and psieiis. 
lOBi) Oownsy aeea k ntfl" 
Mr band than last year, unless sev- 
eral more players report for these 
sections. Frcshmnn applicants will 
be especially welcomed by Professor 
Downey, who recalls tliat the band 
tn former years has drawn more 
than half its players from the 

* The tint and only ieneral 

tryout for pOBltlons on the 
Manhattan Theatre play 
gquad will be atag^ Monday, 
Tuesday, Wednesday and 
Thursday nights of next 
week, aooordl&K to an an- 
nouncement lata last night 
by Its genial director, H. 
Miles Keberer. 

ETveryone will be eligible to maiie 
appointments for the tryouts and 
the final selection of students will 
compote the play group for tte m- 
lire season, m^bama nwm be ra m»9 
practice with the squad bat art only 
ellgiWe tat play after tte first se- 

To Post Sheets 

Appomtment .sheets will be potted 
outside the public speaking depart- 
ment officer In Education hall this 
morning any may be signed as long 
as apptdntinents aio opn. 

Bebmr has aitaeWI for bis 
first produottoti to be prseshtsd Oct. 
ao and SI, BUMdwth CHoiarli "Ws- 
sourt Legend" a oulodtaaia of 

Jesse James, The play enjoyed a 
long run In Kew York last seaaon. 
Exchange perfarmanoes with play 
groupiK from the University of Kan- 
sas and the University of Wichita Is 
a new note to be tried this eeaaon. 
The exchange with Kansas has been 
definitely set for late this aanMster 
tte WeUta 

Three-Day Grind Marks Fifth 
Totd b 150 Over Last Year 

School Mixer 
Promises Fun 

Annual Affair Slated 

lml(ftf ^ Kan- 

vey to I 
Ing ttM 
sas Ottlans. 

Tte fin Hfb «eia: Jmta Col- 
lins. HMhi TUttn, Svrtia .jWcic, 
aai A a n a 


TTie Cosmopolitan club will have 
a chicken fry at 6 o'clock tonight at 
the home of Miss Alice Melton, 80* 
Moro. for all foreign student mem- 
bers and new foreign students. 


^HMl, IB- 

ga flaHny, Inalnieter, food eoonom' 
ICS and nutrition; Miss <xiad|s Uy- 
ent. ln.structor. home manainMlltk 
Two Majors Transferred 

Major Rawsrd 8. WacKlrdy to 
succeed Major L. R. Crews and 
Major Marlln C. Martin to succeed 
Major H. C. Dempewolfe, mtutary 
science aad tactics; John D. Mor- 
rison, tmponry assistant 
Bor. music; Leonard J. 
graduate assistant, shop practice; 
Dr, B E. Becbtel. associate prtifes- 
ser. daily huAudiT: Dr. A. a 
fltew. dator tertaaftT. 

asmna ttaROI, awlttant tn art; 
Or. XMlHrtM Kagr, tead of the de- 
partment of oliIM vaiflm and on- 
Dg. B ate i itea. n- 

Rank J. IfeOennM. Itetnirtor, ap- 
nd JdHt J. ObiWyi 

Paul and OMn t. Uater, graduate 
s fstttinti . owwiniHte taid aodology; 
Hertcn L. Otto, baatructor, agrteul- 
ttual ecoBonlcs; Iteoaaa R, Tbom- 

Heap valaa, FarreU'a Scrriea 

Newest . . . 

Phi Kappa Tau—Keltfi Collins, 
Din McMlllen, John Peterson, John 
Spratt. Maurice TJaden. 

Phi Sigma Kappa— Jess Bough- 
ton. Conrad Hake, Olrado Hattem, 
Marvin Relnecke. ' 

Pi Kappa Alpha— Keith Cook, 
Robert Haggerton. Ou; Jossoand, 
Jr . Eugene Snydor. Maga WQkb. 
Keith Witt, 
Sigma Alpha EpsUon 

Sigma Alpha Ep.sUon - Robert An- 
deraon, Eugene Bnxii;:; Raiph Eln- 
sel, Oerry Pish, Bernard Kuetter, 
Jack Kennedy, Thomas Lanman, 
Tom Martin, Robert Nabouis, Wil- 
liam Packer. Jaclt Sayre, C, W. 
Schulze. Jr., Lee StrattMi, Julian 
Sundgren, Dean Werner. 

Sigma Nu— Stank H. Banduvt, 
Jr., Rex Burden, Oteaager HBl, Bof 
Koons, Oeorge Knna, a. WPte. AI 
Llndgren, Jr., Bart 
WayM MaeSlrdr. 

Wayne Roarfc, John 

Plana for the buA thla f all an 
stUl tentatl**, but Omraifr plana to 
have tte band give one or more f^l 
concerts, some of whkifa may be 
staged out-of-doors. 


jeaa OBMm, otOeiat dtatgate of 
Ttato flIpM m iooiiaBrilo or 
gantaatloo for wmm,. and Heied 
Cbamb«», a nundwr, attended the 
national sonnattMi of that ngani- 
^t Korttamrteni mfvafsity, 

CaU For Girl 
Cheer Leaders 

Boys Tryouto k» 


More than 4,000 students an anrolled in Kansas State 
college for the first time In hlBtory, according to flgurea 
releaaeil by Miss Jessie McElowell Muehir, regiatrar. 

During the regular Ume-day res^tration {ierlod 4,01< 
students paaaed through Nichols gymnaalum and since 
that time 21 more have been enrolled to swell the total to 
4,037, The figures fnr the first three daya la 147 mora than 
the game period last year, ap until laat iil|^t tha incroaio 

IslBO. ' 

This marks the fifth con- 
secutive year tha enrolmant 
at Kanaas State baa la- 
creased, the advance being 
more than a hundred stu- 
dents each year. 

The battle for the largest division 
afiain wa.'i betweon general science 
and engineering with general sol- 
cncc enrolling 1,011, t OMS tttttt 
Vet Medldne Dnipa 

Of Die total In Ihp larsest dlvl- 
.vioii. Ircslirmm and 736 are 

upiicrcla-tsmen. Ttiere are ITg fresh- 
mati rngimm attd IM TOtwKiaa- 

The dlvL\ion of veterinary medi- 
cine wati the only division to lose 
.students, the enrolment figures 
droppinR from 234 last year to 3M 
Ihlf. -cmcK^ "r. 

Almost half of the total 
was in home eoonorolM. Aa : 
of «B women, Magxm tte total to 
aoe was recorded fw the Oalvln hall 
572 and tte 

Tte agtlodturtl (MMoa i 
«T, an bM»aM a( 4a ovar lh« < 
Pirlad laat ^ar. TMs yeai^ 
la eonpoaed of lis taOmm 
SIS mRMmaaaaMb. 

The largest danoa, tte 1mA enter- 
tainment, and tte most fun of the 
year is hardly an ample description 
for the annual all-school mixer 
which will take place In Nlchnl:^ 
gymnasium Friday nlgtit, Septem- 
ber 29. 

Swinging nut with a long Itst of 
entertainment In the audnoriiim, 
maklns a hit with a bunch of new 
games held In the quadiangle north 

Balph Lasbbrook, head 
e# the entertainment commit- 
tee. Is tearehlng for talent tor 
tte all-scbool mixer, next FM- 
dsy nl^t. The committee IB 
anxhnn to teve volinitccrs for 
any kind of entertainment — 

Mnadae CJoiHglan AdverUsersl 

stockttm, Thonaa Tl^rlor, Page 
Wagner, Jr„ Charlea Watt. 

Sigma Pht BpeUon— Vmboo DdOl^ 
otuy. Doug Gary. WllUam Ony, Ka* 
lo Shwman. BaeQ Kottfand, KMtta 
Klnyoa. jr., joe Ktrivatrlek, Hal 
I^, Kenneth UeOttlMt, Oclaod 

Tau Kappa Bpstloo— WQHam An- 
derson, Edmund OodIMp, 
Sager, John Thorp. 

U Kateag «al« i^oaitt inma mp- 
aUe feminine enthsatasts. tte itu- 

tnay Had gbl. iftiear 
helping lead ctaam at atb' 
letle events this yigt, aeoonUoa to 
Joe Redmond, p^ titalnnan of tte 

student council. 

Tryouts for boy cheer leaden «U1 
be at 4 o'clock this afternoon In tte 
K-room in the gymnasium Norman 
Webster, Cooney Moll, and Oeorge 
Kramer will form the committee to 
select the winning cheer leaders. 

Tryouts tor the girls will be Tues- 
day afternoon at 4 o'clock In the 
K-room Whether ot not Kansas 
State has girl cheer leaders this 
fall depends upon ttie suitability of 
applicants. Anyone who cannot try- 
out at these times, should make oth- 
er arrange nicnLs with 

A government survey raidu 
iltchlgwi fltst among tte sutes tn 
the number ot Its attrffUM animals, 
with Pennnylvaida IgSOBa Sn 

fornla third. 

ot tte gym. and fdlIo«inr'tt<ra>i<h 
te belt aU aetedl daoea of tte 
em be a nlgfat of en tertain 
that wtU dfitax tte 
sr ttM fas 

Ttm tabut will be sponsored Joint- 
ly tay the TWCA, ymca, and the 
SOA, and will be absolutely free to 
everyone who attend;?. Since the 
stuicnts have psirl their bit to the 
SOA fund and ttie SGA 1a paying a 
third of the coat, it will be the slu- 
dent's own fault it he doesn't attend 
and get his moneys worth. 
I* Chairman 
teshbrook, chairman of the 
aid that all arrangements 
ted not lieen completed but that 
tte program would closely follow 
laat years mUer which was attended 
br over 3,000 students. He hinted 
that there might be a Professor 
Quia stunt in tte audltortaun with 
prises for the winners and prol>ab- 
tjf a pietara Aow baridaa a number 

The games In the quadrangle teve 
always been very popular teoause 
they are fast, oMi te played br a 
large number of students, and are 
run by experienced game-leaders. 

Then comes the Mg dance. The 
Officials are trying to engage Matt 
Betton, Kansas State and vicinity's 
most popular band. But in any case 
the. students will find a top -flight 
band to offer them (swing music and 
entertainment from 9 o'clock utiUl 
13 o'doek. 


Ditvam ap (• rancU's, (ixum 

eUnai, wtltttwm, lamn 

teue lia* already started. Tbe new haaae wlU itsod between tte 
Beta Tbeta Pf rratemltr bonie at SOS SBBsrt ana tte Alpte DriU 
Pf aecerllT teoae a( SIS Smtset. 

. b to te 


brick. Tte taBdl^^ to of 


wH te 

the apper two nurle* Tbe first fleer wfD be i wisliaetoi of eak. 

Tte teUdlnc b in charge «f Ite i1b»i1 ctepter ef PU Delta Theta. 
and Oism J. I>avlds<m, a Ksnaaa CKy atennM, li areUt*ct far lb* 
, It a hoped that tte arnrn hmm wm te rsadg Isr i 


School Annttal 

Tte dMiiaB 
shows an Increase of 

brings the total to m. 

Tte tresfamaa tnduotlim progtam 
closed Wttti 

Although the enrolment in sub- 
stantially Increased the liouslng sit- 
uation Is no more acute than tost 
year with a number of rooms stlil 

The chemtfitry and physics de- 
liftilnipiilfl wilt have more room 
tliHti they have had Ici years. Since 
th- burning of Denisoii hall these 
dP,nrtmenf--, tev* 
aroiiKil 111 
Increased FadUUes 

The up-to-date facilities of tte 
new Wlllard halt will provide aa- 
c?ptlonal e(]ulpment as well aa 
plenty of loom for carrying on ac- 
tlvltles which have been considartb- 
ly curiiuied. 

The tlLst classes met in tte 
science building Wednesday 
equipment has been checked out Sag' 
many of the laboratotiea. 

The old ctiemtatty antm I wUt bg 
used by tte 

Rient and will te kooan ag ; 
aaUet haU. Ateot WANI Ins 
spent remodeling tte aaaiK. 

■nie new ImlMlDg villi tta 
lectnrt has rdeaaed some at 
tte taetun leam in Wot watan 
haU Which wUt te died br I 
departiMat and various at ' 

al Ponde" 


prte wlaattg X-State 'Itoy- 
Is In tte making again 
to aioeed all Us 
of lerav yean. Fee tte 
tti tte Ustetr of tte 
book it afll te divMod lato 

otter br 

It mrs 
fflrtrattg ef |Mh atadanta 

Gliders To HqU 
Official Meeting 

Tte lint offMal iiMtli« or tb^ 
OUdar elttb wU get nDd« way next 
Tuaaday in nam Hi ol BigiMering 
haa at « oidedi, Bdbart H«nMi| 
caUled the meettng. 

Tint cM>'a constitution provtdea 
ttet tte September meeting will te 
an annual one in which the execu- 
tive board will be elected, Bestdaa 
tte olecUon, poUeles of night attd 
organlcstlon will be discussed at 
Tuesday's meeting, making it v«rr 
important that all membos av 

Millers Elect Speera 
To Head Organization 

Jim Speers was elected president 
of the MilllTig Industry seminar at 
their first meeting yesterday after- 
noon. (Xber officers selected wen 
Bob page, vice-president; BUI VM- 
ly. secretary- treasurer; and Wll- 
llam Stewart, sergeant'St-arms. 
Dr. E. O. Uavfieid. head of tte 
Rave a nhort sddren. 




The KflBW State Cotlegian 

CoUtee of AfrJcultOfv «Md ApfMM 
Timililj ftnd Friday of the school y«r. 

M second-etets imtter at Uft 
jf i nh^lt i n. IfnTTTTit 


Dial 3«2 


Plus 3c tax 
h.-. »2.00 

Ptus 4« tax 


B4HMM Staff 

Edllor-Ui-Chler ^ - , . 

Campufi Editor i Cart Boemi 

AasUUnt Editor - Roy Swaffort 

News Editor ......... James Kendall 

Sports Editor TlUaler 

MSstant Bponi iSiltbr .... ^..-Hw liBrt SoUlmwr 

S6clHy Editor — ^jWntate Mutt Va ^tn 

ABslfiiant. B6ctt%y Wltir ..^..^IWy JMO OrtttttttJ- 

.IXamee F. Cooper 

^ley Thompson 

and tUohstrd Oech 

A Wmy Omi WA 
Ve^ifig Sitmtfm 

In u little room on the campus today 
lUnsaH state's Httle publicized, but tre- 
mAndouily powerful, apportionment board 
wUllMRlii deHberatlonii on ItoVr vm where 
to spend tin- fiO thousand odd dollars that 
annually pour in to the coffers of tlie stu- 
ileiits' activity fund. 

The money ia that which Is collected at 
enrolment time under designation of 
"activity fi o " Rfirh Kaneae State student 
contrlbutt'd $7.51) this fall: he will oontrl- 
iMte another $7.r>0 next spring. 

According to one paat board mem- 
intr, pei^Vtm the most important single 
item affectlnR the money's distribution 
ambngc the various organlzatJonB — ath- 
b'ticH. Hoy a! Purple, Collegian, Open 
Honste. judging teams, etc. — Is tradi- 
tion, or. "how it «aa done ladt year." 
Thb C&lletlian has come out In ttinit at 
tfr&dlthttia. true, hut not to tVe aStrt- 
t>ipnt or the student l)0(ly. It opposes 
liie anp"rtlt>nnient of tiiis year's ac- 
tivity fee Holely according to tradition. 
With all due respect to other activities on 
tlv* hlU «tid with ft ftilt realization that 
wbht ]r«a pKf PftUi ym don't hate tor 
Peter, the Cdfle^H humbly, but InslBtent- 
Iv, wufgesta another activity he added to 
the alreadv long 11 Bt of activities subsisting 
frf.'ii the fee. 
th.nt la a student lyceum oonne. 

Lon^ and voetferoualy have ftdvo- 
rales of this step talked in the jHUlt, 
and to point out again the advantagiBl 
to be Ticilvct! Troni iin extensive pro- 
gram of tlie nation's REAL stars !s so 
tltvch iiielesR reiteration. Bat perhaos 
ft ttugjg^bn its to how this might be 
hioiiii easily carried out In not out dF 

It ia generally accepted tlint $2,000, or 
one twenty-fifth of the total artivity fee, 
wotild MUVtdfe ti» ft really ad^uftte pvo- 
0hm. Het« Is how $2,000 might piis/H 
even more than adequate; 

fiy Two thousand dollars be set 
u»lde til is year as a IjKiflum stt^kUll;, tot 
guarantee, fund. 
ii) Good tftlbnt be cdntracted for a 

Ees of iitrogtftAis on this camptiB with 
rteilhlred guat^titee offered by the 
tent council from said ftmds. 
tS) Tickets be sold to atttdenta at 
nominal prices until the auditorium is 
flphl out tor one performance. If the 
jpiditorfum ta not sold mit. let the 
ticket sales be opened to outsiders. 
' (41 If in any event the program 
should prove unpopular and still a full 
House (^ouTd not be obtained, let a por- 
tion of the $2,000 gtnking fund be used 

to make up the deficit If the program 

does pay out — ^whieh in all prihabillty 
win be the casfe — the slhltlYig fand re- 
mains untouched and is saved for a fu- 
tuvi emergency 

One of the strong points in the above 
plan is the solution of the problem of inad- 

equate seating capacity In the atiditprlum. 
Under this plan every student wcbM have 
en opportunity to purchase a ticket — ^UN- 
LESS, every seat was already purchased 
ahead of time 1^ other students. In that 
^ t!ie pjra^ht,w)9nU aibt il«a% th* guiap- 

stm fuii-=iviiiBh b^inift Will ^ieiMhm 

— and the student who didn't get to go 
n^ould not be cheated out of his part of it. 
If the progratfi shotold tut^ om\ a fi- 
nanotal flop the guarantee fund #ould 
be drit^rb &om. This itom in i^Ut^ 
met^ m man Mud^t VbSy BOiUMl 
good on the deficit— #hieh would be ino 
more than Just. 

The above is the Collegian's suggeatlfMit 
for a solution to the jpl«bl<Sn taiiA)a^ thft 
8tud«at council and the apportionment 
bdttfd. h is not perf^ Peritftp^ It ti iiil 

even prDctlenl. But It Is a cdnstruetlve Hep 

towards au end that must be achieved. 
*- m • m 

Third Frosh Week 
Is A Big Siiom 

Over 1,100 freshmen have completed per-, 
ivapa the most successful of the three fresh- 
man introductory periods ittaugurated in 
1937 to help fttSquiiiut Oie troah with tb« 
campus and ttfa liel»^t{!M ^im^ 
work rush begins. 

Credit for the plalis ahd Iflne \»4fid- 
Ung of the program can be handed 
first of all to the TMCA and YWCA 
for the men's "yodtbftll Xiatetr' hfetd 
in (lie Staditini last Tuesday and the 
women's "Sisters' Party," an affair 
staged in the gymnasium. The 'Y' also 
stationed "ask me" men on the floor 
during ir^lftr^«»i to liavm iBfotma- 

To the Blue Key fraternity and Mortar 
Hoard, senior men's and women's honorary 
suciettes, congratulations are extended for 
the splendid way tn manyta§ o«t the 
freshmtn tours. 

Ahd fthally, Ih one of the most 
worthwhile of the activities, the Man- 
hattan churches may be acclaimed for 
their student programs and mixers. In 
co-operating with the tKfaool, the 
church haada hel^ ImAienBely In fur- 
nishing ent^tiftffuinttit to the 'itetw- 

The Collegian, speaking for the student 
body, thanks you. The claa^ of '43, through 
your efforts, have begtin e^^i^ ex- 
perience ID fine tRftbios. 

4>' • * • • 

K-State Reaches 
Amiher Milmme 

What of It? Kansas State students and 
faculty cheered as the four thousandth stu- 
dent enrolled Tuesday, but what of It? 
They cheered because It meant prog- 
less. They thrilled to the occasion for 
it was important to them and theirs. 
They were proud of this new achieve- 
ment. It ttt«Bnt IQIfiiWI ifl going 

Without progress any undertaking can- 
not attain its goal. Fortunately this col- 
lege ig steadily advancing In facUlti^, in 
Bliie and in service. FadUUes pw«gtt size 
and the bie^ier thte momimit. tJie more ser- 
vice It performs. And iwhrtce fa the one 
main goal of any educational Institution. 
But now comes the problem of pro- 
portion In else fth:a fftcllltleB. Fpr five 
straight years, ICaasas State has 
proudly announced an increase in en- 
rolment. At this time 4,037 students, 
an all-time fTcorrt, are matriculated for 
a preparation that will affect their en- 
tire lives. If K-State does not have the 
facllltfes to Piftfee that preparation a 
success, they should be provided at 
once. The State of Kansas cannot af- 
foid to neglect such potehtlal service. 
Yes, congratulations are In order for this 
important event in the history ok the col- 
lege. It makes progress evident and onoT' 
tunitles unUmtted. — J.K. 

One Ortduate Out Oi Fow 
Borrows From Miwd Fimd 

^bih than lia.OOO waa Igama to Stfc ttodoiti dnttiv Ibe^ll fttS 
cnrotmnit was learned today through ft atatnnent nade 1^ SMStttipy L. 
t^krd. Mcret«nr of the K8C Alumoi awoeiatloo. tttirlni Mst itnsinltr 
ot th« yeu- tin tunal ttib mtemt 

to espected to te reittusted by itu- 

tfiiJuwiAi tsut t& a fiNf HM jMt not 
htt«r-dimMr edavteaatiab to titti 
i^Mt or mOiim tote ^ttwtb..lSM> 

pnr Vwt PI VOfm WCSMMnQ 

ibe k-4!ta» Miiml eli^ by # Mib 
stnWItil inik *i/n6» a ptetform to 

«f Mcry four of Oww studMiti hu 

btMir«M« ilUfr eail4Pt #MI 
iBraa tba Alumni loan fund. Hwh 
ttudiatf ta ' mjyfti.fe tti ^iMpj^ 
haM win OHMflMid 8^ SMhriv 
t. md. WlMC ui HfUe^toii It 
btiMd. tiift diMtttflktit sMuSi fitCo 
hetidci. A tftd&t* tll» lisSlUdft 

kffviMMd, itMdfui^ iut bratir mi 

lORncf aiHMl tMAllRi. 
ICommHtce Grants Lomu 

All these reports are gathered to- 
gether fthd p^Asntki to the coth- 
mittw ^ediu^oMd of ff«^ lOc 'fte- 

yrixia|r. Se ptember 16. 1938 

the ctwnnHttwf anprom «C Uw 
pltoSBt, ha Ii raqoaated to dsn • 

pranJMf^ note, undorriined by hia 
parent or fHwA who [Anmaai to 
pay ttie Mkn wflldis a jwr liher 

grsdiutlta. n atky be repaid by 

9m. MttmVm SWRdwtib 


fsot tairtUDg In tiM 

gathered In front Of a photo- 
grapher's 4'indow In A^evltle 
starlitg at a portrait of UA 
"i^B ' KImer came andUnc 
d0tm the street— saw the ertJwd— 
his ^ea iJopiKd out of the^ 
soclc*t»— he did a qtitek about- 
face— and tore bitunbmr lb ttas* 
cuposite direction. 

aktid tlilnfet: Don 
ItjSiiitprtp |diot<>4rsphw 'pPouAl^ 
aaH^tfU a pbobiiraifli ta tt» 
OiilMlii wdA Vegua. to bnc Sbout 
the shot. Ih^ he dticoVtoed Iw 
had lo^dttoD to isAit tbb 

off tbe nitti iMB Db*-- 

nc^ and lift tftaton tde itm 
gaiaiA s tot of Uotoitety recently 
—but yrfn hs^t hefcrd anytfaihg 
atnut tJie fiihhook Ed Sam 
snagged In his finger during a 
summer trip in Colorado. . . . 
Pew KSC'ers wtre present at the 
Kansas Piee lair the other night. 
. . . RfldTo station KfiAC Is now 
blessed wtiSt 

Hgnoff: For the first Uib^ tn 
years— ftMldent p. D. ntmtl 
fiUM to mention the camtMU "no 
iBiwWnt" rale In his op«dog coo- 
VB^tion tueeob* 'Do#a this nmn 
m wtfliBrttM nat^hid a 
of besrtT 

For Prompt and Careful 
Messenger Service Call 

W« «UI eta I* ftiiit «eB«Mr iSHf' 
where In Manhattan for 10c per 
packare- PackaKea over M 
pounds extra charge. 

AH Cars Covered by Public 
Liability Instthmcc 

R«a 9lMt M tiiii ilg i r 

Dial Hit Vt» 

And TTim Agtdn 

Maybe I'm Wrong But— 

1204 Moro Dial 3434 



• •>**a«>l»tli|iiti 



Theatre Tickets __ 10c 


T1ic*tire TtckMs 



S. T« U. miik\s4 Rodib 

IMS Ikon 

We have a much larger enriUmeitt to ItiA ^ ^ Mtft ti 
lint year, tty our new sdVlcc. 

• • " -'- irnM ii i iii II r ' ■ - ■• .. . •• 



Varat Lhne GUai^hteed aU leather roll tf^p& UuMi 
and brief cases. Direct frota {icftvy t» ybit l#wsi 

Us^fy lltrices at rtftftA. ' 


1218 Morb 




Bttt Nu^Winy'* t^feiM^ aMdM^t 

^^^^m ^u^^ .^^^^^^ .^Ai^k iiiatffiifetii-lli'r^iHii j A-*"* 

wmt wm WHKm Wtm mWumf tliln- ' 


Is K7A itaMM iibor worthy 
of hire? DO ttWie flnanelalty- 
asikted students really earn the 
mone7 they receive? Moch pro- 
and-CQO ctmpus discussion con- 
eertw the gi^nhrte toIue of NTA 
stad'nt assistance— but the per- 
tlniot totilo Itts sever been satts- 
fbwiFOy dtodused. 

One ckmpna personage— who 
supervises the wotk of three to 
ftve NYA students each school 
' yesr— reOtntlT totd me he wu 
omptntiy dticwted with tte 
MtuA W the maiortty «t fhk 
anfeSbta nb gtt dl hk re- 

TBV WKmm dD UEUf ■iUM •liUM- 

ttitr iM iAm^ .to 

Btiidenta la a public speaklat 

dais were recently startled whfn 
th« profewor began tOMng 
cehis into lUHr liiNh WiUmt h 

dr not! 

Oenlsl Bill' Trout man 
Journeyed around the globe this 
summer. During his travels he 
purchAsed a bAtch of ceremonial 
coltw tn JbjiiKn. Stamped on 
cardboard and painted an au- 
tltonttc iflver color, 1he*e oolna 
lire burnt at a temple altar to 
Insure the mppooese-deputed of 
a Irtittbjr sad ptfoggn'oiit stay 
In a 

Tbe 4m 

first issue will be publl^ed dur- 
ing the second week In October. 
By the way, Btockman la looUhg 
for g part-time stea o gia p ll tt ' who 
"can Uke deceit ttmntlnlad" for 
his office. . . . Radio anMMbicer 
Jim Chanman Is a-buUdlng hit 
own house with bis own tltUe 
handf. . . Dean aeaton— he«d of 
the engineering ieparhneht— 
called up the Journalism depart- 
ment and told them to send over 
an Intelligent reporter. Be 
itreaied Uu IbMlMia" (taint la 

to tttb* that tbt bwway giMlpi 
man. lete Us pnh aotign •§ «b 
his beftd. Aippwtafiy-^ a n- 

to Ibe oUMr eztnoK. And k 


Of Cflilhh ■arigbi. bMi lodtwnd 
iqusfw cam mm i eoHir. If.yeu'm tall 
or IM b HiH »•«<■ Windsor tab it 

iMiHid mi* lAk 

•My fram fia blbt. Vfe»y HMtfl. 


Modtrahtly wida-ipr»ad, W drape 
coJtar. witfi CfllTuloid iniftrfi at colter 
poinfi . . . Frtnch cufh. Moil po|Mrlar 
oAhr Tn En^hind. ActiiWik AttH 
to|A(tticatM eppseranc*. 

Sfc^li^ ^b ^db- 
tw9f- swa a^ 

All ArtMv HiIMb fclwIiiihsA WbelA llMtR riMMt- 
ofl* l«M than 1%). Oat ywn today. $3 vp. 



OvferaU lOfe 

Work Shtft s ^«._*-.5t 

frolo ._^---.-lfc 

Stxjft Bhlrt 

Pajama ._.•_.!.-. ..a* 

4 Pr. Sox ---:.-v'6d 

% ilandkerchi^ ,_._v-.5c 

5 Tovds 6c 

4 Vttder»tiftt — _^^-Sc 

1 Shorts t^6c 

Wlifitt ^MiUMShi — . . i 6c 
Foods Uniforms . . _ . .156 
lltti's Collars <1) ...-.26 

Thank You for the 

ggiiiiaia MMt \m 

JsMr». Stew anil 
the Oirk 




ttUi 8MiHtaj| and 

i»b. iur, Ho^, and tHitt 

Cll9og Ml 'mam fii 

J. W. Evans, M. b. 
SpedaUst In treatment and lurgery 
Of kye, br, Mogft. md ■ffaMal, iytt 


Ifarreitt A. Nelson, M. 
Burger; Qfattetrkil 

0> ^ feMbenTt M. IK 

General l|MMiBft>«|(| 

Ulrlch Bldg. 


laCM-A Moro 

OHUfid PneUee of Oentlitoy 
OUIett mm Bid*. 
IM K Mb St. Fh. Mfe 

AH ArA* AM M NiMsa •<mJ 
l«f$ tdsn 1%). In wlulw and nest 
it ft and ttia AH 

2. Tfw SoMwt. a Abk JSnb» ihtrt lor Hi. Ids a Ibtr 
,wid»ipMod Mr. <;b^ 

3. For faU tab rfurft 
Mrdrofae. Thab 

Dr. Victor H. Saffky 
VKbfr (ftfnlb 

X-Ray Service • colon itiiaBi^ 

m m «b mm til 

Dr> Lt RpeAriflh 

tat Attendaaeb 


C^itometrlc f!^ SiwdalUI 
Oman Katftna Awk bU|. 


Frymen Start On Serious Part of Long 

Grid Practice Now 

k Full Swing - 

fky and Williamson Look for New 
Men to FiU -Shoes of Last Year's 
Star tmkmm m Ifae Use 

Tbe WIldcatB gtart«d their 1939 football oAfflpftlgn Mod- 
■ly afternoon with mi opcteIn| ptaotlti^ feeiiton. which 
Atv a squad of SO athletes. Coach Fry hat been Retting the 
abletes In shape with limbering up exercises and Hght 
nodliihg. The practieee liave been getting tougher and 
tdugher each night, and scrimmages wlii begin next week. 
A ^dck scrimmage was held doMng y^erday'B dilU. 

likiiMdIate attention to beiot ftvitt to ifte IHm^ wh&m 
Ooach Williamson Is a^Nurch- 
gi^ ror successors to Slilrley 
Dhvls, a II -conference tackle 
year: Staley Pitts, K- 
alite's honorary cap- 

tiito and ace ninnlng guard; , . ^ ^ ..... ^ 
t^tra Kenneth Nordstrom, the i Pff**" 

f«l09 a piiifttK tttSck to klUiiiAtb 
mOk Ite sAimd attttm licsdtd bgr 
Ktmift flfadEnqr and company. 

Jack daMner, Kaunt State'Ss otw 
basketball maault, tea bant ap- 

Wildcat's great offensive 

Hil llaailiy, a 9HI<ifiaundaT, is 
dlt^ to bold down tba Itft snanl 

giving his uresmt atttentlAo to the 
gridiron bttore b^lndbic coAt 
IHwetlce in lata OstiAker. 

pott, and Bemle Weiner has Iteen 
moved ftoia guard to left taekle to 
itam wUh Beezter, Don ontn- 
balier, niggM wlngman. mil eom- 
tdete tta? teft side oi the forward 

Leading the candidates for ttie 
rifht tadde spot will be Ral;jh 
Huffman, lfiS>pound Junior who 
ma the chief understudy tn Dnvl;! 
laat year. Joe DeBord and Ken 
Makalous nrr others who may s?e 
action In tbe laclcle pmttlon. 

A number of sophomores are 
battling for Kits' guard position. 

taaa oatmamiani ■» M imt 


open The Season 
Here Against Drake 

Captain Paul Cllngoiau and 
Tlulne an the rattantisi 

lettemen who greeted track coach 
Ward Bbylett as he ^ave the fii^ 
call for the two miU- kmhi Th<' 
two mile team opeits its a.-ason 
Bgnlmt Drake university litrs be- 
tween the halves of the Wildcat- 
Colorado footiMll game Cctdber 14. 

Otlt^r aiiuadmen who are sMUng 
bertha on Ac two mile t««m are 
Lloyd Naweamtr, Daw muotrnm. 
Dun Adai, ReiBtfB Lteg. dtati mb- 
insttes. Vteto liecMato. Aae- 
btrle Xmb taenriacion. K- 
SUte haa won tin Sig fUx diam- 
ploiuhip fbur «^ Of tlA teat ftK 
ttmaa. Tlie Wildcats Buffered one 
of ttuir Urn deteata at ttie hands 
of Drake Ust •afr-ik* 
to avwca Ib^ d^ifin. 

Fry Issues First 
Ffosh 0»d CaR 

«d In the 

Dean R. K. 

cf ajptoi^ Br e .Bi%,ifW " n ! !!F^* t^ 
7^9{MEa tot a'dHranWw wnb Osv* 

«aua« It was too waiu. The ja^ra eraor Panye Ratnar todar in 
tfeflB tat under a bit tin trte while, <:uitural pc^i-s, the dlvlaliAk ai«|^ 

jpr. Itaii tiM <f itf lii:^^ ii^ tot 

Si duik fctj tbw aeon .iHa bt. jack 

>, Helleves 
% . tilildly 

, tetd fiw slii4», asf* foia 

bifKM er tUe aiiple dMA pi 
" ~ " _ ' It to the 

hwm of "an amie M- tix taacb- 

»r" theme, 
taura and Tte* 


•arty far Hurt sort 
af tUng. 1^. Sttdbaas. or an 

you Htrnled about the poor 

iBff the gallb b Vh't ft 
erMTda Un^tartbe p ra atiaa oa*> 


psa* Ik T««ffef^ dail^ Uaad. 
— ' ' Tiflh uiM l» 


Coach Biff Jones and his Nebras- 
ka Comhudcers engaged in a SO 

Rilntite acrimmafe the other day as 
they un)lfl4tared ifhdr aerial «t- 
tsek In spite of the too define h-i^t 
Down at KU on the Sfime alierncon 
□winn Henr)' and liis liopefuls de- 
i elded to call off the practice bf- 

Owlnn lectiired on 
AttMUon fwvA 

^ Cbaek iHj %etAl iKa t» 
«U tMi^ean lAo ate nbit wt 
Ut AiMII lwi||t at I eiMaek 
la MdMb gm. Be ilM asked 
that etker as* mh» kafe not 
playnt rootkaS but art) Altatot- 


at the Hit 

cau am for ymiT ea ^ rt kt a n da 

prlntlnf. Art draft Prints. 


Ha* the Ptctana 



t* * t ♦ * V- 1.- f * ♦ ♦ 

r— ^ 




New Uniforms 
For Gric^rs 

wildcats Will Wear 
HVmlm This Season 

lauiwa ^^jte'k football team don 
ned neir aautonas «ben they st^ 
ped bdhie OA eanorh la»i Sato- 
d«jr to ban tbelr pletures tkken for 
the foMMD pmnm. The new 
ttnitoma IndiMle wlifte, myan-fin- 
lah Jeneya Willi pmrtde nuubeii and 
atilpaa, told panta, iNirtAe head- 
fours and socks* to match the Jer- 
seys. Ittst mffmA iritt make first 

pttbUc anmrance in tba niw Mft- 
tm at the aeaaon's openn wilb Mt 
Hajfit t»re Seip^mber SO. 

Ttie new Jeriers wUl lib wdtn A\ 
boeril gam*B «iul pumM JMMl^ 
with white lettm wiU be vUtA In 
poms away from home. 


Man of cclion gst □ big 
kidtoutcf Dr. Grobow— 
ll'i tha pipe for j^ou tool 


Wolgast and Bob Waters, Return- 
ing squatlmen wlio will be bt^StMg 
tor this po.iitlon are Charles Palr- 
min and Bill Nichols Palrman 
Uttered tts « resorvr> last year, 

^e center post is still a toss up j 
with Paul Hannah and Ken Hsmlin \ 
recelvinK the mci^t attention. Hon- i 
nah lettered a.^ Nordstrom's iinder- 
stiWv last year. Lopue Amas, a re- , 
tiinihic "iquBdinan, L<; also worltlng 
out ai th" pivot position 

The end positions will be well 
taken care of with four retuminf 
lettemen. Don Crumtiaker. Ooo 
Muiiaer, Elvla HeCutehen and Ohris 
^ngvantt are tlie K men wtie will 
fttl the wing poata. Langwtdt n 
trying out as a paaeer tad may 
team with southnaw Btner IMman 
to spark the KHBtate aofial attack. 
Criunbaker and mnMur are both 


sal c 

ObmmIi It 

te d»- 

HI Students 

It's the New 


Stwric md Sttndwkh 


Ifei''1lsr0i 1901 9t, 

Fried Chtcken Dinners 


Fried Chicken Sandwiches 

thftt Will Surprue Yout 



Meal Tickets 



Drepln ABerThe Dance or Thiwlia 
And Get Acqmmted — 

W« Hope Yott'U Like UsI 
'witp soBrani 


FaoltlcM Nobrlt 


No Waistline Pressure 

Patented NOBELT 
waist adjutt* itaelf to 
your waiat alxe for 
nigbt-tong comfort, 



S* G» A« 



aad his 


(Friday, Sept. 15) 





opemNG OF sMOKEY sfo^m 


l^n ANt^ERSON 


Thu Coupon and 15c WUl Rent a Bkydt 

for 2 Hour* 
mis omU mt good JinsBs sundat Nieavf 
Reg. men lit Hr. 2Hf».iie 



Men, Women — here t* ytim t^portunity to 
enjoy this ekeiting sptort. 
Weddy piiM ite tioM for balk iiM 

AigieviUe Bowling Alley 

U A. M. 1i 



rriday. September 18. 


and 'ft'wSr tunillw Mcurrenoe 
to find 1»otta froBb «Dd upper- 
classmen rushing acroos the cam- 
pus. Bleeping through a first 
class, cur wandering around be- 
wUdered over the stumping ques- 
tion of the location ol a 58 or 
g30. . . most of «U. . . ttie {Tide ol 
tlie campus. . WfllanJ tSMlL 

was the long line of frednMB 
sitting on the curb gazinii UmwSSi 
anderson wed. morning, , . never 
saw so many purple capK togeUuv 
at onto before. 
"SHnfly SwelUrlng!" 
exclaimed everyone at the varsity 
Saturday nlt«. . , It was plenty 
fine, ttio, with but one exception, 
the weather. . . hamtrnt it didn't 
keep nidi ttoejr it e Bwi i as bert 
ragllah. toouny beodtnan and 
*%ank " kupfer away, . . mary 
lou roblnson, kkg. *oA nith welg- 
and, pi pht, take hMuns lor cuts 
that evening. . . datxse manager, 
kenny conweU, took time out to 
•wins with Sd pKxy. betty June 
dean. . . ; lac towtuend, aae, stlU 
plaoea hl^ M the list of better 
Bteppeis, . . tsoA ex-ocUegtan ed., 
trad Uemih nnt las a iden aec- 
eod. . . MpmM Bsmaiv |o« to 
the fancy drummar. . . i iMez 
and yoe, manir . 

Of alpha ddtk pt aw mary Vir- 
ginia mcvey and fraooes lohnaon, 
wtehlta, maxlne eving. sabetha, 
and rose marie van dlest, prairie 
view. . . . soon to wear the arrow 
pledge pin of pi ptil Is patrlcla 
townlcy, abllene, whUe silver, 
gold and blue colors are worn by 
Jean cumpbell, coffeyvUle, for 
delta delta delta. . . the latest 
alpha xi addition is marjorle us- 
tohol, . . \ 
Pierced liearUi 

are those of ilcne mogan, "SB, MBd 
Iden krasc, 39. . . their engage- 
ment has recently been announc- 
ed, . , robtrt ray, ]r In inoustrial 
chpmlslry. and maxine dolan, ex- 
van 7,ik:-'M', hnvo also decided 
"there's only niif". , . ' 
Stupendous, R«ally 
l.s the new deal concerning the 
transcontinental airways ^tudrnt 
membership society being (tirme^l. 
. . . some Nllck plans ar" being 
prepared such as mebUe free 
rkles. . . and a "sup^r-honey" of 
an air hMftnt. . . really don't 
knew much. . . for more Inlorma- 
tkm. . . Mtit tmn, 

tile *iin popular" song at the 
canteen seems to be "eames bnre" 
. . . smooth, sweet, and . , , well, 
tbatu all, , . . MQ, 

Herald Freshman 
Girls Into YWG A 

Some 300 Little Sisters 
Enjoy Gala Progrfim And 
Dancing Tuestay Night 

Approxlmstely 800 fteshmaa gM* 

guests at tbe annual college 
party Tueaday night at • 
tftHotk In Hlchflls gsnnnailtim. Bach 
girl reoetved aa her "Mg sister" an 

upper class member of YWCA Who 
called for her and brought her to 
the party. Despite the heat tho.'v in 
Chiirgc lelt that the gathering was 
very Kuccf^iful in Hccompilshlng its 
purpose which wa*, to give the 
freshmen an opponiiiiliy to get ac- 
quainted with both the old and new 
girls as well as the college sister 
"mothers," and the YWCA execu- 

TTi" girU were met ai ihe door by 
Dean Van Zile, MLss Murray, the 
new YW secretary, and Jean De 
Young, this year's president of YW- 
CA, Pinm here the guests went to 
separat,^ ^rotiivi where ttiey played 
mixer games for a short time. These 
were under the leadership of Helen 
Hood and Ettiel Haller's committee 

Following thla was a .^hort pro- 
gram featuring a stunt. "WUd Nell." 
directed by I>orotby OXaughUn. In- 
cluded in the caat were Uary Balr, 
Joan Nethaway, Alleen Ounent, 
Rutb Oampbell, Vivian Wright, and 
Vlrghiia Kfimahan. Marlanna Klst- 
ler gave a readttig and Vtrtlnia An- 
detson sang "Beeaute" and ritie 
Klw WaUK" Miss Umvt and 
Dmoi Van zoe nteiMtod grectliKs 
to ttaa pweti ud the tmgnun was 
entditlMl wmi group atnglng led 
bf Ana SMaJubuer. Betty Uiit was 
In lOmm <tf Idftna f«r tbe pro- 

aocslal dasclng constituted the 
next entertainment feature after 
wtaieh reftedunents, planned by a 
Gonunittee headed by Lorrayne 
Sh^rd. were served to the group. 
Arrangements for the entire even- 
ing were under the direction of the 
big sister captaia-i Ruth Johnston, 
Pern Balr. and Betty Higdon, 

Big sister captains will entertain 
their little sister mroups at a din- 
ner scHne time In the near future. 

nmternlty atatlenery at the Art 
Oraft vmm, m-A Wsmt Dial 

Patronize Collegian AdverUseRil 

Ghtirches Feature 
Weekend Activity 

Week-end features for the various 
church organizations will be nu- 
merous hikes, parlies, and recep- 

The annual Baptist Collegiate 
mixer will be Monday night at 8 
o'clock at the Flwt Baptist church. 
Theta Epellon. girl's social group 
of the church are planning a 
breakfast at 8 o'clock Sunday 
morning at the bonw <a Mrs. Ber- 
maa Muriey. 

Rev. A. U. Reed asoounea ttat 
the Vnltad nWvtMftn mixer la 
scheduled for Moculay night at tbe 

Tb?re will be a reception for all 
Ltithem students In the church 
parlor of the Ptret Cvangellcal 
church at 8 o'clock Monday even- 
ing. William Ouerrant, student 
pastor plans to have a "Burgoo" 
feast Friday night for students. 

Presf^terian girls at Kansas 
Slate are invited to a tea from 4 
to S o'clock Sunday afternoon. Sep- 
tember 17, at Westminister house. 
The regular meeting of Phi Chi 
Dslta, gitl% organization, will be 
7:3t) Tuesday evening, at West- 
minister House. 

The new student dinners will 
continue Friday and Saturday 
nights at 6 o'clock at Wesley hall, 
1631 Palrvlew, Edith Oood'A'ln and 
Marjorlt Rogers arc in charge of 
a cnf>'teria meal which will take 
place at church at 5 o'clock Sun- 
day evening. KappS Ph! and Phi 
Tau Theta organlaaUoas will son- 
duct a hike MooAlv tor all MMIUB- 
dbt students. 

St. Luke's Lutheran student group 
are staging a get-togethet* at 4 1 
o'clock Sunday afternoon. AH stu- 
dents Interested will meet south 
of the gynmasium and will hike oui 
to Sunset park where there will 
be a watermelon feast. 

The KSC Newman cli^ wUI hold 
Its second social event this year 
with a dance Monday evenipg id 
the Aval on to Matt Bettonli 
between and 13 o'clock. 

College Calendar 

FBinAT, SEPT. 15: 

SOA varsity— AvalOB—#>ll 

PaiAillinto mm h am V M-um 
YU-rw «m ma-m m tm 
MOMDAY, snr. U: 

Naval Reserves dtib-Znglnscfftoft nm 

FashionrWise Freshmen 

Sport Many New Frocks 

who are now Clovla pledgee are: 
Mlna Jane coffent>erger. Abllene, 
Gertrude Menech, Independence, 
Emily Hofsees, Partridge. Either 
Brown, Partridge, Ellen Brush, 
Wjchtta, Adallne Poole, Manhattan, 
Marjorle Davl?s, Lebo, Irene Shrtv- 
er, Medicine Lodge, 
Vay, JtmctioQ City, 

By Ann StelnlieiBwr 
CtdlegUn Faabton Edllw 

What with the myriad of darling 
little ones who have taken over the 
campus, placing the old girls In the 
well-known cellar with their knitt- 
ing, wc will lake a gander at the 
wide-eyed youngsters. First glances 
alter rush week revealed sweaters 
and ski-is simply everywhere. But 
with the thermometer soaring we 
find good sense taking precedence 
and gay ginghams appearing. 

fttue BMsaid, naw of the Pin 
ho)ise, is oh-to-easual-and not-too- 
limoiMiit in a tWUr «fUl ootton 
Uaqr MmtdUt OiUon, Kap- 
loeln ttm d«nm aouth-. 
em »1H ii la ft «iicfl Mm dot. 
ted Swiss irtdeh makea her very big- 
eyed and very naive. 

Nites tmd our young ladles step- 
ping out with their Mr. Esquires In 
fall clothes. Bette Bonecutter, Cht 
O. is piquant In her torquolse wool, 
which has yarn embroidery on 
pockets and belt. 

Pretty Mlty are tbe d<iwn-to>tli»- 
heei tmt U tm frtilab an At 

en's delight and the gentlemen's 
horror. They are rather awful on 
Just anybody, but nevertheless the 
hl-Jinks, so wear them we will! 

As before, coeds will be clamoring 
for sweaters and skirts for school 
and Jellying. Monstrous necklaces 
are popping up from everywhere 
and are the last word in what-to- 
wear-around-the-neckl Particular- 
ly effective for campus footwear 
are the miniature gun boats with 
huge crepe soles which have been 
balancing the Sirs hereabouts for 
years. Of cours-, terrific ankle 
socks arp their Inseparable.';, 

Seen Jellying and looking sur- 
prisingly cool In Just such toggs, 
was Nancy Williams of the Delta 
Delta Delta lodge. 

And keep your eyes on the men. 
They reportedly will wear surprlsInK 
things this year, such as very bril- 
liant green trousers, goudy check* 
ered ooats, red auspeoden and just 
anyttafng they can gndi fw thetn- 

Here's hoping for a brighter, cold- 
er winter— and keev eool ttU the 

ISU Asks All To 
Picnic At Sunset 

Independent Student Union mem- 
bers wUl be hosts at a picnic Sat- 
urday night for all Kansas SUte 
students. Those going are asked to 
meet at i};30 at the ISO house, and 
go to Sunset park, where they will 
be cntortatned with a pikmks. Vdva 
P^ttf wm to to (BlMttto of nlbnft> 
tioa. IMtam avaeianjr we invit- 

or not. 

Tuesday Varsity 
Is 'Slidkafoo' 

Despite the torrid heat of a tropic 
Jungle the Avalon was crowded 
Tuesday night with "standing room 
only" being avallaUe. At approxi- 
mately 9:30 Matt and the boya 
tuned up with time out only at tn- 
tramlasksL Itaoelvlng all the hon- 
ors Ibr at least one algbt «a« Matt's 
new Anmmwr. Tte oovadiovd ts es- 
pecially an ftddttloa to the onheetra 
not to maEdilaa ttw noteltir numbers 
reoentir added to Qm repertoire. 
But bm't what oU-tUsa varsity 
goen tut to i«9Wl to Am whole 

Bill Mutidy— "A wonderful time. 
All the better people were there." 

BUI Werta - m atgUlf Hm var- 

Rarley Tliompson— "Band espe- 
cially swell. Drummr ^Oek, Sooo 
many cute girls." 

Roy Swatford— "As far as music 
was concerned, not enough 
'smooth' pieces." 

Martin Kadets— "It was the hot- 
test place m all I he world, but the 
music was swell and the girls are 
getting cuter." 

Bob Bush— ''SUckaroor 

Mew Zealand : 
To Visit Kansas State 

Dr. Elisabeth Oregcry, associate 
pnrfeiaor tt ehemlstr; and nutri- 
tion at the trnfversttr of otago, 
Dunedln, New Zealand, will arrive 
here Septjmber 19, for a two weeks 
visit In the home economics depart- 
ment, according to word received 
by Dean Margaret Justin. 

OWMtt and party Invltatlaoe at 
the Art Graft Printers, 230-A 

pofnte. otai aou. 


Victor • Bluebirds 
Columbia - Decca 
Bnmtwkk - V«»Galioii 


"tm Homv SHOT* 

R. Ha Brown Music Co. 

OfOuitua AdvwUsersI 

For BMuty's Sake 
Shampoo and Finger 
Wave 35c 



White unlffiiviis fa tbe approved 

style for yoiur ctomestlc science' 


Linen Tovrats, Corre^ size ...25c 

Hot Pan Hold I^ads ...2 for 25c 


HAN«4mH\ STQtlf fQH W0MEH 

Clovia's Name 
Nine Pledges 

Alpha chapter oI Clovla wound 
up their fall activities Monday 
evening with preferenUal dinner 
served at Marker's Inn. Their nub- 
Ing began last Friday evening with 
a dinner followed by lunch and 
dinner on Baturdajr, Tbie aim girls 

Aloha Girls Hold 
Debut to Picnics 

Featured on the fall social calen- 
dar was a picnic given by the Aloha 
freatunan cottage girls at Sunset 
park on Sumlay evening. Uembers 
«t tbe cottage tUs semester are 
MUdnd RdUe. Katiurtne OondH, 
mMr Mdaoo, Merry Oomdl, Helen 
niyg, TtaOn Mm Uttdiow. Htien 
Waltaid, WUma Luthye, Uarjotle 
Qmni, mtilUea ^llnbetlake, June 
BoO. Satti Brtdsefotd; thttr coun- 
Mlom, Mna (teaoe Hoetetler and 
Oertrudo Dirks, and tURr bouse- 

VMloti at the cottage tUa wet* 
mn Mr. "and Mrs. O. U. Orant of 
Etlinwood, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. 
Noble of Oberlin. Mr. H. H. Condlt 
of CentrallD, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. 
Brldgford. Miss Beatrice Luthye 
and Mr and Wok J. W. Ltttbgw ol 
Stiver Lake. 

New Fall College Styles- 
With Economy 

■•iMtMr*" Srib 

'TtrHty" StiHt 

■Mamkwiwp" SaKt 

$2258 $1475 $1950 

"BMfvr Holiday," Bept 2i. 


Ym mm wiw ub pwHoihr abost yoar snito, etm have mlto of 
qoafity . . . alyietf la fSm aewMt models . . . beantlfally tailored of Inx- 

nrions woolens . . . and yon are aunred of genuine value te 
level. It Fays to Pay Cash at the Oibbs Clothing Co. 




$2's ^ys $495 

C h a l e a at aS tha 

■hadaa et tan, alsa Uaek to Us 

W« Hmim Your R.O.T.C. OxMb 

Play either witli bat- 
tel' or 110 Yolt. The 
only portable with 
aertal te plajr te year 


Trade in your old 
radio ■■ down pi^- 
ment. Balanea 


4fi rsTBta 



You'll need one or mora pain to wear with a 
coat, jacket or sweater. We offer extra val- 
ues In Hacks for wear co any occaaioa. WaU 
t&lloead iBd — . — 

pattaeis to ' 


Fine ilacki that will match or e«m- 
traat with your sport cmta. Expertly 



AttractlTf! new faU pattemj. In 
all the teaaen'a neweti colon.. All 
expertly UUefed aU the popm- 
•n-wttt «r soft 

Even a Railroad Spike can't 'take it' 
like this Jewel of a Barker Pen 


sroarune rests 

/ WAi CfltPPl£0 
FOti Ufi£ BY 

(a cm} soLtmoN. ^ 



fydilng < 

We're using more than ISO cx>tlefe 
papers to trU fttudents af tbe 5 devfti^ 
tatins and deviuUiiins reati recently 
perfoTtned hy the Parker Vacumatic to 
prove it will laat for Wit. No other pen 
we know hM ever faced audi tofture. 
Yet the Parker Vacumatic riOd It— can 
do It any tinw— and come tsrtfc In per- 

loM or lnr«ntfdnat domoga) 

lit— FtM Wftil Add UtronK rmk 
chloride tdutlon which ate away a rail- 
road spike > instead 
of with ink, this in- 
credible pen wrote n 
S'lnile line with the 
acid oa a f V O lMliU 




WOO AS tygn,'* 

2Bd— "Isaib'* Test: Parker'* Dia< 
ph ra sm Alter cncaaad la an oiyfMl I 

equalj 6 moottr BOMMi a^lN^a f 

it* lonflife. 

M— "OiCti'aeatlsa'': Every Parker 


Pancili fa 


Ail \M OnU huMi — 


4l fc— "I tl pTMr; Pen* filled and 
tunc sointa dowa fcr boura Id frifld 
tMMtatam^aWltetoCTid tcmpearatuni 

3fM0 fL freai aa sir* 

tQ pfOM the lovely Unnina ted peati 
barrel and cap are Non- Breakable. 

Ygu never saw such a pen. You rtever 
owned ooe. A saclet* pen that holds far 
I U than ordioary rubber mc pen* 
• ink level at all time*, hence 


tm N. Manhattan 
Dial 3504 


In AgglevUle 
Dial 3987 


Dial 3576 


Dial S.MS 


he Street on Anderson 
flMi tte South C^piu Gate 

) BUt« hH nr 

Ui Te»r wm 4b- 

WtoA mrmi lb* t« 

Hr ot gMi fito t 

Kansas State Collegian 


fltato IMbfc of Agrictillwv ani AfiHei I 

Board Talks 
Over Lyceum 

Rumort Say Board 
Favors Proposed 
Concert Program 

Long awaited plaiu for a 
lEiUMU SUte lyceusn eonne 
comparable to those enjoyed 

by other colleges moved 
cloBer to completion this 
week EB the college appor- 
tloiuiient board held a Berles 
of nteettngi to determine if 
aiur of this year'B student 
SSmtf tmb riMMUd be diverted to 
of iMturei 

Orckettra Tryoult 

TVyouU for the College oreh- 
mtn suited yesterday, and wlU 
oonUnue throughout the next 
week or ten days. Anyone desir- 
ing to idar should urftnee for a 
tnnat «Ub FM(- 19^ Oawmg, 

Mt» DMd net tnoBt, but if ewr 
de^ to pi0. MM TWert to 
Downey and au out a cacd for 

offuttntloii I* flpn *o MOOBe. 
Including studente to aU dM- 
■lon», grwluatee, taevOty, or 

desln to 

Latest reports were that the ap- 
portkxinieat tmrd definitely tav- 
and j W H f b w'r^ tuo fno left om 
i yms^ aotMir fund to 
Oto finniir*tT aoaotM of 
atqr leotim oad . aonoott ooune 
I atato itadMto mitbt 
ttat the 

tran tta eamnt fyadi lo lalN 


While final action on the quentlon 
will not be taken before the next 
meeting of the apportionment 
board. Chairman Russell Leeper 
ftgreed with student members 
Ehimne Jehllk and Betty June Doan 
ftnd with Profa. H. W. DavU and R. 
I. Throckmorton that the ultimate 
succMB at any lyceum program 
would depend not upon t bo bO*i d'» 
accord, but upon etudent'aiWWt ol 
the lywtim norententk 

mtag the 
', u a otaUng 
fund Itar a NrtM «r ttnt m four 
coocert «od leetare tm m m a pey- 
M-yoa-fo buU. OHlea, nUeh l» 
10 fawliido 
I tgr atlMi raeb it RuWn- 
0tt fod JMR^itta lleoDocuild, 
«oUld not be oao ai ewf a part of 
Um mular actlTlty pmmm, but 
bOldefa of activity booin may obtain 
DekttB to theae eventa for an ecitt- 
mated Bft^j/A AfiSftt eaob, 
Tskei Care or Defklta 

I Admtaalon pt'lcett for persons not 
holding student activity books would 

br 7S rent!^. Any deficit Incurred at 
tiii.s (it tlrM'A charges will be 

Needs Actore 
For Theatre 

Ptait Production 

Already Selected 

H. Miles Hebeier, director of 
Uanhatun theatre, b sending out 
an S06 tor candidates lor play try- 
outa which ^rted last night at 7 
o'eioek and will cimtlnue tonight, 
tomorrow and Thunday nlghUs at 
the nme time. Annually more than 
MO praveettvt etw stars show up 
(Urnlrini to wear on the eligibil- 
ity Hal ot Manhattan theatre, but 
■Morfflnf to IMraetor noma, only 
SO had signed by last night 
AayMy Oaa Try 0«t 

SntTooe ii eUtfbIa this first 
and oo^ lUiMal ttfoitt tor ttie play 
Vasboun are ewooteOy tai- 
■llbiiiii^ ttM)r «BD not appear 
In tbe first ■aanrtiff pfOducttona. 
but win tuniikb a «ootf Idw of the 
a¥anatde- nlalatlia lor 

Appointnonta anatt to made be- 
Am rqiorttnr M no q» can appear 
In a Manhattan tboatre pvoduttlon 
bef (»« ftiat ^Ipeafiag in tbo gliwral 

Ffans Progress 
Toward Early 
Start On C AA 

Applications From 
Thirty; Flying To 
Begin In October 

Kansas SUte studentb will 
soon be in tlio air. 

Plans are prORresslng rap- 
l|ly for an early beginning 
Igan of the tlyliig tratnlng to 
bb offered under Ow tnpw- 
viBion of the Civil A«roiiai»> 
tics authority. 

Any male student beyond the 
freehman year, between 18 and 3B 
years of age September 1, with at 
least a C grade average, knowledge 
of trigonometry, and In good physi- 
cal condition may apply for the 
course In the office of Prof. C. E. 
pearce, head of the department of 
machine design. 
Bloni Inlannalion Soon 

Tiiirty «tudent« have applied and 
more are expected to flU out blanks 
during the next few days. More 
deOnlts information la expected 
wlUda the next day or two aa to 
the raqittremata and tbe begtnning 
of tbe oomsa. 

It Is imdantood aetual flying In- 
Btroetloii ffliul baifa by Notember 
1 and not oariter than Ootober is. 
nwse Inatrtwtioaa ar» being aeitt In 
a mrfee or ttwoa and odr the ttrat 
has arrived. Tbe 
uled to be 
ton, O. O.. 

A laboratory fee of MO VOl be 
chftrKef] but tao of this Trtl! be le- 
[unded if the .student faila to pasa 
the physical examination given by a 
physician of the CAA, A prelimin- 
ary examination will be given by a 
college phyilclan. 

Edmund Heilpem Is 
A Jmnl ¥ Spcalmir 


Refugee Edmund Hellpem from Germany and Austria, wUl speak at 
the flist TW-ni Jolitt ueetlni at 1:10 TtMUMlay In recreation ooitar. It 


will be in diaiae of tba 
which win tncltute a aolo by 
Yeo; groiv «ln|lnc load by 
stelidNtaar and tbt 

Ol YM 



aattona oocupted Hefipem'i time 
while In Oaimany. Dutai hla as- 
teariia aohnoHnt. be tantfit diam- 
tatry and m tar oacop y and artlelaf on 
•eleottfle yntamm tor 
Jouinala. Latv be waa a 
in four different 
the state unlTenUT 
In Berlin. 

World War Captain 

After the war, In which he was 
a captain, Hellpem waa lb charge 
of the technk»l correspondence of 
a large wholesale chomical com- 
pat^. Later he was an asslfitant In 
the laboratories of the chemist. 
Prof. Wlhelm Ostwakt, being pro- 

moted to business manager ol the 
Oatwald color factory. ' 

During the Worltl Pair In Lelpstg, 
Hellpem arranged nchlbltlonB, writ- 
ing catalogs and adverUtlng. In 
183). after b?lng manager of two 
different coneema, he entered 
business for himself In Berlin, as an 
advertising experj and Jounmllaf 
for professional journals. 

"I had a very good business till 
I was fmeed to leave Germany 
when Hitler came." he says. 
aWer In hla Path 

Be established his office In Vien- 
na, hla birthplace, living there until 
1838, when Hitler took over AustrU. 
In August. 193^ Belip^rn came to 
the United States, settUng in To- 

Besides his advertising and teach- 
ing actlvltlcE, Helli>em was editor of | ors' groups include M 
a number of profess lona! Journals 
and publlaber of several books. 

Sheets are poited outalde tbe 
public apeaUng department itffices 
in aduoatkm hall for appotntmenta, 
and may be idgned as long as they 
are opm. 

DIraetor Heberer urges all who are 
Interested in dramatics to .sign up 
tor tryouus as many types of char- 
acters are needed in the prodaotlons 
throughout the year. 
Fbwt Play Selected 

The-jalectioii of Iht- dirt^cior lm 
the flr.^t Manhattan thtatrf [ir(xlue- 
tlon, October 20 and 31, l.s "Ml.wourl 
Legend," a melodrama of Jesse 
James, by Elizabeth Otnty. which 
enjoyed a long run In New York, 
made up from the projected $1300 \ season. Tryouts will begin Kom<' time 

I next week for this first pre.setita- 
Hon. Heberer states that beginning 
tomorrow copies of "MisiiOurl IjCg- 
end" will be on reserve at the U- 
bniry lor tboee Intereated. 

The play groups or little theatres 
of Kansas university and Wichita 
unlvetatly wUl eiobaoae perform- 
anees with tbe Kaimui fltMe group 
this year, an event which is entire- 
ly new at thla achool. Ttm mehita 
exchai^ baa not be«i definitely 
set as yet, but tbe KU performance 


pinaa »• to ached- 
WM MBI W to 

far tbt oongMi aooom 
of Iba Qweuui praject. 

Making the lyceum aeries a part 
of the regular activity book program 
for this term waa deemed inadvis- 
able because the auditorium aud- 
ience capacity of only 2300 would 
automatleaUy deny aeata to many 

Stud^ts Orftmize 
Airways Club 

An onmnlaatlmi founded to pro* 
mote avlatlon-conacloiuneaa on the 
State campu.s made Ita debut thla 
week when the Ttanscontlnental 
and Western Airways club an- 
nounced Its officers. Elected presi- 
dent of the organixatlon was Art 
ntrrell; secretary, Betty June 
Doan; vioe-presldent, James P. 
Cooper; ttmmmtt Rlotaanl (teeli; 
and puHMbr dtMotor, Um 

Ita piupaaea aro lo 
dent air tratttbiK mcfc Mt a 
dpal airport 


lb* TWik 

Meets Tonight 

, I'^tshman oommiialon. YWCA 
organlMtlon for all freabnan wom- 
en. «ai bafo Its nnt awetme at 
7:se teoIgM tai Baoeatiao eofter. 

Jean aeott wlU be in «hai«e of 
the Htaetiag and program pttiWiWHl 
to famSiarte tbt nnr gbli vitb 

Ineiuded Is tlie tee wUI be te> 
suranee which win offw fMOO bft 
protMtkMM and 1800 for h oi pB al ft - 
tion. tbk vfU be tff eetin dnrtng 
ttw adMsl year. InMAnittr. oidy 
atuMnIi planning to bt tn atiioot 
both MoaMteis may MtvoL 

Frotnsor Pearco and Dean A. 
Seaton will select studenta tmm 
the applications to fulfill tbe qtKM 
which will be announced later In 
the week. Scholarship. clftM sen- 
iority and personality will enter In- 
to the selection. 

About 72 liour.s of ground work 
iind 'ib-bO hnura of [light instruction 
-All! he offered— or between three 
nnd four hours of work a WHk. 
Fearce In Aalin Cbaq* 

Profeaeor vttmm, «fhe will to ac- 
tive otorgB of ttn ttidatng bm, baa 
made raoaanMOdatladt to Uw dian 
of englnaertng. pcoldMit of tbe col- 
lege, and ttia baud of Mgecta aa to 

Begin l^ii^pin^ K. S. Ba 
Single Photos 

Studio Boyal Ready 

For Purple Slwts ^ 

Pictures f« the 19«) ediilon of 
the Royal Purple wUi be taken at 
the Studio Royal beginning Wed- 
aaeday, September 20. Several or- 
gaolaatlons have already arranged 
for their alttlnts and, according to 
Joe Robertaon. business manager of 
the book, tbe otlotdar is now filled 
untQ nei^ wade. 

Studenta are niiied to eaU at tbe 
Royal Purple offloe In Kedaia baU 
In the near fntota and get their! 
receipt fiir mor indlrtdual plotivre, 
as HMHUber t la the daadUm tor 
ttie IIJO rttOngi. Alte OaA data, 
tbe ilttlnpi wfll to lUS 

All Makina. «ffior of ttitt yaart^ 
publication, baa requaated tlMit atf 
Ynany atudanti as poeaHflB arraBi*^ 

Fellowship Meet 



moA, yiilMday 

liiwidml of tta 
a t 

at T:te tonight in WSIard ban. 
Boom lift, 

TblB meatiaa the fbit of the new 
aebod tem, 18 wIM prtne^MUy to 
aUow tto nwnbera of tfa* new «aU- 
net and board to baeqiM better ae- 
qualnttd and to doveiop feUowabip 
and unity among them, lliere will 
to reporta Iqr the cabinet n»mbers 
chairman on the 
activities and the new fall 


Any student who Is interested Is 
Invited to attend the meeting. The 
pledge uid membership drive wlU 
3, 3, and 4. 

to have llMir 
book this year and ht irbhaa to 
have everycme'a pletun In at kaat 
once. He bdtevoa such a policy wfll 
do much toward continuing the 
splendid record of fba ftemdw 
Royal Purples. 

According to Maklns this to bt 
the biggest publication ever pubUA* 
ed In several ways. There wtu to 
more bocAa printed this year tban 
ever before, 

Begin Pirtctice 

Downey Ha* Room 

More than 40 band members 
checked out unirotms Saturday af- 
ternoon, aiid L>ic Downey, direc- 
tor, expects the rcsi. of the band- 
men to secure uniform.*! during the 
early part of this week. Members 
met last mday afternoon in the 
auditorium, and the first practice ol 
tbt aaaMii waa laat night, 

Downey expects to nave a march- 
ing aggregation of approalmately 
100 members ready to take the field 
for the flnt football game with Ft. 
Hays State a week from Saturday. 
While a good-slaed band, this year's 
aggregation will probably be some- 
what smaller than tends that bava 
Kaoaa* State to fonn^ 

Of NYAHere 

Father Flanagan 

Among Speakers 

A state-wide national 
youth administration Insti- 
tute started yeaterday tor « 
four-day aesrion on the col- 
lege campus. All aeaalons are 
being held In Anderaon ball 
with 115 NYA supervisors 
expected to attend. 

FaUier Hanagan To Speak 

Among the speakers will be Fath- 
er Flanagan, noted head of Boys' 
Town, Neb., and Or. Mary Haya, 
director of empioyoMnt for the 
NYA. Washington, D. C. Father 
Flanagan and Doctor Hays will 
speak Ttauraday night at tbo ban- 
quet bdwtttt tbt billMto to a 

The Institute Is bslng held In co- 
operation with the administrator 
and department heads of Kansas 

State. Members of the college 
taciiHy wlio will participate In the 
mettmg and talk before supervls- 
F. Aheam, 

director of athletics; Henry E. 
Wlchers, associate professor of 
rural aichitecture; Uannie R. Wil- 
son, associate professor of shop 
practice; W. E. Orimes, head of the 
department of economics and so- 
ciology; Ralph Laahbrook, director 
of the news bureau; Mrs. Bessie 
Brooks West, cafeteria director; 
and Miss Jacqueline Hantey, Of tbt 
home economics division. 
WUl Cive Demonitrailons 

Approximately 40 supervlstOT of 
NYA resident cenUrs for girls will 
convene for a four-day meeting to 
parlicipale In demonstrations and 
Instruction work carried out In resi- 
dent centers where unemployed 
girls are taught all phases of home- 
making and related information 
intended to prepare them to care 
for their own homes and to bfcomn 
better qualified tor private em- 
ployment. Meetings will be ticvoied 
to demonstrations under the dt- 
iwtlon of members of the home 
economics staff at the college who 
wUl offer instruction through the 
eoopeihtlon of Dtan Hanswat Jua- 
Ua, Of fba bona oaowoilai dtrt- 


Washburn And 
W«ts NmmA 

Tryout* for Giria 
And Freshman Boys 
To Be Held Today 

Tban ara atiU cwmtnga'W Um 

-M tha y^ Jand fW wetloally , ■11.4. inatru- 

and Somiey, tor tto flnt 
tbne tn yeara, li OTpertenclng a 
shortage of baw aad pewiiarton 
playata. Dovsiy jargH tbat aoy- 
ana fr tty anififl tuiilacii bba w aooti 
at pottiblo. for tbe ftanl band roat^ 
«r am to flonuMad ttk tba near fu- 

R. a. Kloeffler, electrical en- 
gineering department, leaves 
this afternoon for the meeting 
of the American Institute of 
Electrical Engineers, of which 
he Is an executive committee- 
man, at Kansas City. Be Is to 
deliver an addre.'s revh 
pnitram of the sunimiar i 
enoe <rf the AIEB. 

To Contnu:t 
For Printing 

Kldnpoo MafaitoB 

A dtapMr of work bt 
yaughj^awd otL.MTA, pratMt! 
WlU to opot to ttie pabUe tn An- 
detaon fanU durbig tbo weak and 
WlU include fomltm made fcy boys 
atalgMd lo 

A meeting of the prospective 
•tatr meeibora waa told last 
nfifbt Anyooa tabwastod tai tbe 
ecUtorial or bwtnaai atoft la re- 
qneeted to eontaet riOiar Hak- 
IM or Robertaop. AWwui^ tto 
staff has not been chosen ten- 
•ppeintnunta wUl te 
in tto near future. 
Letters haw been aent to tto 
presldentc of aU 0< the sororities 
and fratemltlee requesting them to 
get in touch with the busineM man- 
ager to make arrangements for 
their groups. Although these have 
been out for some time, there are 
atUl a good many up to this date 
who have failed to do an and are 
urged to drop tn at the office and 
make tto neoeasary arrangements 

. Oowmy plam to fotai a dhoeert 
band in tiie near ful»ire, whli^ wUl 
oonalst of about M menibtra of tto 
munftilng tond. "niit smaller band 
will sUrt pnctldng aDon and wOl 
protobly give one or more eonoerta 
this fall, with an outdoor ooeo^t 
a poBslbtlltr. accocdtag to DeinHy< 

Ito remainder of the 
band, upon comidetloa of 
marching season, will to 
Into a second, or varsity 
which will also coattmo 
through the winter. 

Bvety Sth Uey^ imM gits one 

Poor Passing 

Laude En Route 
Home From Oxford 

Hortoo Laude, ex-K^naaa stater 
wto has bean attandlng Oaford unl- 

elanhip, II on bli ««r bam aoeotd- 
bit «atd laomad bjr bla aMy . 
Or. & K rowllt pcoCiiHi of ogtoB- 

Laude Is now a pftsaenger on the 

United States passenger .■'hip. the 
American Farmer, enroute to New 
York, where he Is eadS|||l to ar- 
rive this uwkend. 

Doctor Laude received the mes- 
sage about his son from Frank Ay- 
cietott. secretary of tto Rhodes trust 
in the United SUt«s. Doctor Laude 
said the Rhodes scholaMhlps have 
been suspended at Oxford, t»it that 
they may be resumed at a later 
Ume. All American students at Ox- 
ford were ordered to return to their 
i at tto oulbcaak 9t tto war. 

lee-Tossing Gridster Miises 
Aim; Gets Team Thrown Out 

Tto iron men of tto gridlna> thoae currently popular and weU-c«red- 
for toroaa of early fUl. ban bad aa important ctaaoge to ne oC tbeh 
moat popular extra-eunloidar qporta, Thay have Changed tto loeatton 
of their traintog taUt. 

tto nm-lovlng footballen bad any 
thin J lo do with the charige. 

It was really Just a coincidence 
that the request waJ put through after Bunt Spear threw a 
piece of Ice ai one of his many 
sweethearts and sUghtly erred In bis 
aim The tc? was bent on destnic* 
tlon of sonie sort so !t picked out ■ 
tJean's table for the end of Its 


Everyone, eapedalhr Bunt Spear, 
laughed Ughtly about the accldmt. 
But there was a dry ebucUe over 
in one conNP— eonpMety lading 
to mirth. I^er oaM 
9iA aona tt tto 

FFA Mogariae 
Mskes Appearance 

The September issue of The Kan- 
aaa Future Parmer, a IS -page mime- 
ographed magazine published by the 
Kansas Association of Future 
I Farmers of America, has made Its 
appearance on the college campus. 
Prof. A P. Davidson, Of the depart- 
ment of education, is In charge of 
editing the magaalne. 

The publleatlon eootaina 
Items of FFA actifttiea to 
national convention notes, 
chapter news. It is 
montlily for tto nine aebooi montto 
of the yiar. aoeoidbii to Piwfeetor 

Newspaper Awards 
Are ^nounced 

gtrla' i««ldent pmlaotg, pettory 
made by yontto airignod to a pot- 
tery tKoduedoB vaK at Ibrt Haya, 
Eanaas State ootoip and a pbola* 
graphic db^ay ^ 

Prices Are Cut 
For Next Varsity 

vamiv priBM bat* babbM with 
tto neniury, Ktoniy Ooowril. danoe 

(Those non-totiOaetualB 
think that "training tlMo" la an- 
other name for gridliw, can be 
enlightened by hearlitg ttot the 
training Uble Is the place wliere 
athlete!) eat ulentUlcaUy-plaimed 
msais so ilMty «Mi ba9 tti^ boyish 

Tto change la pnteUy not so im- 
portant— from me OoD^ cafeteria 
to Pinoa oalo— bat tto foot ttot the 
boya left on raquo* li toMrating to 
a roUd sort of way. 

Tto "official" nann tor the 
"ananT raQW 

tirwImlbMo tant 

Ag Administrator 
On CoUefc 
Miss ayba I 

nempapHV, the 
Peabody Oaaetle and Oio Ratt Tri- 
bune, have boot annwrnwd aa wto- 
ners of tto Saeond Annual Xanaaa 
City Board Of Trade Joumaltim 
schc^rthlp by Fr«nk U. 8toU, di- 
rector of public relatbaiB for tto 
Kanaaa City Board of Ttaila and 
Prof. C E. Rogers, head of tto de- 
partment of industrial journalism 
and prlntmg here at Kanus State 

Laat year ono scholarship of $100 
was offered by tlip Board of Trade, 
It waa awarded to tlie Lamed Til 
ler and Toiler, a dally. Thla year 
two 1100 awards were given — on 
to a dally and one to a weekly 
newspaper having been adjudged by 
a committee of Kansas State college 
joumaiiem faculty members as giv- 
ing the beat community service 
throughout the previous year. The 
iWiwilWHiei in turn, award the 
acbolantalpt to a deserving student 
to their eooununltles tat the pur* 
poae of emvtlng in elttor agricul- 
ture and Joumallam or home eco- 
nomics and lounulism at Kansas 
State college. 

Kaanatb Klrchhofer, Peabody, 
Wba baa linroUed as a freshman In 
jwrnaWwi and agriculture at Kan- 
Ma State U tto atudent designated 
by tto PMbody Oaaette. 

Neriqr, IT, CuUlson, is tto 
of tto aetaolanhtp award 
to tto hatt TMbono, 


vat prioo. in^Mlpg lax. wUI to » 
oenti if boiwbt tofom H» danoa 
Saturday night, September M, at 

o'clock. If atudanti writ to buy ttoir 
tickets at tto door, tto prtoo will 
be one dollar. 

Tickets may be bought before Sat- 
urday night from Larry Beaumont, 
Joe Robertwn, Worth Linn. Bob 
Miller. Johnny Shaver, Edgar Cnw- 
ley, 61 Womar, Bnto McDonald, Irl 
Yeo, the GaatjMA Md tto rUSOe 
Dnag atore. 

If thia new low prtis eiqierlmait 
proves auccestful, chronic varsity - 
goers may find tta strain on the 
bUlfoid a littla leas aenre and oc- 


Printing Gontraeta wUl te awarded 
thla afternoon lor tto fliat bane ol 
Kickapoo which wttl mala Ita ap- 
pearance late n«rt waek. aoetmUng 
lo (Ui announemnent laat ni0it by 
Don Thackr^y and Dh* M<D. eo- 
edlLors of the campus ml 

"You won't n-cognlae Old Chief 
Kickapoo." 'the editors said. "We've 
given him some new featheia and 
war paint." 
More Photographs 

The editors explained that a cam- 
pus .survey made Ia,st spring .showed 
that Kansas state students wanted 
more pictures placed In the mftga- 
itne. Acting In accordance with this 
«;*Blre, the members of tto staff are 
going to place mttStmlB on pictor- 
ial features. 

"We're going to put a lot of pic- 
tures In Kickapoo this year." Don 
T^ackrey bsamed "Our first issue 
wUl feaUire at least eight pages of 
campus photographs." 

Oo-edltor ICaU chimed in with the 
fact that Don Fortmi and Gene 
ouemnt ba«a ban wwpp l nf «un- 
pus photognibi fiw ma pt* two 

"By tto way." to said, "we wotUd 
lUce to tow aoow mora pletuiaa for 
Kickapoo. W« haartdy tavtte aU 
atiMMttB who ban photos to turn 
them bito tto GPlloglan Jrttloo. Fao- 
ple, evgtttit iirti we aiaB| pftiltvM 
(tf ennyib&ig;'' 
Schmidt tl Art Editor 

The art department will be toad- 
ed by Winston Schmidt who worked 
on the Initial issue laHt f^prlng He 
Is working on a cover dn^i(;n similar 
to the "Chieflc" de-islgn that proved 
such a hit last year. 

The first Issue will feature a staff 
interview of Or S. A. Nock, vice- 
president of the college. Included 
anions the other editorial efforts 
will be lie I ion. interview.^ and satire 
At least two pages of jokes will be 
printed In the first Issue. 

"We are putting out the flnt 
lasue m a," the co-edltors 
aald ' A.'; soon a.s we get organised, 
we are going to e.'itaDllsh a ataff 
representing every division on tto 
hill. Until then, we're'to^p a busy 
time whipping old ChMf 
Wigwam toto atH^e." 

Bill WertB and Bob Wadb- 
bum, votontn cbeerleadmi 
were ctaoeeii for this yesrHi 
squad at the fintt tryout of 
the season held Friday after- 
noon in the K room In 
NioholB gym. Both men 
served on the Hiiuad last 
year, Washburn t>elng head 

Joe Redmond, pep ctolrman oC 
Uie atudnit oouneU, haa amt out a 
caU for gtrli^^ freaham b<9a to 
try out for a poiHIon on tto igaad 
this aEtomooQ at 4 tftiodc bi tto 
same room. Any gUl or freahman 
bey with ratpHMwi or pMy of 
and ^trit t« lug i d to rmKWl. 

Woti and WaMlNim will rmre- 
ioit me anMntaainMn aooordtaig to 
pr m o t oti an lgi t loo ptaiia. Chair- 
man Rodmond aipoeto to tow too 
girt members pnA two bfaitaMMt 
boys oonpew tpt nm of tto tian. 
It to florteaufy to toto six atudttiti 
on tto equad. 

But mrendag traditfcm ta tto ad* 
dltlon of ghla to the blp* W 
shouten. In propsatos tto tfiange. 
Chairman Ridmond ta taking the 
Initiative to tnrtog new fields for 
Rtu(<ent exia«Hlan of loyalty. In 
the laat few years It haa become In- 
creasingly difficult to fwiter and 
control student aptrit tn both pep 
raUles and at football r.ames Red- 
mond to determined to overcome 
some of Uie obstaclea Wttb SiW tac- 
tlc.s and organitatlon. 
PrcunL-ieii New Melhoda 

Probably most Important ol the 
trntHlivc plans is the recruiting of 
the Purple Pepsters and Wampus 
Cats, student pep orBanlzatlons. for 
closer cooperation and mcve admin- 
istration of cheer leading. The 
cheerleader squad win alao endeavor 
to secure active auppwt fran tto 
fratemlUes. aoroHtles and Indepen- 
dpnt .student organimtona, l%vor- 
sble evidence Of the latter move "ta 
that matt ireshmen Greeks ae* 
wearing their purple caps, largely 
as a result of ordsrs from heftdquar- 
tem. Panhel ta also expeetad to get 
behind and pudi to a coneartad of- 
fort to arouae lebool apirtt at Wta.- 
sas State. 

Anottor faotar whl^ potota to a 
more •ucooaaful year to tto matter 
of leadtog dbiwa ta ttio pnantao ol 

Putting On The Dog 

Home Management House 

Will Give Home Ecs Luxury 

Wtother it'a Om need for protection or tto desire for a constant com- 
. tto ffia siaiir gtrla novtog toto tto BUen B. Rtchanta Mge. new 

F eeUle 

to the obMriMder iviwt 
Pnetioe aakii pntoot to 
be put toto Hint, Bidauad da« 
oliiw, and tto aqiMd wOl to dttly 
tntoed to bwdlo any itai eroatd 
irtileh givM any cooperation at aU. 
Wn Do tta Part 

Although tto aUltude of tto atu- 
dent body to Ito deciding factor re- 
garding tto wtant <rf acho(4 qjtnt, 
Ctolrman Redmond guarantee! aat- 
tafaction on the part of tto pep 
squad providing enthuMastlc atu- 
denu respond to his call as stated 

The same threr" judij^s who acted 
FYId;i-> win be pre.M'iU at thLs after- 
n(K)n s tryout to select two tradl- 
(ioiihrcalflng girls who have plenty 
of vim. vigor and vitality plm two 
energetk; freshmen buys. 

dog, irtu> wm to a pennamnt 

has a dog been accepted In any of 
the thrpe training houses for senior 
women in iiome economics. 

Tto women. Orace H Dunlap, 
Mrs. Oladys Shaffnw, Helen Ann 
Blair, ftaneaa Gtie, and Helen 
Hacan wto are tto first to live tn 
thta newly deeorated stone mansion 
Juat outskle tbe city limits on An- 
Homm aventv. They held thelr 
aAaUy council meeting at t o'clock 
laat night to nato plana and re- 
eetve tbdr mlgnwiTnt. of dutlea. A 
toot, hoet*ac b o aw ik i eper , oook. 
ate. was selectad for a Uirae day 
Breakfaat tbta 


de^ pOi Wltan TUg to ttueo tones 
of MR gisyad Wm U bMntlinl by 
tto old farfilaaad r ta w wood groad 

piano and floer-longib drapca of 

flowered dafk Blue cotton print A 
sweeping curved stairway leads up- 
stairs to the three bedrooms, master 
bedroom, and (he huge sleeping 
porch. The kitchen haa a two- wall 
arrangem-nt with cabinets reaching 
to the celling. Tto calcimine walls 
are tinted In Ivory and the floor 
and cabinets are covered with 
brown and yellow predominate lln- 

Fro f eaio r Ruth Undplit witl live 
to tto boms wlih tts gMg aa re- 

Home Ee Tranrfm 
Are Eiit^taiiied 

Approximately ao glrta transfer- 
ring from other coUeges to Kansas 
State's division of home economics 
wtu be given their "Induction week" 
this afternoon at 4 o'clock to Calvto 
hall lounge, according to Utol Hir^ 
garet Rafflngton dhMoMl dHMIilr 
of personnel work. 

Thb. affrnooti the glrU will to 
given tea in Calvin lounge, hear 
som" .%hcrt ttika by faculty memben 
and student committee memben, 
and tton wlU be taken on a short 
campus tour. Tor the foUowtog two 
Tuesdays at 4 o'clock, the glrta wUl 
meet agato to * n nHl ff ffouft to to- 
come bettst OtVltfldOd Wttb OM an- 

Paculiy members on tto oooinlt- 
tee In charge of the group an 
E.'.ttor Cormany. Mits Haael 
Uiss Nora Bait, idis Ulna 
ln«, Mttf I 

WILL MEET mnr oniiS 

Viiginto Konahaa. to 
tto eomalttM for tto YW tto 

Uutlc Co. 

The ¥M9m SiMf<:oflegum 

THaaday uod PHAv of ttat 

•t VM postolfloc. 

Ounpiui Bdltdir .•..fcti.fc.-.— CMii 

Aalftant MHlr .....i,^.^^ R«V BwO** 

SJdJttr -*'~L'£E^5 

AicUtAnt BtwrU UlUr .^.»....lilrt)*rt He4ltBt«' 

Sociely E41tor ^.Jwinlt UWte KUdicn 

AHittwil 8ocM4 WMt w--J*MT '-^ " 

The Wildemm 

Afain tbe voice at the etudent body goes 
tinhi»eded M (He K -State football team 
open« a none too fttprrativv hoi&e tcihediae 
a we«lc froiB Satuhlajr. tto tto avail Iwt-ft* 
I ry for tlie appeanUiM irf a blg-n«Me non- 
conference foe M Uie kome field been 
Mted upon. 

UHt iprtng the OoltaKlan, tn an 
edilwM, ewe tof^ » flM that tke 
athletic beads ottef the itudent body 
the moBl attractive non -conference 
schedule tt could afford Kince ooly a 
four-game hoioe card hM toaen «r- 
ranged during the »Ml 9MIM. tUfi^ 
liave fall«»d a;galn. 

This year two foreign teainB will ittke 
an appearance but next year and everjr al- 
ternate year only one win viiK Manhattan. 
'nurM games vlth f ordsn teama erery two 
ycuv mmA what M oiftMdt LiM <aU WMh 
bwpn wa« the tioii*<eealeniiee foe. this 
yaw It's FL. Hays afid Oolondo. 

WHta due respect to Washburn aOd 
Ft. Hays tor their past pertormancei 
let It |?e iidi th«t Btate tana MW Ui«d fit 
these %tiMik. They have been t«p«Medlr 
Rcbeduled and teok one thine-»4ife 
glamor of tb« time. K-State Is def^ 
inttely in the time by virtue of 
thetr lat^«iiATe neord isalnst bl^ 
ttttiA Cdflt way frouL %oom MiA ttft 
teams !n the Kg Six conference. 
The poBSibllitiee are unlimited to sched- 
ule big-time nou -conference teantB. The 
southwest conf«rence le oiie ezMttata frith 
•uch teuaa as T«xaK, Texan CMlMMHf|if>> 
iriBWi, «a« Btoa, ^ wiUiln « iliWbiliW 
dManoR from m^Attift. 

Student «enUtB«bt demandk something 
for their money In the meai^ four hoaie- 
jgame schedule. Hie plea went unobserrad 
Uutt year and the jraar hetoae ^t. WW It 
so again aeaEt Iwf 

Is The Secret 

The prov<»ed lyoeutn eMxae atiddNt 
fttttd, as adtocM te the CSoO^tlaft. UiS 
which it Is doped will meet with some -de- 
gree of approval from the apporttonm^ 
board in Ite discaBsiong of the activity mfid 
bringing the M|Hir and lyetiter enteqijte- 
dlstrlbathm, wmM he a big step toMM 
nienta to the Kaana State oampus. ^ , 

la the yiat, hataauae ttinetent f ands have 
seldom been available, it was not poeslMe 
to entk» firet-«mt« atomdtloae ben» ami 
while those selected were certalalr Wil 
, worth wIlUe, few oC tinae leoUMa ttd 

tiats attracted large enough crowds to keep 
lo^l organisations from going in the hole. 
Ok th<-"^t(llier band, «hen Kansas 
StMe has BtMceedM it j tft ra f t t n out- 
■tatttflng taltft m litt ca nva s — 
Il*chaTd Hfilll^Minon three y«aTB a^o; 
and. farther back. John Philip Sousa 
and Madame Schumann-Heink; tbey 
packed the andttoilinn and toeoght 
Mm tiito ^ aiilifa «f fVaMMg ' 

Wbeawr the student body wouM MrtPWt 
leading artlflls if they were brought here 
is open to conjecture, but cenatliiy the es* 
t^iU^aMSit of a ^fLhaig tonl *otald be a 
Mi Ike effort to bring the better things 
t» Wk tKApus, and bu{^ im. %k the eul- 
tattl itH i BlaUon so ' 

• ' • a 

Many Happy 

Manhattan Safety Council 

Issues Bulletiii Ur|^ 
Students To Be Careful 

Wtato motor dzivm 
Mmlistiii ]b 
atiad bt tbt atUtf 
The buUsUn 

vetaldH an Involmd la ar*ck-u|M on the itreete <a 

Oae oC Kansas stated soraral dktitt Id 
w&Haity W»xM last t6 ei)l«M« TtH 
tourth araool tarm and started lU animal 
akeakherahip drive. ttuA was the lade^pettd- 
«at 8t«dent anion, ot«aaiead foar 
ag6 tty aa entaryrthlnft g»oi» «f 
it ad Wilts. 

The taly itmtltutton of its Uttd in 
AMMritia to fcu^rt a honse Ott the 
tatipat entirety without ooUage suh- 
sidy, the ISU has grown to be a coasld- 
eraUa IttflMae In Che Ufe o( the eot- 
ieg a. Oig stliai to ttenasc 4m acwlal ■ 
o|i^i lUsltttn tif fha RM^Mfteii nM ^ 
the todal world, the Independents, it 
baa succeeded In helping some 300 rtu- 
dentB each year la getting acquaiutad. I 
Close to ita pMryoae has H held In thai 
three fsara It taa eaisM. The aaetal Halt 
— «fid the soolal field only— has basa ite 
atao^ring grounds. It Is to be commended 
far Its uttoompTDmlRitig stand. 

Never has the organisation entered 
Into the field of politic^ a poaalhHitr 
that coali but cripida m tjWwjJwmww 
If it iMId have besa Asm. 
A clean. wh6leeotne at]aill||lMn of 
friendliness has prevailed at the WO ever 
since Its founding at the little hottta o!n 
Manhattan avenue. Uay tt enJflQr aKhoy 
yea» eq^iaKr lirtibtat in 

■There hM#CT»B » Hifc lasattii 

U}e<« unfortunftte oecumiKM Ihtt 
are kUilng Ktid malmlns ao many 
Amerteans each ytax mtt 'aceUoota'; 
when the>' are not aedfiCQts at aA. 
They axe plain craehes asd Uie 
CouncO will la the lUtUR refer to 

all -^uch wreaa is tfnahsi tad not 


"A study of the reports on the 
•o-CRUed acddente octiBTins on 
Manhattan atreeto isdtoatc too 
cteaHy that lew ft my of thfm are 
acctdL'ntJi. Tliey ars crashei cauwd 
)Sr U»e ateitate careiesKWie of one 
«r mere t»r tlw drivers fnvotved 
Tte^re they ahooM not M i«ter»| 
rrJ to as acctdmu. 
'AociAMiU Can a« Avoiavr 

■ Tliere have teecn «rw crashes <rf 
motor veMcles ta ihta oity tn the 
vatt |«ar Otat coiM. Mive been 
avoided had the Ariven uaed Jmt 
plain, ordinary caWiai aaid 
e u to ae 

• ♦ • 

Expert Pilots 

vaMtf "IfMI hk pMNiiful 
Mo MB» elter Ajsct. On 
«■ Mntkary, «m't tm ilUii fool- 
lafaBaB MtBd^^ to^Oie direct rcsut of 

'•ft, Id de IMan, pMttmy te- 
leaM «» w feMwis le#t Iff the 
eafrty OMMfl trtU nattie tbeae 
tnnte nucancuocs eomcftty. Tlist la. 
they wiU In knows as 

Bmlthiest Girl 
Emh^rks On 
College Career 

Mste a, 1 turn 

tma not 

Praf. Oeorge A. CeaOi 
the department ot e&l 
In SaliDi 

Uon trip 


ALL IWDS or 0¥iP«a 

The <taaiity of Our WorfunansMp ^perits for Itself 






lor for 
at Bill «NBrtT. 
taa «M abRtti Mgh Mteol vhen 
ooir «ama iM w » t tne 

tic lecoid eJl the way. Laat 
itit apent a week In 
OtA»«o a£ an entrant in the n- 
Oanil li?atth ccmteni. 

norence says that bfinu a hcattta 
Champion has added to her re* 
apMulbliaiee. People erpect her toj 
S:ive them the secret of keeping lit, 
«nd It is often « bother to answer 
such questions as: ' What do you | 
do to keep healthy?" "In what kind 
of loortfi are you moat Mtlvc?" "00 
jrau exerciae?" «nd, iC dMBSIv '9a 
you drink niilk?" 

In B[rtte of starting to college so 
yoeag, ItaMMe kaa upaet the 

Thank You! 

W« «i« filling tip {Mt. Set tm 




Ike ClIiMMaa \ lt l. h il ll 
I* Wc «n Scat. tt. 


tllM WM tfac 

Com Sundby Oct 1 

genial Doc Holts— always 
(eliow— sent flowers . 


IncldentaUy. Don "DemoGthenat" 
£barp is back at K-State this s«ar 
—and no doubt 1»« Bettr IjOU 
Flsber reserving bar tmmtam Ite- 
«-«t ter thMd. 

ai la ivar ii aidiaMy 
hMd OB m aMic. eat va. x^g 

wste to«aeeic m: Wm Ae tter 
iw pat BWM Mt eia eo mmm tn^ 
lM9-«r la tt jaa nMagf <lbtybe 
at) JUCO asaisd Waote matmA it 
tea li hafikr vUatned, nMtaia. 
Owld ben 

The aeiae in filet tiatntat «aa prcybably 
Ik foHBd in the preparation required Cor 
fJilots employed by traaecoatinental alr- 
wayii. In a far lesser degree but with simi- 
lar principles, Kansas State aMdeoii mow 
have the oppaMMHfiy df ByHMM ffMtrae- 
Uon in flying. 

With the selection of this college by 
the Civil Aeronautics authority ae a 
training ground f or dvillaa fltot ftratai- 
ing, around SO men irtll laGetM a aoHd 
background oC ground atAcol training 
in the Matory of aviation, civil air 
regulations, navigation, meteorology 
and the tbeory of flight. In other words 
they will learn froai the inaide ant 
They wUl know their aubjeot hefore 
they pM It to ate. Than If they have 
the practical ability, these thriving pi- 
lots will soon be sate and sane experta. 
The opportunity of learning to fly in a 
acientlfic manner inMead of hf the BHOty 
atipsbod nMthods eakftafvd over 4lw«gain- 
ttj la Indeed a Tafoablc addlttoa to the n«r- 
fleea «h4eh thts college <rffers. Pm- a nomi- 
Mi enm these fellow students tan soon be 
winging their way above the clouds with 
lite comforting thought that thajy know 
tSielr fennlnai. l3uiUa aaii int keiiMiai to 
Aife ^letanre. 

But along with the pleasare aspect 
of federal pilot training t»f dviHans is 
the horrible thought of another posei- 
toliity for th«lr nee. War. Does Presi- 
dent Roosevelt or ul&m nat!ohal lead- 
■ ,4*8 in un^tttg this project have the idea 
•Vf f^Iture war pilot material in mind? 
.That could easily he the case, 
A good thing used to a bad ead Is more 
deadly than wrong la the first pteee. Peonle 

"^^'^^ll*** ^ ^ «aiHideriar 
«» dvHUur pikit ftitMn« by the 

Whai «oinp9tlD« Uteatarfcal coJ- 
unolBt «n« aeen stttteig under the 
tuile in WMwun's aaturday night 
eatlat a " ■ 

• • • 







AI1^wffT«, No ««ria^ rw «riMndl, tiD filiif'li^ Ttfkra h oiwlaitMri^ 

fStifx tndoort, 'Wt<tot}rt, onybvhtFe. Wa IftB^vivMnq. 




BhkBng and 

Miftt Vsr, 

mutates Fitted 
IHM aouUi Vtouitb 

J. W. Bfans, M. D. 
of Wfi, Hkt, MMie, aal 

tested and glaMU 
to lal^ meUioda 



^ Ci wpi m wtth Mtrii*— MiMli •19 JS 

\yt wClw VI 0*6% or Imi "Sh«Hw'i Finallna pencil i« bctt for ctotnoom 
Hwkbaeouw .....< " 

U V I *^ "pony" Ml of oniwOTi tn tha boett «f tkm book, tMt 
r\^tM T I canlvfl h « cinch— fei hera oia tampit of Ftivatiaia information 
that wM ImIp yea writm tim Idnd af oa oalry iImI maf wia fat you ihii gra«l lodlo: 

''''liA ' ! ll^^'y *Jyl!;i t3 Sli fsff■ff^ ^ 

■ flnallH taodi t^mm la 4 

Bali«a» It H»*Siily RIAL aaatil tiShlH SJSJ a M SS'' OO 
rwa^M iMta aaac, (VOti, aMMsliMMi, rvarVHiMmf 


nWir At va« dMto.«a*alk« wlaiilla VMM <Mm VOa ■«b*aataArawt«»d1fl| 

<«RM..a "w*. a lae^ atfi^srygy B' '-"f .—JgyjP* 



Uaaa | 


I. H t M O f U Kl 

ncRIP, meenm 
tt Mt, »c CaM- 

Banett A, Nelson, Rl Dt. 
O. M. Ilrilhiiii. M. B. 

ua a. ffidurta «t. 

f wa imn nt. m 

[My Say a . . . by Eleanawl 

To fcettB wit, T terf abbut din Wfh. 
■eeT On aecounui. I no more daaj 
gita out me eob um last weei 

"No. but Tou'd think It eta yetfft 

ever be«n out there." 

m de floor MMn Z deddea to c!h«r 
J»w« S^naijae twd mm toe 

aaiai awr. I «^ to ene «i xtmt 
<*«y ^pe and %M 
itbwt Haia MAf " "Son aAna." ha 

plpea; Tre got vamEms," S» t gRt 
a bright iMk tm tne iMe and 
little noMbwIt Oift ka 
<*e Iwa an Dut M«a «|a 

a fe B w MBrta aeea a 
or aifma ITu ti le e U e itax vrmot a 
ebeck, and ai piitaBC tKtwu taia a4- 

a mmtm mmi 

Dreams do wall In the parwti ot 

• mm 

«e iMaaat li Mm a WM 


h*rtn< an Alpha : 
vearing « pita of a 

«t«fc-nfce CfcM t) the 
Taa mptr. ''Mi, • ^mm mm a 


IsaUa,'' seclnp thf blond tiuwn of 
tltla year's chl O wp? ahe-e Lou 
natfaad and a wmi\t >at. It laoki' 
M^^UKw^h »n>PPed up and 

«aU fraai «ai 

o-oo bad. . 

wtiik end 1 overtaMid a potlto IM 

Mta muanaat tuoMOr ta XN>ae 
Ml jttn, iligr itn 
at ttit awdmi 


Bale Rundle, and 
ttti apartnwBt 
tbdabSM" «tdc2i 
pictuna from Good 
Tl»7 had open hoow 
tt off to about 





Theatre TIcfccte 









i. I. 1 


Over OcMffe 

Phone 4U 

• ! 


Dir. 11. tS. AiidiiMh 


i20t'A Man 

n. flKK 

Oeneral Practice of DentlitiT 
OiUett Hotel Bldg. 
uo 8. «ui at. Fb. Ml; 

M. MM 



The ffHendlr 

«f Servlcr N(«nM j||hi 


ObHegan AdvQtlien. 


621 N. 


Dr. Victor H. 8af^ 

VM«r CUOc 

Dr. ft. L. Fkadiich 
Anaplele X-Ray aM 
mme In *« 


■*^f--'^ j*»M<a- - Ai;'^' i^ i it tt rH .» j ^ 1 a ^ fiiiiii 



h The 


Wttb the 
Sports EAtM 

eh riT 

iatardv- The 

the Initial 

IM Maoflgm 
Meet Friday 


MeKIn Secly«, 
FKtr, Frank Skkn and 
OMb L«iVT&rAt toMcd tome 
P*««n to Dotu Mvtzer and 
CnuBlNiker, riMk BarnluMt, 
Dick r«t«n. BtoeUe MeCut- 
«bMni and W«Uy Bwaiuon. Ftf 
•speriitMntMl with teTcrsl eon- 
bbtntioTU and thty all cUcksi 
with niDd«TBt« foccm. A ml> 
ty tap-fU|hl pMMT wmU b* » 

hM la 

Turn mt of 

trM ttat^ 

fft«ft MU)h oUiflr. fti one 

■roup Wtr UMd 

TWi all-retqrui 

Squad To P«M Off not 

This We^— Sttff Scrimmaie 

Sdieduled For Next Satux^i , 

The initial week of football practice is history aO%, AnA 
■d» the second week gets under way, the KansM Btftte foot- 
ballers are finding die goins getting tow^er each nigfet. 
The pupils of head coach WM Fry wtnt Outiagt UraUr ttnft. 
r«al *crtlnmage Satorday aimfnam, tmA UM HWUlt^fit tttlr 
IB leeplttg the aquad tasy this week itfOi 
mage se«Bions in thetr daily routine. 

The first part of the week [ -= ;sammmmm 
will be spent in polishing of- 
! fense and in working on 
some of the plays. Next Sat- 
urday the board of strategy 
plaitt to aMid the team 
tbrottgh tbelr lint aerlm- 
mage under gaiae ooodl* 

Um StUI Undet«nnlned 

aatarday'B Mrtmnuiie was rtth* 
untmiveative, tinee It mu tbe tMt 
ef tbe «e«ion and nwftly acpefl- 
nuittel. U&homAi Stiui WUUam- 
« worked t«msl Uoe oombina- 
tioot n an vnM t9 find Sie ilgM 
ntn lor s rtwrttat mimp. bat fiiiled 
to uncover utf hr%ht pmpccte. 

Opens The 9mm 

The first Intmnuml 


at 1«IS ID 

Initial Scrimmage Shows K. S. Weak Points 

Wildcats Work On 
Offense and Plays 




tnoTM who showed 
KMofc Prtm. IM 
"Wutm, tMlk 

are nghtiag to 
Hannah item the center Bitot. 
Hnvltal Ward 

EM Hu». promlslnp; Rophomorci 
SuaHl. has a i)tilled musclp as have ' 
wveral of thp Wildcat performers. I 
Bill Nic))ol£ aixJ Lyte fUkenrtch! 
did iioL take part In the workoQts 
I) ■cause of sllgbt Injuries. Paul 
Ciu'onlfller, satphotnofe guard, has 
a cut tuaa. K«nt Duwe, one of )a«t 
year's freshman crop of hackneld 
pttepects. hae an Injured knee that 
is blowtag him up oonstdernbly. 
Lyle Wllkhiii, at)Oth«r of la« years 
backflt'ld hopefuls, has a bad cut 
on hU leg He injuKd himself at 
his home fbdng a windmUl. A cut 
in Mb left required 14 stitches lo 
ctaae Mid It Is not healed sufficient- 
ly to enable him to engage In th? 
heavy workouts. OlCk Wol|Wt bst 
a bad shoulder. 
ObiLi ntlnil!) 

FTMik HtrkK. Art iMk wmM 

BBttii Ni<num tookai TMtlm- 

Uriy rood in SalBrdfty'a wott- 

mH. Bmtt "TV! 

of tbe driU, tsUiw part 
aalr tat mmm af Um pMidng 
ArUL The bears an fsalljr warm- 
tar W ttMir wWk ss shoulder 
padi craAet and bodies in mo- 
tion bumped. Thinfs look an 
unexpected tnm when Chris 
lAnrvardlL. thp end con verted 
lo a bark, was (emparariljr 
knocked oat when he »'■* hit 
hard by the third Nlrln^n. 
8tMi WttUamKon. i^'nial line 
mentor, the life of the party, 
htii eraclu keepinr everybody in 
(ood hinnor. Stan citils Bemie 
Weincr, hwsky motf. fraik- 
fMrtefr. I Not a bad sytionym 
for klBV literally >.p<':ikinK. 
CaehiMte, frooh mcnlar, 
EtMe Whltlaek. spwiy 
back, sanddl||iper, because he 
tmm aa lew aai difa his kead. 
A freAiMkn wIm> wa« retoMlMB 
punts iit the punlliig drill 
broofht them from the nfet- 
tiAon as he eiaded the vanity 
toy* mmi T Tt wm ed the baB for a 

itUctlc saaaMMioa, i^m M •nr- 

one Intere.sted in entering Intra 
mural athletic fiCLiviMeii ai Kan- 
sas St«te. 

Intramural athletic see deslsne< 
to m«et the need! «t iMfcents who 
do not take put to rnuUf stUtUo 

a mm. Mm, ot 

Tl» sin iB to f&ndsh 

and the developpmot <l ftm 

Don Muneer sni tfca ftttttbaker, sP«tem«naMp. 

gave IndteatlMis of heli« the start-! ""^^ ^^'-""^ intra mttrrtl 

iag wlnwnen se they dlsplaj^ed ^V'* etm^er 

Stjod tmm. Ottaer yBnn<?ti v.'ho 
stood out In Ibe vrsctiee were Bm 
Beealey anct fetnle Vftbm, Mli 
aoo-iieaudera. A17 miMber «l 
tried in tbe nnfUM 
and mustl — B PSM tb s 


Ktafc si^ rsir ShMT 

Coecb Fty bad s large number 
of btekSrtd mm mxtkhm mt. n- 
iho IB ovBfltaa to 

bssT tbe 

tsAk, wsB en iMeiaiBB ioart ^ 


Fry It 

lavs Q 

Di fbs MoeUQc bsi^< 
tor a BnbaUtato for 
to »ld BraMc 

■UM «f the day^^fw DrBord. 
Iett«nian and bltfMt wian «n 
the field, atmblitir arowwd <m 
the third atrtnc. Cirtranely 
tkot ha wUI 


1. E. S. LAMPS 

$3.24 and up 

Why cause useless eye s^win when iCorrect 
and proper lighting omdftions cftn be ob- 
tained m emky> 

Aggie Hardware St 
Electric Goa 

mjtnlBi have Ut tbe Bqmd ftar 
the piBsent. and Beveral of the po- 
tcfUtlal Hist M tt iatw are under the 
weather StfturdTay^ drill had no 
cawulttes, altbougib aevesal bays 
1MM Mt l»vd. Obrit taagvardt 
WW Imporaifiy kmoked «irt as he 
was hit down Iw several tihlrd 
stringers on a line play. 

Increaainr avwds have been at- 
tending the practice secMons of ttie 
WUdcats and early season Interest 
In the Prymen Is at a blgb pelnt. 
Those who atteaded the scrim mage 
were lewarded with a few ttaflis as 
"touchdowiiB" were scored, and 
they ent away wfth high hopes ttiat 
the Wildcats will develop Into one 
M t^ to|>-B0t«fa teams of K: 

to««n Bet at Oeteber 3. 
and tMch football «re 
first on list and will start a 
<t^ Vaie. Oolf wif Mlow in 
aild-Octaber. horshoe cootts 
am te laostid ai ttw nsianst las. 

iMd «sst « m ttm 
ed vmA fHtti oiisvlBy Sbs ai 
tor than aniflmi Is m tour 

N0W fku^IMm 
In Stadtvm^iir 
Cameras, Radio 

Uike Aheam. director of athletVcs j 
ft£ Kanfa.c State, said that fhete 
H'ould probably be new rsflHtles fc 
the met ftrture for rmilo «Bd mo- 
ttoh ptefenv caKietu «Ai top 'df the 
pre&s boK in the stadlan. iHe said 
tho* would proimiA^- be four booths 
which «llt serve the ttlpte par y oa e 
of announcing the gaae av«r the 
stadium loudsp^k^r. broadc^tlns 
tbe game over the radio in case the 
press box had to be used for an- 
other purpose, and for camera use 
when the weattjef was bBd 

No action has been taken fn Vie 
actus] butldteK of the boothi. as 
Ateam has n0t had tbne to ^t an 
otfk:lal eaUmate on tbe job. Last 
year's booths were taken down at 
the end of the season in auoh a way 
that they cannot be leeoostructed 
stslh, thtn wOOb^ sn entirely new 
set TteeeSMIt. BWwi W . the tmt 
ones wUl be hoprovcd to 

Interview Pkqrs Havoc 
With CoUe^an Reporter 

' layB ttu etUtonmn s Um |ln— 

BSr Chaiiea 

"Jtmv BBt and att a tiatun. QbuA' 
I naas «rln. -O. X, VMi," aaart x. 

Bo I iMfedi MAi to tbe Canteen and sites t$ a lUly 
man. t sSfl to mynilf. "I think 111 interview this 

I ^aonters atvl «ay.^. "What 
do yoa Oimk of this college, huh?" 

He flips his suspenders and for- 
getting to sare the towels he bsek- 
tootlis, "Awww it's alrtglit, bm 
where I went to scliool 

t intemtprts with -Yes. yes. I 
know, bat what do you thtnk of the 
mean. ' 

"Wrfl," he begins again. "When 
I came Ifoin the girtf> fcrt Beie 
1^>M^e raichty 

about school Bplrlt- 
tine her e i mM ) 

I think 1» 

«Ub J«s ««p 

at llvtiy as a| 


Rot. L. P. WaMtbam ihm ia have 
a isw sttendsnes at ttw nweting. 

Playvrs la orgsnlssd bouses or 
groups may enter latranmrat aetM- 
tlei tbroach tbetr managerK. whflt 
unorganised groups and Indepen- 
dent entMBts «sn enter br pletiaa 
their name on the Hsts for varknis 
in be paatea an Xtut 
4n ttK nnsnHiwa. 
students are asked to confer wtth 


Ready For Action 

The ftnt call for 
pteyert was Isstied 
Hsafl coach wes Fry 
wtt m)M^ to lYack 
SajMt who wtB 

Baylett wun tbe friihiin nOi. bt 
Olena Case, Shirley DiVft, and pos- 

Poultry Exfailkit 
At State Fair 

Prof. Ll t. Payne ot the poultry 
huAandry depsitoMUft is In Buteb' 
Inson at the State Fair with the 

poultry exhibit irtikAi was shown at 
the World's Poultry Congress in 
Cleveland, Ohio this summer. 

The exhibit's general theme Is the 
eg^ and it.>i production, A "talking" 
hen demonstrates how she makes an 
egg by mechanical me-sns. In addi- 
tion, viirious' phaME 4^ 
work in i)oulti7 science at 
State Is demonstrated. 

A sound Bsotion plctwt of 

in itMak 

To n.AN turn, OO WVWHUM 

The CoamofMUtaa dub MB hold a 
iHisUiess MMOng at 9}M 
evening In Raooi SI «f MWiob 
^nny will famnlsto Inittal 
the rMtiwial 
fee liiftA 

Prof. Ralph L. 7»arker, ot Xtm 
entomology department, Is in Hut« 
chin son now, wbeis be Is In 

Of t^t^mmnmmm mmt 

Fair UmM, 

effects an 

"What BtXMt tbft 

here?" I asks fto dAV 

"^jn, fkm^ lUt at Iti Intt titera 
do yas V* s tBBiiUpit t 


to kavta' a 

u pagalnst my foot. 

xioai r» 

lall purtiln' 
Ob rau asked 

if It's worth WTlttn' 
abotrt '(hn *t(mpin from PtmtUn 
Spi'h4 | h — oT whm'\'er [I%v'b frfflm. 
But bj' now he snorrs and a oft 

Now whsTf I came from — ^" 
I alWt «ii M turn and 
Wkaat (n; ^ jm 

Ss X deeMe maytoe 

tea turf . 

u IB ivHtn a 

"^nif im HHIs taad.^ 1 says to 
myself, aloud X ftatt 'xm. a case 
of monsjr Mbw iMne;, eh?" and , 
to aswr up ay veer aa h« 

Os Vow 

This Shop 




Purple Pepsters 

WiU Meet Tonight 

The Piu'ple Pepsters will hold 
their first merftng of the year 
at 7:30 tonight hi N». AMOtd- 
Ing 10 cMoisls of the pep «N 
ganisBHon, toil wlD be one sT 
toe mm. toMJMtofll inniiliiip ^ 

Everything for Band 

and Orcliestrk 

Music Student's Supplies 

Instruments Repaired 
TlKnos for Rent 


429 PoynlE Ph. 3974 


tot «. complete itae of 

iiMiuwam, mm m. 

Lanpt h Ug^t Bulbs 
WMtfiig lRi|ier 

Brief Cases & Laundry 


All Leather Binders 
Sorority &. Fraternity 
Crested Stationery 





ehadiog tWt 



AU Um tiMm it wnJl! 


Robert Donat 



Refreshmenta will be sarved at the unial la^ lee «f 
10c per. 


(You'all Know Where It U Anyfcow) 


'I 1 '• •ji •• ll'' II . I " ji.i iiiiii.if ii^iiiniiii 1 1 ' " I I i>iii' ri ii|ij i > i.".»|ii "11. .ill > iii tfU iii .'.I I'n ; III I ' I • iiiMMll^i NiiiW riflii inyiiaifci^^ 



pledges on the sneak. . matt'i 
bock. . .dan cupld strUces 
*S»in~-and a(3lii. .wander- 
ers come home. . su'.s dance 
. . .olber lioclety quipe. 

by Jennie marie madsen 

Head The U*t 

thto ttme. - . can t f^U you Ju«t who 
It MMimfclrTt with whom, but betcha 
n eoke, there an no lees than 
ttarm icheduJed lor this week. . . 
watch the sororitk-s and frata lay 
down the law. . .step Uteiy, ttaOV*. 
youTc treading on dftMSOltlL • llld 
It DOES blow upl 
HapFT Day 

matt rebmu thla ^t. after a 
ynA'B abaenoe whlk playing at 
meadows «imi tn topeka. . . Just lx>- 
caute W% ft IWW wrinkle and ii 
vlU laam you fancy-stepperji a 
Uttit on tiW Bide tor emergency in 
ttm your t. d. girl fiieod orders a 
itMk diiiaer, kenny cooweU, dance 
tBMnaver, ttatea a "baiialn price 
ailf»iiM<r' lale itf tleketo for oat. 
ntte at the unbeard-or price of 85 
nolo: If you pay at the 
' tt^ » dmiftr. ... if that Is no 

_ ^ matt's new composition. 

•Moat ipeCk to me of love" ahoukl 
baul 'em in. . the aoog, incldentafly, 
b ft iMlinchoty amoothle. 

thru with the flwt 
of tba year. . . the 
w«Us and dorottay 
green's abe** a pi phi pin chaining, 
the thrM d'a alao aoond with 

Uoh and ber aitmft xn b. f^ 

Recreational Sports Prove Most Popular^ 

Play Is Password 
As Summer Stays 

K-Staters Have Choice of 
Tennis, Picmcking, Bowling, 
Golf, Hiking and 

College Calendar 

Fun -loving K-StaterB are enjoying a late summer fling of 
frivolity and gay amusements before snow tendrils spoil 
these carefree moments that long remain a part of college 
memoriefi. Recreational sports definitely have taken the 
spc^lght from dancing during tliis "90-di^ee-lii-the- 
shade" weather. 

mm not what tt alMUld have been. 
. , we oredlt ted moan vtth an "all 
rl^- band, but tbe weather and 
matt's absence created no little 
decline in the csrowd. . . "eut« 
coupie" honon went to bob rush, 
■fte. and marte baley, cbl o, while m. 
u. beta. UU arroemtrout, stood in- 
terseUdly tn the stag line. , . Jim 
sUffHntt". kapp slg, waa the man- 
of-the-hour for elotoe morrla, x and 
horseshoe pledge. . . . marlanna 
klsUer, pi itoX, seen at the varsity 
escorted by Okflt mtt OC OOikflan 

The HIgms Nu's 

Etagea itie initial house dance at 
their hUl-top home Sunday eve. too 
bad prex. pud garrelts, had to make 
a flying triD to k. u. . . b|ff MBit M. 
ruth crary, alpha chi. 
Old Tlmera Back 

this weekend Included such not- 
ables as bill luts, Sigma nu playboy, 
llonel miu*phy. sae graduate who Is 
working on his mtuiters at mich. 
state. . . charlotte Jones, betty Ired- 
erlck and dorothea kllnger, ftdpis. 
and marvin rlddell and ray bert, 
mcpherson and neodesha saes. . . 
while gertrude toblas wassaman and 
norma lee quinlln of the golden ar- 
row say "hello and how ar« you," 
Three New Pledges 
Join the greeks of ftfttemUy and 

Despite the local pool be- 
ing closed, resourceful Elea- 
nor Jarrett-mlnded people 
find ways to cool off. Julia 
Jane Hoover and Ann Stelii- 
heimer. Pi Phi's, braved the 
slightly cooler temperature 
Sunday night to swim in 
QulTtra pool In Kansas City. 

Rflparti bave tt Homt atnon« a 
gratqi itf tnmle-lovUig profs on the 
h*n. Rank Bryne, Oeorie Mccui- 
loughf and Pterae" Wilson, one dis- 
idi^rs a fkaby thnrend atttre that 
bs bfomht back tron Hkwatt last 
sum^ier. Motln: nnoia<eonrt and* 
lenoe probably wU In cw ai e , 
Blcyclyfng Popular Fad 

Bicycling, which h&£ proved such 
a fad on this campus, ha& been a 
mode of exercise and entertainment 
the past three days for Beauty 
Queen Mar] Jacobs, Chi O and TKE 
Marty Kadets. Violet Parmer and 
Katy Roberts, Tri Delts, and Slg 
Alph's Jim FitswiUiams and Joe 
Loraiux pedaled around Sunday 
tight. Rheumatic townspeople are 
suggesting that all bicycle riders 
might brush up on their traffic 
signals. Bicycles have been sold to 
lOO .students at Oklahoma univer- 
sity., and 'tis rumored that the 
same company Is going to Infest 
Manhattan to try tor tlinUar sub- 
ceii here, 

Betty im DoMor ant llujorte 
Moree, both KKO'a, Walter Keith, 
SA% and l4ee Wud, Inilivendetit, 
enjoyed a watcmitian pttnle aim- 
day ni^t Also ptenteMiig Sunday 
rUght at POJAury ooohig 

Marohi^ Sfiburor, Lola Wmf BoUn' 
son, and Corky Reaain, Cbl Ome 
ga's, MarceUe WbeaUey, wbA Mamr 
Moore. Kappa l^is, and Bob Ibid' 
ler, B«ta Ttiela H, 


Freshman eommtMlMa— recreatlop 
NYA confenase of 

• PJD. . 

eentw— 7:90-8:30 


Mimhattan am^ einb-indKili, 

NYA conference continued 
Manhattan theatre play try-outs— Education, room 05fl— 7 o'dock- 
II o'clock 

ISO general meetlog—reqaatlop outer— 7:30-0 o'dodt 
THUBWDAT, tgn. Sli 

MWA w n awa ea conttnaed 

M a nli aita B Omian play tryooti eontbiiMd 

Cosmc^llUn club meetinB— Nichols, room N51— T:30-S:i0 
4-H club meeting— Wlllard hall, room W115— 7 :30-9 :30 
The Collegian regrets if the error made In last Friday's Calendar in an- 
nouncing Panhellenlc apea bouee w latt wnrHiiiid tawtead of tbli VMday 
nlibt. the correet dati^ iMt tUMU^eM fiManiMtaMa The 

bers of the council who were pres- 
ent were Elmer Vincent, Alpha 
Kappa Lambda; Tom Woods, Alpha 
Tau Omega; Ray Hopkins, Beta 
Kappa; Jack Kaymnker, Beta 
Theta PI; George KJeler, Farm 
House; Les Edrington, Kappa Sig- 
ma; Victor Beets. Phi Kappa; Bob 
Corns, Pi Kappa Alpha; Worth 
Linn. Sigma Alpha Bpsllon; Bob 
Kaufman. Sigma Nu; Jcdin E^r, 
Sigma Phi EosUon; Uarttn Kftdeta, 
Tau Kappa EIpaUBB Od BUlfld 
Gray, llieta XL 

Prof. R. F. Cox of the animal hus- 
bandry departoMHU la Judgtng at the 
midi Mita Mr In Mft iJit 
Utah tliia week. From than be wU 
•» to OKUmsft Otty to tb 

Dean L E. Call 1* In Wl«hitft 
Monday and Tuesday attWMtbll tba 
iMtttbly meeting of tba BOftld «t 
mneton of the Farm Credit Ad- 
itton of the ninth district. 

Dr. C. W. McCampbeU, Pni. C. B. 
Aitbrt and Pres. R B. OaUwart «t 
iba anbnal husbandry department 
are attending tbe sute Fair in 
Hutchinson tfala 

Irene Umper, adpl, and marion pea- 
ley, tri-delt. 
In Closing 

one ot the cleverest phraspB i've 
hoard since. . . well since the last 
one is "paradoxically speaking from 
a Kur piecing standpoint your mag 
nanimous vocabulary Is too copius 
for my dl m t nul t tv e comprehonrton. 

Churches Have 
Annual Mixers 

Ttao doon tt fbe Manhattan 
churches wtn open last night to 
greet the Kaosas State stude 
with various hikes, dances and 

An annual mixer tock iitaoe at 
the nrst BapUat church. The B-T 
(^us featured side shows, freaks. 

animals, popcorn and peanuts. 

The Wise club of tne dt. Pauls 
/Episcopal church gave a Sailor's 
Ball in the church recreation room. 

An all church mixer wa£ con- 
ducted at ihp Presbyterian Church, 
The entire eontjregation lolned with 
the student group in stunts and 

Methodist students met at 
Hall and hiked oot to Banset to 
eat bundieti of pooDdi of imt«r' 
melon. Oanws neM MtpMvlsad by 
Phi mu Theta and eati by Kappa 

"Wfrnd^B not" i««s tbt theme of 
the dtttstlaa church iUIkk gtovo 
at the Vlfst cfu^tlan ehiuoli. Note 
books eontalnlsg tiie church cal- 

endar were distributed to all stu- 
dents. Mike Strlcklin was chair- 
man of tbe games committee. 

United Presbyterian students en- 
joyed a mixer at the church. 

A reception was given for all 
Lutheran students In the church 
parlor of the First Evangelical 

Tbe Newman Club conducted Its 
first dance at the Avalon from 9 
o'cto ck to u oVtaek. with Matt Ben- 
ton provUiBg til 

ISU Members 
Eat Watermelon 

Watermelons were nlenUIuI at 
the ISU watermelon feed last Sat- 
urday evening. Approximately 179 
membeis and guesta met at th« mxj 

where they played get-acquainted 
^mes. This picnic Ls an annual 
event and is given for those stu- 
dents who are Interested in joining 
the organization. 

On Wednesday "kitchen night" 
wUl be Inaugurated at the ISU 
house. These nights, oft- which 
cookies and candy will be made and 
served to tbe members, will be regu- 
lar weekly features of the IfflT ao- 
dal mgram, AU 
tuged to attend Wa flM 
ber gathering. 

Men's Panhel 
Holds Meeting 

Sigma Alpha EpsUon fraternity 
entertained the men's Panhellenlc 
oounsU at dinnv Monday for the 

For Beauty's Sake 
Shampoo and Finger 
Wave 35c 


Phone 2020 

Official Gym Outfits 










College Book Store 


ISlatIi DMibk 

lOIT. H. SCHOfS, M». 


Have You Seen Our 


wm tt, «ie mm to mn yok quicko* and 
belter. Tty our imals; lUce you get at ham. 

Hoe Plate Lunches MVTOdlwietAdr 3Ji,« 
U-S (LiiwEh) aatf 6-1 (IHmicv) ^IC 

Also Short Ordcrsi Ssndwiebes s«nrad Anytimi 

Aggieville Palace 

We Deliver Free On Orderi Me or Over 

5.50 Meal Ticket for S.00 

Ph. SMS 

Yet, this is the graceful Pen 
that made a railroad spike 
look like a sissy" 


At the Aquacade, 
Show-Hit of the New York World's Rrir, 
Chtileflield ha» the coU 

^ixsvk tM flKMe OistMffitld MmAtti 
every place yoa go. That's because 
Chesterfield's Bitht Combination of 
the best hdme-grown and aromatic 
Turkish tobaccos is the only combins- 
tkift that gtvitt ihMii a cigitett» of fitef 
mlUiness wMs a different entf ftennr 


dVTfiglu Hit , bissn a Mm Toa«cco Cot 

for LIFE* 

Not m dbnuv metal object, tail • 
Tine precision initrument — a stream* 
lined Featherweight, whose 14 K 
Oold Point glides nimbly across your 
paper, making your thGughts glow on 
tiie page )lke a Uving trail— t/wfa 
th» nmr Pmtk»r Vmeumatio! 

Ytt Ave davaatating demonstra- 
tiesu prove that it lasts a lifetime, 
and aUo camly withstands acid that 
•Btaamgr a raitaoad vtk»— the I 

•dd found in ordinary inlcs. 

auire M aga ain e ratea it la tbair 

Abbey olWoman'iHomeCompaidaa 

thok says: "Its sparkling, shtnunerlag, 
awi lit ft ^ImSlSTw «T»lB 

♦ Pru raaiVM wIlK t^K. Blur I>lftinbfid nic 
EuarmtW \ni Lhr tifr of liw owiKrjmBJlu* 
rvFrrlliinc tmpC l«» fl» J" 
•ubt^onlvlo « rharfMlf a 

ItMUtfltf mora bdc ttsn wttaaiy 
rubber ink eae pent. P« ila Mdm 
IMaphrag mmi erebeUihwra fc Nretc, 

lever filler, and piiton pump. IteTde- 
vision barrel shows the level of ink — 
prcvoiu running dty in c la s ite or 

Oo and try It todM— «ad ba eara 
to look for the Blue tMamood mark 
on the smart AKROW dip — that 
meant /('■ gtittranteeif for lifmf 

You'll never ha ve lo buy snol her pttu. 
The Farktf Pea Co., JanctviUCt Wla* 



621 N. Manhattan 


In Aggieville 




Kansas State Collegian 

Onoe agKta CMirntalatlmu are 
offend tb* tdlter siatt at the 
BoTBl Pivple for acij 
tlonaJ recocniUon. 

State Colltfi if AgticiittuK and Applied Science 

Number 5 


Downey Calls 
101 Men For 
College Band 

Sftys Organizatioii 

Since He Cune Here 

A. KaoBas State ooU^e 
nuwditiiK Mnct tA 101 mem- 
Ders was named yeeierday Dy 

Ulrecior L.yie oowney, to 
start drilling tonigtit. Our- 
ing the rouiuall season, loe 
band will meet five iiiguta a 
weea, aud will iU¥iue taeir 
unte becween ttnil Md in- 

iWMnKiiiwmy IN mambcrs tried 
*«r m ^uul toll yw. TBouga 
I w » «gBKUer tmorOiit tun 
ibtaili Dawmy Miys tlit iNytA tut 
jHU iQiiu ana MNiBdB MHr titia H 
iivtr taaa Mnee He «am» tHKfti 

jMtwm biMmsiui, MM oran onj- 
or, wm lur.-ci ilie MM Ml UM 
iieid, DuL Ltie biher dnoa MjOn 
WUI not. be ;>elccte<l unlLl acxt WedlL 

Aa tbe openmg gum draws near- 
•r. man and more ntManals are to 
ba linn «mr to drIU. The flatiiily 
DiaMad IwiidBMn, ui mUoan oi 
btaa and fobl. wlU mareb down tbc 
fMd lor Um opiilac fpna iritta 
nrt VMyt. BesteaSm M, la ttutr 
Drsl appearance thU NMoa. Bow- 
ever, liowney !;> plannlof no alab- 
ormle tormaUunii tor the llrst game. 

Tbe Uat ot band members a!> an- 

bpopean Vacation 

Freshman ^PaV Townley 
PlayB Andd Twrmail 

One summer 
Townley, a 

Iritnout a auU moment was that 
IMtaiao wtM «ent aU week! In tba 



of ftw 0ll 

itaiwMni awut work to 
ttie United States in an tnterxtttton- 
al meeting of girl scouts which was 
held In Adeiboden. Switzerland. 

The Quetn Uary Unded at South- 
ampton enabling Patricia to spend a 
tew days sightseeing In London. On 
one of those days a tx>mb exploded 
quite close to her, killing one person 
and injuring live, It wa.s an Irl&h 
Republic Army plot, but the gener- 
al af>lnlon was that Germany was 
behind the plan. Familiar scen<?s in 
the dty were people carnrlng gas 

of bCMUb 

MnrlMt on tlia Qoaea Maty lait 
clwa en for out* 


the All- 


Tbe girls Unsed and thopped In 
for one day. Th^ they saw 
tbe eotucrlpts, machine guns hauled 
air raid shelters being 
tbe sued Tower, 

the taking down of 
stained glass windows 
SaitiLs Ctaap^ 

The three weeka spent In Switzer- 
land were In a more peaceful at- 
mosphere. The girl scouts repre* 
tenting ten countries stayed In 
Adelboden, a vUlage bigb In tht 
Alps. Between meetiaga and lec- 
tures there were bikes, a W» lo tbe 
annual Swiss aqnaltton In ZuMh, 
and the oaMbratlaa 9t Out naUonai 
Swiss bxmv liaitte to ear Vioiirib 
of July. 

The expottuon vaa a huge fair, 
dtffowt fnai fba Annriean trpt in 
that It was not oenunereiaUxed. Tbe 

holiday was eel'sbrsted with looees- 
aiona, fate*, aad danoe*. At night 
everyone carried MWtHv oiriored 



Donkld DUnond. 
Quentln Reed, Otft 
bur Soeken. 

Second clarinet: WUUam Bache- 
lor, Oiho Uimb, James Patersoo, 
Sherman Helm, 
Third Clarinet 

Third cla.'fnet: Morris Barrett 
John Symns. Herbert Bayer, Donald 
WaUaoe. Kmoath WMtpatrifik 

Alto clarinet: M«n«na WheaUey 
Alto Mx: BanM iMHam, 
Knapp, nmu WWWll . Mn fin 

'^THMr sax: Uu ^ijL iemuel 
jMratt, Bar MMMS, MiWk liaek 


Solo cornet: Bueford Roper, Rob- 
ert Wlchser, Thomas Balnea, mnk | 
Cash. Avea 1W"*«»yf| AUnd An- 

der.soii. cornet: Lomi fatielmaWi 
Ronald Rohiring, Ralpb Oamber. 

Second cornH: Cimll Ma^ee. 
Conrad Jackson. Glaude Douglass, 
Joseph KHi^ftttkM, mmt WKT, 
Max Cables. 

Third ronipt.: Milton Klnciley, 
Clyde Pence, Max Wettrteb, LeMer 
Brenneis. Wkyae Batltf, Arilbur 

B flat alto: Eduln Beach, Lattet 
Jackson. Jack Thomaason. 

Frencli liorti: Harold Carpenter, 
Alan Cowles, WallMO BlebaidMi. 
John Babcook. 
i'lnt Troiab ene 

First trombone: Ralph York. 
James Otofea, Juqlpr Htim, Rieh- 
atd BuUock, John Miii|imii jack 

tMnbene; iMtl 

Betton To Play 
At Mixer Trot 

HaM imt nil 

MMting At RaOj^ 

Hatt Betton, student fovorfte, has 
stgnad to pisr for the dance 
to eoonaetioa irttb the big aU-«chool 
; Friday, September », 

to nn 8to«nan. in 
of tbe ttaee. 

I underway for a l«gw 
lively Kll-«chool mixer. 
tbt first pep rally of tbe year wiQ 
be In oonnecUon with tbe ntbw 
with tbe new cheer leaden, Jean 
Marie Knott, BUnloe Wtieeaer, BIO 
Werta, and Bob Washburn In 
charga The pep meeting wUl begin 
at 1 Oo'clock atid iMt H i pinw I lHI Wtr 
twenty mlflutes. 
OaOMS and Entertainment 

As customary, mixer fcUvitlee wtU 
begin with gamw and entertaln- 
ipmA In South quad, aoooHUog to R, 
It LtshttfOOK; mwum ef ttw an- 
nual event. ' 

After the outdoor contests, en- 
tertainment In tlie auditorium will 
consist of Kkit.s, dafices and pos- 
sibly motion pictures, whUe the 
danoe will hold sway In tl» gym. 
Jim Stockman, who in directing the 
dancs, claims room will be made 
for all and the stap will ba kept 
off tbe floor. ScaU win be avaOahle 
to tbe baloany for qiwetaton. 

in T«o and VMaa Andowm «ie 
arr angin g the auditorium program 
while Nonnao.itiaaoer wilt amoiBt 


Kemble Sltterley. 

Third trombone: Osorge Callow. 
Bob Mclntlre. Nell Detrlch, Ray- 
mond Mu.ssalto, Dean Umberger, 
John Williams. 

Barltone<i: Charles Horner, Val 
Gene Sherrard, I^ouis tbmpMon, 
Vance Giddings, Robert Annls, Laa- 
ter Barrett 
Bass: Don Prleer, Joba Bartman, 
BeUatoa, osfnd- 
tsM Bawley, 
mrrk IfaOaw. 
c wbua mm'. winiMa Muir. 

Snare Drum: KtBdall Evans, 
Chmrle.'s McCormlck, LWlV Buratt, 
Mark Stoneberger. 

Bru Dnoa: fMfMJiikiai; nmi 


Cymbals; c i na n t a f iMmr. Jty 

T* AM 

WUUam MeigiDey, 
bar of tbe 80A and veteran of the 
mlxani, will lOd both aiockman and 
aiieocer wltb {dana. Other msmba» 
er am eoouRlttae dlraotlng the large 
laogram of activities are 
KnltUe and Dick Mall. 

Two Girls Are 

Two of BIglik Mtib 

Jean Merle Knott and Sunloe 
Wbnlar bmk* 7S yean oC Kanma 
State ecdlage truUtten Tueaday 
night bv being selected to'fUl two of 
tl^ elgbt abaertaedar inati for the 
"'ailte efMBiti duttog the 
e iioe l year, A oom- 
of 0. S. Hail. ROnnan Web- 
ster and Katberine Oqwr made-th« 
cbtdeea in tbe K mom of Mtebois 
gym dinlot ftoal tryouts. Ten oth- 
tr gtris ocMBpited for tbe posiUons. 

Largely ttumn^ tbe efforta of 
Joe Redmiid. pe^i fitmXmm tbe 
student couneU, this new antfa to 
f emtotoe partletpatkm was nnderi 
taken. Obi ebaerleaden will not 
be a naw ^a to K-Btate students 
■toca almiNr ennr lajva ooUege and 
unlverd^ to the eounbty have gtals 
to lead tba Ueat^ttenlng. 

Jotaa Bowers and Mtfiny Mhaon 
are twe neie dMMlilMMa wte ware 
s^ieotad St a «ieitf amtlbg et ttie 
committee last tdjMi. Maaon and 
Bowers along wltb BUI Wests ai^ 
Bob Washburn are four of the six 
boys that will be chosen. Two fresh- 
men are yet to be chosen. 

The frosh cheerleaders were to 
have been selected at the tryouls 
but only two men were present 
which delayed t!i"> choices imtil a 
later date. The committee wanu^ 
any freshman interested, to get in 
touch with Joe Redmond or the 
Collegian office and 11 not :>novigh 
appear for this later tryout. upper- 
classes will fill the two positions. 

When al selecttoiu are complete, 
a h''ad cheerleader will be plclced 
and will organise peip mooUngs and 
take charge of tb» gliUMk at tbe 
football games. 

Fifty Planes 
tfere Sfttiir&y 
On State Tour 

Trainer Ships To Be 

Exhibited At The 

Municipal Airport 

The new Manhattan Mu- 
nicipal airport, gJte ot tha 
night training tot KaxtMi 
State college students, win 
be used for the first time by 
a large flight of planes Sat- 
urday when approximately 
50 planes participating w 
the Kansas Good-Will to^r. 
which origioates in Wichita, 

will land. 

Tbe planes of various types will be 
at the airport from shortly before 
netto until about 3 o'clock. Tlte 
manes win be en asblbltltHt to tbe 
puldtc white the pgitl^panlB of the 
(our have biaehaga et tte 
bam griU, 

Meptay Training SMpa 

On dlsplar tbrangboot ttia ^day 
WtU bs two govenuaant a) 
tndnlng pianea ai tba type ttt be 
uMd for iastruiAloo Iwrelmder^ttie 
otvll AenAMitles anttaorl^. Tbiiae 
plane will be Itamoiutrated by r. M. 
Seiksn and Dm Beeier. owners sjxt 
operaton ol the Mattbattan i£heol 
04 aeronautiiii. Rides may be taitNi 
during Ute aftenuxm and evenlnf , 
The new m-aore airport Is lo- 
cated about fhe miles west or Man- 
batten on US highway 40. A coun- 
ty road la taten north irom the 
pavement to the ffrtffWwe ot the 

All Bsen elateplB af Kannu 
SUte college who are enterested 
in the flight training to be of- 
fered Hoon bj the college „and 
the Civil AcronAutlcii authorliy 
are urged to fill out preliminary 
blanks In Ihn office of Prof. C. 
E. Ptarcc on the second floor 
of the encineerins boiidlng. 

The selection of candidates 
for the train! Df; will be 
from the liu of tbme 
UiU week. 

Although the airport Is merely 

Royal Purple Captures 
National Honors Again 

Is *A11-American' 
In Top-notch Field 

Vndir Editorsiiip of 'Dade' Foster 
Yearboolt Retains Position Gained 
By Three AcdaioMd Piedecessmv 

student roomers wanted 
optlonni Meals, family 
N. Manhftttan^ 23S0. 


For Sale: 1928 Dodge Six sedan. 
Good condition. College car for a 
eoUege boy. lOie Vatiler. 2Sfi3. 

New rla.w!] .starting now in ball- 
room dancing. Lillian Amos School. 
lOS a. Juliette. Phone 3313. 

Studantt: can tn ^ Bunttoy dln- 
nen. 3S emte. 5tf,j.ltP«tti I3tb. 

embar 28. with work on 
runways to begin sooa 

n>r tbe dedications ceremonies, 
beglnntng at 4:30 next Ttuusday, a 
number of visiting ptanaa will be 
nown in. Also |veaant ma ba mixt 
;tRte, city and 

Pro:. 0. B. Faena is aun 
for wotk frem the Civil Aeianaullm 
autbority ea le Bie iiiinibei ef stut 
denta who will be taotbt and just 
wlm the aetwd «mtoiflt «Ql be- 

Pr::[esM}r Pea res Ls urging all men 
siudenls who ar; above tha Ire^h- 
mail year biuI ui i^ood physical con- 
dition to fill out preliminary blanks 
In hLs office on th;' Kcond floor Of 
[he cnpiiiipcrlMg bulldtog SO a num- 
ber of .students will bt tWiialle Isr 
the final selection. 

The course will be tem hours a 
week with a total of about 1% bours 
of ground training at about half 
that much flight tnatiwtlaii, ac> 
cording to Professor Peaiee who is 
In active ctaarge d the tiatotog. 

Aetttal tndning wlU begto next 
montb. tbe data to be detessdiM by 
tbe OAA. aoeordlnt to tbe avim- 
abUlly of plants end tbe >ii#iiii 
of tbe airport. 

A£ Magazine 

Staff Named 

MarioTie Uiggins Is 

Tills year'.s first I'sue of the as- 
riculturtil student magazine pub- 
lished bimonthly by ag indents in- 
terested ill journalism will b:?gin to 
take form at th; .staff mectmg In 
Prol. C. W. Mullen s home Tuca- 
of U vel ground now the city U day at The initial publication 
planninit to dedlcatc-th; tTaci Qipii [ will appear the latter part of Oct- 


Marjorle Hlgglns, the magttina's 
first gtrl editor, selected tba MBiatn- 
dcr of her staff last week. 
Are On St^f 

Olenn Busset was named associate 
editor, ISie other aiembeTB are Joe 
Robartaon. mnUng indnatt^; Bob- 
«rt SboffDer, poultry 


John Dnu, agronomy; Vbrlaad 
Fansber, dairy husbandly: and 
Waito' BEUtb. boettcnitaie, . 

jaek Biwarth. bwdoeai ntanagtr 
has not talairtsd Ua edwtlainc ileff 

Tbb year^ Ag i^udent wiU oon- 
laln as many or more pkitures as 
the magaables In tbe past. There 
will be no great change in the pub- 
Heatlon policy tlUs year 

The Ag Studsnt has a clrculatloD 
of approximately 1,000. About 700 
Of these are distributed among the 
ag '•tiidents on the campus and the 
remainrisr if, .sent to alumni, facul- 
ty member.'; and former studjnts 
still interested in th-.' division of ag- 
riculture. The editor and bu-siness 
manager of the Ag StuCjcnt are 
elscled the preceding spring by the 
•tudents enrolled m agriculture. 

CoUefe t-H 

Has First MefMnf 

The coil?ge 4-H club held its first 
meeting tost night in room 115 WU- 
iard, hall. The meeting, which was 
open lo all former 4-H members, 
consLstcd of business followed by a 
special profiram. Refreshments 
wer ; .served after the meeting. The 
club has 1300 
this year. 

Talks About 


Flanagan Xellt Of 

KaaMts State's Royal Purple this weelt scored Ita toiirtk 
congecutiTe triumph in winning the Ali-Amerlcan award 
in tha eonspetftlon sponsored the National Scholastlo 

Press association. 

The 1939 Purple, cdiled i)y Dolores h\mer with Joe M. 
I Hon field as business manager, one of five collp^e yearbooks 
from schools with et^rolnieuts of ZJSOQ to 4,989 tq,M«alve 
the highest ppsstble yearbook aw«i« siBce the I^UmaoAm 
awaM was dliooatdnued last year, was Judged equal In quat< 
Ity to the inlte-winnfug annuals of Oregon university, Mi- 
ami university, Leland Stan- 

Cast Theatre 
Play Monday 

Director Heberer 

Names 37 to Sgiiad 

at the MaiOiAtUn thea- 
tre's flist pndaetion this sea-son win 
begin Monday, according (p h. Mihs 
Heberer, director. Try outs lor ■ Ml - 
sourl Legend." a Jam^.s htory 
by Eiiiabeth Glnty will be In G tS 
—women at 4 o'clock "and aieii at 
7 30 

Fieahinen on Uie play squad will 
not b3 eligible for tU* pfoducUon. 
Members of the squad who Intend 
to tryout Monday m ^netted to 
emnlae MidM oS l^BUV that wlU 
be hot on nairva ib 

ta. - - 

ford university, and the Mas- 
sachusetts laaHtute ol Tteli« 

The 284 anntialB entered 
in this year's eomi^tioii 
were Judged for general ex- 
cclience as a complete unit, 
Bpectat emphastt being made 
on the quality of depart- 
mental worl( ill jireHeiiting 
material on college adininls- 
t ration, classes, organiza- 
tidiiK, athletics, and campus 
life. Art work and financial 
Kuccese ar^ also conaiftored 
witen nuking the award, 
which ^e based on an as* 
Bumed score of 1,000 points 
for the perfect annual. 
Newa Brlnga Cheers 

K<Btate joanultsm centan 
Jublbnt yesterday 

Selection of the squad of 37 mem- 
bers was a result of tryouts this 

wc; k III addition. 13 frcihnian ware 
selected who will not be eligible to 
Lake active part in any productions 
this iemcster, but who will give 
Rome Idea of tha materUt Is be 
available In the future. 

Heberer also stated tlMlt any per- 
sons having .^peaking parts In last 
vear'.« produettco.'t. who have not al- 
ready fane so. may afato bMcme 
years ago and has since personally members ot the group dttply by 

ruling out new eaida in bta otflee. 

By Mary Margaret Arnold 

'There is no such thing as a bad 
boy" said Father Flanagan of na- 
tion-wide fame to n lart!^ crowd 
In College »u:;itor!um last night. 
The Rt. Rev. Monslgnur Tdward J. 
Flanagan started "Boys Town," a 
community for homeic.i.'i bovs, 23 

Afr>Aiiierkiii8'AB • . 

I4undahl Is Siieaker 
For Block And Bilile 

mUwadsU, turn* «oke at 
Oie yaar^ IM Btott W* Bridle, 

mti la tiM edttQCint, toulBi, sad otttoe staff wttoae wotk co last 
pta brought ibe Wutm Btata yeartelB Mi toortb 

I All- American sward. Left to right, top few; >|(a BoBfMd, 

OUbert Carl. Betsy Pheian, A. L. tMilNMl. Betty 

June Doaa, Itwlma Holube, Joe Robertson, Blarjorie Refers. Third 
nmi Ma Oibba. Ai Htictmk Marjorto Hlggina, uwrenoi Gtomaec- 

Hlfdon, 01i*nn Xroae. 

Jkntes Oooper, 

handled all administration activi 
tle.s of the Home which will soon 
be enlarged to capacitate SOO boys. 

It ts imixi riant thnt afluli socle^ 
arr'-pi youth Into tbiir ranks and 
Rivc thpm rncouragitttnt, continued 
the eminent prteat. 
HYA To Be CenffratnlateA 

The Kansas division of tbe Vm- 
Umial Tmttb administration la to 
be oonnatalatsd upon what it is 
dotal tor K^afMlb in provldttig 
tliein ao ojgiett unity* to weA, earn, 
and leam arttw isina-lliae. 

The youth <tf ettr country are for- 
tunate compared with the youth of 
Europe, said this popular authority 
on youth's problems. "We ahouli be 
thankful tmt we are Americana 
and live under a democratic gov- 
eniment," he said, and added that 
our country is, building useful ettl- 

"Our prisons and jails are the one 
blot on our America ti wnv." con- 
tinued Father Flanagan "A merles 
must eliminate it* crtmf iinjblem If 
it would be a world pom-r Thl.'j is 
the responsibility of the jwrfnts of 
tomorrow, and it is the NYA wtilch 
Ting to make them citizens. 

Included on the program were 
short talks by MIsa Ann Hayes, di- 
rector of the Natlanat Touth ad- 
mlnlBtraUim In Kaasas, and Dr. 
Mary Hayes, of tba national office. 
A iTOtlon picture depicting the lives 
of two NYA workers was shown pre- 

The Membeia 

Members U iim MaiOtattaa thea- 
tre group this &11 are: Robert 'Ur- 
iW, tAusttBrett' aehlotshaiii t w 
wute. TKm^h, i.-mgigf, sm l 
Uniliae. MlWred Unb. mtiQm 
Aootw. Bette Both, Boaenaiy Pst 
tea. Jean GHbba, LnetU 
Maxlne Martin, Marlanna 
Carolyn Ovarbblt. Uia Aldoui, Bd- 
DcoO, natae Canon, Mary drb- 
ton Jewril, Ulton Saslow, 
W. MeMeb lOUar. Bobert Teoman, 
Ray Wllkto. Oordim O. LUl. Beal U. 
JenUns, Oiant Bttrka 
Leo ICdivala, Richard U, 
RayrngtMl D. Topham. R. B. Orow, 
Keith ItuHnpmn, chsries A, Pray. 
VletOT B. Blanks, Robert D. WU- 

>nd Dm Meer. 

nesbmen: Ooralyn Johnsmeyer, 
Beth Ssrrtdge, l^argaret Ann Mc- 
Clymonds. Dora Hnftnmn, Mary 
Ellen Richter. Patru-ia Bicztey, 
Mary Marjrrif Willi-,, Eleanor Os- 
bom, Mertlia Baird. Patricia Ctrt- 
lard, Joan CarraL't. Msrrlll 
aod Me^ O. OiuUIson. 

of ata- 

Invites Potential 
Members To Tea 

Any fophcUMirs or Junior girl In- 
tsrested in bctog a Purple Fepeter 
Is invited to a Burple Pepeter tea 
In Cflvtai teabai fraoi «:t& to I'.U 
Tuesday aftenleon. lHose wishing 
to attend sbould Inform Helen 
.f"tir**"- Van Zlla haU, of th^ 
a eogiitance not later than Monday. 

The PBigia Upturns a gjaa* pap 
organtastiaB oa tbe riiinaM wboaa 
mabi iJtuyuse la faaterinf a ctiool 
apMt. Jlan awtebod by tbe 
wampua CMg, p9 anaataitlen tot 

YWCA Entertains 
Transfer Girls 

More than 125 transfer studcnU 
will be the guests at a tea given by 
YWCA Sunday afternoon from 3:30 
to 4:30 Ui Recreation enter Each 
new girt will be escorted by an old 
Sttident who.'^- acquaintance she hsi 
made thS oast week and will be re- 
ceived by Dean Mary P Van Zil*!, 
Mrs. M. N. Spencer Mrs Guy Var- 
ney. and Jean DeYouni^ 

A program arranged to acquaint 
transfer students with one another 
and Invoke interest in further YW 
work is temg handi'd by a com^ 
mlttee of Dale Rundt.-. Lucille MoI< 
hagen. and Virginia Mcnarsai. 

Ruth Johnston will piay a piano 
solo, UlGs Erma Murray, new YW 
secretary will welcome the tlrts. and 

notlftcatkm dt ibt 
Medlln, graduate manager 
dent publicauans who 
much credit for Ui3 book's reputa- 
tlm, asserted, I'm tickled to death 
. . . .not only for tbe tttaod'a aake, 
but aLM> for the lAele staff wiw 
worked so hard last year to atiMP 
this Auoojea," 

Mlas PMttr. eoiUaeted 

Longmoni Oolov by 
Just before CMteglan press MOW 
last night declared, "An unex- 
pected pleasure, , . .Of course 
I'm thrilled to dsath . .Much 
credll must go to Mr Medlln ftw 
his line ciioperatlon and all the 
thiiiics he did for m . AOSay I 
dldn i do much." 

Mi'diin. however, rebuttled 
Willi a she did a plenty. . .that 
girl r?ally worked" 

Miss FtMier is now employed 
by the Lmgmont nmes-OaS. 
Otancing with pride at tbe row 
of thr?? topnotch neemaker awatdt 
acquired by tbe yaerbooks of 1^ 
37. and "ag, pivMnt Boyal Purple 
Editor Al UifcUM obaened. Hsk* 
invlly. I tbibk it^s sweiL Bewever, 
I've been eeitatn of tbe reaUlt 
since the bOOk app(«ted 
because I ttdbk 'DodT Poiter sot 
Joe Bonneld (Wt Qflt tbe best Royal 
PunH; yet, Tbare is very good 
ance throtMheut the book, and Hw 
write -iip^ an otover nd veiy 


Royal Parpta BUilisess Mana^ar 
Joe RotartaM attbead thew words 
with tbe sta'Amnst, "t was cerUln- 
iv v?ry hspioy to h->nr o! the award, 
but r.oi Hi h'.l Mirprls-"! The IMt 
Hr.yn] Purpl? was the tip,si yearbocb 
I ha VP pver seen, and limt year's 

Virginia Monshan will explain this 
year s jwogram pUnned by YW for I ^ deserving o£ the honor 
tranter studenU. : >' fe«'lv.. d ■ 

Nrw SUtf AmbUlous 

Bonfieid. 1939 Royal Purple bust- 
new manager si>d milling Industry 
graduate. It emplrryed by the Gen- 
eral HUls plant at Oklahoma 

Purpl* will form the basis of the 
tor sdiema— purple and white 

irtwiMd pnflto eandlaa. Tba wUl 




'V Friday. September M, 

i;he Kfflww Sfate Collegia 

PubUtbed by ttft Ommn iKfc Kvum Stirit 
College or Agriculture «nd AeaUeil Scleaet tMI 

f;^ir wa Ki^iT or tfie ..: 

an iSMMDa-tiiJ* tMtter at at 

Mtnhmtum, Kansas. ' 

NttioDal Advertistng Smke^ lae. 

Cunptu Office— Kedxle JSW 

Ye«r at tiw emm — 

Bilitor-bi«Clliidt -— ^ . ... Itoir il- Flslttr 

Oamimi Mtoc -.i^L5f!2!fi 

Aad««at — Swrtte* 

New tmuk -J"W M*U 

8PWU Editor -1 — ...JRck Thialer 

AssisUnt SporU MM Herbert Honinfer 

Society Editor ^ Jembte Marte MadJen 

Assi-itnivt Society Bdltw -Mary Jam Orentner 

PhctoRi-ftpher - - - Ollbert Oarl 

Bualiuss Uarager — Jam«» P. Oooiwr 

A J Wt U Mil t ftHtlinh ..^.......Hi^ ThenqpMn 

and fUchard Oech 

arMi mbim - c ,T u^m 

A Case Of 

One of the oi«ttnlteth»Bit whien hMi re- 
peatedly been slighted irtiM the time 
comps for the dlBtribtttlbn of the student 
activity fund each fall, is the college band. 
One of the largest and moat repreHcntative 
oiganiKatlons on the campus, it has often 
been shunted aside for such small groiip 
activltieB as Judging team trips. 

■raoi^h imaf ot thwe Judging 
tMnw hiive c«n«iliily hMn a twnfrflt 
and brnii»;ht credit to the college, a finf 
band could be much more appreciated 
by the student body, and would brinp 
much more desirable publicity to Kan- 
saB State in this terrltiry. 
In the past, appropriatioDB from the stu- 
dent mMCy fund have biien nitito nUtfe 
than enongh for the maintenance' of uni- 
forms, attd ineti^ment^, and what addi- 
tions aB were nepd^ tc/e the band librai^. 
J tut 111 the last four yeat^, the situation has 
1h'«'u becoming more acute. New inatru- 
meiits and othfer eqaipuent. are sorely 
needed, aceorA^g tb BlUid Ureetor t^rle 

Downey. " ■ ■ • 

Dorint thta pMmtt ^ collie enrol- 
ment h«fl bMttJMiitottt steady Increases 
each yeat, ahd fNt Jtfttient body has rightly 
been expecting A cOrrspondingly better- 
equipped and better- pet^oniiing aggrega- 
tion to reprsent theni. 

During this same period, hovever, the 
approt^flatlons to the band, inBteM dt 
ke<»ilB« ittdd, hare lUidefttone a stei^ 

dwiiM fNiBi mm ^ fism iii iMs 

to only 11400 last yefcr The decline tg 
not large, but It is slghlflcant In relii^ 
tton to the ineflrtMl 111 tlKr^ttHLt mt- 

ing that time. 

If Kansas State Is to continue to have 
one of the finest bands in the Big Si^, If 
not In the Mid-irdit, largeir approftrtatlona 
at ti somewhat Mjoii^e stable figure wUl be 
hecfettwfr. Aim mtA, ap|»h>]^AatlAs mint 
he«etoaMly he iii Im 
In tite eolli^. ^ 
I • • • tt 

«ftli tllv MlvilMt 

Laim Are Made 
To Be Kept 

students very much like you and I, and 
they doH't tvllsh the Job prfQCtpallf 
bee*iue they didn't cemt to cdllege to 
M policemen— not that ^^l>^^<u^3r' 

tMng against poltcemea, 
don't want to be one. 
Now there seem to be two ways out. 
Either the students do or they don't. Either 
the tradition Is kept and fags continue to 
tte dropped at campus gates and the coun- 
cil can take a follceni a n's^ holiday, 0^ 
the tradition a^odld be chajue^ 

It makes tittle dlffeiren«b ^li^ ia 
as far as the <!dttnett Is t^niS^ed. Sm, bo 
whatever law is In 4lftet la enforced. They 
are »worn to uphoMI t^Mie tratttions and 
are determined that iMi wltl keep their 
word— even if tlMSy kavlr to «4br t IMte 
and tixty a ctdh. 

• • • 

We Can Trade 

In Our Own Baekgiiaiid 

l>e88 than a year ago, news|>a*iet^ in the 
United States were pointing ftelrfblly to the 
tremendous loss of trade to Eiltrjpean na- 
tions which we had suffered in our dealings 
with IjBtin and South American countries. 

During the early pUrt of the first "i^bt-ld 
war, the United 9ta^ praetleally ddMI- 
nated the Soutfe AAitMrteMi ti^. ^ 
made the mUtaii oT 0Vma^if» mm Ha 
the Allies aitd #ett MngCli » ttHpM* ^ 
the war. 

Since the Worid war, the tiritish, 
French, (.Jermans, ana Japanese stole 
. much of our trade in Sobth Afeeriea 
r--trade that we have b«eh needing the 
l^oa ai manutSKtured etimmodlties 
tmt few yraia t0 tim ott« iH oiilr ktu^<^ 
which we should htve itS^ittuM fo| 
coffee, sugar attd other LMm ant 
South Americad pt^uets. 
Not only were these European !iUlt|itti 
taking tremendods amOuhtfi of oil)* trdiro. 
but they were also building up political an- 
tagonism against the Vtilud States, in/n 
sentidt taiintary immitn to mmn cdWI- 
tri^, and getting stsch t^itceislollt tht^Hi as 
might prdte embarraiHlng in thtl fillet if 
not actually threaten the Indi^ifiit«ll6e of 
these republics and our own. 

Now again, with the outbreak of an- 
other European war, the United States 
Is presented with its second golden 
9|ifH»tunity to hUild ujp Its trade with 
Smith and I^atln Amn^ca to the former 
level, and thus more Vra^ eement to- 
gether the demoeracfes of the western 

Again th European nations will be so 
involved in war that they will be unable to 
carry on trade in the Americas; again we 
must decide whether m Wttl liUftrade in 
Europe, or trade with ow near laatln or 
South Amertdan dflghBdifV. 

If we aSfi smart, we will take advantage 
Of|thls SiftiSOnd opportunity which has pre- 
sented Itself to us. We will build up our 
ti-ade with the rest of the An^ericas and so 
strongly unite the western democracies 
that European nations will be no longer 
able to make inroads In the economic life 
of the AmeHcaa, and the Monroe dix^Jiae 

#ili m proi%bted tj^^ m txm. 

"River-hikers of the Ozar^*' 
Is English ri^iliitiit 

Sonl« or the ''better' box hm at 
K. 8. vtio SDend tlieir winter eren- 
Ugt r«sdlng such stories as 
"ffueidelilnT Finn," 'Tom StWfR"'. 
and "Rultles of Red Oap" may 
won bsM a vltb 0» pubUea- 
ttoo of Praf. a. W. Mnadoi's book 
" ' r- 

i» « 

The "Klckapoo" photogi a pliers 
are complaining that Kansas 
biate students won't nose for pic- 
tures. It s^enu that local stu- 
dents aren t ;aed to the Idea of 
belns aOM>pM— and ittlfen at 
th» nin liBht oi a 

tor juvtnllea, "River- hlk!i« of tht 
CMsarks." Started t«o years ifb, 
thto book Is now ih the hands of lt« 
publishers L. c. Pa«e Oocopany of 
Bott^, who maO^ "PoU^rsna" lun- 
^t^sM «ia iw trtied JiMiiif % 

nUgwfac the tunuMr travftla of 
mM» «Q|Mu, miumk HiH 
Idfdii bl the CktS^ xmm tta ttue 
jiiMalle •t)rl» tlie gliirtiiia adven- 
ttiNb t^AMitmm as la* Mift OmI 
dona UK WUto rtier. ant tat a 
Mft una lattr tn a 


Ikten Arfims 
Htme After 
Delay By War 

Tlirtlliiv and dasgavus exper- 
inieM niNilfdt .troMTb^ strand- 
ed tai wmm wfwsi wm»u W ttw 
wtr m» rtiaisd fey Or. md IG». 
B. li. Iboeo attar their Mtnia boiii! 
Tutaday firam BUubm^i, SoMttad. 
Oociu- IbMii, or tlie anlaa) lnu> 
bandry diipi|«^^v attoQM tbe 

at Cdlnburgli. 

Althrjugh they hftM been 
tie hope or crossing Miif 
found pa'sagf or. the While Star 
Cun«.rd ship, the Aquttania. They 
Cn constanl danger ot bcln^ ut 

ruiiiori^ tliat they would probalty 
land somewhere bvtwesn Cuba vbA { 
Canada. They anlw^ in Uw 
Tdrtt baiter Hii^ 'Itatardiy iH^i)^ 

Patowilw ooUeiian Advertlacn 

r-f TT' 

Theie's a rumor floating around 
the »RU)us that Hitler's parents 
are so proud of his late accom- 
pUdancnli tb^ tiHejnn edbUder- 

Vftt .«Mtte 

BOM a ijm^ 


And things: Th° Manhatian 
theatre reoorts a large turnout fdr 
Irtay squad tryouts. . . Kansas 
atate EHflneer Editor jim Stock- 
mkn landiM the stenographer he 
Wka IdOklnf for last week. . . . 
lH^ten the AAA moves downtown 
pe(^? m this end of town will be 
Wk t6 11H private phone ntUn- 
beis. . . . iVbO^ the fdler who fell 
a.Attp under a tombrtmte ddi^ 
a recent sneak— to the aHUisAintt 
Qt his PI Phi date 1 

Eye. Arkaaua, the hUcen .att«>ded 

a bedNraoai 4kiii of JuQr edttAttoti 
Si tAI raiiibus "SM^ittfcpd «t- Vb» 
Hills" eountiy. Here tfkeli* HKtorU 
ar« woii ^ tb? gtSod |9iiltett» tM 
honey of k itM. tMfr tfit ttM 

to mp umti tot nw MR 

tMier, mu TMley. 

BMittually m August, th^ tx>ys 
find Bin i^riley tctinc as a slnflnK 
Blftster In a chuit^ and reunite th4 
family, having had a grand and 
glorlcui summer in the Ozarks. 

Professor Breeden was assisted by 
Prof. M. J. Harliaugh on the 
scientific ;>olnts concerning nature. 
The book li to be tried out for the 
Junior Literary Chdid vt Mlbeit by 
the publishers. 
Book For Bo^, 

When asked what kind of a re- 
ception he expected his book to re- 
ceive, Breeden replied, "Well, I 
don't see why a grown person 
should read it— it is for boys, but I 
don't see why boys should want to 
read anything. It will possibly 
furnish a few hours of good enter- 
tainment OD a ■t^mn; wtatter night 
when a boy «mi da UVMBt «K 
but read." 

Breeden was reared tn the VfbSim 
River country and vl^te there every 
summer. AU the tncidehto le- 
iMcd Ih hit took wen rittwr wtt- 
iiMMd Iqr fiM or tad IM ^ na- 

Pntroniite Collegian Advertism 

DiuU^ of Bembs 

They sneaked across the IrWi ^ 
to :t«hdbb where th^ were told tb« 
ship Mi euieilM its puntft B 
•etOKt df Vme n^. ft tmm& out that 
it wis only ddayed, Wbfie they 
w?r- In London they half eitpeeted 
to be awakened by a stray bnnb as 
air raid waralhts bad b^ni gtinn. 

TMy were ollletauy "lekt at m.' 
as lift mtttm inu oM 
ship f ntt mki MMfired diMof the 
vonie- No OM knew irtwM thly 
wMlO ifi»«hMi% tktod tint l£ was 


The annual turkey grading school 
lor qualifying United Aetet fcsr- 
emment turkey ETiders Will be eti 
the coll?ge c«mpt» OdKliwr IB uU 
IT. H^'iiry o F. Hamwu), assoctikVe 
marketing specialist. United 3taAe 
Department of AfericaUwt. «tU 
in ebacte of the hAooL 

Tired Es^ek 


Ocular HeadMhet 

Corrected by vtaqpaitUe : 
nettiods of naaaO^Umtim the 

ocular inUBt^es. ' 

Fye Flxamination made 
anytime or by dy^nt* 

Dr F. L. .4$1tlMI, |D. 

Opl^mi tne Eye Bpectawt ' 
1220 Mora St., AtfMie 

'Glasses That fH" 

f I " 

Thanks to B6rt Hildreth tor the Idea selected and 
^thftAti^ tAy tt stffl£ie» ytm. #i iio^ titet 3^ 
we ttl^M^ ttfenfilBluB jcBftgllilng worfcliy of dflSvMtM&g. 

Some tibtogi lAoiMi fiOt be advertised. You highly 

it t * <r » »yOT)mH » <i» »» ya» ii»a »» » » »»» a» a»» t » »»♦ » 

Ftmh Ge^ 

Promote Spirit 

One of th» vexing Bituationn that face 
A«arly every governing body is what to do 
About laws or regulation a that are over- 
looked by its conBtltuBlitB— and o\xt o*h 
stiiHeiit council seetns not to be exempt. 

rt'a this way — this tale of woe that oomj- 
cll niemljerB tell. ^ 

Among the l}ody of Kaaaas 8tat« ttiilll- 
tlons that have hedn pfeaied. tUnuHSH, tit 
shdVed— dieveadtnc on pne't *Hr#point— 
do*n to the pr^Mit collesiita geiicnitioa 
{rom others of another day is oat tiMWiW' 
lug no smoking on the catnpus. 

Now the poor coimcil is entruflttd 

with enforcing said tradition, (One 
. council member says that now h4 man 
I fdlly uBderatanda iri^ Uh«ril HIMUer , 

maiBbeti m m W^m itttdent wm- 

I Wftn. gvttrhg haek to the pdnt, there 
feetlna to have been sOme few c<MnpIa!nt8 
kbout student puffing and the eouneii hms 
been ptodded to act. In short, the council 
don't want to act — nor can one blatae 
them tremendously. 

The couEcil Mems to be made isp ia 

The Coilegian is uklng thia mrtuis of 
expressing its apBhsval dhd titmtg odn- 
gratulatlons on this tiAe tiehbOl spirit et- 
hlMted hy the el^ of '48 Ih iM mahher of 
Waartng the freshman 'diakte.' 

ESapecially has it been noticed that 
more than ever the frosh have been 
consistent In keeping the purple head- 
gear in place on and off the campus. 
Uote noticeatrie is t)ie proud tilt with 
which the eapa are worn .ami tl^ la 
just as H should be. Ia nm en? to be 
a fnAnwii again hits «r«pt Idto iitbre 
than one upperclassman's heart. 
Let it be said that by virtue of their 
school spirit and sincere feelings, the frosh 
more than ever this year are instillihg 
more than a little of that same spirit Into 
the makeup of the uppeiwlaBamen. 
N With pi-ospecu for one of the fTne^ 
football seasons In recent years, the 
didas of puride dlnkies in the west 
Rands will embody a sincere support 
that can't hut help be felt by the entire 
football team. 

The success of the frosh dlnkies can be 
made more significant, it is BUggestedi if 
the tnahmaA girls eoepterate insdrhig 
pnnte ribbons ou thdl^ fiisWa. the mm 
wopld pcomote tWlM it Ittyini»Atttttstann, 
and mtM^ iKo«« Spirit 8IA>eJn4)M^<!ktai- 
pus organization cotlld stm promote aft 
idea like the one suggti^ ^ve belore 
more thsd a pmm ST^ 16mm 
gets away. 

RtegardHess of any more 
C9lltetlad again offers 
oil the ettthuslasm rimm. H meh 
rolrtt <A3k be maintained throughout 
t^fdttflMut seaato A it fs liow, sttch a 
wenftg wUl be to beat - a ; ; V t ; ; , , 

tt4 l^mim 


And Then Again 

Maybe Fm Wrong But 

fly MerriU • 

I There arc two Mm to 
qnesUen: iMt WMk I mentMied 

attaOM OM SBiUkf IH. 
dent worken. AMUf Mi bittat 

that tbi atodaBto at*4^' 
eie mtS— 1 0emkr' 

Mntbntnt ts by no means repre- 
aeotatlre oC the whole 
'ta^NfrtA MHSk Hie UMjuiRy 
at tbe people I hftM taiMS td 
this week seem to stroncly favor 
tbl« means of Ilbbicbiliy aaalsting 
atteteata. Ail one ni^tanriMr |Kit 

clent or intereatoS 

P«tnt tvt dh tSe 
.Ami««Mn kaU? 1 

~ ^ J* iiiiwiM mwi mm mmm'^ ^ 

Who Demand 
(^laUty lEiad Economy! 

style - Qtia1% - EemiOMy 

New fall slacks 


Yoo'll need tWe or 
more pair Ui oattt- 
plcte yoiir ward- 
robe and here are 
inatchieM values! 
A 1 1 coton . . . 
■mart patterha 

Slacka that are be^BtlfuUy taUa 
In an the new ntoteb^ iA belts 
atid ripMr HsHtttt'. 

The best bay 
ymi'U see thii ^mt 
or 9^ fmr— 

I . 


Tad *ent ftnd Jwi a kMalAd. 
— ywttl find a |hat tsMHoaiint 

est patterns, rolers and modria 
with exceUent taUorinf. The « 



M*y Pvit&am 

^MiatW TftSfll — V^PV 


Phcifte 2414 





M. to. 

Star, HOW, and THMI 

ittw mm. mmn 

Office 3^ ittaa MU 

J. W. fevans, M. ft. 

Sp(«Ullst in treatment and viap^ 
ot iye, Ear, tfoee, and Throat. Eyes 

Id ataMes. fitted according 

to lataat mMMta. 

0«let|ll fiiit Wsttoaal Banlft Bld|. 

Barrett Aa JfsliMi M> Ik 
Sunery ObitiMet 

O. M. Heiberg, i^ 

Internal Medldne 
Itl B. Fourth St. 

Oenenil..^EiP«^ '^'^^ 
ni. 4161' Rea. 3331 


Over College Book Store 

Ptione 4iM 

- ^ , - - 


Dr. Lowell Crrighton 
Oeoera) Practice of DenOitry . 
OlUett aotd «Mk> 

Dr. C. H. Faiib^ 


Dr. C. W. lolley 
Dental SurKeon 
I S»-91 DlrUi Bfte. M. 

tTitMl Itational Bank 

D^. tletor tl. Sattrj 

Victor Clinic 

x.sar memm" em 
212 8. 4tb * Dial an 

Dr. ». 

ObihpMtl! )i-ltay aof 
aemet Mbm fli. mwiini 

OffKe 4M fftfBtt Ph 

Friday. September 22, 1938 



In Tl» I 


With the 

The Prymen continue to,nin plays 
and try out new combinations >e«k- 

ing one to Rive them thstr best alt 
wound KtrtrnKth Many ol the 
cripples are tntck m ih- fjrlnd again, 
U UK flret gjmt apjjroache.s. Den- 
ial Stan Willlf m.son the line men- 
tor, has the Wildcat lineman com- 
ing along In fine shape. Frntiti 
ooach Chill Cochrane has been de- 
wtlng his time trying to Ilnd a 
capable punter who can (111 In the 
spot lelt vacant by the ICKis of Bob 
BHlfft. The WlWcatjt are definitely 
hitting their stride ax they are exe- 
cutlQK their plftyji with polish and 
finewc- The fine ;«plrlt and general 
good attitude of the iqtiMl Is pilea&- 

iiiff to tlx iKiMd or •mtgtr. 

Full Speed Scrimmage Scheduled Tomorrow 

Be Seen In Action 

Team Ripidly Takiaf Form As 

Season Opener Nears - Fry Has 
Large Nuatbar Of Backf ieM Stm 

Veterans, hopefuls, and yearlings will have an oppor- 
tunity to show their stuff tomorrow when the squad takes 
the field for the first full Bpeed scrimmage under game con- 
ditions. Coach Wes Fry has scheduled the performance for 
3 o'clock tonuHTaw afternoon. 

The scrimmage wlU climax a week of IntenslTe drill, 
during whleh paae* defenee and play fnndamentals were 
Riven the most consideration. The last two aftenmons have 
been spent in running plays, pass dcfpiiRc and off (Mine, light 
blocking and half speed scrlmniagfs Variuus line and back- 
field combinations have been 

For Practice 

First Call Dram 
A hugfi Ntunber 

four trethman foot- 

bate reported for practice at Kan- 
sas 8t«to ooUeg^ aj>d bolttcr the 
■Eld aaSoBk Uk future 

Naughiyt Nauehty 

tit tke Injvry tndl' 
MTt Md, g^Te the boya over at 
HaPhetMn College a allglit caae 
of nerves when be reported at 
McPherton for rootiwll pracUoe. 
U Hits an]\ temporary stnc« he 
iwtt wanted ta get In ihape 
whilr he wa-i working there. 
Yon hfard abuut the iilsh 
•ctaooi f«otball player who fell 
eat of bed and brake hli arm. 
So far coAch Fry has been »p»r- 
•d anything of lluit nattire. Of 
eonrie the Wildcats, wJka are 
good In (heir fitudte*, would 
never do anything like Ihbi but 
one player, when tilltng otit hi« 
entrance form for ooUego, made 
the nUaUke of writing "de* 

imwed" for '^ewMd 
gatd to hb fatlief'a 
Yea, that rerawtk 
Um. Wm Fry aaya 

'In re- 

tried out in an effort to dd^ 
termlne a poMfUe atarilng 
lineup. Kopt of the potttlons 
have been filled, bttt Ctwch 
Fry is still undecided about 
the center spot and the 
blocking back position. Paul 
Hannah has the edge for the 
present as the Wildcat's 
starting center, and Jim 
Brock ta the No. 1 blocking 
Iwek. As nnderstudy to 
Brock. Fry la trying out Max 
Timmons^and Art Kirk. 

OoMh Ay wtn be aUe to pi»- 
lent a formtdabte badcttetd In the 
form of Melvln Seelye at quarter, 
EHmer Nleman and Jim Brock at the 
halfback spots, and Elmer Hackney 
at fullback These four lettermen 
will uttdoubtedlv muke up the start- 
ing K-State beckfield In most 
games. As sutxttltutea. Pry has such 
coming stars a£ Chris Langvardt, 
Art Kirk, Max TUmwme. Lyie Wii- 
klns, Kent Duwe, CMae MUr, Ray 
Rokey and Merle 

fMd U thVMB 

1 1^ that Iie-WtM«d"c«n- 
pntting TO ywda or 
In practice workouts. Big i 
Bta nfctymrn can tuck that 
thought iiwav for future use 
tbia fail. Obsfrvers say that 
"The Gang" Hackney will de- 
velop Into a top- night iHaw 
aa Mon »i he can fOT|«| ta 
thnnr the pdrtcto ii IksHh It 


I that to aaa net rm 
la center the ban 
and Uek H. 

ta Btr Six 

Iowa state. 
: WUder, the Cyelitat^ line 

jed to be 

Mfr attaek thia rear, baa qnit 
tmlkaM on the reqncat of hla 
^•Wii* Bill De Correwnt, 
Northwestem's much pablMnd 
at^faamore. In finding the going 
pnlty toHgh and ta holding 
dawn a Rpot on the third team. 
XlBkaieii plctarc-in^pen have 
been baantlng the practice 
groendN of late. Mf)(ht be a 
good idea to get one of the finrt 
IxMies of KIrkapDo, the humor 
■■fw^fc^ yaa want la aee 

> fronh 

i II the preaent crap fieshmen 
football player* is an indkatkxi of 
what la to oanw. the WUdnta wOl 
rtm thb ef Motia Daiae. at 

Htm tterting ba«klliid ■oompoBed 
of fladgn. Nleman, Kwek and Back- 
VKf to not wanting In aiqr reqeet. 
In Seelye, Kansas eute has a fiery 
signal - caller 
whoae game play 
and spirit makes 
the tTT - pottod 
•enloT look like 
"Little Dyna- 
mite," He win 
carry the brunt 
of the Wildcat's 
pacing and kick- 
ing. ■ Butch" Nle- 
man Is another 
tine paiaer. Be- 
Udes hla south - 
pav fllpiplnd, Nle- 

to the 



wis add 

K-8Ute oltatik with bla end^aktrt- 
Inidaabeg. Jte Inak, who tlfi tte 
aealw at ItO, vUl boMer the bacJu 
from Me bteofcing back pastttoo, and 
hto adnoalad tee wSl to aoMrtad on 
to >dd tta pollit altar .taMMowD tat 

"On* Ittn Oaag" and aMttn mi In 
the KatMM Mita* pe wa ftoa e e . Is 

expected to to ttie trwtt aeiuMent 

groiuul-galnaii on 
powerful Una drtvt 

of the igkosm m» «t ttw m Kx 

A m piMd um 

The left aldf oC the forward wall 
wm to wdl taken oito of'^ and, 
Don Munair; t 

and gvaid, Sm Sted9. On 
rtgbt tfde of ttM Mmw 
bator will toU dopRn Iba «ad po* 
sitton. Ralph H!iiffiBftTi attd tThartti 
fUmym an leading eaadlditaa for 
tto tacUe and guard apoti in that 
ordar. vUntoa. who weltfu but 
ifll, wia to ttie UiAtart Una bhuk, 
btit Us ton star l> aapoetad to 
mato hira a ngiilar, null nmnali, 
a i7d-pottiMMr, la In fbe eoHer to* 
Eitlon. nila Una, iMeb 
showltic ttp wtlQ In 
appeaia to to the etarttof SMttp for 
the WUdeala. Tba avatato welgtat 
of tbto formd w«U it IW 
wUeh to atitr IwaTjr 
tto fart tbat a Ul pMnMl giiaid to 

Back* Average IfS 

In want of a heavier line. Coach 
Pry can start a lineup such as: 
Crumbaker, Makalous, Huff, Ham- 
Ub, Beezley, Weiner and P?ter4 
which would make a line average 
MO pounds per man. Ol this group, 
Makalous and Huff have been show- 
ing up well and are expected to 
br?ak Into the lineup frequently. 
Peters, a promising sophomore 
wlngman, will have plenty of com- 
petition from a host of ends and 
will probably not tie a regular this 

Tht regular backfleld composed Of 
Seelye, Brock, Mleman and Hack- 
ney average 189 per, which means 
that Coach Fry will be able to send 
a squad averaging near 190 pounds 
per man on the field when thq 
Wildcats open tbe 
Fort Hays, Sej^eobar 10 hi 
orlal Stadium. 

least in numbers, soon, Alwut'lM 
boys have checked out for the 
gridiron sport here Among the 
number arc M former high school 
captains and 14 freshmen ptayert^ 
weigh 200 pounds or over. Another 
bright part In the picture Is that 
some of the stars of last year s high 
school teams are actually enrolling 
here Keal Snow, Dick Rogers, 
Charlas Kler. and Clarence Heath 
are four of the high echoed greats 
who did not succumb to out of 
stala offers. In the same vein— The 
lED sports editor reports that TWO 
of THIUEE of the 90 or iO high 
aaheol ftayen who vleitad the SO 

Girls Intramurals 
Wm Start Soon 

"Waa-who?; and the W. A. A. er's 
are riding again with prexy Bonnie 
Jean Clapp's announcement of a fall 
picnic to be held nrobabty Thurs- 
day, Everyone who is anyone in the 
feminine world Is bound to be 
there in spite of (he "httle womenk" 
arguments over idio iWSpriMB flii 
who's who. 

Intramurally speaking, tt seams 
as though tennto and WOay ton will 
hold up me nat thto fHU. IiOoU^ 
back into last rvKt% y&Otg bah 
tournaniMits; tto iMpliirfeea aaan to 
have battted ttetr wur ahead ef 
ewTooofte. TbMm% rm«m^ 
main to to seen. 

Snatmr poster's wUl to up In tto 
gym tto asth of thto nootb rallbig 
organtoed graosa to tto ookm. oh 
7^ ttHur wffl mato wtmderful 
"tank" h ni tmi a in tto next war. 

'WSdeat defBBi ef Uta itaat rear 
or ao \mr to Iwavter tt eertala 
frestUBia davrioo aooosdlng to ex- 
pectattona. Amrtaen boys Itatad 
tbi^ wM^ at SOe pomto or bai- 
ter and nine otbem tip tlw aealea at 
between 190 and 200. 

Ward Haylftt, head irack coacli, 
Ls .supervisor of the freshman foot- 
ball coaching staff which includes 
Ed Klimek, Manhattan; Shlrler 
Davts, Chanute; Glenn Case, Nlck- 
erson; and Paul PaKler, Uniontown, 
Pa. These four boys were memlwrs 
of last year's K-State team and 
have completed their eligibility. 
nnuK high iK'*'f Hi l captains; 
Baaki 'John oarper, Dale Oartsr, 
Axdto EtonUa, Joa Jarvto. Jaim 
ICarthi, Robert PUdnton. iniUam 
Qulek, WmfM Roank, Ibrrln Rob- 
erta, Ftoyd Rowland, 
Rktaard Wsat. 

LiDemen— Robot OampteU, Keith 
Ckwk. Gerald Conaelman, William 
Vtadier, Wi^na Oayaas, Kalo Hlna- 
nai^ Wanen Iwlg, WUUam UlUer, 
naok Patten. Bsnry Porta', Prank 
Ruda, Selvin Shltids, WUUam Tay- 
lor. John Thorp. Lee Wlneland, 
Other candidates: 
Backs-^George Abbott, WllUaiK 
dlUcers, Merltn Banker, Ernest 
Boehner. P hllllp Christophersen, 
Oene Dewlen, Junior Erickson, Eu- 
gene Fletcher, Max Fletcher, John 
Folz, William Poster, Roy GwUi. 
Melvil H. Hanna, Orlf [ Hughes, Neal 
Hugos, Robert Huser. Charles Kler, 
David Lupfer, Charles Neeoe, Ar- 
thur Nelsoo, Oerard Pascale, Dick 
Rogers, Radomes Santiago, Ray- 
mond Scbrock, Jobn Shaw, Klmt^ 
Slt^ley, Neil Snow. WUlun Tblte, 
W Jmnn Wogrkman. Xennath Toon, 
Robert Yoimg, 

Linemen— Lyman AnU,. Lao Berg, 
Oranvine Betto. Stobatd Braver, 
Merle Burr, Latofitoe D|nMB.''na: 
Duoia;. OtormirBddn i«iti- ~ 
ssl. Bobtft lUber, Dan Vteiaa,* 'An- 
thony Oa^piefe, mtfood Oanlt^ 
o«a«i CMttler, Olatenoa Oroasman, 
Richard Hmeman, Bernard Huetter, 
R«aa Hughes, Verland Jabnke, 
Rank Jedtoto. Bobot mtin, Mar- 
toa Larikln, ftad ume, WUUam 
Lynch, Robert IfeOann, Clifford 
Makalous, Howard Itorlam, Md- 
wile Mudge, l^ene Neeland, BKl 
Perkins, FhU pierce, Marvin Rsp- 
stlne. Oerald Rideman, Pat Bauble, 
Lloyd Sexton, Kenneth Smith. 
Joaepb Bemm, Mm Aamtt, Bobart 

Cold Blooded Scoundrels 
Steia Away With Gold Gash 

Two smart men came to Kansas State and ennriled Tor the sole purpose 
of naUng mon e y and mate ropnear tbcr did. But ttoy left irtttMttt even 
a aood-bifr, er a Siaafc you ana a ttnH «< bad daatta babtaid ttiam. 
Tfamg were aauldetate emm^ however, to leave theh names, Rajnacnd 
3, Baas, M. and Robert Pariai, 37, and even tbetr photographs with num- 
bers undo- Uietr faces, which were 
taken during registration. Tto mly 
thing lacking for tto legina gBlMiy 
was their pxiIUes. 

Well, this Is haw aU that boslness 
started. Ona man was just let off 
the Chicago Beaoan wban tt was 
oonaobdated— ha said. Tto other 
waa lat oCr tto Olevelawl Etess tm- 
dar lOawtoe eowbttona— to aald. 
Each had eome Into some money 
with whicb ttoy planned to pur- 
chase a country newspaper aa aoon 
as they obtHincd a little formal 
education— tliey both .said. 
Graciously Received 

Thus having said, they were duly 
and graciously received with open 
arms when they (such reputable 
mm) enroUed at Kansas State. 
(Kansas state's Joumalton dqwrt- 
nwnt waa reoomm«idad to 
aU other actoola ttoy 
CStHfa toinfaMflB. ttiat 

our own little school— the leader. 

Bttt to get on with this tale of 
woe <as It aha 11 turn out to be) 
thoee honccabte gentlemen enrolled 
In Journalism— with a check. They 
found room and board with a check. 
They bought ctoUies— with a ctoek. 
Thsy also cai>hed checks-bailed. 
Ott ISU And A Warrant 

And they used the provided reg- 
istration receipts for IdmtihcaUm. 
and drafts trmn Chlcwo and Oes 
Moines bulks. Now fliey have Ibu 
cash and a feloor wwiant cbargtov 
them with oMataitng 
propo^ ontfalse 


To leave aohool that way 
one to bdtove ttoy ahaady had 
eduestinn along aoaia Unas, And 
tto chagrinlty and db 
ktt mm. T«s sir. than bogra laf t 
ham-dtadml cmV-fto tag-hold: 


Lets Gontracts 

Printinf Tb Tribune^ 
Mcjrsn Qtt 

The conttaot for printing "Kteka 
poo," Kansas State humor maga- 
zine, was awartlpd Wi-hif.sday to 
the MELiihattati Ti-ibiiiu- and News, 
accordltiR to Sigma DsUa Chi and 
Thcla Sigma Plil. ILs sponsor. The 
contract for printing photof^aphs 
went to the Meyers Planographing 

Of Interest to all Kani>as Stat; 
Students who are anxiously waiting 
to see the new and different "Chief" 
is thU statement made by OMUbU, 
-editor: "The first written copy of 
Kickapoo' will be sent to the print- 
rs todays and the pbotogtiphs wUl 
go to Top«a aatardlty." Tbls Indi- 
cates ttot tto tnagaslne protabty 
•U to <» ^ eanuMB not later than 
tto latter part of mitt woek. 

SereQ AddUioiis 
To Faculty Staff 

Seven additions to the Kansas 
State college faculty have heen ap- 
proved by the Kansas board of 
regents and announced today Snm 
the acaae of RmMmI 9. Bt lar- 

Appointments: Uvutenant - Ccd- 
cnel Carl p. McKlmiey 'as Com- 
mandant of the college ROTC to 
succeed Colonel Ralph W. Kingman, 
retired: Mtaa Htoy L. flmull has 
been employed at Inatnictor in in- 
stitutional maaagaoMnt to succeed 
Miss Slna :^y PPwIer, cn leave «f 
abSMwe from October 1. IgM to 
June 30, 1940; Earl H. Petenco to 
employed as assistant profesaor of 
BDgUsb: Mn. Xrelyn jobnaon to 
employed aa tenvamy aaalstant tai 
tto department of botany and i^t 
patlMlogy for the fbat aamaala of 
tto im-40 acbool year; BltBretm- 
Inger is employed tm ttia eoOege 
year as tnstruelM m *mimlft and 
aodology; Mies Jaamelbia Utnly to 
empioyed for tto eoOega year as 
gnuluata atriatant bft tto depart- 
ment of art 

Hcatgoatton-^Jr. D, B. Creager. 
asaiatant pvoieasor In the depart- 
meoi at botany and plant pathol- 


Ovteber IS. 

Join a ballroon tijasa now so yon 
can en^ danelng tto rest of your 
Ufa. tmm mm SahooL RuKie 
COaaMs IfOD. and Thina, 7 

Stewart, Wallace Temple ton, Loren 
Thompson. Roy Thompson, Francis 
Wagner, auiy Wdch, 

New "Mikes'* 
Aids Receptkm 

KBAC habaiem an now hearb^ 
broadcasL-i through three new West 
ern Electric microphones and in- 
stallation of these microphones has 
.vastly tan|«oved Uia reoepUm irtth- 
in raoge of thto aMton. 

TWO "mikes" hare triple pksfc-ttp 
patterns adapted to any ittuaUon 
for both local and ronote biead- 
casto wbUe tto other to a desk 
model of the "salt sliakwr" tjpa. Aa- 
soetoted equUmmt fn tto ooattral 
room eonstoto of a new aaqUQAtv 

"Compartson.s of ths new and old 
typos of microphones during 
Ing .show the new ones give a much 
more rciillstic reproduction of the 
voic." .sity.s Jim Chapman, Asso- 
ciate EKten.sion Editor. "This sta- 
tlOn needs new equipment and we 
are fortunate to tiave them." 

CoUege HofipM 
Has baprettments 

Tto caltoge iMNpttat had a gen- 
eral miovattasi thto summer as 
seven naw ma ttw aaaa were bought, 
new tbadee for tto celling light!) 
wars InitaUed, twenty new bedside 
tables plaeed, and a nupiber of new 
bed lampe. 

Tto naw e^Lag Ugbt shades in- 
sure good Indlreot Ughtlag for all 
the rooms, and tto new bed lamps 
make it possible for all the natlent^ 
to study In bed with a minimum of 

ate colorful, 

modernistic, and wUl add i 
touch to the rooms as wen i 
ing more utilitarian purposei. 

The aavso naw mattreaaes nplaw 
worn and aitHiiuated onea. ■ma 
staun p^iwe on the ftral tlaor of tto 
beqffial taw ab» base btostalad to 

R. Brerhardy of tto 
department i>f art wm speak faeface 
tto Manthall County PMeiatlcn at 
WomenVs duta at Summerfleld 
niday on Southwest Indiai) Art. 
Htoa Bverhardy w4U Ulustrate her 
tkUc whb ciampies of Indian art 

Patnniaa OoUa^ 

Everything for Band 

and Orchestra 

Mtidc Student's Supplies 

liiatnim<Hits Rewind 
Pianoe for Rent 


429 Poyntc Ph. 3974 

Tto bedside 

W. R. Jones. O. B. 18, and R, O. 
CbUcoat, ,C. E. '37, are vacation 

Vtottws in .Mnnhattan. Jones Is 
working witli !h?> UB Army Engi- 
neers office ;i! Baltimore, and Chll- 
coat is with the Phillips Petroleum 







LoBit BroBincld 



Wtan^^Mav-Oala«" M 



Hold That 

C^tlnaaBi BM^ ibgfi fc** 
3Sc Bvary Day 

Starts TODAYl— Popdar JMces— Afot 2§c -N^35c 

1939's BEST! 

Only one word 
can dascribe it... 

• itlVVl 



■ %| fififit 

• lAtal 







Brmw ^ enrolled at KantM Slate «|loldd check her name, addreu, and phone niuaAer ip the student direelory whiah4i|ipeart in today's issue of The CoUe^Ml. When errors 

^ ■ ■ ' " - - |g ^ office of C. J. Medlin, G r aduate Manager, ICedzie 30-C at onoe and cmrectieae ' » ^ * ^ — — - • s-*^ j i- 

book form. Boys' muoMs will appear in an eu-ly isHte of The Collegian. 



VKTJOVI A|— .VKTlnltim; Ai— Aptnltml 
Af— Atll™lluril t.i.t r!"-.ii(i. Al -ArEtitlKUlH: ArK — Aid 
MMfftH. It: "Cull Miilnrrrlni:: (W^— CblBlcml BwUMflw. 
utail tliwutnrln^j I'ki-Lr MiU KcflnHrtac: G!t— ^Imnl Idw. 

OUni'Otnnt] Krimt .ind Vcttrlniry MnlltlM: HK— Bw Ronta: 
■UM — Hone Kmamln ail NunUi: KUJ — Uoai KwdbisWs ilth 

tpiilil Tntnint In iffr tTR^i— Houk' rA<i«l« alit) Kirclal tnMiac 

In takutrtll Ernngmfl ml Ilkli'llrt: ll'—InluilfUl <lvralltr]r. IJ In 

|j!|ln«rim. Ml- Jllllini IrnluMrj . i'K I'hjaicil E*ialJ». C- 
CtAnt — CoMmt «1U) 8(MU1 TnlolB« In An 

•ttlirr ■■ Mhd 
iridlut' nvdrnu. rnjitctl 




• iir.r 
' :! I3« 


Uwilailiin.. . 

,104 N. JMctll 

.itxarti. K,'l"-M. Mf'jl 'J. 
Ai.ii'i. \:.mj. i.> I. lull. 
MJriRiatj, JlilU Jtr»'. F]K 
AldMb, lAk. I... I^H i, X 
All Jiuki }li[UB LWI. ItK 3. 

Mr»<i. itui^^tUD ^, nnm*. Ill 
\iiri.. iiHm(i>7jK. i. JbaiMUii... 
Allrii. Mrp. (» I. Htrsol. H. (M. 
tliinfiliiii, VltIM, in: 1. JtMihilLaii 
\tmi. ,\nw»r, iMd, 
\lio|i, Liinn, III ». ' 
AlMi. Mwn, Ult *, . 
AlMfOt EklkL U 3, IWMM 
.tMIIUWr. nnHIIM. 10 I. 
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narta. Manarn Ann. UK i. Wirrflriii 

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nrax-nif. I.i,rr>lm. HKAIi 1, llaimnlUt, . . 

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ratiloiBtiailj. Maiy, I'K I. Sditrimaittr. \. V 
t'l.iiL. Mt>. Ituir UaitliirU. II K 4. Wainwy 

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IWi. B«ti A . HK.) I. Mfadr 

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I'mllofit. Marati Ann. IIK .1. Wmui 

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t'^iwiimi. Maty, 4m i 

Itirrta. Italty Jaiir, HUH :i. 

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Italr. Kay Aunr, {in :i. Culilvaln 

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IIMWW, Kttlyii Mtt, I. HirtiUa. .. 
HaoMata. liriilr lirtli. HRiiN Inla.-. . , 
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Uailiian. Vrlly Jmt, 14 I, WialaM f1l}. 
Ilartibaa. Mai|*nl. HK 4. Madbwi..... 

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Ihirlii. riata f/iu. IJ I . Haiiallaii. 
>ta*la. l]«tw. HK 4. MarnrtllF. 
liawliT. KdHb. IIK 1. MMtitttin. 

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Ural, titxiilliy, MK 1. WfiIUfIiI. \ J 

Iitan, liiiiritliy. ctt 4. Manhattjin 

Dtlam. HIiMfU. HK a. llaidibuHin 

Iiilatio. VlraliUa. IIK t, lIulrUnHn 

HtMaiHl. llartlai. HK 1. UMslWtllr 

Dtnia, Ktbrl, HKtli 1, WaiMblMi 

MtrMi. Cailwim. »Ed 1. «1ia|Man 

IMVwiK, Allnr. MK I. Kami (Ity 

Ilnirr. liliilyK, IIK 1. HalUaai 

IMViwiHt. Jrtn, HK 4. MaiMttan 

IHctehoat. Utralnr. IIKU> S. timmt 

MlIrr, It i^craliHiiF. liH 4. Manhaiian 

tieUn. Mary Hanllag, :UKil », 11. Warih, Xn 

IHwdali. Jaan. HKaIi :i, Kamtt I'lly 

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Wnm. Sanaa Jraii. MK I, KalUt <Mtt 

IHmi. <1uil<iiir. IJ i. JiinrtlHi Illy 

naan. Btllt Junr, J4 4. I'rat) 

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Iialilaii, III an, I IK 4, Maiiliatlnn 

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Havurl, Hiirltl Mtiri. .MKd I. Altii VUl* 

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1710 UraBlf 

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Van UIf Hall 

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1704 Kalnif* 

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^:aatawi. V«, MK -i. MatftfM Cirrn Van Sit IWI 

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KUnn, JaFiiUFllnr. IIK I, Miiiliaiian l:ilN Kmnaai 

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Kaaiy. Marltit. lietiA 4, UaatatLtii lilu»niili 

K^m. Man Uoha. HK 1. Manhaiian I>1U LetRiwiutli 

llaflWi. KRhar. HE I. Htlorr --Ill H liih 

K«n«, llailiaia, I'K 2. KlInf U(>rliw. Md ..Van SUIa Hall 

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l.'armir, V'Hiirt. I'K 2. KrFikiiila Ia:l4 Uiamlr 

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Kaar, I Im. IlKtili I. Hita. Illu Htntind 

Kaalhnlwai Hariri MK ( I r'ltrpFlHIimF I'>I2 .N 14lh 

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Jiinnt. Alllr IIK 4. Maalailan 

J<inii, Bally Jam, HEAD 1. Hallaa 

JoHBi, Jayat. HK 1. HanoHr 

Jimnt, Mary Ebaav. U 4. tiardH IttT.... 

Jowa, Hona Maria, IK 1, WIfUU 

Jimi, Krldi MK 1, itondland 

Jardaii. Maty .Uaraairl. HK4fcli :i, WlMta. 

Jntdtn, Jllllf. MK 2. 4;n(f 

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KiJIaiti, ilrara UK 4. lAuaanan. 
Kiimady. KFlurah, IIBAIJ i. " 

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KnalH. IJna. mi 1. Marian 

Krrn, An Mv, HK Hbaathi 

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KrHlrj. Jaan, UKAIi 4. KitfMw Hrlnak. 

Kryi. lloat, HK I, MlfKbiiUT . 

Km, Halt, HK 3. WIMwiw 

Kiaata. nan BHb. HK 1. Maoiaiiaii. , 

Kla. Baab, Mf«e, Hatoa, Havall 

Klaan, Marlvb. HBtA 2. Baraaid. 
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K1r«, KItiaWih W . HKAn :i, Ultam 

4UM. Jami. Mi 2. WIrHla.. 

K1B(. MIIAtd. ilB 4, Hlaaeab 

Kli«. Mwlrl. HKAA 4. iKIan 

Kina. Btia. I:* i. lasuwll li'mia 

KlJ. Nabs. HUAD 3. v^alllatui 

Ktatf. CanillK. liKAIi Z. riiyton. N. Mei 

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KHIta. WItai, HE 3, Garrboe 

KlaUnann. Ilarlj, RKtl) 2. BtUnUla 

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Knalt, Jain Miift, IFEAO i, liitlriirnilnirr 

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Martsilf, HE 2 Manhattan 

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Larli, Maryanai. UK I, MuiUa 

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I.iintf, BfrnlFF, ({h 1, :i1anluitati 

Unlit, Kai. IJ :i, <;rrai KFiid 

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I.iit4tt. Maraam Ann. IJ 'J. Utim) . 

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M^llaUa. Jnob Marb. IlUA I. Baft UU VtOitf 

MitlMla. Sbrbrb, m 4. Muihaiiw .111 H. IBth 

Mtflmamb, MtfiprFi ,\m. U i. Umb\, Nib r.i» i 

MiiVir. Maiy. HE 1. Praii 

MtUdkaf. UaadlM, HE 4. U Han« 

MtWU). Ilotalhy. iM 4. Kl Hnriulii 

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MtitBMi. Xarjnrb. t 4. ISnilitaBI HIT lifalrRMnrlh 

M«Uad. Ibtty. HE 1, Mnl>»aa ni4 % tr.Ui 

Mdjaabr, Mary. ABtIt 1. Kidul^ 1110 Vatlbr 

ilNihM. Vliflob. IJ 1. tiMwy f.,..1017 Keway 

IMpaB. Mtla, PE I. ManlMua 1114 VaUbr 

mWSi. Kmb. IIK 3. tridUi -. -m S tillli 

HdBOl, Banb Jaiit. m 1. iSaMy l:tia t^wui 

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Wrt'ay, Mary, tSM 3. Kirhlia IdM l-'aWutd 

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4lil IM«aa. firlha. HB 3. KlaiMui... 
3ftl« MaUki. t'airb. lUi 4, KaMM tllf. . . - 

MaUiUair. Uiuy AUte, liM I, Ml. Kmiifr. 

lb4M. Hrtfii. ItK W. »hnr*iiUb 

M«k. MbiBuiI, IJ 1, MaMMtm 

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Mark, M 3. tnrlptt 

Maain, rrmnm. HK 1. WkWl 

Maiur, Mlldrrd. HKAli 1. Wlbom. 
HI. HE 1, " 

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Ibrlte KaiblBta, M 1. lawb :«7 N. ir.tli 

Ibrllit, Mailw. iJ 4. MaahUlan I'lil LramnHih 

MarlM. ttalli. HK 3. Kannai (Ity. Ma IM1<| Uataiinarili 

Ibaaii. Maiaaarllr, IHC 1. EttMrU till Tbaibm 

»it4«ilb. Mary Allrr. HK 3, Katwat tlly. Ma. SI 7 N, IMaartir 

- (Iran'. HK 4. (MantH SMS N. MaakaUan 

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UaitF, IIK .1. Kaaitlt lily. Ha IRIS Iwaaria 

WaiMb, HK I. WariiliHlim 1111 VaUbr 

MylBt. tIR 1, Aanrb ...1010 

Bittr Uii, HE 4. Bllm Ulw 801 

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Maaadi. IbHrwb. HE a. MavtakMa fill K. Kit 

MmHII. mill, U 3. BUb m IbobM 

. Carratl. HEU 4. Wt, taaMaMrtb Van Ub Hall 

Kiaacni, HK 4, UMa. <Htl l«a>t«Nnrtli 

Mai«ar«l. HB 4, AmtH tm K. ISIh 

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ma. VInioiB. ItKM 4. n. immmnk van Sib 

Mayn, Mary. IIK 1, Hanaim.. 

Wlbrd. Kallm. UK 3, laada... 10011 

Mllltr. AIMt. HE 4. A«ra M17 

lUBar. BtUr. IM 1, MnrrbB Itil 

MUbi. IWb. <« 4, WbiOald BK) TteniMn 

NUir, Htbn, HK 1, IbhiMlan ..IW7 X. Jiilblla 

MWir. 4aia, HB I. HUI«i .inlT KHmey 

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VMbb, IN I. Imtm m 
Marlafb. MRd 3. BtlMlb. . 
Mtmh, Lab. m 3, .Uanbilun ...... 

Maipa, Vara, HK 4, llumiw 

ManAni. MarpK<4. HK 1. Ilfrl««t«ii. 

Htnb. KMw. (» 1, ITUidta 

Mwfb. UwBnV. N«U> 4, TDfriw. .. 

Miirrb. Mary, U 3, rbMan 

Hairb. Ovti. IIK 1, Hlaii 

Hotrla, Marb. Uwl, IMMUB.... 
Momnr. Batbi. IIBlIt 1. Laratd.... 
MoaaaMB. Mwlba. HK 1. Haakattaa. 
MMoy, MaiabK, HEM 1, UKMao 

HE «. IBiAla nu m ^ mill 

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Mnra. Bariara. IIK 4, TaerlM 1m:H Utaak 

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1>>(4 l.araalli 

Ka». «ar^. U 1 
Na«(l, Htaln, MK S 
N'MT, i«dla litltj. IM. 
Jbbaa, BrtU, Hliili I. Alas,,.. 
itabM. KIra Ann, RE 1. CunMidb. 





I-M44 Mmi. 

. Ub, HHM I' 

m4«b.>b«lil». HE 1. tavdii. 

NMban. lK<r«llHa. m 4. »ann^ 

NUaM. Mary. HKill 1. MOtank 

Mpon. Mlldrnl. iSt 3, Jffaraan 

.^Ul. Hm, IJ 4. Kaiaai CBy. Ma 

!«aWr. Mlkhid. HKU* h Bliarila 

Sfb. Mary Bilk. HE 1. fFaawit 

TMkati. Paitl, ilB 4. WlRMd 

Hir^, Hnarak HB I. Pnti 

Utrfar, Manlk. HE t, (WIlun 

Hnli, laprM. RB 4. MarapMb 

Satbr, iMbtTNItill 1. llialtan. .Vihr. . 

a'Bibn. 'iilM, HB»n '%. MiMMttli 

MMwc toiini. HMD 4. OlUai 

<Hba, Anfcb, UK «, Kiaatatfmi. 

' . Miiiaab. HK t, HiaMUaa 

, Bar. IIK 1, JanMloa Cl)y 

Ma. narail*. HE ». UUn 

B LoiKhUB. Marr^ *' 

HB l. Naiiiatlan'. 

....iNOi Umm 
. .fNDt HIaaaHM 
.r.ln BonaFJ 
...1117 IjraaiiF 
,..St7 M. InlaniF 
.... 1110 Bnltand 



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.BWI N Manliillan 

Van 3llr llaH 

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mm, BaaiK HB l, Mai 


Orw. JblHt, Ml 4, KM* 



Ml S. 
.11114 Bbfwal 
. .Vhi Sib Hall 

717. Mara 

...13111 I 


mr, IBM RB 1 

BnaKMi, HB S. Patt 

ikrM; Im, *M t. Maamim 

~ at, fWifca 

tUii. Maabatlan. 

I 4. 

r Ana, HKUl 1, : 
ranlyn. HE I MlhraMn, 

OaiMI. l.lirUlt, UK I. Ki1«» 

Ottm. Martain UK 4 Edaan 

i:ai«4 llrtd Mmhatlan 

. Allm, HEAIi .Manhaiian. 

paddWod. Fin) Int. laar, Maataltin, . . 

Padikx-t i>r3it"» HE 1. Obarib 

I'ailclm^ UK 2. Maftballaa. ..... 

Padin Mtriici IIK 1, Taarfca 

PaBaid. Mary Anna, m 4. Kallna 

Paint. Belly. HK 1, HulrhinHn 

rtliiali HiiBiiliiii HE 1, AIM 

MBar;«y4, 08 4. 1Ktran»... 

PllBtr. Ina, HE 1. Balwlhi 

PalBtr, Palilrb, (IB 1, Kanw (lly.... 

PwMb, 3(*aM. HK 1, Hbntta 

Parbi. Bawaaiy, HBAiA 4, Laaafa« 

raitii. L<in«U. IM 1. HMhbnd 

Parrlrt. Tiarkw. (IB 1. Manhittaa 

rarwm. Mu(uri MK 1 Minhaiian 

Pamtte'. Ja»F. HK 4. Kiniai Ctiy. Ma. 
Patrt*. RvUli, IJ 2. Ba«ha. ?Mir.... 

Piitaa. UlUan. HE I. AIMsd 

Patllaan. Martha Ann. HEAt) 1. 
Paattlan. IMli. HE 2. MaabUtaa. 

.1443 liMb 

nibai tm 


BIO ManiMnl 

.t«a« taanamh 
,,..ltiB. Mlatit 

SIS It. lUA 

..331 N. tH 

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.BOa K^M^tauaa 

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..IWl K. JWbH* 
...1431 fabSnt 
...ITlt I 

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S17 H. 

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UarlAk UK Z. 
Ptak, KUu. IJ 1. Manlatiaa. 
Paat, Mat* 4aaa. HEAl* 3. tbaAa 
Ttm. vaba. IBil) a. Wdraa. 
rtteai. baab. (M 1, Bpartwlnif. N C. 

Paatiigib. tteb, l» A. Ewarb 

Podry. Marbg. KB I. Maiteitaa 

ParbaLjbbn. HBAI) 3. Kaaaai flty. . . 
BawrTTBa. WtTT " 
PrtcriM. ANhai, HEAA 3 
PttaMin. tttntn, m 3, t brrb w 
Prtanan, Hrbn. (IB 4, Hfrd 

PB^ la»tl»» _a^ .. " 

' " ' na 4. ' 

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FtiRji KMlftrittF, IflE 4i 



:t 74: '! 

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34«T0 luaB. IbraUnr. HBtli 1. MaaAtllan. 

PiMriu. <lli(rl'i. IIK 2. FrHliart . . . . , , 
potbin. Mniriiir. UK4.V 4, Maabillan, 
Pualr. Aiiaa, MK I Manlialtan , , . . . 
I'milr. F.lliotK'ih. i:iad \Unlutun... 

I'utin. Iiiaa. HUli -J. Marlon 

l>otipFn, fharyl. IIK4tl> :l. Bwi Oak . 

I'otiir, Kaihkcn. MK 4 Biaferd 

l-wiit, WlaliFil. n :l, tbUailBa 

I'rMMruir, Alma, IIK i, TFflnHah 

l-ilbbrtHi. 1.01%, MK 1. Bliaiiti! Hpbida... 

Pikkrli. UViMir. I'K MaiiluilUn 

imilf iltuib i:i9'1 S>liiin llnxr 

Vtir. >biy niiaiiFih. HK I, Iballn.... 

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ii:ir> KalRMId 

Iii:i4 UMpla 

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. . . MnVh 

IJOi) Vatlbr 

iilB Mbo 


HUP 4. 

Itaalind. Kmy iM. UK 1 
Kdllilm. rlrda. HEAH 3. Paola.. 
Eiaaiai. IhHii. IHi*ll 1. trtall 
Baaao. Ihilli ArBnr. IIW» 1 

I. m..;...ViB 

tSmi Uora. HK 1. 

HE 1. 




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3 41 IB! 

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IS 13 

:i 7;iilO 


Jaw, HK 1. Waamu, 
.flqMab. HE 4. Ktaaia (lU. , 

Atlte. HK 4. HalUnt. , . 

r I.. HK 4. RtiTllat. . 
" HB3,H«1br.^ 

inUK 1. rkdnUb. 

BB 3, BaBaa 

OB 1, T«|arka 

'Ibba, -HB 1, ntta 

I, Mub. US lEuiian 

Kallt, llkill 1. Uaahallaii 

MMatlth. AW H. mmm. lit.... 

WUaw, UB I. KMaai lUy 

r> Jo, IIK :i, MaiBMItda. 

Ibtk. (' 3. Baillli VMttr 

M. Jayn. IIK 1, Alas 

VMali. IIK 3, llrraaihiiK , . . 

. BUathrIb, HK 4. I'aaHn rity. 

1, JIarrklt. IW. 3. 4b*a|i>. 

Maaiinr. PK 4, tttauan Hiwhtsa. 

, . J», HK ;t, CaatytUb 

. Ibry Elkn. UKAH 1. IMw llu.. 

il. Jtnr. UKliN' I. Mrf-Hanaa 

Irtot. HK 1. WaMa 

M«*XIIK I, IblbilUr.. 

b. Apaabii 'Wfi "I* l^iwaiai. ......... 

wttt km. Ibad, MaahiUaB.,, 
M, KalMM, ilBBIl tt. jUmiaaiai.,. 

Ktbu, ir a. WbWIa 

Iidla. IJ a. La l^raaw... 
Man Laa. HK 1, KAww Ilty,,, 

. Vlndab, HK 3, Hanw 

AIhpM, (M 1, Wtrwir. 

,...|)B3 llMiian 
,...mi lib Hall 

,...iS9 a. IMh 
...11443 PakfMId 
. . . .Van tib Uall 

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...t«m ABdnMi 

4ta N. nth 

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.1417 LntrnorDi 
K3t Bnliaiid 

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Itvr. HHUi I. iiba»i. 
Kuttii, Mariaib. U 1. Manhaiian.. 

Halb, Htbn. ttpir. Lwiahit 

' Vliabib. UK 1, IMtrUb. . 

.IIHU Uawi 
..TTIstO* l,_._ 

...IllH BtBMI 

.r.3S K. Itiiiiwa 
....IKM LiMBb 

...inir, alwMni 


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03tl Uiaaik 

344 N. imh 

....ITin llaanliai 

tBB4 Utaaiti- 

....IBM lji«Mb 
....,IBU3 UMMb 
. .SIT N. iMmi* 

....tdtt l.aiaah 
.tU B, Manhatuw 
.Vtl !(. Minbitiait 
...lNi4 HMlKd« 

low Omki 

.OM) K. 

KnbH. HK I. AhHnia. 
(IBfmUvn. U 4, AliBanr. . . , . . 

ArHb, I J 1. Manlatlan 

U(bn. HKAII 4. KloMan. ... 
HE.*, »iw t'aaiTirla. 

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Btc, IlB 3. HaandmAb. ...... 

Hnh, Mttaaict. UK 1, BraUaillb 

liiiET. Kianrn, I J 3, llbBiUM.. 

HuMa*, Buih. HK :l. Maiaon.,... 
l|ia4brc. KHnhtiH, JK I. UadMwrK.. 
iiant, Hn. I«b. HK '4. AiMI 

all Ibnlftat 

Vhn aib Halt 

303 N. iKIh 

lis B Kill 

Van Zllr Mull 

17(111 IjitiiiiiF 

. , . . lltll I J II MMI 

1*111 tliin^lnll 

111!) II 

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Van Kill tbil 

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1-7 17V 






3- 711117 
3-1 III! 


41 -.7 

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3-1 4sn 






1-7 IWl 

Mby, Huth. HE 3. Bihar Lake.. 

HM^. SartarM. HKAII 3, WMllla 

mm. Aim. UHAK I, WaWBO 

HanlMi. Allm Mary, HK :t. UayM 

BtalBR. »Blh. HK 3. ibHard 

Bainbr. Mary Ktanni. IJ 3, MalBmn 

r, lAralrn, HK 3. Kawlninwi. , 

W. Ilaetbw, HE 4. Hanbillan 

nib. I» I, Manhatiao 

Anna. HK 1 . Kaaiaa (llf . . 

Bolfe, HB I, Wlban 

>r. U l,.Vy|MB»t 

a. HE 1. Hoik 

Manaaariu. IIK i. Hueytus- 
B, narlbra, (W I. JiiiktUia (1ty.,., 

S: XmUnr. HKd 1, twmliir 
liBlnb. IHi 1. HayaaiMl 

. Maryaral HK 1. I# t'ltmw 

Knia. HKali I. ManbilUn. ... 

t lii.i, MK a. Culhy 

liiiiiith). UKAA I. UiibHmliin, 

Ha«b, Anna. HK 4. ItlttMl 

Brhniaia*. JniiK, IJ 3, .tlkaliw Illy 

MtirdfT. A LaVarnv. HK 1. I^ralna 

aMlHdFi, Aha, HK 1. IliUxIwn 

MMnt, Ibtmbff. RKAIi t Manlmititi . . 

RifiltB. (Mtb, l» 1, Hatinatin 

BatnrMiiKif. Luu Anir. HK4>II I, Hlxin,. 

BMBiU. LwlUt. HKAIi 'J. Ifrry. 

BbH. Iraiw. AiB I , Manhattan 

iKtt. Jaan, IIK 3. Mantutian 

■cell. Marital. IlUK 2. I>iul««llb 

IWL MaiKlklllc. HK 1, H'uMbld,.. 

airibran. Etrlyn. INt 1. Himnn 

rbt. Manlnr. HKAA 3. Manhatlio ... 

na. Helm. HK 3. lUlilnaiun 

Pttda. HKtli I. lirbFiillir 

. ,Mar(rarrt. HK 2. Kmi^a^ ( i[i . 
ManFllF. HK :i. IliaHllind. ' 

BtdH. UK 4, Bnlllanllb 

, lit 1. JBnriM clu 

MMnh. HE ;l. Ikaat Rami 

. Mary lani, ini|A t, nilta 

flUilay iA. WiA I, AiSb.... 

iw, Aan KIb, mc t. Mballb 

itby, AlbK. HK 3. Kaaiarb.. 

jtu. Vliflnla. UK 1. Tavrlia . 

NbliMrd. Htbn. fflT 1. Krb 

BbtMr*afl. Lwiayni. IIK 3. JamtJim ■ Ity . 
MklWarit, Kutlilrrn. HKAill 3. Manlialtni. 

BHrrtlH, Bawrna. Ilrad. RriaanaH 

MbMh, Nailtna, IIKAII 1, laUMdl tbaar... 
BUlby. Ilbdlna. UKAIi 3. Panr- 

abat»Mn. Jiiaw. Tl 3, IMltHi. 

MaBBir. (IbibB. HK 4. MaMNliaa 

Mirlbr. liB». im 3. Ukt tvi.,,. 

mm. IbAlUw. PB 3. Kaaaa Otr 

Main, Wll«a. HE 1, Maalatlaa 

WUm. Vlrthib, HBAN 1. Prattf Pialib. 

, Luint. HE 4, Hdiar 

. Marjori*. UK 3, Banwd. . . . . . . 

>iBniia, HB t, Bla^laa 

Ibaaila, flBAA 4. l.aBif 

KHaatvA, M I, Tawta. .... ,. 

Rihri. tint, llMih|Han...t 

Imr, HK S, BliUfard. ma. 

BWrlrr. nE«!( I. Wban 

. Mutant, HE 3, (barlland, , , , .. . 

Man, HRAA 3. Tttaaln 

, AB*Fy Jaan, IIKAIi 1. " 
- (SB 2. Vrrallltiin,,.. 
IBlMl. 4kid Hamntaail, Tri. 

Hxbn, HKfeO 4. Ballna 

Haltb, HK 3. IDilUaml. . . 
Usbr. (Had. Mdatrtlaa. ., 
Jam Plan"*". HE, I. 
Mill. Mwcla. 11 K 'J. 

B"!. KaUnlnr lliai.. 

Kaorr Marlr, U 1 HmrlOninn.. 

»d, KilUi. HK 3. Blaitia* 

Kiry I'aidlnr HE 3. HfMI 

tdra. HK 1. Klnnaan 

I. SaiBnr. HK 2 Ballna 

MarMiB. HKAII 1. Uatan^nrlh 
Bd. Aldlik. m*U X Jimrlbn City. . 

Dbala. HEAM t. Tvpaka 

illlian, HariwlF, ( AAcrt 4, CqrtdHc. .. 

nairrlri Marinrlr. (ut 2. KbMa 

Miwl U Klalria. IIK 1, " ~ 
aitry. HIiiteliF. IIK 3, n«>i>,.>, 
BUtttll. Wllm. HK Z. AMkai^. 

Blaw. Hrkn. IW 1 Manhattia 

mm. ManKmltr IIK 1, MtaAllUa 

Ktallatd Iblan. HKAf) 1 TiBmIi, . 

HlF«k. KlblliFTh. Il|.n>. WiTrttllb 

KlFlnhcimrt, Ann. II :t. llii)(Mnaon 

Kti-Nikl'rlain Ann MK 4. WavUB....... 

Blilnliirlim laiiF. HK 1, TIrvlan 

Ktmar. Kwlyn. CR 3. Tairlland 

BUnhHiaan. Jcaniir. IIK t, l,aniad 

mtiiMaa. Caisl. HKAII 1, OAtrlla 

Htaalrl, Balti Jran. -HK 1. I^iaaka 

Bbnil. Brth, WA I. Waaaaa 

Htdtart. Habn, HK Z. CaliiradB B|irlnc<, i 

Hianrl. Kalhkffl. llUtI t. RMrUan 

Htaaail. Mw biurtia, HEAn 1. Riir<irihli)< 
Niamt, V Ijirtalaa. UK 4, Ua>t/<>rd.. 

Ktlnr l aa. HE4N 1, nbuot 

Htlnr. TbiBi HK 1, 'Uatia 

Hllnttjiuth. Bailwia, ItEtX I, Prliintaii , . . 
Sllnatn Cn Janr tIEAK I, rrlnn-lan, .. 

vi.H-kar'1 Brill (IB I. Maehaiiin 

Mi. liriii-nt s.ui HK 1. Hbaatha . . . ,, , 

Hlaiftii. Kttid UK 4. Bmyrr 

Ki«aii, Jvn. MK 2. Kintu < im . M< 

BlfitlAn. BittF Janf- HK I. HurlM t 

HtrkkFi ItoliiFi CH I BlBBbnd 

Ktilftllr. SHU llif, HE 1, Wflmn 

KImil HtKma MK I BuibMill... -. 
Htunkil Tllail- KCJ- Part 

HuJii. B*^ 1,^-. MUD 4 Mm. Ma... 

fkillhin. Barp). Mi: l ManhaHM 

BuHltan nn ME 1 Kii«a< (Hr 

nollH, Samniiw- UK '. Ifim 

Baamun. Obrd Ht^N 2 Mill 
Kalnak iMtnlln l,K 
Hyrtt. BaMllF MF Mm 

Tad(UkFn. L Jran HK 1 Ma(«Mrttb. . 

Tirlor Allmc. MK BntwiTW 

Tatlst. PObatvlh. HE 1. UBn 

Taykir Ma Allff. RE Z, Trllnw 

T«tl. -Till ■ ttrjm 1. Narlaad. . 
TiaBk. JtBi. HKAIi 1. Wntartan. . . 
TaMwaAai. Mulhalk. HE 1. P^RaU 

Ta»li. AUit, ntHb 1. lla9H<(T 

Tnaii. IsR' HK 2. Alaa 

Tteiar Harr Clbn, Old Manhaiian. 
TBaaii EbMa. HE 4. tallnl 


, , ,10011 

...Van Xlb Hall 

I'JIT Unaib 

, ...luir. KiaBMUl 
...loin BhuaiMii 
...1311 Uirtrand 
. . IIK V. Jullrtlr 
.17.1.^ s^ison 
... I ::t', Andriun 

'.m Hutiiwt 

,317 \. IMamta 
,...1BU3 Latitda 

nil VBubr 

,.,.Vui »b Halt 
. ..,IB34 Utabb 
niHi K. MahhatliB 
....l71tB Utaaib 
..-.Van Elk lliH 

71S PV"fw*l 

1131 ViiiUt 

11 IK VltliFr 

Kill Mora 

.,317 S. IMawara, 

HtS ». Illhl 

. .Nuih 1»inl«Bi 
. .Vm Tllii! Kill 

I2i)ii Villkr 

|M11 LalamlF 

. . . . (il:{ ijfamlF 

..731 .Mian 

213 K. I7lh 

Hotilf I 

llITi Barlmnd 

. . . ]i:i3 Andctun 
. . . lii'Jii 
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I ii:!o Imanaiitlh 
, 412 K imh 
Van ZIIf HlU 

1114 Vailirr 

3ii'i imiKiii 

. , , 1 1211 llil*Uillh 

."llf. Itnilum 

jo'i HatilKin 

1411 K.ilirMld 

1+211 M(>ui 

. , , . Van Zdr Hill 

Van »!llr llaH 

. . dill N llctadirf 
..11,42 I.FaiimiorUi 
I 'Jim Krarnay 

. . I ,12 l.rllF1iai>[tll 

, . lii:;ii Ki'ai ii' v 
. , . . 1222 Ulia^mijiit 

Ilnl XiiunF 

liiiu N limi 

IllH taiaailF 

...313 ft. JuHflla 

1110 : 

.(WO N. MaifeBtlan 
,,lfaB tiwtapartli 

Van Mb Hall 

t<«4 Iwaaib 

110 a ITlli 

, . .001 s. ndmara 

Van lUt UBH 

.....Van tIb Hall 

itna iMMb 

IS41 ABBHwa 

1414 NraMM 

sn Tbmb 

Van Ub r 

1110 til 

,...iiis : 

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. ...11:11 




. . . .iBoa 

313 N Utb 

l314JI«rB PaktMM 
.HIT Imh 

. ...Van lUr I 

IM », 


mkt f 

..Van Uk Ml 
...nil Vatdv, 
...1401 ImmttJ 

...*o% s. yrn 

tin n 



iHeilpeni Tells 

speaks fttfdfe fnlMf 

Incidpnt--: In hi^ life which showed; 
the position of Jews In Atuthk and 
Cfeminy w«>re told hy t>r. E. P. 
Hellpem, a Ownati refugee, before 
a pat^ked audience in Rec center 
at the collep> last night 

Doctor Heilpem spoke with a dis- 
tinct accent a.1 he rettted his first 
experience with the If Ml'! when 
they invaded Atistrta. The Austrian* 
had no warnhlf of the Oerman 
drive Into thetr land Thfc people 
were happy an ttaiy MMjtewl to 
vote the neitt day HMr itf Atu> 
trlan Ireedom. 

nite feeltnt dianged to wofKldr 
and bewilderment aa the rsdlos an- 
nounced the plebiscite was can- 
celled and the German forces were 
entering Austria. 

Nazi isaklleri asking the favorite 
Oerman quendnn "i^ you a Jew?" 
BUviped at all houMS, said tlw refu- 
gee. Jewish houses were searched 
and all money and fewetry taJcen. 
In liousss where itotiittot ot value 
was found, a donation for a Nasi 
recreation fund must be ndsed by 
KM owner, Heilpem said. 'ti» last 
I radio measagie from the Auitrian 
^ leader, SchivwUn, «ai!nM the Aus- 
trlans of the futility tit war. 

AU tembert of the Naaf |>«r^ 
weir miJilnns in tlwlr oointa, jewi 
are not |hnn tliii prlvtt^, said 
Doctor Heilpem. Jews wife easily 
ra c og n la e d. and wtfe mads to clean 
streets or other dlr^ worit, The 

if tlie fickle HMifb about ttwm was in 
the r^t mood. 

The teeUirer also t(rid or the dif- 
ficulty he had In obtalnittt a pass- 
port from Oertnany. He was Itn-ced 
to apply for imm «^ ttefiM he 
.MtatiMd permlsrion to leave. His 
passport contained tlie #blnai of an 
international acNMitttt Mattnt that 
ke could return to Oehnany when 
he wished, but he was riven an- 
other paper to sign statit« he 
would never take advantage of this 

I>>( toi- Hellpern mentioned brlef- 
u (hni Hitler hud been fte star 
pupil of H professor In hypnotism. 
The professor published an article 
,<itatlnK he hooed his pupil woutd not 
iwp hl.s Bbillty the wrong way and 
was found dead In a forest soon af- 

Prexy , . . 

nn Keegb, above, i^ the new 

presMem rt^Bteel BtHg, honor- 
ary ehgfiMMMt' hktS^tttty, En- 
rolled Id dhearteal «%lneering. 
Ktoih is a iniDiBe- of Mortar 
and Ball, miUtaiy society; and 
Pi RaprM Delta, intniiittraal 
forensic fraternity. 

dent chapter of the American In- 
stitute of Chemical Engineers. Thl^; 
organization ha^i many meethigs of 
Interest to I lie tliemlstry student 
during the year, which are climaxed 
by the iricnic at tb« dom &t the 

Chemical Engiaeers 

The lansas Stat; student chap- 1 
' ter of the Amertcwn In,stltute of 
" , ChE>mlctl EnKlnt'prs will have their, 
.'first meeting Tuesday night, 3ept-i 
' emt)t'r- 26 Ttic meeting Ls at 7; 16 In' 
W 119 Therp will be .short Ulks by 
various ' members nf the chemistry 
depBrtm;'nt, after which there will 
be cider and doughnuts. 

All chemistry majors, freshhien 
included, will be glveh an Opportun- , 
liy to Johi the Kansas State trtu-l 

CarOm Bl$me^ 

Elects Keogh As 
Steel Ring Prexy 

BlU Keogh, senior in Ghemical 
enghfeer&ig, was eleetod president 
of atcel Ring, honorary enstneeHnt 
fratemitr, at its first meeting Tuea;- 
day afttfnooo. r«pl«eea Leslie 
Doane, irtio to ntt in sebool this 

UeaAeis (tf Uu group also dls- 
cuved tflaas for asHirftles <luttm 
tt^ e iik ^ tt i0 ylftMf. ft Is eii^^litod 
that thehr snfmn wm b* laMar 
way by next week. 

Other officers include vice presi- 
dent. Charles Webb; secretary- 
treasurer. Bert Sells; marshal, Rog- 
er Ohormley, Faculty spon.sDr Is 
Prof. L. M. Jorgenson of the electri- 
cal engiheerini depattnent, 

■-- TT- 

Horticulture Club 
Meets Monday Nigfht 

The Horticulture club will 
lis first, meeting the seiiu|9W 
Monday night tt lM toVOOm M ct 
Dickens HaU. 

Ofllcers fw elected at ttii 
mdltbiB alid menlBtta will tefi of 
ttiUbe sunubkr yMUma. Old and 
prtqMetlve mmm alike an uiVM 
to attmd. Tlw oegantMitkm is t^ta 
to aU student* intensted m any one 
of tW> nUdi df hortieuKttl*. 


Forty-Three StudiMi 
ll«c«tve $100 AwanSs 

Forty-three outstanding *-H club 
members and vocational agriculture 
students received Carl Raymond 
Gray scholarships Of 1100 to aid 
th^^m in enrolling as freshmen in 
Kansas Stale college this tall. 

Thp main tjasU of their ^electidh 
was abilitv and Interest in 4-H clUb 
work and in high school. Other im- 
portant fatilorjs were character, 
scholastic ability and need. 
Were Union Pacific Awards 

Up until this year the Carl Ray- 
mond Gray scholarships werp called 
Union Pacific scholarships. The 
awards for 4-H dub wo«t wwre 
started in 1922 and In 1937, voca- 
tional at^rlculture students tlHit ili|» 
ceived the scholarahipa. 

This year's 4-H Club winners are 
Pre^man Blery. Jack Olghatn. 
Louise Brockelmaii. Marrin Ctailc. 
Leslie Ham, Harry Hughes, 

Kathryn Intethton. JOe Jagger, 
Bemlce Johansfen, Florence Kutina, 
Velma McCall. Irene McCulley. 
Margaret Parsons. Clyde Pence. 
Louise Sehjlcher. Marjorie Sim- 
mons, Roy "O^Ama, Wanm Wakie- 
man, Bernttl»liig|iailt. jMl^ iWty 
Lou Wiley. 

Vocational Ag Winners 

The voeational agricultxire win- 
ners are Harold BeUaii^. Glen Pit- 
ney, Roy Currie, Lee Doyen, Harry 
Duck?rs, John Easter, Corwln Free- 
man, Warren Harris, Raymond Kut- 
ina, FnA Letmkuhler, Mervtn Line, 
MiUn Lukert, Dale Perciral. Dale 
Rake, Robert Randle. 

Charles SebwA, Clarenee Shan- 
dy, Klwto TMd. Robert Va11«Mv Old 


To Busy To Figkf 

State Stiidtiit in fiurope 

Finds Populace Is Peaceful 

"No, I don't think that the people of Europe want to fl^t," saM Sid 
Lawsoh, ih telllDg about tds mtmdier trip to the old Worid, "Bvw tbevb 
I eouldDt Bb te atoBd tbsm, tttcy Hailed ^liu^ entail- ^Miy. #t loo 
tPMy to 

jP#oo% jbBeglan JggpttojiB 


Is Kirke Mechem's Policy 

gtaai uiea auu a geoeraw HUinuvy vg iiniffiiBn gn HO' gntv gtiar- 
■lt#e that a taHntod wrtttr wlU succeed. To atlato real stKcess, a writer 
mult miBB ftktt uA ofMi tiMUMt optWHuhitOi Mil ^baeenbafe on the 
task at hand. were Klrke Mechem's 
thoughts as np .started wwk on 
John Brown, 1938 Maxwell Ander- 
son Award verse drama to be pub- 
lished in October by the Kansas 
Hriiazine association, Kan^f State 
college. Writing Is largely a hobby 
to Mechem, for the Kftmaa dntma- 
tlst's full-time Job as .secrstary o[ 
I the Kan<Mis State Histortcal society 
/ at Tbpeka causes him to retrain the 
' wrAlng ui«e except when oppor- 
"Svity pllMtt Mt^tt ^ ftHh el 
a vbeatHft. M& mm Is toe re- 
' suit of <me nieli omorteiil^^. har- 
Int teen written Itt lb attiiW^ dut- 
Ing a thirty-div vkMtien to the 
Bprlnc ot au. 
CalWil t>»tiiilii 

Writing a ptey to a montti's time, 
waftu Mtebem. 6 a task thai re- 
qutfes careful «igtoeerlnf. 
p3ahnlng makes easy writing." he 
ret*at^ emphatlcilfy #hen asked 
abdlit ills methods "the more clear- 
ly fc scene Is jtfuin«d ahd toM«lt«d 
at the start the easlnr 11 ti fb )ftil 
It down OH paper." 

Nearly three months of prelimin- 
ary planning are repUKteniM th 
Jolin Brown After toying with the 
idei for «?veral years, Kirke Mech- 
em early In IBM decided to wrltk 
the play to compete for the llaxweU 
Anae.rson attUd, iriiWimftam bt 
be^n an IntoDStee tiMlf of Im- 
pudve «MIIMgR4lte IMSM, OH 
mstte KBMMi Of MW m 

ft tMft flony ■RH^m made fun 
use of Hb dfifidrtunH y d.^ serrptah' 
of lbs Kansa.s state HL^toriral so- 
de^, acquiring aii of the necessary, 
background information from the 
^Swfctys Topefca m»ary me av«H- 

. iMi itoat«mi oto mnm metoSM a 
wAKn^ ^idft^ctlAh dohkM m 
Nft 6t i*!atlves 61 th- rtarp*^ J 
rerrf warricr. and numerou.^ pam- 

meanwhile readfaif aU th« inyiwt* 
aht books dh jmn Brown he could 

gel his hands on. 

From these sources. Mschem telLs 
us. 'I made ratlwr comprehensive 
note.5 on book siw paper, typewit- 
tcn, about 100 pnge.s altogether. 
These notes included psychological 
comments, biographical material, 
notes for castumes, diction, and ac- 
cessofles of the i;»r)Od, and any oth- 
er material I thought I nUght want 
when I sUrted to write, I wpmt 
about tWP months off an^ on get- 
ting tlt»e notes togetber. and then 
lepiHtM toe lihwnlwMeal material 
toto clmmologloai periods such a-s 
'ttmr&'alfteln tatms.' 
HMttoMMtttt tn Mind 

Having thus sketched tn his mtod 
and on paper most of the essentials 
of his piny. Mechem retired for a 
mdhth to a " metamorphose Santa 
A eaMate" near Topeka dn Waka- 
ruaa Creek, itoried stream of bloody 
Kama* warfare in tue iBSi's. Aided 
1^ Uk notes, ax df «lgtA .Mur^e 
fetekt, aW a number of pillows, 
WMMm 4Hle Ms jday in loaghand 
mile reclMtav on a bunk, usually 
worked "tlitee or four hours in the 
tB<mlnfr." he relate*, "got limch. 
miked around a tittle and worked 
aViolher three or four hours In the 
atterhhon. Tti«n I got out the trus^ 
can opener asain and if tired of sal- 
mon opened a can of French frl-ed 
pot*tOT^. made 'feme more coffje 
and abtiot t 6'rtoclt went in work for 
twn er fhre* moee hmit-^ 

But. ,<iays Mechem. thr m-rre fa?t 
that a writer cant find thp time for 
s lUfd writhig/nnittiTe shouia not 
ke*D htm from wirtUnK "I tmr* to 
writf In spasmodic nishes wh?n?yer 
I ran rim' tlm<' ' he r»*nts out in 
peeking dl hi^i nwn writing hatltts 


Elects OSkm 

Eleetlcm of offfoers for the coth 
Ing yter opened the l93S-'40 activl 
Uea at Ur Rune, Kam>as State chap- 
Of the Amerlcaii College Quill 
onk Heading the group of coire- 
glate writen after the fleptnodwr 19 
electhm was OliaimUor Lucille Me- 
mtosh, with prof. ItAert OOborer 
serving a* vIce-ohteMUor. Vii- 
glnia Itkyers was otaoalsi rune seritte, 
Verda Owla Meaiiie IMkper of the 
pkrauamts, aM UtMfomt Ktotter 
«we iMM l walMft ilrtlie pumi, 

Announeaaent was made of ths 
ami^ntawnt of Prof. H, w. Davis 
to an eAUtlal posttSto on ttie 

- ' ■ *— ■ * - 

Fmir Ags Attend 

Farland VtaSber, 'OUftoa Jsek- 
sen, oeell RoUasai and BUI Wltmor 
are i\m rtSmlfti^ «f thlfc ytir's dilry 
cattle Judging team wlUnI uii ItM 
m m tlalry OMiUi ddbgMs 

A. o. 01 titt mi*f Htm- 

WaOry department anAolli(i»« 
Wednesday that the team o( three 
tM^rs and (me alternate wUl be 
citoaen from the high soorais & the 
Jiodglng contests at I^flililli. inSir., 
and at Aom and Des ilMlies, ia., 
where the bevs win Judge enroute to 

A plaque wlU be awarded to the 
team ranking high in the judging 
of all breeds of datry catttb. Itadi- 
vldual awards wUl be given W 
eral large companies. 

The Dairy CatUe coitgrttt, hSM 
from SeptembcT 2S to Octou^ 1 Ulls 
year, is one of the largest exposi- 
tions of its kind is the UidtM 

8kl Lawaoo, **o 
Sylvan Qiwt, waa MdOr cMMRli to 
be selected as one of efglst tepre- 
sentativcs from Kansas to ttie Res- 
ivterian canferenee <it 'Ctjitstian 

Youth ma tat tm^OKism, ittvbei- 

ttUda m m^^te iM dlUgatei* 
from tba imM ilitds Ml liew 
Jtm Mf * iM iMMHtod »igust 

'*We dldnt get tery far lata Oer- 
many but w« vjent four days travel- 
Imt littm ttie Stim." he renuHced, 

»m tm im iSm the 

SlegtVnd UM and tta» ifagttKit line, 
but we eolddnt aw iltMr of tHM>. 
There wasnt aWttUog but 

Escape Crbb 

The delegates got out 6t 
juHt M the nick of time to 
the sea precautions Of the 
war Their boat sailed from Eng- 
land I *o davs before the excitement 
began and didn't have to take am 
precautions. TWo days later aU 
passengers would hAK e^^MAsMiAj a 
■blackout at sea." . 

Sid .wemed to be Impressed by the 
cleanliness and ht^pltallty of tlSf 
Dutch and Swiss people especially. 
Switzerland has hK choice of a 
place to visit next time he goes to 
Europe, because there are a lot of 
snow ceoped mountains and tyecause 
it was there that the party had Us 
first enUra 4iy «C sHtMhlDe m the 

Meet the Mayer 

"Yes, I saw aulte a number of 
«DUeges and universities over there," 
Sid answered. "I saw Oxford, Cam- 
tnrldge universities of 
Rtldelburg and Paris 
unusual about them 

I of camouses." While in Paris tak- | 
j Ing In the sights, the tour stayed at 
I Residents center, which mcludes 
buildings of Iweniv nations fori 
foreign students to live in. | 

The delegates .-aw the Eiffel trtr- 
er. in fact tliey were under It 
ready to go up, when the bus hDnk« 
td for departure for oth?r places. 
A,s another side trip, they went out 
to the Palace of Wrsallles and met 
the mayor, who welcomed them and 
made a SD?7ch about friendly rela- 
tions bttween Prance and United 
States. Since the mayor rarely 
meets with ftrelgn vlattttts. It ms 
ottiHdeiM 4vdte a pelvttsg!, 
. "I eouun-t ten you about the 
plictde of fehgtaM, bWlttae we were 
«nly in UtaOim «}iere ^fftapiB wtfe 
too bW^ 10 ta fMend^r bid Ma 
nm&iik itfto nur beMOBaftats, M 
ire imt pivt^ bu«. wb.» 

^e didn't get to see ^Cing Geoige 
iiMl we went UP to iMk tl th« 
Windsor castle, but a flag was fly- 
ing showing tbiit IM wis In rest- 
,dlteiiee tbfcre. Bio^nii in wm 
ItoHunate fk gHUng ate tiitervtew 
IrUh Ahtlvmy Ed%n. He seemed a 
lot olOieii' than I had idctured him 
m «llkM about foiMgn relations 
ana ti^b threw tn^ m«etlng oipen 
fat quwttone. He did a good job 
Of aSt Stepping on a lot of questions 

I'aitt tnnl Stesne 

LttWEon remarked that all the 
available space over ilteic i.s used 
for farming, and that all the people 
hav» to work. In .-.ome places" the 
land i.s so rough, that manual labor 
is the only means of gettijiK the 
work done. 
Another thing he noticed wa.s the 
Amsterdam, i lack of automobiles end the large 
one thing I nimiber of bicycles. In Holland 
was the lack j there are four 

Introduces A 

DtaiBe Bend 

Don Frieer Organtees 

New ~ - 

<^aidaed hf. Vka 
spring, UMtber &u»at State danee 
ondiaatn is ready to make the 
founds for dance fans this fall. 

As ebacMtedstle ot a 
band, so stagular style ha* Uta 
ettabUilwd. mecT Intends to coi 
centnte on sweet, danoiSlb swIhL 
muate instead of the hot. jitHurtnig 
t9tii. . Tbe diteelor Is doing his 
town vQMliaIng it piwwit IMR iX' 
pects to engafft k m mOSSl »i 
soon as the sltuatkut demands one. 
He would itte to auditidn iH 
who is fiotereitid aad &tt had Sit- 

Purple Editor I 
Outlines Book 

the** photos. Definite announce' 
menta will be nnde soon m teganl 



Color Pictures WIB 

B« New AttnustioB 

"Fijil<eotiir dfrUW Mis WU be 
(me iww faatttre In the IMO Rajmi 
Purple that will hi^ us along to 
wards our goal of a Ibwrtti cttn- 
stetttve AU»Aiiuie*n Paaemakec 
awWd,- iMIuM Wemt M UUttui. 

"We have stat of the eight wiot 
plates aireadr zetutne4 Itttm the 
fttgtnwit aM tteil m mH tummt 
out even better than our hopes 

"nie orChsstni was started 
numtb and a half htS6n 
ended &st yCir. DuHht lilian- 
mer Ftteer lost his two trOmpH 
playets atii is nmr biid^ ih need ot 
bramnen to liU tboie ptocos. Ex- 
piflNwed AA invited by 

Prion- to sfeetot a^ audttlmi with 
him as sooin as possible. Tbe di- 
rector would like to hulkl his or- 
ganteMleti to in rta«ehH»feee or- 
chestra whHti w«uia m«kk bei^r 

Has Old Member^ 

All .member.^ of the ban^ are 
college students with one exception. 
The pianLst. Phi! Smith, Is a 
senior In the Manhattan high 
school. Other players who remain 
with Pricer And contracted last 
spring are Kendall Evans, drtim- 
mer; LouU Rayburn, Severo Cervera 
and John Eyer, saxophones; mid 
B((a Gllles. trombone. Director 
Pric: r will strvim on the Bafie fiddle 
hi his position in iMnt Of the 

nine persons. 

Sid Luwson con.siders himself ver,- 
lucky and hones to make another 
trip to Europe sometime, but not 
with the business end of a rifte. 

Coed Travels- 

fOtmtlniltid f)A3^ ^^iilfb 1) 

lanterns and the lights could- be 
»ten here and then oMr all the 
mountains. ' 
Afrwld Of Subs ^ 

Patricia sailed home aboard the 
A(|Ultanla from Cherbourg on Aug- 
ust is. That was the day the war 
lil^^ment reaily stari^ed ih Prance. 
fSk harbor was full <^ sUfhnarlne 
Wk whfch were raised only to let 
IhH iBriQi^ v^sM out taito tlte open 
sia, Ttte passengers caUae over In 
cdh^^ "blackout". ifA Vmi was 
siJi^llet to a twenty-four hour re- 
ci^ iuM could have been ^t back 
to mgland If needed lor nun 
trawvortation &udUtles. As it wa% 
iMtti^cra mcMnUi lUUa^ rstugeea 
0^ the boat flapM^. Mo per- 
tmai msssajfM Iwe WoX or re- 
mni dmffig«t*v(i9ii»asttaewire- 
MM m torn bvt Iftar foe any 

«» m Minima* was th* 

last patsengsr boat that sailed be- 
fore tbe Afbenla, 

A safe and sotihd aVrival Ih New 
Tot* eitded a perfect trip for Pa- 
trldi. Shie came home with lota to 
tell but is more thankful thaii evdr 
that she has a home In tlw tmited 

Collegian Scores, 
iatts Ad Contract 

Once more ringing the bell as a 
potent advertising force of recog- 
niz?d merit, "Itie Kansas State Col- 
tegian" has again been sriwted by 
the Curto pi)UIUt&% company as 
one of tM newapaper tmlts tn a 
^tlonsS Saluiday VMnlnit Post ad- 

/ii^Sbli^SBBiM to a lltttt^ ree^l^^ad 

am im mht y^im me 

fItetiMal AdM'rtlalhg servtee, Dd- 
l^iin id««»ft»ing repnseiitatlves, 
sitdt action is ottsed on "suocea^- 
tuH machandising df last college 
tjto, ■iMth produced the sale In- 
m»s» intended. WiUiout this the 
ctopalgn mk Ww betb itb- 

RSAC Features 

To carry on a iwogram of radio 
features throughout the first se- 
I mester. the Kansas State Extension 
i Bureau plans to inaugurate a s^rle:' 
I of fottrlceii educational broadcasts 
' over K8AC about the National 
] Parks unter the dlWetfcn oC Sin 
Pricer. ^ 

' Pi-icer Wishes that tiu«e intewated 
in doing sohte radio wdrk wodd t<c< 
port for a tryoat llbtlday or Tues- 
day afteriidons Ita the oMMi' ttffm 
of the radio studio. Ite imk will 
aU ta script readbig. 

The first bniadeast la scheduled 
for next TborsAv 
1:30 to 3:00 o'ddiik 

Ainut vmi m eelar piatN, how- 
•ftnt. m Sm irfMf hul 

been compiUng copy and pictutes— 
Witt Photographer gubwt om a; 
tne fliokar— thai iiidieate ^« i»M 
book Is well lUtder Dty. BuMhen 
llanaga? M mkabia wte fn 

SKT contacung miiwmn nunicis 
nuuauu rw sinwiWffiiiSillu, 

l%e art iMilk u emfi*ty dMi|rtet- 
ed ibr tltt fital' etgbt mtids er the 
tecdc. the editor indlealml, and 
numerous trips have been made {his 
smhrnsr by OMdiate Manager C. J. 
MtodUn aad the edltar to Kansas 
eatitaottat thfe Ponce's en- 
graven. * 
can SWT soon 

Because ot Um Inereosed enrol- 
ment this seme^, mdlvld^sl pic- 
tures for the bdbk wlU nlwd to be 
taken earlier than those of la«t 
year. Contracts have been let to 
the Studio Royal, now uhd^ the 

hdtti^ 4ft^bih1cfl lit wUl be iln 
asslstatat Ih tlte adtntntstratien 
course in in.<!titBtiahai htettaifaneht 
at Oklahoma A and M coUcge, StlB' 
water, this year. itfK Whetsek^ 
home Is in Uniontown. Pa. 


PritrnniT" r<il1pjilan Adv'rti.'sers 

C W F P T 



Max F. Rogera. C. E. '3b, is mi bis 
way to H^Mon, Tm., when he win 
lie enplQivd Itat Rdhert B. Hay, 


Dick "Army" Amu^rong, quarter- 
feildfc on tW» Kansas Mate ebllege 
football team of llkd, has been 
hima^ adilMit ftttttUl ^ioach at 
wmndotte hj^ sehocd, jynhstnmg 
was football coach A Aitanaas City 
high seimol t&» mst year and for- 
itt i ^eiiu i ll ii and 



Tluit's wliftt need. . . 
A stylirii ilHil Ikk tl* 

Tired, wl^-«ashy, iUlA all- 
dragged out train too much 
sand and stmt BU yolfr 
vacation gotlim 1^ dOMit 


Don't worry . . . half the 
population of Ule louii ts 
feeling the same and you 
am do something ahiiil Hi 
, , , tiMbiy. If ym lUce. 

See tub FaU merobandisk. 
Try on tte sMSiInf yen'M 
going to eventnalhr b«y . . . 
pick up a few of these 1%11 

shirts in your hand juat as 
yciu* laur^ry lady wiu be 
mxk teter. 

Sure cure for the blue.s. 
this gorgeous Fall opening 
of apparel that la stt eoMa 
Of the rainbow. 

Take to-day ... but don't 

C I O ■ 111 I r r 

Join a baUIWni slaks now so you 
can enJ6y dai^jlig dlfe Of yOlu- 
lite. LUmto Anmi iKftdii. Amne 
3333. CUsiH) Wn. and Tfettts, t 




Meml)er.s of the Women's Athletic 
association will have a general 
meeting at 4 o'clock Tuesday altsr- 
noon In M>m 53 of Nichols gym, ac- 
ccrdlng to Bonnie Lou Clapp, 
prmtent tit Uie t^ganlsatlca. 

AT Yomi mma 

Our moderli 
factoty job. 

tt$ oufjifitrii MiM m imm wmiet. wc we 

the dun Mb IMI btottMi ff/o ftttllttHk 


Dial 4Ut 

PrMmiting Our 

, College-City 



um tmmm .u *m * •nw hr. 

Agflevllle N«rlli .g A H idler hr. 

Van m'Wm 1 HI a ll ilter hr. 

Samtm rnm 3 «w * * tarn hr. 

Suntet Avenue . .l....'^ ft HH W. 

AjQpMttillllrt — SmASSitfttf hr. 

• • m 

Leave B ownto w u Wt. half to. 

A^gievilie _„ 7 & 37 alttr hr. 

I«th & LeAvel^WtMi 10 & 40 after hr. 

Sunset Avenue 12 afW & 18 'til hr. 

Anderson Hall • 15 Ater & 15 'ttl hr. 

Van Zile HaU 18 after & 12 tH hr 

Ai^teVUli Eilst 1 2S after & 8 'tH hr. 


■ « 





rm BOYS 





<■ ,* 

mmm'mBM Wm B« SdM by 

SI vromm bob MiiiLEh 




JOE honim aon 

LARfllr KfiAuMONT 


new pledfM. • • • 

by jermie maxle 

rreshman. . .don't teite lile so ser- 
lotttlr. ■ .otw wouW think "finals' 
IfHt about to dMcend on the cain- 
pm vUb tb« mmierou* gloomy 

.wMdllM tor thl.H Friday nite Is iWt 
what everyone needs . Joolts llkt » 
good fling for both the tellowh and 
the gals. . . watch thp shslks o( 
fraternity row dre,ss In the best to 
(Ind a "cutle" from open house to 
keep them bu-sy the ri'; l of thi se- 
mestir. . . ,belcha kaiic dptrifh and 
miiruth hawkin.ion. actives, and 
snlrley shaver and madellne fisher, 
pledK;». will taJte the spotlight at 
the plphl hou:*. . . ."easy to lead, 
listle robert*. at the iri-dolt dance. 
«lid Jltterer. jo black, up alpha del- 
t* pi avenue. . . .and glrLs. Just 
tltlnk, you'll havj the pleasure of 
itooclng with smoothies, Joe rnbert- 
wn, pill delta theta, and bill mundy, 
bita, , , .football heroes, p. v. han- 
mli and Jim brock, saes, famouBOol- 
umnlst, jln cooper, slgma nu, and 
temoA. bob mean of delta tau. . . 
vio rite hall wlU entertain oatur- 
d*y attt wtOi «pm bouM nam 8 
oUoek tmtU ts tfidoefc. . Jwie's your 
chance feltaa 
Sneakin' 1 Calls It 
and right out from under the ac- 
tives noixa. , the pledgee of pi beta 
phi with the beta.s luesday evening 
. . . .and Hie hnc freshmen with the 
three d glrL- Wednesday. . whers 
they sneak ^ to still remains a 
pUEZle but, trUthftOly, they were 
warmly weloomad later by their lel- 
tffw sisters and Intitliers. . Jtod it 
inunt with im 

Panhellenic Open House Welcpmes One And MV 

Annual Event 
Is Tonight 

Sorority Plans Will 
- Feature Social Dancing 
In Various Houses 

was the 

tot for nembeia of slgma alDtM «^ 

A\OR. . .plenty of food and the 
Mghl musie lor danclnf' wm WA- 
come attendants at the par^. 
Wcarioff Shades of Mne 

of kicg are mary Jean wcLsh. kan.'ia.'^ 
city, mo., and ruth Jenkins, nuknliat' 
tan, newest pledget, 
Extra Eab-a! 

read ail about everything In your 
n^xt issue of klckapoo coming out 
next week. . .It's new. different and 
contains some pb;tures and stoclea 
that'll wow ya, . 
In Cloaing 

while Jellylns at the canteen 
day, 1 overheard this remark. . 
publicly different when trying to 
find out the particulars, "who dtel 
you liave a date with last 
muskate. " .... juc ed. 

Doors of all wworttiw 
will swing open tontght to 
offer a oordisl welcome to 
all fimterQity and indejpend- 
ent men. The occasion Is tbe 
annua! Panhelleiilc Open 
House, which will be ob- 
served from 7:^i0 until 10*30 
with dancing the feature of 
the evening. 

Van Zlie i;all will hold Open 
House Saturday evening from 8 
o'clock untU 10 o'cktck, and music 
[or drnclnf «fll I* jpiefMHl fey re- 

Newsst anronty hAuse on VUt 
Kansas 8Ute canpos, wtUeb will be 
proudly dUfpibured tooUht, wffl be 
the kwely new 30 Ddta 

house on IMewmre. 

Weioomi: news come.^ from tha 
Alpha Delta Pis. who are planning 
to have three pieces of Uatt Bet* 
ion's orchestra present to furnish 
music for dancing. Many ol the 
hou.%s have purchased the latest In 
recordings in IMMT fl( tlllt parU- 
cular evening. 

Open faouoe eaeb pmvldes an 
opporttmltj tmt Kansas auie stu- 
dents, both boys and girls, to fur- 
ther aoaudntuwei, nwet new peo- 
ple, and eajogr new &i en da h^ ». 

Karly arrivals at the hoiuM was 
enjoy the ea p ertsn ee of Mug tag- 
ged hr ttve gtria. However, as the 
vtettora get nHve numerous, tha 
dancing couptoi wUl go back to the 
age-old ctuton e( the bc^ cutting- 
Pride ol the aororttl«t wtU be the 
Interest taken In the new pledges 
they present to liikc the places of 
their HOW graduated sorority sis- 

Van Zile Hall 
Elects Officers 

Leora Pencl, senior in commerce 
from Haddam. Kans.. is the newly 
elected president for 'Van Zile hall 
Other officers elected 'Wednesday 
night lor the coming year are 
Vivian Anderson, vice-president; 
Blossom 'Vaughn, secretary; Betty 
Lou ntUK, treasurer; Manclte Sex- 
sop, social director; Dori.i KIttell. 
sports chairman; Tlreda Stein, song 

> Class representatives include Bar- 
bara Okerberii. senior representa- 
tive; Maxlne Mllner, Junior repre- 
sentative; Marjoric Benson, .i^pho- 
more representaUve: and Ceraldine 
y w M c clt. freshman repretexttattre. 

Police Siren, 
Lovely Girls, 
Cop Wilts 

A .screaming police siren. . . 
gruff vole:! announcing "overloaded 
car. riding on running board, AND 
Ignoring sipp, slgtis" . . . Deathly 
silence followed by fifteen meeic 
gulps. . . Unpleasajit snickers from 
nearby male boarding house. . . 

Then S— whhi Piftepn delectable 
mt>rsebs of femininity emerged, and 
the battle of the century was on; 
Duty vs. Beauty: (tiouis ain't got 
nuttln' on us babes.) Before Mary 
Lou Robisoirs big blue eyes com- 
pleted a round trip, our daaed and 
lieipless Johnnie Law had yielded, 
and even agreed to give us a whirl 
In tiaet UtUp crulMr. 

Bveiinae get pntty ebumipy by 
then. "Tm." BBOm wes beard te 
mitrmnr "Ah thiiA jrW eie nigbt}^ 
sweet," tfhet aeoent't the nna He- 
Oer tee> taA anoOwr starry eyed 
BUM eiwlBt^ "111 ride m nnuilm 
boards every nWit U tCmiU pick 
me up." 

We whipped right UP main rtresl. 
ttrea and all, and Wd Jotin a Sood 
lenwtfl at the Pelaoe ttear m- 
tmnoa) He wee mighty matf be 
conldn't join us for a eofce, end 
dkbtt mhta admitting that to never 
worked on fMdeys. 

Well, it only goes to mm what 
.I've always said; the wa|es ol sin 
are a lot of fun. and I adore tmi- 
fornvs !no. d(ji;'i youT 

Frats Pledge] 

Although rush week is officially 
dosed rushing Is permitted during 
the college year and with men's 
rush week lasting only three days 
this year with two dates per nishee 
the new list of Oreeks is quite ea- 
trnhv. Fallowing are a list of the 
newly idedg men of Kansas State 
fraternities: Alpha Gamma Bbo, 
Dave J. Ooertz, Stan Winter; Alpha 
Ttat Omeca, Herb HoUlnger; Beta 
mm*' Keith K^HoNnl, ClaytMi 
L. Smith; Beta Theta PL 
IfeUito. mm MtdUnlg, 
Seehlsr; Delta Tsu Oslte 
Bcberff; Vmn Bniae, CtUford D. 
daar, Lel^ ffinilt Ocorad Jadic* 
aoo, Bogn iunpbyt X^ttfe 
Rank Fatten, OenM RMsoour; 
Ddta Theta, Alve B. 
Kenneth iOniban, Soweitf R. He^ 
Gee, WlUard A. Hceaban, Jr.; Phi 
Kappa, Dadames Santiago; PI Kap- 
pa Alpha, Joseph E. Skaggs, John 
VanatU Oates; Bl0na Alpha Ep- 
sUon, Arthur O. Brewer, Jr.; Sigma 
Nu. Harry Phillips Bouck, Don 
Kortman. Leland Skaggs; Sigma 
Phi Epsilon. Prancts Ahrendcs. Don 
aid Doye, Bernard C. .Nash, C. Eu- 
gene Newell; Tau Kappa Epsilon, T. 
J. Torketscm. Floyd Holmes; Tbeta 
Xi, Bernard Umm, BeftA Patter- 


[lege Ga 




Panhellenic open house— sorority hous»— T:IO-10:IQ 
K. & c. etrictOtttie stttdsnl iteft— Vtolni beS. 

Atheolan Uterary society meeting— Nichols, Room M51~7:30-t 
Alpha Phi Omega— Nicliols. Room Nn— 7 o'clock-8 o'clock 


80A varsity— Avaton—B o'clock-lS o'clock 

Graduate club iifcinhi lliiiistil ^ark^ oVdoek-t eUeofc 

Raalllan JUenajr sotietr neettiw-iBebeli, Rem im-.T:i»i« tlritodc 

mnilMY, MVT. ts- 

TWCA cabinet meeting-^] vln. Room C26— 7 o'clock-8:30 
Sta KapfM Nu— Bnglneering, Room N71— 7:30-9 o'ckiok 

be used, by an actual brush 
marie Thus, the mftbmr ef the 
oC eone eC the 
mMi^ la te- 
veeM to the ptOtle. 

Tbe Utle of tiM MthBitt, "Aqna- 
Oteomauc" is derived Utm the tact 
that a sertea of eelota were carefully 
selected aooording to a chromatic 
scale, thus limiting the artist's 
ehohie Ot his IntUvtdual palett«. The 
grouo consists of fewer but absolute- 
ly permanent and 

Lost: Delta Sigma Theta pin, 
InltWs O. L. on bedt. Reward if rs- 
turned to OoQege Poet Offlae. 

Church Goers 

Cbut^ '^■Mre* «flk M busy this 
wedc etttmtiiig the many and varied 
aetMtles that have been arranged 
tor thnn by their respective organl- 

Frosh Homes 
In Social Swim 

The foltowtag onte-Ts have been 

chosen at "Qrren Shutter.s." fresh- 
man house at 16<2 FalrchlW: presi- 
dent, Sylvia Johiison; vice-presi- 
dent, 'Veils Mac Webb; setr.'tary. 
Ruby Anderson; publicity chairmHii. 
Uary Eleanor Pry; social commit- 
tee, Betty Hale and Josephin'S 
Hoch; counselors, Norma Walls and 
Ruth Ramsey. 

Social events of the week-end in- 
cluded birthday tKutles Friday and 
liondar nlghte for Better Hale and 

Warm Reccptkm 

Visiting New Zealand Teaeh^ 
Finds Difference In Temperaiure 

That distance makfs a dlffsr^nce * .such as home econnnlcs, medicine 

now for balli'ooiu lessors 
Amos School of 

at the UUkut 

'*A Snug Hug* 

Sheathe your feet In sung- 
Mttlng aboes that are love- 
^ to look «t ind heavenly 
to weftr. tiulst iqwa IML 
Kor Deto dfltle pumps 

tod ita|M>s>^ 

15 to $6 

Vanity Shoe Store 

gU Pogmla 

has been found true by Dr. Ellza- 
bsth Gregory, of Dunedln, New 
Zealand, who Is now visiting Kanms 
State college. One outstanding dif- 
ference between Dunedln and Man- 
hattan Is the temperature as It sel- 
dom goes above 80 degreae er mueh 

below freezing there. 

Miss Gregory, who Is visiting the 
division of home economics, is as- 
ECKiate professor of chemistH' and 
nutrition in the EChool of home eco- 
nomics at the University of Ota go 
at Dunedln. N. Z. She is on leave 
of abwnw this year end la oudtlng 
a ttody of varioDS hom aeonomtcn 
scl»3Cls throoghout the Ijtatted 
str.tea. She assets to star in Man- 
hattan fbr riteiit two weeks. 

The Unlveralty of Otago 
ts vei7 tatEefent from that of Kan- 
Ms State, aays UIsb Oregoc;. It Is 
situated In the heart of Dvnedin 
and Its butkUngs an mtieh 
closely crowded togellMr. There 
ar; apinnxlmately 1,1W Btt 
roll:d at the unlveni^ end Us 
home economics school, Vbm tK&$ one 
in New Zteleild, hae etaMtt tW stu- 

The various curricula are arrang- 
ed much differently than those of 
I .'■chools in the UniL<'d States. Set 
courses of study are offered and the 
students are not Riven choice of 
dectlves. The profeasional ooursss, 

ni)d deritLstry. are four yew schools, 
and the fine arts course Is a three 
year school. 
Coeds Are AUkc 

When asked if the cosds at the 
University of Otago are .similar to 
American coeds. Gregory ex- 
prewied the opinion that they are. 
The girls use lipstick, powder, and 
paint their llngernalU red. , 

"No rouge is necessary," she said, 
laughing. 'The climate takes cars 
of that." 

She says that a large percent of 
New Zealand women smoke and 
many of the coeds wear ankle sox 
on the campus, which might be ex- 
^nsd by the fact that * pair of 
esrvloe-weii^t iXSk hoee eiOe for 
about ISM 
Play Eagby Waa ttsa 

B»gbgr fe^tiMa, tmnts and hocitw 
an the iaveelte aiierte. Seeane 
wwattwr peevaie mwt oC the 
Rugby games an held every Satur 
day througtiout the school year. 

lUei Otegory e^qnosed Intenst 
in the fniamlty and somrtty 
hoiBM which can be sem from a 
window In Calvin hall. She says 
there are, no such organizations at 
the university. Students live either 
In one of the four large residence 
or In private homes. 

fellowship hour will begin at 5:30 
at the First Christian church and 
will be followed by a discussl(»> 
group. The subject is "Are We 
Victims of Propaganda?" and will 
be lead by Kent Fatten. An st- 
tendance contest will be started ^t 
this meellnB Oscar Norby jmd 
Mlta Mae Strickiin will bead Jkm 
group: Roy Freeman and 11^^ 
Evelyn Lielson, the other. 

Dr. Dorf, Marquette, Kansas, Will 
assist In the Installation of the 
Evangelical Lutheran pastor, ttev. 
Phil Ekdlad Sunday evening. 

Irmw circle, Presbyterian . boys 
and girls group, will meet to d^- 
cuss fundamental questions on j^- 
llgion and important questions of, 
today at 8 o'clock Tuesday night'. 

There will be a Phi Alpha recep- 
tion for all Presbyterian young nien 
at Westminister bouse Sundey 
from 3:00 to 4:00. 

Methodist .students will go on a 
"Scavenger Hunt" Saturday night 
at 5:15. They will meet at We«^^y 
Hall and eats will be IS cent£. 
Grace Dunlap is in charge of o^n 
houst at Weetey Hall at 3 o'clock 
Sunday afternoon. A lUlowshlp 
Cafeteria «Ut taitt place at t o^ddi^ 
KatUsMi nnmant will aevatrlae 
games and Hixy t e wert Wit 
sponsOfle Us r eets . 

GoUsge BITPtf ctf the Baptist 
Gbnr^ wUl meet at «:M Antby 
Mr. wmiam 

JdUson, Al[^ Oetta Pi 
pledge, la ataytng at '*Oraaa amt> 
ten" this eeasestv. Uts. Aefge W. 
Pacter ts boeaemctber. 

At the Aloha fnehmaa oottage 
Betty Netamts MrOiday was 
teated on Tuesday, Septmber 13, 
Helen Stallard u now back at the 
cottage after having spent four days 
in the college hospital. 

The Aloha cottagp girls who spent 
the week-end at their homes were 

Bet^ Nelson, Tluda Uee Muehow, 
Helm StaUard, WUma Luthye, Beth 
Brbigtimtl, and Krtbitlne Oieiiai& 

Is Art Theme 

An "Aqua-Chromatlc" exhibition 
of original water colors will be 
shown. teBlnnlng tcday. on the sec- 
ond flo3r of Ander.wn hall, rooms 
67- 67 A. Hid, 60. under the sixinsor- 
ship of th; department ol art, ML'ss 
Louise Everhardy. associate profes- 
sor of art. Is In charge of the ex- 
hibit, whkdi win l» ^Kfim tvtD 
oetiAer 1, 

to tost BvM^Mrtfy, the 
is one of ^ most unusttei 
to be shown on tl» Kansas 
SUte ooliegf caBWnk- Ahmlute uni- 
formity if itataitahieil thrau^wat 
the exhibit. BCundfsds of oriitfnal 
water colma wore etibmttted to tiie 
show 'some at Amsrlea's fonmost 
painters, bt whieh eaeh artist indi- 
cated In a series of squares jvovided 
on the front of each painting, the 

Ernest R. Specht. '34. who is em- 
ployee! by the Menc Grande Oil 
oonuiany. Maracatbo. 'Venezuela. 
8. Amar., visited the civU eoglnesr- 


For Beauty's Sake 

Shampoo and Finger 
Wave 35c 

Phone 2020 

Swagger Felte 

Jauntily tallcred felts for smart 
vreiBiiii tjnth the new hlgh- 

RoUlns Run-Stop Hosiery 

Wareliem Hat Shop 



Have your summer shoes dyed 

To fit tlie iivason. 
Suedes cleaned & refinishcd. 


11 o'eioek 
I aennan at 

For %aie: L.ady'i black 
bMts, slae S. Fhane t-tUL 


' If You Like Smart Fitting Sbiita 
A ^Wcar 


TTiey're the choice of well drcs.'ied 
men. (tollais that ntaln their new 
look the Ufe of the dilrt. in popular 
strfpea, flgwes. soUds and wfalta. Jaat 


Then Sec our new Nor East Ties f 
. fcy Wembley. Dozens of new patterns 

Jwl Int Sods In K. & C. Calan 
ll^ VkMobk Sw Up 






Sld LawsoD, vloe-presldent of 
TliOA will lead the Oftni* Ttwtli? f*»' 
Mmtsnla at their MUomWii 
at l:W at the duneh. 

OeletMatlon of Rotjr 
will take plaee at the 
ehuRdi at S o'tiode and 
Sunday momlng with the 
the 11 oVdock 'servlee. Wise dub 
will meet from 5:30 to 7:90. There 
will be.a dinner and Keek Kimball 
will be in charge of the pcognm. 

An overall party Is th« theme 
chosen for the Luthem student as- 
sociation get-to-Ecther this even- 
ing. All new members are Invited 
and everyone is to meet on the 
south steps o( Nichols gymnasltun 
at 7:30. Pres. Marjoric Windhorst, 

Win be 

Pi Phi Pledges 
Serve T#a 

PMtaa of PI Beta TO wUt en 
tertata the pled|«Bt prtsWaots, an 

hoosemothm oC other mraettlM at 
•es. Sunday attaneoa, fl i 0eMfc 
21. Rjoelvlnt the gnaate wBl be 
Mts. TlotiiT.f.n mi heaaemeOiei 
Caroline OvertMit, ehapter preal 
dent «nd Patty f^i^rd, pledge 
president. Mr?'. Rennells and Mrs. 
Bait, patronesses of th: sorority will 
preside at the tea labte. flans for 
the tea are under the dl We to t at 
Httnith Hawkmson. '* 

Cosmopolitan Club 
Elects Severo Cevera 

Severo Cevera was elected presi- 
dent <rf the CosmopoUUn olub last 
i night In a special election 
' to repUc! TttA Zamora. who 
did not return to school this fall. 
Other <rfflcers selected were Sstty 
Jean Jones, treasurer, and Or. MU 
Hoere. counsellor. 
TTie club planned s membership 
and otttlin id plans lor the 




A Football Expert Tells You in This Week^s Post 

• What players from here will make headlines tUs 
season ? WUdt opponents wUi be moet dangiarolu? 
Fruicte W«llae« has Just oompletad ft cwli^ aiwnMf 
the countiy, chinning with ooftj^bM, getting the in- 
side, and now brings you the names to watch. What 
new tricks will ad4 more touchdowns per g^me, and 
what playnv In colleges coast-to -coast have All- 
Amerkan chances? Turn to this waek's Post for a 
foct<«ramtiHd article that predl^ this yearns win- 
teams. WiiUaca hai bMiirr|^''i»ro jmn in « 
ffov. WSL lit btfUM agillt ^„ 

Pigskin Previetff of 1939 

ALSO in this week's Post 

nnniY MiN BENamiy 

Laughs from the urepfahtmiprllt 



A modem love story 


An Imaginative fantasy 



PuaeUng murder in a nual aettiiig 


What's the rea/ trouble with NX<RB? 



How New England is making 


editorials, poems, cartoons, humor, 
meat for your nickel Out today. 




wH b« In 

■Iftit. Get 

■J=s= — — 

Kansas State Collegian 

Cast k 

•r the 


Vmume XLVI 

mi» AftmA Sdcnoe, Tmeiday. September 26, 1939 



KS Engineer 
Staff Posts , 
Are Filled 

Stoekmaiit Teeter 
Name AMUtanU; 
Magazine Out Soon - 

The editorial and buHinesnl 
forces for the Kansae State 
BngUieer, divlBlon publlca- 
tton, have b«eil Mlected, ac- 
cording to Jim Stockman, 
editor, and the staff has al- 
ready outlined i)lans fnr the 
year'H attivttieH, as well as 
for the first iHsue, willdlUltO> 
appear October 16. 

One of the outstanding featiuw 
ol the nwgutne this year Is ttut 
Mch Isiue will be built around a 
theme. The theme for the flnt edl- 
Uon will be "electrioml enctneerinK." 
, Alio, each putiUcatkm will Include 
an article written by some impor- 
tant mui In tlw ti^itiwaitag OOA. 
Several amr whimiMUWjii ab» been 
fdded thli ytar. 
KdHartat 8Ufr 

Thf editorliil slaff is |l tiflom. 

Stockman, ediior: Alfred WtUte, 
asilitant editor: MnnuH MiMTln. as- 
soclabe editor: Jack SheeUi. l^nte 
rdltor; J»fik Ranson dssLitert by Lyie 
Cox, lllii.5tratl()n.s editor: Hobsrt 
Laite, feature editor: feature staff: 
J'red Eyjstone. Robert Corns, Ray- 
mond Hopkins, Walter Singleton, 
Rofw Booth, John Weary, snd De 
Elroy 8«eler, 

WUion Blaclctaiini, lulsted by 
DMt Breckenrldge, and Marvin 
fHogle attl be in chane of the 
mm coluflBjiaUed "gllprtlcki So- 
oMT A nirwuaui Qili IMT wm 
be tjittlinllttes. a ootaam In which 
t«» nwtifenmnt mgirmri to tb* 
itpartawnt wm \» tntroduoed m 
mooth. AUatr mi. penooaUtlM of 
tlH tm wfll be diaeloeed. Wtauton 
MunMR wUl adit tbli ealnaui. "Ea 
gtot Somi Otaiilnga,''tteJ^eol 
ma of the (MMlBttian, will be un 
dnr tlw dtnetioB of Kanr Joyce 
■fain this |«ar. "Centsr Sprend." a 
Irietortal eaumn wlU be under the 
Bupervlajon of Joe Sftchsn. Another! 
new column thi.'i year will be ' Loosji 
BearlngJ-,' by Terry Daugh?rty and 
Raymond Buknty ThU column WtU 
■ eKiww sotisl btmidei* 01 tbtf^ti^B^t*' 
ty m-.a student engineers 
Crawley on Dlf ett Staff 

DIgeat staff ta edited by Edward 
Crawley with Jim Thaokrey, Wck 
ORle, Charles Jabnaon, PtancU 
Woest^mey^-r, Robert Orpin. Ralph 
Wahrenbrocit, Warren at Pierre as 
hl.H asKlstanta. 

The builncu ataff Inoludes Bob 
Teeter, bwdnm mmiffer: Charlet 
Webb. a.«lstant nuuMiar: Oecrge 
Sklar. advarttslng dinwtl^: OeOfin 
Ftcnch, oeotse Mur. Oeorte Bry- 
an, Ed Johns. James Watke-. and 
Bob Rcnnnlnftui, adMrtUnf sutr, 

Oiwtilstloiu dltybr Is RaJph 
Koody with Jhtait Sfandoo and 
WVttb Oreen aiiMtaf, AUm Smoii, 
Vtotor Hatt. Iial|«i am Ben 

rmt at* ia tiMttfi «f ipedai as- 


Our Neutrality 

Here's The S^p 

■» of 

BMt iMt tM*. tlw disenwion af the 
M ivpsmosfc In ttw arinds of 
Offlete rtataili mfe ao weptlon. 

Present indications are that Conp-essional discussion of the neu- 
trality act wUl be based on three general proposals. As matters stand, 
Coogreas may determine to retain neutrality legislation In Its present 
fdna: am dseUe to altar mMnt i egl iUi t loo by kUUng tbe "aims em- 
barr^ Id turn tt a iMwna oadi-and-flaRy pnMrMMt; or it Ineon- 
orivaUr might wMi to }imk the irtiole taatttr and mart te mtaon^n 
"Intnmtkinal law* as defined by the London tnaty of UM. 

Thf purpose here Is to state the fact« of neutrality In tht bope tbat 
thOKe who try to follow the national debate on the tboocr id iwu- 
trallty wUl find their task ata jji il l ad. 

Ou Preaeat MMtratitr 

nmtniUIr law, fnt m eff«et tv ptmUmXM pmolama- 
a tm dwrt vmIb •go, gwyom Oiat! 
fl> Ameifcsa ditps may be forbidden to trade In combat areas 

proclaimed by the President; 

(2) Amolcana travel at their own risk in these areas and must 
roctive 9«eW pwmlistnn from the state department for sudi travel; 

(S) WMttaf nations an forbidd«i to pmAiaaa from tbs Ihiltod 
■tolas arms and swA other goods as the Prertdent may declare Imple- 
ments of war, but may make all other cash purchases if they desire; 

(4j Warrlnt nations may not recruit American citizens for foreign 
military .service; 

15) The aoUoltatlon of timda for the aid of any warrtng nation 
Is dona only «Bd« ths mm n u m and ntUMieii af tlw ^Mted 
StatMi goTCnmmt: 

m AceordtDg to the Johnson act, war drtt defatiltora are forbid- 
den to solicit new loans and credits in the United States : 

<7) American firms may trade In amu and ammunltUw only under 
special lk:enses lasowl W I 
For A CbABits 

The only major ehaags fli pweent aelMiaitty ligMattan 
vtatsd to tb* adminlstiattstt m»<m la ^ mmiOm «C 
rt) to nad: 

Warrliv nations may purchase anything in the United States pro- 
vided they pay in advance for it and transport It in their own 

ships, 1 

The WIlHMilajD Modtl ' 

awMMpv^ totematlenal "law" on tha Wfbonlaa moM would re- 
aidt In eoroatfttng like this: 

(1» AmaitMn ships may carry materials of all kinds to aziy port 
in the world, but warring nations have the liRhi to halt, seareh and 
sink vessels carrying munitioas and other implemants of war provided 
the crewi are warned and allowed to dqpwl la tototy; 

(3) A i mrtc a n a may ttaval on psMngar mmoli of ai# nalitaaltty 
to lay port In tba wwU; 

<» "mt ind ulstr rtrpnrtiiifiiit nmuw lljUliUl 1« 

teat any violatloii of the absm rules; 

(4> No trade restrictions 
ts up to individual lirms; 

15. The solicitation Of fund* by iBd^aayfloralgnaatton is dana 
."•^'S* ** tt» tt«lliai*lil •owmmsott fteeigB gov- 

«n«nto mr eafitt American altteha nr aervloe oveiW^inless 
VMifleally 'feiWddaa to do ao by me United Btatw government 

Kansas State 
Will Have Neiw 

Work StarU Next 
Week; WUl Cort 
Nearly $1,000 

Horton iMde Anivts 
Htm TtA 
Horton I«ade, 

is.dooa OA pndtt 

ISU Drives 

* r 

For Members 

¥eo Expects Many To 

Russian Choir 
To Gome Ikre 

PiAUe Sdtoob Spongor 

The world -tamoiLS Don Cossack 
choir, group of 25 Russian smgfrs 
and dancers, wlH ftp(>ear In two 
psrformances on November B in Col- 
lege auditorium., Th? choir Is com- 
pleting its third trip around the 
world and Is appearing to Anartcft 
(or the second time. 

"Hie choir is being spoiuared here 
by th! Manhattan puUio schools 
with the eotvecatlon of a number ol 
eommtmlty groups. Ootleie students 
wOl not be admltMd HVSU tbOi ac- 

:rl Yco the president of the Inde 
pnxlent Student Union, announced 
yesterday he e.<(p"cted more than 
MO students to Join tba organtetlon 
before the membenbl^dllWI it 
eluded tills week. 

One-hundred and fifty proapectlvf 
members had signed up by the end 
of last wwk , and Yeo predicted that 
the totel inenitvcrslilp will equal or 
surpass the 325 msmtjerB of last 
year, ISU officers hope lor at least 
KO members this year, 

Paul Dickens, who is in charge of 
the membership drive, promises 
great things for this year. He is 
confld'nt thai neither the old nor 
the new members will be disap- 
pointed by this year's program. 

The weekly Wedneedsy night so- 
Ctal get together, at the ISU house 
at 1934 Fremont wlU be continued, 
as well as the popular dancing 
lessons. The first Winning lessons 
wlU probably be gtvM Thunday 
night. There Will aM It tw par- 
ties a semeitw gtwa MSldt ttM 
cbaptn* bottia. 
m adtmoo to Unh fiU standbys 
I via ka to- 


Tb» highly talented toundar and 
trader of tha diofr Is Hlcholas Koat- 
rukoff. It was founded tn i^s at 
Prague under the qxmaorship of the 
Csechoslovaklan, Prof. T, O. Mas- 
aryk, and Edward Benes, the last 
president of that country. In the 
last 13 ypars the choir has given 
3,100 concrri.s all over the world. 

CXits tan ding features of their 
performances arc the wild Cossack 
dancing by the choir and ttif thril- 
ling Cauc Asian Sword dance by an 
expert. Their repertoire comprises 
the best of the tr«lltlonal old Cos- 
sack soop andts vartsd 
ly to 


meeting at 4 auoift this afternoon 
in nam n of MMials gym, accard- 
Ing to Bonnie l4>a 
flf that ocganlsslton 

for Sale: Standard Underwood 
"i fPtWil ter 1700 Anderson. 

Frosh PaiilieBeiik 

Selects Bender 

John D. Bender. Bet« Theta PI, 
was elected president of the Fresh- 
man PanheU?nic organization for 
the current semester at a meeting 
Iff that group held at the Theta XI 
fraternity house last night. 

Other new oTficers select::d are 
Ray Bukaty, Phi Kappa, vlce- 
prvstdent; Keith E. Kmyon, Sigma 
P h I Ensllon, secretary -treasurer : 
Id Keith Witt. PI B^appa Alpha, 

Predati^mmie In 
Frosh Survey 

Dncle Sam can jctUy WlU stay at 
haa» in dear old XJBA and let 
Europe and the rest of the world 
fight their own battles. 
. Such Is the Indication ol the 
opinion of the freshman ag stu- 
dents when a vote was 
freshman lecture last 
One-hundred and foiu- frestunen 
favored staying out of war unless 
attacked by an aggressor nation. 
Only 26 students favored going to 
war If the democrsctes of Eunqie 
were tbreatetwd wttb defaat, 
HassUaao On NMriMWr 

Of tha US tnthnui. only Tl 
favored ratatolng Ui« txHtoig neu- 
trality lam which prohibit the ssl« 
of airplanes and nunttlans to sU 
nations at war. Nintty-nve eavoiad 
changing the laws to permit selling 
munitions and si^^ to alt com- 
batants who will pay eash for them 
and carry them away on thtlr own 

Tliesc questioits were first given In 
a Kansas City Star stuny. 

Following a telephone 
conversation In which Dean 
R. A. Beaton of the englaeer- 
Ing division gave his verbal 
o.k., Director of Athl«ti|s 
Mike Ahasm ordered tie 
bulldlDg and reM^. depAri- 
ntitnt to start woflroii a new 
^nsas State bandetand, to 
be lucated in the Btadiifln at 
the site of the present one, 

Coruitruction on the new stand 
which will cost approximately 91,000, 
will start after the Port Hays game 
this Saturday, and officials 1X90 it 
will be completed in time for the 
Colorado game two weeks later. 
Maeh-NsMlMl laignveatent 

The stand has bosn a tonch- 
needed I mi ito vem eot for nrae Ume, 
but no deflnlta action had taken 
ptaoe unU ttu band itadf t«to the 
project constdtrsble impatas When 
tbqr vetod to fongo a trip lb Hr- 
tHssKa last TiMafesitfing dliy In 
ordar tliat ttwt uooay mlgbt %e us- 
ed for a bsnditaad. When tha Col - 
Iwtui added tl> sun^ ptaAs be- 
gan to bo fttntdatod* 

Lsst fUBUoar. plans far tha pro-i 
possd struetun waM drawn ap by 
Ptof. Paul WUgel. bead M tba* Oe- 
panment of uretitteoton, and ssU- 
mates of Us ooat ware ndtde, but 
no official aetitm was fort bdb mlng 
until yesterday afternoon. 

The nr* band stand will be tv 
'•much more impopsmg structure," ac- 
cording to Band Director Lyle 
Downey, and will replace the anti- 
quated wooden structure which has 
served Kansas Stato feSlbds tSf mnkm 
than A decade. 
Concrete Sapports 

The new structure will be built 
aidlMfly of wood, with stinkea con- 
crete supports for the coUapelble 
Stand. It win be built In the (oita 
M a half circle, with five stages 
which will give bandmen a much 
(better vie a of the playing field 
than they had formerly. A wood 

"Tba p wisa t rtand bas bian in 
adaquata for mora tb^ 11, yean, 
Dpimay nld. "iwiiig lai«» anwgbto 
seat to men oomfortattlri M tbs 
pssb few yaaca wt bafs bad to ai9Wd 
no m«i on Uw stand. Ttta aatf 
stand win be almost tMoa «|Jfifip»— 

large enough to easily ' — 

a band of tSKf.* ' 

Itosd to Mw Totfc Ottr. 
to ward nna^Md tor Wa 
and Mrs. H. H. I^ade. 
Laade, who bas been atttodtog 

Oxford imtmattr. bet laft 
when tba al w wWtf tftoaad at the 
mttoeak of ttw viVt aniisd m itow 


return to 



Put Emphasis 
On Pep For 
Coming Game 

Plan New Deal 
In Student Spirit 

Pep Is tile password to the Ksn 
sas State vs. Port Hays football 
game to be held to Honodal sta 
^mt naat Ostwday. 

All pep organizations ar« bu--^ 
getting wganized for what may be 
a aaw «n. in student ipMt. More 
n^onsibtuty la betoc put on the 
artatdttttaoa to Ita^ fost-r and 
control cheaiiiif. With the comin« 
of Qia first l^aiM fsne, th^ expect 
I to pfgva irtMt arguilM. pq^ can 
amotmt to. 

TWCA Commission Hicds 
With Transfer Studwti 

The first maettof il Vii VWCSA 
commissioti far the touMWr sto- 

dents of K8C was yaMrd^r at 5 
c'clock. The meeting was for the 
purpose of electing officers for th: i 
year. Marceila Homer was elected i 
as president: Gloria Swajison, vlcej 
president : Etorothy Beezley, record- i 
ing secretary: and Oerurate Dtt>. 
corresponding secretary. 

The next meeting will be Uonday. 
October.3, at S o'clock. U will be in 


^^liear Friday 

Lots Of Surprises la , 
Issue, Editors Say 

The first Lssue of Kickapoo for 

this semester will appear with the 
sun Friday morning, Co-editors, 
Dick Mall and Don Thackrey, with 
the help of BustneiSS Manager Ivan' Cheerleadera 
qrl.<iWold, are trying U) make this Tii- cheerleaders met last night to 
year's magaimc truly an all-schooi .start i»lajming for their first advent 
magorine, < as a group. The two girb on the 

Lota of surprises are in stJirc for .squad will he the first girl ctieer. 

the readers of the first Lssue of the 
Uekapco, according to the co-edi- 
tors. It will feature a Battle of Dim 
Wits between the two Rover boys— 
namely, James Cooper and Harley 
Thompson, who have written tor 
thi-s l.ssu^' two .stories !>f college life. 
There also will lie a during tongue- 
in-cheek antl -militarism review on 
the past summer ROTC camp writ- 
ten anomyous by 
who didn't want 

with tlie campu.s authorities. An I 
interview with Dr, S, A. Nock, writ- 
ten by -Lame Brain" Thackrey, will 
be another highlight of the issue. 
Eight Pages sf nstaias 

The lO B k apoQ wlU have dght 
PSCas of pletims and tlw otbw six- 
tsan pagai wUl ooatidn Jokaa, defi- 
nitions, ftcdon, feMiaws, adi, am 
tottr whale Unas flC libebry I Tlmnigh- 
out tba year tiie staff wUl attempt 
to gt«B monthly plotertal and story 
vsidaws wi tte aampw Ufa, 

Oenc Otttmat and Don Vorbes 
eanMbHted Van ptaotograidis to the 
flESt Issue tbls yabr and Wloatcm 
Oohmldt ananged the layout of the 

To Nominate 

Freshmen WlU Hold 
First Political Meetlnc 

bs tba 




wiB losd all 

State Glee Clubs 
Begin Practice 

Tenors were in demand as the 
taken in | college glee dubs held their first 
Thursday, meeting of the season last night, 
starting work on Bach's Ctirlstmas 

Tryouts are still being held for tfcf 
three organtutkuns this week. Pro- 
fessor Undquist will audition men 
until Friday, from 4 until 5:30 in 
the afternoon in M 56. All tenors 
especially, are requested to try out. 
Women will be auditioned by 
Styre in N 7SC from 4 to 5 o'clock 
today and Wednesday. All appU- 
canta are reouested to make ap- 
pointments for their tryouts In the 
music department office, M 33, 

The glee clubs are divided into 
thre; groups this fall, one for the 
men, under the direction of Prof. 
Llndquist, and two for the women, 
directed by Hlse Oroasman and 

leaders State has had lor 
many years, if not the The 
h'sad Cheeriead?r was chosen last 
night by the squad but his name 
could not ba obtattMl bttMW pros 


Highly Important In the » hecring 
sectioiui will be the fr-shmen. They 
are requested to sit at the north end 
of the wciit side of the stadltun. 
a ROTC .student i FVeshmen boys are urged by « 
to get in trouble | and warned by many to wear theli; 

freshmen cape. Ushers will escort 
thctn to their proper positions. 

Instrumental In tceomplUhing a 
new deal in student pep is the Stu- 
dent Council pep cbalmuua, Joe 
Redmond. Redmond is anxious to 
show what will happen to team 
morale when the supporting stu- 
denta make a eooeerted effort to 
express their loyalty. In putting the 
pep organizations more on their 
own initiative and demanding that 
the ch'^er leader squad practice con- 
siderably. Redmond has tostltated 
orgsnlxation changes wtiiQIt ataf 
prove highly suceessfi^l, 
Waatpas Cteto ta Met 

According to Bob Page, a meet- 
ing of the Wampus Cats, mens' pep 
club, win be held Thursday, Sep- 
temb^ 28, from 7:30 to S:30 in the, 
K room of Nichols gymnasium. Ths | 
purchase of new jackets and par- 
ticipation with the college band 
will be discussed. 

On the following night, the new 
cheerleaders will open th?lr season 
of activity by leading Ihe students 
In pep songs and cheers O! the all- 
college mixer. Two separata pep 
rallies will be held during tht eWi- 
ing. Freshmen are urged fa wear 
their caps to the mixer. 

Although they will not be play- 
ing at the mixer, the college band 
of 110 pieces will be on hand at th; 

snappy marches. 

Chairman Redmond urges each 
student to oooDerate with the cheer- 
laados and hup produce an effect 
-that wtU put t^w stands on their 
feet diirtog ths gatos^ Abow alt be 
there, lit says. 

Tba altction of 
fleers WlU prava to 
fighting fMunds 
tics for the year 
dent frcobUM 
tlTlty iriready. Ttmf 
student faottons to 
sattan by having a meOns at T:30 
Wednesday nliM ta Baananan aen- 
ter to nomtoato csndidatta fm the 
coming dtedOB. 

Altbou^ no annotincement has 
bsM mads, Oraak l^adunai will 
i^nbaUy follow the tadspandentoi 
lead to tb; Immadtato future and 
put up Uka^ candWataa, 

Ibr tbase to siibserUdng for the 
Kickapoo, the ooit Is $IM for one 
year and the ooptas wID he received 
tbmtigh the ceUege post office. In- 
dtvMusi coptas will sell for IS cents 
each. Tht salos wUl be handled by 
JoumaHsm stodenta. Ckiples will be 
published onorf a month for nine 
montlis. Since this issue of Kicka- 
poo will be Ibnlted in number, Orls- 
wold urges students to buy their 
ooptes at the first "piwrt m n W y. 
Canent Comments 

Comments about the coining i&sue 
of the Kickapoo by the co-edlU>r.s 
and the business manager are ss 
follows: Dick Mall: "There's all the 
differeiic; in the world between the 
i^'uc wc put out last spring and this 
Lssue~we think this one's got more 
zip! " Ivan Orlswold: "It's our at- 
tempt to glaa fiw fiu^ius an sQ- 
school magazine and we hope to 
Improve it frtmi time to lim? during 
the year." And here's Qon Tliack- 
rey's gusrantee: "It's gnarantoed 
not to rip, nr run down at tlte 

"Xioofc for the flwnjiv ted cover 
on tba K Mwi Wo mSsf morning 
idun pan go to yoor aigMaa," the 

A new factor nmSi may have to 
be counted to at the tndepsndeni 
nominations ate the girl's frvdimsn 
cottages, who are planning to back 
sMiie candidates. 

In Inviting all non-Oreefc new- 
comers to Wednesday's meeting, of- 
ficers of the itKlependent party ar; 
carrying out their efforts to whip 
the party into condition to repeat 
the vletory of tost spring, AUhcNitb 
they are optlmlstie about their sue- 
cexs they realise that th? Greelte 
will put up some strong competlticn, 
making the poUtaial fUtit qolto to- 

IndustilaliBf To PuUish 

JSecond Homecoming Issue 

4-H Club Quartette 
starts Rehearsals 

Rehearsals for the 4-II club quar- 
tette arc now under way. The first 
rehearsal was held Monday after- 
noon, and the second one will be held 

The second Homecoming lasue of thus afternoon Irom 3 to .t o clock, 
the Industrialist will appear wed^, The third and last r^htar.sai is to be 

New Program 
Will Air The 

Editors* Views 

Kansas editors are respond tog to 
Kansas State's radio program. 
The Kansas EdltOT Speaks. The 
program was orlgmated tiy ftof, R, 
R. LashbrotA's radio writing class. 
Eact} Uonday at 4:45 Is the time 
scheduled to broadcast the, views of 
the Kansas newspaper editors va 

cuiMft jsfjip to»B sm d. yyj*^ 

fan tbtt iMOglsn' bMsd 'on re- 
sponses to quastiaos sent out to the 
adttora em tba stata am Aaptam- 
ber tt. The ascend broadcast was 
yastarday. Questions tus prepared 
by the stadmto of the radto writing 
daas, TIM imgttms are also pre- 
pared and ptasaatod 1^ the ctaas. 
Two parsons iriQ oaixy en eaeh 
broadcast. One of the pmons will 
read the totroditettoaa and tie- 
Itota of tba dlaeiHBtoBs: tba otber 
win read the comment of the ant- 
tost on tht 4uestloai aent to them. 

Next wedik questions are: Do 
you think the mtetal saasMo of 
Congress should repsal toe aims 
embargo provisions of the Neutral- 
ity act? Why? Do you think Great 
Britain Is doing her full ^hare to 
aid France agaln.^t Germany? 

OommeiiLs upon the new Kaasas 
State radio pruyram so far have 
all bc^n iuvorabie Listeners to KS- 
AC's radio iirogram are welcoming 
a new type of broadcast. 

nesday morning. Composed of six 
pagae, 12,000 copies of the paper will 
be printed. The puWicatlon has long 
been of special interest to alumni 
ijiiB^im 0i the gaoaral infcnnatfaNi 


held Wednesday Irom 2 to 4 c'clock. 

The rehearsals, which are being 
conducted by Miss Hilda Gro.<>sman 
of the mtisle departomit, are open 
to any metobv* of tba OcM^d^ 

Meeti Tonigbt 

Mixer Friday 
Has Intere^ 
For Everyone 

Program Starts 
With Games Ai^ 
Ends With Dance 

Games, motion pictures, 
vaudeville and the Jivingest 
fiwingesta ever to hit the 
Kansas State ciitiipus are 
Bcheduled to iwgja at 7 
o'clock when tlie anntul all- 
college mixer swinip Into ac- 
tion In the quadrangle north 
of Nichols gymnaBlum. 

Hit of the latter !>:irt of the eveb- 
Ing will be the dance In the gym- 
nasium with Matt Bel ton leading 
hLs cflebr.«ii ed Jubiksti ch. impious. 
Th? maestro will give out i^n his 
regi.lins, tlw cliirln.^t and .sax6- 
phonc. a ltd introduc t>i the first 
all-school gct-toi^rther his Mitt 
addition— the riovachnrd. 
Hill Is Master of ^'ercnlllllil■^ 

Ff'tivilirs wUl Kf'i wn'.ciK>\\ with 
eainrs and eniri t:unmi'Jit In the 
qu.idrnn(jle north ni Nichols gym- 
na-slum wiih Dr. toward T. Hill, 
! head of Ih ■ rk^ravlment of public 
«peakl);i; as lUA.'-irr o.' ceroni nles. 
After a roii id t:it:iifs, yelling 
.I'-.ii f nl Tlfun:; E Ih.;' Li"lvili('5 wlU 

cwiilnu^ on irtiut.s with attrac- 
tive progrem^ ht-ln? offered to the 
g^imnaslum arcl iho au^^wium. 

Viviiiii Andii'.'ori and III Too have 
prepared appiuiUmataly two hours 
ol entertainment to be prc5t^nted in 
the auditorium. Three reels of sound 
movies, one each of adventure, mus- 
ic and comedy, will be shown. 
V«u*«vllle with studsnt eni«rtainets 
will keep Uvlngs moving and a pep 
rally wlU be conducted for tht Hays 
gaau on Saturday. Pnfauor QbIs 
wiU be an addition to Uw andltar- 
itun program. , 

None of the acts presented tmdar 
Norman mtneerit mteom to the 
outdoor progiam wOl ba mmOiti. 

Sbert Pep Bally 

In the gymnasium ti'tv fe^t have 
; been added to the b.ind platform 
; to seat Mail's bund .'idequ»ttly and 
have room lor the new novae hord. 
Midway In th; diuifc Mntt will play 
] soms .srhool .sotu;^ and tlie cht er- 
I leaders will k-nd /i shDrt pi^i rully. 
I Jim SliKkmaii has promised good 
control of ths str/i line ho the lar- 
gest crowd of th.? year may dance 
to Bctton In liLs only fUQ )e^|tti free 
dance of the \f iir. 

While iipufn;-|]jM lii Culoradii tl)LS 
summer and bri':ikMiK attendance 
records the pn/.c K-3Ute band 
worked out some new Hrrangcments 
which will be prjjicntcd for approval 
of the Io:b1 swIiik funs Back to a 
."■wset -ftyle nt pliiyitiK nie mnny ot 
th? plcce.^ with plenty nf fa;.t ones 
thrown jti to kfcp thinprn moving 
has b en Mntt .s menu UUs year. 
Everything f>re 

The many activities presented 
without admUston charge are made 
pos'ihie each yjar by the coopera> 
tlon of the YMCA, inVCA. snd UM 
Student Governing ■ssociation. 

Last year more than SJXO stli> 
dents and {acuity members attended 
and ih>-tumout is expected to to- 
crea.'te this year as studento take ad« 
vantage id the first til-a^hoet psftjr 
to become acgualsted. 

College offidsls ara aspadaily 
urging new studMita and as matty 
members of the theidtr at pesslUt 
to attmd tUs jwar. Ltttars bavt 
bead aent to saverat memben of tha 
faculty to aat as special bosta ta 
either the gymnasium or aodttor- 
ium hut sU others ai» atkad to al^ 

tUport^On A Yam 

Misses Diimer, Loses Breakfast, But-- 

Gets His Story 

Dr. C, W. McCampbeli is In St. 
Joseph, Mo., this week Judtfog baby 
at tba atlmbita LMBock 

Prof C. E. Anbd. animal hus- 
bandry d*partm«it. Is in Okla- 
boma city tois week judging Uve- 

Sy Don Falbca 

j No .sooner had I finished my i 
' early Etfternoon breakfast Saturday \ 
\ than the editor rushes me out to the 
new Man}:attan Mtinlclpal airport 
to cover the d'oarture of tlie Kan- 
sas Goodwill lour 

It being rather early for the best 
vL5ii,>ii I hat! to wl^e my eyes iwlce 
10 co!-.\ myself I wa,£ really 
seeUiK alrnlan s stretched trom one 
end of the dusty airport to the oth- 
er I got up lo 30 before I ran out 
of fingers and toes iwbat a man^ 

Hanti I'p Ownen 

Tlie phine.s were many shapes and 
ctriors but th-v alt msnaged to start 
a takeoff Just as I got to the wind- 
ward. When i;:e dust had settled 
little I found out the planes were 
to from day Center and lift Han- 

Knowing a good r-porter should 
out aU the facts t hunted 
the owners ot tbt Manhattan scbod 
of aeronautles wbieb wUt ban 
(;harge o) tha In tUn e ttoo tor lOHlaai 
Stato stadmto VMM' tba CMl itao- 
nantles anthortty. 

Owtur Don Bailer totroduoes me 
to 0w otber owner, ftsnk Mkm, 
and asks irtiat ird like to know. 
First I find out tht planes which 
had lust left were the Urgeet flight 
to eT9 land at tbt loeal alipart. 

Two of tht new Ships wbl^ win 
bt used for tndnlng were on elMM- 
tkm and taktag pa8Mi«n tor llhoil 
rides, lliey an las iwasiiiniii Cubs 
with so horsepowET motors. 

TTiat out of the way, Beder sug- 
gested I take a ride over the air- 
port to see the new runways which 

for a r,iln I v.alkcti out on the 1,000 feet but siter a few vertical 
airport but could see no in'Sicatlon banks my early afternoon breakfast 
of runways. 

jlAHfr msB 

Narrow Confines 

After knocking out the stUfc of 
the dual controls in the front seat I 
wound my lanky frame into the 
narrow confines Be ler gmir,e'l 
the tiny motor and we bumped 
down the field, making one mighty 
bound aiid swymK up. 

At alwut 500 feet up the rur.ways 
became distinct _ Thev cri-jscross ih- 
112-acre field and give a miximujr. 
run of more than 2,000 feet although 
tl»e longest dimension of the airport 
is I,SOO ten 

Opposite the crass of the dlagoi * 
als and near ttie east .side of the 
I field the hanger will be constructed 
I This is near the iite tP tbS park- 

! and I didn't care whether h? hit 
bumps or got stuck in a rut. 
Slilpa Maneuver Easily 

The other training ship flew 
along side for some pictures and the 
ease with whiih tht tiny ships can 
be maneuvered was demonstrated. 
Landing and flying at low speed* 
they are a.s .sate as yanr Uafelt^ or 
so th" ;);Jot .^ald. 

While we werj more than 1^00 
fpct up I suggested we try a few 
pictures from about 500 feet. Ws 
raced my stomach down and tb« 
plane wim It took me anothe:^ 
five mmutes to even locate tht 
ground. 1 ■! alone the airport. 

We sideslipped into the wind and 
came down easily. The Collegian 
had Ita story and I had— well, never- 

I The first meeting of Freshman 
commission of YMCA will be held 
, this evening in Recreation center at 
i 7 :30. All freshmen boy* who are in- 
terested are invited, whether they 
intend to become members or not. 

Jack Gardner, the new basketball 
coach, will speak and Bernard Kojt 
ers, Winner of the i.ate .i-^ oiia. 
singing contest for high SCtiool stu- 
dents, wlU sing tevmd SSBV and 
l?Gd group tinging. 

A nominating committee for the 
election of officers in f roebman i 
commission will be selected at th':i 
meettogs snd plans for paitits, pic- 
nics and p» to tdBHil in llbt be 


Dusna Davli, 
entfoaer. Is tba neirir 
ebatttoan «( ibt 
branch Of the 

elected at the last 

baad o( 'tba 

tery: Rad 

F. O 
taken at the dan Ftancisco World's 
fair. ITie meeting was to charge (tf 

Tbft boats for the gymnaatom, as 
rdeMed IV Pni. r. r. Lsddmok, 

chairman ot the college mlxn* oom- 

m!tt;:e, [ire Dr, and Mis, A. B. Csrd- 
weli. Capt. and Mrs. H S, Aldrlcb, 
Capt. ami Mn. Karl Frank. Dr. and 
Mrs. Roi- tangford Mr and Mrs, C. 
S, Mrjll, yii-^ FIcifiifT'T' McKlnney, 
HI ,(r Krlpghbnum. Prol. Jules H. 
Roo ri Mr, iir:d Mr' Jack Gardner. 
Mr HI, J Mrs BU\u Williamson, Mr, 
„nd Mr- Wfdsy Fry. Dr. and Mrs, 
H. E B. - htel. Dr. and Mra. A, O, 
Shaw. Dr. and Mrs. E. O. Bayfield, 
W, C Trcu'Risn, Clftrenc^ P. Baker, 
:tnd WlL'on Tripp 

Hostj; lor the EUdiioriu:n program 
■ire Dr. atid Mrs, A, P. Davids nn, 
Pro! and Mrs. Don Wilbur, PTof, 
and Mrs, M J, Card well, Mr.i. Lu- 
clle Rii't, Mt .' Emma Hyde, 
Alpha Liiz';i, Miss Helen 
and Mias Florence StabMna 

Visitors in the depsrtmeat ol 
dectrirrv; fT,glnt ?ring recently wera • 
Mrs, Lelian ftbdstn and bar bu^ 
band. R E, tfl who now is with Oen^ 
eral Elcotrte company to Sflhimq- 
tady. M. T,: and J. M. fhrmof, K, ■> 
IS. who is tadoatrial aagtotar for 


Don't foiget tbota Oandy sptelala 
Id canfectlooate on a a ftn d ay. 
T4H |r Store in Ag^trllls. - 

sfa^^^ dk te^ta^rftk. 
■■■faaP; a|g^ ^^ww*^*^ 




Tuesday, September 19^ tM> 

The Kansas State Collegian 

— ■ ■ I" " ■ ■!> " ■ m ' 

PubUibad by Om rtiiJirti at ite 
OoU«st of Agrienltun and #|i^fed 

laMtMr at 

i m aiiwrt 

Sdance tmtti 
Ihatiiffli r 

Oampui Otam~M»am ma ..Wal 3373 

Veer mt the (Wllait — — 

t : ftps 3c tax 

Year by mtit - .^....%20o 

4c tax 

Edllcr-ln- Chief . Roy M FisIkt 

CampUK Editor Carl Rochat 

Aiflstant Editor Roy Bwaftord 

News Editor ..- Jame* Kendall 

fiporti Editor -.Jwit Thi&ler 

AFsLstant Sportt MUor Herbwt BUUnfler 

SociL'iy Edlttir Jranlt Mwrif .Italani 

AuisUnt Socle^ Edttor Wry Jtan Orentoffir 

PhotograjiMir -OUIiart Ciri 

TTiiiliiMa tteft 

Busltiew l<acai« Jam*i W. Oooper 

Adverthlni^ AwUtanU .... Rulay TtwiaiMoa 

and Ricbard Oecb 
OnultMte Maiwfnr — j O. J. 

State ran be assored of a continoatifm 
of fi rut -rate Ktudent governing. 
Only let them work with existing frame- 
work. Let tbeaa- wca* wher« their efforts 
wUl do tbe molt good. Let Oipin oo^erate 
with the Ind^ndent Stadent Patty. And 
let all other freshmen Interested In good 
student-government make their votee heard 
at the nieettfif tn 
row nisbt. 

K-Stater's Enjoy 
Beautiful, Gs^^f^ 

Young P4ysias^ 

Dicvelops Vacuum Tube That 
Coiiiit& Stngte md 

Independent Frosh 
Look To Politics 

The sunshiny proHperts of Kansas State's 
liKlepciident students' political prospects 
uuffered a severe blow this weelt — almost, 
ny a narrow margin a definite split in tile 
n on -Greek pollticis^na was averted. 

Ambitious freehmen students Intent on 
^vit1TllnK a place in Kaiiees Rtate politics 
\v«r<' rapidly in I he process of forming an- 
oHitT iiidepetideiu piirty tlial gave every in- 
lent of balling up tbe smooth working set- 
up tbat piwed so successful last sprtng Is 
the student council eleotiOM. 

Not that this new freshman group had 
ninlk'itniK inti^iits or was backed by subver- 
sive forcen at all. They, just as probably 
some thousand (itlier freshmen, didn't quite 
iindersUad the complitaited Jumble that* 
wp call po11tl(» on this campus. 

"FiPKl, there are the parties "No 

I'arty" and "Independent Student 

i'urty." And then there is the Inde- 
pendent Student Union that is in no 

sense a political orghnlzdttdtl. Tf'aily " 

frpMhnmn ilio H''i-up (Tear before 

Mu' end of ilie firiit isutueHier tie will be ■ < 

iiri unuauM one Indeed. 

Perhaps a wor4M explanatUw 18 ngw^ ' 
to the meeting of frosh non-Oreeks called' 

for loniorrow night might not be amiss. Tn 
the first place, it should be clearly under- 
let ooil that it Is not a meeting sponBore^ by 
the ladependevt lMudeiit Uidpn. Bralu^ls- 
tte first news that fSu'irffleers wlllifim'fff 
the meetinK is when they read it in this 
morning's f'ollegian. Uather, it iH a meet- 
iim nr nil independent frfslinien called by 

•lie skeleton organization carried over from _ _ _ „ 

Inst rprlttg by the Independent Student ( .fil IP0i? f Ai^tnykl 
I'arty— «B enttr«te|i4UIWt «# dte^Oii- *-'^«^'^<^S<^ V^U^l^um 
neeted organ txatloffi** 

In the i^erotid place, this is noi u meet- 
ing called by upperclasmnen in an en- 
deavor to ram eooked-np politics down 
unsuspecting freshman throats.' Bfere- 
ly to Insure that the independents Will 
luesent a full ticket in Hie coming 
frosh elections — and for no other rea- 
^^^on — has the Independent Student 
Pafty called this meeting. 
One of the first a<:ts of the meeting, will 
l>e to elect a 100 per cent freshman coun- 
cil (lint will take over the management of 
iiuiependeni frosh political campaigns. This 
council will be chosen by open nopUution 
the meeting. Any and all indepenlient 
students will he eltglhle tor nomination. A 
nlurallty vote of those Independent fresh- 
nii>n |>resent will determine VUch stnilViUs 
will belong to that council. 

.After that, upperclassraen will step out 
of the piieture and> let the freshmeif ran 
thines how ever 'th*y dam please. 

The freshmen who instigated the 
movement that almost resulted In a 
split indr])endeiit ticket are not tO )l# 
condemned. Rather are they to be con? 
gratttlated on the Interest they kava 
shown in student self-govemBtent. 
With students of that caliber ^nsas 

A transfer student' remarfcej' 
fiiHi day on the Kansas Slate col|i 
pus that it was the rbosl . beautiftf 
ever seen, that students of this college 
should be proud of It. lo^^^eral K-^uters 
are proniil & tl^f |l|MCD«pit» .^;iiiifa«t)tl|es 
they don't show it. ■• ;r'-;: • 

Invariably com^ the desire to mar 
nature by some inconsequential detail, 
ihp excuse being that such a small 
tiling shouldn't make any difference. 
However, the offen^ar? ini|^ he re- 
minded that mountslns ftre made of 

The most common offense that Kansas 
State collegians are guilty of is cutting 
across tite grass. There are three definite 
reasons why staytng 9ir tbm grass is de- 

First, cutting a path tbrough a plot 
of is t()o often an eyesore. One 
thing leading to another, that path may 
became a bad problem of landscaping. 
Again, what is so ugly as some of the 
banflcades of wire, ibpirds. or posts 
erected on the corners of lawns in the 
city? This method has even been used 
by the college to prevent students from 
cutting across. The result and prevent- 
ive methods are both obnoxious. 
Another factor in the problem is the un- 
derstanding of the ownership of that grass. 
Students are warned that it isn't their 
grass. Yet, that isn't quite true. As citizens 
of the state students do not have an appar- 
ent interest in all property of this college. 
Rather than serve notice that It isn't their 
own grass, the suggestion that the campus 
lawns are really their property might do 
more to induce stodentK to take care of it. 
Any person that doesn't take care of his 
own property Is Indeed UK^ng tn many re- 
spectii .ooucemlng ehwaetir and personal 

I'he iiiird point which shows that 
staying off the grass is nu^ aensfble 
' is that in oommlttfng.siteli 'an a«t, a 

Mudent necessarily shows that he is 
,' downright lazy. The evident excus^ for 
... nitt iiij; across is to reduce the distance 
a lew feet. Which means they can't 
take it. Or at least tbat they don't want 
" ' No one' Is goinf to be Itfirt mueh'lby 
, walking a I i t ii« further attd ff a persen 
!--hnns ijliysieat artlon, he IS tSB^ tfio 
apt t() neglect mental activity. 
At piesent, Kansas State studeHts are 
proud of their campus and they have a 
right to be. It la toward «t«wyam% Interest 
>|j^ they k»ep |hae^^l«^tdfi etifc^ni • ' 

Or. aiteb.iitbftne4wdlila doctor 
ot sOtuie iMp««:«i the vmtnm 
ot ObleK6 IS' 1^ sad baa Otm 

be?ii doing fesearch ndrk at the 
Univ^slty ul Mliinesota whwt be 
jj^tm- I pertecte<t hU vacuum tube tfaetniD 
' liiad I counter, hfus receivetl great dbtljie* 
ticQ among ^iclenUst^j and oUUfs 
who ST£ lni«Ulgeiii enouBb to.jua' 
dmtaiid siich coinpL'x mwhswtHlw." 
A Drllcale lulnuneot 

Onf can understand how delicate 
the Allen tube 1^ it he can imaglxK 
tbat tt taKsR a million times a mil- 
lion times a mlillon limes 10 elec- 
trons ptit^ put every second to 
U^|^)Wrr llfht tniUK And 
this tube taetbmm » ain^ one. 

Dr. Jamas 8, Allen, youoc i^yalcisi who began work uiis fall in the 
physlGs dqjartamt, taaa devatoped a vacuum tube so tupmenaltlve that 
tl iriU ofmtot ita^ tfMtnmi. It wiU detect the moat laflnltaehnal elec- 
trie cui'fKta ttist tdenoe 

plants and animals to tnse dtgee 

tlve proce-'sses, 

To explain Uie tube tboroughly to 
a layman would be Impassible, but 
lo'^ture the tube simply, it is 
catni»6sed of a Rlantlng tube through 
vtMH tons are projected. At tbe 
end 6t tbe tube the :!l»:Lrons which 
tat' MBsi^at "ue thrown upwwds 
inttf V vasutnn tube by the two iMfles 
of ■("AUflSMj 

•fjiU aini^ electron ttwmm Into 
UMtf^lw sets vary muCh Uke a 
rtwe t]»own into watat^^eountlaaB 
lipp^ are sent out all around tbe 
.°tcne.. Thus the eleotron hits a bsK 
of sv^psr-sensltivs material which 

soon If heeaacMalA 
equipineot Ha 
aearoh for ne« 
tbe knovn 

taUe. tn oidar to ds ttik 
construct a imgnttic tpeetogra^ 

Thf majmetlc spertograph, ex 
plains Doctor AJl?n. is similar to the j 
optical spectrum, but Instead otj 
splitting llijht into soectrums, it 
separaie.i a beam of swlltly moving; 

atoni.'; into many difl(?rent part* of 

the whole 

This is Doctor Allen's first yaar 
at Kansas State and be has jut as 
yet hrd Ume to pursue hlg mrit in 
the fields of knowna aad't^ttnonu 
in which hf is 89 Mil V9ns4 hut 
people who are taqiualnted mtb hia 

Heaven of the collegiate 4-H 
club who are inicrested In playing 
oil intramural teams are urged to 
turn their namps In to Sm e*l| Of- 
fice in Anderson hall. 

The 4-H teams will play regular 
schedules in six man football, bas- 
ketball, awjawnlnf, snd other 

Patronise Colleglaji Advertjaers 

Tickets, hand bills, letter heads, 
envelopes— In fact anything In the 
prlntmc Itogattbe Art ^Int- 

Thametioil noa whlisb Or. Allen 
intsnded tor tt>e tutw tte aoalya- 
]a$ radlo-aottve mriHtancM that wiU 
ba praduoad ta an "atonnma^." 

«m be ted to 


Drinking from one to ten cokes a day is 
as much a part of college Itfe as saddle 
shoes and finals. The coke qnstfmi Is the 
American collegiate substitute for after- 
noon tea, it is the excuse for relaxation and 
conversation. Kveryone orders a coke, plain 
or flavored, usually from lack of originality, 
force of habit, or because it's bis ta?orite 

HllJI "J^ly joints" cater to this nickel 
tra^e from breakfast time to closing hours. 
Ivoutl mubie from the iiickleodeon, the smell 
of flying hamburgers, the ever-present 
marble machines, and trays tall ot cigarette 
b#U characterise these gathering places. 
After a hard morning tn the class-room, 
the ,linnth"(iweHers return to their habitat 
feeling at ease with the familiar wooden 
support behind them. No true jellitr' ever 
sits at a table in the middle ot the floor, 
only Imoths give him that {irotected feeling. 

Hill' language originates over a quiet af- 
ternoon coke. Hate expenses are cut to a 
minimum by the ea.sily arranged coke date. 
Politics and reputations are daily run 
thrmigb this college goasip tntU. , 

If every nickel spent coking were put 
tn a plb-hank by each ooUega student, col- 
lege would be a much less atnmllig ph|M>-^ 
University Daily Kansan. 

IMy Say . . • • by Eleanjaw 

Marty (Miss Pink) Black of the 
golden arrow doesn't ksaw It, but 
she has a devoted stctf^. admirer 
at the Sig Aljrti hous* who .wys 
hp'd po through hell and liijU 
wHier tor her. Aha shades ol 
Raleigh and gallant knighthood! 
I'd look mto that. Miss Pink. 
S jB a fcl ng ml PI 


hrar af till ta 

up at Alma, Iti., nnally' 
post of oWUIaallon 
they coul^ find tlietr way 
The vilHan in tbe eiase ts 
other than rineerc-lMUnc Jaefc 
r^rkfr, SAE srh<^*r,i Vy Ihe 
way. Uere waf * CU O alwif, 
tea, a«a Iretn rcporta the dUnl 
have a bU or trMUe gctttaig iati 
ICarj' Lou Roblnaon. snappy 
little KKO ^dge from Katues 
cay, has been rcgtaterlng oom- 
plalats about tome local yokel 
who recites poetrv on dat?8. The 
young thesplait— or rementtem. 
whichever be la i haags asfc at tta 
ATO donocitau 

fryaMi Urn wtta^ ef tmm «ea 

ttmi Mm* Ime-HTe to 

HMnttnia ibla 


jt au wut 


daahhst fttf 
turned eut' 1ft he m 
old Int^t JKOdlg^ 

mal Sato la 
imIi ttt ibcy je 
T» Iha aMttr-«l • law hasrl- 
Uirdka Jea ^BIRWiar) 

mmnma ts 
week. . . «r aa B TVt IMt Mia aw, 
Slsma MWi Mkm of Vtp. muk 
of tWMflffe-h-Mr aa- 

vlvlng friendtihlps last weekend. 
Was cutting loose with Jean Mc- 
Arthur at the varsity. Smooths 
Tod Benson Is about the only • 
f?Ila who can beat Ffankle's 
time on the dance floor, and 1 11 
betcha most agree. 

Mona Marie Jones thinks 
Fred Eyestone, Kapita Sig, It 
pa-lenty aU right, we hear. . . 
Ularte Foreediah reporta tbat 
some prof In the architecture 
department has gone very 
nashy with wlld-iloweicd Aarta 
. , aftermaUi ot a soSNNir m 
Bawtf or seuMthlAr. 

lUrlaot WsiMoan and Ruas 
lM9«r Bnnated toknode onr bsts 
off with the tnnonnpanint of a 
summer weddtng. 

Bar (7* edl FUher Ued hha- 
self ap to me the other day with 
a steely gUBt In his eye aai 
mattered, "I wish yWd |dease 
teU the pabitc that Jfanroy 
Btoekmsn is a menarr what 
Itkea to takp uthrr peon's 
dalet home at intrrniis^lnii.'* . . . 
Then what happens but very 
■oon-llke Stockman U overheard 
to aay the same thing about 
FUher. What Is this, thllihs I, 
a feod among Joumallils? THe 
nunor is that they almoat 
traded dates t'other night In the 
middle of the evening. Say. 
people, that's not sneh a bad 
Idea, If you get hored before 
the date's over, jDSt change off. 
Doc" tht' new PiKA .southahn 
lentleman. is hnving quite a bad 
time up hv;ir witli us yankees. fte 
tUdn't seem to lik'-_it at all until 
he met his date'.s chtim the other 
night— and informed tliat chum, 
^(in front of his date, iniiict you' 
that he guessed he'd come eo'tin' 
her. True southahn courtesy. 
Doc. (Ouess it's all ri«nt if Olbbs 
ami Fattaa don't ndiut.i 

Mkrlen Elmer Mashes 
anyone mentions 
Ibonenald. Bat why? 
Uulmittve Etoanaw Jones, 
UMUt Pt m bOKdidMU, laada a 
dot« Itf* aaaag the jototwUtts, 
n sanaa that tb«y vara tlnd 
dawn at ftaa Itaeunr ^fto» one 
nivbt last Mifc sad to 
tbem bad Btotaav en a 

C M a a n a w «aa a 
•t dnaty Oarden 
Olt; Usl^ aplMaL rab rab,> 
•na iMsaied that a ver-iy 
snapahot of a 
aampus perMuage wW 
In lUekapaa, aaaa osL 
it get past the eenae w , 

I ipli^s ■ If up and throw.s the parts 
I to ahoihsr base and son on the 
lene^ of the tubs untU the much 
divided mass hits a target at the 
end of the tube and is projected 
into an amplifier which has mech- 
anisms to count thp electrons. 

To give ftirthfi- ex;imt)Ie'i of the 
aUUty of this tube, it has measured 
current up to .00,000.000.000,000,000,- 
001 of an amphere. One amphere, 
llght,^ a lOO-watt bulb. 

The, AU«n tube la 1.W0 ttaMs 
sensf^va than the flaert 
tttbef|,^iaute 'w labtwatny lyerfc. . 
Teag|fliit B lI pa M l ut niyrtea 

Dodiv AUen Is now teaching 
classes In engineering physics and 


to htlp » ftiidmfit 

-Tw» New Ft 

1. Odd j(»hs employment service. Students secured 
fifteen odd jobs last week. Some have not beea (iUed. 
(A male .Htenographer wanted badly) 

(A stretng demand for girl student help). 

2. A profit sharing plan tor students who paferanlie 

us for a semester. 


112S More 

Dial i371 





May Purdiue 


Theatre Tlekets 

Theatre nckets 




^ Smson Opemr 









Drs. Balding and GleaMil, 

M. D. 

Eye. Ear, Nose, and Throat 
Olaases Fitted 
inti Smith Fourth 
Office S23S 

J. W. Evans, M. D. 

Specialist In treatment and surgery 
of Eye. Ear, Nose, and Throat. Eyes 

tested and glaates flttad seagpUhlf 
to tataat nMtbeda. 

Offlea in ffetst Natioaat Bank WOtt^. 

Barrett A. Ndson, M. D. 

Surgery Obstettios 
O. M. Heiberg, M. D. 

Internal Medicine 
111 S. flourtta Bt. 
OTflea SlU Rw. aiU-4111 

e e 

Saturday, Sept* 30 

See This Big Six Preview 

See Kansas State of tKe Big Six kick-off Saturday in ita 
first game of the 1939 season. Be on hand to wnUh hw 
the best teats in the stadium — all at $1.25. 


Oct. 14. COLORADO U. (Parents' Day) 

Oct. 28 NEBRASKA U. (Homecoming) 

Nov. 11 OKLAHOMA U. (Band and Scout Day) 

le Rmrved SeaU for These Games, 

Gmmml Aihutsion SMtoi $IM 

Ind^dbf TaaiAi 

W. M. Rdtsel, M. 1^ 

Ulrlch Bldg. 

Dr. G. Robert AlUnf ham 

Dr. D. C. 


i3o«-A mm 

ph, am 



pep itfCQk. 

Trade In Your Old 
Radio as Down 




KICKOFF: 2 p. 

biclwliqi T<H( 

No Rmrved Seats 

Or. EtfS^piMtt ^pslf^ 
Oooarai Bfsattaa at Ha 

GiiU'tt Hotel BMl 


130 8. «th St. 


Pr. R H. PpAI 


DieUnson Bidf. 

Ph. 304 

Sf . 191 iV. Jip^ 


Roetw trwa SUf, 

Ml. MW 

DKS, Kendall St Kei 


Union NaUocial Sank 
fbona aaM 


Or, Victor H. Salh|r 

Vlctu' OUnlc 
X-Bay Servlea - OtHlini 

313 s. «th qii 

Dr R, L. Fredrl* 

Complete X-Ray aatf 
Miy slo -Therapy 
Service Nurse In Attaimsms 

OfXice 119 Poynti 


Dr. j; t. 

Optometrlc Eye Spedallat 
UBtOQ National Bw)k ] 
FbCDC 2i« 


Tueaday. September 26, 1939 


In The 


With the 


Pnettec Game 

C'Muh Fiv divKJpd his Wildoata 
Into (;itiU[j', ilif reds atid the 
wliltth. In 'IvLir firsi t^Tlmmftge 
uniJi r ftiimt.' poi.dUiom, the two 
teams ohIUp:! (« i; 7 to 7. Fry mix d 
hts '.rjj}!iDni.ii'(-. iind hi:; vi:trrans 
( M'jiiv ttji)] Cii-;. ■ 'v/at'd tills bf.y I 
I-iiir lalllti;; [j!u>^ for the r-'di an(l 
Mel /In Seelye, 
the Vetera I', slg- 
I'.a' eallL-. . Iratl- 
til!- % tilth's. 
"1 he O li n g" 
liarknr-y jicorec! 
ii tfjiichdrjwn for 
w li I t R s and 
caiiKlil tfvcTal 
paF-spJi lo show 
thai h? is ready 
to do B lew 
(itliei!; things in 
wdditloti to hit- 
thm tin; line for 
hLs i,iird;it;p. If. 
tlw Junior quari^-ruack, 
(Infinitely" has found 

Wildcat Practice Game Ends In A 7-7 

Fry Notices Good 
And Bad Points 

f A<» THB8> 


Oene Fair, 

COHL-h Fry ^ :— 

a boy v. ho rpaily ticirries'that mail. [ 
In Ihe line the veterans nhowed up 
well tnd the soptiomorcs indicated 
that they aru goinsi to bs plsnty 
tough to keep out of the fitHTti^iB 
lineup. The. pn&tinft attack clicked 
moderalely welt fur both teams but 
the Mocktag, eqwlaUy the down- 
Ileld MoCkt^ atm MtdB A btt more 






jM4t IMA. Uie ex-GontliMk- 
er stw, h vl«rlnf yn 
wHli tiM St. Mdi 
Ft Hays 

mllea to (ipea tbelr 
acalmi Uia New Mndeo 
tun ftt Laa CnuM. Way Im* 
to tlw MHiUiernmi Igr a HM* «< 
St to 9. Wan. aojrtww it WM a 
ftilee tripi. In raw j*m 4M iwt 
know, they eane to 
land tbli wm AmA to try 
laeh. Bar RoeoMr. m mmher <rf 
the Hays team, played freah- 
nwn ball here last year. IIH b« 
homeeomlnjc for him • (maybe), 
jla (TopelM mjKf ■ Capital) 
Reed ealh lait jrean' 
"MNdeal*" but Wft 
prettenl edtilaa are 
WUdcaLf. Ktl haa IW paMia a( 
beklea In Jim Hallmray and 
Manle MerkrI. Jim HoUoway In 
a sophnmorr und wet(h!i only 
320, Ilr is tnw i)f ihrer married 
men im (hr J.tyhawk stqUBd. 
.■^peulilriK at mitrried men (he 
BIk l>itH I (111 lis (if thrm. .Mis- 
Miurl Ihrrr iif (he lioini- boys 
Hitd OMP (if Ihem Is (inly a 
Riiphriniorp bill \w hii\ two ki;ls, 
B,-« bp rrall.v lilt-, hard, Kf ha.i 
Ihrpp m.irrin' men and the 
Wlldriil> Imp tho two Klmer^. 
llaeknry anrl \ipniaii. Charley 
Urnpk, Vi-hrickii'^ crpal reiitrr 
pf last ypar. nas married and 
Ml «;is I'lij; Mandcrs, Drake's haik. Maybe youse KUys 
vsliat ain't maklni; the leam so 
(•;i>ilv (lUtht (ii try ([IttlnR 
hilrliPd. Diiu n at Kl' RCrlbes 
are saving; that (i»itiii Henry, 
bead Ja.vbaH k, liah to chase his 
playrrv off the prartin- field. 
If lliat slalcmttil Is on the up 
and up tlxisr Hill hear 
w;U<liiin;. \ iiu probably notit ed 
tliLil tlic lima Stiile Cyplonrs 
oppnctl acainsl Cue 1'iilleice with 
u It) lo II \iin. PillNburffh's 
I'aiilberv arp (iiiing lo fly lo 
Sraltli', W.isliiiisi(ni, a dUtanee 
of '.i.UOO mile.-. In upcn Uirir sra- 
Hon. Bad: at Inua State again 
— they only had 14u playera re- 
port fur freihman t««tbali. 
Thrn there Is a well known 
southern Nchool uhlrh U anly 
pa.vlnit thirty of lt« fraah team 
$tro a year and room and board 
1(1 do Ihelr iturr for It. Nat 
very mar It o( an induremant (tr 
a bay. ar to it 

Contest Between Reds And Whites 
FaflsTo Prodace Any New Stm 

But Team Will Be Ready Saturday 

The 193^ Wildcats of Kansas State had their pre-aea&on 
wannup last Satmdajr afteraoon, when Coach Pry sent two 
picked teams on the* field for the first practice scrimmage 
under game conditions. The 30-minute game, which 
brought out hoth sood «^ ImA polali of the teua. «Mted 
in a 7-7 tie. 

{.'oach Vry was not over enthusiastic following the game, 
liut promise to have the team la readiness for the Fort 
Hays game here Saturday. He 
has scheduled stiff practice _ . . 
sesBtons for the next four ISlOCker 
days in an effort to select a 
starting Iineu]> for the Hays 

Don Crumbaker captPlnBtt a team 
o{ Whiles In the practice game 
which lined up against a fled j^roup 
led by Bill Beezley. Oene Pair called, 
slKnals for the Redn and Melvin 
Sc«lye held the ^ame spot tor the 
Whites, The two backflekU were 
[airly equal with BroolC. Ntentan, 
Duwe end Fair maklns up ajf ict 
of backs, and Se«Jye, Kirk, .'9^tl> 
lock and Hackney cw^NSillt tiie 
opposiiis backfieid. 

ttm Wbltas brake the HWrtnc ice 
first oa^y la the fgaa wNn "One 
lian Oanf 
Racdo)^ Dtamged 
over tram the 
one - yard line. 
Hackney's i^tinge 
cllinaxed a 66- 
yanl drive whk;h 
itarted when Mel 
vln Seelye Inter- 
cepted a pa&s on 
his own 35 yard 
line and ran it 
back to itic Red 
'is yard mariatr 
He added ten 
mora yards on a 
running play to {dace the ImU on 
the as yani line. Queewaim pip«s 
to Hackney and icirk pM tlielWl 
on the one ysid Itae when itkek- 
tiety was caltod upon t6 put ItiMMu 
the douUe' hne for ati pototlL Doo 
<mtBalnker added lite Mtta point 
with a placement kick. 
Beds Tie Count 

Beezley s Rwls e/Am? riKiit liattt to 
count a touclidown after a 70 yard 
drive to liie goal line. Ocne Fair 
pasSHl to Id'le Wllkins for 15 yards, 
and followed with 
another iiPiive to 
Nieman Which was 
good tor 11 yards. 
A t'!''-s, Nieman to 
Wilkln.'i placed 
t,lj!> twOJ oti the 
Whites 22 yard 
line and left tttcm 
w 1 t h i n .«.cc|liig 
distance. F^ir 
reeled off 12 
yartJs on an off- 
tack 1: play, and 
Wllklnfi followed 
with a seven yard 
the oval on tbe 
Oene fUr scored 

Strong Tank 
Squad Reports 

Five Lettennm And 
Sfat gop h amefsi awic 

with the possibility of mecUng 
Oklahoma during the first semes- 
tar, the Kansas Stale swimming 
team, currently composed of 5 re- 
turning lett?rmen and six freshmen 
wmMaral winners, will .start th«lr 
training at an earlier date this 
aeawn. Coach Cooney Moll an- 
nounced that In the near future the 
teun would begin having approxl- 
nwtety three practk:e sessions a 
week so they would be In fine con- 
dition when the season starts the 
latter part of this semester or the 
first part of next, He added that 
thoee who wen Interested in a var- 
stt; trrout obould aee him in the 
sear future, ftestanian tryout 
«tB eane tster than ths varsity. 

"Wtth so many ««peri«Dced 
gwlmmen and numeral winners re- 
turning, the Dmpecta tor a aueeea»- 
fm year are very Rood," »ld Coach 
MoD. He dsoUoed to make any fur- 
ther modtBtletia baeawe the aea- 
.wn was stffl too tar away. 

The good pw ^paa to . however, are 
dampened aonewbit far ^ tfMsee 
of laat yaar^ cmWn. H^treld Bromi, 
a dash taaa, who wia lost br psd- 
uatton, and John UUkaon, a dtth 
man who wa* at hit bMt leit iwe. 
He has fbiUMd Ma thmt yaan ■ ef 

Also lott to Wlm y«ar% squad la B. 

TacUes • 


M a IM-poand j!|n)ef 

lettennani wBl see Mrvtoe this 
. aa a Ueckdns badu Xtok. 

I drftted fnm the fsn- 
_ M to a 
U Jim Brocii'B chM.i 

drive which left 
three yard stripe, 
on the next jday and 
tied the wore at T'titl «lih • Uck 
from piaoetnent 
Fair Is a Star 

Stars for the day InchHtot Nie- 
man, Duwe. nur. WUkins, Seelye, 
Hackney and Bambantt, while sev- 
eral line men turned hi stellar per- 
formances, Oene fWr'a ball-tuntng 
established him as one (tf the tx^ 
to mtdi dudac the 

Fall party liiviialions al the Art 
Craft Printers, 230 -A Poynt*, Dial 
2065. Jones and fiusenbark, proprie- 

in thp rurrenl iHsue of Klcka- 
paeT The knlbar rvldenUy wtile 
H with a certain Kansas SUle 

Matmen Begin 
Training Now 

la ttw miiMt lenmM 
httersi i a. Bafh—a. a 
at the rlfht 

I fiU the left 

will be a regtdar 

Weiner, a SM-pWnd vel- 

On The Loose Asain 

Rover Boys Invade Practice 
And Torment Coach Fry 

son. He handled the 
Job a.s a vetsran 
and proved him- 
self a capable un 
dersiudy tc, firslstrinE 
quarterback. Nie- 
man, Duwe, and 
Wllklns made 
good gairi 
thfMtte th^ 111 

sod oesfii Wui! 
Vty win be ex 
peeking tUa trto 
to sM the Whd-' 
cat scoring punch 
considerably by 
mid-Kjft,son Seelye caught the tan's 
eye wtth his fiiip pRsstng Job and 
did his share of the kldting. Hack- 
ney caught sevrral and split 
the line on .s went I occa.'-ions to 
.-Jtow gocd pre-season form. Art 
Kirk turned in a gocKl game as 
blocking back and appears to tw 
Jim Brock's chief understudy. He 
e.lso did .some punting for the 
White.s Frank Barnhanlt, sopho- 
more end, played a brilliant game at 
end and served miiirp to the regu- 
lars that he Is ready to take over. 

meat to Wast VelDt, and Jade 
tier who did not return to idwol. 

This year^ tmm wUl be bunt 
around the f<dlo«tag letttrmen who 
have proved Uietr worth In Big Six 
competition. Aptain OUbert Carl, 
breast stroke, wUl lead the team, 
and a«ntM bgrabam, distance. 
Pha Hondc, dhmr, Allen SosaU, 
backstvoke, and Joe Uhrin, middle- 
distance win c<Hnp1ete tlie nucleus 
of the team 

Tlie rest of Ihe team will Ije made 
up of the following freshman num- 
eral winners. They are J. W. Guy, 
dlstai^ce, Harold Novak, diver and 
sprint, Marshall Stover, diver and 
Sprint, Robert Norton, backstroke, 
Joe Sachen, back and dlsUnoe, and 
o. L. Tippett, breut-rtroker who 
will be in echoed second semester. 
The team will be minus Henry 
Comley, Dean Ounham and Art 
Knott, numeral winners who did not 
return to school. Tippett, who is re- 
turning taeconi semefiter will be a 
material aid to the team becaun of 
his unuidal speed hi the hnut 

Vb* Big Biz sohsdule is belng?- 
ratqted now and wilt probably in- 
clude the meet with Oklahoma In 
January. hom« meets with B:aiisaa 
Univendty and NeMaka Ihihwsitr. 
and a naet with Immi Blatt at 

The college pool will be much im- 
proved this year by the additlmi of 
black lines on the bottom to mark 
off the lanes Conch Moll lotrfw to- 
ward a good year and urges all 
swiDunMs to make the varsity and 

Attention Frosh! 

Prot. R. B. Cathcart, animal hus- 
bandry depsrhOKit. relumed Sat- 
urday Cran Ratchtnson wb«e he 
atteDdad the Kwnas state Air. 

Dance and party biviutloiis at 
the Art Craft Printers, 380-A 
Foynts. Olal 3060. 


lea waa uara- 
a «SB for al 

MB MMB to re- 


«Mi la Nlekois 

al TtW far a gei 


the fln* pfMMf 

the feOawtag 

TMpisr at 1 

a^eladL ABawa 


ta fnU their 

anta fho mm 

Patnnlw OoUegUui AOkmetttm 

Tou sea. «• an itaDdbig en the 
etdehaas slpi^ oAes and mitehhig 
the team wort out, lAmi up comu 
Wes Ry, the eoaOu 

"H'ya, Wee," «e greet Um. 

"Ihe Bom Bom," he greets us. 

"Nice looking bunch you got there, 
W«a," we «y, petendhig like we 
know ah about It when as a matw 
of fast we are about as straoye «o 
a toettiaU Add as our prexy would 
be in a bew Joim. Evidently, we 
guessed right because Wcf> nods and 

"It's the btet looking bunch I've 
hai^ since 1 started coaching college 
bell," Then he continues, "They're 
« hard working group of b^ too." 
Back Away From Din 

We notice that the boys are by no 
means loafing around They are 
practicing blocking, you see. and 
the Impacts of the blocks make sin 
much noise that we move farther 
away so we can hear our talk. 

"Wes," we say. "It looks to us Uke 
the boys have « lot of tftOt. In 
tact, theyte pnuitkMlly ^ileloat," 

Wes says, "There's a reason for 
that— a very good reason. Tou see, 
the boys here at Kansas Btate oome 
out for foottiill bemuae of their 
love for the game. They play toot- 
ball baesuse thay want to, and not 
for any maaetaiy gain." 

"TtaA," we add. a rare ttilng 
in Itsdf. It whtt we hear about 
ottier tmas anund Uiese parts is 

Wes says that along that line. 
State Is one .school who 
live up to the conference rules, 
n and Sportsmen 

"Ftootball." he .says. "Ls played lo 
be won. of cour.sp. but here* at Kan- 
sas State we strass other points too, 
OentlemanllneM and good sports- 
man.shlp. are Just p.s important to 

We can sec that in that role our 
coach In a huge success. 

We tell Wee that wa hear he has 
a baefcfleld that coiD^ oo-eds 
dream about. 

Win then teOs us that he doem t 
know much about that, but if ool- 
lege co-eds dream about big htoky 
hard flghthig nun, Ouf suMly must 
be dreamhtg about our backfi^ 
Trcity Oaed Una 

"The Une l«t bad elthor." he 
«»«. "Timt^ Orwnbaker, Weiner. | 
and OeBord. And 

a tot of others hke^-"^ He 
ti»n but we Mat wrtta them 
down fast enough. 

We are well aatlsfted alot« that 
Une. so we ask Wes bow our squad 
shapes m with the other Wg Six 
squads In materiail. 

"Of ooutse," W» teUs tu. "Kan- 
sas state Is the snalleit echod hi 
the Big Bbe. We have 'fewer to pick 
from, ttts true, fmt nambers and 
weight don't always count. 'n>ey 
aOn pay off on the higfaestscore and 
that la cMahMd by hard and Intel- 
llgmt mtk, 1 tUnk we can equal 
any tnm hi flgbUiw aphlt, and 
that can easlhr make up any detlelt 
In niuabets cr weight." 

We reaUae that Wes is quite 
pnmd of his hoys. And tils last sute- 
ment has us aU primed tor that In- 
evitable quesUon that all interview- 
ers ask coaches. Namely, how arc 
we going to place In the SIg Six— | 
what games will we win and what 
garner will we lose But then again 
we figure that if Wes knew that, he 
would hardly tie wasting his tUnc 
coaching n.s long as the booji^ are 
still In business. ^ 


Coach B. B. 
practice for tt KaMsai Stale col- 
lege wrestling candidates and 
nounced the grappters would leport 

three thnes a week before daily 
workouts start in several weeks, 

Seven lettermen of last yMr's 
Big Six champioiuhip aggregation 
will form a istrong nucleus for the 
1940 s<iuad. They are Walter John- 
.son, 140 pounds: Gl''nn Duncan. 
155; Farland Pansher. K6; L E. 
McCutchen, heavyweight; Leland 
Porter, 190, Horace Watson, 130; 
and Kenneth Yoos, HO, 

Liost by graduation were but two 
letlermen— Capt Ed Keller, 165; 
and Clillord Duncan, 140 Elmer 
Haclcney, heavyweight letterman. 
probably will not ^compete in 
wrestling this .sea.<>oii m order lo 
devote full lime to indoor traclc. 

Kansas State's wrestling sea.ion 
wiU begin early In January with a 
lour-meet trip into the East. Op- 
ponents on the ea.stern tour will be 
Franklin and Marshall, Lsfaigb, 
Kent Bute, and lUlnols. 

Ooach Patterson s tr esse d the need 
df ftiAnaa wiesOhig aatertol. He 
Ilka to have any and all boys 
In ths grappitng 
for ptaetioe. The 
to pnwtieUig ttma toes a 
week the deHy woifeoats be- 
gta. nie weight glasses start at 131 
pouadi so few bOfe wm be too smaU 
to oonpete hi tiii WftHlbig try- 

Large Entry List 
For Intnunurals 

KorsMhoe. golf and touoh football 
wlu. hi the near futwe, start «bl» 
year's taitramural program. Profes- 
sor Waehburn, who is in charge of 
bttnttunl athletioa said that than 
would probably be more teams en- 
tered la eompetltlon than ever be- 
fore. Last weeks intramural meet- 
htg had ton Ipna entered, beaidea 
the Omfc tNW Wbieb it aae man 

Patronise CoUeglon Advertisers 

Prof. WImMwiu nttes all stu- 
who wedlA tike to mux a 
fat eny ol fbsM spam to aoe 
htm before WWhisadiy, Bwt. IT. 

Drawings win be asiit apt the 
Uams paired up by WHalSii^ so Oiat 
the toumamint can get under way, 
Ttie golf tournament Ls ,%heduled 
for Saturday. Oct. 37, and will prob- 
ably be tutd U the American Leg- 
ion golf coune. Definite arrange- 
mmts liave not been made as yet, 
but ttiey will probably have been 
ascertained by the liitter part of 
this week. The tourney will be play- 
ed by Individual low score with no 
more than four 


At the East 


The Iisiiet steps on the BaBreoo 


Will Teaoh Them to Tout 
HUB THIS oofimnft 
m Wertb Ste to Van sa a 



QuiU Club Starts 
Membership Drive 

All student.'i with creative writing 
Inclinations arc urged by Lucille 
Mcintosh, chancellor of Ur rune of 
the American college QuUl club, to 
submit original manuscripts and 
published materia) to the member- 
ship committee of the local Quill 
club chapter. 

In announcing a fall membership 
drive. Miss Mcintosh sold candi- 
dates for admission to Quill should 
J>end their writings to Prof. C E. 
Rogers, chairman of Uie Quill club 
committee on membership. Manu- 
serlpt.s may be submitted at any 
time provided ihey amount to at 
leait 800 wordji of prose or twelve 
linM of poetry, but if possible they 
should be sent In by November i. 

For the Finest Cleaning m the City 
You Htm to Comt to , Us. 

iMi mm rtu 

Ailroniae CoUeglan Advertisers 

bey isf 


arc especially invited to enjoy Bowling with u$. 
yen IM8W bB^fb gpcctaltoafanwitaiB lor «B(Cfa tlie hMPw 
ani tiw sestleiBtii; tag^licr iddi «b bH— tylMrfe aC 
pm m §aed time. 

aiilGe Bor toaofe mm 

tVatch (or Our Upeniog Date 


Baal at Bnt OfSea 

"The Show Place Of Mantiattan" 

I The 1 



The Fkuning Romance 
That Made 


The Master Stety 




















"The Star Maker" 






UNBA wan 





You'll Be Glad 
To See Tfals Om BmAl 






Coaung Friday 




I ^« 3 Big Days 

I 5C "Till 7 P. M.-25C After 










Evtry iQUi enroIUd at KaiiMt Slate «lioulfl che^ hit name, address, and phone number in 
mm hmi alnilMfefrdMlct Mpaf< Amn to fihm oHica of C J. MadUm, GmdiiMa Manager, K 

book form. 

>lia«a«f Hie O^flfiaii. When error* 

\BBIlHVia|ii\- V 
Kniliw-nius \i ii'. I 
rtR#: AH Mtpiiiisi ii'i- 

^;4\M Arrkntliikf ini] Wlrrlnari MrdI' 
.Vj \M Alililifrt Mil<ir AI .WrhlimiiM: 
t^i t',\ HuiiTir*- .^iHillfi'*triliiiii. hAfcAf<'(- 

MfiHift «J-<4S.M lJ^'](Pr1^ -^'T-nrf ;inft Wlrnii^fy MF(li<-i«n', HE— 
Flunvr t> limv llr^itn- I .• i.iH.ii.i.- iiili Spfrtol Tfaliiln In Art; 

HE*ri l\iiwr ^f.iiomi.-^ .tin. -tr^'tl TY"i'i'in: ill liitknlidl Knumpls m4 
DIflPlii. mk\l Hump »;riiDiHlurH (Uh itpKial Ti>lriWi|l In IiiiliKltlal 
Journuii-n KKiN Hi<ar (;^'inrilli|p> nlll) R|vd|ll Tr»(iiin( in N'lWflU: 
lA' liiiki !i>Jl >ri ir IMillMIII rlMritlr,: IJ ' liitkdiitl 1'niii.aliiM; 
lAi- l^ih!><> Ar^^ilir^ikirt?: I.J* I,iii4^f»r f^anktilnx: MK4 vtij^jr Kd 
iinliiJi. MK MwlBnilnl Jiitjnpf luii MJ Mllliin lii*»no. W -Mu'lnl 
HII' ScrTlilittd IwilniJtiiD'. V)1- Vrtdiiiuv MuUrlw. 
•1 IflUuvliw Uh iUwhI*iI«> MMMntn ItM dm lor m iht 
l! m4 "flrtr to m " ' 













:i t.!<t 






VI ir. 

^►■T i 'iM 

^1 III 

L'-l^l ill 

:i i.J'is 



■> tun 


'J 1X1 


U-T wi 


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;m: 10' I 

It r I t I 

■J-7I.I I 


a I'lui 

:t TJMi: 

■1(1 ; I 
a in 7 

nr.T I 
3NIH 1 

Moll, CUrctir'.-. ' i. ■■ link:-; 

^lltrJial+iy. i.ti. \iy ' ^ilurijn Spring*. ... . 

tbialiMi*. Murill, A\ i >V<)iw .... 

trliM^lilCll. Illll>. It A ^taiilmiM 

U.f., AUlii MJ. J. Itf^mrtrr. ^ » 
Vrtft. Ulllil. Mjwr, {■liiliii»lylll*, nu..... 
Uirr. U4>rrt]. t1iK. .1, JgtiftiMI lUr<.<<> 

irVlri, Wliiii.n, Hfl I. l'i»tl« 

tiknUK. CloirlM. J(, \T<tMV 

iiLtik-, KiunK. Ml I. fMmfiif 

ViLtiti'.*! IJ n^ltriilw^ . . . . * 

tihili'. I.iiii.-'i. IK h^iiirkl 

uuni . I... .r.' i:h: I 

\t.;iii!.- I'l-li'i. Wfllbiirii. PTi... 

Vl.iiri' Mt<l..l<l MK I \. iivn 

^iL.irr. r.i^Hi'ii'l I.S .. VUl]h«MaiI, t 
Vfhifn^. l^.ili>< :! l>iih^iiUFir1li. . f . « . . 

(iliDi.. ii..m|.'- mi. '. It .-hini-lnn. n,C,, 

ti>rr I I'l. i: ^t.'li^ 

(tiUTkHl. Ili-WiK \A ;. »V-,1illflil, 

Ahrnulcii ki,iiii'l<. VM .' Mlll'inolt-. .. 

Wkni, itmn. li '. I.i ll,ir|r.~ . , 

\tn^ liini.. H\ :!. mvWmji. 

AkiTv mililii. At; I . OhI'IM . 

WfWu. \/.i*utifi-. tin t, MjtnljjillKn 

AI«Ulli<(rl. T J . II Jltiinninn 

Aifi-pj. UuiMlil. AH' I. lifnli.M 

Allufll. llllKrfir. :i. ATkUI4ilM I'ltf 

\llnnjri. I'til. I'l*; K»iwn> ''H).... 
MiMi. Kli.Hl. I i-: I. \l,<'l.icui \illry... 

\llrti. Itii^ldriL t'.y, I. rAillni/r. Mil 

AIM II. IlLlh-M. IC '1, Itiirllri^ - I'alil. I K Ih-hilii.. 

Aim, Vii.llii, l-ci-l.'i thi.tiilinii. 

AWi^i. M.Llri.rMi. taapi. \^jn.iv.Hi 

Anfrltiir. I.iiri-n. tiri'jl Itrnil..^.,. 
Am». Itiiiii' i-i-.n'. tl. I. ,^ri..iii<ji< ri(y. 
Amilialli'r, hjiri, rliK I. .liificlluri t'llv, ... 
\iMki4.iii. Alfi<'<l. A.A I. rniirllstiil. . . > . 
\M|. i. .11. ' 111. A.l I. l/iitelim. 

Miiic-r-Mii I iiu 'I'... ^l^. .1, KminH i.i 

.^Iitkr-piiii- hii.LM'1-. tiS :S. Crrrnlt-if 

.iMlnwi. Iliiiiiru. 1. 1. 1 1 1. riH.iitiir 

.tnilprvili Ht.Aunl. VA I'jilHilil'. . . . 

Arifk-funn J K . Iff till. \Unll)itlHn 

Vi.)|.|s,.tL, Ji.l.ii. i:H I, imDir , 

tniji'Mipii. Kliii>;. i^ruil. . . . . . 

Wiiktv.ti. I!ii1ii'il. MlK 1. lOlltiJ. . . . . . . 

Ai.ih'i.'iii v.iii (;pit)i. IK I. iKiiiii- rti). 

\riil. I I>: :l. I IJt I'rhtrr N'M ^'ulrrliilil 

Vii.los.,11. Uilluic. Mh I. Wllaiintittiii, llrl. ivlS l-'ipmniit 

I 'III V\'i1ll,im J.. f.K. I. Kahili I'tn ViUt Kluciwinl 

tiHlii.i Willi.!. MK Miil>i.«"l ...Hilt N. Illlll 

VI..IIIU. IIA I Al.inluillin I>r|:t lliimlHillll 

\.i;.li. I... Ill It.UArrl I. It.iMnn 

Vpiii . It KK: J i:;.[<^iim . . Iftl^r. I.Mti'miifEh 

Ul'i FllrrfllW 
1 Tii't \Mtirr\^ 
. AA'St Lutorli- 

4'Jl N I'illi 

unit M»i(i 

..r.ii.'l FiirtWIil 
9S1 ^ IKMWF 
..inn Bliirnwii 

11IM MuTD 

H II. IMn 

.. .1.111 yttinml 
.litoi HraahnliN 

..'.^11 MiHtr 

. ..IMHi Kutitiin 
,...1^1 v. lllh 
. . .I'j^l niunt4in 
... 1 lit t l.nrfmlc 
.171'. Aii(**^.ni 

, . . r.'Li I f r. lULTlt 
... i | : \. IllUr 
. 4 . . . 1-U^i Hlifrlm.r.1 
. 1)1 IK .tliiii'f uin 

nan HiiKKiiitit 

I '.114 llMUliR. 

. . . . . .1.^11 t.drMlni.' 

lltiA Hlwnniil 

Ilir.l. lullric llrillilii 

r.ilkttti i[i.lKlU% 

, , . Ifil I Lftiwnvnrlh 

N Mill 

l.-iin ►■iiitrf.iiii 

... 4. . ir.fllt H.iii'^lMri 

lltTi Tlxir>lim 

l:u I'ciyniu 

IHK, li'alrrMhl 

..lill N. nth 

Tilllt HillKrl 


na* Urtmlir 

....... 1112 UifABile 

:tril N 17th 

'tiiH K.>Jtiiify 

....... ta7 \. imu N. mil 

Kixur 1 

mix Filrriillil 

....... U III I.AraintP 

.IK'ii, I iillw M.'litliln ki-Arlirv 


IS 'ill 

..Vet. tiMlilli) 
Itill t-'aJrrlillil 
IW .\tiUfiiipn 
. . .irll S. mill 
. . IMI7*nk 
.. . .ill:t X. Ulh 
. . IdlK Uruili- 
. . lUtt Unair 
...nan Vttilfi 
.IIW l.irnnlF 
...1)11 .V mil 
.l«nr> Anitiwin 
. 1 1 K» Kliif mntit 
. . . 1 1 :i Drlit'iiill 
.li.'i^t .tnihwili 
I'r.llflr ttrtltltit 
. K^lt ViLllrc 
I40H l.uilnle 

:t Hji;ii 

3-7 TtH 

a.Ki 1 1I 



11 a i 

:tt)i:s . 

27 I 11 











•>a 1 7 
a*! 2 


MI7 ^ 



2 i;ti;.l 

'J. HI 7 9 

2 fl17< 



i i: i-jT 

n: 1 

.IS 17 

t<il||.1Iri. I'.ill.i . V.VI I. 1,1 JullU, ClI. 
\|,|i|r|.IN I'l.'i], MK I. !^Hi\ttA 

t|.|iM..r', IValllr. fM Mm limit nil . 
\iin-1ii'r,K. I'''rii.ilwl.., \M :t. I'.iik'f I'm.- 
\ni»iTHrrn£. i:iiirt,.T. S'M 'L. liiviijju.i, N I ... 
tl m^liuf.^. inUf-f. Jl.VA.\i'rl M.iiiuit ^ullry. 
.ViiihiiLiii^. itrii'M. >:t: 4. liiiiiti^ii I'liy...... 

.ti.iii^iin, f.ihfin \K .i, Kmi Nftiit 

\^h. I'liri'iifV. MK :t, llVrniiir.' 

.l«l|..r. llr..-rl) .1i>: 'i. Kutttinl... 

.Mil. in. iv k: . ii.\iiA.Tt M»ii>»tiui 

\.i|r. \...1ik. V.VI I M.ililtlllilll 

ttiMKiiii. I[:il|.li. MK I l,...ii'im..ith 

All . I ti I. M. lliiifli.M. . . 

.Mlipflitli. iiiliii. \tK 'J. UnKi l.uf J , I'fifin. 

.\Mn. Kut. HA ;. Ti.iii-t» 

.Vllilltib. Ktf]i*ti1. A^' .1. MitiilitLtuii . 

.ttlltaii. Iliitifrr VM ). |i«-...lM 

.ii'.in<iwi. Oiirci-. VM 1 llmrhlnHiit 1141! Ijucaif 

.lIUninKi. l inn V.VI :l. Iliilthliiiuin , 1KM7 Ijumlp 

Ma. II Mtiiill. \K I. I'lirl 1SMM Ulitrnxinl 

\.ilr lli.iili'. 11.^ 1. Ilrliur. III.'I7 lliinju 

I. 1 1111111 1,1.1. MK i IVirhihi , U4i( Kuirililirt 

Aiiiilii. Jnfti. W. i. Wllimrr tISO Tlin(iit<f 


ItiiirriH J.iliM. T.r. 1. MmlHllJin. 

Ii.i ii.ii.r tViiiiim. i.K I, HpIIfiIII( 

lt:.i<lii. . 11 I'l.ivil. W. L!. .Vljti)-illtr 

Ilai'.ii.. I liiv.l. .Kn 1, ^\\m i;iii>r 

II. 1. Mil "If MrtiiiB. AA-ii. Krii'ltwliin 

Iliiin, I If . VM :t. Iiitinl.iiit I . 

IhilMlil. lii'liilll. tl 1. Illllit 

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I-Xfus liratnlr, JM, Hiwr, MarfHlUin... 

17144 ittinK, Itrta, I'rpVM, KomirM 

2l)i< (IroM. taHib, At 4, ruli, 

linaiMtn. tlirnKp. ItrVrl, Dattlu. Mbn 

I3(in (kniN. ibanMiHi. iiiK t. Mritoiti 

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rtilK (ioina. .htni, IliK 3, ,«lrl<NR>aB, 

(ImlHi, Hbrm. IDR :t. T'hllHiHlwnt . . 

'J 7 102 CdlilMr. Mrllln, .A( It, Ihipr 

il7l''II (l(T»»Wlw, ,Va(h»ti. SiKT. I'liinril (, 
CniBdaiiiin. Atlwi (Irml, NiH Ijkp Cltv. 

itr,;N (Rid^ii, i^anL, itv 1. Uiwiiiit 

3- K1II4 lium-aiii. i> s it :l. Manhattan 

l-it)it4 (Iiannani, drnr I'npVn. .MaiihaDaJi, 

liutirnl). Untnii. PrcVt-I. Kaiwu I'lly... 

ItualKAaHl, Mprllii, KK I. RanMiiH 

2) Its i;«ji. Btll. A A a. UiM-ily 

1-lt)l,S I.IIV. Jhoips. Ml-; i. tlili-aiiii. Ill 

:t:.ri (luy, Tiai. HA 2. I.Hini) 

It.-.lil IMS. IVIIIIin. \ .M I , Kan»« I'll, 

2 SS01 lliiyiim. )ta)ptt, HA t. Halloa 

3-7tRri iliuncf. i,t\t. KK 2. W)it)p City 

:t-7:lil7 iimaa. lirrald. VM I. Hurllntaiw 

:t 7:14il (liwti,. Lyip. PrpVpl, Rio linnanir. 

:; r:t7,i (.inapll. 111*).. BAtAin a. indilti 

;t,7:t7,i i.iiM'maii, Jatnrn, ,tK 2. t ..liltmlar 

3-727(1 (lii^tafviiii, KdttaMl, ,VM: 2 LiilitntiDrK. . . . , 

1.,11'Jd (lelti, t'l.tiirl-. U 1. l^iall 

::.i,120 (i«ln. l:>.i. An i. lainl ... 

li-H'.'O't cviiiti, vii-iiM I |,K 1, lli<irliin«m....i 

tlartrriiil, villi I', ,VS 1, 
llii'Vnpy. Kinii'i I'K 1, (Mirtlln. , . 

IK'.it llaikwy. HiJ.pii, RAfc.Vrri .1. Ridipit Vil I, VVrlllniilntl 

Iil'ht llwlHtip, Itei.i), (IS 2, t'lwwatn 

1 ii:'.il7 Ita^iluMi, Utrluiil UK :t. OarlniO 

2 7t'<'i Itwn, IViniam. MK 1. .Vldilud 

1427 Rawrrtitn. Mi,t»ri, MK :i, JiinHiM City, 
a Kllr.t Hilnr.. T)i>.au>, ChK 1. Mmiliatta*. . . . , . 

4 t<l)1 Hill, (iiiidiin. ,MK ). tt'lchlta 

433:) Italtf, fiinriil. Ml 1. Halln* 

17(03 Hall. K.«i-np, KK 3, Amurpl. Ma 

4420 Hall, irrip«nian. VM i. KaiMaa at, 

3.731,1 Hall, Bi**rt, CK I, Tmnrr 

Iiati Halnr, (Ittnn, VM 3, Trwir. M(«( 

Ham. Jtiiiliir, MK 3. UarynlDr 

2 737.4 Ham, LcaOt. AA 1. Maiy.illlp 

3-iillK HtadiurK. Janri. (lit I. Maii-iillr . . 

2'ttlMI HaBllun. Haiiilil. ( K 2. ( <*nlnii 

'i004 llanllii. KPinipdi. KK i. Manhailan 

liin3 Hanmrll. Klaiff (liK I. 
27(4(1 HaiaMtd. S(an!p) tc I. HIik' 
Itnll nanmllt. )tiM. IIA 1. HI Jiilm. 

1-RIK ilaamirtH), Hulirii. KK 4. Pai<i,iui 

1404 llanttaUi, Jnhn. R.\*Arri a Kl Ktatirik., 

tIanJpt, Rnlmt. IVrVfl. Napa. Cil..,,, 
Ilamii, II. Mrhll. I'K 1. H'InIM*, 

Sr,7I) Hannah, l^ul V . MK 1. 0>lairn« 

!i~7>tO Manas. IMi*)d, MK 3, T*|i«ta 

anet HaHn, Prattrtr. VM 4, PrUnn Ravldi. 

3 11431 llwcn. Nnrain. MR 1, CrffWilraf 

Himan, Honrd. IC 1. Kanuii Kit, 

3(110(1 Hanlla. Arrtllp, IK 2, Mrail*. 

Hart)bH,n. Paul, AK 1. J'.lirtuia 

Ilaid). Ilamlit, Ac 2, lai Hart' 

a 7 It'll Himrd, lltailn. (iiad. MuitilttM. . . , , 
.'111', ttariHT, (Ipwfr, tiH 3. MnplHt. iMRi. , I 

.i-a Mil Harold. Uinriv, Ae 1, llarkri 

!t.7a:;l Harold, Ottal. AA 3. Otttrlln 

M)I2 KiitU, tm/lm. AA I. (;arrla«i 

^ (ino llaitla, Dnm. \t 3, llainniHIr. . . 
3 ii|ft Harrta. HaraM. I'hK 1. (iruda Rnr1ni>, . 

327:! Hatrb. L««la. AA 1, Praii 

3441 Hairb. Mndi C . Jr . lirad, T(Mli. .. 
:|iil'.ii llanii, Wirmi, A( I. llaipnutlUr. . . . . 

3 Kllti Ilaitlisn, I. Ktrthi AA ). (Hlava 

:io;) llarrlMia. htit. IX (. rirtdirr 

1131 Ham. HldM,. BA 4. Hoaa 

;ial llarrr. WIHon. AA it. How 

a KiHi Han, Wmp*. kt 1, WllitaaHhiiii 

■Hji^nRr. AA I. MantU 

-tpaaa IBbMiii. Mm. ae i, Haiif 

t ai'jL' tlannn William. A( 2, K.'dr 

IL I., tl.aiPTi IC 4. StlnnralKHH 

Jll'i Hvi,, t('.|. Mv 2. Junftl,*t IKy 

.i ll 303 llaxor. (illlwrl l» I. Hamnpi 

4)4(1 Haltuiav l'"n IIA : I off. 1,. lit 
3-S403 llaiitfr Paul M; :i. Kanui (il| 

Ilaiirk. Illtn KK 11. a.:rk>iifl llpllhta. .1|. 

:i(ii3 llaaU. U«<tPi', VM a Mrtukn 

(•fO« Ran. Kae»p. AR 'i, l-amfd 

.tat.1 Haiti (;ail VA 1 c.ii'a 

Mtatir... Iti.ii tr I I..:.. Vila 

Hairtlnaan Ai'i.ri '1 i MrdanM. 

)-t.1<tA Mnlir. Ulid. KK 1. RpiiKP , 

1131. Hmatkm. Jew .Ml l Manhaltan 

1171 Hairll, Iim Am. AtK t, Km-ia, city 
■: T122 Hraikirt, Bayrr-nd. Ac a. i|pai>)>lrt 
.<.. la<t llPalh (luPIHt. AB I. IMU .. .. . 
1114 Hraian. Hictavd. BA :i. Ttarim. . 
.1 iil',1 llpilman Phlllli,, A| 1 Kanui ( liy 

5 UMS llpDrh'.upp Jart. lA I. B'irftii. . . . . 

. . .ohi i.«iwiiwnR 

. ,.1114 twaata 
.mo X. MaoktttlN 
,...I41U) I^InUM 

-tut I VMkr 

ttni N, |(Hh 

1721 Uranip 

Ml,,.. 1030 IMiHWa 

ion KtoMiU 

. . . .1117, Bbipwinl 

:iii7 V, liiUi 

'ra . M, Mnnhattui 
, , . '.Ill l.i'Btpnwirth 

IKM fakiMM 

... 17111 .Vn4rraon 
....1)114 KalrtttUd 

, . . 1tii)3 
...... 'ilKl 

'(14 MaithalUn 
.lilt \ Muthiltan 

i.'i.l .\. ISlh 

.71(1 TiMnWin 

. land HniR 
loiyi HlupBont 
lilts KalirlllM 
. S)'. N. lOtti 
!2tl l,afaab 
., 112*1 Ltiaaitp 
Dito Vatllr, 
1711 Andnaih 
. 10.11 

...Tttl H. UUi 
..,1«T1 ItaMi 

HIM nUm 

..lAoi fjMMr 
. . tiul Kpatiipy 

.11 N Jlllllllr 

1 1 11 1 l<tiKnMn( 
.KOH filicMld 
, , .11(10 luuinp 

. iio \ 1110 

1207 Vatdar 

. . . . IIISO 

Iiat IJ 

'I'll Ifatv 

iTu.i m: 

I'lali 1 1 HI KpaniPV 
l)i7.i, i.iiirir H(i#U 

:it.-. S. IMB 

. . 11114 lliMlit 
,1110 N MaiAall«ii 

Hill BriiriBd 

.11100 \ MjUOtalUn l,p»tpn«nflh 
,..3'it N. Dtlmrc 

., :ila ?i IMh 

'HI S nth 

... Ill) Hrrtrawl 

1 1 It Rpitiawl 

., 1.11 S Kill 

Illlt ^i. Mill 

1 1133 llMMlialit 

.012 UfMla 




. 4 lit 

llui FalrrMkl 

S37 Knro*, 

1(01 Kwnti* 

:til N. 17th 

. .ot . V thnliallan 

It'll! Kalrilrw 

1 10 lliimlMldt 

, .K3II \ Maiilattan 
. . . . . 1(10(1 KalrrhUd 

:t!KI N nth 

1 000 KalKMM 

1010 Kiianiir 

. . . .1010 ■■ 

. .C'lHtP Hal 
101 1 

172) i^m . 

Kinl* i 

(11,1 .f. IWl 

...EfiS UMMMtt 

Ml KMl 



,. . '.Ill N )i)Ul 
Ifl'.fl lullrlir llrlllila 

i:i7 \ 14ih 
I (til, Vallifr 
, ((It (taacp 
. 1 1 1 (1 RliiPBHini 
, 1(1111 Rlivnait 

,1130 BtlKIHlt 

,,tllll PaM*« 
,riO:i KilirtriM 
. I7.1H Kllrrhlld 
I '111 Irrmdnl 
I20I HhwMutt 
12'Jii ValUri 
H'll l^anllp 
'la', HlMMnl 
,11113 KalrdtUd 
. 1320 Villto 
tans I 

. . 1033 Vnmm 

.i*M r - 

t oitxip Hiir 

lilt KiPMit 
1.13 VatUrr 
I Its tjraMr 
11 'i ti r rt a w 
...'(10 Uraalt 
''d| Lworit 
I an I BInwitBt 

•'10 s. uS 

I21f, Valttr 
101 .s iwk 

l ( 4o' Uiiiik 

.1)5 %. lUth 

trim iMtm* 

.t|10 " 
'» Mi 

1 1W n 

. .)>» I 

Tijesday. September 98, 19S9 

Mmk Ubnuy 
"ppens Monday 

Ahearn Aimoiiiiees IDebftte 
1940 Grid Dates Are Oct. 11, 12 

Pe Dally Feature 

In keefiat wlUt Kuufts StAlet 


coUaiaf^ poller «K fMnf lit fMHHU 
««iwd Kt iMtt OM Wc trip ft fwr, 

M. r. ismm, ametar or ftXMiot. 

a fuu vUll Mitti 
uMWErittT to IM ptaycd •( 
& lo WO. OOtttt C3W> 
piiT In M l ifl w t t M 'bi 

S<8tlttt ai irii-^t Colorado, 

tinlvmlty ai Buiiidf-r :tivd Michigan' 
Btate ai East Liirusiiig next season, 
Thl£ year LhQ Wildcats will travel 
to Boston. Maw., for ui 
UamX clMb witfa Bool on OoUete 

'flNRB 3 to i 

In ttw eoOtit ftHdllartm, 
se. ftwwraiiif t» vraf . wa- 
Utm Und^ilrt, beiil of the depirt- 
met of moale. 

' men pfflgrania wlQ eonElst <tf fCi^ 
aawBBgi M requested by (tudentft, 
•elected from the Itrge collection of 
«ver 1,000 TCGords on ^ bi Uk 
lilim7. AU students u* invited to 

gtteM ttaew DTOBfaTns and to hand Two cfien dates remain on the 
Vielr nqiMt to PnifeAor Ltndqulst l£W Brld slau and Aheani said one 
ir to tUft none d«BrtoMnt offlee. of the date* would be fUled to eom- 

'■•J^ •* plete a nine-iame kchcdule. 

Tne cxtmtfe ecQwUon contains r^.^^^ ^9^0 ^chcdulf: 
» pMt wMy of classical mtsle. g^pt js - Coloi ado U nt Boulder. 
t nehi M m tlx eonptete opme wid q^,^ ^p^^ 

?sss*?«VtSitsrpo^ , -^'--^ ^ - 

lir rw w rfl l iM H 1» tin "Skmaioiy In 

Slue" Pli^by OMne Oenhwtn, a-4>kMm«^v. at Normaa, 

•ooonvwtM W Ftul WltlteiiwB's 3f-VftaaM 9. tt HKnliftt- 

orchsetn, ooaaiM» ■earn 'of aU the tan. 

MlediotM une also avalkWe, aknf Nov. 3-HleM«aii State at liaat 
irith a numtxr of volumes of ntat- Laoslnr 

eal literature. * Nov. 9-floutti rauoUna V. ti. 

Among the owra-i are VerJT*. I Columbia . 
' Aitia. ' Oounod's "Pausf and' Wov. IS— town State at Manbat- 
\|bgner's magnificent "TrUtan and } tan 
rwlde." Some of the better known Nov 23— Open. 
KMphonlci Include l^haikowsky'.t < Nov. 2B- NPbrasfca U. at Lincoln, 
fourth and sixth symphonies and ; — . — 

Attractive Schedule 
Planned By Webster 

DebiM t«uid tqrouts wQl bt b«U 
octobnr 11 asd U to WdMli Om. 
It wes awnoanied 1«M 


Ce.'iar Ptanclc's famous D minor 
symphony. "Diere Is also a llbpral 
representation of the "three Bs" of 
muilc, Bach, Beethovpn. anti 

The records are flayed 011 a very 
fine, lilKh fidfllty record player itwi 
wa^ Riven to the college along with 
thp llbrarv, thas riTdbliiK,' a very 
faithful leproduclion of the inler- 
natlonaSjr known wtisli Eipeeient- 

Except for the daily request pro- 
grams, th!" library i.s restricted to 
use bv radio and music stiidents, sr. 
ProfpMor LindQtiist .islts that all 
other ,sttidenbi lake advantnije of 
the opportunity that is now offered 
tlwn to the af teraocms. 

Dajry Club 
Meets Tonqtht 

Palrt)iii7i' A:lv('rt|spr.s 

Hm Oafr; olidi wtU mtet ttmlght 
at T:90 to A« in. AxOm MuHWt. 
president of tbt Dairy etob an- 
nounced tbtt all of the new dalrjr 
students or titMM toterested In tbe 
Dairy dub are tovlted to attend 
the maettog and meet ttw old dairv 
stu<!ento Mm tlto mw toetatjr mon- 

The soeaker of the evening will be 
Prof. P, W. Atke.wn. head of the 
department of dulrv ha^biuidrv. 
Followinf? the mcrtiiu' est'; will be 
' "1 1 :d at I tie tls'lrv .sales Pountcr. 

State ^batc 
to mMnf tbls 
seemed very eotliusi^^ over this 
I year's schfittide end furthoc stated 
tbat the drtwte i^pttvlty wqald de-, 
pend entirely tnxto the aUotmcnt 
maile that departiMot. 

A skeleton sch^<hile has been «- 
ranged wbet^ Un«e or toOT 
"name" schools teams ttoit QMke 
Itst year wlQ remember the en- 
thusiasm with which they wtn re- 
i»lv«d, Seyeral trips ha^-e bem 
planiied for Oie Kancas state de- 
bate teun. One will be a tour of 
Mine Isngth white two others have 
been su^ested that will reoulre 
two or Uiree days. 
Use Discussion S w e a a 

A poUcv has been adopted to carry 
out the "dliCUBsloa btweau" etttb- 
lishzd last year by Dr. B. R. Sum- 
mers. This bureau wUl «end out) 
two w mam speakers to Kltfanls, 
Rotary, sod oOm dubs throughout 
the state. Their lob is to iHOvide 
entertaiiunent for these orgaulza- 
tl<ms Iqr brlngtog to them the fresh 
viewpoints of the coUege student of 

Last year the bureau used Felix 
Bronner, a Oerman refugee attend- 
ing KSC to carry his Itless of a 
Nad OTman through a refugees 
eyes to the mid- western public. 

"Kansas State needs a good de- 
bate team, but before that, the 
squad needs speakers uho can liold 
Up th" Kaosas State tradition," Mr. 
Webster saM. "«« OMd WXC sup- 

Neutnditsr Ballot 

In reqioMe to rwwrti at nmfpmn ewvlces and va^MU news- 
mpe>s The CoOeflan Is oon^icNtit the foUatring poU. HoMe till 
>ut the blanks In the manner yoO honestly think and dfOfi to tlw 
XOegfi postoftlce. Watch for rosUtts on how Bute ttiidents fMt 

1. t 

t, IfaverUMO. 

tt. 8. entcrtng Uu mr ntr to 
mf aetailty tomM. 


Undir what 

irer Men Slu4enU Only) 

Mr itnrlee to tlw 

ma i» to war it •rikif 

jm Mfjgia to tt 

Dynum Cl^ Grsd Students 

To Rem-ganue 

I Picnic 

Mmic in the Air 

Campus Favorites, Four Flats, 
Are fock Again This 

The Pour Hats are back with us again" and for tlie fttst tbns since 
they organised back In the spring of "M. tn« «une Quartet Uiat Mng the 
prcoaditw year. Is to entertate Kansas dtaters In their own Indi- 
vidual style. 

, For a white, the quartet feared It 
U'ouJd have to be a Thn-c Flat nf- 
lilr, as It wa.s for a time last fall, 
I)Ut Willi the cniolnipnl ot Vcrn>n 
lipCtor a week all"r school atart'^d. 
tlu* Plats fiKurc iliey die set for 
their best year Tlie other mem- 
bersi ot the tiuarlet an : AE.en lld- 
gar, tenor; tri Yco. bfiritone; and 
GenrKf' Ebcrhart. b;is.s. Ruth John- 
gtcM is ftcconi.ijanLvi trir tfie group. 
New Alraiigenienls 

Yeo soys he and Rector have b?en 
workittK on some new, clnse-har- 
mony arrangements which they 
think will please Staters. Ihey ran 
Over their reoertoirs nlijht and 
worked on new songs which they 
will use in their first appearance at 
the college mixer FMdKT tAttA. 
Lme One Man 

The Pour Flats have one of Kan- 
sas State's bes! tinoFflcinl repre- 
sentatives siiH'p '.li' v (jvK.miaed. and 
In 1937, jjteuped off tlie c^iinpits In 
a big way when Ule boys worked In 
Yellowstone National park, and 

*Tiny Y' WiUBc 
Out This Week 

The faU edition of the '-inny T" 
will reach TW uO, TBI monbera 
Thursds-y afternoon or fttday 
mianlitg of tUi wedt. Ruiees Ruhl 
and Harry Bouek are 00-edltlng the 
pap^r with Hoy Plsher and Jennh 
Marie Msdsen acting as supervls- 
hiK etiUors. 

Articles txplalning the forthcom- 
ing membership drlve.s of th<? YW 
and YM organlnations will be the 
niiun items of interest while other j p|^;jj,jpjif)y fjj 

Vofiation Mroad *■ 

State French Instryctor 
Tours Europe This Summer 

Another refugee from the air raid siren.s is Miss Dorothy Pettis, well 
knoun French Instructor. Ml.'i.s PctlLs. who ha.s been on a leave of absence 
for the past year, studied at the Sor bonne in Paris during the winter 
months, wd toured a nundMr of 

nctiviti's including 
i Baxaar. Aggie Pop. 

sang evenings at the Oto mitfaful 

Tnn there. 

One of the charter members was 
ost to the grouti. when he suc- 
cumbed to the matrlmnnlal urg^, so 
the quartet didn't return. However, 
bolt Yeo and Rectwr bam sung 
there the past two summers. 

The Plats have no definite plans 
o.s yet. but as they have alway-s had 
more engagements than they could 

fill, thay i^obaMy wiu be quite bMsy 
all year. 

and PYeshman 

Ccmmii^.sion will be explained In 
feature nrticles. 

The YW menibership drive, under 
the ciir^rL 11:1:1 ol Jani.s Gainey, will 
take plEice Irom 5 n rlotk to 8 
f'cicck Wednesday, October 4, while 
the YM drive, headed by Kenny 
Conwvl). will open Sunday, October 
1, irtid continue until Wednesday, 
October 4, 

Buropean countries this 

Wm Fettle departed from the 
wutl tiNirist pmoediire Iqr renting a 
private qpr for bv tcavils;. Bbe 
toond tbli method my convenient 
OQ her tour Uuonitfi Oennany, Bel- 
■tom, SwUaedand, Bottom, Italy, 
Ranoe and f^'ifi*'*^ 

Tbe Amerieito eoooepthm of the 
oeoditlim of KoropetA roads 1b 
landy emneoas, liiss PetUs f«md. 
Althou^ the rotdt to ■•nem were 
not up to the itondud «f the IMted 
States, tb^ wen mwb better tban 
ihe had expected. 

G^rmKny and Italy lisvc a few 
super -highways, but they are used 
military purposes. 

Be Enlarged 

The Dynamto «Mb Is rtarttbg mt 
this year with many ntons for Its 
rejuvenatloii. The otaiib b the «nly 
an-aeboat iMiMfary aodt^s mt the 
campus, and wm nfc m are ebesra 
for ecbtftanliln Medersbto, and ac- 
tivity abllttlu. Due to nqJlgent 
attendanee by theat pMnbeta the 
clnb has not bem very active the 
last few yanrs 

Dorotby Ann Uhl. the new pi'ssj- 
dent, hA'i already stirred tlie dub 
out of Its lethargy with letters to 
each member containing the pi^ns 
for big changes. One reform plan- 
ned is that membm will be dropped 
for poor attendanee. The Mnitttu- 
tlon has also been revtMd ehanglng 
initiation and now Including the 
cost of pins in the IniUatlon fee. The 
latter will Increase the number of 
pins on the campus. 

Besides futfllllng the ideals it up- 
iiDld'!. Dynamis wtU MIW aafry out 
more material i>urrMW«, nieh as 
promoting i^lan-s to benefit bampiM 
life and establishing ^ptare to 
other colleges. Dynamis Is a local 
organisation founded in 1980 and ao 
far has not bxn strong eROOl^ to 
be started in other schools. Htte 
Uhl is also looking forward to more 
work with ttie honorary Aembers 
among the toculty. 

Other officers of Dynamts are: 
Robert Lank, vtoe-praaident; Rob- 
ert Lake, seentaxy; Atawbtoe Lano, 
tteuurer; and flaytoMiA Adams, 
pubumty direotor. An officers' 
meeting wiU be held ifonday even- 
ing, Oct. 2 at the oollece eafaiorla. 

ntmiae Ccdl^an Advertisers 

Eighty -three graduate students 
went to Sunset park Saturday even- 
ing for their first picnic of the 
year. Baseball, voUrvbaU, and oth- 
er gtmm were played befm supper. 
After suiver Professor Troutman, 
of the PubUe Speaking departotant, 
toU Ibe grottp some of the interest- 
tog blAUCbts of Ms recent tour 
anmnd the world, tneliide^ In his 
talk, which was titled East of 
Suet.". wer» interesting commen'^ 
on Bombay, shanghai, and Honi; 
Kong. After the talk the guests met 
at th? Oraduate house for dancing. 
Dean and Bin. j. B. Aekert ehaptfr- 
oiMd the party. 

Gradate Speaks 

At CE Meeting 

A program comniUl-'e. ron.s: ting 
of Charle- Sheet/, itiairm.m L;iuis 
Marshall. Don Dressellians. Glen 
Nelson and Oeorgp EXeiin. was ap- 
pointed at the mifling 01 the Kan- 
fa <> State i-iudent chapter ot the 
American SocisLj- of Civil Engineers 
la't Thur.sday evening. 

Prof. M. W. Purr, faciUty adviser, 
totradtwed John Wherry and Merlin 
Copen, new gradual? assistants re- 
placlnt; Prof Re-.'U F Morse on leave 
on absance, E. M. Hun^, a grad- 
tiato ot Kama* Statt> now tmctoftd 
with th« OS Aawy aagtoieii, stiw 
a briat rmltw of bli wiift wUh Hiat 

Tired Eyes 


Ocular Headaches 

Corrected by viMpatUc 
mtthods or recondlttontog ttia 

ocular uuLscles. 

£ye ExamiBation made 
anytime or by appotat- 


Dr. E. h. A.skreii, O. D. 

Opto me trie Eve Specialist 
1220 More St., Aggtevllle 

r.luHAes That Fit" 

Prof F. W. Bell of the animal 
hlltlKindry departmeni liiis rcturneM 
from. Pomona, calll., where he Judg- 
ed livestock at ttte L» 
county fair. 

The average ca&t of bulldjng and 
equipping United States veterans 
hospitals la |i,400 per bed. The costs 
of war seeto wttm and too ax- 
pensive. . • 

Ends Tomorrow 

Wi;h only one more day of the 
membership drive remaining 
club ofUcTs are redoubling liieir 
efforts to contact every qM member 
ot the club cni' «ll|ir i»Of»ag tiv ^ 


Membership in tha club is purely 
voluntary but all atudenLs Interested 
to agriculture are urged to Join 

Api^roxlmately 387 students en- 
rolled in the club last year, and 4-H 
officials expect a membership of 
moTi than 400 this year. 

The next msetingot tba club wlU 
be held 1^ first t|HMp|iir IK Oc- 

The iourl.'it must pay a tee to be 
able to travel on them. No com- 
merdat trucks are allowed on these 

BCete ears were on ^e rogd to 
Oermany thui to any t^btx atttoo 
m the oonttoani BCst Pettli ^Igliks 
tUi Is pwtly dt» to the ftet tbat 
raHdents of Oaraany aiw not al- 
towed to take miieb taoney out ol 
the country, and ao mitat omttoe a 
laiie part of fbftr taivtiing to 

In RiHne, oars are aeldom seen, 
and women are never aeen driving 
In BerUn, Paris and other 

Chem Engineers 
Meet Tonight 

The Slate .student chapter 
of the American I institute ot Chem 
ical enginesrs wiii hold ilwir tirst 
meeting of the year tonight, at 1:1S 
m W116. There will be .short talks 
by variou.s ilepartmental members, 
alter which reireshmenls of cider 
end dou;hiiut.s wil be iovad after 
the meeting. 

AU chsmtstry majom, firathmen 
In^udeff, win be ^vea an 

itrto joto ma mmm 

the AIGUR. 


Pnrf. H, N. Purr and Prof. L. .V. 
White the department of civU en-j 
gtoeertog, attendod a Jotat meeting 
of tha tiopelm Bngtaeen club, the 
Kamas Bagtoiistof ao^y and tlitf 
American Saaia^ at CSvO enginew^ 
at SatinA| afteaMieii an«« 


me •trtartatamaat toidndad soft- 
baO. a Mods and daaeiqg; nof«> 
sor Purr la pwdaiBt asA niMtaaor 
White ui pwgBato eowmrtteeman for 
the Kaoaas aaeUoa at the Anvlean 


These ai« the girls* names not imiited in last issue. Chedr them and 
f«port all anon to C* X MadHn, K«dbia 30C 



nsmtwin. min. HE 1. .Mwtii... l3iT 

TlinwImrtMi. Citnti Hir. HK i, llmlaUin SU 

TtMrnnt. IVMuumt, HK4I> 3t, EUaMf ISSO Uannvnrtli 

TtUMM, HIM mr. KK :i. Tafwla. Ml Mw* 

rinllln. IMimibtni. Hi: 1. MOikm t«uM«artli 

Tipiim lh)tn. ilMI) .V Van lilt Hitl 

riiu^ Itliutwih. MK riAKmrowl tOk Vm nit Htll 

Twill itn. rifl] Viuim. HK 4. PMtfltm.. MS % Wb 

TMnln. I>aiilrlii. tl|.: 1. WltM Van tOt IMl 

Ttnwml. .\nru UK 1. LfbUM. ie«l fWtMM 

Tnmi- Mtiv. 1. kbalmilwi M3 mmat 

Trith. KlUlr. Illia.t t. CuIm . , t»l VmlUrr 

rrrLrll. I'jirlrtir. IIKS.k :l. MinlnttNi i>:M Villln>l,'i liiti.iih) Jrin. lis 'J. liuMhiiMi ...tin Unn.r 

Thiiii, nwMtr mean i, im* mi jm^Irmiii 

tMife. lUt*td. Ot 4. CMhrtW 

.Stt iMitiiM 

.rill. 1>iir<ill<> Mm. UK 4. HHlIb Ctfllrf.... 
t'lrrr. Karn-lla, BBaii I. MlMnl. .. . 
l.'4Mtol, aiwlMlt. HKItN I. On fMMr. 
miM«Mt, hm, as S, YiM CMW 


Vin gitin. Mrrlf. Mt 
\mtH. lattmnn. m I. WMImlm. 

Van Im SlrH. Hrlm. PS 4, 1T«MbM 

Vm IMwt. ttmrjrtt. UK t. I^ktt Vto*.. 
Vw Bsrn. ItMvutt. IIK I 

..1S1K nnSHii 
.leU mimiiint 
'its SlHairl 

Vul fiM ntrnm. DdH*. IIK ,t. Infrti V«i lllr Hill 

Vtn )Mn nirtlli, U t. Mi US Ttoxlsn 

Vm XVfl ImretV Stw. BK n. ____ 

Vmria, atHMM i!»w, HR X, imm. 


WlJP. t.t^l li^^ 1 Irilnn-llil lUT. 

Wnilrlr. h.lll'-illir IIMIi I. Silnf Sptliw. Uil 

Wnxamai'. lr,ra li,.."' J MintinrtMi.. 

VVK|Lin;i>i. ^liM.LttL 111^ \ t Haii^vt-Lin . , . . 

lV>iiim.<i> ll..i'tMil UK I Kmi.i.Ka 

tlncw. kii'<>i>ti t.ill S'lUli. WtOi 

tViiim JiiMr. tk'i 1 l;)iH' MMiti 

Wtltv VitiM I'K I. Wiiiiltl 

IVill. Iliilt IIJI :! MatiuU 

««ii«[r. i!*i:i J.. 1 mit* t ;ir. ... 

w>iu- ^■tl■■L m- : i>.rtikta-» 

I\i1li(v Jail, I ll>i>i I llu 

*Viiifi- I ,,vj mi: 1 UfinBn, 

IVilli'i. M>i> UL-alirllr. \ 1. Ikl^.illiB. 

^Vfti, n^hr, MiK.HH*. Ill: H«)E,r, 

Uji.l l:irl(:.r in: 4. lilitiJi,;, 

VI ml JiMSlh <» I. Krllrulk 

\t»r.l. Virr-j \4*} H; I. Si M»... 

«nrf. Hnf;Vi IJ I Dir.l.nil I'M 

Wwtin. Ur^ Klli IH i i:b.4V. ... 

UarTtrt ri-nr-- Mi: I Inhj^I^** .,, 

U.:,ii.Tl, Hill-, \,K J. 

tttlifH. KUwi Oird M.itkUAM 

«J<W»r. tnr..'>,» VK 1 tfr^'HlIk 

VViM. iiill null 4. IllirmilU* 

n.lH \Aij \U' HMI> I IIvOUr 

(Irtirt. \a\m. HW> (lUtMI. 

. .lit: Kr*iiiii 

. S. lllh 

...IIM \ IIDi 

...IIB N Utii 

Bill \\mu 

. ..3U N It'll 

...Sll N I I'll' 

.lait I'l l t hill) 
. ,vui Ilk nsii 

1<^:tl lliiniiip'dt 

. 1..rntl> 

. 1 S ' I I T»|ll<« 

t; .1 \.i!l1rr 

. u.;: TiH.un 

. l,.tt*, ^i4K'l1«>f| 
till '. Kfl FWl 

■'IH tjr.Bl- 
Ihir:} Vr,,1.-i.i'fi 

II. U V.ttlrf 

. . ISO:f L^iifiur 
...Uln i«««t- 
..1*1 \ ):■ 

Hi: 11 

..Vm Ii!" lliil 
.Iblt tMtritlLil 

...siu ("^J^ 




J H3o:i 

•J h'j:.-. 



■J h4-S 



1i lilM 

I r;s 





:i iiiri 




I'.l'i t 


14 S 






t-i. I'll 

ivcii<jii,i. nit Ion. lit: 1. Muitattn a» 

IVrlMnl. HiiUi. IJ 1 tMrti 

WrklMi. KittrtlM. ill; 4, SnllS Cailir ..ItSS 

W«UI» tn, lUrpirtl. ttit I. TTlliiili 

WrTl'. niiFM. HE 1. mmn Vu SUt Hill 

n>uh Mvr Jiw. rJ t. Ktmu city. H*. , , ,ttu iMNsmttk 

HVihUuhI. Alh. )IK*I> 1. IttnUtK ine UhmM 

KrnitR. Kiinn. KE I. HibrilH?7. ttai SMmHI 

WnwuiA. lUtrl. hi: I. MmMUh I sit ton 

tnwfbr. Kitnkr. MSd 1 MinMiIwi ISSI fkn 

niKTttr. r. JsHiililnr. ttS I. 4tnU tSIT Hmtmj 

\y\M*. Itmm. BKk.\ 1. ontariMt* tOM VHIIfi 

tVMia. imtTm !. Kinrutani. <ha SO* HiD 

kWtr. Ltsli. HKSn t. TwhU. UlS FWnMIJ 

nHHr. Vltl»r HE 1. OiMpI IW KMnMI 

wiek:-i. puiM. MM n. sSBmrn i4Mi is«m* 

W\fVmn. K;>lrr nit. CMlltorKH... UIO OmbM 

tVlrilmn Klillirr. AM I. HlictnUlr tlSS Vktlln 

Wkiilti K'rnit- m: 1 l.gmrtm Sir N t'llli 

Wllr<i. DwirthR. HE 1. furmm 1414 FiinMII 

Wlk-v. Kflty IM. HE I. TmuHja lltt Mmw 

Wlikmni Hnrtii". t» X. SwUli bM«r....UlT iMmwattl 

iriltiitt. mam. HE 4. rtummu Vm lib lldl 

trmiln. \tnn l->trlr<« MKil n. HlKlinir. Ila..ll)t4 Unmti 

Wlillnm. >;irl>P, MKSV -1. TivttM I4IB UtanUt 

nililaicv I Jill J. IIH 1. hi'wu ntr. Ma IWM triiRniiirlS 

Wlinm.. \«nr«. ItK I. Yinwln..,, IS34 iMtmt 

\wm. U 1. \nn» 

mill). NfIII>- t,<w. Itt: i. Mai^mun IIM Hmm 

\\\<mm. \»,W. (IEA1I ;l. tlvflMtiiw KlunnMil 

Vi»M'. M\fr m. I. ^ Cintiiit ..m:! n liitt 

trili,iii. I'.iiil. ME 1. Lilllr llm IHHI I'tfiwnt 

Wllwii. Kifiin. MK », iwomilf,. I14!i tuairil 

Wl«4iw<l. 'j4r)iHir t:M libera WT, N. HtliMm 

VTbtt. Shit 1. 1 . ItKali i. I'akuriw INS Kmna$ 

iViRc-' iLinllr. HE Umm \ 1114 V<ttlff 

M U-tiVlii. linrir IIR , ,. 

VkAln. B!>-H^, HE .1. Illw 

Hull. ll Mi IIK -!. MirVrw 

tv„IT. Ijiihn. IIK*« I fjuibn 

vri'lffliu. . HEt\ :t. MdiImKui 
H(1l<ir4 iJVlllr i» *. KUulilr. . 
Wwiil. Miu«rr. li 1. iiiMh-.. Sflir . 

UMMkml. IMiti. MS 1' i'<t«<i 

Wuriaiul l>willnp. HkSH i. Twwta 
IVnith. Mm Ha. ItT < HnHiatUii 
WiHii. Badn. IIK t Killrt..,. 
Wrljlit. Irji rnan*. JIEd 1 
Wiiflit. Nuraa. HE 1. kallf, Vtiy 
WiiwI-lllltLgiJM Urir. 11^ ^ 4, K. r 

mUitarlsm In Mtuic 
Is Program Theme 

"How militarism has inspired 
some noted composers" the theme j 
of the radio oniiiic appreciation olas- i 
ne' program over K3AC tomorrow 
sfflriioon from 4:30 lo 5 06 o'cloci: 

Music u.';ed on the program will ' 
consist of numbers taken from the , 
Carnsgie Library collect^iti ot lec- ; 
ords. I 
Otlicr progi'fims to follow In tills ' 
sijrlcs, diiectPi; bv MLss Hilda Gross- 
man of I he college department of 
music, are music of the Orient, 
music of Biblical characters, musk; 
large cities, ears ate i«entlful and it^ of troubedore.s iiumor m music and 
it no novelty to see women driving i the development of church music, 
them ■ i ' 

f;aH is High 

The price Of tz.i.soiin;- is hit;h all 

over Europe, according to Miss P«t-^ 
tis. She had to mt ISil a ttiOm in 


Bicycles are n much more popular 

! means of travel In Europe Uian they 

1 are in the Unlttd State.s. Tliey are 

I especially prevalent in Belgium and 

{ Holland. In Amsterdam, Miss 
Pettis and her companions counted 
60 bicycles while they were waittog 
lor a traffic light to change. 

Contrary to popular notion it la 
not difficult for a tourist to cross 
bom^ to times of peace. Inter- 
national papem and driver's licenses 
are neoeaury, and these are scruti- 
nised doaedy, bat the botdegr guu^s 
are tovaitofe^ oourtamia and ftflnd- 

Mils Pettli said tbat aba fOoad 
couMmble mattacy activity to 
Bto«pa ttiia 8tiaMnar> aa p a cial l y near 
the iHMtoa. Sttt ft was difficult to 
teU wbethv It was Aw to the er^la 
or tbo normal amwdptoy military 
service for eae 

ffT another 

You II t>e surprL^d at the good 
IO(;)[.s of even ycur oldest hat 
whfii *ere through cleaning 11 
Gel ready for Fall, call ut> now! 

Stamt) Clubbers WUl 
Meet Thursday mg:ht 

The Uanhattan Stamp club will 
meet Thursday evenii^ September 
2S from 7:30 to 10 O'clock at the 
Commonlty houae. The personnel 
of the club is sia^ HP Of ammbers 
Irom tbe ooUego faciity, the sW- 
dent bdly, and do wn to im people. 

Anyone toteiested to stamp col- 
lecting wtio vi^es to attend these 
meetings Is ooondend a nottber. 
OUcunkm of items of idUlaMIe to- 
terest, Inspection of ooilactlona. buy- 
ing and tradtog makes up tba 
evening progranu, which are evMy 
seooDd and fourth Thuraitoy. 

Fatronlsp Coltogtsn 
' ■aii.ii..4 



•on far Mm piht al $||0 

oHir Ihii tbrilllna n** barii an. 
i*mbl* RSCkae* fnnine i" 
Pvli a«bMin« iMli fM«M* Mi 

raeaHatif iw 


'Ihe rich calfskin in this 
smart Jarman style is 
hand-rubt>ed wltb a spe- 
cial f tain that gives It a 
rk^ and deep shade of 
ton— come' to and »w how 
smartly it (ties with the 
now aidttagliibi-ical 

Fraternity stotkwery at the Art 
Craft Prtolira. I|0>A IMal 

MtlMf. I we ki . RS I. Imit. 

\m. v-ir»M>. Hatn i. 
Vvn. wwfnd mtan i. 
T«i. Kthf. RR n, 
Xmac. BvTOU. HE ~. Ctmrt. . 

\Tii,r i;(t 1 tbfiw 


.i«i3 ah 
..1*44 Ltmdi 
.14» rtiriui ~ 


, Mil BIWMi'llt 

...IISI TMlItt 

.\m vtkmi 

. . . v« Ti 
. ..|it:t) Ow 

..Vin Zllr Hin 
. . . 1h;|4 L»rui'( 

...leit hsmmS 

,,S91 ?l. IKIim* 

...m K. JwihiK 

.lot iMioawUl 

.ittf r 

..SIT K. 


*t)v-. |torii:li 

HE 1. i bHf.j._.. ion kr*.-ti<t 

at at K aa^to* »*»m • 'Vtot '4Me 







But W« Slitt SM*«e die Mealt dirt Reranid i 
Yav fl^-Mwn^a 
$5.00 Meal Tkkets for $4.50 


Ww- •*e»-. ^iJivC**-- 





Mil msUwr enters . . . w- 
ittr NBHuU for kfler-paalwl 
. . . "henrj ford ( ipecWtr' 
BMkM deb«t . . . BalBmn 
rMMWCM . . . spoloKluK to 
kk( . . . olh«r Mitietj' lt«ms. 

by Jennie marie madfien 

Mm law for Jaduto agi^ 


"Kdlf , It's Mid." 
, ilitvMlng m ttw can- 
iiag. . . tear 
ton fori, trl-dtlt tmnCir, M)d Jo 
■M, . . bod aiflltr, iMo 

n III J H Off 

wm miylUs iwttfidt. kks rlWno 

to 9m te«fc boetti mtbt «utteio. 
... you kwnr, Vtm mitt to lie 

^Mlto^gggl^MPbcr 36. 1839 

Entertainmen t Is Plentiful On K- State Campus- 

Dancing First 

This Week-End 

Girls Take Up Bowling, 
WhUe One Coed Swears Off 
Ever Riding Another Put-Put 

There s^^enia to be an endless round of activities and en- 
tertainments for Kansas State collie students every week 
and this week should prove om at the most exuberant, es- 
pecially for those n^o love dancing. 

(■()t)!er weather hIiouUI prove a boon (or the first All- 

KclHiot iiiixfT st !i('(iule(! for Frittay night In Nichols gym- 
D^fiiiitclv on the 

Weds Leepei 

Sererity Gets 

for an'«fter-p*nlMil dtow, the 
««isUy nt. ms pu-lm^ o. k. . . 
nirtilw A littto tDUMeoHMT ydl- 
tng at tlUHi. . , naturalljr tert 
taguti w tbue. . . and talking 
tbioti over «w» thm triaogk, 
Iwtlar Ugdon. and Inppa tit regu* 
lar Mta, ft«d afettoiw. . . ]olm 
■dain^ aae, tvsB^a&f "I'fea In 
btamn" wltti raary banUn* dlilaa. 
fckg ptedgs or "louthern aoe«at" 
fame. . . ken eastman, d tau d, 
eroonfof to loulne atwood, ebl o, 
. . . tetUnc amund honora go t» 
bttai twod, adm, ... fine 

H tba saw iwidtaw of bob king, 
aatf and sdt^a tvai'toOt trt-d. • . 
tt^ a Mn ford, IM maM named 
'tttnim" and anr day you dont 
have to Itilea to haw It potuputt- 
tog down andmon beoAavanl. . . 
vnaattte, co l l agi a t e . . . vtm- 

tt as tonuuuie eneouragiog as may, 
«i» xmy ellen oonnaa, pi pbL 
and paid Uoyd, slgma m. . . aOeen 
t, eiil o, and al dwHnraU, 
nil. . , rastine. sit Vf. 
Irtfnla adatr, kanstt et^. 
ma . . telm blitke, alpha delt, 
and kaitb fiowdan, plka, . . . bar- 
ban toitar. adpl, and bill biniing, 
ato. . dilrt^ davli, a gr, and 
JOToa Jones. . yaa'n rigbt. . .tbeyTe 
all pinned and oupfal's worn out 
after such a Btnaooaa WNk. 

to kapiia kappa gamma for omls- 
ttan of their name wban writing 
up ttidr ultm-amart dessert 
dance last ^wfc*. . . It ms a ted 
Uiinder for such a flM aOMr. 

A Woaun'h Slant 
on the married life of three of our 
Bthletk: ootables, "butfib" netman, 
ehaer hacknqr, and "red" re^- 
nard is staging it's drinit in Idoks- 
poo next week. . . 9es« gUba, heats 
an. .. tells aU. 

New Aettna 

are lorrayne titapaidsmt and 
vera wy«off who ware initiated 

imsiiiiii. D^tinitciy on 
ptograni is the first after- 
football game varsity at the 
Avalon ballroom Saturday 
evening ftrilowlng the Fort 
Hays-Kansas State game. 

A UCkUsh situation was viewed 
down In tront ol the Stu^llo Rogwl 
in AgglevlIIe the other day. The 
girl (we covitcin t find out her nune) 
was gaily riding ;» put put machine, 
when .mrit]?nly Ihf put pul wont one 
way and the gii I aiiothpr way. T^was 
all very endbarra-siiiK fur snld girl ii.s 
.•Ji" glnserly picl;:^d lifrsi-H up ofl 
the pa V. men I No hones broken. One 
youthful TK£ lad found out that it 
costs to craek 19 a p«t pat. IKw ted, 

CMris Cast T» Oott 

Pew KWItate eoeito aie tswn flash- 
ing ibelr aaddie-oxfon£i on the golf 
course tbaae 6a3» (perluq^ia it's be- 
ca'i&e keenteg saddle shoes dean Is 
the fssbku this year.) Palthful to 
ttit sport, however, are Dean Klpp. 
Bsta, and nitl Shftfa:, Kappa Slg. 
flien then la the Inevitable prof 
foursome, G. J. Medtln. O. E. Rog- 
ers, H. W. Davis, and E. T. Keith. 

BtnrUng Ik a popular recreation 
sport tor boys and Kirb alike. Tls 
underatood that Pi Phi Mllruth 
Hawkln.'':on had higli .^coi e for ladies 
one wsek. and Uial Mary Blackmail, 
PI Phi alum. Wii.s bowling over the 
phts Ih'; other night. Mary tells a 
dllferent story, though— says ,stie hit 
everything but the pins. 

AU fraternity hoiLses ars having a 
gay time practicing toitch football 
In prepantkm for Intiramural 
gaoMli. iSia Ft K A's play an oe- 
Of oatoh batrtwU ior 

Into alpha xl 
In Ctosttif 

song of the hour. . "Uue orcbids" 
, . . predkted to Uve as long as 
"star-dost". . . mayte this is old, 
but it's new to me. . . "all in favor, 
say 1. . all opposed, a^r I. . . the 
I's have it." . . . aoe. ed. 

recreation. Many students find flip- 
ping ping pong balls bade and ftitth 
a relaxation. 
ncnIcE, More Ficnlc« 

A group of Delta Tau Deltas and 
their datM enjoyed a picnic at Sun- 
set after Open House Friday night. 
Ecmeone commented on the fact 
that the Kappa Slgs took food along 
on their pioilc Sun. nlte. Dick Hall 
overheard the remark and said that 
It was as bad as the time he went 
ilshing and took poles along. It's all 
In the ^me, kids. Also picnickinf 
Sunday night weie Martjr Alexander, 
Mary Miafer, IXirothr Green, and 
Jean Soott. Pi Pbls, and Betas 
Johnny Kmne, Winston Schmtdi 
Rsx Wella, and Bandd Carpentsr. 

Bumeta Touiw, KKO, and Bud 
uper, ATO hmnsfer student from 
K. IT. spent Sunday afternoon 
wielding tennis rackets. ' Energetic 
tennis fans, (when they find the 
thnel. are Orant Sallsburir «nd Roy 
Swaffot^, both Slg Eps. 

Sweet musli: did not drift from a 
radio on the Phi Tau lawn one 
night last week. The boys were 
grouped around listening to news of 
the fight telng liroadcast 
Fun at Open BMae 

Several old-tteneis were baek fhr 
Open HtJUSs FVlday night, when sor- 
orltlss entertained for boys, and, 
boys, and more boys. Crowded 
houses were prevalent, though the 
fellas' did divide their time between 
all houses. Rankle iMld, Sigma ntt 
froin OsMhli, Kans., back for a 
visit, wm wm twinging out. One 
hid, <Mille danotat with a glil. was 
l)>ixm utged tor his tn temlty tooth- 
«a to.huirr and to on to Qw seat 
house as It was fsttliiff lata. Just 
as tte b^ shouted hit replr, the 
ntnto stopped, and his '7 eant, I'm 
stuok," reaounded throughout the 
iKMise. peiqiile quite suddenly 

wished that tte paw 
and swallow them. 

A anrprise evm to her sorart^ 
listers was the tradlttOBal (^locolate 
paashv Sunday at the AUMu Xi 
Delta house, announcing the mar- 
riage d ICtes Iffilam Waigmman. 
M a nhatt a n , toRusssUlMper.l^rm- 
outb, lad. The fluqpla ware marrlecl 
Jime 8, UM, hi KtaaBS Oltjr, Mo. 

Both students have baen active at 
the Kansas State ooQege campus. 
Mrs. Leeper. senior In th? DivLsloi; 
of Home Economics, Is a member of 
Enchiladas representing Alpha XI 
Delta sorority. Leeoer is president 
of the Student Governing associa- 
tion, member of Blue K*y, and a 
member of the Junior American 
Veterinary Medical association. He 
Is a .senior in the OtVWOB OC TftSKt- 
nary M" utcine. 

Both Mr. aiiC Mrs Leeucr are at- 
tending Kanitas State college Uiis 

College Calendar 

SEPT. 26— 

Pax meeting— Alpha Oamms Rho fratenilty houK— u tf&oA 
Qum dttb-OaMa, Boom 031— 7:3»4:U 
Purple Pepatv lea^^Oalvhi lotmga— 4 o'clock 

Jr. Amer. Vet. Ved. Assoc.— Vettftnary. Room VIS— T:30 

Freshman commlasloii— Recreation center— 7 : 30-8:30 
Amer Ijim Chsm Engrs.— Willird, Room W115-7:I6-B o'clock 

Indepuulent party— recreatkm oenter— 7:3tl-B o'clock 
BrowntaK Ut soolety-lflGiMli, BoMt ini-.-T'JB-8 o^ldek 

Tau naethw-^ichols. Room irai-7:30-9 o clock ' 

New Pepsters 
Chosen At Tea 

Sophomore and Junior girls im?r- 
eited in becoming Purple Pepsters 
are the invited guests at a Purple 
Pepster tea In Calvin lounge from 
i:19 to S:I5 this afternoon. S'ven- 
teen girls will be chosen from those 
present as new members of the or- 
ganisation. Sherbet and ccf[':!e will 
be served while the older members 
have an opportunity to get ac- 
quainted with the new girl.^. 

The Purple Perwters compcsj the 
women's ne:> organization and has 
nn equal number of Gie-ks and 
Independents a.s member.s Officers 
this vear are prosidsnt. Leora Fcncl; 
Vice-president. Helen Johnston; sec- 
retan'. Betty Jenkins; treasOrer, 

* Aloha' Girls 

The Aloha cottage glrls enter- 
tained with a picnic at Sunset park 
on Sattu'day evening. Those at- 
tending were Betty Nelson, Mildred 
Noble, Helen Hays, Katherine con- 
dlt, Gertrude Dirks, Edna Grace 
Hostetler. June Hull, VauUen Tlm- 
berlake and Mrs. Ben Wohlberg. 

Miss Kathhen Knlttle was a din- 
ner guest at the Aloha freshman 
Thumdav evening. 

GUI 306B for your esUmatcs 
printing. Art Craft Printets. 


nets, a 

: Call us for Sunday dh)- 
oents. S15 North 12th. 

Hostesses At 

Honor YWCA 

College Sisters 

The YWCA college .'^j.slFr pro'jram, 
ts In full swluR thi^ w:'ek with up-' 
proximately 320 glrU being enter-; 
tahted at supperis giv^ teg them by 
Manhattan women. ' 
Tonight Jane Dunham.s Eioup 

1 will be Ih? gi:jsts ut a pl:-nic In 

l£un.set j;;n'K given l?y Miv, J. D. ' 

1 Colt: J.'nn GiLlv' Rroup v.i\\ be en- 
tertained i't a 6 ochck .■^iipjx-r by 
Mr-;. C. E. Pearce; and Betty WoUe's , 
group will be (quests in ^a ^W im Of 
Mrs. D. A. WUbur, 

; suppeis i^nn last night wne for 
Mary Ann Mford's gt<«9 by iba. 
Fr:>d Pierce, and tat loarlciile Bog- 
or's by Urs. P. L. Oalney. 

Thursday Bigbt wUl te the Ug 
nifiht wl&i four groups having sup- 
pers. Mary Ann Bab'^s group wQl 
be at the home Of Mrs. D. C. War- 
ren, OOKrthy Ann trhl'« at Ura. AI- 
vln Hostettler'k, Vanora, WebBr'.s at 
Mrs. John Peivuson's and Helen 
Kitk'a gntqi at Mrs. Bd Whsttbig- 

mday night Un. o. B. Whltnah 
will entertain Rosamond daywsH's 
group, and Mrs. Ashley Monahan i 
assisted by Mrs. E. B, Keith will en- 
tntnfn Josephine Lann^ group. 

Tea Honors 

ItaattO! students wn c honored at 
a tea given by the YWCA Sunday 
afternoon from 3:30 to 4:30 in rec- 
reation center, in tli" recch-ing hne | ss; 
were Jean DeYoutiK Yw president. 
Mrs. Quy Varney and Mr.'^. N, M. ' 
Spenoer, membeis of the YWCA 
advisory board. hiuI Dean Van 

Hiss Ertna Murray gave a short 
Qieaoh of ^rdoonw tothe gnaataand . 

Vlrglnls MfHiahan esplalM^ the 
year's program hi TWGA tes trans- 
fer students. Musical features of 
the prognm wm a piano solo by 
Aduuten and poop i^ gtBg 
Inl tqr Virginia Ooodwta. 

Purple and white prevailed at thr 
tea table with candles and flowers 
in those colors. Tea. wafers, and 
purple and white mints were serv:d 
to apsnUgaateijr n guests. 

Pledge Classes 
Elect Officers 

Pledge cla.v.'ws of many of the 
Greek sororities havt conducted 
their annual elections. The fol- 
lowing are pledge officers for the 
coming year: Alpha Xl Delta, 
pre.sident. Lenore Weber, .secrctary- 
treiiiurer. Margery Stahol, song 
leader. Patricia Bell; Alpha I>elta 
Pi. pr-sklcnt, Peggy Ann McCIy- 
monds, vice-president. Margery Lou 
Olion. secretary treasurer. Barbara 
Bouck. song leader. Bedy Ann 
Perrlpr: Chl Omega, picskient. 
Doris Harvey, .scrctary -treasurer, 
Lou Anne Bchwartzkopf ; Delta Del- 
la Dalta, president, Maccl Lattlmoie, 
vlce-pnsldeat, Ovan Offlavey. 

aomg leader. 
Kappa Oamma, pMstdenl; Pay Ul- 
lie. secretary, Maiy Ana Boyd; 
Kappa Ddta, ptasMea^ Uarjotle 
OouM, vlM-pnsktant, Betty Ho- 
L?od, secretary-treamrar, Belan 
Commely: Pi Beta Phi. preaident, 
F^t collard. 


Ttm WMhen'e 
will bare a ptenle 

to T:«0 oUoek 

the gym. 


todlfht fnaa S:l» 

jaa t- 
to mMif tn 


Ooltoglan Advarttsers 

College Beauty 

Dial 1101 

1U ill 

The Newest . 

Catalina Sweaters 


Styles (or Men sSkI Woiii^ 

The Jumbo handkiiiUed 
of flossy Australian zephyr 
yailn. Can be worn tmttoa- 
ed or open. In color.i of 
Rose, French Blue. Moss 
3reen, S[dc» Tmb -and 

A handsome close fitting 
pull-over for men. The new 
CaMe attteb gives K a soft 
and mrm fcflUi^. tn col- 
ors of Mbtooq. Qfeen, Blue 


Other Catalina Styles $3 to $8.50 

The ekaett for Ifen'uid Women 



jP or those who want best 
in cigarette pleasure 


Yoii*tt find in Oiii^iWs noHr 
COMMNMION of die woHd's. beat honie* 
Urown and aromatic TiuicMh tc^MOOM a 
more refredmi^ miidneas, better taate 
and a more pleasiqg arpnia lium yottH 
ind anywhm else. 

S/lV a emMuaim mt^r^ Hffmrentfrom 
ollffr ^g/mrtm ... a fOM^ rmsm why 
m w hn ^nwy ar$ gmkii more pk^ 

S. G. A . Presents 



I ; I 


Matt Betton 


Adm. — $1.00 (includes tax) 
Advance Tickets for 85c WUl Be Sold by: 

SI Womer WorUi Llim 

Erny MacDonald Irl Yeo 

Edgar Crowley John Shaver 

Bob Mear.; Joe Robertsoii 

Bob MtllCT Larxy Beftumool 

John Moore 
Palace Drug 


Afipmtionment Board Partials $55,000 S GA Fund 

Pr«^imrn «h«uld ht imdt to wear 
tkctr c»{M sUtea an edlUnimJ Ln thU 
IMM. H«c If Uie edltOrUl tboorht 
wlUi ]ro«r vwn Ucm 

Kansas State Collegian 

S^ciwe, FxUmy, S^tember 29, 1939 

Tbe »l]-aebool mixer 
plentr of ran mm! enWUlooMotf^ 
»a tonlftiL The Colle(to 
cvety itndent to kUettd. 

MimlMr 9 


Nearly Half 
To Athletics 

Lfcaim Fund Not Designated In 
Pee Appropriation-Theatre Cut- 
0^ HoHse, Rffle Teams bcraud 

Some $65,000 was divided among 14 campns activities 
ti^ w«ek wben the Student Counell Apportloitmetit board 
iilade the annual apportionment of tbe student actiTlty fee. 

Athletics and the Royal Purple again got the Iton's share 
of the apportionment which was made to pass the scrutlnii- 
ing eyen of advisers H. W 

Indians Attack 
State Students 


Davis and R. I. Throckmor- 
ton, and President F. D. Far- 
rell before tbe news wm 
made public. 

«sa a apadal toad for tbe 

iMtum eoniae. Vtm m- 
ftma ef ttjg O*. 
nonatsd tftjtitty m a m- 
of tbg itw fair taan 

in tbe Mymr Dn*^ flt- 
the atn- 

tf JuM Dmot and 
■Ml Hw teo mMmn drew m la ai- 


•etlvHy leMtrtac an 
pi MM J». 
iu«, uid 

tbt rlfto 

tba bsaid^ fMMB« 


U»t enouth el tbt •todanta want- 
ad It, and flMttr niMpmri voMtod 


should Drove « flop, It would be In- 
convenient to abolUb th« funff next 

out ttat tf DHlt i Miil «m 
•aide this year lafl we ptoi 

Heberer Casts 
Theatre Play 

Mall Plays Jesse James 
In Dramatic Production 

"MissourJ Legend." first play ol 
the Kansas Stale dramatic season, 
la swinging Into preparation. Pinal 
cast of the play built on the life of 
Jesae Jamea vas announced yester- 
day by director H Miles Heberer. 

Richard Uall. experienced charac- 
ter actor who has appeared In al- 
amt every Uuatre cast aince he en- 
tared TTiiail Mate, wUl fUl tbe 
difficult role of Jesse James, or magazine 
nMKiias Howard as he U known to 


Humor Mb^f^udne 

On Sale Today- 
Big Phflto Section 

Approximately 50 Kicka- 
poo warriors, disguised as 
students, began on attack 
this morning on ail students 
who wittingly or unwittingly 
croBBed their warpath. He- 
fore the sun setB this eve- 
niog these warriors, under 

ttiaSwIant^ OC Bminess Manager 
mg canaf ma Odnold and 
aqua* Jean OiUt, Intend to aeeost 
all favorable customni to tray a 
copy of ^e KtekapoD. 
' To avoid being verbally sealped 
it will be nsjeisary to carry a red- 
covered Klckapoo or the IS cents 
with which to set the campus 

Total Sales Is Goal 

The goal of tbf warriors and 
their leader.s i.. t«tal ^a\f-.. Tlie co- 
operaU'm of the irulcrnUi'^ :ind the 
sororities ha* been cr.listM in the 
carrj'lng out of thi.s >iUe.s prog ram. 
Every copy must be .sold before at- 
tacks upon fellow stud('iil.s will 
oeaae, tbey declared. Those stu- 
dents who have subscribed for the 
win find tlielr copie.'i in 
their post office boxes 

Rah Rah Rah . 


State Fling Tonight; 
Hays Here Tomorrow 

Mi law-abiding Baptist friends. 
IMl^ Mperience has Included the 
liad la aaarted Habert.'' 

tbt Iwaill) iiHMlai)lMwl vflUHS In 

He continued, however, mith the 
hope that the couDoll would use the 
money that was aUoMd it Ar at 


list of activities and 
apptpprlattons fol- 

Ite itnftnc nountBlnaar, BUly 
Owihad*, wISL be playad by Don 
Pricar, irtu> has been a favorite as 
everytUng troot a negro vaudeville 
star In "hsMons" two years ago to 
a sappliy eentlminUl Judge in last 
year's OObert and Sullivan oper- 
etta. "Trial by Jury." Many will re- 
tiiember him as ihs happy-go- 
lucky lead in "Petticoat Ftvei." 

Mnrlanna KlsUer wUl take the 
cbanelar pnf of ttie weather-baat- 

Athleiic.-i — .„.„ 

Royal Purple 

Band and OKbertra 


„.. 47JI73 


llanliatlan tlMatra .k. 

Collegian „.,„..p...„ 4.12T 

Debate . „ , 1.309 

Judging TeMHs: 

unriatH and Hbata IJU 

Oaby and Dairy Products an 

Poultry , , .091 

Apple: „ .100 

Englneen Open Houaa , , ljB37 








^9vmA%y Fund 




325 00 

Unde' the bright cover of the 
Klckapoo, sponsored by the jour- 
nalism ftatenlties, Signia Delta 
Chi and Tbeta Sigma Ftd, Is an 
•il^U-Mie MBtloa of pletunt. 
IHb ii II BiaKr b 

AO imm of piotum portrivtnf 
m as H Many tf «iit ddta on 
pietana ot the auBwitie 
Ufa or Baniea ttate eaUeie. Tbto 
ptetura featura atats ftank Oard- 
ner, tbe new coaoh, and Iflsi Brma 
Unnay, ttie new TtttSA seaetazy. 

The new Blefcapoo. also contains 
slxtaai paiaa of bttareattnt reading 
inatatlaL Ataong this matatlal tba 
KMMpoe reader wtil find an Inter- 

view irtlti Or. A A Htck. written by 
Don TUaekray. and tm stories of 
campus Uie. one by James Cooper 
and tbe >other by aartoy Thompson, 
Tba «o-edlton,DlekKaIl and Don 
Thackrey, have made this 
Kansaa Stated 

ttam Kum amutant 

JaA Boaarth, biHtness manater 
vS tbe AsrkniltUTal Student, has an- 
nounced that OatKii KM«, 0«* 
foni, win be bis aiMMaat iMptaMBs 
manager for this year. ICTator tl a 
senior in agrktulture. 

IMnm np te FtaeiU% rbmn. 

Home £c Dean 
On Speaking Tovr 

Dean Itargaiet Justin of the di- 
vision or home rconomtcs, left yes- 
terday to make a series of talkii to 
divuiona) meetings of the American 
AsBOClalUm of University Women 
and various schools of home ecc- 
nomici in Texas. Dean Justin, who 
is dinetor. of the SouihwestTn Cen- 
tral asoMoo of A. A. U. W. wlU be 
vm warn OBtoter T. ' ^ 
Daan Jtts^% fizst talk will ba ba- 
fwa sbidanti of BBidin>Bdtofi od- 
let» at BeUon Septeab'ir m. Bep- 
ao sbs wfD attsnd a eonfar- 
to students at Twa i 
Wofi Woitb. At 
ahe wSI tptik to a branch 
of ttia A A 1L W. and students of 
tbo Ooiaaie « Industrial Aru tot 
woman on Oelte L KndiniB ot 
the Sam Houston fiata TMt^en 
coUofe at HtmtsvlUe will bear Dean 
Justin Oetobw 3. nam BuiUevlUa 
•ho wUl fo to Bednent and Oal- 
voston Oetober l to ^leak at A A. 
v. W, me eUnga In thoae towns, Oe< 
tObor 4 Dean Justin will addnm 
students at tbe Onlvenlty ot TOms, 
Auaton and on OMober fi die will 
addraaa an A A. U W. m-^ting at 
Klnsavme, Oetober e an A. A. V. W. 
meeting OOfpus Ohrlstt and Oc- 
tobir V an A A Q. W. mmtttn at 
San Antooto, 

From Witoko 

ing team, eomposed ot Oooll Italdn- 
son, 'Otfton JaOlfMn, BUI Wlmyr, 
and Fuland nmdwr, latumed 
borne WOdaeaday evwlng tram 
Watailoe, Iowa, where tbey toofe 
pvt In the Judftnc coatesta at tbe 
Dairy Cattle congress there. 

The team olaoed eleventh In a 
field of la teams, receiving second 
place in Brown Swiss Judging, and 
seventh place in JudRing Gurnseys. 
Dr. A. O. Shaw ol the dniry de- 
partment accompanied the team. 

En route to the Dairy confire.'is, the 
delegation visited various dairy 
farms In Nebraska and Iowa where 
tbey Inspected and Judged .some of 
1^ cattle for practice, Doctw Shaw 

Ttu team left Manhattan on 
aeptonbar tl for •Uwobi, Meb., 
wbara tbey made tbair ant stop at 
tbe ^ntven^ o( 

Chief Fsrrcll. flxuin Bp. 

Prof. H. E, Myers and K. O. Heyne, 
astooomy depi«tni«it. Judced oropa 
at tbo Uanb^ ooun^ fair at Blue 
Rapkls yei^^y. 

Prof. Rufus P. Coy of the animal 
husbandry dtpartm^nt, has returned 
from raUaboma City wbeie he 
Judged livestock last week. 

Varied Show 
Begins At 7 

South Quad Will Be 
Scene Of FroUddng 

VlUl Slallslirs 

What: Tbe AU-Coll^e Mixer 
When: Tooigbt. 1 I* 12 a'docfc 

story i 

Who: Studenla and iMltly 

By Don Forbes 

Ijeading off the weelicnd 
activities is the annual all- 
college mixer tonight, a gi- 
gantic schol party, starting 
at 7 o'clock, which will take 
place on three frotits with 
an expect p(] attendance of 
more than 12,000 students and 
fafiilty nu'nibers. 

hiirRcsi of the Kansas 
State parties the mixer Is 
dedgned to cttet antertainmant 
and aetlvUiy to autt ev«y taate. 
Tbe 'fimld soul ran stt back and 
watch while the bolder ones may 
participate In gamr.^ and dancing. 

Short Band Concert 

Starting at 7 o'clock the college 
band win play a short concert tn 
the quadrangle north of Nichols 
gymnasium to .-itlr up .ocp lor tbo 
games and rntcrtainraent to follow 
Immediately In the outdoor arena. 

Dr. Howard T Hill, h-nd of the 
department of public ipcaking. will 
be master of ceremonies, for the out- 
side show which will continue with 
entertainment and game.s until 
about 9 o'clock. 

Following this the program will 
be contlnu'.d In two centers, in the 
auditorium student entertainers and 
motion pictures wiu be pwi i o uied . 

BeUon To Play 

Matt Bettons orchestra, king ot 
the c(tiege band of this area, will 
pr'islde for dancing and a pep rally 
In the gymnaWiun. Jim Stockman 
premises to oeotrol tbe stags and 
have identy of tip»et for "swlnghw 
out" at tbe only ttae foil li^ltb 
dance of the year. 

Mixer chalnnan Ralph Lash- 

hrook and Dean Mary P, Van 

Heap valne, Farvell's Service. 

(Coniinued o[> Page 4> 
Cassum, oUiun, wslemni. FarrelV 

Four Kansas Slate So^iomores Sure To See Pteaty of A^ioa Tomonrow . . . 


Hamilton Society 
Fills Three Posts 

Members of the Hamilton Uter- 
ary society elected Wilbur Black as 
program chairman and Oeorge 
O'Brien as correspaading eianlary 
at their weekly meetlttg. 

Theae offlcee wera left vacant by 
Joe Oarlnger and Karl Andaiaoa 
who ai« not enroUad ttUs 
Also at tblsmertint 
(r was elected to the newly 
elfleo of paltflBtty ehalman. 
Otiwr oftioati new ^casldinf wbe 
eip " 


r; Marvin Prlngle, 
tbe other pro- 
Otailla at tbe 
UOfd Q, Tmb, Deatt 
Bobcrt RammlnfftoD, Roger 
CMMrmlar, and Ray Morrison. 

Vice-president A A. Hodt Will re- 
turn from his vaoatten Hi 

on October is. 


en. raiKtoiis-voiced Wldder Wosta. 
Miss Ktitler has played with stmi- 

mer stock In Colorado and took the 
leading roles of stage-struck Terry 
Randall tn "Btagc Door" and tbe 
chatterboxlng mother In "Ply Away 

Others whom K-Stat: audlenc^.s 
wlU remembe r for outstanding per- 
formances last year are Burks Sher- 
wood, to be Prank Howard. Jesse's 
bnthar; umiB Molntoali as Mrs. 

lad LOO Mdlvaln 

tua eaat of U Dien 
. are the lOQowtnt: 
as tbe eattla-rust- 

wr gins* siaw^ 
rem lyflL 10H 
Board opUoaiaL 



field praapccta and ate bath aaraMg ae miimladlas te "One Maa Gang" 
Hacfcney. Bernhardt la ene af tbe coming end stars Id the Wildcat for- 
waid wall, wblle Haflt, wte tioa the scales at ZOt pMu^ wlU aee icrvkie 


BUI BeeilcT, aenlar gaaid, la 
Fry'a choice as 
morrow's gkme. 
lettrrraan U let far a Mg 
will be a regular in the 

Frosh Party 

Randall, Hair, Hoover 

More than 300 independent fresh- 
students crowded Into Recrea- 
Uop center Wednssday night to 
n^lnatc candidates for freshrnHii 
ctata onioes, and start the baU roU- 
tng bi the poBtMnl eompaliB at 
Kansas States 

Independent p a mtnees for twih- 
man idass offkM* are Robert Ran- 
dall, hashnm ag ttudsnt tor pnal- 
dent: Gordon Hair, ma chanl wl en- 
gineering studet^i fnr-rioe^pnddoat; 
and Virginia Hoover, fatwral acl> 
ence for secretary -treasurer. 
Largest Claaa Meeting 

According to Co-chairman UiU 
Hickman. It was the pepiest and 
larccst cIhas meeting he had ever 
aU(";(l"d 1 om ver>' well satisfied 
with the meeting as a whole, and 
most impressed with the entbUSlasm 
the fresbmen are showing," 

The maattng was under tbe sup- 
orvislon of the Independent party. 
Those Who gave totka before tbe 
election were Roy Flsbar, Btha) Hal- 
ler. June Diiby> and Helen Ber- 
una. seeretaiy of liat yaark fimH- 
man dais, 

A council ^mipooad of all nomi- 
nees, whether ther ««re elected or 
not, will form a board of strategy j mor? 
(or the freshmen independsaita. 
ThLs council Will fiiiicti^m m yOiT. 
Twelve CowtcU Members 

Members of this oounoll are Olenn 
Wetber^, Cban Muny, BObart 
Randaa Oeone Oampbigl, Oocdon 
Hair. Mary Oanrol. woilir Adder. 
Thdma Btaefcwall, Okela 
joaapbbM Vtnell. 

Aeoofdlng to HWfBien Ilia council 
is oc^itonuilatlnc a tett danoo lor 
the IndepdMlant purly IbOowlat a 
pep tauy prior to the olaetlan 
win be beM aoaaetlnu ia tba 
two weeks. 

Membars d the AttMntan Utar 
ary sode^ wai aamatia at 7m ft! 
day eta^ fei If tl for a 

•IBfte no 

WUdeat Hope& 
Running High 

Fry Sees Chance To 
Give Sophs Trial 

By Herbert UaWnger 
It's Tigers yersiiB Wildcat 
tomorrow afternoon when 
the Fort Hays Teachers Une 
UD aRainst the FTytneQ of 
Kansas "State for the home 
iuifi seaKon opener. 

The K-Hiate Wildcat le 
priiUFd ami kpI ta It^t loose 
with a powerful iitlHck upon 
Hie alri'ady iiijurt'd Tigt»r, 
who le not yet recovered 
from InlnrieH Buffered tn a 
tut last week. The game, 
which Is Uie second of i^o 
8ea»nn for the Teachers, wilt 
Btart on the green turf of 
Ahearn flrld at 2 o'rlocit. 

With thi memories of a 3-0 defeat 
at the banda of tbo UK Port Kays 
team to tgnt ttaem onward, the 
K -Staters are doped to emerge the 
wlnnars. Coach Wcs Pry will sub- 
sUtuta fraely tbrougbout ths game, 
' and svory mm will bate a Aspoe 
to get into tbe oonta^ 

The paat foiv days have bean ' 
■f— ^ •■ miL-jeytf <*P tba defBiiae 
end eitSk, l^ht aerimnugas, and 
drill pa the type of offanat eqwoU 
cd from Fort Says, Ttwae rimi who 
euffeied minor Injuries In last 8at> 
urday's scrimmage are fully re- 
covered, and the squad will open the 
season in high gear. Don Crum- 
baker, who was Injured aligbUy la 
the Red -White fray, is back In 
villi larm and ton through several 
plays with the teams yesterday 
without difficulty. 
Handicapped by Injurira 

From the Hay.s canij). head coach 
Paul Waldorf, brother of Lynn Wal« 
dort who coached the Wildcats to 
the BlK Six crown tii 1934, indicates 
a dimmer outlook. Several of tlw 
r'■^;u^^^^ are sulterlng from Injuries 
:iiiil iniiy not break Into the lineup 
tomorrow The Titters took a rather 
severe beating wfckend wh^n 
New Mexico State romp?d over 
tbem, 33-7. Among the injured is 
81 Cllllon, a sophomore fla-fh who 
bas t>een holding down the fuUbntik 
spot. Coaob Waldorf U not pr«- 
dicUng tnodi aelim for the tn 

Tbe Hayi loater shows but thr^ 
senlon on the aqwd, which ti dot- 
I tad wUh a larga nttnbar of so{dio> 
mona. Tba pfebaHe alartiag Una- 
up for the Taacbars will tnolude two 
seniors, four Juntos, and five sopho- 
more. Sevan of ttaeaa tievan prob- 
ably surtars have lettered. 'Tobe" 
Bunler. senior halfback and oap- 
tahi of tba fMton. Is ana of tbe 
Hsys sparhvlugs. Walgbtaig but Itl 
pounds, tba tlMUeoted baift wilt do 
a Ug ahafo ti tbe batl-higgtais. 
Bin Faronta^ a IK poiaid Indor, 
WlU do the Hgeal eaUlng aad do bla 
part in the Haya ottnao. Bad 
Kennedy is expected .to be oaa of 
the startert bi tbo baakBald, al- 
though he Is but a Itl pound aopta 
In tbo Mae, Jea JWlaon, 
iS7-pound« and tbe beavleat 
on tbe squad, wUl fUt ttie 
tackle poattlim, wblle 
Hooper, a UO-pounder, win ba a| 
right guard. Tbaas tm 
are both aopbonona. Moi 
a Junior leitamaa, will be at i 
Stan In K 8 Unewp 

K-Suic linemtn who are expect- 
ed to stop the Havs i:u:ick will be 
Crumbak'^r, Munzcr. Barnhardt, 
Makaloui. Huffman, Welner, Btm- 
iey. Htjtt. Pairman, Hannah, and 
Hamlin Thest- men will be counted 
upon to do a hia share of the Wild- 
cat defense, while such baok% as 
Hackney S:eJye, Nleman, Paiiv 

Brock ^it.d Klffe do a lai|a part o| 

the offense. »' 
Others such as Duwe. Lansvardt, 
Tlmmons, WllJtlns. Whltlock, an4 
Rok»y will probably see action. 
Seelye. Nleman, and Hackney win 
take care Of the passing, wbila 






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p;',;s A'- tax 


Editor-in -Ohlrf — - Rcy M. Flslier 

Campus Editor Carl Bochat 

AasUtant fdltor ^ Roy SwaKord 

Newi Editor — »*««~ James Kendall 

Spocta Editor — ... J»clc "Kblsler 

AuMant aportl SAttf .Herbert BcdflPter 

Society Idlur Jtanto Uvto UMiai 

Asiittwtt society sUtor JlteT ^jajw 

Photogrtphet — Oflbert Carl 

BUiUwtl tliliailf ———.JMnes F. Cooper 
AdvertlaM Aaafaftantt' -KWley Thompson 

Onduato Hfensga- 

Sad Richard Cech 
C. J. Medlln 

Smtes Muscle Men 
Dm't Scare Freshmm 

What "he-men" these members of the 
K chtb are oo tl^e athletic field! But wbat 
namby-pftmJHm they are in reg^ Ho. ijfli^s- 
!ng freshmen wear tib«lr cap«! 

Those paddles tfi tlie hands ot such 
muscular specimen b surely looked dan- 
gerous as the poor freshmen file<l uut 
of registration. But have you seen one 
since? Absolutely not. And it the K 
club Inslsto on bebiK a dead o^iRQl44r 
tion in mhoo] sgim then affW 
will see one. 

F"or several years the students of Kansas 
ataifi have f^lt the need of schoo} traKUtloa 
In resi^pMt to incoming freshmen. Led by 
the Colleglati they have clamor^ tor action 
on this front. CpntEolUng that fKoat WM <m 
K club, but they ha,^ 9D||ll||!toii% HilMift ^ 
producing results. 

Sivei;yoiie realizes that the move- 
ment p[«a$^t8 some difficulties. It is 
ImposriDle for an oi^ianlzatloii ot lew 
tlian 50 student membership to know 
1,000 freshmen to distinguish between 
ttipm and upperclassmen when the rep- 
resi^ntative cap is abaenit. Again, Itie 
at'ts of hi^n^ are gftveii fim^t^s. Bint. 
it la the contestiaa oi many students 
that there are methods of overcoming 
such problems to a satisfactory extent 
When that is done and this patriotic 
movement is iii full swing, then a 
fresh^wa here will he a "freshmaii q| 
Kansas State ooQeye" not just a fresh- 

This apparent failure of the K riul) pre- 
sents an excellent opportunity for out- 
!4tanding viqtiif. on the part of a campus or- 
ganization. Faltiug appropriately in line 
wotiid be pep o^ttatxations such as the 
Wampus Cats. TK« Collegian takes a hand 
in challenging the Wampus ("ats to do 
aomethlo;^ about it. Any action would 

• • * « 

Way ^ Me' 

Tradition scores again! Again the spirit 
of "It was good enough iast year; it's good 
enough now" has triumphed! Again the 
eftsy way hj^n been the final way! Again the 
lyceam. fund bare^ missed being included 

In the final apportionment Ot the SQ-A Ac- 
tivity fee. 

"We don't want ta get into somethtog 
that might tw hard to fCfk out of" is one of 
the principal reasons advanced by the ap- 
portionment board members last night in 

^eniie of their action. A lyceum course 
might possibly prove unpopular, they rea- 
soned. It might be difficult to lake the fund 
otf the list next y^ if such should hf^ppen. 
Then too. maybe the iriaiients don^ want 

The board's concern for noEt years board 
members is romnMndiiiiik Wielt reiMiring 

U abominable. 

Tlie entire student council, heads of 
oampus organizations, and aU student 
opinion that has laeoi expressed has 

been ovei whelmin^y in favor of a 
first-rate concert series on this ctfm- 
puR. The argument of lack of student 
sentimeijt for the program seems a 
little weidp 

No single organization has backed the 
lyceum ^ui;8i It Uk no "one organization 
baby.*' *^m tlie unorgaalaeA student body 
its backing has come — come through the 
way of popular sentiment. That type of 
hacking is never difficult to deal with 
whenever that sentiment is destroyed, Iftht' 
program shb^d ha,ve flapped the sentiment 
would have gone the sun way. The argu- 
ment that it would be ditfleult to remove 
the lyceum from the fee h». caie c^f^iife 
Is a littb' weak. 

Perhaps the lyceum is not worthy Of 
a place in the stuiicnt fee. Perhaps the 
Open House, judgitif;; teams, Hospital- 
ity dasrs, rifle squads, and Manhattan 
theatre have a more widespread inter- 
^ than would a concert series. Well, 
If that should be the case the board 
has been wise in Its decision. But that 
argument, too, is a little weak. 
A rather half-hearted attempt to quell 
the forces ot lyceum sentiment was m^de in 
the slight Increaa^ In tha student coun(;lL 
appropriation. Some of that money Is an- 
nually used to bring a concert here. Count- 
ing in the money left over from last year 
that fund might amount to something like 
|it,00i9 before the year la up— the chances 
or^ fit wii tie $1,400. Last year |1,000 was 
stent tor % concert. 

At least we're $400 better off this 
year than last. The council has a little 
to woj;l|^ on. Nothing can be done about 
the. «iiatiljoaraB«iiriM^ tmt to xiaikk 

Friday Scpt enilxr 29. 1939 

Arm EmktifS^ Nof ^tjf^ 

Complete Clamp On Food 
Is Nem^ocf-'^M^ Qorcttt 

Why embargo ammunition and not the nietat from which it is made?" 
Aatist«nt eentnU science cIM;^ p. M. O^reU thus winmuiiKd to a Col- 
l^lait reporter yeeterday hit MM that « Mopltte «itlMito on aU trnlM 

Admnt that 

Camera Cluh Meets 

Monday In ^fBlard Hall . 

The UaD^Aan Caaiera club vfl) I 
meet Monday Olght at.'7:30 In nxwi ; 
101 of WiUard ' ball. The depart- 
ment of pb^C! will show lbs photo- 
graphic equipment and laboratory'. 
Those attending are invited to 

I bring their eamerajs and other 
equipment foi^ UKpection and dia- 
cuasiop. A CatHrt Cratt eKbUilt ol 
n vrtstt Dm to en dbglay st tbs 

' meeting. T. 
uMqt of tlM. 

J. TDrkelaoQ to presl- 

?B!riMu7.'- Colj'fiiui Advertisers 

The Y, Teacher 

The College YMCA b^ins its- annual 

membership drive Sunday afternoon, and 
as iisiml wIh'm prospective members are so- 
lit iicd. t.lif worth ol" the Y will be ques- 
tioned, as is entirely right, for no organiza- 
tion should exist longer than its usefulness, 
T,hat prerpfffttive has faced the Y before, 
and the T has yet to be found wanting. 
.As one lool^ Into the activities of the 
V, he Is impressei^ first by the obvious 
activities; the Y Kickoff, Y Orpheum, 
a clearing house for roomlnf places, 
an odd-job bureiut, all-s^oin mtxer. 
student forums, world forums, K-book, 
dime dances, all are worthwhile con- 
tributions to school life. 
But there are many other contributions 
to school life ihat the T makes — contrtbn- 
— ones that are intangible, and measurable 
tions whose value is not so easily reckoned 
only on such inadeqttil^ Wtl«« 4« mtHure. 
social contacts, etc. 

College classes tei|eh tmth, not eon- 
victtons^-Uie Y teaches convictions. And 
it is in this field that the Y can, and 
does, do its greatest good. It provides 
college students with a better way, and 
through it. the student is abla to llse 
above a mere factual education. 
A glance benrath the Veneer' of things 
Impresses one with the treniendms uplift- 
ing influence wielded through the tirganiza- 

wiu detennine tbU cotmtrjr's atU- 
tmte tiMmtd «alUimi a mt. De«n 
CorreU nld that our prcaent oeu- 
tnhty law will not prevent a yfn 
boom which might push tbia nSttjMl. 
to the brink of war- n^lOitB n|o 
years. "WhU? the itreaeat lav tOt^ 
bids trade In arms anS ammioil- 
tion," he ,r»inied out, "it places no 
restricUoti on the trade In wlHStt 
cotton, and metals which fomis the 
real basis for a war boom.'' 

•I Uon t sav that the propoaeQ 
ctiange would make the law any 
h-Mter from the standpoint of fat~ 
venting <;iich a boom, but at least 
it wrultl remove the n«:esslty of 
making a rather pointless distinc- 
tian between arms and wheat, both 
e-sscntial to the YUtsa tt « warring 

No War noom Safely 

Til': dangerous defect in both 
neutrality plaai, CorreJl l>elleve.s, 
the lack of safeguards against a 
war boom whose surge of prosperity 
miiitit carry us into war despite our 
own long-i-ange best interests. 
France and Britain have combined 
resources of more than five billion 
tiollars in this country which Will 
enable them to make purchases on 
a ca^h basis for about two years. 
Such purchases will build up in this 
country a war prosperity which 
would be seriously threaten?d by a 
sudden halt of war trade. "When 
that halt comes," Correll stated, 
"we'll have to choose between en- 
during a great depresilon and buy- 
lag our way to prosperity and war 
Iqr lending money to bdUgenints." 
Hwiifltsin An OtMfr 

"WiMt us tfmlk t mmum ," bo 
it mpinttt wi . Is thai tse mf^tj^g 
of itnmnHt tt t0ita Is a much strcAilr 
er factor in rasBhlng » deoUan 
than the WMhaMltty at lattoaste imk. 
If an AiHifftiwHi ttttnttt Mn f ' w t fi n ii' 
to ivesiv* a w§s boom prloe of IS JO 
a hvm «^ it ti^ Vtanid afl^i 
taods mmsmr ^ <th« mumac MttkNas 
wbteb biag Uk iMMst, m is Ihedy to 
favor this sitp nSim tbm advo- 
cate a nmitrsitlsr pettar which fbr» 
sudi losM 'eii wMNpftteM iSAn 
'wUh litisiiplfati IfiiMiipMr er' 
atfloui loia Rnka svMMttnt an 
economic stake in a war it tokeri 
only one more step to enter that 

Vresiunaii fngtneees! 

Signed^teel Bing 

And Th/^ Agm^n 

Mayb^ I'm Wrong But- 

Kansas State's pride and Joy. El- 
mer "One Man Oang " nackney. is 
qtilte a publicity figure iheae days. 
But a little Incident that occurred 
the other day showed that notice of 
lUs fame has yet to teach some 
qttartera. It seems two young, 
matronly women came upon Hack- 
ntf*» pottntt whtob was being ex- 
hlMtsd^ bi (h» alisv window ot an 
p| w^ o gT>!iiiar. They st<^ 
and il^td—thlbktnf the face 
was straaglilr temOlar. Suddenl)- 
one turned to the other and said. 
"Why, Um^^ His. HScknef ^ hua- 
Msnaay walked oa 

itlMt tl» eownci! wants to know 
)e this— vlU Kan£A.s 3tate students 
mjipBt ^ nrOff""^ of a top- 

satlom won't work iar peftnuta. 
Tber dmge arauDd a HMO for ss 
«v«nln«^ perfOTuOGe-Hiod that 
means dance ticketa wohU ham to 
sell for atKmt ISJB a oouple. How 
about it? WIU jou iM waium to 
^ ttfft nnrtt aesi^^ a 
soofl wtSiiittaT 

If yoale for or agelnat 1(< 
the student cooncil know yver 
rginam. Yon might drop a. line 
i» the CeUegtan edllar and bell 
see that it reaehes the pnip^ 
tanirt Jaal ren«Bahcr tkk- 
ttat nggedlr eto M.V eaUK had 

«|ar^ bavUw CMrila 


r is the or that 
will ring 99W eampop today. 
ITnttl late lait nlgiit, ttie Kttapoo 
oom bad an timitim anC tlM 
Stan meetlBcs waae held 
flour. The edUon and 
manager Just lat In a dm* 
grunted ooouaent. After tU. the 
magasine was named for a trik^ oI 
Kansas Indians! Nov— thanks to a 
(ew kind baartod so u ls— t h e office 


If 9mt 
riage ifnmg try tae SOA , 
dent certainly st^rsd a Nt 
ot exeHcxaent and awrrtse. . . 
OenW Narman W^INter caa fee 
ssim at tht teettpll sU j^ssa 

T.Tm^I^' '!UL el' Ue 
o^Ais n% t* W nta 

■im m» m 

"The United States will never en- 
ter a war becau.'^ Americans think 
England and France must be saved 
for democracy, but ft migbt get to 
if Americans think they could 
make more money t>7 fWiiBV fn 
than by staying out." 
Oomplete Embargo Necessary 
A comDlete embargo oo aU pro 


student to Fram^ Pictures. 

naantial tmtnh^;, netffc And 
deft with hands. 

7^ 4> > ♦ * ♦ ♦ * * ii * 4- 


The college mteer this evening 
promlsfs to be the blga^t in the 
history gl the coflete. Attractkma 
wilt be found in the coUege audi- 
torium, m the South Quad. la 


duels to waning nations would 
ptobaMy eUfnlaate the danger ot a 

proll'oar>^ 'm^. but it 
Mgh a«ute acoomnic 
dlslsHs that pfgtests and pressure 
Iv AnMiJeaa peogla wnfld cause 
m t#9el- wltlila a year. Re re- 
eal^d that Tlioinas Jeffenont 

km. tfoffimmttt cc iwii-uot did 
not kKP ua ooa hutag'ta aH. the 

"Hw only way to obtain penma- 
ent .«arid peace," Dean Osmn 
servfd. 'is to eUmlnate aU the dO- 
odd i^val natlffiDS which ereats war. 
I wqnld Uhe to see that done 
thnwilh a world-wide democratic 

IHI TiiTItt 

home by convent* at 

JiAli.llKAy £xi»iicss 

Thrifty idM, dlil: It Wfit jou bother, and cai» too, for 
. oj c^n rKpmS It bMne "collect", you know. So phone 
our ngeat tod^. He'll call for your wedtly psduge, 
speed it sway by fut eapmt ttain, aiiij it 
reiums, deliver your laundry to you— w wt-h- 
out extra chat|e- Complete and handy, eh.> 
Only RAtLWAV Eimiss gfva this Mtv^e, sni! 
it's the same with your vscaikii tMipat. For 
pkk upa friHliad all 

~^ A<1KN< V. IXC 

aSTiOM wiei iuiit.Nia stavier 

Fitroalae Collegian Ailiiiijlip* 


May Purchase 


Theatw fMlWli 

Theatre Tickets 

roQM^ ANT 

suNFiiOWBii wmitm 

Semon Opener 


4 ; •>' 1 




e^, Bar, Meie, and Throat 
Ohuaia Fttiied 
1(»>4 apit^ fourth 
Office 3233 Home 34|||, 

1. W. Evani, M. IK 
Speeiallit hi tMatnent and surgeiy 

of Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat. Byes 

tested and glasses fitted according 
to latest method^-. 

Office in First National Bank Bldg. 

BamM A. Nelson, ^ 

O. M. 


ni 8. Rnvth Bt. 
Office 2121 Res. 3311-4111 

W. M. Reitzel, M. D. 

Oetiera) Practice X-Ray 

rei. uat 


I Septa 30 

See This Big Six Preview 

S«f %mfm State of the S|« liiek-of f SKturday in its 
first game of the 1939 season. Be on hand top miteb firom. 
hirt tiBti in tha stMiiwn ■M»t t1?ffi 

H COLORATO U. (P^to* Day) 

NEpRAf^A U. (Homecomiiiff) 


KICKOFF: 2 p. m. 




Including TiP( 
No tt^erwd Sm$s 



Over ooU^e Boirit steia 


Dr. UiweU CrelfhiUHi 
Oensnd PiaotiM of DtatM^r 
GOIett Hotil BU|L 


120 S. Ml St. nblMS 

Dr, C. H. Faul||4»|i 

Dickinson Bldg. Ph. HI4 

Dr. C. W. Mitf 

Dental Sur^renn 
Rooms 30-21 Utrlch Bldg. Ph. aOSS 

Union National Bank 
Phone 2630 

Sr. VIeiot H. fafby 

victor CUntc 
X-Rsy Bervtae,* Opiflii Treatment 

313 s. 4tii Dial an 

Coapiela x-Ray and 

Service Nurse fa A< 

b The 


witb tlM 
Sporto EffltMT 

^ CBw miimte imprvk'w wiili Coach 
Pfy—y/e are liikmf! Hiis ^anie ser- 
lOUtly, Back in oui iiiiiuls lies the 
ftet that once Uu' P'ori Hays team 
dipped up on us and 'av; cerlaiuiy do 
Mt mnt that to haiipcn 

1939 Grid Season Tomorrow 

Vlke FtancU, brother of Sain 
mricls, the All-Amcrican bsck 
from Nebraska, is ready to bo for 
BUI JontB. For a while It waa feared 
that the jscholastlc hurdle might 
trip VUce but he made It okay. Jack 
Bmt, the Sooner back of a season 
or two ago. Is taking pictures oi 
tte aoooen this year, rans wiu re- 
IMnMrltla M the biv i4» lud 00 
Ito Mt Jnwjr tmintwr . 
.:'nw Im Sbitt dtiODM have 
^or tacUw who weigh 200 pounds 
^Mti. Om of ttas tool* Is Howard 
tefc, ttM BIf Sbc h«ivywel|ht 
wnsiJlng champ. Another at the 
OjKlone tackles gvea by the name of 
nappe. Yeah, you guemd tt« the call 
htm "Slap " KU had 60 frethmeh 
report lor football practice and Mis- 
aburt has only 69 out lor the Irosh' 

Cornhuskers And 
Sooners Favored 

Only Iowa State May Be Counted 
Out In Conference Race --Other 
News Fran Kg Six Tiiiriiig Camp 

Bt The Sverta HItor 

CoMb Wes Fry and hi* 1»8S edition oC the i^uiaw State 
Wildcats go on ethlbitlon tomorrow for the flvti tfme this 
season, against the Fort Hays Ttgers. The Wildcats are fa- 
vored to win but the 3 to defeat suffered at the hands of 
the Tigers In 1936 makes the FrynUtt Tmptei fh« Bmyn 
team. The game starta at 2 o'clock. 

The current crop of Wildcats, featuring veterans and 
Kophomorea In equal doses. Is read|r tor the oomtog 
Staley Pitts, Ken Nordstrom 

Predictions And Selections 
In Pigskin Preview Of 1939 

«m ke tte 

of the 10N MM- 

In an effort to biiild up their 
team at KO last year, the Jayhawk 
OlftelalK granted 5fi numeral.s W 
Irejihincn Of that number only 17 
boys returned for .spring practice 
and only threk of the n show 
pnxnlse to rate the varsity 
. Tm bad thoH wolras who are 
to luiwl at the Jayhawk 
MW not awart Uwt such a 

tt^Ms vlth an mjund iOM la iMdc 
inmm out witb the Hft. Be will 
l^t iM ' la aba^t to |0 for several 
iwila and wUl mta the opener 
•tilint Ofake tonlfbt. IfUler had 
a.-fsir raeocd with hia passes last 
iw totore tnjurlee fwoed blm out. 
Hh tOiMd n passes tor a gain of 401 
ftfda bi tlwee ^mes, That'a good 
•nimin lor ngr 

Jim Colt, member of Kan-sas 
State'K sqtmij last year, Ls out 
lor froeli ball at KU tills year. Don 
> ^Uom. the Toppka lliiili, is also 
doing his stuff for the Jays. Ken 
liakatous, 306- pound Junior tackle 
for the WildeaUi has a brother on 
the frosh aquad. Maybe It will be 
OUffonl and Sen MakakMit at 
UMm for midMti Mme day. 

The Wildcats are 

a lett-tooM iWBter 
Butoh "Just 
la MUfhg 

oonins out witb 
ttaiB au m 

shBthw talent to 

btm a Mpto-OifMter. Bteats Wel- 
I tma. a Imif Unt of foot- 
rat U tenaeemm 
ywri there lus been a Wehier on 
the Inrlngton. Npw Jmey high 
•ebool team. Bernle wa.s the last 
member of that family and now he 
is a veteran Uckle on the Wildcat 
team. HLs three brothers attended 
coU7ge at Muhlenberg coUege, Al- 
tantown, Jaek ttMor. 

and Hhirley DavtB will be 
iiilsHed from last year's 
leatn, Init t,he sophomores 
are expected to make u[> the 
loss with some to spare. 
Hackney. Nleioan, Seelye, 
Brock. Welner, Beesley and 
Hannah head the list of v«t- 
erans who will show their 
wares before tho h<nne folks 

KU against Drake— Owtam Henry 
and his Jay hawkers meet their ftnt 
test tonight at Des Moines. The 
Drake Bulldogs are the boys who 
will .^iee what the new regime has 
acromplLshcd at Lawrence. The 
Jays have been working out under 
the ilKhlK on the Haskell Indians' 
field so they will not be bothered 
by the lights in their ^ner. Only 
one .sophomore, Jim HoUoway, 
tackle. Is scheduled tc start the 
game. BUI Bunsen, line cracking 
fullback. Dan Rhule. tackle and 
H^rb Hartman. guard have mlnmr 
Injuries whkh may keep them out 
of the opener. Ri\lph MUler. best 
pa.s.ser last year, i.s out tor practice 
but will not be ready tor the 
encounter. • 

Oklahoma apiinst Southern 
Methodist university— The Sooners 
have picked a tough one to start 
the .Hea.son. Tom Stldham has plenty 
of im< men and good backi, Mctud- 
ing the talented sophomotw jack 
Jacobs. Sooner fans ttqieet lUm to 
do great things this rMtr and he 
will have his first dwwe tomonow 
before the home folki. Ondllo Hat- 
thews, the Chkikasha Ro^et 
another outataoding 
back. Is also rmSf to iwiy the 
mall for the aouma. Vtafik "Mi- 
on" Ivy. end, has been 
capUin for the 
agalnat the llnstatiga 6tmMV. The 
BIc ax ebMopa ue Mt to go aialn 
and this ts their Md for natkna) 

fameasontartbialMni tmaifof 
the nattm. 

Iowa atale agalnat Oenvo- at 
Dmm, Ootatado-^nn Teagers 
boys ofwoed tliair aHMo laat 

Oo» Ooll«|g with a 10 to 
The deknee lost Sverett 
Klscher, tbeir triple-threat back of 
last year and sd Bock, the All 
Aemrfc am guard, from last year's 
team and many other boys. The 
lOBi Of Rank Wilcier. sco fullback 
was a blow to them this year but 
they started the season In fine 
fashion. Against Coe the Cyclones 
ased two teams and each appeared 
Veager's team may 
Of ttM 

The altitude may bother them to- 
night at Denver, but the game will 
give the Iowa State sophomores an- 
other chance to prove what they 
can do befof* UMP «nMr tiM Big 
Six warn. , 

Nebraska against Indiana at 
B loom In gton— Biff Jones hae the 
question mark team at Huskerlsnd 
this season. The Huskers shape up 
powerful good with last year's soph- 
omore stars resdy to go to town. Of 
course, men like Charley Brock, 
Jack Dodd and Callhan will be mis- 
sed but Vike Francis, Harry 'Hlp- 
plty " Hop, Herman Rohrlg and oth- 
ers are due to make the Cornhusk- 
ers olk>k. The varsity smashed wide 
holes In the frosh llite find acored 
St will in their pracUoe sessions this 
week and itwmtd «(Mine»ihe| tbvr 
were ooAid eat BftaMd IMr the 

about the same, 
ba tba 





TJMm S(yl0 Bird* kiww It's 

VamityTown TWEEOS tftls FmlU 

What we're trying to get over is . . . that 
you will Ije out on a limb in a style way, If 
you don't wear a Vaiall^-Ttown Tweed this 
Fall, "niese el^ant, rax«! oolor Uendtngi are 
the fashion formula for being very, very 
smart. If you want a peep at the newest . . . 
the latest tweeds, you'll simply fly over 
way while the collection is at "its best 

Tantliy-Tiown's DiatlncUve 


miMiirl agibut fMbimdo at Ool 
u mM a- Pe n nurot and tbe TlgHs 
are aet f or a Ug rear, mth a tif 
line and aone tacks to help Paul 
Cbristman, the Tiger paaslng sUr, 
•boMM really get in the gToore 
the Colorado boys. Jim 
. the boy who caught many 
Of Obristaan'fi to&ses last year Is 
tiadt and ready to take up where he 
left off la«t year. Jack Kinnlson, 
crack center of lost year, left a big 
hole In the line when he graduated 
but Paurot has the gap pretty well 
plugged. The Ttgers nattunlly will 
rely much on the passing arm of 
Chnstman but their ground at- 
tack Is improved. Ttielf showing to- 
morrow should go a long way to- 
ward determining their Big Blx poa- 

aoted sporu aullMrtly. in taia ah' 
nual "cdgskin i»cview. 

from opening to closing 
more plays per game 
time-outs are only ttme ''^^ 
many ways whleb Uttl Und to apjeif 
up tbe gam*. As forttHr tvidiM 
of faster footbaU, he pmdlota nwn 
pesslng this year. 

"Passing may be overdone, as ^Ka- 
sle-darate was overdone." says Wtt- 
lace. "The wise coach will go ail tbe 
way out on pacing only when' He 
has the passers and leoeivtn. ^ 
will contmue to fit bis rtyls of jflay 
to his material." 

"Another trend which may speed 
the game if. a movement away tiapi 
the huddle and back to .slf^rial oii'y 
Ing. Still another may be iVlQ 
changes to speed up the game apd 
some suggestions would restdtct 
time-outs, especially In H 
minutes of play." 
Oklahoma Is Tops . 

Wallace, as Is his annual custDi4 
lists players from the more Import- 
ant ooUegei who, in his esUmaWik 
win ba ttito ymr^ itan. He alto 
reviews tbe grM pnmMcts thiough- 
out tlie natioii, gtving bis aeleetlons 
and nominations of teams to waftlS* 
or the Big Six. Wallace says: "nte 
race In the Big GUa wUl be among 
Oklahwna, Nebnifta and MlssoBrt. 
At Oklahoma. Ton atldbam will be 
aUa to start every regular U38 line- 

wm be 

aided by ao|Aioiitam Jaek Jsoobs, an 

hy nfflnge offidals here, and tbetr 
names wm submitted to tbe #a}- 
taee preview as part ot tbe 
ably Miiii isato Maififciil of 
tiM ofor the xiation's larger 

Ftan this Itat, ha has piatwl tbe 
snmtT-odd nainsB iriUeb wUl bit 
the headttnas tai nadt a Mg way that 
tbe boys who answer to them have 
a chance at All-Araerioan. Big Six 
a^tos whose namn will be found 
aa this All -American squad are 
Hackney of Kansas State, Christ- 
man of Missouri, Duggan and Stev- 
enson of Oklahoma, and Seeman of 

In picking the first, second and 
third All-Amcricen team.s. he has 
selected two from thl.s picked group 
and placed them both on the sec- 
ond team. TTiey are Civrlstman a-s a 
back and Duggan as a tackle. 

Based on the names and ratings 
of Big Six athletes in the "pigskin 
preview," an all-star first team in 
the Big Six conferenoe would be 
made up of such stars as Onmiliafc- 
er. Kansas State, and 
Nebraska, end*; Welner, 
State, and Ouggaa, 
tackles: Stevenson, Oklahoma 
Waldorf, Missouri, guards; 
Oklahoma, ceotA-; tXigktama, kCbi- 
souri, quarter; Rcdulg. Mdraata, 
'and Jacobs, Oklaboom, halfbacks; 
Hackney, Kan«ss Ststo. tbObMk. A 
senmd aU-ttar team nl^t be Oitric, 
Oklahoma, and Bomrall, Iowa Kate, 
ends; Bsai 
okbOMNSa. taBthw: 

Jtaa Tborpa' oaceid (Oaetus-Vbee) 
Is an AB-Amsfleaa tsttto 
Biff Jones taMl a aopho- 
at Nebraska tast 
ad iB iilsntifullr sqipUBd with ma 
t«M la ovegy posttlan. Even 1 at 
be It nported to have |wo 
placements tor OharUe 
JBraok. Itie IBM backs. H^an 
Rehrig and Barry Bopp. wilt get 

Reserved Seat 
Ssde Monday 

Ordera Are Numerous 
For Season Tickets of an unusually large 
early season demand for tickets,! 
Frank L. Myers, assistant to the dl-i 
rector of athletics at Kansas State] 
collage, has announced that all re- : 
served seat tickets tor the three re- 
maining home football games will 
go on .sale startiiiR next Monday, 
October 2. In previous years, re 
served seat tickets have t0m 
only one game ah^ad. 

Not only ha.s Myers received a 
record number of order.s for season 
tickets, but he reports that early 
ticket rsquesls for the 
State -Nebraska Homcconiing game 
here October 28. and the, Kansa.s 
State- Oklahoma Band and Scout 
Day contest here November !1, have 
been more iiumcious than In imy 
year m the .■^cliool.s history. A large 
number of tieii -r lequesLs have 
been received lor the Kan.^is stule- 
Colorado university Parents' Day 
game to be played here October 14. 

Basketball coach Jack Gardner 
has called a meetliw of all fresh- 
man basSetball candidates for 
I next Monday evening at 1 :30. 
The meeting will be held in the 
K-room In Nichols gymnasium: 

Gardner wants all frosh to re- 
port Monday If they Intend to go 
out for basketball this year— 
even it they are competing In 
tootlMll now. He has announced 
that r)raciioe will start Tuesday 
with aftanMMB ahfi 

Hort Club Head 


Baptists Men's Athletic Association, 
Ftilcone;rs, Jr. A.V.M.A., House of 

WUllflniv Sears .'^.•hotars TSt! 


preskSent tf tlf» BartleUltnn 

Its tint 
m roocn n or 

helmer Is a Junior in agrkmltma, 

other officers elected were 
president, Richard Bullock: 
tary •treasurer. Mary Kennedy; and 
program chairman. Eugene Balrd. 

After the election of officers, 
plans were made for the coming 
year, and faculty membei^ unci .some 
students reported on their vacattoy 


PafroniKe Collegian Advertl.sers 

fttanls; Wast, lowm Btote. tmtm; 
'Jennings. OUahotna, quarter. 
Stumer. Mtssoort, and mm 


Oedy tbne wia tell bow dose thorn 
' " ' vm compare with tbe w- 

Past Records Give 
K-State An Edge 

Kansas state and Rrt nun atate 
eolleges will meet on tbe grtdirtm 
Saturday afternoon for tbe eighth 
time since football relations were 
started botMen tbe aelwala back in 
mt. In tba sate of Mmn games 
played, Kkaaas Otate UO^ tU vic- 
tories, but mat of ttam wtn ac. 
ixmfUmi mOr aAor the wndcats 
ha4 iiii l ita na mMr Mf gma 

n>rt Hays chalked up a S to tri- 
umph in IMS after holding the 
Kansas Aate Big Six championship 
eleven of 1B34 to a 13 to o victory. 

All-time Kansas 8tate<nrt Hays 
FooOmH Scores: 

Vear K-SMo M Hays 





ToUl Points 104 

ToUl Games Won: 
State 8, Fort Hays i. 




Win be led by 
Obriatman, MM stwlMnwce seaia- 
tlDU «bo dsUvtrod uneiveoted vic- 
tories. Bs Is rated among the best 
of tht natkm'k bocks this year' His 
paaa-eatobtng classmate. Max 
ataimor, WlU return, and they will 
have help from Gerald Davis, a 
acfUMtaoTt. Another fine back fr<mi 
this section is Elmer Hackney, of 
Kansas State, affectionately known 
as the One-Man Gang. He Ls a dev- 
astating force on offense, but has 
defensive weaknesses. Iowa Slate, a 
surprisingly good team last year, 
has lost seven regulars. Including 
Klscher, who was nationally rated. 
Ttm backfleld mainstay this year 
win be Wilder, recovered from an 
injury, f Wilder has since announced 
that he will not report for football) 
Owlnn Henry will be rebuilding in 
his first year at Kansas." 

Wallace has iLsted Oklahoma. 
Nefaraiika, and Missouri as favorites 
m the Big Six and Missouri Valley 
in Uiat order. Kansas State is nam- 
ed first on the "dark horse" list of 
the Missouri VaOey With TUlsa, 
Crclghton, lorn Stott, Kafiaia, wid 
Washington V. toUMrinr In that 


Kansas Slate Has 8e4ea 

or the 13JKI0 coUege mm playing 
football this year, WaUaoe taa tlst> 
ed the names of ainut W uto will 
be expected to stand out for tbejr 
alma maters. In bis list oC beadUiie 
hitters for 193*, Kansas Btato has 
Hackney, Orumbaker, Webwr, Ben- 
ley, and three aopbomoree— Dawe 
Ruff, and Msgs, itew mUoat 
footbillon mm adsetsd last July 

Makes Plans For 
Comiog Gffii^ 

Tim Wampus CMs, men^ pep cr- 
garttott cn. net tost nlgbt and made 
plana ftr the pep rally tonight, the 
gMae aatnrday and the loltlstion of 
n«ir members, which is MMdiaad 
for a «eak ban tonight. 
il^ob'Can pnsldait, ahnounoes 
tbat a plan of proportionate rep- 
resentation of all houses, including 
Independents, will be used. The 
WamptlS Oats liave ordered new 
royal purple wool sweaters but they 
wiU not be here until thoOoUmdo 
game two weeks hence. 

All freshmen or other.s interested 
In ttw organisation should call any 
of Oie following, according to Irl 
Yeo, membership chairman: W. j. 
Dunn 3-8365: Warren Boomer 442S. 
Lee Nelson 2-8111. or Irl Yeo 2-g3fl]' 

IM's To Begin 
On October 2 

Larfe Entry Ltet 
For Sport Ckmtests 

Wllta aa tbe twmty fratemlUes 
and thirteen tndepandent teams en- 
tend, the touch football tournament 
wm get under way limdsy evening. 
Oetober t. Hue tblrtoen bidependent 
teams rs pw s a n t an Inomate irf four 
over last year's totaL Hext week's 
aeho^ ol garam wtU be sent out 
to ttM npresentatlves of tbe tKams 
ami pubU^Md bi Tussday's Otd- 

ttm date of the intramural gcdf 
taarMment has been definitely de- 
cided upon, according to Prof. 
Washburn. The golfers will use the 
Stagg Hill golf course, and the 
tournament will take ploce Saturday 
afternoon. Oct. 7 at 1 o'clock. All 
Individual entries must b? placed 
right away at Prof Washburn's of- 
fice. Tlie Iraternities will make 
their entries ai usual. Th?re will be 
a twenty- five cjnt fee collected 
from each entry at the (joU course. 

Tlic horseshoe tournament wilt 
aJso start Oct. 2 and tht matches 
will be placed on the intramural 
bulletin board at the entrancs 
of Nichols gym 

The Independent entries in touch 
football are as follow: Collegiate 
4-H, 8. T. U., Methodist Men's Club, 
Night Bbnte, lAHerg, aaaa^ai 



llttiekeat Sarviea 



soma taKans 


Of Bhaw ItllllHiUii 

"The STAR 


Bing Crosby 

UIAR€HAffl 1 Dickinson 

■aim «M)w Place Ot Manhattan" 







Mat 28i>^t|iitB 35e 

Sunday— 35c All Day 

mm Tmoj tubsday 

THE MUST Asmciiinira 


imovn rAOES or ambmcan 
NAVAL mummst 

Wmrn SMITH In 


«r ifsr 

* a * * * * * 4 

uwAn flivB vw SIIBMGION^ 


Thoutandi cheer smooth /m^m£\ 
^boUj^te^Wemlllr. f^lsjf) 

.^^^^ — Ofar^— *^ 

^^^L OlUlOW npMwepr^ 
iiail w d wWhtoetetewel lWWWHI 
M bieeh )h«n in by tMunan'i Is- 
cluiiv* Pip* Smolitno Mochlna 



tM w. iiaaimtiia Vik»» 

US fh. 

"Kzsr* r II E K ■ 


¥ WW Ka I. ta WM*! M taw "a 
iN b bMi l» *mtmm wSktoisiii.... 

UiaiTtt RmNm fmm !• Ma vm «■«• H» wimins 

Uflgth. itfono iMdi af« (Mfowwiitlf ih w y" . . 
I«i boldncf 9nd Rrmly-bild 0«ln1 MfcU t M fo ih)c« ^pbl, 
ili>lch«, HKhianlcal dnnrlnii. faiNlMilv." "... bHsna >■ 
loH0 *9*m n*v*r ia WMr Itiff Inela**""... 

b*cs*w IS Sn* a iln* iralrci iiiall noMllsiii ami IM«llnl,i* 
H>T." . . bKa«* Ih Hia>-w>laht haltllM It pwtHi I<k 
Ksnrsta ihoitliaiid axd iKring" "... kicaaM t»VimmW% 
HMtiw mitlnt palal." , . bKaaii 11 1 ika In) nal l«wci<t- 
■aal la p«Mll wiWae la 14 v«an," OO TO ITI WIN, mi 


CsfltMl nlcii Al v#w rft^lWf As lilM 
■Aaa vaa aiaha a W i if ii tt n km n •! lOa w MM , 
(SCRIP, laodi, •SltadtM, »aai, »«wlli^ alt,}. Write V*w 
wny oa aav placa al pa«at wni H m*i Ida m\m 
Hp IS Cattvabett Madia Centtil, W. A.SIiaafar Paa 
Ce., Fori Madbaa.lawo. SMd m Boiir ai m lika— 
asck koi a ckaMa la vlnl M%m' it t lriia ImI. 
JadfMi Aa ai a>^, a lawyat.fl ■laMN>aMN*e> 
— vaa wa caapallna wlllilMiaali W VewaNaeSS^ 

ri r 

—vol wa caapallna wllti MM 
p«i aaly. W laaar mm m tlh» 

CNf mO pu ai 

HBBP^iMc aaiarto 





nu Mti 

Wk. HM 




Fb. HM 



Thp Friendly B 

Mk Store of 

BMvfas Haaws* 

Freshman Kn^neers! 
Sfglwd--StMl Bins 

'ft A-'- 

I II iJiUil 


Mixer Tanight 

fOanUniMil tram n«t 1) 

Zlle *re unglng women 
to Wtma, even thou^ ther «o 
mt have dates, rs the inj»r is 

to acquaint htudftiis ftn4 ft^* 


O antes in QudranglF 

Sevsa cempettllve gmmes, undtr 
the genrna title the Nattonat Blp- 
Hoaring relays, irtll be played In the 
quadranfle following thr band coo- 

studtnfai «U1 be (tiridcd lato r«v 
group Moenling to IMttMtjn and 
will eOBipM* lOMlflr itw aMUKs <rf 

e, ftnd 

vulmu gaaes wUl be 
trained at ttae prattmm fiut 
of me tlUes are BIT iUItfr Balelfh 
ilttir, lUle nOmfCUe rdiqr, 
and Balloon Battle 
fn la MMtaftaM 

VUtM II tbe MitCTtaliuMOt in 
tbe andttffritan. Cnder tlie iMder- 
Alp oi Br. H. B. XUw vneal mm- 

immiiti tl. 

ttm rem VM» quartet, oompoaed 
ol VitaBB Reetcr, ASea tt|v, Irl 
Teo^ maa Oeorgi Stonbart, win lini. 
aoloMi iflS be aeneva RtiOi Ombp- 
btU, Virgtola Ooodnrtn. and Bentrd 

Oleti Kmae wUl perform magic 
iUuttoBs and Dldt IttU vfU De 
gesial Profeaeor Qute trying cq 
stUBV atudents atieeted from tbe 

audience. Mscs wiu h» oifeced for 
the winning aoawets. 
BatMe rtom » to u 

WtiOe laa«r will mote from place 
to plwe In «a attempt to see 
ioue ddte and other entertainment, 
tbe tymiiailiMn, from 9 to it oideek, 
«m be tile hub of actlTlly. 

Bettoo'B teMl freah from recor<i- 
breaktnc pertormancea Is Colorado 
thia stunner, wm be jaMiDtill for 
the fin* tte to nkt mSm IMdnll 

Ptattvad Mife bis anr ntgit m 

mm vn pivr tte 

a nbw 

Oar to that of a 




19 tiia efliMi «f ite of . 
lleiala tai Bt .Hm Mnr k to 
jmvite a full •vaninff at-iajfltmrntt 
toe Btu4pnii.aad fteulty, promote 
lilmuU^^tk.uiA to attr (9 pep Ma 

tbft .mum$ itoto-gtj^^w iodUmu 

ttri* p MHWHil 

TOW wtinhH6> 

Hays Game— 

NitmbB ana l*mi 

Kanaaa State wUl eartf a decided 
weight advatHife durtoig the game. 
Tbe pevbMie iliftllii ibwup for 
tbe WOieate wfil wiraio IM ponnda 
per man, wbOt ttia MK BItb iMmi 
wlQ be €lflH to tlM IH HndM Iffeuit. 
m the tbm, ^ Wg Wt Matt wUI 
averaii iM ponBde ii USatUM to 

a 187 pound Uae lor tbe Ban ag- 
gr^tkm. K-SUte's W pound 
baekfMd is eomridwabfr beavler 
ttaa Ban ««gregmtk>n. SutoHtu- 
ttama in tbe K-«ato Unew wiU 
raise tbe weight average to near tbe 
«»- pound mark. wttiJe rwt Kays 
will be starting their beaVleet men. 

Fort Haya 

ffialciap IM. Amiaon 

LT Wetner 

LO... (C) aeeitor 

C Bamiab 

— HO NicholB 

Bhrifeh Wr Buffmon Orambftker 


1^ manan 

<C} ....118 Brock 

<MfleM»^-Oene Ken^er. VofHIm, 

Friday^ ^^e |ten>»er 19. .»»- 

Wt*m B. Mw- 

Meets Wednesday 


of the Betwrabir JMmUf aoeiety 
gathered Wettnaadi^ mnlng ror 
their revular -Mibly Meettng. Ttie 
program cdnalstet of a reMew Of the 
boolc "Ooodbye Ur. Chips." wverel 
get-acqaalntoS gaiMs. reidtot M 
the Brownlnc Bl«e mm, *«A dls- 
cuMtofi or euireni ivcnu. 
Tte aMMr ««• toadi fWit Mr Ml 

^ym This CmpMil 

wm ft Am $4m mi can ativ 

A $8.00 MEAL tiOClT-n 

We ar« under new manaijrment this year, and this 
is our introductory offering to you. We spedbUu in 
qnrifty and 



Tbe akattar rtnfc bat 
tat the paitr 
abating «iD «e -mmm bV 


Throughout the semester six of 
the organization's meetings will be 
held in conjunction with the Athen- 
ian Literary society; at these timee 
the two groups make iriatu tor 
J<^t social erents sti^ as tbe ap- 


AND A WilM WELCOME ijMnilit 
AWAIT YOU AT »»nU 1 fill 



m & MAIN 






• PEP DANCi--^YMNASlUM^9 p. M. 



SpoBMnd By Y. M. C. A.— Y. W. C. Ar-5. a A. 



Every man enrolled at Kansas State should check his name, address^ 
are found atudents ahouUi report thein to the office of C. J. Medlin, 

and phone number in the student directory which appears in today's issue of The Collegian. When errors 
Grwhiate Manager, Kedae 30-C at once and corrections will be made before the directory ia printed in 

book form. 

MillRKVUTHINS' W .\Erlnillllril AilmliiKlinHiin n: Aiirlnilliifill 

KliVltirtiJIlK \k , .tt»\.\l \t|lllt1^1|l.- Jllll \rli-iiiijEi .Mri)l' 

rinr: All \i .il ll i ii , am . Mu.u- Ar Airhllrrlurr: 

AtK Airliltirliml Kill. iiMii HA tiN ir,... \(lmiii Mis i.liiri ■ HASAcfl 

Binlwvi AMiih ii.iiNiii mill ilin'i' I'l.iiiun.: m A' MJiiritlni:: I'K Clitl 
K»|(1nt«liii[. CI* I Imni.jl KiKlmi'iiii,' KK Kifriridl Knjiimtnr; (!S 
(tniPnl Hrltnri. «;s*\\t l^mrnl S ifrc- onil V.|.rinur( Mrilldtw: UK 
Hmw KMimmir- Ui:t,\ Ia'i.hniilu , wiiii N<in-i>l TnlnlD« In Art' 
HRtii ll'iin'- K'lii'. Miili Niirrlil Tt.iIiiIw In iiiitiutrlal KnmMrln Md 
Ultl«tln. hh>li ll'ini.' K'xrimlr. tiiiti ^<|1>•^lll Tr*tnln« III ImMftll 

jMIIinlKni . IIMV II liniTiiimli^ mill Hrn-ml Tntnliw III .N'tr^i: 

IA tmlir.t All II^:-,i ll,..,iitn IJ rnlii.nUI .iLiiinalliilli . 

(.At l..llill.i-;iN.' \ii(iilii-iu, 1,1, 1 1 11 ,-.,i„. I..iiil,iiii;t llKil llmic 
iinitli.ii, \tl: M,-i Ji.,iiu jl ^ i,,,i„-,.,iii;, mi Millint hi.liv,ir> . I'K I'lijilral 

IMura sn Mji, ,'iiilii..'.l iliitlirtllltiK': VM Vvl.Tlii.iri ,Mi'iHi irif 

'ISt ri'Nn«>i,i| IkM.kiiim^ III*' Hllbmklllltl lnfllr;llr-- lllr ila\.i >f;ii i.f itw 
^Ulib^nl. ' S|H-i' iiirl 'r:i.i4" in lli» .jiitif rMi iiiini jnilirair v]»rriii1 .inil 
I'l^lfimi" ^Hlth■^^-, t -^r-'-'li 'l^ 

■t Tmt 





:t "Km 
I ritll 
;< TIM 

i !i2lll 

:t i.i-,n 


•t IMI 





■i iilT- 
ri >ii;ii 

:; i.| Is 
:l I.I I'' 
:i i I 


; tiji; 

•i KH I 







2 S4i-. 
a s:!i)\; 

24' I 


2 T205 

•i ;tii 
2 <nt:; 
2 7 MS 
-' ;:!flB 
:( 14711 
41 Till 

:! 7144 
:< ii:<4ii 







■ t^im 


:l HHfti 
:m-i _ 







<• ' MI3I 

^ 111* 


Itrlnrc I I, I 111 KAtSrri I, Minlilllan 

ll.-tiB-r. lUt.ry. llA*.\ii-l 2. flun 

llFlkrH. IliHji.l, Ai; I, VVUfflrW 

IIHItterlrli 11,11. ,ia UK I, I l»i Oiilfr..., 

Ilrln. Km , ■•. I!..- Hill 

llfliifV. I" "I . •l::.i..m 

Ilvllinilli. Vi' Pi, \- 2. Ih-lliari- 

H. |l/. Klrfcin, MK I KI s™il 

Ili-iliiui Ik. I ilil, IHk.^iil I. Ih-llil. . . 

IMI-iliT. l;.il..(l, \\\ ••, Wli-tItU 

ll'tlii. Iln >-. Nlrr. ClailDllimlill, V« 

Wrtlim-i. KOn.iia. ft h 4ll|j*.,..T...;. 

IMm. lull, ti; !l, rtainiif 

Ilrlm, ^Ml^llml^. At :i. Ahlknr 

IWin. VMillitni. y.t: \. aianhatlan 

tli'IniJfp, Jiihii. St-i.f, Tri ^lim 

Hi'miitiHI, .liiliii. Ml', i;i»i.|i.l.iiri; 

tli^tiii lull, HiiA it i:s I, f ;i.'4'ii-iiiii^. . . . 

llt.Mlk'I.lii.1. »Vl'l.,ii. \^ I, llnl.lririWll. , ., 
Ili'iiih-i .i.ii. lla<„M. I t: 4 K~kilil(r.. 

Itriiiiri i.n Tiim, mi; i. «ii-]iim 

1 1 I'll 1,1- Klilm. w: I. l.fH.t .■*|iitii»^,„ 
Miiiiip.s) V>ii»n. IL\ I. llillljllaiMI, 
MrriiikMiii Kiith in 2. MjilMtmn, , 

llpiiti. illirri lt\ 1. >ii|.|ij 

Hrni>. 4,. mil 111. H. ;. . ,. 

llpF!l/i-i. Ii, .(,.■! I VVt 1 Titkrt:i , 

lln-l'-'-, liiln, lii 1.1, Millitmlliiii 

Hi'iil.' H.i.:.i, (tK I, Tiilipkii 

I|.|....||.. Kiifflii., Ml ^tll^llll^ 

Il^^i lu , llirrj. I i; I VkMiwirplmid 

tli'iirv,, VM I 11.11- I'laliK- 

Hi -tHI I .(ll. n HAiAi . l 1, Alliifl. III. , 

II.--.. TI,. I.I.|. Vi; I ftiiiitli luwii 

(l.-.-.-|t.jitli 11,, IBM ft.\ :. (Iiili-IB-. .' 

Ilr^-.|rijiii, ijiinnii. >li: i, Aiiiimh 

llM. i . .tii. k, \A Stai'Miitii 

»rl.-i. Willi, At ». SK-rliii-,-. 

11,1 riji.l,. m; ■;, .V1,.,ii,i|r,.l,,, ., 

II. .UIM. I .,:,l. t,y 1 1 1 I 111, I.I 

Ili'ii..tiii I,,. . 1 .|. 1 K 1 , 1 1 

Hrvw. Klrri.T. t.riil M.iiih.ii rin 

III. krl >l Kii 1111 H„i,inr"li 

Hln.-i . .I.i:>. Ml ||ii"*fll. ...... 

llii'Lniiii, I.,,.. . 1 l| ,;, Vmirp. I'll 

111.1,111.-111 IVIIIi ini IJ :;, KlmlJI. ,,,, 

iii.'k.. jiiniM. iiMkrrt I. mtimum..., 

itiik., UitiiT M 1 V.III.-) nimm. 

II Irks Wirmi, KK 1 M.iilm. 

IliWi'- Oi". IMnll^ MK 2. fntMtt..., 

Illt^'ii^ KMni'l". Ilrjiil. Kntl^t) lit*..,.,.. 

Ilii'l- Hiilm-, |.K -.. (I ,i,.n, 

■'■r. ltii-.>.ll. I.I ■ (iiiltniln 

■■I H.T1. Ki; .. !,.iii 

i,i,iiii:.-i. i:s 1. run,. i ritj- 

L.twi-ciir.-, rr.-V.-, I3iii!.)ri.. 

\t.|i. U 2. hl!M-:|.. t in. \lil 

lfj>iiHiniJ. I .11 h ||. 

Jllll, MlPlii™. M4; t. Kiitv .in riK 

Iltltt-i. Jiimr*. illK I. fi.iljiifl, , 

Itllli. I.lriin. Ml I. K.iri..i.. I 1T1 
lllltui'.l.^ .Vi: I .s..iriv 

llirii-ni Jiilin. 4. Iij.;liti.|i . . 

Hinrnwii. Kiili.. ritV»( I'lElilim. 
Itlm-irwn. Itlrlui'il l'ir\ 
llliir-, l.plnti. \.. 1 k. niifidl] 
llillkll.. 1.1..-. 't 1 I'dHlullOT. 

Illriiii'lK ( u: 2. UnMrdnlk 

III-" "l r. W:L^.,Mil<l«*««l,.. 

l|...->. \r.1111il, Mg %^ l.MHrt..., 

IIM,ri . thill iiil. \t I lliawjiia. .. 
Ilii^tlitiMi. iiumIi. kk 1. tl.ii^lntjii.n 

lli>.iti li.ii.liiii AA I Aiitlniiif 

lliijiii. J.iii,... i.s Am Imtii . . . . 
II.H.I., Kil^ MK :t. .Ilatihitliin 
llmHi^ .t. I i.iiil.. AK l.hilf III! 
H,..Miu-i-. lull MK -J. I .'ffrrilll' 
IJij( II \ I. Kiiiir.... 
Iliif nun, I *^ll■f . .V.V 4 

iiiiniiiiiin. r t:<tiiiti, \n i. 
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Mari^H.aki.). Itlullr*. >!l 4, Tii(n-kft. . . . , . 

Manuel Miliim, A.k 1. tlavriidvilh. 

Mai at. Virdl. 4;t: 1. KiciP-.) , 

Mirl rt. W.vjII. FK a, Kpil-.ulil 

MarhKiipr liiinl. ArK 1. I.y.iri^ 

^^aI^p.lH. MpMh. W a. Iljipnsilllr 

Matry. Frank. AA 2. MiHi.til 

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vjnrkupl). Iiarulrr, n ;' Kliiifnaii. , . , 
Maiuld. Iliirititi, VM 4. ^(JiiliMFliC I'ulB. . 
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>lailli, hp|,ilrlh H\ I. Kills 

Mailili. MaiHii KK a. llillclililHin 

Mai (In, Balldi, UK a, S..I0IIMI1 

Mai 1 in T,i)T,. ("lit: t. l,i)(cln. ........ 

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Mn-iiri. Miiii» I.I J, MjlilialUli 

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Maitlimt. Ki iiiii'ih. I K 4, MuHiiiilllp. . . 

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Maurrr, Jiitin, BAI^Aurt 4. mnnrld 

MayliFii, Ihinild. ,\t 1. ItPli.rr 

^hiylm, TInirnnii. At )1. TriHtukk , , ■ , 
.tli»ii. Kihiard, Ml 2, InihiiiialHiti", litd,. 

Mr,:il-. tVilTiam. RK 2. MoIIiip 

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Mpm-. BiiIi. Kit 4. Ktij.nii I'll) 

Mfar«, FmimI AA 2. K^!irlll|(^ - 

nriktU, Jart. VH a. Partnii- 

Mmipn, Fiipililrti, All :i. ( llltnii 

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.MpMknliaH. Ilriiiur. MK 1. Bpltrrlllr, ... 

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Mfrrm. r>ra'ep. rm 1, ManMiian 

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Mf ■**(-( . Itatpti. V\1 I. I awr.-iirt-. . . , , . , . 

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MIMIpUwi. Krnnrth, VM 2. Maritiallan. . 

Mlp-'^' H'lliitm, PrrVtt, Mvh.n 

MUI11 rJii-iifp, VK 1. Iliiipi:in«n. ... 

Milii.'.i. Hill. AR 1. K latian 

Millir. Knii, PrfVat RiAtMIp 

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Millpr. Kimlt. PrrVft. IIoIIob 

Mlllrr. Frarli. IM :i. HUfnrd 

MlUpr. J»hn. Orad, Hantitttan 

MlllT. Kannrtll. BA I, Cvmum 

Mlllrr Krnnptl). 'trad. HndHttn 

Millpr. I. (tiE 4. U R«* 

Mlllri. i1i.ii(>n. AR 2. Toiirka 

Mtlkr Mai. Ml I, Nralwi . . 

Mlltrr. Bntml. CIlK 4 l ltr 

Mm. I Kofpl CK t. Kjiihi I'Uy 

Mlllpt. Kdfm. PipVpI lllaaittm 

Mllkr HtitarM. At .1, Ijliipiv 

Mlllrr. M'iHpi, AK a. TrinuiViatr 

Miller, t^aril, ME 1. Kyraniv 

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MItlrrrl. Kiv. PrrV>l. lUmaa Ctlr 

Ntlllird. nail. MI 1 MantallM 

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kti.igk. K.i|piir KK I iiBlky . 
Miiinti. Ku.vll I'rrVri, MaatMlai 

Ml.tkr, John. PrrVrl. MaiitatUii. 

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Mltchrlt. Alhfrt, VM 4, 0*rfl» , 

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Matt, Intn. MK 

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llMrf, Arc I, WlMta 
Mtmnnawry K I. . VM 1 
M. ri'^.inipr. TpiI.' PrpVtt. IliUlaiw 
Mi,„li^ I'luri IJ 1 
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Maact, Jntn B . BA 3. AUMfai, 
Mauir. WaJtei. A( I, Imadni..,. 

Mraik. nr. s, M. 

KrHh, Ai 1. 
Harfard. VHtil. M 3, 

..Tt3 MMM 

.,.«i iT 3id 
. . . latM ciwtf 
, , 1 lou Kurnry 
.OIK Rlnrawni 

Mn Iktn 

...41IJj. lath 
.1211 TIWltOB 

. . 1 Itlli 
...1114 VUtHr 

...HIT VMUar 

...tTIS Amlttaiin 

, . , .HSit 


list ramn 

303 N. !4th 

N. inih 

10,111 Morn 

..|-i7 N. Itlth 
.(KM KhimMit 
. .fil3 N Ulth 



I mi nuniMt 

...Ml nmm 

,,R11 HMMI 
, I loft PHrrSMd 


801 Iforo 

...333 B, ISa 
..not Kntnty 
. .IHlia Uruak 
.ITItll LataiMn 
nil Btrt^iUHl 

HIH Mnrn 

I Dill Ilaur 

nth S PrMWint 
.lltIK Pairrtilld 
,. ,!II3 N. tltth 
. .17211 Uaiatan 
. . , mi t), lOtll 
. .11111 TMtalan 


wit .f. I4th 

I I SO FaJrrldId 

tSSft UiMW 

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14ln HuMli^ 

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tot Ltatrmar li 

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.IH1I l,pairn»ftAh 
. ,. .1(1:11 FrfMit 

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, .1111! RtlMMkt 

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fil3 Sooit 

Ml iJiraiff 

.. .140H hlrrtld 
1(|1» JW»» 

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..ISn ABMn 
...tOlT taraMM 
...IMI BlutMl 

«3I UrtiSt 

S13 I 


»t-*Sa«8 ,».|« 1 HJV 

IMd^y, S eptember 26, 1939 



Qdiinet Will 
MiitAtS o'clock 

One Him^ lumbers Will Cwtty 
Day Cmpaigii; Ellis Witt H# 

The aiiau»l YMCA membersb)? drive is rapidly ap- 
nroaoll^ r«|^ty as Dr. A. A. Holts ansfMiiiced that the 
vurlbit^ift will be ignited » a«6tin§ Sunday atter- 

Joon at 3 o'clock and tlie drlT« will be coAttnued through 
londay and Tuesday. This meeting will feature Chuck 
SchweiBo, regional secretary of tlie YMCA. who has an end- 
lesa amount of piomotibn and organization ability besides 
a wMilerful peraot^llty. l^^ae pa^l<^]^tinE in the drive 
win 'ttttend the meMing ud M«rtTe H|» nMmnte tftitruc- 
tlonB. ' 

Before ih^ 'Irive actually itarts| 
there will bL a. HtntTOi in«ting In be for sludenLs who are iiiUT- 
recreatloii pemer with Lester Baits, ^ esttd In worWng and lending Uielr 
r^Eioiial dlrecior of Uie NationsJ ; ;;er«)nal support as well as their fi- 
Confpderaiion ot Chrijitlaruj andj nancial support. Another change 
*ws. Ihi' principal speaker. This ( this year will be In the member^ihlp 
r^eeting will also be held tor ail wtu- fee. The students wishing to Join 


Mfciil— ISIt Balkfr 

o( the nnM MniNi and nttmn news- 
iH iDDsviag nw» fui 

lut the blanUJft t)M iii|pw |WL bflOMtlr tttiak MM dnp la ibe 

itiout w. 

1. itamrfkt 

I f»Tor a "cuh and nrrj' pUn 

jL I tMf&r Uw St ««t<#m tl|^ mr if tte 



fir MflviM |» OA 

V, s, 

denu who are Interested in helping 
With the membership drive. H. H. 
]5ing. faculty repressentatlve will 
make a ihg^ wilc Moi tbert will be 
apectel miulilgf ttt IW IMte 

The drive will be carried through 
try twenty captains and a four man 
team with each captain. The csp- 
Uplns vUl bt tlw «al)ta«t tntmben 
and tlw emn win St made up of 
oU memtien and otta«n wbQ-^ tn- 
ieraited In hqlptei wUb VM woik. 
Ibra fHiMMl C9MMt 

Ibt pnapeettm affnntwra «IU not 

WNial oontaet and actual comna- 
ilop with indlvtduala. Tb$ta mmii 

for Expert 

^it tailors are expwttt a^ 
titling and repairing and 
at f surfirialiigly low' cMt 
Stngt jraor woiM t^^ 



1309 Anderson 

Ph. 32S2 


will b:; asiked to make a ptedg;? for 
any amount ol mon?y they wish i 
with a minimum of n dollar. Thlsi 
y^SU (Ive them active member^p 
IttC tjhf. fUQ year. 

Kmaetb OonwaU aa^ tbat the 
leadfn of tte "T' wotfld like t» 
have sliKtents teaUae the 
YiSOA la ih« students' (wgaolsatlon 
and Is for everjram of any creed, 
color, raee, or reUilan. 
The T" AccomplUhes 

The work and accompUshmentii of 
the "Y" reicU Into many fields, and 
ipany college acUvitles tliroughout 
the year are ^sponsored or helped by 
them. The ChrLstmas and Ea.ster 
programs, the dime dances and. Y 
Orpheum are just a few they .spon- 
sor, while they join other organiza- 
tions and help spoosor the All- 
School Mixer and K biMfes. 

An outstanding aeoonydlshitient 
of the -Y" ttds year tms been lU 
tmiiifwtgA tmrMH. This wianlza- 
has already senewd Jobs tor 

toffBle war 


to Morrieon wem aMV,4aia)Mied 
to some extent. ' 

The pianos were p^rttaQy cleaned 
and the white scale rraioved fnan 
thek MffMi V 1|- K Seek, mrtod- 

Wo one seemed willing to .state 
jast where the blune lay for leaving 
the radiator unconnected. Qock 
declined to make any comment. As- 
sociate proipssor. R. F Omgrlch. as- 
sistant to G R Pauling, hesa of the , wing of Waters Ball, Is the subjest 
building and repair department, re- ; of pullorum tesUO* 
marked that "It was a regrettable' 
Incident" and that "so far as I'm 
concerned, there are no ftcts. " 

EChool are L. J Payne, head of the 
poultry department, E. R. Hal brook. 
H. A. Beaton, M J. Twlehaus, Will 
J. Miller. M W, Buster. L. D Bu^h- 
nell, J. W. Lumb. and R G Christie. 
Presiding over tlie meetings and 
laboratory instructions are L F. 
Payne. L. D, Bushnell, and >I. M. 

An Important pha,<;e of the school, 
which Is beln^ held in the west 

aer m UM; Dean' C^ .x/WiPPlii of j Thomdlke. ramoua imi»|if Vft tHk" 
the OoUege of Uedlctne and Oen- unlwsraUji 


c. o 

' ef ite ai i w i i eji j i, JMHii^Ba 
Abbot, •aeratatrerSMntdf 

These leum wn-e smt a> Praf, 
miller Vriethbeum of the jqumal-. 
tfB ilapartaMat, ta answer to letter^ 
vrtUen while at work on hU mas** 
tar's Agirile. "Iliejr may be found diae^ 
tM lift St* of the loaa 

^i^tmim o^B»0fi 4tfmrttB^ 

Pauling couU. Hgt. 


With another htXkA for kanws State students to express tlwlr views! 

presented in this l.isue, the Collegian reports the resUttS Ol last week's 
poll In regard to the neutrality policy Of the United States In the current 

Beoelvliip the laiyest nuin^ of. tawteaMf votea Ifwt weA was tlie 
"eaah antf eam* Wt^ tor M ]|w oent of ttie atwKBti vMisa dia- 
Ipiated as lavtttag- Sxtv pM cent itmtM. the United states aiil«ing 
war only la ease Its boufKhuMe ere aetuaOy InveM white 90 per cent fa- 
vored entering for the sake of losing democracies. 

Forty per cent slgnlfie<! their approval of the existing Neutrality Em- 
bargo act. 

In general the naptmse to the tl»e». ^fif^Uff^, at tb^ bqttcn^ ot the 
ballot tndlti^ studenU as net wt^diii to v eHint ee r Uet s«rvtee or not 
approving of being drafted. Tweti^. per estit voted tim IMy wqUItt le- 

i tuse to go to war on forelfn aoU. 

, A New Name 

Continuing a movratent of the 
past few yean to ittpeaitd the name 
"Aggie " on Kansas SIpite acUvlUes, 
tbe TWGA will Bfuxaor % edotest of 
roDamlng the old "Afpifte Pop," The 
person who tttlnks of the best name 
will be given a pilae of five dollars. 

1^ oontest apvu tefiir ^ wsa 
end October s, AH suggiMed nyiM^ 
be gmt to the twqa 
the eon^ pqat of flee. The 
e( the MQtest ttrge that a)i 
enlfant;. theto name tft ' the 

""^^lelSafi is an annuel vaudeville 
«t|6w coQHittnr aC eony e tttl ve acts 
bMween OieA e^iiiMUaiii and 

iffmiimw'm Twea. nte pro- 

giNBi bH been Maeiin iaa^r that 
nune stboe It was fttst started, but 
now tbe YW eteims that It bu be- 

on the pullorum disease in the poul 
try industry. 

The dei) T tin| Hi ts of pmiltiy hua- 
Vandiy and beetariology are oooper- 

«tllla. ln ■""**- «»H> nKnnl MatfUa 

Display I^etter^ 
From Sekntisls 

Nine lettors are en duplay in the 
library today that wU] be itf interq^ 
to tjbo^ cgn«f?i9il w|^ the ad* 

Hh letters, fkefi^ six Hobel 
winners and three equaii 

ent ment eag^iees th^ views on the 
adeqMr or fnattoeuee; of aelenee 
news nportJng. 

included are letters from Dr. 
vitals Carrel, medical research in 
tlU; Dr. R. A. MilUkln, award win- 
ner lor hts research on the casmic 
ray in 1923; Dr. Carl D. Anderson 
of the CalKornla ot Technology, 
most recent of American physicists 
to win that award: Dr, Harold C. 
Urey of Columbia unlverslly, win- 


1214 Morp* 

Flower Shop 

Dial 3314 



glth .scuffiess 
Or Port Brcwn, 


other Sport Oxiords 
%M ft 4.9fi 

200 students this fall semester. 
Where tl)e members can gst rttl ex- 
perience and have a lot of fun is 
with the radio committee, gospel 
tsam, and the dramatic committee, 
Hope For Seeocss 

Tliere wlH be tuml work for all 
wbun aie ddve gete sterted< but in 
met years their Indusi^ hi^ l^een 
rewefded with eueeesi, end It it bq< 
heved that tltis yeac wHl be so ot- 
ceptkm. The bc^s wffl have this 
omsd to remember when ^tmf etart 
on their way Sunday night. 

A cause big enough. 

Leadetablp strong enough. 

Wt^Of^Mf l!Wl» enough. 

PtAietti; ItiOe no^ugh. 

luth great eMujjfh. 

City Airport 
Is Dedicskted 

9i|D^^e Coor^ JVustisf 

By Ctwa K Bmia 

The Manhattan Municipal Airport 
was fcrmally dedicated at 4:30 yes- 
terdsy afternoon Ban, Uttham 
a. Smith, Assdeiate JueBoe of tbe 



What's The 

he Oood Of A 

U You Csnt nXHfX 
Att^ I^ap^ Q^im B|>ch 

m Boirth Juliette Phone 3333 

APPROVp I. E. a 


IMfiUfMNfi, BUUk 

I Kansas amifeme Court, TiqKlEa, de- 
I liverlag the dedicatory %$i)resi|. 

' Mivor J. laavid Amm wtm^ 
and Introduced &tih Ks^rt G, 
Bletbanlaon. Jr., Omimmg( '*m 
^Ifqr Cavalry aoboM: U. Oqi 
erlefc Ollbreatb, Mtiiirtiipt ^oismiand- 
eot; U. OtAt Jtain J. Bpbn, execu- 
tive trfOoer: UejRr Aitfaur O. Bam- 
iltoo, oomtnaiwhint karaball Ketd, 
Port Riley: Mid L^e awigeii tralffc: 
'manager, TWA, Kansas City, who 
was guest speaker at the chamber 
of Commerce banquet last night. 
TWA Hostess Sfeafcs 

Miss Marian Coger, who has flown 
a quarter million miles as a "THa 
hostess in th? :m«t year on the Kan- 
sas City-New York run, was pre- 
sented and spokf a few wi)nl)i. 

Joe Jacobson. a Kansas €Kfy Oy- 
tof instructor and temons mtd- 
'W^Aem air nmnc ebatiiMto ipMe 
of tab difficulty in lacatlng the new 
aMpert- A eeven-yeai^ winner In 
tj|a liatttiwt at mm, Jaeabson 
proved to the iadRnai Us firing 
capabuittes b? deoonatntinc many 

the pf%cnun. Jft if^ itOp 
In tJ^ flgndlx afe races, hia 
exp^itf eiw iritaffcmfTl&nis. tMt 
was one time he c(|^ In. a 
parachute Initsad of- an attfl 
Dr. JMees Mretaft 
l^ievious to a t9% 
by Preaidettt F. D. nonO, tbe OM 
lege band ^teyed "AbBa VUt^;" U 
ter President WwaiH% eneod|g|^na 
remarks eeoesmbig tlte ^^f^fff^* 
Bfayor Arnold tntrodneed Dr. W'A. 

Atiditorbon Inalriiiiiciiftt 
Almost A Total ioss 

.Two pianos in the auditorily 
were ssriously damaiied by steam 
last Tuesday morning. It was reveal- 
ed today. 

Prof, WUliam Lindquist, head of 
the music d^MTtment, stat«l that 
two upright grand pianos in in- 
structor John P. Biorrlson'B studio 
received severe Inlury due te the 
escape ol steam from a disconnected 
ra4iat<)r. The radiator had evidently 
npt been connected since last sum- 
mer when it had been moved by Uie 
building and repair department in 
ort^ to wax.ttie floor of the'^yi^.. 

FiAerstean ^ ^ 
Wbgn the steam was torneft; «t 
doe tg tba oool weather ufaaday 
nigfht, m room was aatumtejl, and 
^^leauy was full of stoi^, all 

The damage was dtseoVend by 

Roy Woods, Janitor, who turned off 
the steam as he entered the build- 
ing early Tuesday morning, the 
day being rather warm. On making 
ilia rounds of the building, he found 
tli^ planot. victims of an unU^tend- 
ed Turkish baUi. 
Strings anted 

The instrimients were coveijed 
with a coat of fine, white powder, 
result of the steam acting on the 
varnish. The keys on one were 
roughened on the surlace and all 
the strings were coated with fresh 
ritst. Exact extent of the damage 
win not be known until the piano 
tuner has examined the instru- 
ments, according to Professor Lind- 
quist, He stated that the walls of 
the studio win probably have to be 
done over, as they are badly streak- 
ed. A >miHR of: pgrtnUte be49Q|h)g 

Poultry Inspectors 
la Seiaiott Hm 

Poultry Inspecton of Kansas will 
no doubt leave the Kansas State col- 
lege campus Saturday with a broad- 
er view Of the poultry induetry than 
they had lyfore attending the 
Wtooi for QwltKr Jtmmian, now 
In aesokm here, fvon Bi ffaiBbet 3s 

▼•fiq^ iMNNra duunt the 


,iit ' %■ . 




"The Friendly Bookstore 
Closest to the Campus" 

It's Ulte seeing one game 

anrf Hstftsiwiiiaf ttt Ittm 

Uao, iV Own i 

Yoe've never taken a roAle 
to r foetbaU Ipbg^bf^ve 
yen? Neither 
tSB't a bad 
you're in the same powitlen 
as the man who comes here 
fa* Me abcut Fall clothex , . . 
he not oi ly keeps abreast 
with tlte double breosledH 
he likes best bat he tees alt 
the ether itcbooU ot 
theagbk I4N> 

Truly, this U a varied 
stock, You can ill on the 
sidelines of the things jron 
like a;id >iee hundreds of 
Meos ether ch a|» are going 

ae MHUi e0iela|[ Ib» 
ae leaf as yen ^W^. ^ 

^1^^ S^j^^^^* ^^^^^ ^ft^ 


daalenl Purai 

Old England Fi;ank l|$edlw 

Royal Stuart IHike of Duiadee 

£ip<;a4iUy Ifilano Hessoiwii^ 

Xajmdte if^t^wi^ 

m 4«|^PH«»' Humidon.<i#fii 

fOVlQbea, Tobacco, etc. 

Soda Fountain ^vm^eQpeUe 
Statf SUfcionagy 


We DeMvef 

Con IS88 

* e * ♦ 

$20 to $3& 

I ♦♦♦ ♦ ♦♦e»»ee»»»»»a»ee »» e 

l|a a man who lias *Hmed- 
fhiily and gensKmar" donated his 
ttm) and mon^ to the eneamp of 
fSfs aS^iiorf; Elttbter WSm^ la^ 
made the statement that he was 
very pgrorai that the aMorl ^as 
oompleted and was gratelul td the 
teemty of the college and the tin- 
sws of Manhattan for Iftelr fbie 

JtiRl bppts Joe Ji:cobjSfi took to 
tto afr t||e Oi41ege bend played 
iter atoaatfted Bat^." 


Signed— Steel Ring 

" - I 



engineer do your dtiv^O ■ • • w*B# yiM 
kB tnia brerral «4aniin*<il' P^ov* M 
oSmt MiNe for your money: v^ara 
fen gal g ao ti i WnflWn o of ' 


Aft yewr UbloM PtfcOfe 
4^ i^bepr le«i| tew 




AivMiee ^Mbltiliir S9e WIO Be SoM hjr: 

Erny MaaOoi|M4 

Worth Wnn 
Iri Y<o 


Joe Robertaon 
Lairy Beaaniimt 
Bob Ciendcnin 
John Mppre 

Falace Drug 


■orian . . 

by jennle mule nuutaen 

u s MOlf telAl olfitfliif t» 
poo ftiul talc <tenoiu vliiel 
orar the canuMi tod^. . . lee«p on 
that lajun tnU, atudKito, ud 
buy tMfim UH titasbftvk 


or nther, cmmpus, is Joe lorteox. 

double for rlcli greenc of movie 
fame, «ae and the playboy plus. . . 
tw la spotted n\f»t often Jellytaw 
or escorting pat palmer home- 
wards up kkg way. 

II Anyone Mentions Sneaks 
I'll . . . well, listen to this. . . tieanl 
the adpl's arc sneaking four 
Umai. . . popiiiar, no end. . . . Um 
Glgma nu'jj snuck tues. with the 
pi r)hl cutles and wed. escorted 
the cm o's. . , the newles of delta 
lau dati'd lip Ihc irl-ddt little 
Bisters wed. aii(l all Journeyed 
someplace. . . bul the :>lil dclts. 
, . they're the totis. . , each pledge 
told an active i\v.-y were Boing to 
sneak and needed an extra man. 
, . poor active, (unsuspecting crea- 
ture), faithfully promises to meet 
plcdgea at Jelly Joint, . . result: 
actives scattered over town; 
pledges siting by the Itro^4t. • . 
funny Joke, no sneak I 

Traditional Bnflet Sappers 
will begin at the sac house with 
the first one Sunday. . . delectable 
food, dancing, ping pong, etc., 
will be provided by the "fun" boys 
for their siMclal datei tbat even- 
ing , . . JMH ■ Mitt mmA itf time, 

(MhiiiliU Her liBMaai 
popoJaitly wu mmty gny- theta, 
wbBii abe etwltied tpeek staugh- 
tar^ dgak au ioMhii to hers %t 
the pi phi lioaH uadif i . . all 
pwd luok. 


To Please Crowd 

Varsity Features Dancing, 
Mixer Indudes Motion 1^ 

tures, Games and Vaudeville 

Jubilant youth ftnd the more dlfnUied faoulty mfinbers 
will swing out tottlghl tn Klchols gjmiui^ina ti» iSik moAc 
ot llKtt BettOD ud bis ovehMtn. 

The danee will hlgbltght the evening of the annual all 

Kchool mixer, spon sored by the YMCA, YWCA, and the 

taltiid ^wtr dMiii at' « iflmptw 
at the <ii9 o' ttw mM" 
vt. . . mil liw ntft taut in- 
torawttriMiiMM at 
itay rttumint ta m 

to dMPM. 

Tin, vl|cf 

and Titaltty 

■0 to 

Wmn nat 

faMSi ol tbe aveitinf at 

Ktudent Governing associa- 
tion. Matt has promised to 
present his latest arrange- 
ments of popular numbers 
for tbe dancing couples and 
sprotatora. New tei^ure to 
many wlU be the ii»w ii«ra- 

The larfB eroirda (enerally at- 
tending tbto aflUr an «qieeted to 
be tnonaaad fUa jm, a» ttadanla 
would be wt»k to -dnas for wm 
weather on tlia danoa Otnr. 
Prorram For ImjBWa 

A program of varied amusements 
for all types of people has been 
plpimrd lor the evening. During the 
earlier part of the evening, two in- 
terest mg programs have been plan- 
ned, one a I the gymnasium and one 
at the auditorium. 

Both old sjoi new ammthlMt 
green frethtnen. MplmiiMtfls In Vtu/te 
Moond year ttutnp, rajtmnatod jim- 
lon, and aophlatteatad anion wDl 
tllttw and boil iad antoy an «ven- 
tag of flat. 

attraotion, to 

the chapter house Sunday serving 
food, buffet style, to their dates. 
. . dancin' and Jltteiln' 'fottOWed. 
Bark Reminiscing 

was Tom Mahoney, working now 
in detrolt, mlcblgan, . . ime time 
beta amootbti of HhnM itate 
TUl Aai llMffc 

jawtntMiMt oldpon, nanb^tan, to 
tba n«MII 'tmrn d . . a' 

outiavttli sonmutlMl 
tn ClB^ 

««r down aDitlli wbtto tbe ooeds 
ait aU baauttea and ttw Mtai, 
Ikllant. . . vban a feOa aaJu ttoa 
gM trioid for a date and Afa 
au dated up ahe anewms, "aorry, 
Mib. but ahlltake a rain etwckr 
stani be ilad to go any 
f • aoc- ed< 

which Staters are looking forward 
to with lest and xeal. Is the varsity 
Satufuay evening at the Avalon 
ball room. Win or lose, hot weather 
or cold weather, a capacity creiwd Is 
espectsd irft«r tbe pMoe Bajn 

Frosh Cottages 
Swing Out 

Freshman cottages arc swinging 
Into their fall activities. The girls 
of Case Alba. 1433 Pairchlld. were 
guests at ofian bouse helA by tb; 
boys at ItOt Laraoiia moA 

SiuMt padE Moo- 
tbe OnoB IMiQtten 


neattkiK at 



The freehman cottages have also 
elt-cted their officers for 1939-40. At 
the Casa Alba the nev officers are: 
president, Otorla Spiegel, Topeka; 
vice-president. Norma Lee Herald, 
Ellin wood; secretary- treasurer, Leah 
White, Topeka; songleader. Relda 
Lou Jones, Ooodland; conespond- 
ing secretary, Merle Van Beber, 

Mareella Verey is the general 
chalrmaif of the Tri-V's freshman 
cottage at 337 North 15th. Otber 
offlcerB ate: aoctal ehairman, Bet- 
ty 3-M UUboo; buslnew cbalnnan, 
Bemleco Wlnlns; eounoMor. Marge 
Halts; i«qM«r, KiitMepi Ibttln 
■M. W. W. Owens ii ^ 

To Hilp Us Git Acquainted 

We invite all lady students of the college 
to bowl as our guests and free of charge on 
our opeaiiig evening — 

Monday, October 2nd 

at 8 o'clock 

A ladjr hwtructor vrill help to make your 
evening a pleasant one. 

Manhattan Bowling Alleys 

(Oae-Kair Mbek East of Poetofflce Downtown) 
rmuat O'Neal. Manager 

Tbe Pal^lUe bouM. IM North 
fUteeoth ttiMt, wOl bdU open 
hoitw. Sunday, from 7:90 tmtil lo 
o'clock. The boUM «h|Oh has lust 
recently been «giitaliwd la the fann- 
er tocmttoo of the Ellen fUcbard's 
practice house. Mrs, Lillian B. 
Puller Is house -in other with Wllma 
Staehii serving as preslCeiTt and 
Gall Haley, secretai^-treasurer. 
Members of the house are Rut ho 
Morrow, Ave tyti Mattson, Mabyn 
Fuller, <Kneva Ruth Campbell, 
Evelyn Moyer. Margaret Jean Van 
Horn, Jeanne Stephenson, Enid 
stoot». Miss ataeblli MM aaley. 
and Mri. ruUar. ' 

Teas Honor 

J<m. aiMdo Aka and ifn. Irtber 
Hatnmaad, htw yueemothers irf Al- 
pha XI delta and ^ ^ 
sllou respectively, frtll |#boneted at 
tcB.s Sundgy at tbolr iKNises from S 
o'clock to 4:30. Rsoetvlng at the Al- 
pha Xi Delta house will be Mrs. 
Alen, Olnbeth Brooks, and Lucy 
Jo Reader. Mrs, Hammond and 8y 
Womer will r«oelve the guests at 
the Slg Ep house and Mrs. Bost- 
wick, Mrs. Frailer, and Mrs. Ketch- 
iriU assist at the tea Ubk. 

ST.U. Goes 100% Co-Op 

Profit sharing in cash to cash customers who board with us at 
leait 1 2 weeks per aemeater. Students -worldi^ (oir th< institu- 
tion receive their benefits in kibor. 

We invite you to 
I attend our 

a profitable good 

time for all. 
(As usual, refresh- 

Sunday Nite 
9;00 P, M. 

S. T. U. Dining 

Tt» lown pso^ we ctr* 
tatnfy ittlpoiMtfe to our 
plea for odd Jobs 

TUe ImnSiy patnmsge is 
bettnr tiisa twr. We have 
2 wntor gtris sad 1 gradu- 
ate student working for 
you llmiii. We «U tbmoik 

We may piiitt aa .& T. U. 

paper of our own socm. 
Our "ethics" won't permit 
our taking beer nor clgsr- 
ette ads eitber. 

"Give us 


Dinlnf nitm lelflS'' ' 
$10.00 & $12.50 

per 48 or 72 meals respec- 
tively. No Sunday meals. 

Our prices are cwiaerva- 

Uve but we do not want to 
carry the name of a cheap 
boarding place. 

1. A new full time cook, 

8. Pie and Atlsn. 
4. We serve thebsifbatter. 

6. Time: 

Breakfast 6A.M.-« A.M. 
Ltmch 11:30 A.H.-1 P.M. 
Dinner 5:80 PJt-7 PJf. 



College Calendar 


«Ueak-tS tfHeiA 




Kansas State-Fort Hays game — stadlunv-4 i 
BOA vamty— Avalon— » o'cteek-13 o'cloek 
YM-TW danoe— Beereatkn ■mliff-tiW'li :M 
Ba mutoo mmm aeeWt WkiiBai. mtm tm-HM-B o'oloek 


YMCA rally H oo mtto n center— 3 o"clocIc-5 o'clock 
8isa^ Phi EiiaBon tea— chapter houae — 3 o'clock -5 o'clodt 

YMOA pre-drlTe meeUnc— Reciefttiaa 
OWa* 0m ohft-OaMn, Boon an-S!i»-e:li 
Mn^i tfee tmb-n^MUOd, aootn n-s:)»4:M 
TW eaHnet-^OBMii, Room OH-T »^riock>«:l» 
Alpha Zeta-Kichola, Room IfT»~7:15-«;tt 
"K" Iratemlty meeUng— K tombi^l99 

Dmicers Will 
Swing Out 

The ]im-Jam jump and the Jump- 
In' Jive were much In evu^ence this 
week a.s the Oreil» Mpu HMr fitil 
social program. 

InauBuraUng the social wlilrl were 
houM ctanoec Batuidey the 
AKL and num Bouae ttaternttlw, 
SuDdajr the U^t faotaatte took a 
Imting at Uie DellA Ita Odta, Al- 
pha Oamma Rho. ana Botm KapM 
housM. Tuesday «««iUnt the Ohi OV 
mra hoow'' to the IMta, Hie 
Aliiha Xl% mtntalned the SAl'a 
and «» rat OnoiA KM 
ess to the Acaotat. 

FVlday evening will be a lull one 
as the TKE'.s hold open house for 
the Pi Phl.s, ihe ADPr.'i for the' 
Phi Delts, the Trl Delt's for the' 
aig Alph'-s. and the Chi O's for tbe 
eigma Nu'a betore tbe aU-ooUofe 

Suppers For 
Ccdlege Sisters 

OMlOfe sUter suppers b?gin on 
their third weeic with two parties 
Monday night. AppioxUnat<?ly 150 
big and lltUe staters will be t^e 


Madeline Anderson's group will \k 
entertained tif Un. R. U. Ooorad, 
vhUe Ifti. a« VoUon wai Iw boat- 
oas .to 9im Uim graip Monday 

awlxig fans wiU no doubt vie tor 
Invltatloiu to the Jam «e«lon at 
the rail Om«» house kfter Setur- 
dajTe football game. Other vtetoty, 
we hojie, danees will be held at ihi j 
Tice and Theta XI houses Sunday 
the PIKA's and dates will swing out 
in fuU force at a house dance. So 
on and on it goes, aatf Mom it 
stops noboOif knowa. . . . , 

On Tuesday Mrs. C. A. Scott win 
entertain Rachel Jane Congdon'.s 
Srsup members 

Three group.-; will served .sup- 
pers Thursday evening when Helen 
Droir,s group will meet at the home 
or Mrs. John Kepler, Lorrayne 
ahepardson's at Mrs. I^le Downey's, 
and Mary OrttwMX wtth 


The last dinner of the 
be Friday night when 
Amdt will 
beil's group. 

>fl», O. X. 

nttronite Oollegian MmetSaaa 

Boys* House 

BoyattAit at "The HOoie of WS- 
Uaau," Independent house at IJM 
BlaeDMiBt,,beve organized. oKlcen 
Odaet^ for the seDieater art Bob 
CSMMkntn. preridrat; Sberryl Nlch 
olas, vloe^aeeeldent: arxl Marvin 
Sbetlar, AeMtaiy and treasurer. 

Hie gnvv haf organized for so- 
cial adTBhtafes. and are also spon- 


Nmfir*eplii*l $||0 

roe A UMino mm oniy— »• 

affwr iMt avHIlNg eew belti en" 

MKib'l* pofiae* •( Evmint bi 
Farii tubbling taHi Cuanci and 
lolli Pew^ar tor Ilia pHc* el Itm 
•ewdar alew. , |, ||,| 

They're mi pepnlar, Hiey 
Fier" out as won as we uret then 
In! A ittannlng pump of BLACK 
or BROWN SUEDE . . . with 
baUt-ay Mhei 
AUgiriar Calf 
piiee h 


Ward Keller Store 

Pledge Officers 
Take Charge 

with HMakt and pMfe actlvlttes 
creatlnff a aeed tor Offanlaatlop, 
(ratemlty defies footed «• 

ficm tn Toeent imytlnpi, Piwri y^ii p 
a» RoK Aoofe, SMpn* fU l^oa: 
BUI MeKbtley. Tiau Ka|>pa ^atM; 
Al Undcren, Sigma Mti: O. W. 

"Dutdt" SOboItx, Sigma Atpha^Bp- 
aBan; Oane Snyder, PI Kappa Al- 
pha; JMMi Onms, Phi Sl^iftKap* 

pa; Bob mOtst, phi K«m« Tui: 
Charles Weinpe, Phi Kappa; Keith 
Thompson. Farm House; Charles 
KIser. Beta Kappa: Earl Pugh, 
Theta XI: Harold Frailer, Acacia; 
Jinnny Kdoh. Alpha aamma Rho; 
Tom Nfill. Alpha Kappa Lambda: 
Dsn Bei5fipr, Beta Theta Pi: Delbert 
Buck, Delta Sigma Phi; Prank Pat- 
ten, Kappa Sigma; Eugene L, 
"Buck" Benny, DelU Tau DelU; 
Jaofe Thtiler, Alpha Um 

*Best Daueers' 
Have Meeting 

Enchiladas conducted Its flrtt 
meeting of the year last evening at 
the Chi Omega hou.^e. New mem- 
bers, retracing the ones who did 
not return to school this full, were 
elect^l. Initiation wks discussed 
and first arrangements were made 
for their annual fall party. 

Enchiladas is en honorary social 
dancing cnrganisaUon compond ot 
s?ven members Irom each rmtloiial 
eocorlty on tbe 

Prof. A. L. Clpnp of tlK agronomy 
department is in New Mexico. He 
wUl t^peak before th" New UexlDO 
Crop Improvement assoclaUan at 
tta ammal wiiHlHg. October s. 




Wareham Theatre BIdg. 
Ph. 33*0 



A young American couple board a cruise boat for 
South kamask . . ■ and suddenly find themselves 
swept into a grim international intrigue. Why should 
someone try to murder these two innocent Americaiib? 
Why should secret agents for Germany and Japan 
attempt to prevent Uiein from reaching the tropical 
country of Cliica? Here's au exciting adventure in 
seven swift installments, anothertop-notch Post serial, 
hf a PitUlxer Prize author whose hitk Inb novdi 
luve heaided bestseller liilt. 

Aho in thk mm . . . 


Uncmreting • »10,OOOJ»0 Soviet ewta^ 


A rfxrt it«T br M«M mMMN 


A *h«t rtory of hig-l 

•irwim 1WO puuw 

gaiwallr ' 


Mm* tke man behind tta ntHrf flr 


a«t he dMa • bmteiM er «M0^ a year 


About a picture they didn't w«nt aHoflywaMI 
A ihort itory by LOWUO «MIHST IMM 

I oiytury thriller, I 



Kansas State Collegian 

State CoBtft Qi 

AfpttedSdaiM, TtmAay, October 3, 193t 

Number ^ 

Wampus Gate 
To Cooperate 
With K Club 

' P«90 AmMMnces 

Reaction to tin; follesiaii 
editorial proiioHlng llial the 
Wampue Cats take over the 
•IKmaorthlp of freebnian 
caps and enforce the rules 
eoneenUng tbem wm stated 
yestmitr by Bob Page, pree- 
idciit of tho K-State men's 
pep organization. ■ 

"We ill tend to cooperate 
fully with tiie K ciub in car- 
rying out tliiH tradition," 
Page declared, "particularly 
in the thiee days preceding 
tlie date of tbe game." He 
added tbat p^i are being 
nuMie to rw»Te a center 
dttierlng seetton nir freeli- 
men, who will be reqotred to 
wear freshman caps. 
Ilvir VnifomtB 

Premd«nt Page al&o announced 
genTral plans anct activities ol the 
Wampus Cati lor the year. Chiel 
Item is ttie nurctiaw of sweaters to 
unltorm the member* "A great ad- 
dition to th(- apiwarance ot the or- 
ganization' wa.1 Page's tlesvcriptlon 
Of the new attire. 

The Gat» will make their debut in 
the colorful, new aweaten at th'. 
Oldarado gaaie, fiaturday. Octotxr 
]4. The mmterk are baby ahslcer 
Wt, loog<llMV«(l, wool «Up-overs In 
nytl pdniit. contrasting with tti7 
MIM eoltf win be the beMi of the 

mmKUtimm, iriucb wm be 

^•Md OB tiM ftool ef the iweater. 
KlMM atttutlTi «»>ems wne 
(Mtantf iMt month Dmm the OBhay 
WiilHliMi nlUi Oaoifgi the Kttiletlc 
ilnnilieml ■iiil rhir tn tji hero 
In tiB» for the 

State Romps . . . 

SGA Assembl}? 
For Students 

Bcttnti To Fomisli 
Mmic For Annual 

Get P. O. Boxca 

Final fomu of the CoUeftan 
maiUnt lifts are belnf compiled 
and itodenu will berin recelvinc 
their cow «< tke CoUcflu 
IhiwHi the wmt oUlM Uie nm 

•r Mst 

Tlila tmo abewa two daae ef 

tnr the swHceroo nt the xll-idMal Miser Friday 
nicbl while a latfc crowd of etith M la ii tlc ipec- 
latom 1e»d encaorafemtnt to Uie contestants. Fol 
Uw eeilifftt etauwttttm la 

nvtnclnc It ii 
•f MaU Betten. 

Twelve Vie 
For Ag Titles 

At ^ iMMBa iMnH nemben will 
b* mqalml to msr their aweaters. 
Ji tMqr to do ao, they wUl not 
be admttt^ to Jthe IMtleD nmm i 

for them. 

WUl DriU With fluid 

TOe Wampua Cat* plan <■» toupci - 
ate fully "Jiii wlwVehedrtec'h wrh 
the college band, the Purplp Pep- 
8ter», and the cheerleaders in di- 
rectlns and bulldrng up the spirit 
nnd morale of the State rooting sec- 1 
tlon, This year the organlMtlonii j 
will drill with the band, under the 
direction of I.yle Downey, b glnmnt! 
the week of October 8 They ;nom- 1 
tae a greatly improved pioKviim of 
clrUls and stunts Dick Wellman has, 
charge of the stunts for the CaU.\ 
Fm'tnt plans call for the Initial | 
pep rally of the year to be Held Pri- 
dsy ovhUdb. October 19f under the 
gaUmuBv ot the cheerlMd^rs, Wam. 
pot Oats and Purple Pepslers A ' 
nUBinoth bonfire Is to highlight the 
fmlly, which la to be held in the 
, Olty put. W«tah tof fuii details 
' and par»eUlm «bl^ nil I 

To Be Niraieil Thnfsdajr 

Twelve girls will go about the 
campttt bedecked hi vtolent Kd ban- 
dana kerchiefs from ttow until 
Thursday. The bandawi annt Ui; 
latest rage iratn Wurta. but to let 
the student body, parttoularty the 
ag stndenti. ktuMr who tte nticU- 
daies for Ag Bamwanner FMnocaaes 

Five of th«8e girls wUl be «ho«>sn 
aa prlnesnei Thnrsday. October S. 
when they are voted upon at ag 
leminar. Itw i|ueen wUl be elected 
Xtofu the live innnceases and will 
reign at the annual eg Mudents' 
festival, the Ag Barn warmer. Oct- 
ober 31. 

The candidates for prlncusee are 

ohc,t«>n irom each soirorlty. Van ZUe 
hall, and [hi- ISU The candidates 
»nt' '.■:-'lr wrortli.-'s arc: Nancy Wil 
IvBin-. Tri-Uell: Verna Msie Ward. 1 
Pl-1 OineKH Pi; Jane Galbralth, Al- 1 
pha Delta PI: Oclo Alice Taylor, 
Clovla; Jean .Mrinc Knott. Ilappa 
Kappa Gamma; Mar]i>rie Gould, 
Kappa Delta; Mary Gri.swold. Chi 
Omcgn: Viigtiiia Holmes. Alpha XI 
Delta: heora Feticl, Van Zilr hall; 
Marty AH-xaiitifv. PI BPiaPhi; Mild- 
red King, Z 't-i T-iu Alph;i 

Fraiicl.'i Fried li, manauer ot the 
tariiwaimcr. lia,-. cail-""*! a meeting at 
tin- TKE hou-^c to decldj on ticket 
■< I he orohestra, taa ottier de- 

Thi.s \oai :; Utirtiwarmer L-i the 
thirteenth nnniwl ullmr, having re- 
placed the Ag Fair in i:i27. 

< be pid>- 

"VMbtnm with tbMr 
gip, and tire form the bwds dt any 
ooilete pep club.** aald Irl Teo, 
membersblp chairmaiV In annoimc- 
iag that « new niMBMra would be 
taken la to fill tho organleatlon's 

All fnslunea and oth'srs in- 
temted in beeomlat* moaber 
of the Waa^at Olrie m »• 
qtwatad to tetophoo* or other- 
wiat get in te^lll «ttb *ny ef 
fbt fofioetaf : 

IT. J. team 

LM NdHB a-tUT 
He tttrtlier urg:« that studrots 
jn tw e rt ea In pcomotlac pep and 
ayfeU for K«0lato tMuaa get In 
touch with him before Thureday 
nii^ at am wtA a* the lolUa- 
tton of new nwaben-la to be held 
ttalB mds^t mldiiiglit. 
Uve members and aettvas will 
at thai tbnt In tm^ ef the oan* 

Chined Grad 
Loses His 1916 
Royal Purple 

When the Japanese occupied 
OantOD, Clilna. troops ransacked 
the home of Bdward Shim. Kansas 
State graduate of U16. After look- 
ing over what remained of his per- 
sonal property. Shim found that hl.s j 
1916 Royal Purple, among other' 
things, was gone, but tliat his dip- 1 
loma of graduation had been spared. 

Shim and his family have tak«n 
temporary living quarter.<; in Hong- 
kong Chemical bid us tries, which 
traasteved otfioee to Hongkong af- 
ter ttw kM of Ourtoo. At present, 
he u earning on «q^ectanents using 
plant lumonee on ries and sugar 
to a iwent letter to 

Kissing Bug 
Harms Qirls 

The gtrli at BUen Richards lodge 
are sle^Aig under inoswlto net- 
ting tbeae nights cs a 
from the Usslng bug. 

Bites frc:n this prac;lcEi!ly un- j 
Icnown insecv cnu^-:cd brui e^ anti, 
swelling. One girl was bitt ;n .s.'i j 
badly she was forced to remain out ' 
of school and have a doctor callsd | 
The doctor was si fir'it mystified 
but finally vetoed the mosquito and 
pl(":cd the blame on the kt^ng bug. 

The moral of this Hmf %tl IQOB- 
quttoK don't kiss. 

A., .— I ■■ I- -.. 

'Pbrple' Rated 

New Perf ept 

Scores 990 Out Of 

Possible 1,000 Points 

Tb« IftSS Royal Purple scored 970 
miii out itf a poMtble 1000. ac- 
(ordlng to a •ooreeard sent c. J. 
MedUo, graduate manager of stu- 
dent pnbileatlima. by the Hatlonai 
Schdaatie Preu atootiation. C»iy 
ff» peliitt «ere mmms$ to b;; 
ctassed as aS-AniMlBeia ; 

The sewebodk oontalned this 
comment ftom the Jtidge, "A more 
colorful and mOfa laCereeting book 
than hut yHur/* tttt judse also 
said that "It la a pteasure to grado 
such an outstanding book." 

OrdtiuuUy, excellent is the best 
^(ore given on a secUon, but thd 
Royal Purple received a bonus of 
10 points for complete coverage of 
the entire school. It also received a 
bonus of 10 pobiti oh tiM aehool 
life aeetioo. « 

UMUtt said that the book w«a 
crltldaed sornvwhatf because some 
of the pictures were too gray. "Be- 
cause of this we are attemnt'tng UJ 
get darker backgrounds for indi- 
vidual as well as group picture.^ this 

The book was given p.irticular 
cT"dli for the splendid captions on 
all news and action pictures uned 
Judse Commend), Book 

The JudBe also commentl«l the 
Royai Piirple for the goocl heiids and 
write- ui)s in the athlctle jyettion 

Al Maklns. editor of the Royal 
Purple, urfjes all student.s who want 
their pictures in the class section to 
make arratigemenls right away at 
the Royal Purple office. The price 
will be tl per plctur? If li is taken 
before November 1. After Novem- 
ber 1 the price wlU be | 

The Student Clovprning as- 
Bociation will present their 
ann\ial asaembly program to- 
morrow, October 4, at 2 
o'clock in College auditori- 
um. Russell I/eeper, SGA 
president, will preside at tlie 
assembly, and will open the 
program Iqr telling the Kan- 
RaB State student bodjr the 
purpose and ' problems that 
confront this self-governing 
student council during the 
school year. 

This assembly prograiii has been 
especially arranged so that students 
Will know and understand the ac- 1 
tlvltleri and duties of the student , 
council, and benefit by such know- 
ledge. The program it la tuU 
Charge ot the council. 

a seneater. 

Stodenta wh« Uve In fntenlly 
and MTortty hoaies and Van ZBa 
hall nill eontlnne receiving Uielr 
Collegian at ihcae taw 

*r iMa 

Final Figures 
Put Enrolment 
At 4,071 Mark" 

Downey Has 55 
In Orchestra 

Much Better Balanced, 

Registrar AnnoimoM QfficU 
List; General Science Leads 
DMsioiis; To^ Sets Ilbcord 


Cards Cease 

DtftOHittmuuioe b 
ttensed By Ntm-iue 

No linger will Kansas State stu- 
dents be aSked to present their 
identlfleatton eaids in order to gain 
admissioti to footlM^ ganm, taskrt- 1 
ball games and other athtotie events. 
Th« cards win net be isatied tols 
fall, aeewdlng to the ataltnnent 
made by Jes^ HODowell Kachir, 
r'Tglstrar, yesterday. 

It seems that after the students 
had had their t^ures taieeo and 
the registrar's staff had goe« to a 
great deal of worK In order to get 
the can?s out by thi first football 
game, most of Uie K-8taters trooped 
into the stadium wltlxnit having the > 
tteket-takers so much as peep at 
their carfs. Ttie same thing was trun 
at the otbT plaees wt>ere afiiletlc 
eontoets were ImM. Buelneas men 
downtown failed to reaUae the vabie 
'of tK'e cards as a means of identifi- 
cation and seldwn ask-Ml for them. 

The cost of preparing the cards 
and the time spent on them were 
the main factors that Influenced 
the (leeision ot the coU-^ge authorl- 
tlc^ The time and money wouid 
hav • bt'on uell .^oent had the stu- 
dents used the cards as they were 
Intended, according to Miss Machlr, 
but under existing conditions It 
decided that they wer? not worth 
the el fort and money Involved. 

rano^ ^IMatais o6 the prognun 
will tnehito Juns Darby and Janiea 
Stockman, both aenlen and mem- 
btm <ri tlia ootmcU, aad by Marian- 

na Kisttor, a Ittnicr in~ industrial 
leiimallam, and veteran Little 

Theatre actor. 

An added attraction of this as- 
sembly will be the music, which is to 
be furnished by Matt B°tton and 
his varsity band. For the lust two 
or three years Betlon's biind hits 
furnished the iiutsic for the SO A ! 
8s.sembly. Hi,s band which ih con- ! 
nidirtri one of the outstanding 
tiand^ ol the Mitidle W?st, will play 

.•E^v rai meabefB tbmiigliiRtt the 


To 'Spaifc Otr a reajeet 

Though the council woufal not 
divulge full detalla ot ttie asaembly, 
members inthnated ttiat the pro- 
ee^dlnm would "spark ofr oi one 
of the porHaeiit iB«Jsets that will 
directly coneam the 'Wdfare of 
tvecy Kansas State student. 

'Tt is the oounell'k purpose to pro- 
mote good-f?eIiiig betwetn the stu- 
dento and cffMals tlist gonm this 

tMl'tibBt the gngfata ^ Uava^ 
ranfsd is of mm Mrtw* ttaat it 
will ^peai to tha 

Purple Pe|>sters 
Vote In initiates 

will haie an bo- 
at 1:30 toni^t in 

to Leant mud, 


A nestittt of sH MtlTC nemben 
ot tho mmpwi Citt li to be held 
ntunMlay evening at in the 
K-room. Nichols frOWMMum. 

Among other tihangss announced 
at a meeting titld la^ week was 
that Of proportianata representa- 
tion. In making the pep club this 
year a truly representaUve group, an 
equitable arrangement on a 50-50 
basis is to '« carried out. One- halt 
of the membership Is to be com- 
p<ued of independents and one-half 
of Orerks Attendance at games, 
pep rallies, and ottier student events 
is to be compulsory. With the ex- 
ception of three to be determined by 
the groun. un-xeu-sed absences will 
not be allowed and too many wlU 
result in the expuisioa ttao MB- 
vtdual cooceroed. 

HaroU ttreth. 
inatructor bi arehitacture last 
MMT. is now «mid(9«d bv a 
engioecn in 

that be wtn be forced 
to discontinue tils suhecrlptioo to 
the Kansas Kato mdrntrlallst, for 
enmDcy, It 
money to pay the mdustrlahst sub- 
scription tat one year. 

Shhn ee«OMd grtaiMt ovw the loes 
of his vahtsd Regral Pinito. and at- 
ttnpta ■» being inade tqr tbe 


M 71, aoooMUtv 

N-w membciii of ttio p^t organi- 
zation who were voted in "tue^day 
are Mary Ann Bair. MLirJorie Ben- 
Sion. Betty Bochni. Janet Brun- 
! schcr. Ruth Brunner. Dorothy Bu- 
; chanan. Ruth Campbell, Katherine 
! Chubb. F>ooal« LoB Ome^ Jane 

' Dunham. 

jiMie Havmakev, Hitel Jackson, 
Mary Luc lie Johnson, Settle Merrill. 
Marjorie Morec, Helen Perk ill's, 
Cheryl Poppen, Lorrayne Btwpard- 
soa and Ktiy iBtemrt 

Crop Display 
At State Fairs - 
Wins Ag $225 

K«nnetb Jamesim's education is 
already peytag out pnftto in the 
tmA ot two checks totaling $325. 
4mmoa, a lunior In the divlataa of 
apliailtiir^. won aeeood prise on his 
dUpUtf «t the Kansas free fair at 
Tapdn Snd ttilrd .nlace at the Hut- 
chinson state fair. 

Tb'i booth contained a display of 
crops beat adaoted to his home 
county, and was Judged on Its edu- 
cational value and artistic arrange- 
ment and the coop'^ratlon of the 
people In the ctnmty in rrrtrtng the 
display a succejis. 

Jame.son spent mo^i ot the sum- 
mrr eollcctlDK the material for his 
exhibit and threi days before the 
opening of the Topeka fair arrang- 
hig the booth. 

A much better balanced organi- 
zation than that of last year" was 
the comment of Prof. Lyle Downey 
In naming the 55 who will make up 
the personnel of the college orches- 
tra this year. An Increa^ over tbe 
usual number of stringed instru- 
ments makes this balance possible. 

Downey Is planning to feature 
several solo groups on concerts. He 
now has a trumpet trio and in- 
tends to use a brass sextet, wood- 
wind ensemble sod a aaaailKine «- 

"The first performance of the 
orchestrn wiU probably b? on an 
as.setnbiy program as soon as we 
can prepare for It, " said the otm- 
ductor, IWBi i W iil s bHttH this 

Although the sectiOM are well 
matched with each otber, there is 
still room for more mueteiUM, es- 
pecially string players. 
Members ot the orchestra are; 
Violin— Max Martin, concert- 
master; Peggy Paddock. Ruth Kug- 
ler, Edltli Hanna. Margaret Sch- 
nake, Ruth Ruiil.n, Carol Steven- 
son, Mary Ellen Rlchter. Dorothy 
Knaus, Marie Brewer. Elaine Wick- 
er. Cleda Ram bo, Marjorle Btene- 
man. Marclle Norby, R(d)ert Dawtey, 
Paul Kclley, Mary EUnor Wxy, Don 
Richards. Maiy OaouaUlCS, and Bd- 
ward Raseng. 

Viola— Richard Keith, r. H. 
Brown. Maiy Dean Bralnard, Junior 
Nelson, and Max Thompson. 

OeUo— Sselyri Mae Oannal. Rob- 
erta Clack, Robert Naubors, Mar- 
garet OolUns, Ohmlea Homo:, Les- 
ter Barrett. 

^fis— Val 0«ie aumxA, AUeen 
02m?nt, NoRlal Mopiw, gad Jud- 

By D. S. Gaertant 
Official rigiirea released yesterday by Mlag Jessie Mc- 
X^owcll Macliir, reqslstrar, give a record-breaking total pi 
4,071 students enrolled at Kansas SUte college tbla semes- 
ter. This flgure shows an increase ef tVt over laet year's 
record total nt S,918. ll«i students outnumbw tlie wom^ 
student 2,873 to 1,198, more than two to one. 

The freshman class hoftt: 
the record for enrolmiS 
with a total of 1,359, and tbe 
other oUwee thin out 4a 
chronol^oal order with 9Z9 
sophomores, 8S6 Junton, aof 
714 senlore. There are 4S 
special students and 18t 
graduate study students, the lattl^ 
group IncludUig 12 undergraduate 
Students, There are two dual af- 
signments. MMlg a Ml tel«l oC 

General Science Leada 

A figure which shows ttmt WOBaspt 
are becoming more and oion In- 
I te rested in men's vocations is tho 

Short .sijceche.s were made by Or j enrolment of four women In agri- 
culture and six in engine-ring, of 
the four iii agriculture, two were in 
the curriculum of special horttcut- 

YM Continues 
Member Drive 

Fldd Committees OooilMt 
Actual Interviews 

This yeart YMCA membership 
drive is now in full swihr with Joe 
Robertson acting as chairman. 
Forty men are belptag in tlie drive 
whkih was ofZifllaUy Inaugurate] al 
a meeOng tanisr sflmieeil Kk i 

1th TehT. 
Flttt^— Ettpp 

Robertson, Betty 

Lw i^PiwUif and ma Wartng. 
Obo^^Mny .Brewer and Louis 

A. A, Holtz and Kenny Con well at 
the meeting. The main speech was 
glv?n by Lester ESlis, regional sec- 
retary of the National Congress of 
Clirlstlan youth. EULs talked about 
organization and IntereMins^ !>eople 
In the Yi(|CA. A community ,smg 
was ted by Vernon Rector. 

The 40 men have tieen divided 
Into 15 teams to make sure that the 
drive is properly conducted. The 
team captains are Olewi MetsOR, 
Ralph (Iron, Sid Lawson. Paul 
Hannah. BtU West, Hoyd Stryker, 
Roy, Plshev, Raymond Tanner, 
Worth Linn, Ormonti Btweden, Tom 
Nelil, Vlrtfl BbBpeon, NeU Ji 
Joe RObHtton end 

Uw fint s«ert on tho mn, 
which «nds Wednesday ovontng, was 
to be gim last 

I . lit 

omj^het-XUth WaUtacfonA. Be- 
WTO Oervera. 

BassoMk-^ K. diapla and CQay- 
ton OhartW. 

Sotti— SsnH Osfpanter, Alan 
Oowels. matpee RIchardaon, and 
Bdltb Dawliir, 

Trumpet Bti eldrd Rcvo'. Keith 
Roblfing, and Oanll Mogge. 

Uro mb o n e ■i ^aa rl Roe hat and 
Rtchard SidUtk, 


Dr. R. P Link ot the veterinary 
.staff wa.s called to his home in 
Woodbine. Iowa. September 28, be- 
<»use of tbe sudden death of Us 


Maiihattwi Theatoe Seeks 
stagehandi And 

Oarpenrera, make-up artists, coa- 
tumers. 11^ "tOMn, aod seeaery palnt- 
eis are MMMI for Manhattan Thea- 
tre prodnetkna. says Dfanetiir H. 
Miles Brtutw. AU atadento httereat- 
ed In bdplBf In "tflwiort Legtnd,** 
lint theatre play, are requested to 
leave their namee and tclepiiooe 
nanbera at the puhUc speaking ^- 
in Bt h irat fc m *»«n 

foe Ck«am Han, Packed 
Ideal tor aU parties. Phone Cbap- 


VW Freshman Commission 
Will Fleet Officers 

YWCA PYeshman Commission's 
.second regular meeting wll! be to- 
morrow evening at 7:30 In Recrea- 
tion cer.t"r. "The main feature of 
tho meeting will be election of of- 
ricens, according to Jean Scott, 
chairman. Vlrgbiia Lee Sheets Is In 
charge of a short pngnB flC aml- 
cal numbers. 

The commisslrai is ^ brSMh or- 
ganization of the YWOA 
to give attenUcn to spedsl 
groups, AU beehmaa this 

State Roiiii» Apk 

Time Yet To Apply 
For CAA Training 

College students who are interest- 
ed in flying as a profession or hob- 
ble have stUl tlm; to apply for 
training under the CIvU Aeronau- 
tics Authority. CAA officials have 
nut yet made final arrangements for 
an arin> physician to cwnc here to | 
give ih; difficult examination which 
th» students have to pass. 

Pilty si:\cn voung men have al- 
teady a'/rihed lor enrolment In the 
aviation ciiuis. Annc>unc:inent will 
scon be forthcoming as to the num- 
ber ttiat can be handled. 


Or. Raraer Oslvldga. departmmt 
of otetrieal engineering, gave a talk 
"msfUim Trtunntittm Une Frob- 
lema" at a meeting ot the CMeago 
SeotlcD of Radio engineers last Ftt- 
dav in Chicago. Doctor Selvldge is 
new working on the Improvement of 
tbe department's wlensioo equip- 

Frosh Panhel 
Group Named 

Fraternities Name 
Two Baeh 9i» Qmmip 

Freshmen Panhellenic representa- 
tives from the 20 Kansa.s State fra- 
ternities have been named accord- 
ing to an announcement received 
last night. Each fraternity has 
named two freshmen to lije official 
governing body of all pledgee* which 
works In cooperation with the Sen- 
ior Men's Pantiellenlc. 

UOettaigs, at wbieb matters ao- 
Gial, pt^tieat or oHmtwIm are faim 
care of, are hdd tetoo laoattilr. Xn- 
atanoes of suoeesafol aooial f mwt lflns 
fiponunred In the part br tbe orgsm- 
zatlcn have been their sneaks, tat 
whiob the iriodget of aU tiatemltles 
and serotttlss partldpato, and tbair 
aannal daneae. The selMtloa to be 
iPKwned this year have not been 
djelded upod. 

Tlie newly edeeted members are 
as fonam: Aoaeia, James Staley and 
Harold Kehaer; Alpha Gamma Rho. 
Fred Walker and H»l Canley; Al- 
pha Kappa Lambda, Kenneth Henry 
and Ttan Weal: Alpha Tau Omega. 
Rlel>aRl nweU and Richard Heaton; 
Beta KanM, Joe Jgtvle; Beta Theta 
PI, John D. Bender and Bden Sech- 
ler; IMta Sign m, Jerry dayweU 
and NeU Bsefcenhatier: Delta iku 
Delta. Paid Audson and Ray Carr. 

Farm Rouse. Conrad Jackson and 
Keith Thompson; KHpoa Sigma. 
Bill l^eltsman and Dan Forbes; Phi 
Delta Theta, Tom Ouy and Howard 
McOee; Phi Kappa, fteynwnd Buk- 
aty and William Burger; Phi Kap- 
pa Tau. Jack Spratl and I3on Mllt- 
ncr; Phi Sigma Kappa, Jimmy An- 
drew.s and FYed Lindsey; Pi Kappa 
Alpha, Kel'h Witi and Jock Wll- 
iianis: Sigma Alpha Epsllan, Gerry 
Fi-^h and L*- Stratton: Sigma Nu. 
Dtin Korlman and Edwin Mauck; 
Sigma Phi Epsllon. Keith E. Kln- 
yon and Dougle-s Oary: T^u Kappa 
EptiUon Charles Huber and Floyd 
Holmes; Theta XI, Don 

ture ond one in agriculture admltto 
Istration. But men liave no ten- 
dency to copy tithw ' women's 
clothes or women's occupations, tUs 
latter proved by the comoleta ab- 
ccnse of mm enrollces in the dQl^ 
slon of home economics. 

The leading division is, as tiiil|L , 
gsneral science with a total of liHK' 
stedWits. The cUvislon of engtaieii^ ' 
ing and arotdteeta* is neat wliik 


in tjiUg of tbs incrsasa of tha 

an ediMStlgn at Ksnaaa State «ol- 
lege haa M^bt 944 ont.^>atota 
resident! to tar^ <X tide 
there are N frasbmen, W 
morea, H junksfi, 73 seniors, S spo> 
dal sttMMni, and W graduate sttt> 

in ^ifiiMan of eenerat 
tho eiiftlilllMi of general 
lad «ltb • «Mal of m. aooond 

with 33L 
with 196. -t, 
Ttie leading curriculum In the dl^ 
vision ot aoi^noerlng and architec- 
ture was tneobanloal engineerliw 
with Sfoond was electrical en- 
gineering, 3M, and third, climical 
engineerlbf with 153. CIvU engi- 
neering waa right behtod with Ul., 
The curriculum of agriculture led 
the division of agriculture with 411 
and was followed by agricultural ad- 
mln Istration, 18S, and milling In- 
dustry n. 

The division of home economics, 
had a total of Si3 with 505 enrolled 
in the curriculum of home eco- 
nomics. The next two currlculuma 
were institutional management aod 

and art, it. 

The division of veterinary medi- 
cine had a total enrolment of 331. 
Seventy-two of thbi number are 
non-residents. In the curriculum of 
milling industry there are 62 en- 
rolled and tl of these aon-iesldenta 


The i-Kle range will oen Wednes- 
day Cc'.ober 4. for men only Try- 
out' for th? Rifle tram will be about 
November 1, Thaw who tryout must 
report on the hour Schedu^ of 
hours can be had at the military of- 

Student Forum To 
Sidelight Orient 


Just be* fiMa a year In tbe 


be a ttaMlr ertjMt for I 
tending thl Student t 
13:3* to 

This wUt bt ttie fbst tn a 
of a 

countrlai iM foreign tOMn. 
student tHpai praivsm tt 
sored lotalir br TWCA and TMCA. 

and uopattoowyi 

> tlw 

dean of iiO B te 

YM Freshman Commission 
Meets Thursday Night 

The YHCA Freshman Oommls- 
altm will meet at 7:30 Thursday 
evening in room 27 of PalrchUd tiaU. 
They will make plans for a party 
and tor future meetings ot the or- 
ganization. The program will In- 
clude group singing and a talk bf 
an outside speaker. 


Md rnOMf of Uie school yoir. 
tut MOond-dMs matter ml Vim prnMOat, 

4M Wl«ttl«OI< Ave MBW VOHK. N. Y. 

CMPW Ofne«-«MlBli ban Dial 3TI3 

~ ~ . Plut 3c UX 

L *2.oo 

nus 4c tax 

EdHMlal Staff 

Editor -In-Chlct Ho* M. _W^g 

Campus Editor ..... Oart MMW i t 

Aaiiitant Edtior Roy Swaftoro 

Newi editor ....Ji»« KwdjU 

sport. EdlUMr - — --r^!* ^'^^ 

AMiitant Sporto wmot . -H«rbert BoUinfer 

Soele^ Bdttor .^MWto M«rt» •"•"'^ 

AHlateDt 80cl«^ Uttor ... Hkrr Jmu CMntnn 

Photograitlier .- .--.^....^-^ Oflb«* <HrI 

..James F. Cooper 
.Uirley Thompeoo 
and RIcbant Cech 

JO. 3. 

Sockdixed Med^m 
In A Test Tiite 

Here on otir nwn campus, we have a fine 
working fxample of sooializwl medicine. 
For |5 a semester, or roughtly, $ 1 a montli, 
every Kansas State student is treated for 
injuries, minor ailments of all ktn^s. aiKl 
contagious diseases. 

While this stodMt bMim fee does not 

cover atl noslfl. afl would be the case in com- 
ph'tely Bocialtzed medicine, the department 
lU'Vf'itht'loKa Htrtves to give expert advice 
aad service lU cost. It puts adequate medical 
eare ia the hande of every student, instead 
of the im «li«!«mdft attord a pit vato fliy^* 

All charges not cenrered by the fee «re 

vf ry reasonalUe. There Is no cost whsferer 
for hospMaltzaiion the first three days, and 
thou only ppr day for any additional 
time, wiiich barely pays the cost of food 

Uits is only part oi the sendee ren- 
dri4d through the collie health depart- 
iTiPni. The department gives ail fresinnen 
f'xaininaiions npon entrance in school, 
wiiicii iiiun*' is wortii the first semester's 
fee. The department also gave cofnplete 
pAi^eal ezamfnattoriB to all senfofs who 
wished to take them last year. In addition, 
they innovated a new course on stndent 
ht'Jiliii untl tiy^ifiit' last semester. 

('redlt fur this complete and efficient ser- 
vice Wkteh snppllee inedlctal care to sto* 
ri^ntB for less than 4 eents a day, must go to 
i:r. M. H. Husband, head of the department, 
.Tiid-Iiisi aljlc uKsociates, who, through their 
( lost cooperation, aie able to fill the needs 
of slnrients so well. 

Through their ^forts, State stodents 
have the best of medical eare at a price that 
f'vpryohe can well affford to pay. Tt is a 
ptopoehlon that (s paying big dividends to 
the Btiidenf HKSIfy. 

• • • • ■ 

Congratulations must «o to tlte officials 
staging the all-college mixer Friday night 
for presenting a well balanced evening of 
fnterUiniiMMit tO'txW %AM sIxSleilts; 
The smai JsggjiKg thu g ynmsstum 

after the eut^oor entertainment for the 
dance was well hsndM as huye ropes 

were extended along the sides to keep 
the dancers from being jammed toward 
the middle by the bevy of oalookers. 
Dei^lte the overflow it ww tmea 
proved that successful dances esa be 
in the gymnasium. AHhongb the a c oo s tl e s 
are not the best in the gymnaslsm K» nevsr- 
theless, may be offered as an excellent sub- 
stitute for the Wareham ballroom, now 
taken over for government office space. 
Dances at the gym in the past have 
proved many will sttsad nrnnasiara 
danc». The nm WtSttir t^0t IVO 

He Is An 

He is an .American. 

He hears an airplane overheitf, and if 
he looks up at all does so in curiosity, 
neithei in feao^ nor in the hope of aeefi^g a 

His wife goes marketing, mA be* pur- 
chases arc limited bf her needs, ti«r tastes, 
lipt Jmdfict, l)nt not by decree. 

lie comes home of an evening through 
streets wlileh are w^ lU^iAedl asl ittilr in 

He reads the newspap#r and knows that 

what it says is not concocted by a bureau,! 
but an honest, untrarameled effort to pre- 
sent the truth. 

He has never had a gas mask on. 

Hs has never been tnc n boiM^pnMt riisf- 

His military training, an K. 0. T. C. 
course in eolleBe, he took l}ecause tt 
excused him from the gym course, and 
It was not' compulsory. 
He belimgB to such fraternal organisa- 
tions and clubs as he wt^ee. 

He adheres to a poHtteal party to tlie 
extent that be desfrM — the dominamt one^ 
if that be his choice, but wtth the distinct 
reeeivation that he may criticize any of its 
policies with all the vigor which to him 
seems proper — any other as his convictions 
dictate, even, if it be his decision, one 
which hotite that the tiwory of gorennstent 
of the coutttty fir yffta^ and 'iMtiiM be 

He does not l>el[eve, if his party is out of 
power, that the only way in which ft can 
come into power is througli a bloody revo- 

He eoDTerses with friends, even with 
ebum aK<|osIntanees, expresring freely his 
opinion OB any siiliject, without fear. 

He doee not expect his mail to be opened 
between posting atfd reOitpK W^ Wt m^ 
phone to be tapped 

Take It On Tim Chin 

For Peace And Prosperity 

"Tlfe Mek In nmaioiDg oeiitnl Ite In tcamiag bow to Met U oo tiie 
eUn and itUl ivtala adf-nq^ before the imld," VhO. F. L. Par* 
rteh, amliMc teacher of tMmt, Mid y a rt# a ty Ktm aafeed by a Coi- 

Mechem Joins 
KSC Chapter 

Writer Initiated Into 
Journalism Fraternity 

Kirke M(?ci!';m s?tr?tftrv of liie 
KaiisBi, SLa;? Hi-tonr,il society m 
TopeKa and i>ronrmietii Kariaai* 
writer, wa^ mitis'.sd Saturday aftsr- 
noon a.<; a national honorary meiu- 
ber of Sigma Deitt Chi. pniKMe. 
al journalism ItatemJiy. 

Slfiaa Delta Cbi :1ioqsc>i. :'ach 
year, some ouixtaudtng journaUjC 
tor an honorary member. Siech^m. 
who was setectsd as the 1039 init- 
iate at Che national convention of 
SfginB pelta Chi Iwld in Son Fran- 
elsco and Los ABgeh.'i Ian Augtist 
31 to SaptcoAer 6, chws the Ejuh- 
sas State oto^ter &i ntditb to to ta- 
itdhted. ta v^tiftmmet to « otbw 
<bai;it»rs la tlw Untttd Statu, 
IslMt fflMtrHwrttcia to the ttdtt «i 
mltttt to Oi* 1*9, jete Biewn. 

fmi cteepiy bonded that Mr 
liiBhiat salectatf the Kaunas State 
Oamw (dMptar of Sigma D3lta Chi 
by wmtt to be mVMtA." ssld Al 
HslciMt pMstdmt ol ths local chap-. 
tm. "Slace Ur. kfechem eould tm,f» 
itlseted mj ehaptsr in the unttsd 
Statss, we are iiroud that h» ae- 
Uelcd Kansas State." 
IwprfiH WKK Eltml 

Mechem cxpj'.''d ilio ;iit;l liittt 
ha wfi liL'tply iitipif 1.(1 Willi ilie 
ritual (jf hi.s initiation idSijfma Delta 
Chi. The ci'rcmonv Wiis held In the 
Office cf Prof. C. E Rogers, head of 
tha iournaHsm d.'partmenl. Mechem 
Will be presented wiili a kty inid 
Rlvei} a Hie subscription to QuUI, 
ofliciia pttifiBStten «f MfOK Delta 

Followlag tSK tnlttatlon ceremony. 
Mr. lieelMst. facuiiv inpp!i>)ert, stu- 

dBnH eiM otta- 

tatnetf at an MIMiatMl dinner at fk» 
CHBMt hotel. Loca; suKicnt meni- 
at attma Delta Chi who «^ 
were Al MaUn&, Ok:k. Uail, 
Roy Flch^r. Carl Rochat, Ivan 
QrlEwold. Don 9MM and pofi 
1 Thaikrey, ' ^ 

^ptmtu At Dfutr 

before tbo mup. Mech* 
em ^.^d that it wa> at ICanhattah 

that the old Kansas Bdttortkl ».<i- 
. .-cclaticn adopted a resolution which 
resulted in the legislative act Darai- 
I ins tti? Kancn; Stat? HtstojieaJ, as- 
i ."'cciafion The KariMu Stats Ittstwl- 
cal assoclatioiL. next to the Llfcrary 
of Congress, ha^ the bast eoUaatton 
or newspapers in the Onited 
It receives every isuuB of 
per published in Kaasac. 

Mechem auttvraphed apitoti 
mstelT 4M eoptos at 


Quarts ... 


May Purchase 

legtaB reyorter to give his vtm on the ci 

"We must be willing to use naval 
force to maintain peaceful trade to 
all parts of th* world except actual 
war zones If we are to- remain % 
prosperous netitraL tbta means 
that although we can and probably 
will deny penaiiriop to Amerlaan 
ships t* canr geoda t» Bni^aad and 
RnuMW, we woUU rm e tve the ngtit 
to Hn naval acMoK as a proteattve 
ammm It a wmt vmmI nxdesU 
AMerUti i hti ^l m in oOmt piftt al 

DescriUas hto Me» of ptaWeii 
neotraUty as a "stnMtM^ nmtnO- 
tty." Piofesior ParrWi saift tt oi- 
vl»ated tbniwtng a ttmtH tmOon 
' around the Amerleaa as well *i ad 

it nentrelt^ dbounion 

He changes bts plaeer or dtreilhtg, anel h^bag to the mala pimUknu-trf the 

does not report so dolti^ fo the police 
He has not registered with Lite police 

pr opoaed "casfa-credtt - and -carry' 
act, from which a clause prohiMt- 

He canles an 'identification card only in ""'"^'^ 

' pcllcy favored by Parrish is, eKp?ct i 

ed to be eliminated. 

case he ilioidd tie tlie victto of a tiniflc 

I!*' tliiiikii of )u9 neighbors acroif fitter- 
national borders— of those to the nortft as 
though they were across a State Use, ratber 
than as foreigners — of those to the waOOk 
more as etrangers since they speak a lan- 
StiaRr rtiffprent from his. and with the 
laio\vle(lj;« that there are now matters of 
(liffcreiicc between hifi eovernment and 
theirs, but of neither with an expectancy of 

Ke w<^dit|w God in the tiuMm of Mb 

obofee, without let. 

FTis cliiUIrpu are wttti him in his home, 
neltiier removed to a piece of greater safe- 
ty. If young, nor. If older, ofdetM ready to 
MUFVe the State wm tmmm di fMb or 

He has his probtems. hit troubles, his 
uncertatnties, but ali otherB are not over- 
sharioM't'd hy ttRT titaufti«&^' oi'1«itaft' aad 

Kudrfeii death. 

He should struggle to pr«aenr«.lit« AaHr^ 
icaniam with ita iwieelH^prtmmM^ 
He is a fortunate man. 
I<e i« an AmtTioan. Tlie Yl|i|f'|tei8. 

la a "•mt^M's nrntbraUty," neu- 
tral trait Is a i l W i B a B t tn aetual 

war tpnes. but continued without 
restmt^t In other parts of the 


. All neama naUens, rmt m oi Far- 
rlah bsliema, mMt be g tapae d to 
rtnounae MUimr action as piiti- 
tohwmt for U>b lasa <tf atati 
the uvea of nraM mma* if tiMr 
aetloa^ oepael to vrtUn tbelt 
netrtnlUr. Petattat mit that yw 
•caadtawvlaB oounMes endiMril se- 
vere eeanotiile loss In the Worid 
v» nttoer ifewi ^landon netdnOUy, 
be saM oar sM«iss in obtainiag ttie 
sane ead'ia the present conflict' 
would dftpend t^)oa our wUllBgnesi 
to adopt a settled nautraUty p^kiy 
and foUcw tt regard teas of adiuaV 
and potential losses In lives and 


home by eonvmulamt 

HAiiMMy EMmm 

Thrifty idee, tUi: It saves you bodies, aad-csta tt^ fiit 
1 ou an expreti it home "coHea", you kmnr. f ' 
our went toitf. He'll csU for youi wcAlf 
fpeeS it »«m bf ftie ««pff» t«ia. so^ whea i» 
retumi, ddftNT fow Itoadif 10 ya«-»U whW 
out exti* ebngt* Com p Lew sad handr, eh? 
Only RmWAV Bmsss ffva diit Mvrias^ aiMl 
ii'i die wme wiili yout vacsdoii b^gif^ 

kodi, {OB pidt IV a piMaa sad caO 

213 Smith Ith St. Dial Mtt 


. A Cmiitrt tf tm'K* ... I 


Specialist in treatment and sttrfCgry 
or Eye, Ear, Ncee, and Throat. XyH 

tested and gtassss fitted accMndbig 
to latest nMbods. 

O. M. Hdiberg, M. feu 
XnUtAti Uedlclne 
Ul d. Rnirth St. 
Office am Res. 33U-«ttt 

Ozarkian Drammer 

[My Say .... by Eleanaw 

y tde Tkeati« Thes^ 

Preplan fm 'Mis^soa Legend' 

"11*111. da-<nra tiyw onta Oie nuuMntlngs tbar ibit so mtieb klUin' but 
tmk baek mar 3 come tnm^" , . . If ytw ben HE«b foinv on firon 
any clvUttad-tiwltlnR studes striding across Uie campus today or tomor- 
row, don't collapse. You'll kiiow, if you're In on the know at all. that 
they ain t mil bUly tranafer scholars, but »mest ttaesptans practicing 
an Otark twang for the first Man- 
taiUta Thealic ^ay of tte season, 
tfr be presanM Oct. afr and 31. 

RB- Cttntg^ IMEbsouri Legatd," 
bnOi fiMrtta me of Asm James, is 
a fasdnaHnt drama vttb « east of 
tub lean tasu Wn^ onty three mmen, 
tlmnf «wry obstacter ts outstand- 
inr in its interest. Therel Aimt 

A'eertate good Joe ameng the 

faculty looks down his nose at 
the new bits herein. Says who'.i 
Jt\terested In ilie 61ir?tilnss and 
bwvtnl'iirs or lovev-clovt'v ftiupL'-.s 
oa tlie t-ampiis?— Enc-pt ttjt lov- 
ey-dcwy couplet, that Is? 80 away 
frcm such trivialities and on to 
til* deeper, bet-tah : tbbm 
young Intellectual': 

To lead vou oti 10 [hi finer 
things In Bttr«-cun-tc>i*ar acti- 
vities. I anM«st you sputd yovr 
lime d;>lvln(t away as the afore- 
menttorMl prole 
hfe wife ard aoottier 
eoupla >acb we^lMnd— ptayiif 
psivr imtu id bo^ M ttm 
nWat-Mnd for syrfftdagMfex, 
Mo^-nMUMMgh be pttfbblfly 
wouldn't fdntt tl ea ai» 

arjr ' 

tbmlk in h:re and 
NNUs just for tha 

of yens, 
tvlakhr-eyod gal at the TW of- 

ftce typewriter. awMered laM 

week a,s she entere<f the UbrRi y 


bifk or tt." Mbyte 
whaTfe felt Use 
£bou)d get togetfiK mt bold a 
pep raUy and teea bt one of 

a ilw staee to dslise-aatf ir wt' 
deal got that much bshM sttf 

trim im 

ot yea who have seen 
e ml i r a( WMiita tmtver- 
tmjf, its modieh ptne-psneW 
csfeterla and xmart .<«dB f mm tain 
c« thtrd flow e*n appreciate how 
«3gwr'-swell the same would be on 
the K-State canpDS. We need a 
better pla«* for forrnab and vax- 
sHiSB than above a bowttaig aUejr 
taA bscr joiat. Why MTC m do 
something about it. 

cn the back, but whenerer tlw 
.Etew-dents ud git bi tbs ta^rnCk, 
ttMy tbimr out the 

r the couDi* who w«nt 
last Wednesctey and end- 
ed uy radlor in the lily pool at 
fomtal i^iieDs The 
M UM It's » line way to 

has mor: personality tlian Don 
Prlcer. 81g Ep dance- band leader 
and the wul of geniality; Pi K 
noid' .sivell Saturday ni«hi. 
hamburger • doughnut'^ - coClee 
depls: athlete Paul Pagl?r can be 
as inobblsh— and as nice — as any 
guy arf;und; TIberl Ewing mad: a 
pmtT rnappy comeback at a local 
tookstor:; when to the clerk'.s 
query, "How about a ree-n of typ- 
ing paper?" he cracked. 'Naw, I've 
baen resmsd enough in here "— 
Jos Robertson, TU prexy. Blue 
Key biff siMl. ei oolscr, ot oetevy, 


taa Cted-^ 

■ tl"iiiff,e» i» 

lif., a vtstt 

sign of season ctian^: Roy 
Ftsber and gal friend Jean 8Mt 
have mofad fa frsm the 
to a 

Just exactly WHAT wm CM 
O pledge Virginia Moore dulnc 
wttb U«,^UuuMt Deb Id Bodi- 

aiibt explabi- 
ing doitfttUy why he brought only 
Ibe one taiMasn: "Wat, I last three 

Why don't Klckapoo editors 
Itfan and Thackray do a Kltler 
and make a trade asfc^ment 
wbeiTby seme one wculd turn In 
IT* material (s» —and I do 
mean raw— for the inaoulactur- 
ed output of tbe Uttle Joke 
Nettbat tt wasn't a suck 

pledg? hoa.'tlng ie> & 1 
tablsftti at dttmer last we:k mi 
■Btav en • picrUe Saturday with 
the TJt.fL5"— To the sbocksd 
Mlene? ant* then otKbutst of 
"Wb-h-a-at. " item a sotvrlty sis- 
tock she went m. "Whjr, yvi. yoa 
bMwt Tbey Hv} down on VWr- 
child m Usat Ws grv stuss^lsh 
bcwe." (P^ Tbe ibUs lU was 
lb bandf and eagtelbed to 

Belle, df^juvsnMUng, swasbboekUn' 
cattle rnstler— wIdDW of m Cherokee 
lajtm 1A0 Mtobbwt adeptneas at 
gon-toHn' wttb a love <tf ciuslctl 
music, iwrttcnburlr Rvblnsteln's 
Uilodyr'in r. l lBigtfar. rw r-bonjed, 
sbv bar laitt~bme^ *» 
her taeur bi trbr fteiMinSvei 

J. J. Howard-^ 
know hbb, Ji 
fearliTg flbpl! 

prayer ibBmlN|F'<V ebOMb aiMl yet 
can shoot dOWfl k tnlln S B ff lllWf In 

cool calnincgs. DbfK^ bWMdww e, 
hcs the" staAwi HOBere iMEir b) 
the commuting— unfVniiWi travds. 

mttH MebMtr b» mmam by 
Wtdder Weeks, itrtngy-haiwd bag 
of the mounteln s whoa e Papiiy tra d- 
ed hv to a flK-fl|Mit OttMUi In 
marrisge fer a ffluSe' iiBsn tSat wax 
fo'teen. To quote the wldder, "an 
from the weddbt' day ho Jlil oeai* 
cussednsas. druBdt tib tbw e«ns 
an' whanged the yooBf nns tat yt/ 
couldn't get clean 
ontcr~ Ids lacy 

atMMls y ^ pobaow. TV tflji it aB , tha 
oh) gtS' was marrM BMb T^tfa 

came ;^Usntly throogb 
young 0ns. (Seunda Ifte 
I MuBcotLnl wotdd dMHiilk 4Mi k 

^ gold tnedal!) 

I Motirhful hiU ballade ere com- 
I poacd dnd sum bv Billy Gasbade. 
; dream^jeyed admirer of JeSM'f. In 
spite <Jt Junes' attemptj to seiKl 
him serilght. Billy is det-^rmined W, 
Stick Lhrough wrything. and be 
does, up to the end. where at tbs 
frnieral he burfiti into aoaff _ 
■ It was Robert ftird, AMI . 

Ijttia caoward 
Wb»>ot Ur. Hiowatd. 

- r»' J«M m us grsTt." 

to bo b g «l i<»bi f 

yOQ dfeurt doet' off s iJiKMi U in 
iwilH.rail tvewior the 1*09. tben 
Omt oK yer store sab, itlek those 
bare feei bito goiDe sboes. and pbu 

Over College Book ENore 
PbtHie 4lW 

An Enjoyable Place to Eat— 
Holidays, Sundays, Ev«y disy — 
Dine Smartly at the 



Dr. C. W. Jolley 

DtntAl Stu'neo 

30-a Ulrica 


A Dent orderly arrang^mcot Mm^. 
fmat nwrk to yonr imwm tiptb 

> * 

EHminatn •earching for foft* rm%m 
We have a system to Ht yoor need** 


Dr. VIclar H. 

Vbtor CItnfr 

Itk I. S. Johnion 

In The 


Wildcats Win Opener From Fort Hays, 34-7 

Tackle . . . 

f i j —1 * 1 

feiC the TiKW. The nfilMi. 
Bccxlir, Cr 

guv (BMitatwILttMMiMsl- 

«f the 

fMT. Wt» the «MUI at 

Ir s«lDfdur% piKT l<i aa 
irf hlR irari i l aah i Hto I 
iOar left rnd spot il i— M 
Prank Barnhsrdi, M 

ftcni Duwf. VfU wnUm, Ome 
Fair and Ken Ilftmlln mMto Fry 
lortel aboul hl<i lark of iiitiiM, 
Tht "Cat-t" wqrk thlH week wlUl 
prrpardllmt for M>irqp«lt« (oc«- 
mcst in their mlnils. fi^f 
Ut^r^aelie FvMV aWM.i* Ml* 

fat Ited 

The Mifsouri Tlypivs 'ci vt'd 1 101 ice 
il Bl« Six cr>ll(!aRu;« tlmt Lliey ar^ 
Ding lo br In thcri ijltchinn wlieii 
he going gets touKh. Tln?y ihh nil 
wr a Colorado t<?cm to prove that 
tuy are In earnest about the whole 
lilng thU ymt. Vor the first time 
nwe Don murot to^ over at Ml»- 
narl the Tiger.t came out with a 
i;roun<l attaclc that really elicited In 
'1 Wk wav. The N<ebrFAka Comhusk' 
«x had an uphill light to tl« the 
of Bo McMUUa mt Bloom- 
lHoM Unoam anUiea who 
bimied up Iwomum aome Ghl- 
I aorlbe called tiie Huaktr-Hooe- 
tut a teat for ttw Bborian can 
I off becatisa tbe begm diMehad by 
fltt Jones neve pten^ Mcr to eke 
«t a tie with tht aowlan. 

The Sooncrs maiuwed to keep In- 
thelr record of bavtOf lost but 
ne openlnit game at Nortnan in the 

forty-three vciir.s. They also 
ihowed that tlify nperi plenty of 
aaaoning bclocp tlicy en 11 cxiirct to 
Jo What thry ^ccompU^hcd las!, year, 
'ack Jacobs and Orvillc Matthews, 
he lilghly toutrd >r>i)lionu)res. mad; 
hree fumbles which coist the Soon* 
tK' Chances tor a victory The Soon- 
r« should get their slinre o( Keason- 
Lng tills weekenci whtn they travel 
ID EvBiviton and tackle Lynn WaU 
toff 'ft Northwciitcni team. North - 
MAtm ia m wboA that WS Da 1^- 

Sophomores Touch 
Off Scoring Early 

Long Runs By Duwe And Nieman 
Are Featttm-Swmisoa IHii^s 

Two Kicks In Second Quarter 

Kansas State's Wildcats opened the 1939 season with a 
f latih of power Saturday as they romped over tbe Port Hays 
Tigers, 34-7, and Benrttd notiee to olber Big Six and valley 
teams that the purple and white rwlly carries a punch. 
The game brought out aU 

£nds . . • 

revont, Rreut sophomore bH?k, is 
playiiiK Ml the third string <Hiuiii- 
m where have I hjard that third 
string bsforc?! 

Hither And Yon 

The lows Stale Cyclones ran 
Into Mme clear air mt Denver 
way and returned home on the 
short end of a 6*0 score. Clyde 
Hubbard, the new Denver men- 
tor Installed tlw Nalfe OaoM 
ayslcfn at Dcnm tUa ytur. 
Judging tnm the Iowa State 
re:mlt looka Hke jtm ret aeai- 
thlnr there, Clyde. Mabye It 
waa Uie ■HIIbIii. . 
Gwiaa Benirand Mi 
foud taa Rueh aticatth to Hie 

Are yen a 

High. Low or 
Middle Brow? 

Most stores are advert LslUR 
Fall hats for all kinds of i 

Hk iMiwnt a puf'Ugly cap 
ta the tuKua nor a aOk top- 
per to wear with a HKmoele 

. , . but. ah , . , If you're 
a middle brow. . . .von ktiow, 
the sort of chaps you sec in 
theautoads. , .youUbaw 
a iraat ttaw wttb ua far we 
have ft boaaa fidl of. tbe 
slyte that wUl ae 

Tlit.s "av to the stock that 
sends you taoiiie without a 


FaU Hats 
13.00 to $5.00 

IS to «b TIM KII 
■Hi Wnm hM ptatlr af 
tlieni. ahawed to a read advan- 

Uge but the line was definitely 
unimpressive. Ought to be an 
InteresUnf rame Saturday at 
Lawrence when tite Cyclones 
and Jay hawks tanfle. Stan Wil- 
llamaon, after ntfing pictures of 
the Wlldral praetirr game of a 
Saturday or two hark. Mtid that 
Bemie Welner looks as If he 
played with Ike Gtean Bay 
^M^eta. Tto Wer^aiilte eeaal 
aat Mat ta jwrn aanmMaieBt 
to tko MwaWx 

I H 


la have 

and they dM, too. 

dataf aa rifU 


sources of defense and of- 
fi'iisf which the Wildcats 
pussiiSH, and proved that they 
have virtually everything. A 
starting lineup composed en- 
tirely of understudies and 
substitutes took the field to 
oppose the Ttfors itf Hays. 
This lineup kept the Tlsltors 
on the defense most of the 
quarter and played In their 
territory practically all the 

Kent Duwe sophomore fullback, 
brought the crowd of 6.000 to Its feet 
before the game was more than ten 
minutes old. when he snagged a 
Hays paas on the enemy 40-yard 
marker and cut back through the 
entire team to score the first touch- 
down of the game. Bill Nichols, 
chunky guard, added ttat oaM point 
with a placement kklb and tbe 
Wltdcata led, 1-0. 

Ooaah Vtf tm\ dom mitlara 
into Ow paie at tb* tNgbmbig of 
the aeeood quarter, and turn dis- 
covered In abort wdor that tbo 
Hays men were no matob for the 
Big Blx athletes. 
Regnlara Score Quickly 

The K-SUte defense, led by Wal- j 
lace Swanaon, Junior end, held the j 
Hays offense to a standstill Swan- 
son batted down a pass and a few I 
momenta later, niahed through the i 
blockers to block a "punt on the ^ 
K-State 43 yard line and the 
Wildcats took possession of th« 
ball. Three plays out the bail on 
the Hays 43, On the following play, 
Seilye passed to Crumbaker who 
crashed through two (ackers, eluded 
another near ttie sidelinea, and 
raced the remaining 30 yards to the 
goal line. Blocking on tbe part of 
bwanson took out the last man be- 
tween orumbafcer and pay dirt. Jim 
Brock converted the extra point and 
K-State led. 14-0. 

awanaoQ blocked another punt 
late Ic the second quarter on the 
Bftja 43, and the Wildcat offense 
swtmg Into action swiftly with 
Beriye playing tha major rale. He 
covered tht lait 30 ywdi In two 
plays to seore atanrtlng tip. The 
scon at half-time rtad. K«alo 21, 
mgB 0. 

Th<9 Moond bolt was but ft faw 
minutes old before Shot 
Nieman took the btit on a 
from MtOam ftad vrtntad 
left end for IS yftRk and ft tetwh- 
Scodi mnwrtad to mate the 
total n fiDT tbo WUdestt. 

tbt role 

of a hloeter, led ft M-Mid dltvt In 
the third vtarter to ante tha aoort 
read H-B, Tbo "One iCan Otnt" 
displayed his beat baU-canylnc 
form when he movad tbe ball firam 
the aagm II yard Una to Uie one 
SweA marker In fonr plays. Gene 
fklr nond <n the following play 
behhid HBCknw*t btoddag. 
TIgen TaOy Eata 
The final quarter nw ttw aaoond 
third teams take ovor for tba 
Wildcats. In alt Coadi Try uaad 2H 
men in the battle. The Hkya team, 
still looking for a chance to craas 
the 8(»1 line, had their opportunity 
In the late minutes of the game 
Weir Plerson carried the liall over 
from the one yard line climaxing a 

Marquette 14- U. 
a scoBt here and 

K-8Ute Hayt 

Total first downs 10 
Net yards gained from 

.scrimmage 226 
Forward passes attempted 9 
Forward passes completed 4 
Net yards gained from for- 
ward passes TO' 
Punting Average 33.6 
TMal yards kicks returned 

(punts and klokoffs) M 
Return of ihlen^Aod 

passes 74 

Court Call 

A baakettwil meetlnx was held 
in Nichols gym last nlitat at 
nhirh Coach Jack Gardner met 
all prospect}, for the 19»'*» 
basket ball !>raM>n. Initial pi«c- 
liee wiU be held this afternoon. 

Wllb a new coach and early 
enthualamn ihown. K-State cage 
hopes are bright despite the loa* 
ct several letlermen last year. 
Coach Gardner hopes to see a 
larer nqmber of bays out thli 

w eek wlUi aMR I9 (vUaw at tbe 
end it N» 

Placekkker . 

U yard drive led by Uoret and 
Pleraon. Paionto spUt the uprights 
irttb bis plaoemnt to give Hays 
UMr 7 pittita. . 

OutttandlBt fdr the wildcats was 
Junior end. Wailaee Swanson; seplor 
gtwd and pom captain, BtU Beez- 
W: Junkir tadde Berole Welner; 

and, Tiank BuhhaHt: 
Osne Vatr; and 
fuUbaoks Kent Duwe 

and miklna. 

The midwta Ivsvti to Milwaukee 
nab aatorday whMo they wUl meet 
UftrquDtta. "Bm mvt hoRie game 
win be wllb Odotado toMrritr. Oo^ 
tAer 14 

Touch Football 
Gets Started 

Frats and Independents 
Beniit Brtnttnonl 

The intramural touch footbftll 
program started Monday night with 
three fraternity game.s aiici will con- 
tinue through the week according 
to the following schedule All the 
game.<i are scheduled at 4:30 o'clock 
sharp. The teams listed first must 
cheek out 10 ealwed shtrts from Ur. 
Kb In the locker room and return 
th«n bDmedlatear after the pune. 

Monday aftnnoon: Stgna Alpha 
EpsUoa vs. Fhl Kappa, SB eoRier 
of field, Sigma Phi EpsUon vs. Kap- 
pa Sigma, SW, F^rm HiMne Va, TkU 
Kappa Epsllon. NB, 

Tuesday, Oct. 3: Delta Tau Delta 
vs. Theta XI, SE, Alpha Gamma 
Rho vs. Acacia, 8W. Plil DelU 
Thetft vs. Alpha Tva Omega, NE, Jr, 
AVMA vs. 0SV„ HW. 

Wednesday, Oct. 4: Beta TbeU PI 
vs. Beta Kappa, SB. Sigma Ma im. 
Delta Sigma Phi, SW, nil Kapin 
Tau vs. Pt Kappa Alpha. NE, Mil- 
lera vs. All-Stars. NW. 

Friday, Oct, 6: Independent Btu- 
de:u Union v^. MMC. SE. Coltegtate 
4'H vR. Bantists, SW, Falconeers vs. 
House of Willianus. NE. Night Hawks 
vs. Sears Scholars, NW. 

Volley Ball Season 
Starts for Women 

Canyon held 
the volley 
and wUt B 
team has had tbafr 

On the nv. A. A.-atam" tr^Bt, 
however, things are quiet. Thurs- 
day aveDtas wttnaaaad the anmais- 
lag of tW fentolm raoUaB, tneiud- 
taig Der nftrer Oeyer*s crack 


Slim Wins The Pennant!! 

Jirt Mte HM ThAs have aB ttw bnl ban 
flaycn. SHn Int aU the bnt in 

Coon Golden Beer 

All S m o kgia ' Supplies 

Slim's Shamrock Tavern 


WdUaaa Swaman and Mek Mm aie two at tha aaa whigw s w oa tha 
WOdeat roatw this yebr. BwaHan. a Jnnler, waa a ataadawt hi Balwday^ 

game with Fort Hays— Ws two blocked punts aiding the icarinc cause for 
Kansas it tale. Peterx, US-pound sophomore, bi fast developing Into a 1 
lop-nDirh rnd. His aggreaslvenesi and rugged type of play will earn the 
right to break into the Uiwi« fieqsenlly. He waa a starter In the Fort 

Woman's Glee 
Club Namtd 

142 Are Named 
In Two Sections 

On<» hundred and forty-two wom- 
en ttiTc named lo repreaent two 
sections of the ^otnen's gle: club In 
an announcement released yester- 
day by Prof, Edwin Say re head of 
the department of music. One sec- 
llcn, made up of iUI yolces. will be 
led bv I»rof. Savre while the smaller 
group ol 53 voices will be under the 
directorship of Miss GroMmann. 

n I 


B.T, Nil linh. 11 170-tOWia watch- 

charm iru^ird, [tLivi d a major role In 
I Katurday's K^mr with liK kicking 

Ing the "olives of peace" iweijiers, 
apples, sturi inarshmallowsi Miss 
Geyer .spoke ol W. A. A., its m-'an- 
Ing, and otlior things. Her follow- 
ers answered in a hay rack, run? 
It was a regular picnic. 

Janet King, n sophomore m 
physical education, was elected 
treasurer of W A A In ihrir gen- 
eral council niretliJB wfr>k. She 
will take the plac-e of Donelle Nea- 
bit i who did not r^am to adioAI 

this year. 

Nothernly .sii-'sikint!- the famous 
"Pros Club' cojnijoseO of Kaii.-iab 
State's leBtim^' f:'iinnil>f "Wflter 
fowl" will hold its Urst splashing 
se.<»lon Tuesday pnttbsg at 7:S0 In 
Nichols gym. 

VVrestfiitg Film 
To Be Shown Soon 

Coadi Pat Pattanon baa axnae 
800 feet of film, whlsfa deals wttb 
tbe art of wreatUog. tl»t be tc going 
to abow aooB, a«ne of fh« ffUn Is 
in teebnkoior and some is In blade 
and white. Tbe fUm drala with the 
naUona] lntercoU->glatft wrettUng 
championship which was htitd at 
Springfield, HMsaChtuetts last 
spring. Pat will show tbe flUns 
sometime this week. 80 ^ be bas 
not seeured a projector. WatA tiie 
bulletin txwrd in Nichols gym for 
an announcement as to the date of 
the showlnE of the film. 

The films also have .some shol.s on 
officiating. There was an ufficiat- j 
Ing school conducted at the Spring- ' 
field YMCA college at the time of 
the wrestlin^i tn'^et The .school was 
under the direction of Bliss Sar- 
gent. The Soringtieid Y, M. C. A. 
col lege one (if the Imporlant 
physical education schools ui tJ%, 
country. , 

Coach Paiter.son Im^ his squad 
working out three tim a week and 
Is easing them into the hard work 
gradually. Tlie graiiiiling mniicir 
still would lil:e to have any boy.s 
who arc intere.vted m vvre.HthnR re- 
port for praellce. Those boys who , 
ar-- out for football and who would | 
like to wrestle can report after' 
football season i.s over. There Isj 
plenty of room on the squad for 
SOBOB at the little mm — tliri.sp who 

ti|i tlM scalis at 120 lbs. and lip- 

GoU Tommim^t 
For Kansas Editors 

tt a. IiSiihlHnok, pteatdent 
of the Kansas Editorial OoU auo- 
elation today announced the date 
of the annual fall tournament 
which will be h;re October^ 13 and 
14 at the Manhattan Country Club. 

The Kan^ii.s ,siai? college depart- 
ineht ol journalism, department of 
allilelics, Htwl Manhattan chamber 
lit commTci; have joined in Inviting 
all editors of Kansa.s to attend the 
ioavnamcnt Eciitor.s who enter will 
1 pi:;'ive ticket.s to the Kansas State- 
Colorado Univeff-ity football game 
here Oclohcr H Several hundred 
dolliii.s [[1 :)rizes u-ili be awarded to 
winners of the golf tournament. 

and tarklint. He iliii a pari of the 
place -kirk ins and cntivrrled after 
one c t Itir touchdowtm (<i add kt Iba 


Both grouos will meet iwlce a 
week Monday and Friday evening 
Those Included in Professor 8ayrc>. 
group are: 

First Sopranos: Bernice Ander- ■ 
son. Lorene Attwood, C- J Billings- jjary Collard, Oraoe 
ley, Betie Bonecutter. Marjorle Marjorie Oregg, Ruth 
Botkln, Barbara Bower, Mary Jane | joMphjnB Hoover. Jana WMalt. 
Boyd, June Cluff . Charlotte Cockerlll, 1 ^arg SehoUkbaiwr Lou Sebwwts- 
Margaret Collins, Helen Crist, Mary ^ 

Dlllln Harriet Duvanel. Evelyn j^jj^ Rote Marie Van IMMt. 

Frlck, .-^arjorie Gduld. Gerry Gun- jyj^. Margaiat Jmold, 

Betty McLeod, Auriel CtMoa, Her- 
magene Patenska, Pern KoiifB. Mar- 
garet W^boin, nn 

Plan To Dress 
Up North Quad 

The new physkad aeteiwe buUdinK 
won't look so barren, wben the 
pntcnt [dans of tbe laadtcmtog de- 
partment are put Into action next 
spring. Prof. L. R. Qultilan. bead of 
the land^ape department, said yes- 

The north ciuadrangle. twrdered 
by the Library, Veterinary hall. 
Wfiier s halts, and Willard hall, l.s 
l.euif; Krad'^d tiown now, and will Ije 
planted li> n combhiatlon of blu? 
gra.s.s, pr-renninl rye atid meadow 
fe.scue, as ,sO{)ii atti'r February 15 as 
is leKsibli* .' Elm hackberry, and 
Oik trees will also be planted at 
appropniit? EbMOS bi Ube north 

EviTgreens wil! be plaiit^fd clos:? to 
the foundation on the west and 
scuih .sides o! Willard hall. The 
E;"l terrace will eventually be 
made Into a flower garden ciunplete 
with j.tone benches where students 
inity loll while wailing for classes. 
The ground dlractly below tbo ter- 
race will be planted to evergreens 
and cleclduouB shrubs. 

Some of the trees and bwhea 
were supposed to be ptanled tills 
fau but It aws too dir. so the pro- 
ject was 0imi up mm 

dy, Margaret Harden brook. Alma j Mary lee Berry, 
Keuiy, Mar«aitl Iverson, June q^j^ ■nstaL H*rw 
Jorden, Betty La Plante, Kay Lien- I 
liartii, Joanne Lnm. Shirley Marlow, ' 
Vivian Marlow, Hazel McAnlnch, ; 
Margaret McCutchan, Martha 
Payne Gladys Peterson, Mavis 
PlHtiiici Jovce Rice. Barbara 
Schmidt. Virginia Slebert. Luella 
6lek. Theda Stliie. Jean Taddiken, , 
Elnora Thomas, Dorothy Triplet, 
Janet Wallace, PaMdkk VMUns, 
Juanlta Wyooff. 

Seooiid Sopranoa: PfajriUa BQ- 
Utm WintlMd Soomir, Lucy Mae 
Botiun, iOthsa Buenntng, Ailene 
COwm, Glarft XMiliv, Clara Iiou 
Oavla, Made line PUwr. Km Mae 
Hodgsm, Margnet Mqwr, Mkxlne 
MUno-, Lots Morgan, Ina 0»1A. A, 
Raynesford, Jean Bead, 
Sawyer. Ut T. S^unnter, K 

..Prof. L, P. Paytw, bead of the 
poultry husbandry department, will 
be th-- Judgs lor poultry exhibits at 
the annual Wichita Pat Livestock 
Show, to be brid it Wlohlta OBtsbar 
B to 13 . 

FrcHhnian Engineers! 
Signed— Steel Ring 

Patronise CoUeglan Advertisers 

Marj, stNtrrttr, Joyce nbam Mar. 

cell a Ulrey. 

Alto: Florence Anderson, E, 
Chrlstenson, Faye Clapp. Betty 
Coon, Cath. tletrich, Eilz. Gordon. 
Lots Ha 11801 V N L. Herald, Janice 
Hunt, Re Ida Jones. Irene Llmper, 
I ,Uilia Mc.Miiiari. Virginia Moore, 
I Estlier Peterson. M, Reynolds, Max- 
' Ine Schmidt. Mnxiti" Segrist, Lois 
M, Sliern>ati, DamarLs Sows, A. 
j Steinheimer, Carol 8teveii.son, Lou 
I St inc. Eunice Wheeler. Marg. Wil- 

kerson, Jean Wright. 
' ni" following have been chosen | 
lor M1S.S Gros.w)ann'.s Section of 
j the Girls Glee club and Will report 
for rehearsals Monday at 7:30 P. 
! M in the Auditorium and Thurs- 
j d^ty.s Rl 5 00 P. M. In N 51: 

First Sopranos: Elaine Anthony,, 
Marian Barnes, Virginia Baylies, 
Barbara Cocherell, Norma Jean 
Diven, Qlv?n QUlspey, Verda Gwln, 
June Harrison, LuclUe Hoffmann, 
Nolah Johnson, Allts Jones. Hllde- 
gard Knonp. Elolse Lear. Frances 
Mag 111. Carroll Meyer, Virginia 
Meyer, Lucille Molltiagen. Maurlne 
Mowery, Isabelle Phelan. Marjorle 
Plerson. Aloulse Roberts, Bette 
Roth, Theda Stunkel, Patricia 
Townley. Earienc Trekel, Frances 
Warner, Elizabeth Wendland. 
I Second aopranos: BUnb^ Bell, 

WAREHAffl Dickmson 

Where Tbe Big : 

llMindiqr tbru Saturday 

The Show Place Of Manhattan " 


Thursday & Friday 


"They Shall 
Hsve Mufic" 












Where "ithew-Oaing" la 
. Made Eaar 


Wednesday Thursday 







' rntinn 

Dally From 3:00 

Anytime ^Cj, Exerptlni 



Mat SSo— NifM 3Se 
Endt Today 

Wed. a|^ Thurt. 
Bargain 15c 1111 7 

Prices! Him tSe 

The Biggest Show 
in Screen History 



Nelton Eddy 
Eleanor Powell 

Frank Morgan 


Starts Friday 


starting Wednesday 
The Sosna Theatre 
will inaugurate itH 
new policy of 

Shows Daily 

ROn m wVlOCK 

Drop in anytime and 
see a eemj^lcte slww. 
Rememter cantbiu- 
ous daily Mnttacal 2 

, «... ""r. 

isrutr/wi^i nisiMiiilirijyifiaiL Bififi' n i" 


Tuesday. October 8, M 



4.1; I 










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Evmey nmA eflrtilled at Kaiua* State should check hu nam e, addreu, and pbone number i* Ihe student dircetoiry wl _ «i * ' - 

Mre found ttiKtoito thoiiM tmmti tbem to the oKice of C. J. Medlin, Graduate Manager, Redxie at onee and correctioiu inU tm teade before the directory is priniad 

Idky's iuue of The €tillKihn. WhenCerrors 



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Wll.i.n. Ilidi..|l |i . MK 'J M,i.,liil1aii 
kkllDiti. Iti.'».ii K. I'ipV»i giipwrnn. ,. 

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kk'lri.£ia)i lld.tttti. Ai: 2 Hp pk 

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ViMh. Ki.iipii. I'l. I. iii,..iMi(ii,ii. .... 

Wlnlirt. But,, ..I, VM I. I'ai..,ri> ...X... 

Wlrtrth, Prfd. IK I viaiiiijM.iii 

triar. Ellin ktK I 1 ,111111 St,iir,ii , 

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It'aotefluver. t-rai.pi.. lit. 1 BpI))p1 

Wailfe, J Eiliii.inil i.ia'l K^iiu, I'l1|i 

iraWpaberter. turn. 1.1 MK I Sjlliia 

Wanfthi .ktrii, us 1 Mjt.iuit.u. 

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kkiAit. tlanahl. ft« I. 1t,, 

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tV.nd J(,hn Hk I Tt.[,p|iB 

tv.itplji.i KM'h Mt: i cirii Etdei 

«.p.,)'ii'i Mlli^'M. i;s 2. Bnilt an 

iramP. Ilini., I li^ .i l-iprmlanl .,.1*1 

kVnoA. Tinn ct* 1 B.irdpn 

friHiB. Frtiik. ti: 1 tkirtiiU 

WiHrlley. Eti,;pnp vti :i. iiiiinnie. ... ...... 

didbk'). iitip .Ir 1 I'll I" ... 

IVcvttian. kkiltlmn. liH I Kpll.illle. 

W1.1I1I- (lurlp,, Ai: 'i, lliialt).,|tt! 

tturki jttlll. Al I. Ilufnlia.lilt 

OfcrtBiaail, RaOnt. VM I J.kriPtdtt SpOt. . 

tvtuit.. iMNt. AH 2 MantuliJii 

Ittlihi. tiAd, ArK I. AldletH. 

tViiflK, PMtl. ArK 3. ttaiaatnintr , 

tkitiht. Its. If 4. lhaailsailr- 

kVilthI, BaMil J . At I. Minliaitan 
M'rItRI. BnMn I. , At 1 . Il'ilt'.ti 

liitl KatI 
. . . Mm 
liiHI KrtrMIt' 

-fjni RliwMiit^ 
.IINIH Anilnt 
.K. It. r tiati) Biri 

nr. Vallta 
. . . I ) I'l ValtM 

. ..tiHi'i .ktidmot 

lull iMtaOk 

iMiiv lliwOfeMM 
.RIU .V. MalMHf 

tilt Plrtn 

Iti: I'tiynli 

li„inF 1 

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III. I'liynti 

..•.m l.pairniratlt 
... .11211 KaarM 

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'.'-'.Vri'i* lil.iraKiiit 

llii<> i.aiaaM 

. . . - 1221 Tliiintfla 

i|> RprtrtOJ 

...llln itundMtil 

li'j: kalitB 

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. ...17 111 l-'.iiietMt 
. .112)1 I.H- Li.'Mwgfti 
. - . , Kitn Kliipin^ 
....ITT. .kiiiMM 

:tin l.aiaalt 

mil S iStn 

1 1 Ii; Itluetmii 

,:tn:t N 14il>t 
.121 N. IIIB^ 
.lH)l ,\. Ilf 
.1111 Beit 
, . -;-2:t 
. . lu-itn BliieaNOl 
ll'iii BliirMOt 
. . )i21 BtiiraMl. 

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till2 l.paim«artn 

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. ..It It Keaniir 

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121 V Itll 

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tint Bliwnaiil 
,..11311 RtatiMI 

4111 l^timrt 

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BIO X. ManhntlMi 

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,02). I,.iiiPtmi,rth 

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r in'i Ttnir-nm 
111.) Itlncnvint 
'.J^ l,rji.'ri*,trth 
] 711J]rth 
.1112., Itriira. 

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Oil Mm . 

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Bami 4 

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,131 V Iielann 
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VcMPr. MM. AA 1, Bafiirdiillp. 
Vat. Iri. a 1. Rikvurtti 
n*, LHi. PK 2. RUwmlh . . 
Yeonati. Biiiwt. (it 1. Kintaun 
tnktiK. rialt VM I. I'atani 
kirfri.. Brna^lh- PK 
ViNyi. Kliinplti. IP. 1 . Alaii'ril 
l.>t. Mt\, At 'i, M>iil.aiun. 
vart. tatlii^ BAt Arei :t. I 

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It Ilrad. ifiilralta 

Ittikppi 1- ftdldilnain 

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, .r<» ,S ItUnliatlta 
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.1031 MrakUf , 
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Ill Mara . 

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btv J.MMl), 1;^ it MlltaBnlF 

tddlrr. IMtid. KK 1. ntrarO 
ZtviW'tMlBe. In ill'- ME 1. Alaia 
Art. BA I. P.iitet|irlte. 


. . 12m 

lot)', UMpta 
IT3t firSt 
1 1 1 1 ftr 

Tiieiday, October a, 1939 



YMCA Membership Drive Is Set For Tomorraw 

Three Hour Push 
Set For 3 o'Clock 

fhrer m Girls WiU Participate— 
Janis Gainey In Charge Of Groups 
Wk» Pktti To Contact M W<mii^ 

Tile unnnal YWCA iiicinbcrshii) iliivc will swing into ac- 
tion in Itecrcailou center at 5 o'clock tomorrow afternoon 
according to an announcenient 1^ Mtas Erma Murray. The 
drtra will last only tbree botir» from 5 o'clock to 8 o'etock 
ud it is hoped that all Rlrlft will be In their rooms between 
those hours sf> thai I'^prcst-ntatlVPH may call on thorn. 

Over on«" tiiiiiflrfrl glrlK ' = — = 

will participntf jn tlw drivp 
headed by Janis tlainoy and rlanncr . , , 
Betty Jenkina. Twelve mem- 
bem were selected as cap- 
tains of groups of' eight to 
iiii<>tvicw women students on 
f hiH ram pits, 
(iitiiicrui of ur<? large meetlrfe of 
nil ^rls wotkiim oil the ttriva, the 
I vclv • ; iipliiiiv, mi't with Jnnls 
Oaiii:*y. Bi'lty Jcnklri^ Erma Mur- 
xwj, ana J ?aii Di Vouiu and In turn 
met with their grouus ol eight. Fer- 
■OMl c{ititB«t with L'very proit|»etkv'! 
metvb^r was vtreswi u aU ina«t- 

Many YW Interestt 

The iiitcr^st-i und univitK-s of YW 
t "t Rteatly - i.i ii'd and .should In- 
t'Tpft pvfry Kirl hi Kansas State, 
Many cnnimltirf- will Ile^c! worStprs 
to heir IJii' ii'Tr s the prr.Krams 
planned lor ilUs year. Some of the 
I'cmmlltPe inrludc PubUsllv, Agtiie 
Pep. Chih'.mns Baznar. Ho.stes.s. 
Muiif. ProKrnni. Radio. :ni(i ScKial, 
Any Kill may sinn H|) for ii-^ many 
CO!iiiii;t( ■.'I'S h' 'Ail 'ri Itif 

i-ci:r(.';;pDtBiive calLs <iii her Com- 
mlMlon work is nt rt leinvirsd liy the 
YWCA, Fri'shinnn nnd Soplicmjre j 
comwUstatM have alr?«dy 'tfrted 
the(r work but vt% vcsMom tat 
Sirl interMted to sl«n Utt .Meonttnv 
to the shahnten. 

omsr cMMtlstfeiv tie pHMul 
proHMM hmdM b; Lcotb Pmel, so* 
a^fosm by Botuita Lou Cltpp, 
Dale Rundle hsrlK the' transfer Htu- 
dcni! OtKiunisAlon while Bartmra 01c< 
erb2Tg ta In eharse of tlu' cxpcrl- 
msntfi In religion group. Very in- 
tjrrf tlng pn%r&m "et-iir-, hav? been 
worked out by thew cholnnen ac- 
c'jrf'iii« to jean De YottOfft TWCA 
pi likuil 

■""nur Vi'iir MeiKl:;T,ililp 

Jimi-- ( 'r;iiri(>v Htse^ iivw mcml)pr."i 
1 l' 1^11 i.\> !'!iy |)r?vlciuv exp<Tl'nce 
thtv huvr lui'l in rither Girl R-- 

f ■ 1 •.I- 01- YW work. Tor new metn- 
I 1 the diif . .>>■(' otn tliiilar and 
fifty cents wiiicli i):iys ihi-ir m 'in- 
h-r lilp loi- liiur v.'Hi:.. Ol.l ."-Indent* 
tmiv plt'ilijf lur. ii!iii:uiil llipv dMire. 
Du": m i\ iiW- I ;i!('' LCd and paid 
at -I Ir'cr diU ■ 

Leadk ^ange 

Fiery Liberator of Kansas 

down to a Jkr fnU of mWUli dof- 
firti tntn, Uw tseei cattMtbn of 
Jessta PettuuB, jMMor to ipalatir. is 
aU-enibnelnv ad e««*||»fta*. 
euOh a unl«M tKMr f eeHSiimtat 
teeth dotsBt ««' 10 atmn^ to 
rhoM Imev ttm ape-Ttaaboit. 

a. ow.. nm mm mvmvoc 

The horse's tootli. largest in hef 
cell set ion, Je=iii^ fxti-artttl Irrtm a 
skull while the next largpst sh? uxk 
frcin the Jaws of a dead alligator 
Icuiid in a bayou in L,oLulslana. To 
add a ijpr.'.oiial touch lo htT collec- 
tion Je^^;ie followed her own lltUej 
puppy ai'outid for weeiLs until Its i 
lQO>re tocth finally dropped out. 

Last yettr a cat's tooth from the 
ioology dspartmem o) ttte )iM's\ 
: rlit;' I slip attended iu the EahL was ' 
addeci lo her collection. Th? other 
vertrbrao rv-presentsd in hsr ciAlec- • 
ticii jrL' a tartl an J a h(|uifrel but | 
Jessie hopes to have mot:; soon, . 

Summi" Dean tc. L. 
Hottcn ^va.s .i]ii)niii;pd lo tlie 
Kansas SiiKi* PlannlnK board 
by Gov Payne Ratner yester- 
day. The 15-niember board 
eliarji ■ "f certain nlia:-:?s of 
federal retjearch and spending 
fn the state. 

Home £c Transfers 
Wifl Meet Toiif 

rome eini^mites, tranater 
&m viOaisr «Ghcdli wlui are 
ttif Kaniat State tbis IkB wflii meet 
in gnups at 4 o'eioek TtiMtfa^r to 
i!l:cins aetlftttei availatA to tmaa- 
far studeats on the oannitia. Theft 
an apiuroKiaiately 80 gtda enramd 
In the dtvttiaB at bons eeoB oa ri e i 
this fall who attended a&m aebools 
j last year. 

' Th? viiriuus Kfr.up leaders. conslsi- 

i ing of stii;lpnt^ and la:'uHy. ;(re; 

Swine Specialists 
Here October 7 

Important phase.s of the .swine 
IcedMiR indiuMry will be covered in 
iiK' Swinp Feeders* Day program 
<^ ;<;ber 7 by the aatiMl iMWIia adty 

(1 ■!:Hrtment. 

Dr C E. Aubel. swiae sp^lalist 
here at tha college, aonotmeed that 
no program of .speeches would be 
he:<l in the momJng. but thera will 
be an opportunity lo Inspect the 
£wine berd and the tat banom that 
will be iftown at the AaiailisaB Roy- 
al Livestodc Oiom. 

At 1 o'eioek in the tftemoMi th;re 
wiu be ft pragma ol apeeehet 
nattonaiay hmnaa Uiwtoefc am cov- 
eting the beg outlook tor W»-m 
and aatt other Important pttaaea of 
iwtno pmlHttiii. 

The nrtna teedbjg nqMrtansnts 
eover the use of varUNu protehi 
supptentental ottetens tor fattening 
hogs on alfalfa pasture, "nie pro- 
gram inchides an ttan of spaefal hi- 
tsrest in the diiettsaion and d«nan- 
stmtion br Proferaor MaSklntoSh on 
satoe type. Professor Mackintosh 
wm have im eafaibltlon car^a^se.s 
Irata dttfarent tn>M of ^wlIH' and 
dIsetnE the advantage and dtiad- 

On Wheels ! 

If tlie Health depart nvjnt whi'.'L-i' 
something toward you tliai look.s 
like a cabinet radio tlio i:p\i ujh? 
you (to to them for ireainipi'.i. dor, t 
trj- to tune In on Berlin. Nine tun s 
out of ten it will be theb? new tS36 
PhyElo-therapy machine. 

Tliis ■-■qui')iiifn!. wl.ijh i-i .snid loj 
be cne ol llie h^i^t on the market,' 
Will b» Uised nrlmarity lor lUc ti.'wi- i 
ment of ctit<;, bruises, chrcnir mii":- 
toiriltis, and minor sinus allni:nt - 

II wc»rks on a deen-heat. hlsh fre- 
quency principip and \flll .siipul?- 
ment the dla-thernnc niacinne now 
in use. This new iniKlel a 
numbsr of featurett that the aid 
models laeked, accordint; to tlie! 
health authorities. It worit:, on an I 
incluctiort principle iiuiii'ad of ihe 
old conduction method. This I 
eliminates .short circuiting even in ' 
the warmest weather. Although not 
dangerous, short circuiting was an 
objectionable feature in the old 

The Health department exiiects 

to tKat maiiv of Uie approxiieate 

Ptof. Paid Wtfget. head of tbe 

(Ifjjartment of archlieiture. is ntw 
a'l iidiiig a m-L' ■img of tb: Ameri- 
can Ir'-tiiutp of architects in Wash- 
ington, D C. Bp lore t» returns to 
Mnnhr'tlan Ottobt-r 4. he will visit 
the Hrv Yo^ World's fair. 

Where Dost Stew G«l lUft Momf 

for Advertisi^? 

What I would spend for beer and tobacco I spend 
with thf rollegr*" publications. ! think It is ft 
UQselfisb and conunendaMc investment. 


Artist John Steuwt Cvtry'a dynamic conception of Jelm Brown, 
fanatic free-state ImSer of earty Kan.<;as. The Kansas portrait will 
be the Jaeket design for Kirfce Mechem's "Jchn Brown. ■ a three-act 
play in verse to be oublLihJd October 16 by llic Kansa.s Magaaine As- 
sociation, Kansas State college. Autograpbed cc^ies will be avaUabl: 
to subsertters who order in advance of publication. This pcvtralt ts 
fnan a drawing which started a odntnveny last npriat «tHn <Ub- 
Iiiaftd in the tails o( the atatetaotuw to Topeka. 


of each tyi>e 

fNW tbe 

This y ar the group chairmen f Of , 
th - driv? have been Chosen so tbat' 
then- will lif a representatlvfl for | 
eacli .soi orlty liou; e. Van Zile haO, , 

and Iii'i"])ciid('n: .stiidoiits j 
Tlio-- ' ;'irls 'vviiiM iis chairmen 
ar- Alpiiii n.'Dii PI. Hi-lcn Jane 
M^i-!filir, Ali^ha Xj D^lt.i I,nrrayiip 
f hepuia^,,:i: T lei la riclt^* HPltJt. 
Chsryl Pi pi-. u; K iii;;ji D 'lui. Ruth 
Hanick: Kriiin Kni-i);- Gamma,, 
Gerry frniidv; Pi n. t;i Phi. Martha 
1.011 A',- \\r.:^' c'liivvH. Roberta, 

Vh.v.mi: i;;iii;i-'ii(li''il, Dorl- Paus- 
liaii. Van Zili' Hall. Kathleen Pmr- 
tiv: i i-1 ;iu uiiannounc?d chairman 
from liK Phi Omisa PI bousf. 

Chart Ro&m 
Is Among New 

Mary Lll:-n Corman. Julia Hamm, ] 
Genevlsvp Scheler. Elizabeth UlU-i Considerable repair work during 
tlit!gs. and Jane Roderick. the .lummer ha.s tran-^formed part of 

Miss Maria Morrl.s. dppartmi'ni. of Dickens hall into a more elficient 
art; Mbs Browintj, department of 1 educational plant. A new chart 
food economics and nutrition : Miss | 
Evth^r Cormaiiy. department ol 

YW Boaid To Pbtti 
For Finance Drive 

The initial mcetiiifr r.f thp YWCC, 
advisory board w i;i be toniglu in tha 
YW of fire. T,iis iMiard is compoasd 

ed in YW v.oik 

Jean [je'i'uuiiii, president 
YWCA, Will B>ve reports on the 
work the association Is dcine on this 
camiius and also relate to the board 
happenlng.<i of the Estcs Park Y 
conference which took place early 
tn the summer. The board will dls- 
auaa tba work of the finance drive, 
which lake plase at as «ariy 

Paironizc Collegian Ad rji! 

Umbet* Hi the board this year 
iiKlude Ux*. O. 8. Midi, chairman! 
Mrs. S. W, UWbaidt, Un, o. K. 
Otis, lUsa Ddrctity PetUs. Un. U. 
S. Speneer. MM, 0«y Vamey, Hrs. 
ir. 0. Jenkhis, Mm. Anna N. ISuUer, 
Mrs. A, L. Olapp, ICtss Clarice l>alnt- 
er. Hiss Ijivell Wcod, Mrs. F.^D. 
ParreU. Mrs. Mary P. Van Zile, 
Miss Erma ICanay, and Wtt Sma 
lie young. 

clothing and isxiiies: Mis* Hazel 
Hliwc. department ol clothing and 
textiles; anc? Miss Notii Bare, in 
cluirgo of Ula Dow hoti» manage- 

Club Organized 
By Architects 

new elub t= b-lna nrfdiiiz^d in 
.architer'turfil depart vnent this 
f'^'^irr-.irrtiiin t^ void rfC-'lvd 
ntsht from th ■ boys of the tee- 
.squarr and triaiigl" 

Mpmbershtp will hr oppn lo all 
m'n tvho have lje?.i r'lTll ^d in the 
department for at least ii y?nr anri 
a li;''.f, aiu! jilans are afoot to \r.- 
di-iiarlinpntfll spirit and lo iip- 
hrld >iici»:'eriiii-al traditions. RuIps 
)cr fri'shmcn b-hnvuir have air -.-idy 
been p^ii Into c!Ii'-t 

M.'clmBs are to b«' held once ,a 
month and tlie foUowint: officers 
Will prefiJe: Ma.'!tfr ot the Works 
Mnuel Morris: Chief Draft inan. 
Fred Oardner; Keeper* of tbe Plate. 
BUI Dctjr:. the Whip, Omim Haa- 


At n in^nln? y?st?rday afternoon, 
the Krnii(.) de«ii!natett Mcnday. Oct- 
ober 2. fs tilp m.'pTiiiB time of ths 
Kantinnri^ .-.airt lor the trial of a 
non-con fcivmini* ire^hman. October 
18 was set as the date lor a d^ait- 

Are Inspeeled 

student TOomhir hotaea that 
were put on the prabattw Ult ttat 
spring were reexamined last iBonth, 
according to the Faculty OounoU on 
Student Affairs. The work was done 
by the Student Health department 
under the direction of Dr Ruth 
Montgomery. New hou-.^s and 
houses which received a rating of 
C or UnsaltFlactory from the in- 
spection la.'tt February were inspect- 

"Were tileas^d with the Improvi- 
ments in hoiMug standards reve^t- 
v'd ill ilie fall survey. ■ derlared. D>an 
I'an Ztl;*, chairman c.: the coun:ll. 
■5ti:1.nts ch;osiiiK tho rooms mt?d 
iiN C nrp doing .so to reduc? living 
ci '-t.s and not bccmi^e bptter ane? 
ar ■ not available ■ 

All hou«^eJs win be given their an- 
nual check-up next jiimester. This 
Is tb; second time tbe lament pro- 
tatkm plan has been used. 

room was built, room 78 was fixed 
so that it could be used for classes 
and ra<»n 78B was repaired and 
:.ew fixtures were added. 

The Gtaart room which was bunt 
into a eanm of roam n irtlt roidis 
It poadUa to store and oatatogue 
the hn t in ia al charts In an orderly 
faeblatt, Iha dauts have been fUad 
te eabtaMa on «ba hutcttnf between 
Md ffatrd fkiora. 
7» was ttsaf sart of the 
ttnw but year by advanced classes 
because there wa.s no other ro<»n, 
but the improvements made this 
summer have made it 
ceptatale for elapses. 

Modernistic work tables hay? t>een 
InstaHfd m room T6B to replace tha 
eld ones which were well cut upt 
New electrical connesUons above 
each desk were also put in, Tbe old 
flmr waa taken up and new floor* 
toe put tai. 


CoUem Board Agftl» 

The eoilege boaid 
magaahw win agahi be ocgaiibwd 
this year, aeeotdbif to Ubd Amy, 
aastCT mmMm at tbe 
of Batty 


Fiv.-' Kan.,^n', State colleije stu- ■ 
d -nl!;. ipprFseiitinj ih? ccllece cla«.s) 
f; ;h? First Congr^gniieral ehur^h 
of Manhsrian. attended a confer- 
ence of the Northern Association uf 
Ciiagrejratirt al-rhrtsti in Chur;h*^ 
ant^Iinb-: T': .1' VVakciieid Stindagf 
8tt«fn(."n ard evening The stu- 
dents •.vrr,' Cle .rste MWl-r Jolin Fos- 
ter, Bcva KltiL Helen VaoOafltelt, 
and OmrdMn mat. 

Patreolae Collegian Advertlsersi j *«cy at once 

Madcmirtflelle eoUepe board is 
catHSPMd of IMF tlWi aaab of 

ih" leadint coUeites wlto tend in re- 
ports caih month m locil -impus 
fashions, lads, phctogri'i'is. ana 
; iroesor designing contaats, Ite best 
reports orch month are awarded 
Last yeai% bOMfd waa eaai- 
of Ptaaaes OtUiaM. amlor: 
Ethel Avery. )iudar: Jmte Bfarte 
Madien, •sphomore: attd Margaret 
Hlll» tmtaman. 

Qirls interested in Joining the 
board an adnd to ooMwt Btbd 

PtesUhttt FanMl Has 

Four Speaking Dates 

President P. D. Farrell has four 
tutlvt engagements to talk in cities 
of Kansas. On October 4 If will 
speak at the Rotary club of Frank- 
lort on "War and Agriculture.'' For 
a conveniioii of the Women's Clubs 
In n Dorado on October 16, he will 
choove the topte, IBaaUMry ud 

■Education: Tcciini^al ,ind Llb- 
•ral" is his spe^-ch at thi dedlea- 
(len of a ;;hool budding m Harp.-r 
cn October iB At the annual meet- 
ing of '.he Kansas Assodatton of 
Municipal Utilities on October 33. he 
will di;.cu&s the UM ot al i ailUU on 
Kiuuas farms. 

State Engineers 
Schedule Debate 

Four Kansas Btatc Mcclianleal 
Bnghteerltw senicm wUl eompste 
with a delegation of enginem from 
CMclahana unlvmlty In a debate be- 
fore the regiOBal msettng of the 
Autcmotlve Bngtnf^ at Tidia, No- 
vember 3. 

Ramoad Bonll. iUehaid H. Brack* 
wridge, Bmnett Bessettntth, and 
IMlft Huntor wlU defend tha af- 
flrmatlvt side. To." question to be 
debated is: ReiUvedt Thai v-type 
engines are to be preferred to in- 
line <ngto» tor passenger car ^tilp- 



Slafia Ooiibit 


7-' MAIN SI 



A Bundav edit ion of the New 
Totic Times has be?n placed in 
Recreation center for tbe tKneQt of 
all wl» wish to see It. It k sup- 
plied through the Rec fund. Which 
is owtndled by Hf*. WaXf P, ."Van 

Patronise Collegian Advertisers! 

Signed— Sted Bliif 


Dial 3909 





Just received — 
direct from the makers 


A great variety at 2 5cl0 97.90 

For Y«ar 

3r the 

FAMILY . . . 

A bgButilul en- 
lar^ment of your 

r - 


* m 

In .lifjfievflTr 


Get Your 
Taken For Tlie 





AU Pictures Anranged For Before November I WiE B* 
$lgeeirAfler That Dttl^^The Price ITO B»|Mi 

Every Student Paying The Activity Pee WiH R icdWt 
' A Copy Of Tke ROYAL PURPLE. You WiU Want 

To Be RepreiMted* 

Call At The 

Royal Purple 



fell*w Id gtmenl, vWta k. « 
. . . plha. hambwrfrr try. . , . 

by Jennie marie madsen 

Mmi DelUlUtr 
wss tb* uauuX all'Schcol mixer 
. . BOit ootitaiuUng 

! aB tben. . m nusH. . . 
Ipnft nu, conspicuous 
a» irtaft while prof, and 
Ml0b laditiraok ( be wm the 
-bntm" al tte pwrty) tooklnc tm 
ttooi ttw MoBosr «ad gstuiig • 
UK ttuiUl tMk 

Recipe Last Friday Is Tasty To Large Crowd 

All-School Mixer 
Definite Success 

Matt Bet ton's Orchestra In 
Spotlight Following Pep 
Rally and Entei^atmneitt 

with tmp^hf*^"! uMl twck<«lap 
pttm were roonte himiiKind. bunt 
tpMT, mi ted warren, ue'«. frank 
nrdar and Jo* «elMil betas, ed 
bochmuin, delt^ and flwddia 
tdenip, ato^ 

U AM VMarr VaraUlM 
at* Btailar to tbt OM lat. . . vdl. 
> or S" Iv 4" «IU have to be 
. tti ibort. rtandliiB 
room ttOf. . . euto ooupla taooon 
to to milnitb invUnon, pi phi, 
«Dd jMft baTinalier, beta. . . Uter- 
ftlbr btawtoR mra dorottiy backer, 
trt dilt, and rpger crow, ato. . . 
on-baod. rogor, wbo recently 
iradwtad tarn nuidalDb fl?M, 
flow to, laadtaif at fUer. . . 
iritb dorottay mdy and waiting 
wbm t» oudt hla tbm-point 
laaUni. . Jxit baek the vanity 
way, . . toj^ jltterets were wUUe 
lamer, slgma nu and his hayi, 
kansas, girl Mend. . , aU» oomer- 
swlnBing WM ^ O pMsSt eina 
lou davU. 

LuBclouB llamburgen 

were ilic plka's specialty Satur- 
day evening after the game, . . 
the lellas and Ihclr dafra were 
warmly welcomed with much food 
and much Jamming with brother, 
al hcBkett. at tlie piano. 
Wbrn KaiiMS Stair's 
royal purple beauty queen says. 
"It's the r^al mc-coy.' that's 
aomthln. . . and marge Jacobs, chl 
o pretty, chained martin kadcts 
tke Din to hers Sunday with Jttit 
that Idea. . also starry-ffyed was 
murlbelle tclchgraeber, »i ptii 
wh»n members ot slgma phi ep- 
Bllon greeteri her after .she an- 
nounced her engagement to frat 
brother, george alebif. 
Jolnlnf Grcflulom 
are loutse roller, pai'.sons. newest 
ad pi pledge and joan linn, kappa 
delta ribbon weMW. 
New InlUalea 

of algma nu are Jack blCkneS, 
albert coat<!s, davld onws,' earl 
gwy, frank paulsrai, bob g. mUier, 
don trout and don thcmas. 

an ear<catcher Is "ItH Intramural 
to me ' . . . meaning makis no 
dUfereoee now," . , . . aw. fA 

Wx ttnroutbly niotty-iMm va-\ 
cent of the Kansas State «tttdmta,| 
add a generous amount of Matt] 
Beiton. his boys, anjl his muale,; 
pour aU th-se ingredients Into tile 
college gym, be«t nrenuoutiy for 
two and a bslf twnn. and tbe m- 
sidtiac baf tMT wtn be an til-oidlege 

A blue-rlbton example trf sueb a 
miser was turnrd out last Friday 
la Mb^Ob gym. £^«s atfted 
In with no Umit«tl«>s as to number 
or gender and were lined m tbree- j 
deep on tbe aides. The danc^ 1 
wtM saved by a bairioade around, 
tbe floor wtaleb belied In fcemdngi 
tta« center < trUls less crowded. Tbe | 
main jnuUem of tbe evesiitg was 
getting immbtod at tbe «aA of 
datioes. "This comidleated proeets 
consisted of girls madly searching 
for tbelr original datss and btqn 
wmOetixm huw long tbey would be 
stuck with tSa ladln in distress. 

Dancing was tntenrupted for 
awhUe for the purpose of Intraduc- 
Ing the newly chosen tibferload«rs. 
OuUtandlng in this group are two 
glrb. Jean Marie Knott and Eunice 
Wheeler, the feminine cheer- 
l-aders in State. After a 
few yells and the -Plght, You AgglO 
WltdcatV song, daticmg continued. 
Many K pec tm tors Present 

A large crowd collected on the 
balcony of the gym. getting a lilrds- 
ey7-vtew of the mixer and risking 
necks leaning over the rail 

The mixer wps not all in the way 
of the pienlnii'.s enieitninment. 
Piec ding the danw a rally wa.s : 
held In the auditorium The trowd 
taJtlng part Iti (he rally w:is larger 
than ever before and everyone really 
entTcd into the spirit of the games, 
cnmpetiiive .<itunts, programs, an/ 
yells. Dr. H. H. King was master of 
ceremonies, and Vernon Rector wa? 
song leader. Partlcipaiu.s in the 
program were: V?rnon Reitor, Al- 
len Edgar, Irl Yeo, and George 
Eberhart. members of the Four 
Flats quartette; Geneva Ruth 

oanpbiffl, Vlrgltaia Ooodwln. 
B-nnrd Bogen. vooal sabrists; mek 
MaB, who lad a professor Qubi Mt: 
and Olana Kran with a magician 
rtunt. Fi^ stimta aM| aiwtioa pto- 
bim (dosed tUe iirognMW ii 

ISU Plans 

Social Times 

Irl Yio. prjsidtnt of the Inde- 
pendent .Student Onion, announc-dj 
this we k to a Collegian reporter 
several nlans for the coming year 
at the 1^0 houie which is located 
at 133* Fi--moni. ( 

Starting tonight, Ernie Proudfit ^ 
will Instruct both bovs and girls m 
social dancng. These lemons will 
b^tn :miinptly at 7:30. Each Wed- 
nesday ni^t is "Kitchen night" at: 
the I8U bouse and all members arc | 
W^eome to go to th? home and 
nwke candy, pop corn, dance or 
jAKf games. Oas night a week in) 
the near future will be allgted to 
group etnglnc. Veiwai nsotm will 
b; in eb«Ff» of tbe amafeaMnte. 

College Calendar 

TKE* S Imitate 

Hill Billys 

strutting out in their hiU billy 
costumes, members of Tau Kappa 

Epsllon fraternity entertain^ their 
dates and alunmi to the ftr^t hill 
billy Tarty of the school vear. Sat- 
urday. September 20. from a 30 to 
13 o'clock. The besi circst-ed hill 
bUly counle was awarded a dollar 
prlae. Refreshments of cider and 
doughnuii were served during in- 
tirmls.?ioii and the presence of the 
old cider barrel and mugs added a 
touch of tfjlx^ to the party. 

miay, September n, from 7 
o'clotii to S (MtKk open house was 
given for tw«nty-four pt Phi 
pledges. Aftet the dum inany at- 
tendod tbe idl aeHool 

* Jmchos* Have 

Clovias Hosts 
At Rush Tea 

Ti'.e Mexican theme was pre- 
dominant at a tea given for Clovia 
I ushces Sunday afternoon from 3 
o'clcck to 4:30 at the home Of Mrs. 
Don Cornelius, alumna of that 
sorority. Mrs, Williams, moth'r of 
Mrs. Cornelius, and Mrs. fteltz serv- 
ed hot chill and coffee to the guests, 
while Marvin lark, dreased as ,e 
Spaniard, sang Mexican and Span- 
lab songs, Mexican gourds and 
oandlas daoorattd tbe dlnbig room. 

Not to be outdone by the l^de- 

pcndenl women, the non- fraternity 
men have organized a hous"- called 
•Jerlchos" on 1116 Fremont, The 
motto of this house is "A Coujje 

Officers for the coming year are: 
picsident. G"rald Ingraham: vice- 
president. Eldon Gladow; secretary, 
HeJrold Skalla ; t r surer. Ed 
Schown; social director, Stan Wil- 
liams: atbMtte dMttor. &ick 


TUEgOAiT. onr. ^ 

Wa nMdMftfiip meeting— U0 boiiMh- T;« 
t Onbestra— Auditorium— T o'clock- 10 o'clock 
K8C radio club— Engineering, Room E128— T o'clock-S:30 
Block and Bridle— Waters, Room Ag55— 7:30-9 O'clock 
YMCA freshman comml.s&lon— FalrctUld, ftoom T9? — 7:30-8:30 


YWCA memberahlp drivo— Recnattoa eantar— 4l.o^dottt-l (f^eek 
WOmt aasoBUy^Atiditorlmtir-s o'clock 
Browning literary society meeting— Nichols, Room N51— 7{iOi># 
Student Varum— Recreation center— 12 o clock-l o'clock 

Alpha Mu Smoker— Conwnunity house— 7:30-9:30 
Ca<<mopolitan :'lub— MIctKds, Room KSl— 1:30-g:|0 
4-H dub meetiog-^CUvlD, Boom C3i— T:iO-»:M 

on tbe 




and that we^ all pratty well put 
together. . . Mvt y«sl And (ta«y do 
say that tbe best-dressed man to 

every frattoarty club la tbe first 
one up m the morning. . . However 
they get that way. the appearance 
is so meth i ng to make the gals turn 
aniiaid afad adl, •^ffta it ttwt daah- 
ing avoHo?" 


The tacol^ mmibm of 
tof dusulMiwI n* to to 

at tte 

Wnt of tta OaMnttr. !• 
toattmaster. Doughnuts made 

Ilour milled In the KSC mlU 
served with a barrel of cider 

to be 

I frott 
wUl be 

Ferns Take Notice 

Organized Of Male Grooming 

Sunday afternoon from 3:30 to 6 
c'cIoOk was t«t-time for the Cosmo- 
poUtan ?lub, when (wospsctlve mem- 
bers w<»e enlertrjnsd at the heme 
ot'lAss Mary KlmbaU, 1311 Lara- 
mis. A msetlng of aetiTe members 
wtn be Tlnindi^ evoilnc to vote on 

Dr. E. R. ftank, professor of vet- 
erinary surgerv, will dem«>iistrato 
several of the later surgical opera- 
tions at the Twentieth Annual Vet- 
erinary conference to be at the 
mnwrsity of nunois, October S and 

By Ann BtetahefaMr 
. Censi^ nwhiJM Editor 
Not that a man would stocq} so 
low as to read a mere fashion col- 
umn, but I would Uks to msntion a 
few cf the more m?riti;us outfitt 
spotted hither and yon Just as you 
can spr>t Charlie Country by his 
lirst store suit of shining black, .so 
f-Hii yoti pick out Eugene University i 
by the whoop-tee-doo touch. Now! 
take Bud MUier of the ATO bunga-| 
low for eMmr:le. H,'" we?rs a b\w 
tlj with more ease than a bull dog 
wears a mu7.7le. That la, be Is 
plwtty fancy and we Ifte lU 
Jaocard An E^re-Opetier 

'Dutch" aebuitie, ffig A^ 
pledge, not only has tbe latest in 
convertible Padcards, but all rite 
fcr himself along tbe dottafti tine. 
We mean that he could ride a 
horse to school and still look plenty 
app?aHni{ O feminine :'yes. And 
whl!^ f.i;: SAE way we might men- 
tion I_f;e Town.<^end The curlv hair 
ecmf's with hnn. but not to be pas- 
.<^ed up i.>i that personal touch whk;h 
places him high cm tbe Hat ^««U- 
D^ SMek AeoBd is ba^ agato 

Annwd Alphi Mu 
Smoker lliursday 

Alpha Hu la io iiold its annual 
smoker for fit'tdents In milling In* 
dustry :it 7:30 Thursday vMtt la 
IhJ Community House. 

It will be a unique affair to th«t 
the members of tbe only tvmonury 
miUtog fraternity In tbe wortd ant, 
tortsltis tba only 

locking the last w?vd to casualnest 
and tdonds good-lot^ Bqwclally 
«)f«-tafcing is tbe psen ttouser-yd- 
low mviim coroUnatitm Iw trundles 
around the campus to. Other tnttT' 
mer.s from the Cantem CuUes con' 
cern Desn Porter, Beta, and Al 
BUtchell. Ilg Ep, And believe us, 
these women have their definite' 
Ideas on wh-at-my-man-shall-wear! I 
Good looking for a doctor and loo 
gocd looking lor a )iorse doctor is 
Paul Moyrt, Sigma Nu On^^ part of, 
his « piirl;is; nnparel is now decorat- 
ing a Pi Phi. but he sLlll turns out i 
looking very and ladee- 
dah. Still on the Sigma Nu trail, one 
Cf their mast breath -takingiah 
males Is Frank Ladd, back this 
last weekend. ?Ie's wearing his hair 
somewhat I'artlsto and tbe ranitt li 
a tdt of aa right 

Tweeds A Favorite 

A red -topped fella who answers to 
the name of Walt Dawley was look- 
ing plenty .smooth In Kedzie yester- 
day, decked out In colorful gre?n 
tweeds. The more we see of twmds, 
th.^ more we Iflw them, Mg tbe 

iBbfltttr after the smoker, new 
taenAen of Alpha Mu are to bo an- 
scunce:l. Membership in this or- 
ganisation Is a coveted honor, as 
fbs rgantiation hi 

The Sluwe-it Brim 
Fiur l^nrl 

1.69 liip 

In AU the New Cslasi 



SiMftIhe your feet In 
SBBV-fUUaf Bheea that 
are lovaly to w«ar. la- 
Mapav Leoirt PatoMt 

$2 «3 '3«» 

ALL Bins 



Shoes Far the Entire FamUy 

Patronise Ctdleglan Advertisers 

Enjoy Picnic 

Which came first the ben or tiw 
egg? Probably members of the 
Mamlttoolan and Ionian literary so> 
detles wvold Ml you that it was 
the lun: for to 19H the lonlans ac- 
quired a hen which was cared for 
by the Ham II tons and regarded, aa 
i mascot of the two organizations. 
It Is said that the hen lay ed a great 
many eggs and due to this tact th:s 
organizations perceived the ap- 
parently unlqus Idtg 9( bavtog an 
egg roast. 

The roast was successful and so 
became an annual affair which was 
originally in the spring: but mem- 
bers of the clutts have changed the 
tradition so that ^the eggs arc no 
longer n p^t of the ovent, and It Is 
held in th« fall rather than la ttie 


The iiirrur which corresponds to 
tlie egg runst was Saturday evening 
in Sutiset park Tile young lller- 
arlans enjoyed food for both the 
body I a picnic lunch) and fev Itie 
mind \ttae reading of the oracle 


for another 

You'll be surprised at the 
good looks of even your old- 
est hat when we're 
cleaning it Oet 
Pall, call us Dow! 

A Bugaln Pftes 

See I's for Vour 

Alterations — 



Ph, UU 



Whether You 


Shag, Shuffle 
or Stumble — 



' 9 tai 12, 


Matt and the Boys 


— S. CU A» 

Adn. St Daor-^SSo— Advuwe SiIm 7Sc 


hot the right combinotion of 
grwrt oellfig and donetni 
to fli«« yw fn«r« plM«M« 



Ohesterfield blends the Right CmnUnatim 
of the finest American and Turkish tobaccos 
to give you a milder, better-tasting smoke with 
frieadbg aroma . • • 

nd when you try them you'll find that these are 
the qualities Chesterfield has above all others in 
giving you Morg Smoking Fham^ TUMY SATiSfY. 

OvMHi tm iMsntt ftltaH ToaMe»te 

■ I* 

Kansas State Collegian 

The KwuM Stotc CoOit* Africultute and Aj^lied Science, Frtday, October 6, 1939 

Student Coundl 




For Union Building 

First Sbot In AssanUyi 
UnkRi Project Committee lbs 

/ Representative From Each Divisioi) 

Br Battk McrrlU utf Glenn WlllUms 

Hie SO A sladMit eounetl find the first shot in 
State's 1939-40 ounpaign (or a student union bultding, at 
last Wednesday's a!lHKdiool assembly. As a packed audi- 
torium of students listened intently, June Darby, Marlanna 
Klstler, and Jim Stockman told of the aims, hopec?, and as- 
pln^ons of the past, and explained the plants for t he future. 
They made it clear that Kan 

Nominate Five 
Fmr Quern Of 

Embryo FaraMm 
Choose PrinceMea 
In Heated Balloting 

Invited . 

8tal« will never rest un- 
til tt feta a student union. 

MtSB Darby spoke of the 
student union buildings 
found on other campuses, 
and the many purpotses for 
which they are used, Speak- 
ing of the ballrooms in these 
buildings she raised the 
question of Kansas State 'h 
MBW pnUMn. The ggm snd the 
Aiilon art tbs only sfaUsUe places 
waA botb an antiftiatMl, and are 
too nan. aba polntail out 

taOdtnta need'noT^cl tbalr dance» 
In a gymnasium Mf IB a Mllaw a 
bowling alley, 

Tbraa^Mvtha Pavar Vnian 

milntr of ttw past and present 
work on tbe student union projact. 
Jlra Stockman, an BOA loamber, 
n«ind*d hu lUtaners that in laat 
year's union election, SIJI oer cent 
o[ the students voted anti 7S per 
^nti.alJjuna <iit» \AU.w oJ ereatr>~ 
Ing B union iHiildtng. 

Btoclcman also apoke of the Mrst 
committee that was appointed to 
InvMtlgate the poMlbltltles ol a 
Tocreatton olace on the campus. 
Thla committee was compo&cd of 
aU faculty members and five stu- 
dents. The same problems that 
fac«d thftt committee are facing tho 
prasent members. In concluding, he 
said "onljr 10 per cent oi (he stu- 
dent union buildings were done so 
by laglalattve action, lo Its entlreljr 
up to tbe students of this college." 

ICarlanna Klstler. a member of 
the praaent Student Union Project 
committee, urged all the students 
to "talk It up, and think It up," 
saying. "tb« committee will do 
emythlng It can, but the students 
muit work too." 

The menben e( ttot Btadtnt 
Untou ?R>}eet commttM npntent 
MA division on tb* bill. Their 
nuBts and the dlviilMM Uwy nfH 
fMsnt sre: Jack lli|iiMtini . a^- 
culture; Albert Ult^iui, vsterinary 
medlotne; BUI Keogb, 
«Dd arehtMetun; 


'tA M tnteficv jiaUrday 
It. A. latan. (feea% wM» ol tfaa 
MM that tbm was no 
la yam bom for a union 
iU •ttsouila to 
lam mat with 
in ttM past, tm/m sMurad 
tbat ibe eooaidttw «MM bivtsti- 

Election Is 

Expect Keea Competition 
ftar W m A mm Offices 

fiery competition between Oreeks 
and Independents is expected at tlie 
lorthcomin? freshtnan class elec- 
tlon.', lo be In the auditorium Wed- 
nesday at 4 o'clock, according to 
Rasi. Leeper, 80A president. 

Ihe will meet and choa^e 
tlie cltlcjrs to head their class 
tbrougb tbe mt ol tbe aelwol year 
wltb Leeper ^resfaUng mm Oie 
maetinf . All nomlnaUons are to be 
mutt mm (be Qoor, altbobgb tbe 
indqwidutt party announead their 
candldMn at a Muooilast week. Hie 
traabmin mM win piraiMb^ p»- 
satt a ^vkMiibr prepared slate at 
tbi eto oM ja n a alio, acoordtag Xf> a 

The officers to be elected will In- 
clude the president, vice president, 
and secretary -tresaiirer, A secret 
ballnt win not be used, all voting be- 
ing done by a show of hands, Leeper 

Welfel Appointed 


Prof. Paul WelRcl, head 'jf Ihe de- 
partment of architecture, has btvii 
appointed by Ihc executive com- 
mlttpe ol Kaa'as chapter of the 
A;ncricaii Instituts of Architects, to 
serve a-s sccret»ry-treasur!r of the 
chapter. His appointment Is to fill 
the vacancy cau-sed by ilie resigna- 
tion of ThomB.-: iMTriz^, Lawrence 
architect, who \v.v.^ left the ,statc to 
accept a t:^ii"hniE position In the 
depvtment <.>'<. archit«cture oC Ohio 
untveralty, Attaens, Oblo. 

The red bandanas and 
gingham dressMhsvepasaad* 
leaving the cwnptts In pos- 
session of five loTaly Ag 
Barn warmer prlneenes. 

After an hour of heated 
balloting the aps came forth 
with five beauties, from 
Kansas I ^ '•'Jiii they will choose their 
queen. Their choices are 
Jean Marie Knott, Kappa 
Kappa Gamma; Marty Alex- 
ander, Pi Beta Phi; Lucy 
May Botkin. Independent 
Student union; Jane Gal- 
braith, Alpha Delta Pi; and 
Mary (Sriswold, C'hl Omega, 
one of whom will reign at 
the Harnwarnier on Octo- 
ber 21. 

These g^ls, picked trotn the tor- | 
iwM 13 candldatea who were repre- 
sentatives of the Independentb, Van 
Zlle haU, and the sororlUes, will vie 
for tbe bMUff ot beliic queen ot the 
aniutti Mmnmnner. 
Tkkals To Asi CHdy 

Tbe <|ita«i «iU be elected by tbe 
votea cut as tbe tioiBets are bousbt; 
this sale being limited to tbe ag atu- 
dent. 8be «rlU be s nno uaeed and 
crowned at tbe Bamwatater vlth a 
meatb ol ftowen by Daan L. E. 
CaU of tbe division of agriculture. 

Tbe Bamwarroer «iU be Octob^ 
21, with tbe antkilpated AM dan- 
cers swinging out to the rhyttun ol 
Matt Bet ton and the boys. 
To Dc4»ra(e Gymnasium 

The gyratiaalum will lake on a 
n:w BMptarance: Ihi- ci- f urn t ions 
lM(Uib carried out witji h-^lcs ot hay, 
i shocks of com. and the like, regis- 
tering the fall, farm motif. Hie 
traditional elder and doughnuts will 
be served refreshments, while 
booths lining \hs walls will display 
the products and advancement of 
the various dci^rtmcnts 

Tho:ie In charge of the dance 
are: Francis Frledll, manager: Stan- 
Icy Winter, assistant manager; Ron- 
ald Campbell, cbalnnan, Richard 
DuUock, Jamea Spettt; Anien R«l- 
luan. clean-up ciwteinan: Mbn 
Dean, tMiet ai^; liSrJorle Big- 
gins, ptAUetty; msM Rowley, 
checkroom ebaJnatn; taa WO Lob- 
ensteln. deootatiaiis. 

Council Wires Acceptance 
Of Famous Maestro's Terms 

Will Select 

Nana Twdfs CNbte 


UMi for sU pMtlas. Wtkom Chap- 
Pdl OnsBaiiy. 4Mt, 

Honor YW Secretary 

At Tea Today 

Miss Erma Murrey will b" honor- 
ed at the tea In the YW office from 
2 to 5 o'clock this afternoon. 

It is hoped that all YW mem- 
bers will take this opportunity of 
becoming acquainted with their 
new adviser. Beth Schn^llbacher Is 
ta aliwst ei arrangMaeota. 

Hull Invites 
F. D. Farrell 

KSC President Undecided 
About Conference 

Pr{:sldent P. D. Farrell has been 
Invited by tbe Secretary of State, 
Cordell HtdL to attend a ooafeience 
to be tadd in Waahlngton, D. C. In 
Movembar on 'international Amerl- 
csn relatlonB In tbe field of educa- 

The eonlwenoe, held under tte 
supervtsloa of the dlvUton of eut- 
tural relattons, wUl act as a timr-. 
mg bouw of lofonnatlon on Qu- 
estional actlvltiM betweoi thdted 
states and other countries. The 
division is liitere.stod In cultuml re- 
la tiom with all loreign countri'3S 
but with South American countries 
in parllciilar a', thi;; conference. 
Accent On Houth America 

"Thic omiferenee might help - i/f 
increase the mutual understanding 
and good will between the United 
States and the Latin American 
countries," said President Farrell. 
"One of lis purposes Is an effort 
to sttmubite more Irlandrilttt be- 
tween couatrlM in tegud te odu- 

THe president pointed out ttiat 
South American students have at- 
tended KSC and otber AmerScdn 
colleges in the past but that the 
enrolment has bem declining. Most 
of tbe students att«Kl European 
unlvenlUea because tbetr natural 
Intemts In education and laagtiage 
are of European origin and not 

The conferences between United 
States and the Latin American 
countries have been colng on for 
two years but have not b?en as 
extensivp as this one l.s to be. Prcsl- 
rinit Farrell has not de::idt'd If he 
will attelid the conference oi- not. 

Twelv? organizations will submit 
candidates for Homecoming queen, 
^ccoidlng to an announcement 
made kst nlgbt by Joe Rotoertaoa, 
preHdant «i Bhis Kay, acote mmt 
booorary organliatioo which an- 
ntiaUy spooters tbe 
proiiBtstlPn ot the 
«ti» rdgns 0^ the traditional 
Homecoming festlvltie:> 

Voles cast fay who purshas^; 
tickets to the Blue Key Iwll. Friday, 
October 20, will choose this year's 
queen. At a meeting yesterday noon, 
the organization decided to use the 
same system ol voting and .selection 
as last year. Members ol the organi- 
zations nomliuitlng caridtUiites will 
sell tickets and for each Uticct .sold 
their respective orBanija lion's can- 
didate will rcceivs two votes. Follow- 
ing ihis, the purchaser wilt be allow- 
ed cne vote ai U\e door when be at- 
tends the ball 'I'jckci.s will be placed 
aci sau beginning Tuesday, Oeiober 
10. Matt BHCon and bis otAertta 
Mil play for tbe ev«U. 
CaitiMatss Ta Ba AMwsaeed 

To asniM a npnaiQUtttva sSlee- 
tlon from tho student body both 
Orsek e.nd ind.^ pen dent organ iza- 
tlom, each chcosins Its own candi- 
date, will ha/e nominees. Tiic or- 
ganizations participating ar? th'r 10 
sororities. Independent Student un- 
ion, and Van Zlle hall Al Maklns, 
publicity director, -states that a coin- 
plctj list of the candidates and fur- 
ther inlormatlon will be publL<;hed 
In the next i.=KU;- of the Collegian. 

In snlt-" ol the lact tlia! the queen 
i.s Rctuallj to he ch<;sen at th; ball, 
Blu" Key members emphatically 
slate that lier identity will be kept 
secret. No revelation will be made 
tmtll she appears and is presented 
In person between halves of the 
Homecoming Ram?. Satiirday. Oct- 
ober 28. year the Delta Delta 
Delta sorority candidate. Dorothy 
Hacker, wa^ elected, 

Tic!-'ts Inr the hall will l>f placd 
on .>«le bejtinniiiB Tuesday. Oetnlier 
10. TTiey will be .sold by members of 
each of the participating organiza- 
tions. Matt Bcttcn and his orch- 
estra, tc^fUght band in this area, 
have bxa selected to reign rhytboil- 
oaltr at (be taaiO. 

Ainu's Top-Fliiht Cobred Mummns Will Fisy 
In Nichols Gymnasium November 28 --Council Action 
Comes After Promises To foing Name Eaads Em 

Hr ' Merrlir 

Cab Calloway and his orchestra have been sectired IFor a 
SGA Varsity in Nichols gymnasium November 28. 

Preliminary negotiations are all completed and the mere formality 
of contract-signing remains before America's top-flig[it band leader 
and his negro musicians straight from New York Qty's exclusive Cot- 
ton Club are formally contracted. :^ 
Council members annoimced last nig^t that final acceptanoe of 

CaUoway'a mana^rs' of fen came afibor aevf : 
weeks of corrcsponcTing wi^ a ninnbei^ 
America's leading dance organizations. i 
"E.arly Wednesday morning we receivedj 
offer containing price terms and contr 
quirements from the Chicago office of 
well O'Keefe, booking company which Ttpfff^ ^ 
sent* Calloway," said Kenn^ Ctmwell, vdr|Ky ' y 
dance manaKer. "Our wire ol aooeptaaeB wm on Ito irar /'rj 

Drive Aids Y 

Incomplete Reports 
list STS Mcmben 

Boys I 

Ot)od board, rooms 
heal 830 Moro. 


Miss Annnabel Oarvey. a.ssLstant 
professor ol English, im leave since 
February. 1938. is extending her 
leave until February. 1940. 

Stirtmg Kmas Sli^ Baddidd Agamst Marquette Mlloppm T< 

year e^f^^ e^^^^f 'fibe ittJMlA^ift elee^^o^i 
a but was dn»n up pnpoiing to 
levy IMS on tlw ttrfwl body and 
tisus bonds tor tb« ooMlnKtioa of 
the btdUtng. This bill was to be 
put belBt* Uie KansM Ifglslatiure, 
but botae dobig that, o^ege au- 
nt a «o|iy to Jay S. 
attORHV'iemitf Hi Kansas, 
for his flphrton 

On Jmtiary n. Parker wrote this 
to Presld'nt Farrell, 'TTvls office 
docau't feel that tbe state of Kan- 
sas can coniUtullonslly create such 
an Indebtedness— and that without 
a con.stltutior^al amendment the 
proponed legislation would be un- 

Tills was a crushing blow to Kan- 
sas State hopc.s. but on January 27. 
nrrell wrote to Parker, askmg his 
ophUoti as to whether it was con- 
stltUttonaUy feasible for the college 
to authorize a corporation to builtl 
the hall on college land leased to 
the corporation. He added that 
this. was tbe method being used in 

^fO^eneg Nleison, class of "SI, 
recently. He la 
tbe Oidf OQ 

Approximately an taen have 
signed up as monbera of Kansas 
State's YMOA at this pdnt in the 
membership drive. Kenneth Con- 
well, membership chairman, an- 
notmced in a Matsment last night. 

Several committees Including the 
ftvtcmity ctonmlttee have not re- 
IMMted fully. The Ortve was car- 
ried otit |9 M eaptabu aecta with a 
four-iQen teauL Hw eaptitns were 
cabinet memlKn «tm apit «f (M 
members or otlisn iml'^ ini inter- 

Instead of (be oU taetlcs of «nlk- 
ing up. knbcUnt m 'dmr.' sfinT 
on tbe dotted Hum, and ooOecttng, 
more pcrsooal eontaet and actual 
explanitlon of the acttvitles of the 
YM was used this year according to 
Conwell, Anotbflf change In mem- 
bership this year was that any 
students wishing to join made a 
pledge for any amotint of mcmey 
they wished with a minimum of a 
dollar. This amount gives active 
mcmber.'ihip lor the full year. 

"If all remaining committer re- 
ports are as encouraging as several 
that have already como In, then 
the dJlvt- win centatnly be success- 
lul." .said Dr. A. A. Holtz. 

Results of ihe YWCA membership 
drive will be announced later ac- 
cording to Jsats Oalney, menber- 

Chevimi Sodety 
Secures Speakers 

An outstanding pioneer in form 
chcmurglc work will b^- iintong the 
authorities lacturing before ih? .\in- 
erlcan Chemical society here at 

manager. "Our wire ol aooeptaaeB wm on Ito 

back to riilrapo by nonn tiino." 

"Tlie final acceptuDc « marked lite culmination W 
of work on Con well '» part and OB tiM fWft 0( 
man, council nit'inber. .7" J( 

"It ig barely {lo^sible," stockman congervattvely adM 
"that soniethiiiK may pro wrong. We could declare wpTorti.* 
an earthqualte tniRlii blow tblngn up — or Calloway could 
decide to quit leudint; IiIk nirlioiitra, you know. But rlaht 
««w»-wa tblnH. tliai^f(Miteaofe->ta- gnliig«*s l i a i »)i»ail. iis i ia, 
and dellrered." • 
fnunrll Will .\r)nron> 

"It'll probably be officially approved at the flrat council 
meeting,** blurted Conwatl. 

Whrn prpHScd for factw, tiieinl)crs ot tlip rounrtl lupffec- 
tivt^ly xi \o(] lo aHsiimc a i)iiblneB8-liite and unexclted ex- 

"It all can be traced to a promise made to Kanaas state 
BtudentR by members of the council when they assumed of- 

i fk'p last Htii'lnR," salt! imc fonnril niemb«t, 

"At tlial linif. a ^ranil furor and hoopla was atlrred up. '''' 
on the campus beoaupe tlK^ old cottncU had allowad S '*\ 
chance to present Jeanette MacDonald tb slip thrmigh tliafar 
fingent. Ot course we weren't In a pogltton to gay any^^tat 
at that t tin ornnrorn Ing that aOttOB. 
An Flertinii I'ronihe 

"lliit wlien wp Weill into office last sprlttg we promieed tO 
bring Kansaa State gtudentg aa tnuch entertainment aa 
we could poMtbiy arraniite. Good dance oiehMtnu formed 

a very iniiiortant plank in our t^ntcrtaltUUfllt plv^mi." 
He began lo get down to caHes. 

"Aa goon aa gcbool opeaecl thlg fall, w« b^ran maktog ar- 
rangements to gecure a good dance orcheetra for a camp u a 
varsity. We contacted several booking agencien and asked 

for OffOTH. 

"Of the many off era," be gurgled. "Calloway's wag by 

sutr'iu y^r acU;;.; To ^^l^-^- w«te for further detail, and r^l«d tbl. 

Dr. A. T Peritins. secretary of the Wednesday morninR. That's the story* " 


group. Prof, O. R. ' Sweeney, h^ad 
ot the chemical engineerini; depart- 
ment at Iowa state, will .'peak on 
"TTtlllzatlon of Agrk:ultural Wastes 
and 1'^ Relation to Segregation of 

Dr. F, D. Rossini, chief of ectlon 
on thermochsmlstry and cor.siitu- 
tlon of petroleum of Nattonot Bur- 
eau o( StAndards. will lecti:-" on 
"Ch:mical ':k>nstltutk>n of Petrol 
eum." Dr. Gcnrge Rltter 
United States forest products lab- 
orp.tory in Madison, Wisconsin will 
speak on "Oooipouiids Of Cellulose 
rr<d ua Cooipeiltfoo." Ultraviolet 
Fluorescence aad its Application" by 
Dr H, H, Wlllard or the University 
cf lUchlgBn aW eomiptete tbe lee- 

And sn, in fulfillment of an KdA promlie, Cab Calloway 
in Koing to lirinK his "colorfur' aggregation to the college. 
For the first time in the history of Kangta Stata, a raaUy 
big "big name" band la going to appear. 
TlrketN KeaNongblc 

"Of course." added Stockman, "ihe varglty Isn't going to 
be presented purely for prc^t. It'a dMlgned to bring gooi 
music and flneentertalnmant to tbe sttidentB. The scx will 
stand in hack of the venture financially and any profits will 
of"ihe "'^ varfilty fund for futore ' 

■rhese four WUdeat footbaU slan wOl be la tbe 
tonight against the OtUm Avmtauiebe of HkrgHette, aa 
seek.<: her £«>cond straight victory of the MStMl, and bor fint under 
lights Kansas SUte elevens have defeated MarviMta tal Um last two 
meetmgs between tbe two teams. 

Tbe Kansas State atais pieuared abom, toft to rigbt, ere: HaMr 

bade past; Jtan Brock, left halfharit. and team's 
UoOte: HOMp Stalya. Mo. 1 rignal eeOar: uid right, 


Brownings Hold 
Regular Meeting 

A fashion ooauMtitKiy br aithrr 

asis iostuM mnm uoo m 

WtOumSaw w e tti ng meeting of tbe 
BioiniiDg Uteimr? ty. other 
feeturea were two humorous read- 
ings by Evetya Ward, grouo slDging 
of "Deep Putpte," and a preaenta- 
tton of Biglemann'e "RusiUn 
Dance" as a piano solo bv Rose 

Plans were discussed for the an- 
nual Halloween r^ny In collabora- 
tion with tbe Athenians. Tbe date 
set for this SSriSi MgUMbi U O0< 

toher 28. 

Large South East Room Separate 
beds and chests of drawers. Two 
Qoor lamps. Boys. Board and Room. 


he an cheap aR possibin, 

"Due lo the capacity of the gym." li« mnt on. "the ticket 
sale win naturally have to be a limited one. We will place 
the ticketg on lale to atudents only for a period of about 
two weekH, After that, if any ttcfewts mn Ian, «« vUt oflir 
them to the general public. 

MeatH For *<necl«t»r»>f ^ 

"We may put seals in the gymnaaitiilB balcony aat iilt^ 
tickeu to gpactators. Thla guy Callow^ pittg on a mi 

show! " 

When will the lickrts t;o on naif'! No one seenvfid certain, 
but all aRroeri it woiild he iti the ufiar future 

Council members have not yet bad time to plan daoor«' 
tlons for tbe gymnastum or oMko arraailiumta for a po»-l 
sible radio br*"'dca8t. 

Your repfiri- i liafitlly (jiiiKzert a few sliideiitB concerning 
the councirs choice of orrhcstrai^. With no exceplioa, the 
entire response wa» favorable. "Boy, Cab C>alloway! Ain't 
that gometblng!" 

Cab's fame and popularity as an orhestra leader hag nev- 
er been qiiefltloned during the last ten years. Thla summer, 
the foilahorater of such hits a.s "Minnie The Hoocher" and 
the calchy "Jumpin' Jive" h*'ld forth every night at the 
famous New York Cotton Club. 

Tbe "Prince of Hl-De-Ho" will find a great, big "WES^ 
COMB" mat apread oat whan he knoda at Kaiuaa'fltata'ti- 
door Joat bcf m Thankagtrlns 




The Kansas State Collegian 

by the i lw liB to ot the 
Mid AppUed 

ad Prlday of the Mhool yeur. 
u necond-clMs maitcr at the 
Msnfakttan. Ramsay. 

Advertising Service, Ine. 

..Dial 3373 


PlUA 3c tax 

(jampus Sditor . 
AuUtant BdlUw 
Ifrws Sditev .... 
4>orU EdUor ... 

4aaltUnt ^rta MMor He 

Aclety EUtat J*5^ 

AsisUuit Society Sttlir ...ii.Jnvy 


- a 


Ittf U, . _ 

„.„......aHl ROdMt 

.... Rof awafford 

. . Janwa Kendftlt 

Jack ThUltr 

-Herbert HolUnger 
JWUe Marie Uadsen 
Jean Orentner 
...Gilbert Carl 


James P. Cooper 

...... Harley ThomiMMl 

and Rtcliarrt Cech 

.C J Medlln 

A Light Gleams 
In The Unim Mam 

iBntirtiy too pewlmlttie— that's tlw ac- 

ciirate description of the gloomy future pre- 
dlbted last spring for the chances (rf Kansas 
stoft flUMin* lT«|on knUdlBg. 

; Daily U It t»ecofning more evident 
it hat loop boles were overlooked in the 
Jmsh of legislative peregrinations — 
•}99p Iwieg tiuit might have apeUed buo- 
Icast {«r the building's chances. Vnttl 
|al! altematlves ar*^ exhauKted, It can- 
(iiot be said that hope is dead. 

JOne life line that union -backers arp fran- 
tically clinging lo is the tiopc of a rpversal 
In the Attorney-General opinion handed 
d(|wn last spring. That oplnloit. vhieh 
Vaoched the bloeks out froin under Oe pro- 
p^od leRlslatlre action. deelai«d the plan 
TK mossed by thp Student TJnfpn «nmalt(M 
t'ilK- iinconjititutional. 

I Tlie craBhinp; unexpectedness with 
Iviiich the opinion came left K-RtaterB 
'diukibfounded. "It> i^ibellevable," they 
icrfed, 'impoMlbie." Yet the fact of the 
^nlnion could scarcely be denied. The 
■tin Ion backers wandered In amazement 
|— and wnudej-ed. In the bitterness of 
•disappointment they failed to see that 
"Utmm atttl mtH^t te a dMii«e. 

Hill thf slinu: of that first difiappoint- 
nunit has healed and once again there 
looms before the ejwB at students here the 
vision of a uBloB. 

The student counctl made a noble be- 
••^alunlng of a new. a revamncd, and a 
"'■^more detfi mined drlv<> Wednesday. 
The Student Union committee has 
fl^htaited its belt, set ita jaw and 
taekled the maxe of legattttes wWch 
faee it. It has resolved to find a way. 
And while the committee pores over oti- 
Hcurc ruliiiiis of the past and conjectuied 

decisions ot the biture the i^^ent (pdy h«s 

plenty to do. 

A ipgistfljUva election comes up be- 
tween now and the next session. Witli 
the legislators th^ are sent to Topeka 
will rest the chances of State's union. 
The tlaw is not too soon for g ti i Jan to 
here to be agitating the union pro- 
posal. Promises *re lota eauler to ex- 
tract before atoetlon than aibpr. j> 

• • a • 

Bmt Waiting For 

The announcement was received late last 
night that the sn.A. tiad taken the biitlative 
in securing a name band to appear on this 
campus In the near future. The Collegian 
believes that while tlw student body has 
finally secured wh^ they've been asking 
for— it i6 «p to them and them alone to sup- 
port and rnakp a success out of the venture. 
Mo^t surely wil! the popularity of 
this dance be necessary to make the 
8GA and other dancje promoting or* 
ganlzatlons beliere that K>State stu- 
dents will support such a move since 
results may mean the death or rtfvtvtl 
of name bands to the campus. 
This band action of the 6GA Is the first 
of its kind In decades. The band chosen is 
one well known from coast to cast for Its 
muaicjal entertainment. The choice has been 
wise. The SGA has acted from the demand 
of the students and expects in turn tbe kIu- 
denut to prove that the action has met with 

ounpiui'Wlde approval. 

• • • • 

St&ie Independents 

Look To Future 

During the past ten days, the Collegian 
has carried stories of the «rguilBatiott of 
three different houses of Independent men. 
At! have electd offioffira, and formulated 
plans for sodal oar tnlawittiifid aeetrtty, or 

There Is nothing so startling In this 
simple fact, yet it holds great promise 
for independents in the future. Several 

independent houses, wherein students 
are not organized, liave a larger num- 
ber of studentK rewidinp; in them than 
the number belonging to some of the 
sororltiM and fratendtteii. If these In- 
dependent students see tSie advantages 
of being organized, they can bend their 
energy to more cooperative efforts. 
There is also the possibility that If 
enough of these independent houses or- 
ganise and cooperate that they may become 
a force wbtch will have to be reckoned with 
In coming elections on the mil. TtiPrf lias 
been a tendency in this direction by the 
freshmen girl cottages. If {nd^endent 
houses of both men and wosaim dunUd so 
organise, it would oertabily improve thefr 
mmpus status. 

But whether these houses emerge afi 
a ilireat to the political scene at Kan- 
fias State or not, if they provide their 
independent student memtiers wttb 
new and better outlooks, and also pro- 
vide a social life, which so many In- 
dependent miss entirely, they wif) 
prove to 1)0 worthwhile additions to the 
campus scene. 

The Collegian congratulates these or- 
gan iiiing tionsea for their Initiative In seek- 
ing better thin|^ for their members, and 
hopes that other independents observe and 
profit thereto from these experiments. 


Friday. October <. 

Csflipiis Gini^ii • . • 





Ow HOWDY DAY at los anseiES Of* 

the leadini naval powers g< 
wu'ld, Imt, through an 
omaltftt. not latttM. 

According to tlUs agreement, any 
neutral vpAse] carrying a cargo ot 
wlilch more thLin linlf is contraband 
niay be couf i'-catccl by a belligerent 
vcs.'el if proper provision rs mad; 
for tlie t itet.v nf ship and crew. If 
le'-i tliati the cargo is contra' 
baud, ilie neutral vessel may pro- 
ceed unharmed 11 it turns the con- 
traband portion of its catto over to 
iiif belligerent vtmA vtOBli MAM 
and searched It. 

TbL'i rlsht of aeszcfa and seiau* ii 
ttoe chlei tamm ot etiforctng a 
btodade d«il|i»d to prawnt neu- 
tral v«GEeb from reochine IWllger- 
ent ports. Technically, a. blcsicade Is 
lagal snip U Htf/et ts visible busw 
of pBtvmiUjm entraoce to M- 
ll«ersnt ports, but submariiw ccm- 
tn^iiyi ^m to Um psat had have dif- 
ileulty In smnslaHBt the vOm ot 
tbli point. 

Bi9Siid U-MSI»tJmk 

Blopkndinfr opfratlons in modem 

ttie la-safta limit to tRrilorisl wat- 
€Ts defbMd by mumatbnal tmtr 

.'^Injp I lip early luirt of tlir- twentieth 
eentiu y. rCiiown ns the limit of "hot 
pursuit," this la-nul" kod? I.-; Uie 
region beyoiui which » neutral na- 
tion ma.\' not pursue ir«!;pa.<!£inB bet- 
lit^erent warMilt» and other law vio- 
latora. ^ 

Its greatest uw In modem Umes 
was during the probibiUon sra whra 
the tnbltfld 6Ute.i esiatdMted a sqie' 
cial const fuatd patrol to ^laae and 
csiiium Canadian nim-moners. 
PtevKms to thli u-mlte nillns. 
QUaf JusUoe 3tAm M^wTisl In an 
IKH Alpreme Oonn dedUon had 
decreed the legal Umlt of pursuit to 
be three mUes and ovdeted tbe re- 
Isase of an Am«iuii shl? detained 
by Portuguese authorities slic miles 
off the coast of Brazil and Utree 
rnllM beyond the eUeetive gunttre 
range of the Aasi iMMMiW Of Om 

n-eshman Engineers! 
Signed— Steel pbtg 

AU correct fonns of Moeial print- 
rnit nnd encravtng at the Art Craft, 



^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^V'" 

Iniemational Law 

Unwrkten Rides AmMmAy 
Accepted Practices, Customs 

Intemationsl law. ai andiad to asuMb bi (low oC war. ii s boRld 
ho dwp oase ot s DotAraan^ took, ttao ttdnt-qnendilne cargo of mm- 
runivsrs and n Brazilian case of ^nfire 

That's the impres.^ion of a Collegian reporter who tiaunt«d the cam- 
pus :.<nirce.-, 'H li-^; ; : . [ rr maUon tO '084 OOt What bO (SMteg It 

' - - - - ■ - -. =jOong»ii« daeidad to gift the 

arms eadwrgo - • and - oanry 


AWAIT TOU AT »»nilT|lll 

^^fmmmmmmmmit^ BDUander oaned Hugo OroUtu 

^jj^ started the ball tolling In UBS 

struggle and let international law 

do the Job of war insulation. ! 

To Iwgln with, International law ; 
Is something Uiai nobody ttas seen ' 
on thE .statute bookx. and prnbably ' 
never will until &uch time as the 
world becomes one great nation, li'n 
oil a qu&stion or theory an expTRs.sed 
In the accepted piatuce and cus- 
toms of natioas, and Lhere tia.-; a1- 
n considerable dlsagree- 
among natioas as to Just what 

are w o ep ted. 


mLL mm 


Briag la ywt IstXba 

Out cleaning, re-dyeing, and pressing procesii 
replaces tim lutlittal eO$ and i»ali«i Hwni 

Manhattan Cltaners 




Kmp The i^nm 

A Completf 
Daiwrteu wl t» 
9mn ]Cmt 



m & MAIN 


with a Latin tome on "The tAW of 
War and Peace." Cribbed :n great 

part from the Roman lus gentium," 
or " L;^* of NallcJius, " the book pr;- 
^?ribed nil?,s <>i ni-iuk-mat)ly con- 
duct to be ob.s.^t ved by warring na- 
tic)ti£ bent on mutual phu^ider Modl- 
lied throuah the centurie.s by ti sat- 
les. agreement.s. and just plain 
grabbing, Ihejie riiles were supposed - 
l.v :eTiltd DiK.' and (or all by the 
London Agreement ol 1909 signed by 

Familiar as your 


And Then Again 

Maybe I'm Wrong But 

By Merrill • 

has ben 


UM to 


tat w ool- 

One letter was NO^iod rrom 
two mends who are now attend- 
ing Oolambia unUenlty In New 
York City. They ^Id: We went 
out to Column utUveniiy to 
enrol. We left our apartment on 
Seventy-Second street at U 
o'clock In the morning — out to 
the university which is .some- 
whara asound UMh street— en- 
roUed-Hpald our tees— icame 
back to tbe apartroeot. AJI in 
one iMUr and ten minutes! " 
Just KnaelM tbat! Here at 

Katvsaa State we fed taoky u we 

get through our 

roUnent mill in 

is gotaf to be 
bit to llw 

*V« an not 

montlM and tli>Pff*Ttt ate atnfiil; ot 
ooorte we dont But tbere are 
mmag ttdai^ that ARB and oaa- 
not to ^aouMd." And . at our 


and make 

to taave tun » OtOKKT vayl" 
oio*. mtie gianwiaw, glow. 


A "to whom It may concem" 
letter was signed by l< studoits 
and saM: "Wbtlt lilgh eaecuttve 
of wHni Is tt tbat yearly 
"tifgM " iB steawrts to sbow 

gnvnupw ftwW d lar IMr 
benefli Igr attMMBng tbemf 


haw good 
with my 
. Ott KO Is a "ngpedr" 
: -if yon 
tUak WO k a lagfMgr olt ■wtftt. 

n0m Ml If that outnt-vUb 
that fine TAilon building— is nc> 
gedy. I WouMn'C repeat what fM* 
Khool sheuM be called!" 

To thia featteman — who Hfnrd 
hUnattr -a. G."— I awnrty litrk 
mr taagwe tmt. U take* win Ihaai 

very serious letter 

Tnis Hmtfmon <the preydent 
of this tantlh i tl oc). not only this 
year but Also last, has politely 
com: to our chapel and listened to 
the prooe*dteg8 unUl our Jubi- 
lesta Champion dance band made 
ready to play. He has then gotten 
up— and left the auditorium on 
both occasions. Is this tbe proper 
^tttude for such an aitoiulstta- 
tin hMd to show? And should he 
la this vtr P^Bt wt to tbe new 
the waaBar in whkh 
far iiin«il;r ptotntM to 
Wt. awl 

Tb«ae rtadewla who fear tbey 
wtmJd tmt be intcmted In the taB 
ara f oUte an— lb to slay 
Ip ^ IM fbae ralksr 
a ehv to tho 



Tatat iritot you do— it's wtuk 
you are Out grta rasuUst 

How's aao^«Wer! It's fran 
Bob Kane, petMaat vt the Class 
of M, iriio la mm wUSag hi New 
Totlc Oity. He sajtt: "iSen'* m Ut- 
tlt piaoe out oC U» Hew York 
Ttmt* that X thought would make 
your hair staod on end and turn 
a oaofit of eelDia. It was wrttttn 
hr Mm Kktaan, aiiorte editor 
and "Ug shot" Of tbe 'Infon&B- 
tinn Pl'>ase' radio show. " 

Tlie it«m : "This observer was 
not stirred or thrilled by a noass 
of material from the sports de- 
IMUtment ot Stat? Col- 
lege, especially the section that 
iiKludcd Lhe line -up. with 
weighUs. of Fort Hays, the Kan- 
sas State opponent for .,the op- 
ening of the season in Manhat- 
tan, Kan. It wa.<; understood 
that thts could be .s"top-prcs.s 
s^tuff out way, but it's a 
long way from Manha tten , 
Kan . to ii— NUtiB VOA 

A new ccanpus shirt 

My Axw^^ 

stuff: Down at KV tbe student 
to^>eming body decresd a half- 
holiday ih; afteraoon of the Kan- 
sas State game , . . What facultv 
member? got really boined at that 
(acuity meet In g la^t Tuesday af- 
ternoon? , . .That Scabbard and 
Blade egg-eargting win continue 
untd Saturday . . It's rumored 
the Phi Dslt's went 100 per cent 
YMCA. Boy, Is that turning over 
• new leaf! . . . .wtiat sub-deb- 
a-ttamp was late to Wf]iTiwwt«ji1i 
•t Which she «M a fea> 




Eye, ikr, Kom, and Tlntal 


J. W. Evans, M. I>. 
SpedaUit in treatipent and surfet? 

of liro, Stat, 

usted and 
to latel 
ocfloa hi 

Barrett A. 


O. M. Helbcrc, M. B, 

ui a 

offtee tW 

TeL 415 1 


Ulrlch Bldg. 



Over College Book Btoqt 
Phone 41S0 

— ■ ■ ■ ' 'I " '" » 

12M-A Mora 

Or. LofwcU Cnsi^itiMi 

Oeneral Practlee of Oenttstqr 
OilMt Hotel BUc. 

120 ft 4tii St. n. aw 

-. . -1" 

nr. c j. Pimm 


Dr. C. W. Mlcy 


teiiJi bmUvm dimn 


THE distinctive featyra of this fine oxford thiri 
is the cut of the collar. The poinh are longer 
and taper back broadl/ towards the yoLe. The 
button points are lo ptaead to aHact an ondword 
re4 of ilw oelar, aew pi h i g Mill ^MlNilt ^puri 
sppwarance. Celtega awn wil eifpcidb ap- 
preciate this^tllrt for wa«r wiA Iwaadt aM 
rough finish clothes. 

Alk your Arrow dealer for tho Arrow Domt 
$2. It's new and on the way in. In while, blua, 
aho iMttanis. Sanforiied-ShrMk lUbric i 
(m lliM 1%). A« iMW ita^mmim 


. . . but do you know 
what's back of them? 

Here's tbe set- up. back of tbe familMir blue Bell 

1. ijiiitrM TUepbaae wmk T« 

coordinates systeni adil^lieo — advuea oo 
apentioa — searches for inprnved aieihode.* 

2. 24 ainiiOili operating compaaiea, nAidi i 

3. Luo|r Lincfi Department of A. T* A Ti, 
tbe (grating oompaBMb m' ' 



4. Bell Telephone Laboratories, whidi carriea mm 
tific rf «««*arch and developin«t for tbe syateau 

5. WeatemEleclrie^iibicbistbe 

Vkh eomnioMpolicfag and itoH Hmm BrW SyMqp 
companies all work as one In (pifc you tbe fineal 
and ficMUieM tel^pho« MniQi^at \mm 

Rooau SMt tnrtdi BUf. m.: 

Phone 2SaO 

Dr. Victor H. 8pll!qr 

Dr. & la Frodikb 

If Ifcynti; 

Dr. I. S. JoJUfMl 
Optomctilc Bye SpectaHct 


Fridiqf, October 6, 1 839 


\ .Church Slate 
Is Vmatile 

Weekeiul Promises Mi 

For KS Church Goers 

<jii . t'iib:i:yUii wor^tilp will be on 
tiu attenau ui Ute ctiurcn oi|{anl£a- 
Uorki lor Itic coitUiig we?k. 

Fellowship hour al '.he Bupllsl 
chuicii butfuui pi'uiu[ji.l> al Hun- 
(tay fttiemoon.- Immeaiaiely loUow- 
ing, Mr, H. O. Cox plaiLS lo speak 
on "Tb« Mormon i-aiiti ' ai the 
weeJdjr BY^. Ine inontWy cabinet 
•net couocU (Unocr will be at ti 
tfUloek MoDd^r' •wMtof ii Uw 
eburcb. t*" 
On InflMracint OUwn 

Oetmkl nrH'rfr conducts the 
dl>cwfa n of "Iitflwmnlnt Otbors 
foe Ouiit'' U U» YPU of tt» 
OnllMl PtMbyierian church at «:dtl 
ftUDdkf "t tfrt mo BlWe clua is 
DmkM by MIS. IMd wbo wOL re- 
vtow tte took* fit HstttMW at lO 
o'clock Suncbur m TT^w g 

Tte last CoagrcffMluiai bU» (or 
ttUi Muon is aundar nli^ti. 'ttme 
iatmtUH win Mwoililo m. ttw 
■ouUi Jtept of the Bym «( t:U and 
then to to Buneet park. 

atudotte of the MMbodlat etuircti 
plan to hike to Sunset park aatur- 
,aajf nlifat at S:U. Lraden DemarU 
fiipM Xtosiwr Tbomm, and Holbert 
TtpUm supervise ctrcle games and 
lolK -dancing. The cats comtnitlce U 
Virginia {toiler ana Liorraiae Dick- 
er liull. ' 

A Hornbaker Solo 

Oftwn Hornbakcr wlU play the or- 
gan meditations and ^M Hh w it Bom- 
iMdHr will itiic a vooil aoio at 

duweh iw t t w ri iMmmr mfrnitHi 
Norma Woundn and l&rgiwrttte 
aelilotfiiouer are in charge of 
pmea at Um regular KUowablp 
cafeMte at i o'clock at the Metlto- 
dlst church. These caXet«rias have 
been very successful and tliiip in 
noUiiiig on Ihc menu over three 
oente. Food for Sunday niglit i.s sup- 
ervised over by Floyd Toothakcr. 

Luther League hour L> al 6:30 
Sntidav night at the First Lutheran 
church The choir will relWHrse at 7 
o'clock Tuesday night followed by 
Luther League social hour. 

At the Presbytarlan church Sun- 
day, t:30, there has been scheduled 
an unusual meeting called "Quiet 
Hour." The program consists of in- 
fiptrational raadiiw> «hI ioft nuuac 
and Is iHaded Mr MUJoiie jBpur- 

fJMMunioii Twiee 8«nia)r 

Oddmition of Bcdy Oommunlon 
takes place at Uie Biriscopal church 
at I o'eloek and 11 o'elook Sunday 
auumlng^^ilth the ^(unnan^at the il 
o'chMli'Mrvwe. WimWit wfli have 
a dtnneT meeting at S:W Sunday 
evening. The club comMlM have 
arranged the progratn. 

Tlie tfaiB of rell0ouB InstotKtlon 
win tie OMMtucted on Thursday night 
at 1:30 at the parish hall. 

Social hour begins at ft:30 Sunday 
eventog at the First Christian 
churdL Vesper lervloe Is at C:46 fol- 
lowed by ftarum meeUng at 7:lfi. 


teUnc CbUd Ouldanee ttito 
year ftnd ttiat sprloUag la almost 
a nq^Mi pbaae oC tbdr mnem 
•ebool tndoiii, tinee tlie school im 
been mowed to the Uhich home, 
three tflo^ fTmt the caauNis. While 
this i» a lonier dlstaace than the 
ghrlt are uaed to, the IwNiae makes a 
mueh more boois-llke atmosphere 
for the (ddlAeiL 

Tbe actMNd after being located In 
dUvln ever since it staited, a 
years ago, has been noved to 311 
North I4U1 street dtte to t^e in-| 
crease in ttie enrcUment In tlie di- 
visKm. Redtation classes ate held on 
the tlilrd floor of this building, 
wtiite the first and second floors 
are eouliped with the smaller nur- 
sery size furniture for the children. 
The equipment is the same used in 
Calvin last year. 

Jdrs. Ijcone KcU, who hits been 
with the departmnt of child wel- 
fare and euthenlcs since the nursery 
school was started here, said that al 
the time It started, there were only 
15 children In the 
Vaen are now 32. 

Shows Pictures To 
GivU Engineers 

Dr. Rinitadl C. Hm, prottesar or 
ecotiMnlos and aocUrionr, lUiMbalecl 
bis lecture to the student chapter 
of tte ABUtfeu eoeietr of CTlvB en 
giiMefs Teetttitayf wMi nwemi 

DoctcR' Hill, while vacatlotilng tn 
Europe recenUy, spent considerable 
ttoe ptmtograpblng varkrus spots ol 
current inters His lecture consist- 
ed of de.icrlptUni8 and accounts con- 
cerning these colored films. 

Among ttie more Interesting pho- 
tographs were those showing .scenes 
of Copenhagen, Stockholm, Moscow, 
and other prominent foreign cities 
These dealt with the various types 
of architecture found in the dlf 
itrcnt European countries. £>octor 
Hill said foreign officials In the 
Soviet Union vicre very particular 
about the lype of photograph.s tak- 
en. He ako mentioned that litrr;i- 
ture and maivs as well a.i photo- 
graphs wore checked. 

Iti regard lo the European hlkua- 
tion. Proies-sor Hill mentioned thnt 
at thLs lime "tiuiigs arc probably 
much hotter now than wM* ht Ws 
<m that continent." 

Puree Explains New 
QlMer To Club 

Rof. C. E. Pcarcc, .■^peuking he- 
fore prospecUvc memb-r.s of the 
Otlder club Tuesday night, explain- 
ed plans tor the bviikting gf a gM- 

ond clkler (his .scmciler. 

He lat^-d thiit siiic,^ tht.s .■section 
ol the cfjcntry i.s r,ii>eciaUy well 
Hdnpterf for Mwriiig. new and old 
members of Olktcr club will have 
opporlunltics to try their skill when 
the new glWer is completed. Any 
collcgr studonfi Interested In (lying 
ft IT urged to Join the club. 

College printers— the Art Craft, 

aao-A Poynts. tm 
m 111 

tHi mm INK 

roi ivitr piM 

Frog Club Meets In 
Nichols Wednesday 

The okF^fasUooed girl floated 
like a rock and iwam on tte bot 
torn, but tte modeni stream-lined 
veralon is a Vanii In tte water (or 
should be). 

Whether you're tHe old-fashioned 
type, thif Venus, or live shculd be tt 
would be fun to attend the Frog 
Club's "splash party" which will be 
held in the tm< Oct. 11, at 7:30, 
Any Kansas State girl Who is in- 
terested should attend. 

It wont be tte «aaw old line of 
"get acqutntod*' putiM bdd at the 
first of every coUese year, for It's a 
sure thing that no woman oouU be 
dignified wttb ter raafeeop gone, 
and her hair so bad that no des- 
crlptkn would fit Ho one will sing, 
read, or oven qwak. tweauie tmgy- 
one knows that ewimmlng is the 
bci« tiling to keep Hut "MmoI 
(grade) glil flgnM." • 

Instead jmi wUl make your own 
fun bt water gMoaa, and If youT* 
good enoui^ in ekWWtleB divuw. 
Best of au ivb fim eonttaiy to Oie 

Want 50 More 

Pilot Training Is 
Lagging In Interest 

Fifty more Kansas State college 
men are needed to apply for the i 
Civilian pilot training course issued i 
by Prof C. E, Pearoe, dii' ?ctor of 
the local picgnm and head of the 
couege d^mnaiift ot rfttf^^Tir de> 

A list of 33 names have t>een sent 
by Prof. Pearc^ to the college phy- 
sician. I>r. M. W. HustMmd, for pre- 
liminary examination. With the 
physician's aK>roval they will then 
be examined if a HMolal UltfX of> 
riciai of am etvfl MrmvitkB mU^ 


Under Way By AeL U 

Professor Pearc; said that the In- 
.structlons received this summer In- 
dicated the program should be un- 
der way by October 15. 

Another interesting point is that 
a change of fees from t40 to 130, 
"Tot a course whkh coets the gov- 
ernment al»ut 1300 for a man tf 
train, a charge of $30 is quite a Iwr. 
gain," Prof, Pearce stated. 

He also said that it will not stop 
tlie student from enroling regard- 
less of the division in whtcb they 
are enrc^ed in, 

A second list will be made up 
within a few days he Indicated and 
a.'; yet the quota has not been fUled. 
Five icegalatieas 

The regulations in which Profes- 
sar Pearce and tte otflee <tf tte 
president approved for are ai fol- 

Over 18 years of age but ag( yet 
29 yearfi of age on 8«pt. I, UW. 

No ^iD flying experience. 

Male ciUsen, regulsrly enrolled at 
Kansas State ooliege both Mmcateta 
of tide year. 

Earned tionor point avaiMie In ex- 
cess at ISO. 

Credit la trigonometry. 

AAer tte mm qaatiiy In tee 
above nMBOer. tbey will liegin to 
mete TO tiie digltde roster and 
tiuiee on tte seater fUl tb«i ta ex- 
amined IMT a mi^tM sucieon of 


To Select Judf ers 
From Six Gu-ls 

Tte Home Beonomlcs Meat Um' 

wiU nnMiaiiMt f ■*^' stato etdtege 
tn Om HIdwart Heat Judging ocn- 
teet to te iHld al Wtohtta, O«totor 
II, WiU tw selected timi tte fcOow- 
mg gh>]sf MM Avetr, <les^ Col- 
lins, Wilma Kfans. Genevieve Shet- 
ff, Ann BtMltK, and Helen Tipton. 

The Midwest Meat Identification 
oootest ti hdd under the auqilees 
<a tte moUta mnoo stoek yuds 
and tte Nattooal Uvestook and 
Heat board. The team rsprsianHng 
Kansas State eoDege has wim Uiis 
contest tte last ttm 

06( aa CM "toad" to anoQier, 
won neet 'jroB mder tte wUer at 
tte Itag otnfek 

Dancing Is pn Progrmm 

or joiiiiir MMting 

Oeneiat win b« the mam erent 
of tife idat meeting ctf tte TW and 
YM to to beld Ttieedar evening. 
Oototer 10 at 7:30 In reereatloii 
c?nter. The purpoee Of tlte meet- 
ing If to help the new members be- 
come tetter acquBlnted. A short 
busuiess meeting wtU precede fbe 

Reach New High In 
M^nliership Drive 

Membcr.'-hip hi the CoUegiat* 4.H 
club has reached a new high this 
year with a total membership of 
378, according to Lewifi I^ndsberg, 
mtrmbsrship chairman of the club, 
at a meelinif last night held in rec- 
reation cenlcr 

Numbers on tlie program included 
a reading presented hy Marie Hag- 
an. vocal ^olos by Roy Blood who 
Nine "Moonlove" and "Little Grey 
Home in the West," songs led by 
Ocle Alice Taylor, and two piano 
sola^, "Vienne.<ie Refrain " end "Blue 
Danuba" by Raymond Tanner. 

A conunlttee composed by Glenn 
Kruse, chairman, and John Blythe, 
was ai^olnted to see about idetures 
for tte mm& PnrpM. 

Meat Judgers 
in Emm City 

9iot. D. L. Matatlntmh ot the de- 
partmmt itf animal biutendry took 
his advanced meats clas se s to the 
OMdtiv Plant in Kansas G^, Mo^ 
Tuesdiv toe a wotkout m JtdWtag 
and mnat Identitleatlott vlw to tte 
contest at Qw American BofaL Tte 
attidents are: Btel Aveqr, Jenie 
OoUlns, Genevieve Scbeter, Wilma 
Wana^ Ansa Sidiaig, Bden Tipton, 
flMoste CoBteaa, Hkndd Fotc, fkank 
Howard. Weslqr Kirsebnv, T. V. 
Hartto, nmOg Sta«, xugete mt^ 
eon, jsctan A WtatOTt and «am X» 


tripe mnludtng one of \ 
m eanytng on tiie 

Fre^iman Dance 
Scheduled Tcmight 

A free dance for all freshmen stu- 
dents will be held lenWit in reei«- 
atioD center from l:M to 11:10, The 
music wHl be fumldied hj dectrteal 
recordings and is sponsored Iqr tte 
Ind^ndent Freshman coundL 

Frcstuncn boys will be admitted 
only upon pre-scntatJon of their 
freshmen cpps. Pre.=hmcn girls wUl 
be allowed to briiiR their dates. 

In addition to an evening of fun 
for the freshmen, they will have sn 
opportunity to meet candidates of 
the It>depenrtent political party in 
the forthcoming student election 
for freshman class offices. 

The candidates are Robert Ran- 
dall, freshman ag ■<;ludent for preist- 
dent; Gordon Hair, mechanical en- 
gineering student for vice prcfldent; 
and Virginia Hoover, general science 

Party Invitations at the Art Craft 

l^liiteri Di»l snes 230-.^ Po' nii 



list Btato 

6ifM>--SiQ0 A. M. 

Blsekben-y, ravpbcrry, ittawbctry, peach, sprloet, 

Nneapptet elei U p wa d II aS Ite Mat yew want 


Bacon and etir^ iiam and ecs:', reveal, dtrm frelt, all 
oocoa, teed ovftee, tMh, donats, etc^ In liberal 
in tte 

Thanks to Ta 

For Expert Altering 

Our tailors uc experts at 
ntUng and repatainc mid 
at a surprlsinsly low eost. 



Wayne, te and four other boys had 
been Invited by t«e Tracy to come 
aboard his yacht. "Atoe", which 
had been in the race to BOHOlulu 
reeenUy. Tte pc^t had to row in a 
small rewboat to tte yacht wbicM 
was anchored sevent hundred yards 
out at sea. The wind was Uowtog 
fairly strong but the boys never 
dreamed of a storm coming up— at 
least net tte kind of a storm that 
resulted In about 30 deaths and was 
one of tte wont refwrted in C«U- 
fomia for several years. By the 
time tte boys were ready to go 
ashore tte Wind was so strong and 
the sea so rough that tte; knew 
their little rowboat «>uldnt make 
It, so tbegr bad to stay on tte jadtt 
all nl^t. 

SpsMds Night Om Vadrt 

Wayne and the other boys know- 
ing that It was tmpoaBlMe to leave 
tte yaebt <|ld tte a»t best tiling— 
nJded tte gaUsy. Alter 
tiny went to bad on tlie 
wbMt Wgyai aUd wm IB 
man bertliA 

Tte n«t morning the wind died 
down but It waa labiing in tarrents, 
nie boya got into ttedr mi» row- 
boat, comied ttwnsdvea wltii ril^- 

Son of KSC Professor 
Relates Sea Adventure 

An in (notion from a movje .star to a yachting party would tw a thrill- 
ing experience lo anyone- but it proved exceptionally HifHHn to 
Amos, Los Angeles, son of Prol. and Mm. E. M. Amoa, 

Aeeording to wrad received from 

~~ ers and canvass and rowed to diore. 

Mot untu they bougtit a p4>er in 
Los Angeles the next day did they 
realise the seriousness of the storm. 
They weie gone so long ttet ttie 
club where they stay was about to 
report them as among the missing. 

Naturally Professor and Mrs 
Amos In reading about the storm 
were concerned over their son as 
they knsw he was In that vicinity. 
They also knew that he is fond of 
saihng and had he t>een in a sail- 
boat at the time, he would have 
been in still greater danger. Tli?ir 
worries were over, however, when 
they received a letter from him, 
telling of his experience. Wayne 
stated that he had a great time 
wtlbout the usual danger counecied 
with sueb an adventure. 

Itotosy lud 
Any ate 
yittlitfig to 

to tte 


a time 

Tri Mph's 

mectinB were Oene Poggemeye^ 
vice president; L*l* Pyke, secretary* 
tr"asurer; and Erneist Proudtl^ 
ttunmittee chairman. Mrs. B. X; 

'niteber aanoKaeed ttuX tte «M 
Alpte wottid cuter a team la : 
mural eompetttton and that 
lit wtd Us committee woOM tee* 
cbarls of tte todal ptogiam te M 
groop- Stoetinga wlU te told taNoa 

at UU 

Donlad TMdur 
newly fonnad Tri 

bciw living 



Freshman Englneen! 
Signed — Steel Ring 

Announce Debate 
Sauad TxyvaU 

Debate aquad bqrouta will to teid 
October 11 and U tn reom V of 
NidtOls gym, 

Norman c. VMiater, diliate coach, 
states that tte debate team wiu 


Our Accommodations Will Allow Vs to i 
a Few More Students 


An You Can Eat 

. 2 Hour Service at Meal Times 

$9.00 to $15.00 Caiendftr Month 

rm DOkEPENDENT umm hall 

:iR N M\MI\TT^V 




■ ^ TNiiTK 

tanaHaelto^totoie. >*^">« 

> 2 P. M. 
ttU 6 pm 
I AUOay 
Sunday - 35c 




Fin^ Prevention 



liAt3lL5 m AKMd JUDY GARLAND Oct utb 







Waller Ceanelly 
Xames Ellison 
Kathryn Adams 
Veres Tcaiialo 

"The Show Place Of Mantettan" 
















Continuous Dally Prom 3:IKI 
Anytlsae ExcepUnt 

"dbt 25c 



Centinuann Dally Wimt SiM 

ISc ■tacrDay 


Here are die ftcn about cigsrettes 
rccendy confirmed duougfa tcieacific 
I of Id of dte Jatgestf 

1 CAMELS were found to contain 
Inert lobaao by u/ugbt tliaa the 
avenge for the 1} odMfOf tfeabUVia^ 
seUiog braodi. 

2 Camels burned tleutr than any 
ocher brand tetud — 25S tlown 
than tbeaversga time of the 15 other 
of tbe largest -teUiog brsodil By 
butaing 29% slower, on the avenge, 
Cs isfflt give s m ofcef s ite etfaivsleot 
•r J mmmmmlmfiFpmU 

3 In dM sssM Muft, Cawsfr Jatf 
Jiwfr fiir hmm tbaa du a»- 

for all iM ' 

Yeiidioie dioicer tobaccos for which 
Carnal pay* oiiiiioiu more d» mslte 
tl CsflMils era ite ^asHty 

Pmmy pur pmmy 

LLOYD CHILD at Buffalo Airport, scene of his recent world record power-dive 
—more than S7S in.p.h. in the Cuxttsg Hawk 7S'A~{Miuse» to give his slant on 
agamtcs: "I've gmdsed Camels for abont fifteen years. I knew that they were the 
kog-lmtiiiflg cigmnt. Hide wmm man smoldng for jnjr HKMiejr. On % pmtk of 

twenty, as those scientific reports show, it's like getting five extra tmokes per pack.** 
It's the right iliW of smoking, too — mild and swell, cooler, non-irritating, better for 
tay kind of steady, day-aiter-day smoking." Don't miss the fun of smoking Camels! 

CAMELS — JLmg'Buming Costlier Tobaccos 

•Cats' Initiate 
At Midnight 

others tBtofitM 


m ta^omtnc a 

Cftfas, men's pep 
haw ttif opportunity to do «K 
reii Boonifr, tiiemb?rslilp CODtttft- 
te*mnn said yestprdav, if they Will 
g»t In ^oucli Aith him not later thaa 
4 o'rlofk I hi. aftemooii In line 
with til* orgaiiUationV. avowed 50- 
10 reprpsetiiatlon ba-sls a-s tjetwem 
Ofe<>k: and itideiMiMlenls. Boomer 
aitded tliai u f^w vacancies, pmicu- 
larly in the iiMlapndlMt tW H . ate 
yet to bf filled. 

piwhmen with tlielr youthful 
giMU) spirit. Mtid entltiiHlaiin are Is- 
sued » spocial Inviuiioii by tl>e 
Out?, for "ih"y add the color and 
llvelltie^is th^t r, needed a I athletic 
omilesl.?, pep fanctlons. etc " he 

Ac-live members mrt. la'-.i nigh'., at 
WM'ih iilans fn;- ihf initiation of 
new member' , u lilch i:- to be"<;ttrrjed 
out this evening, were completed. 
Both active.'; uiid, proipectivc mem' 
tim ar» o meet at mMMght fa 
front ol tlip Canteen. 
To Support The B»nd 

Tile- Wamp Cats plan to add 
their suptmri to luui of the toUege 
band, the Purple Pepslers, and the 
cbeerletders in directing and tnitld- 
iBC up the spirit snd morale of the 
8Ute rooting section, To coordinate 
their activities, beglnnlnf next v^eek 
the pep organizations will drill with 
tti band, luider the dlracUon of 
l^^le Domrm'- In wldttl«i to the 
druli, stunt! Win Btoo be fuatttred. 

The appetrsnoe of the orvanin- 
ttfin b to be eahuiewl tf the nev, 
wrkl punde. wool, a^-ant swmt- 
efs. wbieh turn been ordered 
Umni^ the atUeUc dipwtment 
■ttie Cats film to ntte KMe dabot 
tm tbeae ooiorful meKten at tbe, 
CMoadit tHM, s week tAm SRtur- 



Watch Q^yvfcak 


Prompt Service 




Trade In Your Old 

Passes Via 
Dutch Meyer 

"Throughout 1938 ueJis plays were 
the .'-.a lest ihing we irled," says L. 
B. (Dutch I Meyer, r.oach of tlie 
undefeated 1638 football team at 
Tawa CbrtoUan unlventty, la an 
•rtkte la 'Stm 


According to Meyer in most parts 
«f the southwest, the pan!; U ft 
mnnal part of the offense "not <fc 
danierous maneuver to be iL^ed 
sparingly and In fakit hope" tie 
baclu up thLs statement with the 
figures that in 138 the Ptxjgs passed 
239 times and in 11 games lost the 
ball only seven times by intercep- 
tion, but 17 times by fumbles. 

"Only two thlng.1 are necessary 
to unllmber the bombers: Oiie 
to have a team on the field. Th;> 
other IB to have possession of the 
inther anywhere on the field. 

"Ulnd you I do not contend that 
a tna e«n «et out tlMre and play 
ntch aU aftnnoon. Tou mitit be 
able to ■» ,l^WN m me ground, 
too. Si^ fei eur reoent tsperlencet. 
ham been lew datwctoiie al»d 
aadnwni than wcowA irtays. 
fhe neeamty ti a w^*Muaded of* 
imm fti iMoomlng bum obMoDs 

Dubois Gets Frosh Guard 

Engravai Goli 

*M mm AWm Mu 

nyi l il DoMa. « aipho- 

more in mtntoc, «aa pmwM with 
Alidia 3lu award for out 
stondtai wa^m i Oe wHtiU/nrnmi it 
the " " 

aogra the warm wMtber 
fer a pantoc wane in the 

Southweat, aa well as the fact that 
Tad* boys ate baaaball enthuslastB. 
And a* the next poisU^ "^eat" to 
play at T, O, XJ. be puts his finger 
on Jack Odle who he says "has as 
much natural footbaU ability as any 
youngiter we've had to some time," 
Another poeslblllty Is Glenn Cowart, 
According to Meysr, Odle looks and 
acts a lot Ulti Baufh sml Cowart 
ts Of the &mm 

Forensic Club 
May Ha¥« IGxer 

n Ka|q» Delta, honorary forenalc 
frKtentity, laid gtans for the oom- 
&IK year In tlliir first meetlny of 
the current seaadn Tueeday night. 
Plans were wade for oxmaarinft a 
mixer fW all old and proapective de- 
baters on thfB Friday following de- 
bate tryonta sest Dredtiaidar and 

Memben; eqiraired in -.mimated 
(llscUMlon of tentative plan.s for de- 
bates during the coming ,sch[)o! 
yeir. It wa.-; decided that more ' big 
iiume" schools should be brought to 
the campus thL; year and that sev- 
eral inter-closs and In.ter-MfttMMd 
(!ebate.s should be held. 

The only International fraternity 
on the campus at the present time 
is PI K&^M Delta, jpfflcers for the 
year are: BUI iBlAi^ pneldent; Joe 
Winder lln. ^ee pnilinit; Jim 
aoeth, eeetMary: Dmb IMikie, 
treasurer. Mid Fmsk Eiekai, mbu- 

gtbfed (Old key MA 
"Oulstondlns Fi«sWM»» «tid "Al 
pha War appcoriag «a tlw face, 

the key Is tawmM b b wj year 
by iUpha Mu as a HwnijhWiw oi 
otrtstandtni sOhoIanMp. M ts Utfi- 
ly cOveted by the frethmen millers 
ua it is pneented to the outatand- 
Uig freshman of the -ocly mil lint 
school in the United ftates by the 
only honenry MSUlBi MiMtfly in 
the world. 

According to Joe fUbMHon, pub- 
licity director of the dtfanfcatian. 
DuboLs win rwetve national recog- 
nition with artiries and pletucaa ap- 
jjeoring In many 
milling journals. 

Leave Today On 

students or the hoi 
IMiimeni In Ca.sli Crops and Ad- 
vanced Pomology loft early 
this mcHrning for a I wo -day Inspec- 
tion tour through Eastern Kansas, 
C. A. PiUnoer and 8. W Decker, as- 
sociate proteasoa <tf the horticulture 
d^Mrttnent ■eeoaniaaled them. 

The group {dam ti» vWt targe or- 
chards m Northeast Kanaaa, potato 
fields, cold atotage bnlHUiti, and 
fruit packlnt sheds. 

They plan to stay all nltftt at 
.ptaaaa QV^r aad tte paaaurl 
markets at 4 otiloek the tWowlog 
moanitiR. Tiutr wia w3m go Wtvatb 
Fthe wuuMlpai nuofeet »hMt la uD^ 
der cooatmetlen in Ranaai Otfy, 

AmiMit llusa 1^ left Ais mam- 
ing were O. W. Ubensteln', WiUtam 
Ackley, Ronnie Xing, Mohard Bui' 
lock, Charles Carter, Severo Oervora 
Travis Brooks. Oeorge Cochran, 
Charles BIrkland and Paul Edwards 

October 16, 1? 
is Farm Schod 

AeeMdlnv to an atHwuneeiasnt 
mad: yesterday by Vni. L. F, Payne, 
heed ot the pm/OSf department and 
E. E. mibraek, exleialwi pwdtry- 
man, the fourth annual aakmd for 
turkey growMs, Vlock Inapoetoia, and 
govemtnmt giadss wiU be held 
here Getoter II and 17. The adiort 
will a e e o pe rati ve meetiag eoo- 
dueted bjr the ooUege and the Bur- 
eau if Agricultural Economics, 
United States department of agri- 

Registration will begin at 8:30 a, 
in. on October 16. to be followed by 
a consideration ot changes In the 
approved turkey flock work and 
hatchery program of Kansas by R. 
O t::hrisiip, general secretary of the 
Kansas Poultry Improvement As- 
meiation af Manhattan. 

D. C. Warren, professor in the 
department of poultry, will review 
trends In tiukey breeding and fu- 
ture pc^slbtUUes. H. M. Scott, also 
of the department, will talk on the 
r:>' ilionshtp between body confor- 
mation production, fertility, hatch- 
ability, and llvobillty, Mrs. Hsl- 
brook will discuss CJditbttlon and 
meat qualities of turkor Soctai and 
the daaaifieaaoti and ftadliif of 
turkey-breMSnt notto WU be !«• 
ported by Hit. Boott. 

TMrileven|niiiatfo9 of Oobrii^ H 
will %i^«f • Iwfceoriitaiier and & 
program diraetad bf Pnt. Payne 
and Hr. O. P. nunaan. maiteting 
apedsltat. Bureau of AgrleUlturai 
BiM»nomlcs, United states depart- 
ment ot agriculture. 

Their Health 

That the 1999 crop ot K-fitate 
freshmen are a health -conscious 
grom> is being evidenced by the ap- 
{MtntaentB that have been piling 
Up In the student health depart 
ment in response to Invitations to 
oomplete their routine entrance 
health eiams. 

Bighty-ocir have made appoJnt- 
mtnta to Uke the Bchkik, Dtok. 
Waaaerman and undulent tew 
taats next week, SUrtlag Uenday 
at 1)80 the student health ^eport- 
OHitt ts ready to talee «arp of to 
to students each afternoon be- 
tween 1 O'clook and 3 :30, Monday 
ttimt^ Thursday. For greater 
eotnnnletiee and time-saving the 
work will be done at the dt^tensary 
in room a 63. th>^ new room Which 
has been <lven to the student 
health deptftment tMa yssr. 

FVethmen who haw not reoelv«d 
tlr ir notk)«8 to take advantage of 
tlhiK opponnnlty ne«d not be 
alarmed, The notices are beimt dis- 
tributed over a few months so that 
the work can be -done without fn- 
ta'ferlng with the regular dl4»t>- 

Physician Staff 
Is Cenpteted 

iiiiwiuvRa 111 jov 

Otrer 9M invltOtlons to participate 

m Boout day activities are being 
prepared for mailing by Alpha Phi 
Omega, national scouting fraternity, 
aocordlng to Oeorfe R. SCoOauUey, 

I«ttei8 wlU ite malMd to aeouttng 
taders all «*ar &» aiite foUowtog 
the next meeting of the ongaaisa- 

tlon, Monday, in T 3T at 1^ A 
very large repiwaantaUmt ia aKPWted 
this year to Join In the oombtaed 
Seoul and Band day oelebtatien at 
Uw OUahoma «ame, probably for In 
excess of the KM scouts that attend- 
ed the Washburn game last fall. 

Alpha Phi Omega invites all for- 
mer scouts and sooutsrs to attend 
their meetings every other Mtxiday, 
Other projects under way ere the 
spon.sorlng of e local scout rally. 
November 18, dlscu^ion of means 
of establishing a traveler's bureau, 
and other activities that may be of 
eerice to the college and 

D, B, Creager. as.sij?tant professor. 
In botany and plant pathology, has 
.secured a ixxsltlon with th 
Natural HiMory .survey. 


Invitations at 

the *rt Onift 


loM June, 

Dr. Ordss 
y«ar ootirse in WttStfr and re- 
eeit«d bis boclttia- dr wedkrltie de- 
gree in June, 1039. fie aervetl hts 
one-year's IDtemeithIp at St. Joseph 
Hospital in Clilcago. During the 
past three months he has beeh at 
the Cook County Hospital in Chi- 
cago; also during that time he has 
served as hotel physician the 
Palmer House In Cbleaga 

Feeding A Dog: 
Phpvm a Problem 

In the excitement of moving laat 
Tuesday, the guls at Ellen Rkstaards 
lodfo fiarprt M taw« mnt lir the 

A Collegian reporter eftked one of 
the girls who moved mto tlw house 
how she Htat bar ntv HrrfWHi, Bhe 
replied that it was fSaa, Tbm th: 
reporter asked abot^ the dog. 

"Yes, tha dof Js atm tticta bat we 
doat kiMNr wbtt to feed ttr a» 

Promises Kgger 

mtfi in ^ IMM^ YtoMtl Mirpie" 
stalak Jil ibMItt, H^ril VnrVle edi- 
tor, atudente tMiUteg SM have al- 
ready had thafr piwttraa taken and 
many mtwe are'etpeeted to have 
pictures made before the deadline 
or November 1. Makim said it look- 
ed as if the number of studenu; hav- 
ing pictures made for the class sec- 
lion would be gl«|iMr 'ttntl «Mr 1»> 

Different organieationa are urged 
to make naervstionr to hafi thab' 

After Bovemtar " 
for IndMdoat ptetonea bb rated 

from gl to $1.25. 

C. J. Medlln, graduate manager, 
and Maklns will go to Kansas City 
thK weekend to make arrangements 
with the engraving company for fur 
ther phwinlng 9f the book. 

Rust Attends 
WiBlWd 'fidnoattM CUnic 

Urs, Luetle Muat, j rn l — o i ' in the 
departmant of Boom •oaaamtos edu- 
eatiim, Mt today for Wlnfletd. to 
potuelpate lit ttw Third Annual 

Ifawdimers Commission 

Its first meeting Monday afternoon 
a I 5 o'clock in Calvin Loungt. Ac- 
cording to Dale Ruiidle. head of the 
commission, there will be a discus- 
sion of where campu?; literature can 
be found, where buildings are locate 
ed on the campus and plans will be 
made for world forums, student 
forums and a baiaar. The heads 
of the dUfetent commlastoas wlU 

Elects Hehmier 
To Higb f^mmt 

Prof. Linn Helander. heod of the 
department or meclwnlcal engi- 
neering, hai Ijf'-n fleeted u man- 
ager of the American Society of 
Mechanical engineer-; ror u ihree- 
year period. Nine manngers, thre? 
of whom are elected each ,veai-. to- 
gether with the president, live im- 
mHttate past president*, and the 
vice-preside tiLs. constitute the di- 
rectorate known as the "Council" 
of the society whleh has approxi- 
mately 111,000 membm. 

Profeisor Htiaoder first joined 
the aoQW^ as a Jtatfor mMAer m 
mc beeomh% a tUQ aember m 
IIM, tVmn UU and nhtU last 
spring Brofestor Setandar 1m » 
member ot the exeouOve flonmlttee 
a the mnaks Oitr aeetlon of the 
soeMy. iMrvlag as viee-«hamnan for 
the fiscal year agd us 

tiMMttan for the year U37-3B. 
Aou ma to tut he ma honorary 
chairman of the Kansas State col- 
1^ student ttnuuh of the society. 

Hi tSM^fttdasMr Bdander served 
as a dilvpte from Kansas Btala 
ooHece to the thbrd World Poww 
conterKiee. Be has eentribute^ 
wld*^ to teehnleal literature on 
subjeets related to economics and 
thmnedynaniie faoters in steam 
power generation. Bis paper "Peed 
Water Beating for HWter Thermal 
Sfftciency," given before the Am- 
erican Society of Mechanteal en- 
gineers In 1V22, was the first pre- 
sented in this country on F^nera- 
tive feed water heating awdem 
steam power plants. 

Fresh New An't 


Spe«lAl— Chocolate 

Creams, lOc lb. 



Ptatemlty Maamf~^^Ca^ 

EverydoBt lor Band 

and Orckeatra 

Mtiak Student's 


429 Poynt7 Ph. 3974 


«t Hie 

of Bdme 

departments all over the 

state wUl be gathered at that time 
to hear outstanding men and wom- 
en of this field speak and to attend 
discussion groups. The program for 
•j ttie two days is full and Professor 
that it Will be enter 

WiU Judge Sailna 
Fall Flower Show 

Prof. L. B. Quihlan of the land- 
aeaping department wOl leave this 
morning for eallm to ji^is the ftil 
flower show sponsored the SaUna 
Osrden club. His class in landscape 
gardening II, will accompany him 
and assist in Judging. 

ThLs evening, Profe.s^ior Qulnlan 
will give a talk before the Qarden 
cliib. The talk will be lUustmted 
With «#on|d>merni4iPd«k, ^ . 

The new officers of the Popenoe 
Entomological club have been an- 
nrun^. Tltey are Charles OUrtis, ! 
president; Roland W. Portmon. 
vice peesldent; Dick Schwltagebel, 
aeoretaw-treastu^r; and w. T. Em- 
ery, faculty advisor, a meetiag will 
be held Monday afternoon at 4:00 
o'clock to elect new membera. 

Nolan Johnson Elected 

ftosh Conunbsion Prexy 

Nolah Johnson wo-s elected presi- 
dent of freshman commission of 
TWCA last night at the seeond 
meeting of the semester. 

Other officers elected were: vice- 
president. Owen OUIeapey; jiecre- 
tsry. Pattl Barnard; ptograa chair- 
man. Paye Clapp; 



win Be Open Every Day This Fall at 4:00 P. M. 
Open Sunday Morniuf at 7:00 A. M. to Aceomwodatc 

Rsg, fttoi 


fXwds Are itUl B^Honowd. 

1 % 25c 

Did you ever sm a 

By tMa tine you, of wwrn. 
know that we're really not 
adverUstng Fall autta . . . 

with them. 

Pretty smart idea. . . . buy- 
ing a pair of contrssttatg 
trauaon with your new MA 

Pot the suit youYe wearing 
or the new one you're 
wanting . . , If youH leave 
the lioMiiM to,tia> iwH«ae 


Railway Ekpresm 

Thrifty idea, this : It s«vcs you bother, itid ca*B too. for 
yi)ii can express it homf collrct ", yuu know. Su pbone 
igent today. He'll aW fnr yuui weekly package, 
speed it away by fail express train, and when it 
reiurnn, deliver your laundry to you — all with- 
out extra charge. Ciimplcie and handy, eh? 
duly RAfiw'AY FxPKtss Rivrs rbit ser«ke, «nd 
ii'i the sanne with your vacaiiun baggage, Fat 
or todi, {Ml pick 19 s I ' 

n$ Smth 4th St Dial 3SM 



School Is 

Turning Out 

Royal Purple 


lom THE param; 

and SAVGi 




A¥ttloii Ballroom 

Saturday, Oct. 7 








yrldfty, October a, 1930 


ntnn i mii i iiTti i ttMriiiiiii» m» 

h The 




Marquette Is Kansas State Opponent Tonight 

The WHdeate kft rMt#-rdar 
fv tbeir lUMle wlUi Uvr M»r- 
«iettc t«am ftt MnwmBk«r to- 
oiilbt. Thar ■ K p ii'^'l off at 
Kmmm (7^1^ ani watktd sat on 
tie BMktaai fMC CM«h Frr 
tasked ften In r«r nifbt 
' (Vttrbe) at Clilc*«o. They wilt 
IP ta mMrttaa ttili n*rntti(. 

Tlw, i|MrU pablkUr 
dmetcr, ■iiiiW|HmJ« i1 thr U«m 
U MkriMtte. Tbe WildcaU 
pfU flad a U«|h ffoe In Uie 
nptopvm. 1^ Batnidajr Uie 
lUniMHIc boy I 4 lapped a 1« te 
)lS dedilon to WlKMIitii. CtfA 
trill itart m all veUraa 
AMnbtnation wwlWf the "Ciant" 
Bjpckiwy's injaicd hand botbers 
Mm IM modi. Wallace Swan- 
■■I, Jaaiar end wbe >yarkl«d 
4if«liiat the t«ain, wUI 

«tMt at left end and BUI Mch- 
raard witk m edn- 

I ar the mi* 
aic the nyma win 
Wttk the 


Wildcats After 
Second Victory 

CoAch Fry Has AerM Attack 
Ready For Game --Only Hackney 
Aiiii Dme Are Ot biiiirti list 

Kan BAB State's gridstera. 31 Ktrong. left for Milwaukee 
yMtoday KK»mtag iHmtc (lM|r will meet tlie ICuquette 
unlveniltr eteven tonight. It' yUl be tihe •pjMmd pune of 
the season for both teama, fAl tite OSiillll&'llill f^||t'l|lir- 

quette's borne schedule. 

While the Wildcats will be out for ihe second win of the 
year, the Hill toppers will be 

The vC^isi MaM* «bo turn yet 
to rtwir th«ir vaunted might this 
MMon «m to SmutM iAere 
tliv tMtf* tte pmnrfid 

Z^rm mtldfff; the egc-^ew ttkte 

day waa aBTthlng but exstting. It 

mlfkt he tinA tlit ■oonom wta find 
theiHdvMMt NorttniMtem^ they 
M>4«tt niMMflTii weU tUt week 
peHvpi % itoclM el Oilr IMWer 
en mm, 
»r !■ 

wt# the GoMni Her4e did 
]M|MM last mek the 
cWji itMii are In ler » 


good enp^K-tbiimr 
mm anahle to click 
In Ihe atiJitiMed way. Many 
ef Hi* Vedwn !■<* iaaie «• 
t>el»Bi altheifh tbey are vel- 
fraAi in yran of aqnad cs- 
pcrieaM. The Gelden Oaphen 
kem to ii. xel Cm eae e( their 

bf«t yptrs. 

The Jaybtiwks anti the Cyclniic. 
boih of wlioin linfi trouble last 
weftetid, are combining their ef- 
fort.i Uiia time nnd Ihe outcome of; 
this itrttcsle should be> clorf. Thp 
Jays have the ad van at 
home and it. is also ilip openiriv. 
gtme of the Bin fitx ootifereixto Tl)« 
Jay» ihould be .>>Ught fnvor be- t.hey have a belter tu.sort- 
ment o( backs but tliclr line ladtf 

Show Me 

The uj) and -comltiK Tlgei-K take a 
t>lc dose this tline when Ui^y mix 
With the Ohio State team coaches) 
by RvacU Schmidt. The Ohio boys 
seem to be the mvitery m«n oX th| 
Big Itoi tlii.s v'^ir and th^y have 
their etiff witli the Miw-ou boys 
Ot Deo Fourot. Tlie TiK^rs were 
li)|pneaiive Iti their ouent>r witb 
qKorado last ivTek but they ar? 
iCttdbg Into suni'.'thliiR ditfciprit 
this Uxne Evcu so with Christ - 
man's pa^<;ius aivd tiie Improved 
gnniod attack ttw Tlfcn teatum 11 
promises to be e bM9 et itfaewt ter 
the Ohioaivs 

frying for their first. The 
pupils of Coach I*iid4y Dria- 
coil sbowei miiwliiiig 
strength last woelteiia whett 
they heM a atitmg Wlscoa- 
Bln team to a M-ig victory. 
Meantime, the Frymen of 
Kansas State were trouncing 
the Fort Hays Tigers oa the 
home field to the time aC< 


Th<! Marquette squad tneludee 
twenty lettermen and a tUHt of 
promisiotf sopbotnorea, several oi 
wiwm an tteBrtng prominently m 
coach DidMtfk Slate IdT tMdi^t^ 

OMCh Pty has eent the squad 
through various drill fonaatlons 
dttrlng the past week, atnes ha« 
bitn on defense and offense with 
special Dractlce on line fundamen- 
tals The third rtrtng hu been 
(tirnlshlng the oppositim Iqr nin- 
nlng through « aeries of Har^tte 
[days. Against these, the regulara 
have met with fair sucoeie. Una 
coach 8Un WllUamaon baa a stroQc 
line available for tonlglit's game 
alnce no linemen received injuries 
In the Fort Bkys fray. 

Delts and 
Win Openers 

It. AVBfyi 

go ta 

win be 

tell gamt m 
Utmoon. They 

O0M& mri 


tMi to Tigiit 4MI the ue MU 
aiimbslwr and 

omtpoaed of 
Brodc and menaan, haltba^, and 

Hackney, fullback 

Others making the trip include: 
MoCUtchen. Muniier. Peters, ends: 
Debord. MaluLlous. ttiut Raemer, 
lacklts: Falrman, Huff. Nleraoller. 
and Wojgast. guards: Hamlin and 
Hancock, centers; Pair and Sicks 
quartf-rbacks: Kirk, Longvardt, 
I Tlmmons. and Whltlock. hkUbaoka; 
Duwe and WUfclna, luUhaeki. 

Tba WUdcat otftoae is opeetod to 
iM eparked Xtf an aerial 
against the Hllltoppen with 
Hackney doing the throwing. Al- 
though he received the owrt •orloat 
Injury of the Hays gam, be «U1 
avaU&bl« for the MaBpiiette tame, 
ffty haa been tMint m^am$ as a 
pasaer during titfa inps pifomt 
seaslens and to wSl wMM wtttp 
his atlnging. As fer Idod^ Fry 
|«iidk "B^rinwy^ IbtoeklM Satur- 
day wMlie ba^ MJNw tnnwd la. 
By thMime we Mtor fun steam, 
we adU be retirlns muik on hie 

"The OantfV band H 
taped and anoaaed In a leafbn 
giove. X-ray pieturee the In- 
jured member ataow no hidmi 
bonn. Hie tnjmy la a can of sa- 
\"fx^ apraln. AHbaatfi Hattaay 
Kuffand great pain fleam hto in- 
jured hand aaturtey, ba oentlnued 
in the gana and «U a npatiMe 
job of blocking and 1)aU-«arrying. 
PtetiHW at the Bajn tut bowem 
Hhoat Kacknerk tandeoer to favor 
Ills Mi ba«d when tdoc^ an« 
toeUtac- flte airteiit of Ok injury 
waa not faeltfva< Mm be aawe mtu 
an iMveetlip after tba game. 
Kant Duwe, sophomore ruDbeck 

Bright Fresh 
Track Oudook 

:*aeks windy but fair weattwr 
Inmwi Ijaterialiy in givi:^ Hie 
MMi'lliBAril teams a neaaMM 
start OD tfadr f aS scbedole. All the 
games ware ptayad wtkh no for- 
feits reported. 

The iniramural golf tournament 
will be played Lhu Saturday, Oct, 
T, at the Stagg Hill goU courae, lo- 
cated about three miles south of 
town on highway 40. Contestants ' 
must report at Uie golf conite 
promptly at one o'clock aad pay a 
twenty-live oott fee at that time. 
AU contestants must have thHr 
names reported to TttiL. Washburn's 
office by Friday, Oct. 8. 

This weeks winners in the touch 
football tournament were BAK IS. 
Phi Kappa O; Sigma Phi EdbDod a. 
KaiHW Sigma 6; Fann House T, 
TKE 0: Delta Tau DelU 41, TheU 
XI 0; AOR S. AcacU 0: Plii Delta 
Th«ta T, ATO 2; Jr, AVMA 28, STD 
0; Beta Theta Pi 0. Beta Kappa 1; 
Blgma Nu 1. Delta qipgy 
Phi Kappa Tau 19, ffOCA •; MH- 
lera », AD Mara S. 

Itie Osaek dlTWon Is divtded mto 
tbraa gtoaps and the i n depe ti d an t s 
late two gretipA. To glae tte piay- 
tts names of tbdr uwinmiiitii in 
their gnwpB ate Hitad a* fcl- 
lows; Orouik 1 of tiia Oieaka aie 
BAE, a tgroa Fbl ^wltan, Mm 
House, TKE, Kappa Bipaa. Pbl 
KaBpa. Group 3 is Delta Tau Del- 
ta. AQR, Pbl Datta TMm, ATO, 
Acacia, and Tteta XL 6 roup 3 ts 
made up of Beta llwta Fi, Sigma 
Nu. Phi Kappa Thu, Pi KA. Delta 
Sigma ptal and Beta Kappa. 

The two groups of Uie indepen- 
dents are as follows: Group 1. Jr. 
AVMA, MUlm. Might H awte. eaars 
Behoiars. AU Stars, STU, L8A. 
Oroup 3. IBU. CUUagiata 4-B, Al- 

Large Court 
Squad Reports 

One HundcBd Ten 
An Out 

denhall. G)lb*Tt Meyer. Keiuieih 
MlUer, Has HiUo:, Earl MotUfom- 
ei7. M, L. NOI«. Artluir \ 

Nk:kel.soji, Tcm PaUlt«r, 
ml?r, Karl Rankin, 

Ak Future Slan 

The tiaek and Add outlook 
mghUtMd considerably at Kansas 
State coUaae tlila OH m 4h has 
groap of CrMbnaB afltifltas in vei' 
and years npMlit H oaa^h V^rt 

Aasoog the yearUngs ore three of 

the first five idace wtamen in the 
tuU-mtle run In fbe €ms A division 
Qftbe^ste bi^sAeol meet last 
spring. A loorth, Jbn MBs oC lian- 
lia-'tan, will report at Ibe start at 
the seqand semester. The othas aie' 
Rufus lOMer, mawatHa, who placed 
second at the state; James Upham, 
Junction City, third place winner; 
and Max MU^ |top|gn. «hO fin- 
ished fifth. 

Pot distance races, Uoylett has 
four promisJog mile prospects in 
Cha,sp. Wttoii, Mtilvanp; Delbert 
Crowder, .\ugu.s';»; Ger.ild Klema, 
(Tub^; and Milan Lukert. Sabetha. 
r i.kt rt placed third In ihe clans A 
iiii,<' :it the stale meet. Merlin 
Baiikei\ a miniber of the Sallna 
high school relay team which set 
a ne^ ntaic high school record, and 
iniured in the game last; Wnmer Potv who ran on the strong 
H» ia now working out Hiawatha high school med^y relay 

tiste, KMC. 

Next weeks touch football sched-> 
uie will Stan out ICooday, Oct. 9 
with the CoUegiste 4-H vs. MMC. 

SE, Palconeer.'i vs. Baptists, 
Hoase of Williams vs. I.stJ. NE. aod 
Millers vs. Sears Scholars, North 

Tuesday, Oct, lO, Sigma P-hi Epsl- 
lon vs. Phi Kat>pa, SE, F&nn House 
vs. Kappa Sigina. SW, TKE vs. SAB, 
North CentW, aal WtSf All 
Stars, NE. 

Former Records 
F^vor Marquette 

Kansas ttata's Wildcats wtU 
vade Blitwatflne FHday mght 
the ninth in the serta with 
4iu3tte unlvemUir wbl^ 
Vtt. The Bemtogven bars 
flee af tbe aoliiMlai 

nie aU-ttoe leeord 


Sfljirlt, rrtftt:)^ kivE5 

Seaton, ts caused by the semester's 

record- break ill g cnrolmant, and also 
by the increa-^e percent In th? base 
enrclment. Approximately 1200 ap- 
pHea lions have been received up to 
the mamit titte. 

Dj- E. G. K?ily of the entomology 
department lelt U'Pdnesday for his 
foooer hoioe in Kentucky to at' 
qL bta 

One hundred ten rresiimon \»af" 
keiball candidates. Including forty 
one high school captntnG. ore wort- 
in 3 oin tmder Coach Ja^ Gardner. 
Tl;e f.rouo is one of the largw^t e\'er 
to answer a freshman cage call at 
Kansas State Collige. 

Til" former high .ochool caplaliw : 

Ein;e!i- Adams. Da vie' Benjamtti. 
Don Borthwick. Mont Bower. Mor- 
tis Buckman Martin Butler. lUlry | 
CiKkers. Norman Efltlniter, Ld S.\ 
01i:k. Tom Ouy, Conrad Make, El-i 
mer Hajnmett. Archie Honda, Zarl| 
Havel. ftusscU BeropblH. Ted Lewis 
Holcomb. Dwight Jehklns, Emll 
Kosper. Wmiam Kennedy. Oarald 
Klema, Roy Koons, Otts Lamb. 

Willie Lamer, Dean Thomas. Ken- 
neth E. Uartin, Jock R Naslu Prank 
Patten, 0«rald Fascale, John How- 
ard Peterson, Clyde Pliemer. Edward 
PoUiir, Jim Prideaux, Itolwrt Roelts. 
Charles Springer, Claianoe Ste- 
wall, ftia$ Thompson, f)mieli Tur- 
icy. oeove MUtm Wati^, Vita R. 
vnktas, Mttton it; IV^adriCk, ihdd* 

ron C. Wcarkman. 

Other cafKUdatas are: 

Kenneth Barnes. Lairy Beaumont, 
Wendell Bell. Henry Benier, John 
Brighton, John Carter, Victor Csr- 
tfT. Piiiibp Cbristopherson, Leo 
Cross, Willis Dlggs, atctUUDd Dorf- 
Uiid Oaray Dorylond. Lee Doyen. 
Charlss Dull, Ray DunJay, Prauib 
Ellgw.^l^ Robert FwtLs. Jack Prank - 
im, John Frooju WiUiain Pru.a>er, 
Euseue Gaul'-. Boii Gtiiiiuen, 

Oeoige Qarber. Bob Quiltoil. Lyle 
Curs.v William Guy. Jajii'ii. Ham- 
but k. Mel Hasma, Stephen Harris, 
Mill Dean Hill, Gordon Hoath, Jack 
Howard. Birnard Kuetter. Neal 
Huitos. Keith Klnj'on, Dick Le^trd. 

Wiurcn Llnrllle, Tom Mflcklntosli. 
Harry UcCuu), Kenneth UcOUlett, 

DjVcw RatlUf, F»d U. 
UeiriU Oean B^cktdkl, Um^ Dale 
Sexton. MOm ahen. John gptatt, 
John Staraes. Oanum T. 
Ernest Swahsoi), Beiitrt 
Maurice Tjaden, Frank 
John Waggoner, R. 0- W#MV. 
,-oiir. Williams, WtaiSt.4|«Mi 

K Club Elects 
Keller, McCutcheii 

New <](firers of the K fraternity, 
orgsoitestlan for holdfis of vnr^^iiv 
letters, wnv Hectf>d at a meeting 
Oie fbat of th:* week. F,;' Keller was 
Shown president and Elvis Mc- 
Cutehen, vice preeidnit. 

Plan^ tor the fall party «mi« dis- 
cussed and Olen Case, Leon Rsy- 
need and SUlley De«b «■» a|»- 
potnted to take eliaife ef liw ev> 

Initiation for n?w iwmbers will 
be held at the next meeting, Oct- 
ober IG In tlu" K room of NlCbtris 
;ym Ml which time tba 
treasurer wUi be elected. 

Dr. Alfred T Perkins and B. W. 
Beadle of the chi^mislry department 
publlihed an article In the August 
is! UP of iiie 'Journal of Official Ag- 
vmiltural Chemists" on minenii 
mixed icctls The subject of the re- 
pcrt u-,-j>. flic Oetoviinattai e( 
calcium in Mineral : 



# <£i66» efetAing eb 

" (U^ an s Mja aii ■w'sawP'*' • 




Oaagal RwaseH, fanner bock- 
fl«M alar MT the WUdcata, wu 
hr the Chkage CMI- 
of a kae« la^ry 

t Cleveland Banw sent 
Here's aae that rivals 
the "^Oac Man Gang" asoniher 
Kasmsiv Ml 
•e the 

I ^^^^^^ 

In enliem with bis side tsp^. of- 
Uciab tear lia may have n brokett 
rth, altta«M«li X-my platas show no 
seven bOiay. Be to maklnt the 
Mllwaultee trip, 

Ooaoh Fu ms ojeas^d with th;, 
performances turned m by the 
sc|>hanwtta. Outstanding among 
these boys who were playing their 
first college game of their career 
were Ed Huff, guard: Frank Barn- 
hardt and Dick Peters, ends; Duwe 
and Lvle tPUklns, fullback.';. Three 
veteran linemen turned Id tbelr 
u.sual fine game.*; and indicated 
tljty could be depended on to lead 
the Wildcats when the competition 
1» the tough ?8t. THey are Don 
Crumbaker senior end. Bernle 
Welner. Junior tackle: and game 
captain Bill Beeeley. &eiilor guard. 
Each of these thr'.>e linemen have 
been mentioned ss sU-Blg Six 

To Wallace Swsnson. Junior 
muadman, went credit for the beet 
individual game performanofc 
Coach Pry expressed ooasldarable 
praise for his fine deff-nslve play 
Which will Kive him ifu iUrtlng 
left end nost in tonight's Rauie. 
See Sooners Tomorrow 

The squad worked out in Kan- 
sas Olty yesterday morning at 11 
o'clock on the Rockhurst college 
field. They expected to reach MU- 
watdiee, abont neon today 
tag toidfbt^ game, tbe 

team, also offer fine po8l4M||l*i ^ 

collegiate ootnpetllion. 

In the dash departmenl are Ber- 
nard Rogers. Falrvlew, winner of 
both the 100 and ?3(>-yard dashes in 
the «ta(e daas B meet, sod Don 
Kastner, Manhattan, who set new 
records as he ■wan the IW, UO. and 
isa-yard dashes In Esstem Kansas 
conference com petit ion. 

Gilbert Dodge, Dlghton, won iMtb 
the high and low hurdles In the 
state class B meet. He Is a brother 
Of Ted and Oaitrid Dodge, senior 
htsrdlem Ml K W rt a vmity 

Merrill Rockhold, Leavenworth, a 



Total p^ts 


1 ifamMtte 














Men's Stacks 

TaeU ieef t«e er lisate ialr ta eons 
idetp jmrnr wardrobe and here are 

mateltlefis value>l All ra(or<t ,>. 
snort paMeras and plain rolarti. 

NYA Appointnnenti 
Now Total S.'j^t 

NYA ap|K)intinr-ms this semester 
have reached a new high. An in- 
crec. c of 46 .sttid .^ivis over lost year's 
total .shows; aS3 K -State ,students on 
tbe payroU. 

statea Dean K. A. 

place winner in broad Jump at 
state class A meet. Is amoof 
cnndldotes in ibe lUU events. 


Bi» CQ«rp QflMen. fetevs^ frooi mMjOtaV Rocky 
li Vm imtte beer of fbe 

fli ^iffi sets tbe example for hii beloved students 
ftnd fbe fiUom by usiiig and hartag only those ttita^ 
e^ltib lie tmniB aito best lor 

ine Tavern Is the center of campus meiotJiBity. 
the point of embarking on many fine ileals. * 

SUm's Shamrocfc Tavioro 

Now's tbe l^fmje to 
leor New 

S2.9S $3.95 


Into the^w •iharK. Block, tan, or an- 
tigneo leoihcn. AU saUd leathor c«n 







$19 so $22»« 

Our customers have nuMIe the pleawni 4lsee«et|r 
that it pays to pay cash at a cash «tnr« . . . that 
they wear our clothes with pride wherever they 
go. And they know that they gei store reel tabic 
for thehr clotbing daUar. If yea MtKumA tfm 
quality and waat eeenepngp too, seme CUbbe- 

Take Advantage Of Our Lay-Away Plan 


New Colors . . . New Patt«rm 

Weh at the soring wt offer y«a in (hb gTCa|» M 
s h irt s ; they ate sp e rtly l aB se a d 

Ar row whUe Milrtc be 
"Shavely." Hirird to fit i 
with s FoUor that ii 
twuaalail far the 

ly aafl lu kaUi 



hack li p ptr ]a«lteU with 
smooth leather col||ps |Mld 
x^per pocket*. 


Tlie sparUest ef all the nei 
fwratrr styles it. plain roloto, ei 
fancy color romblfiatlsns In 4lF 
arer. cOil er lippir 'liFr». 


with ««plbil Mtni, . . 

% m, . , ttSf wtf few 
In tte Meoer bat tmum't 
hM to fOM -juntfB" IbttAnd 
Vk "^Hmm" mm wm Om en- 
dM OMf plW. ■ • 
malma for awn 
be bef&n Ut wadid bottle 
r, **it MkM no durflrmc; 
. . Urn But oan Mm 
{ran tbott |l«w Jusal 

riyle; dlwilwiill MWiwMy witb 
oi4r ■ I** moor olf ^MMm od ttls 
Tm^ I Kmw 

tbe csndUUtes for tg queen are 
wcArtnt red bandftnu, but why, 
oh, why must to many of the 
college coeds dectde Just at this 
time that the b«nduuui are too 
too aUurlns. . . terribly confusing! 
C*kJni Kecarda 

this week to to Barclay Wright, 
pi pill, utd Dick Jacurd, delt. . . 
Mw 'em tuesday evening picking 
put QWcM eeaU at the canteen. 
. . . Tammy Murtm, ue cuUe, and 
Owen Ollte^y. three triangle 
pledf t. Uklng time out for a 
Ibort qttick one tuesday afUmoon. 
. . . Qirtn all imllM and Tommy 
bMUul as usuaL . . D. C. Davis, 
tuii and hla etit o honey, 
Warner, are also fre- 
quenters «f tli« Jelly Ub, . . . did 
you nstiN tbe wart pointers 
otat^nc «iw a coke in Um pal- 
•pt nanday emnlngT . . . another 
flOke AMlpt t> Surk Sherwood, 
fefli. .. . each time with a differ- 
ent date. ... 1 beer toe's noted 

V Tiofn Seller, •lutrlan detcent 
and gMdwte et puiji WBtmnUy, 

1»m.' ftSBM. . . BlllWItllH to 

to tat take it fnen me tani 
Mi yqu #> the auMnt Uutmd 
«f Mr. 

muu Oenld Van VlsM toA Bo- 
Itrt itederfok. . . new Initiates 
ot alpha laiHiiia rtio. 

In tlie ctowd end ber name b 
Uhiir Mm Qrentner. eedstant 
i|» ad, ppple pepstar and the 
"vk IMpiipAiBB'* ftv royal purpi' 
edtti»'. AI IttUni. . . Ibiy Jean Jn 
a candidate for miss Junction otty 

Weekend Dances 
Many and Varied 

Recordings, Refreshments 
And Dancing Feature 
Evemng's £nterto|nnient 

"Between the dark and tbe dayligllt 

When the night is beginning to 


Comes a lull In the day's occupa- 

That U known a& tbe children's 


Well, well, well, . . 

It looks as If th? chlUwie have 
really fallen Into a lull flila week- 
end, probably because five weeks' 
quizzes have arrived in full force. 
Braln» wilt work Instead of feet, 
and w!'re willing to bet money 
that ttie library will do more busi- 
ness Saturday night than the pre- 
exam varsity. 

All ,irafli no play 

make Ja^ a daU boy, et eetera, 
et cetera, so a few steadfast so- 
cUUltes are throwing tomi shin- 
digs to ebpw tbe «ertd that 
there's life yet la dear ol 

wUl take lift easy at the danoe- 
given ttUKr IMr the eafetm* co- 
op itiidenta in Ttmnama ball, 
sudden tbiBvmjm i9m have 
good (etreduMMnl ' 
Pledgee win erteHaIn 
the aetim at the Phi Kappa 
house danoe Friday. Punch and 
cocAles wlU highlight the even- 
ing's fun and frivolity. BUI Burg- 
er and Margaret Ann Clarke are 
two who will be tripping the 
light fantastic at what promises 
to be a da tuae adMatt ar a Ooad 


Also swlnginr out 
Friday will be the Alpha Gamma 
Rho's at a supper Jive session at 
ye olde homestead. The triple 
D's will be well rf-pre.sented with 
Betty Lint and Ellen Kirk escort- 
ed by Wea Klrchner and Art Pell 
nspecuvely (ai»l la^aotluUr, we 


tet« the 

to regt e iept them at the american 

tbe clever brown Juga. . . Insplra- 
tkm tnm a song of the same 

name. . . purpose: to supply 
water for thirsty Jelllers. 
la Cl a i^ g J 
wtaen In a i^nch, a seemingly 
"Willy poet" way for describing 
your iM«dlcam?nt, . . "I'm between 
that unmentionable gentleman 
and tbe brtay de^p". . ha. . . . 

JW bow this oMmlow new tfro-way<Mfecdi NCtieii ta 
fcahioned inro your petfea-finiag Bitlt-Sb^mftr leg size to 
abeoib action -surtin oa,#m7 Itg.. . cut down oa eapeniive 
'atoekiqi nios. Nstia bow it comet sim tbe knee, d> MUBik 
■Wlingl Mtd tills — bow it gives juit enou^, but never too 
iiiKllt to icCMWaodate your l^icdoit. AU this ia Ae laiult 
MKMiwMsr's isdiviAid siati^ in itiiyU as well at length and 
» <j t iiN il ifaWlow iodividusl j/rMAas««ft«i jMMda4J(/ 
I a pair 

Other BeUe-Shamneers at $1.15 to $1.25 a pair 
Ywr Pa«« Has a Nwmhae . . . Y»wr U« Mao Hm ■ NnnM 

eoniWEtatkm at the freshman In- 
devendmt danoe in rec center 
tonight from 1:30 till 11:30. 
Oeorge Randall, IHi^nla Hoover, 
and Gordon BAbr, candldatet tor 
tbe freshman offleea, wiU be mueb 
In evidence as tbelr talk^'Uppen 
go around makliH pep talks. Ree- 

ords wm AuaWtbi " 

lor ttak 

will get together at the 
the Pal-O-UbK boose 
Special atttaeMnt wU be re- 
freahroents ^'«iffc**«"g papocmt) 
and novdty daneaa. Jeanne 
la the no-aJtlne 
who phMiwd ttttr 


Weddinf Vows 
Btaiday Monifaig 

Ut. and Mrs. J<iim P. Perrier are 
now at home at Hays after tbelr 
wedding at 10 o'clock Monday 
momios In Munhiittfln Sbe It the 


daughter of Prof, and Mn. F. W. 
Ml, of Mtnhat^wi.' Ba Is the aoa 
of tbi Itfwj^ INsftsr of 

read the 

Mrs: MtHW m» 
Kansas State' In n «ltb a dipaa to 

gcnenl setenee, and tot the past 

.j'ear has b'en teaching In the Base-' 
hor high school at Basehor, Kans. 
She was prominent on the campus 
at Kansas State, being a member of 
Purple Pepsters, Prix, and Dynamls, 
and was ptctildent of t>oth Phi Al- 
pha Mu and Mortar Board. She was 
elect?d to Phi Kappa Phi and was 
one of three girls named from here 
in '3* In Who's Who Among Stu- 
dents In American Universities and 
Colleges." She was a member of 
Ohl Omega social sulSflli< 
To lire at Hays 

Perrier was president of senior 
men's penhellenlc, secretary of the 
Block and Bridle club, member of 
winning International livestock 
Judging team last December, and 
received Us depaa bt agrtciiltive 
last nbnmy from JKansaa stale 
BiiM a eunbK of Tktf 

Mr. and Mm Perrier will maki: 
their home at Hays, where he Is cm- 
ployed by tbe extension division of 
the odlege as cMiaty agent of EUls 

She JofCf ber sports and 
the wmtu the iiioper 

"amazon" shoes. Leon's 
has all types — aU leathers. 


College Calendar 

Co-op danoe— nMXBpeon hall— 8J0-U o'clock 
Alpha Oanuna Rbe-ebapter be ys e -t oFOotk-lt o'clock 
Phi Kappa danoe— chapter house— 9 o'clock- 12 o clock 
Freshman liMlependent danoe-^eereaUon center— 8:30-11:30 
Athenian literary society meettaf-^tlcbOls, Homo N&l— 7 :30 
Tau Kappa Spaikn qpen lawias fhepter hoosa— f ^0->:M 
paMKBOe boosa dsHP* -Hi H. |B-t «^iiog|flS e^loele 


SOA varsity— Avaltm—g o'dock-U atloCk 

Hamilton literary society meeting— Nichols, Room N77— 7 Jlif 

AAUW meeting- recreation cmter— 3 o'dock-S o'dook 


Kapp* Ttei dawas ahaptsg 4>M»— 7:*<^:W 

OoOage aodal BWIl mmatton center_2 o'clock- 5 o'cdodt 
Uariur and Ball-^ndMls, Room N77— 7:30-9 o'clock 
Olrls' glee club— (Sayre)^Calvbi, Room 033-8:30-9:30 
Olrls' glee club— (Orossmant— Nichols, Room NSl— B:30-ll:30 
Men's glee club— PalrchUd. Room Fl— t:W-t:ao 
(Tbla la the gflielal eoUofs catsndar. <|nly tboas aetMUsa 


Dinner For 

Olrls living in Kansas State col- 
lege's three home management 
houses sMpertsooed a different type 
of entartabunmt Wednesday even- 
ing. A larogreaalve dinner which be- 
gan at Uta Dow Cottage wUb fndt 
ooektnUs and canapes moved to )B> 
ten Rlchants Lodge foe the amto 
oeur.3e and was ftedabSd with apple 
e a la mode at 

This dinner faitrodaces a new 
method of teach big whiofa permits 
the girls to make a atady oT eadt 
house and tbe equipment In tbe 

house dtnrlBv tl» eveittng, aooonUn* 
to HteTlonaea MdBnDey, naldeBt 
advfaer at lte|iw«t ^dbotn Lodge 
w oatstaea at ma Dow Cottage 
were Bden MMcn, Mwaidavflle 
Hden Blair, Mdvane; Oraoe Dmi' 
rap, Mawhattaoi mooes cscde, Riw 
ler and Mrs. CHadys Bhaffner, Han 
hattan. At XUeti BWiaffds Lodge, 
RuUt Oodiran, Tsp^; <Mga 
Knapp .Topeka; Ruby Chamburg 
SootsvUle: Roberta Clark. Arkan- 
sas City; and Marcells Hobble. Tip- 
ton, served the main course. Those 
In charge of dKisort at Mur^aret 
Ahlborn Lodge were Ellabeth Rich- 
ardson. Cawker City; Qrace Jen- 
kins, Jewell: Lucille Mollhagen, 
Frederick; Margaret Owen, Edson; 
and Kattaerlne Weldon, smith Cen- 

YW Sisters 

dinners enter into 

am group msettms ttUs evantng. 

Ura. O. K. Azndt ain be hoelios to 
Rath Chawbdl'a fmv, Mies josle 
Orimth «m aitfsHa|« 

wiU ba entertained tgr MM. 
and Herts Vbiaeaaan^ hr MA U 
S. Odorad. 
Next week Margaret oaatUfls 

group dinner at Mrs. O. B. liner's 
on Tuesday evetAng 'wlU start the 
baU munt. Mn. A. DeToung win 
be lusteas to aet^ Lou FUtaert 
group on Tbmffday. 

Tuesday, Oetober 12, is tbe date 
set for I>orothy O'Laughlln's dinner 
with Mrs. mta Moore. 

Orchesis Has 
Good Start 

Every Thursday nljht from 7:30 
to 9 o'clock Is the time set for the 
nieetlag of Oroberiq. 0tlB dancing 
ehih, tor ttw fssasliiiig of this 

Aoeordlng to Ma Mlstton 
hard, adviser, tbere are 
about U that have signed up tor 
memhsnhlpi Anyoae das who is ia- 
terstted Is an«d aWber to ase Mlsa 
BoasMiaHl at to attend the noit 
regular meeting. 

Orebesis Is a daaetng otnb oom- 
poeed of gbis oa tbe campus who 
are Inteneted to danoing of any 
s"rt. Modem, folk, and many other 
types of daaetng will be taken up 
during the year. No partteular abil- 
ity is needed to beoome a member. 
L«ter on the group will be dlvld<;ci 
Into two granps. a Junior aixl senior 
Orchf<ls. according to the ability 
and advaneement tbe glUs sbow. 

Dancers Piud 


Main U>py^ ai discussion tit. th? 
Cnchilad&s m-Mtlnf h^ld night 
at the Alpha Delta Pi houi>e were 
Initiation of new members and plaru 
for their annual fall party, accord- 
ing to Dorathy Dean, president 

B>chUadas Is a social dancing or- 
ganisation oompoaed of aeven mem- 
ben from each natkmal sonxUjr on 
the campus. 

Patronlae Collegian Advertlserai 




'Aloha' Is 


The first organized hou^e meet- 
taig was conducted Uonday evening 
at th; Aloba tndunan cottage. 
Oommittees wen appointed for 
planning tbe aebednile «id pnfzaaui 
for future meethigs. Flans were 
also made tor tbe eoxiai events of 
|be semeeto'. Wedneriajr evetdng a 
surprise birthday party was given 
(or Brten Have and nuda Maa 
Muchow. Mr. aad Mrs. 6. H. Chtf 
rou and fkaii% oCKansaacliir.Kan- 
- at tto 

Tea Honors 

Professor and Mrs H W. Davis 
sntwtained witb a tea at their boim 
TbUMday aftsnoon in honor 9t 

IS a neif 
at a* 9a0A d^jartment 

at the college, romlng here this fall 

the Gtigltdl 
wives were irsaent. 

aad ttpb 

2 thread 

3 thiead 

4 mmi Z pr. $1.50 


Hie Snap-it Brbn 
For Sport 

1.69 up 

la All the New Calsn 
All Head Slioi 


for the 



is the pla;^ 

They're to b« had in several 
delightful combinations, jack- 
et, skirt and slaclu, can t>e 
worn as slack suit i with slacks 
Of course J or a.^ a Miiart outfit 
lor sport or dastk. Sizes U to 


Blue, Oreen, Wine 

Jackets 3.98 

Skirts 3.50 

Slacks 3.98 


Lcng sleeve, brush wool sweat- 
ux are the thing . . . they're 
I/O be had blue, green. 
Skirts in Plain or 
1.98 to 3.98 


4.50 to 7.95 



A winsiome young lady from Barrow 
Hated ties that were sttiagf aa * 

But she'd fail for die gents 
Who fhoDwd iliiili and good mm 

And alwqv amc neckwear 1^ Am», 


^lierteniii»*t" ^hen Nancy Barr, roddy gUrni- 

Thae« what people said when ^^"^ J^' ^bearxa. And 


Back WithHer Mother by AfiNES BURKE IW£ 

"And well 

Im na 

IF WAR COMES TO THE U. S. . . . wlut will our Navy do? 
Fletcher Pratt, outstanding naval SUtluritir. inelyMS U. & sea 
power and tbe naval st iat ny erihennt«MH>. Iftsw fTmltimftfa. 
th« 0«m o/ thm Ou«n. 

HOW DUMB SHOULD A eo^ BIT Officer Moogcrs g>vea 
you ODC answer in Thia fiu*inaw Maaab a Aafc Itoi^ aBSttv 
hilanaus cop ysni by Jod Sayre. 

fUlMV MM MB HNCMICV. Heaty of iai^ ki tUa 

one by J. Bryan, III. See pace 33. 

ANB abort Btcriea bgr Ben Luciea Bunnsi 
Wiawd Hawaii WatUnt; arUdsa. An ai 

"And here are three good reasoot why," ssys the author 
of this artick, a ts l tt a nt to the prtrident of the Untvewity 
of Cfakago. If you've bean wswdsflm what you will do 
if A«erieals piysd fa *otfcaa w la a J why this Isftaawi 

"i TkM rU Sit Tkii Om Omt*' 


Kansas State Collegian 

Paid CirculaUoa 




The Kansas State Collrgc of Agriculture 

y, October 10, 1939 


WiU Enforce 
Ci|^ Diwiing 

PdMis Ubm To 

ettes. • . 

'imAmm. luid tetter get 
thoM by TfcvndAy." 

Tbftt wu the ultimatum 
Iftld fown by the oomUned 
foreeft of Wamptts Cats, 
men's pep organization, and 
the K club. Rob Page and Kid 
Keller, presidents of the re- 
ipectlTe groups, have set 
nooQ Thursday a* tka daul- 
Une for this. 

fht tW9 or^nlzatlonfi plan to 
iMve «n impoatng reception com- 
mittee aUtioned at each campus en- 
tnnce lliundajr and Friday noon. 
JSmth of the committee members will 
be equipped with a jstrong paddle, 
rreahtnen who ab4de by tbe good old 
KaniM state tradlUon of weftrlns 
tlHtr cups to, from, and on Uw eun- 
pM trill be puMd tt tlw iKtea 
ptampUy. Hamvm, Umm ftrMbnm 
wiM do not, aMV Iwfifiw dir- 
and vl^ fMllif ft rs^ 

TWtr-Mi inembm worn loltlat- 
•i 1^ th* WuBpos Osit ttir Ost- 
DHr sn Aek MUt- 

One td Umm U Kanttt State coeds, diown ben 
wUh two varsity 'K' men, will be queen of the 
annual Homecoming celebration October 38 wben 
Kansas State meets the Unlveralt? ot Nebr«slcA 
OomlMiikni. Lcn to right: KmUy BcKseM, AkUae 

Uiijr f^w fft lhi 

JdliiiBOQ, Marie Boitnbm, EleaniK' Jones, Harlan 
Wmm, Bittgr June dou, Hwy DlUoo, liona Ms* 

rle Jones, Don CTumbalcer, varsity end. On the 
ruanlnc boud— niul Hannah, varaltjr 



waSHM OOA. Oi7 Jdseer- 
aod. Hugh Bogpd, Oienn Thomas 
lUlph Bwsrt, HMI UeSM, WQUam 
Staler, Oene Soit, Cbailni Wnope 
*nd nichard Cerh. 

rmp MectUlf rrtiar 

FlASB are now btfng made for a 
bonfire pep rally which U to be held 
In city park TYlday evening AH 
new Wampua Cats are to meet oti 
that day at 5:00 o'clock, near the 
aouth entrance to the campus, op- 
po«lie the Canteen. The two echool 
pep organlsatlona and cheerleaders 
wUl have charge et thla tally, which 
ti intended to rejiiren«te students' 
spirU and enthusiasm hi prepara- 
tion tor the CMorado iwoe the fol- 
lowing afternoon, ! 

Tba aUncUlM, smmiMiateBB. MMd] 
by the Wampua Cats are to be here 
In Umi tor the lame Saturday, 
nidr debut, both as to the new 
membera e^d the colorful, purple 
awGttters with the K-Stftte wUdcat's 
hotd on (ha trtmt. Is tgh rl Hlt tl lor 

GUk Try fin- 
Sixth First 

"nw women's meats JudthiR team 
e< Kansas eute colleie will try for 
Ms sltth consecutive first place 
sfMnl at ttie Kktwest Meat IdenU- 
hoattaa and Judftng oontest at 
WohUa tomorrow. Membm of the 
tWB mmsentlnc KansH State ool' 
Iftt are Jtaste CMUnt. Wltaa Erane, 



fnf. D, h. llMklntosh of 
tMl ^toportment of 
1^ aMiwb or the mm. TUeoon- 
^ MoaMttM vllh the 

Sdiehrdlip Award 

Uds jf#r 

GoiA Diggers' 
Varsity Friday 

List Five CandidatM 
For Kin^ of Pep 

Five candidates for King of Pep 
who win reign over the OoW Dig- 
gers' var.sity FYlday night at the 
Avalon were announced night 
by the Purple Pepsters, girls' pep 
organlxaUoe DtlMl Jpomsn the 

The men are BUI Werts, Sigma 
Phi CIxslloii; John Shaver, Beta 
Theta Pi: [jeRoy Pry, Acacia; Bob 
Ulller. Siema Nu: and Ernie Mac- 
E>onitld Kappa Sigma. Tlie live 
candidates were; elected by the Pur- 
ple Pepster.s from (t nomi nation list 
nude up by each fraternity and the 
IBV naming a representative. 

Matt Betton will swing out for 
the dancers from El until 13 o'clock. 
Owl|^«Me wUHtoaUowad toout^and 
H.S a price Aw It «IQ buy the ticket, 
atmd tieots wad o^rwlie pa^ the 

Border To B^rdm 

From Almost E?^ Cramiy 
Students Enrol At K-State 

Purplo npatm wUl fea lo dutge 
of admit Qdteta. Hm mtlmck and 
the Mtaoa Drug atera iMI aim 

Maxkk tlidiet will Hllow ihr eirl to 
vote onoe at the door of the Avalon 
for her choice of King of Pep. The 
votes wilt be counted immediately 
and the King will be crowned dur- 
ing the vjirsity. L«.st year Prank 
Ladd was cha-en and the year be- 
fore, Qens Ouerrant relgttad lor 

Of the 4.(ni studanta eoroOed at 
Katuias State coUege this 
Uic majority are tuttvo 
but Uie reconls show that the Sun- 
flower state is not the <ady one 
represented. From every direction 
they come— as far east 9& New 
Hampshire and as far west Cali- 
fornia. The north and south arc In 
evidence by .sLudcnts from .luch 
states as Montana and Georgia. 

One*" one student halls from each 
of nine states — Delaware. Plorioa. 
Georgia. Kentucky. Maryland, Mon- 
tana, New Hampahlre. Oregon, and 
Frem Ceoat te Ceaat 

South Carolina and Virginia do 
one better, with two each. North 
Caroliim. North f^akota. Oliio, 

Sottlh Dakota, and WaiOilngton, 
each have three: Ariunsas, mah, 
and Tirmont, four; Massachusetts, 
Kew Mexico, and Wyomtog, five; 
Indiana, Iowa, Ml^gaa, ftnneyl- 
vanlo, six; Teias and Wlaoa n sln, 
seven; Minnesota and OktallOfna. 
eight. C-dorado boasts of 11 stu- 
dents who an K-6taten, while 
Connectk»lt hmSbs at superstition 
with 13. 

New Jersey h[is 15 . tudenUs, Neb- 
ra.ska 19. and Illinois and California 
34 each. N?w York is the home state 
i>t 3* . indents, and Missouri tops the 
a- 1 will) 86 collegians. 

Eleven .students give as their 
home addresses \ariauA foreign 
countries. amoti« tltem ^y^ttr 
Puerto aico, and 

Debate Tryouts 
Begia Tomorrow 

USDA Agronomists 
Visit Here 

Dr. M. A. McCall, principal agron- 
omist In charge of the division of 
oeieal crops and dl.sejuses, in the 
tJS department of agriculture at 
Washington, D, C. visited the cam- 
pitt yesterday to Inspect agricultur- 
al reaearcU work being done here. 

He wa.s accompanied by O S. 
Aamodt, also of the USDA at 
Washington. D. C. Aamodt is the 
main agronomist in the division of 
forage crops and diseases. Both Mc- 
Call and Aamodt are on an extend- 
ed Inspection tour through Kansaa, 
OUahona, T«xms. Louisiana, ^k- 


11 and U, tryoato for Mbums State's 
ie38<40 datele aqiuut wtil be brid tai 
room n 4tf MUboip fyr""**-™. ao- 
cordtaic to Nonnan O. Wcitotar, de- 
bate ooadL 

A» attnetive pfOltmm la babig ar- 
taaaed. Among this year's fonnulc 
acttfltiat will m iqaita with neigh- 
bortnt ooOsgaa, gataral tripe In- 
cluding one Of a«M length, and 
dl i w Mi lon a baton Xotvy, Kfwanis, 
and other organlaatioas. 

"Anarane teitensted ha debate and 
wi4ilaf to bdang fo the aquad 
should ootttaet BM or the public 
speridng d^partomtti' H." urged 
wetotar, •In onlar to ansoge a 
iimt fM a toyouk" 

Women's Panhe 
Meets Thursday 

Rushing rules and tactics will be